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.. - cS -Advfc.tia.Gg
' " " ZZ i
Christmas Goods.
fancy Chinawarc,
. -
Light and Dark Art Rozine Ware,
Souvenir Ware. A complete stock of
Lamps and Jardinieres of all kinds. A
complete stock of
.Staple and Fancy Groceries
Cupid Busy in Spite of Stormy
Weather Mam me l-ire tan u.
at reasonable prices. Call Independent
Phone 7.
That cher-Johnson Co
We Will Smooth Your Wrinkles
of perplexity caused by the trying time ot selecting Hol
iday Presents. We offer a lew suggestions :
Ladies, Silverware, Lockets, Sterling Silver Pieces,
Opera Glasses. Gents, Parker Fountain Pens, Watch
Chains, Emblem Pins and Buttons, Field Glasses. A
large variety of appropriate presents.
E. W. S. PRATT, The Jeweler & Optician.
Store Open Evenings.
t 4
Christmas day, at high noon,
the marriage of Miss Bessie Ire
land co Merrill D. Hammel was
.lehrat?d - at the home of the
l.rMo's narents. Mr. and Mrs. W.
p Ireland in this citv.- The
eeremnnv was nerformed by Rev,
Wiomnr ot Knpene. in tne w
ence of the immediate relatives of
id. intei-esterl rvnrties.
. . ... a -.... j.rin.
The bride, wno is an buu
airl with a oleasing personality-
made a pretty picture in a gown
of white silk. Her Donquci w
v;r motinnt The rooms
were prettily decorated with fir
hnnohs and cut flowers. Many
handsome and . useful presents
were received. Following -con-ortulations
a tempting dinner
was served by the bride's mother,
the dav Mr. and Mrs.
Hoinmpi went ; to Monmouth
where they will spend a few days
with relatives. They, will reside
nn the Hammel nop vaiu wu
ih. iclanH ahnve town.
The hride is one of Corvallis'
most popular girls and the groom
!o the cnnnoKt son of Mr. , and
a " j
Mrs. J. C. Hammel, formerly ot
Hntel rorvSllis. A host of friends
join in good wishes tor the happy
The guests were: Mr. ana
T. C. Hammel of Albany; mr.
and Mrs. Clarence ireiana oi
Portland, Mrs. C. M. Tetherow,
of Monmouth, Dr. U. L. ireiana
f Portland Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Ireland, Mr. and Mrs. W. Ireland
Miss Blanch Hammel oi Amany
and Miss Alena Nellen of Salem.
(Ton stands third amonp the states
for the small number of illiterate
persons in proportion to popula
tion,- while JNe,w xoric ranss
Twenty-thousand homeseek-
ers came into Oregon during the
past lew months, tor tne most
part a fine class of young people
attracted bv the eauable and
salubrious climate, the fertile
soil and the fact that profits this
yeas on Oregon apples was $6oo
an acre and on cherries $500 an
acre and on prunes $200 an acre,
anrf tiv manv similar facta.
The problem tor the Disnops
and clefev today is not . that
which is supposed' to belong to. a
wild and woolly West ' 'but the
nrnWcm of Irvine to make
Christian relieion and good on-
- . . .1
zenshin keen pace witn tne re
markable commercial develop
tnents. ' I believe Oreeon is to
dav; the strategic field for the
church and now is the psycholog
ical moment to advance.
Two More Popular Young People
United Tuesday.
Moses-Wood Wedding,
Cupid scored another decisive
victory in Corvallis, Tnesdav,
when at the borne ot Mrs.' Mary
Rarher her niece. Miss Sadie
Dixon, was nnited in marriage to
John Edward Coleman ot fort
Promntlv at II o'clock Miss
VAith CWeel took her place at
the piano and as the melody of
- - . t
Mendelssohn's wedding marco
filled the room, the voune couple.
unattended, entered the parlor,
and standing nnder a beautiful
nhite floral hell were United OV
Rev. A. W. Monosmitb. with the
impressive ring ceremony ot the
nnncrrepationai cnurcn. -
" . . . . ,
The hnde made a ioveiv pig
tnre in a beautiful COStUUie Ot
white net over white silk, with
- . . .
veil fastened witn real orange
Onlv the immediate relatives
witnessed the ceremony, and af
ter congratulations a delicious
wedding dinner was served by
Fdith Casteel and Mabel
Wnff Manv beautiful and use-
lul presents weri received by the
The mos important question
in thousands of American h aies -
Why Girls Leav- H me.
