Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, December 21, 1906, Page 2, Image 2

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Published Tuesdays and rriclays by
Gazette Puelishixo Company.
Tiie subscription pn of the Gazette
fcr eeverai years has been, and remains
$2 .per annum, or '2b per cent, discount if
paid io aivat-e. Thin pa;;fr will be
eou'-ittuert until ail arrearages are pail.
Many a baby stocking will
hang by the fireside Monday
night, and many a bright eyed
tot will' experience unusual diffi
culty vd falling asleep on account
of the expected visit ot Santa
Claus. A uierry, merry time it
is for the little ones, aad yet
there are mothers and fathers
who trouble their souls with the
vexing question. "Is it right to
carry on the Santa Claus decep
- . a
, Can there be any wrong in
m ikim an innocent little child
supremely happy on this the'-'.nla's natal cuyr we
would answer nay, not from our
point of view.
le happiest deception in ali
'the wdrld is the time-honored
deception of Ssnla's annual ap
cearance. and to rob a child of
this quaint, old fashioned be
lief is to rnouerni;'.-? that child in
a way not at all to his profit,
much less to his pleasure.
In every nature thtie is a
touch of romance and a liking for
mystery and adventure, and at no
period of one existence are these
traits keener than during child
hood, when ih : nature is still
unformed and the little brain is
filled with all sorts of queer
fancies. It is thca that the old,
old Caristuiti htry is readily
taken a? lact, and the rotninae of
the tale takes the place ot less
wholesome mental food and sup
plies all the missing links in the
chin of Christmas surprises.
This happy time is only for a few
years, for "Young America" is
soon ijjf&rried aihd the illusion
once shattered is nver replaced.
,"jo the children calf it false
hood on the parents' part: Not
a bit of it. It is only a play, a
."make-believe" that brings
them happiness, and parents are
loved the more bv these same
children when'the latter are old
enough to realize that Santa
Claus was only another name tor
papa's and mamma's unselfish
lave and kiudness.
Let the story of the Child in
the Manger be repeated over and
over again, and with it the happy
onet. -
"Twas the nii?ht before Christ
mas And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse," etc.
But whatever is done, let the
little ones have their happy in
Kocent play time and their harm
less belief in "Santa." The
stern realities of life come soon
Where Was Moses?
"Where was Moses when the
lights went out2" was the ques
tion handed from one person to
another in Corvallis, Tuesday
evening, land the'.answer was, "In
the dark, as we are."
The occasion of the comment
was the disappearance in this city
of all electric lights. The last of
them blinked out about 4:30, and
as darkness came on there was a
rush in ail directions for the old
fashioned tallow candle, coal oil
lamps or anything that would
furnish light. Big stores, light
ed by a few tallow "dips" and
with clerks and customers mov
ing about in the dim, hazy inter
ior of the buildings gave one a
"spooky" sensation, as though
old-time customs had eome again
and the dad-and-crme riMnle nf
r - t 1 -
those times had returned with
the customs.
But it was not a hallow'een
prank nor.-a pleasant "ghost"
l - 1
Cloaks and Furs
Fine Shoes and Slippers
Siik Petticoats
bilk Umbrellas
Linen Damask Sets
Silk Shirt Waists
Eiderdown wrappers
Dress Patterns, Silk and Wool
Fine White Blankets
Napkins and Towels
Leather Pillows
Indian Robes
Hand Bags
Hand Drawa Work
Initial Khndkerchiefs
Semi-Finished Corset Covers
Tsilor Made Suits
Ro al Worchester Corsets
Dress and Walking Skirts.
Lace Waists
Long Kid and Silk Gloves
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worth Ife HgsBsdirod Gents' aza igs t
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I 0Mmt&mm Jit HMWt$mMM a
li-M i? KVt v." -' " .- Bm f Tf MM !l:-r fc ' ' :H L .' w, SW - fi.l
pany, nor was the catastrophe
welcomed as a joke by Corvallis
business men. The Christmas
trade is at its best now, and to
have customers groping about in
darkness trying to make pur
chases was not pleasing to any
one, yet the situation was met
with better humor than are some
of the more trifling annoyances
of every day life, and when the
lights came on at 6 o'clock there
was general merriment and jok
ing over the brief period of dark
ness. The trouble was caused by the
breaking cf a water wheel on the
Are said often to be buried six feet tinder
ground. Eut many times women call on
their family physicians, suffering, as they
imagine, one from dyspepsia, another from
heart disease, another from liver or kid
ney disease, another from nervous pros
tration, another with pain here and there,
and in this wav they present alike to
themselves and their easy-going or over
busy doctor, separate diseases, for which "
he, assuming them to be such, prescribes
his pills and potions. In reality, they are
all only symptoms caused by some uterine
disease. Tho'phician,igncrant of the
cause of sufferinglJteps upnisjreatment
until large bills are mde. J&ijTering "
patient gets no betterNJsJiTTfasNathe
wrong treatment, but probably worsST
pepper mpfiiclno W-o T)r Piprpf's T?nvnrjtft
fcn-scf iption. directed to the envan won la
hn v e ' 11 1 r 0 iv Trn 1 oxj?Ti h c d i sea se t here
by dispelling "all those distressing symp
toms, and instituting comfort instead of
prolonged misery. It has been well said,
that "a disease known is half cured."
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a
scientific medicine, carefully devised by
an experienced and skillful physician,
and adapted to woman's delicate system.
It is made of native American medicinal
branch of the Santiam at Albany
that furnishes ptiwer for operat
ing the Willamette Valley Com
pany's power plant there,
and until this break was repaired
there was a cessation of opera
tions in Corvallis and Albany.
Fifteen wordd or lees, 25 cts for three
4ncce4ive insertions, or 50 t;ta Dflr
month; for all op to and including ten
llttional wor.Js.' cent a word for each
For all advertisements over 25 worda,
I ct per word for the first insertion, and
ct pr word for each additional inser
tion. Nothing inserted for less than 25 '
Lodge, society and church notices,
Uher than strictly news matter, will be
hareed tor. -
Oregon, on instalment plan and as
e st purchasers to bnild ou them
if desired. Address First National
Bank, Corvallis, Or.
Gr., for spot cash, balance instal
ment, and help parties to build homes
thereou, ii desired. Address AI. t.
Ycd o k. Cw-vailie, C
Yetei'-'na'ir' Sorceot
DK. Jr. K.JAC-v, Vii.fR.t' Ait
s;irg m;iH dentin. Eesireii j .
Fruith ti 5t. Phoce c9. C-e
ITU Main :. ptone kt)-l. -:
ana tj j.-seon. Kooms 14, Bank Build
isg. uiuce Hours : 10 to 12 a. m , a to
f p. m. Residence: cor. 5th and Ad
ams Sts. Telephone at office and res
idence. Corvallis, Oregon.
OAC School of Music.
rnnrs anH is rrfprtlv harmless in its
effects in uit onutuum or thr. tcrrw'if
The OAC School of Music has just
issued a bulletin which contains much
useful information concerning this de
partment. A violin instructor for the
year has not yet been announced, but
the other departments are filled.
One of the promising fenturfrs of the
school of music is the college band,
which ha been so popular the past sum
mer. This is under the instruction of
Prof. Harry Beard and there are' 26
pieces. The members are all college
students. The band w ill be enlarged i-s
the attendance at the college prowe. It
is hoped to have 40 pieces in the aggre
gation next year.
To become a member of the band a
student must pass a satisfactory exsmin-
ination as to a knowledge ot music and
ability to perform on his instrument.
The members are required to attend
rehearsal every day, while a reasonable
amount of individual practice is also ex
In addition to a large and complete
stock of Drugs and Medicines we have a
fine assortment of holiday goods, such as
Choice Perfumes, Toilet Articles, Fine
Stationery, Books, Musical Instru
ments and PyrograpTt Outfits.