The answer will be given at the
Opera House on December 31.
It is strictlv moral and free from ;
sensationalism: a play with a
n rrL : i
wooiesome mnnence. t ms ia
the first western touring of the
play and the presenting company
is said to be an exceptionally
clever one.
Girls Leave Home.
triXin&"-VM ati (res"-ODiBibns of
Easterners About Oregon.
0. J. BLACKLEDGE'S Furn,ture stora
You Take No Chances I
When You Buv Groceries I
At This Store
All our goods are guaranteed to
comply with the'
Pure Food Law
We have the best and nothing but
A 1 1 A.
Wo Want Your Business
Hodes Grocery
That's Itl
Cough jrooravlf into fit of rytLtm and
thru wonder why joo don't yet well. If
yon will oly try bottle of Bllard'
Horehonnd Syrop yonr cough ill be a
thing of the pat It is a pceitive enre
forCooghe, Influerxa, Bronctiitie and
ail Pulmonary diseaeea. One bottle will
convince yon at Tour dregairt. 25c, 60c,
Jl.Oft Sold r-y Graham & Wertham.
Worth doing is worth doinn well. If
yon wish to be cored- of Bbeomatiem,
use Ballard's Scow LiciroeDt and yon
will do "well cored." A positive cure for
Sprains. Nenraliria. Bruises, Contracted
Muscles ard all the ilie that fieeh is heir
i n M Willian-n. Xavafiota. Texas.
v.. - -" " " ' . . - -
writes: "I hsve need Snow Liniment tor
sprained ankle and it gave tbe best oi
satisfaction. I always keep it in tbe
house." Sold by Graham & Wortham.
Notice of Final Settlemeat.
mifnge, the cure for wot ma, and all chu
dren'a diseases. It aotonly kills the
worms, bat removes tbe mucus and slime
kih thv hnild their nest. Its ae-
tioa oa the child is mild and leaves bim
Dae, Tsnn., says that he gave oue of hu
-childrea White' Oream VenBtfog when
tfaa dootar theogbt it bad colic, and from
tb Brt OOS in cnua iimi i i
BmA fcy Orahaaa Wortham.
In the n atttr of the esUte of Kirc J. SUgle,
deceased. ,
Kotice M ert given mi ine unnrrnigneu,
dminirtrtor of tt rente of IN'eiicy J. Sli i!e. de
ceeseit. ba 6)ed. hip fipal nccom-t &c such dn in
i tttor with the clerk t the eonnty court of llie
Btete of Or jron for Pertop Conrty. end the said
court hu fixed Mor .y. thetjlday of January.
1908. at the hour of o'clock in the afternoob, as
the tin-e. and t e crantv court room in the court
house in Corvallis, BeMon County. Oregon, as the
place for hearir-p any ana all objection to the
said account and for fcettlemcnt thereof.
Dated this December 16th, I9OT.
. E. E. W iifON,
A r-mmistiator of the estate of Kancy J. Sla?!e,
deceased. t tt
iSarly to Bed
"And early to rise, makes one healthy,
happy and wise eppeciellv if you take
Berbine before retiring. A positive cure
for Constipation. Dyspepsia, and all liver
complaints. Mrs. S Columbia, Tenn.
writes: "I always-keep a supply of your
Herbine on band. Am so p'eatetl with
the relief it irives in constipation and all
1: MmnlftiniB that wcrda can't ex
press try appreciation." Sold by ra-
nam ot woriDm.
Jersey Bull Fof Sale.,
TWaaanrlarl fmm franH Coin and Gold
iloaa iinmrtad row teatisa 18 lha
Vrnttar fat in 7 dava with first Calf. Ad-
Thd Bioht "Reverend Charles
Scadding, Bishop of Oregon, is
doing .marvelous woric tnrougn-
mit the East in oresentme tne re
ennrres of the Beaver state, ite-
hia illustrated lectures
f " . .. ,
ccme from various sections anu
nancmnenevervwheK have ffiven
"w""rr t
rireann an immense amount ot
mmnlimentarv nrominence as a
r " t tj:
result ot tne Disnop s worn..
rwst etTort is a letter iust printed
in the New York Tribune and
reads as toiiows:
Qif TTaoinar 1list ' seen a
copy of your issue of Sunday,
riomivr x. containing an arti
cle on A Bishop With No Fixed
Abode,' I desire to correct a
imoression wnicn some para
efanhs tnav convey.
o 1 - - .