We also have the famous Edison
Phonograph, the wonder of the age,
with complete line of records, nothing
better for a holiday gift.
A call at our store will afford you
pleasure and profit.
Prompt attention to mail orders.
How to Strengthen It so That It
Will Act as it Should.
' As a powerful invigorating tonic "Fa
vorite Prescription" imparts strength to
the whole system and to the organs distinctly-
feminino in particular. For over
worked, "worn-out," run-down." debili
tated teachers, milliners, dressmakers,
seamstresses, "shop-sir Is," house-keepers,
nursingmothers, and fccblo women gen
erally, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
is the greatsst earthly boon, being un
equaled as an appetizing cordial and re
storative tor.ic.
As a soothing and strengthening nerv-
ine "Favorite Prescription " is uncqualed
mg ana sud-
duing nervous excitability, irritability,
and is invaluablo in allayins
nervous exhaustion, nervous prostration.
neuralgia, hysteria, spasms, St. Vitus's
dance, and other distressing, nervous
symptoms commonly attendant upon
functional and organic disease of the
uterus. It induces refreshing sleep and
relievos mental anxiety and despondency.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets invigorate
the stomach, liver and bowels. One to
three a dose. Eay to take as candy.
Notice for Publication.
United States TAnd.offlc, Portland, Oregon, Nov
ember 2Sth, 1!XXS
t Notice is hereby jjiven that in compliance with
he provisions of the act of Conare8 of June 3,
l!73. entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands in
the States of California. Oreson, Nevada, and Wash
ington Territoty," as extended to all the'public land
states by act of August 4. 1S92 Fred Fortmiller o
Albanv. Oountv of Linn. State Of Oregon, has this
d.v filed in this office his sworn statement No. 7139
for the purchase of tile sw i of section No. 3o in
Township No. 10. sooth range No. 5, west atd will
offer proof to show that the land soujrht is more
valuable for its limber or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish his claim te said land be
fore County Clerk of Benton Countr at his office at
Corvallis, Oregen, on Saturday the 16th day of Feb
ruary t9c7.
He names as witnesses: ROBERT T. GLASS ot
Corvallis. Orepron: JOHJT JOHNSON, of Wren,
Oregon: U. J CAMERON, of Albany, Oregon; WIL
LIAM IQO. of Wreun, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the wve
described lands am ntquested to file th ir clains
in this office ou or betore said 16th day of Febru
ary 137.
To enjoy both health and happiness,
it. is absolutely , necessary that the
stomach end digestive organs should be
strong enough to properly oigest the food.
It they are weak and inactive, the body
will eoon be in a state of semistarvation.
Nothing equals Mi-o-na 6iomach tab
lets in siving strength and tone to the
whole digestive system. Use this rem
edy for a few days, and you v ill find the
appetite keen, the digestion good, no
nausea or distress after eating, no sleep
lessness, no nervousness aod the back
aches ai.d headache that are the direct
results of a weakened stomach, will soon
be overcome.
Ask Graham Wells to show you the which they give with every 5O
cent box of Mi-o-na. It is the one remedy
they have enongh faith in to guarantee.
ihul's It
- - I - ; j m
Cough yourself into a fit of spasms acd
then wonder why you don't get well. If
you will only try a bottle of Ballard's
Horehound Syrup your cough will be a
thine of the past. It is a positive cure
for Conghs, Influenza, Bronchitis and all
Pulmonary diseases. One bottle will
Convince you at vour druggist, 25c, 50c,
$1.00. bold by Graham & Wortham.
Save money by buying your
watches and jewelry of Matthews4
the optician and jeweler. - 84tf
Subscribe for the Gazette.
Simple Way to Overcome the Dau
. gers of this Dlsagreeble Disease.
Stomach dosing in tho hope of curing
cattarrh of the heal and throat is useless
and often leads to serious stomach
. Hyomei, breathed through a special in
haler that monies with every dutfit,
brings a "medicated healing air to every
part of the nose and throat, killing all
catarrhal germs and soothing and eas
ing any irritation in the mucus mem
brane. A complete Hyomei outfit costs but
$1, extra bottles of Hvomei, if needed,
5O cents, and Graham & Wells give us
personal guarantee with every packaze
that money will be refunded unless the
treatment cures.