"Vnn nresent a verv sneciacu
lar nirtnre- of Mr. Paddock, the
Kishnn nf (tastern Oreeen,
a , .
hnt it ia imaoinarv ana Da sea 00
innnratira nf thr Conditions OI
KUVwmw. w.
... . ,
which the new bisnon is to De-
come a part. Eastern Oregon is
n i;v- the. wildejst wilds of Wy
oming. It is neither popuiatea
bv foreign itnmieiants, wno iorm
trio tenement otoblem' Of OUT
great cities, nor by cow boys wno
rarrv howif knives in their teeth
and six-shooters in their hip
pockets. It is rapidly settling
with stnrdv. stalwart American
citizens, who have the courage to
leave tbe East and. Middle west
anrl romr to a state which has
tin creates! tindeveloped' re
snnrres in the TTnion.
'The. r jUickinc drinking,
shoot-on-sieht cowbov exists onlv
in Bowerv meloorania. tiis
place has been taken very large
ly by the college graduate, who
now works a ranch on scientific
"Tbe new bishop will not be
remiirerl to dress like a cowboy,
but will need his evening clothes
and most immaculate linen in ms
wardrobe, for he will find men as
well dressed and women as well
eowned as most of the men and
women with whom he is accus
tomed to associate. . The bishop
wriii find a far lower average of
vice and sin and crime ia bis new
Eugene won from Corvallis in
a frame of matrimony on Christ
mas day, when Leonard Moses 01
that citv. was married to Miss
MnkJ Wniul nne nf Corvallis
m"u" " . : , 1.
most popular Bl luc """" & :r. , , , c.
r a c AT Mr. and Mrs. Loiemau icii uu
ner parents mr. . - r prrl!inr1 where
Wnnri. The ceremony was per- iuc 1 . .v. . ....--, -
formed at 10 o'clock by Rev. H. they will be at home after J anu
r .1.- tt.:..j -a 0.1; arw eth at faA. TJoshur street.
-trait OI IDC UOUCU Jiaug.- J --r. -47 nsn
V-. , r, jj: 1. 1 The hrifle is a former OAL
Cat tUUItlJ. uz wiuui5 """"1 . .-lie it a
was played by James Chambers student, has resiaea iumbc
and the wedding couple, unat- ten years in orvau.s
, 1 j i. nt hve vears nas Deen me ouuu-
terjaea, biuuu uuua i.BE f-- . ' . v Hlls.
bell during tbe ceremony, me ur uuun sF i - A. C
u'-j. . k..n,;r.ii in a cimn e ton's batdvare store. one u
i. 1 . . - - :.u a faithful worker in the
costume 01 cream sus, wim vm, - ; -- . . ,
and carried a shower of bouquet Congregational church and in the
white chrysanthemums. ine vanuua iuuS 7
' .:i .,ri hnnoed. and w.iile a'l regret to
with evergreens ; and mistletoe, lose her they join 11 wishing her
t, rHi all -oossibrle haobioess in her new
... OJ 5 r.i. r ti.Jvinn.e The ornom is a Linn
festivities ana pariooit 01 lu-i 0 hreakfast that followed county boy and a young man ot
f T 1 j i t.. m.nlv mnrth.
congratulations. Tne yoniig gwu u- .-.,
&. . , J rr :. nn the strepr cars
people received many eiegani P1";1-
presents. - in tne metropolis.
A -r.ra M anrl 1 ie rviOSPSi
TXb ! W L.t-
rlenarterl for Portland to spend Christmas ureenngs.
r - , - . .
their honevmoon. atter wnicn
thev will take up their residence! Thia is the reason of eood cheer
in Eugene. season of the hollv and the
Buried Monday.
The funeral of the late Mis.
Jesse Brown occurred Monday
forenoon at 10 o'clock tiom tne
residence south of Corvallis. The
services were conducted by Rev.
D. H. Leech of tbe, Metnoaisc
church and the remains were con
veyed to the Mt. View cemetery
for interrment.
Deceased was in girlhood Miss
Effie Modie. She was born la
Yodoway county, Missouri, Feb
ruary 25, 1850, and was aged at
the time of her death 07 years
and 10 months. She moved with
her parents to Oregon in 1852,
and was married in Benton coun
tv to Tesse 'Brown. Tanuary 25, '
186 ., and resided in this section
of Oregon continuously until her
The surviving members ot the
family are the husband and seven
children as follows; Walter A.