High grade goods a specialty.
A... HOPE S '
Foreign and Domestic Groceries.
Confectionery, cigars, tobacco, woodware,
willowware, stoneware, cutlery, notions,
fishing tackle, ground bona, oil cake meal
grass seed, bee supplies. & & & &
Mail orders promptly filled.
House Decorating.
W. E. Paul, Ind. 488 ltf
aients; curbing made to order; clean
ing and reparing done neatly : save
agent's cotnuiissiou. Shop North
Main St., Frank Vanhoosen, Prop,
Odice up stairs in Zierolf Building.
Only set of abstracts in Benton County
Office in Post Office Building, Corval
lis, Oregon.
to rent a dwelling adjoining Corvallis
who is a kind good workman with a
team of horses. 81-tl.
Gazette ana Weekly Oregonian at
$2.56per year.
WANTED Sixty tons of clean
vetch eeed, and oats in . car lots
load cars at nearest railroad station.
Wanted clean Italian and English
Rye graes eeedj can furnish gaso
line engine with cleaner and grind
er to clean for farmers. For sale
young cow, will be fresh soon, $25;
6-year-old horse for sale or trade. L.
L. Brooks. Phone 155 Mountain
Corvallis, Oregon, transai ts a general
conservative banking business. Loans
money on approved security. Drafts
bought. and told and money transferred
to the principal cities of the United
States, Europe and foreign countries.
Taken up by undersigned at my place
5 miles southwest of Philomath on the
Wagoner place on October 29, '06 one
Hobteia cow brand O. on left hip blind
in right eye. J. H. Owens, Corvallis Or-
. . . . '.. -.--4.
Worth doing is worth doing well. ' If
yon wish to be cured of Rheumatism use
Ballard's Snow Liniment and you will be
"well cured." A positive cure for
Sprains, Neuralgia, Bruises, Contracted
Muscles and all the ills that rksh is heir
o. A. G. M. Williams, Navasota, Texas,
writes: .
'I have used Snow Liniment for sprain
ed ankle and it gave the best of satisfac
io n. I always keep it in the house."
Sold by Graham & Wortham.
Why Not Use Electric Lights?
Favorite tonic is gWhite's Cream Ver
mifuge, the care for worms and all chil
dren's diseases. It not only kills the
worms, but removes the slime and mucus
in which they bniid their nests. Its ac
tion on the child is mild and leaves him
in a healthy condition. Joe Daniel. Sur
mac, Tenn., says that he gave one of his
children White's .Cream Vermifuge when
the doctor thought it. had colic, and from
the first dose the'chM paresed 73 worms.
Sold by Graham 4Vortham;
. . - - .Cj Ty.;: . ...
Stop scratching matches on jour wall.
Those streaky match scratches look
mighty bad on any, wall. But as long as
yon continue to use gas or oil you'ye got
to use matches.
, The "matchless light" is the electric
light, a simple twist of the wrist does it.
We are improving and . perfecting our
lighting service in this city and can give
better service for less money than ever
in the history of the city.
The cost of wiring has been reduced
until it is within reach of all.
If you would like to know mora about
it, call on us in our new office opposite
the O. J. Blackledge furniture store or
phone. us, Ind. Phone 499. '
. Willamette Valley Co.
V ;GK A. Clark, Mgr.
- . ' 74-t!1
O. A. C.
Cleaning and
Ppsssing Parlors
Three doors north of Hotel Cor
vallis. Give me a call. ,
The Gazette
for Job Work
oJcy's Kidney Cure
imineyv-mn tetter sight.
All kinds of grass seed for ealr
at Zierolf 's Timothy, clover and
orchard grass seed J 74 ti
The best baker ever in Corvallis
a Vossburg, at Small's Bakery.