Brown of Chicago, Milton Brown
of San Francisco; Mrs. Hugh
McFadden, of Junction City and
Frank, Dolly, Ida and Adelia
Brown who are still at home.
The bereaved have the sympathy
of all in the loss ot a Kind ana
faithful wife and mother.
Sheep For Sale. -
Eilhty-Tiead ll good ewes bred to
thoroughbred bucks. L. A. Honck,
Manroe, Oregon, B. F. B. 1. Pbone
Bellefountftin. ltf
fat in 7 daya, with first calf. Ad-! anJ .fa and crime ia bl new
U, S. Wocdcocx, CvUi-. Ofw-Jj.. than jj. New York. Ore."
aokcoc. I The season 01 tne noiiy auu iuc
The bride is widely and favor- ..fif-- the time for bright
- - . . UilSblVVWV, " CP
ably known in Corvallis where faces anri &er.erous impulses
she has grown to lovely young for gladsome greetings a time
hnru. while the croom. I -wi A1D.0 tA He hnrn a
-- j ior uuuic lew"-"
wuu 19 me ouu w I time tor oiu ammosiucs w uit
Jesse Moses, formerly of Fhil-time when the benevolent side of
main ana wici w one s nature snouia ecupsc tut
equally well known and respected Lordi(j siie . tjme when the
in tms locality. - thoughts snould ne turned tuwaiu
The ntfWB inlns a larffe Cir-1 1 - he nutrninv
cle of friends in good wishes and cams Qf business should be ig-
t I ... 1 1 nt. 1 A
cuQgruiuiiaiiuua. j, Irjored. A time wneo iuc tunu
with its srolden curls, the man
"Why airto Ltave Home." r J wjth the silvered locks, alike cry
"Glory to Gnd in the rltgnest.
A play with a wholesome peace uu ,
1 1 1 main -
moral will be presenieo. tne ' o d h been chant
Oper. House on December 31. , 7S2!rt.n nations since
It is clean, Hnterestmg ana in-j y - -- . . .
a w. .H inp 1 11 121 ul icsua
strnctlve. its scenes arc .a - - Th- OT
a lively city adjacent w ew
York. Unusual as it may Pr-rl
there are no slum scenes, no r&rn have
called for protani y, no gun py, , -" -..7. ith adoratian: those
GhlTrHom""but O0 7S t-ding the Howerless paths of
ther in the hovel as she
of the happenings in the noose 01 smoalderinff em.
. respectab e ana . bnpon he desolate hearth,
ing especially tbe events m the l the emDty stock-
life of an P'"' - of her neglected children-
SSgla"? hMrS Entile
R . . . the rliatance. and her plaintive
essary to the enjoyment 01 11 B. jn tfae
The subject is handled witn great "A", t f?r, ir, thf
delicacy and leverence by the r .mother
author who tas maae mcp.v - & christmaB days
one oftheviost power,ul tors gtrlhood when plenty
in the woik of national reform. n " A , th'
memories may be feeding her
hnnsrev heart. Theologians may
ravil nver the date and origin of
this day, but we will hold fast to
our Christmas. fix. . j
Wood Wanted.
Bids for furnishing tbe Orejcon Agri
cultural aollege wood for the ensuing
school year beginning in September
1908, will be received at tbe office tbe
Purchasing Agent of the College opto
Saturday, Jaauaiy 4. 19O8.
10841 . T. H. CaawFOBD, -
- farehasiag Agaot-
(... -I- ' - ' , -'
r 1 I I
Reserve seat sale opens Satur
day morning. Prices 35, 50 and
75 cents.
The ei vine of Premium Dishes will be
discontinued oa 3aiorday, Monday and
and Tuesday. Decenther 21st, 23rd and
24th, owing to tl.e extra holiday rnsn.
103-5 ' . J. . Nolab & Son.
Foley's Kidney Cure
It Pays to Buy
Stein Young
Men's Clothes
GET a thoroughly good suit,
pay $18, $20 or $25 for it,
and youll be a better dressed,
more contented young man
all season than if you had two
suits of the ordinary kind.
You'll find the' tailoring,
quality and style in these
suits; the lasting good shape
and wear that pays you in
the price you can have them
for and the satisfaction they
give. .
If you've aA earneat deaire to
dreas right, get Ederheimer- ,
Stain clothes. Let tha other
fellow do aa he Ekes.
'' Foi Sale by
'j. M. NOIAN Sc fcON.