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    Vol.. XLIII.
Corvalus. Benton Coum-, Oregon, Friday, November 9, 1906.
Q. T. H- S." Members Have
Social Time.
Tb M n's Club of the M. E
church of this city held its first
meeting for the year in the base
ment of tbe church Monday
evening. 1 his association is
known as the G.v T. H. , S. ; as
manv know, this signifies "Get
The Habit Society.' Many of
the leading: physicians, lawyers,
professional and business men of
the city are active members.
Rev. Feese opened the pro
gram with a brief talk on the ob
ject of the club, Collie Cathev
gave a vocal solo, with accom
paniment by Miss Marie Cathev,
which was encored, af
ter which Prof. Horner gave a
lecture oa "Jerusalem."
The speaker in referring to the
society, said, "When I visited
Philosophy Hall at Cambridge,
and found that the entire edifice
would not accommodate those
present this evening, and when
made aware of the fact than Em
erson aud many of the greatest
speakers in Europe and America
had lectuied from that platform,
I was reminded of the fact that
in higher life and in higher
thought there are but few. So
in any great undertaking in a
community a few who are striv
ing upward are tho leaders and it
appears to me that the Men's
Club represents this class of en
deavor. "Wandering about the Craige
house which was Longfellow's
home, I learned that he bad
formed a small coterie of friends
such as Lowell, Holmes, Haw
thorne and Dana, who were
striving tor excellence; and all
of these men became excellent
in their various pursuits. I am
therefore reminded that the Men's
Club in their pursuits is a very
fitting thing to be encouraged in
a city which is rapidly coming to
be known as the Hub of Oregon.
For as everybody knows, the
Oregon Agricultural College is
the greatest institution in this
state, as Harvard University is
the greatest institution in the
East, and the greatest institu
tions locate the Hubs. Let our
doctors be the best doctors; let
our lawyers be the best lawyers;
our business men the best busi
ness men; and everybody will
recognize Corvallis as the Hub.
"Searching about for some
new things to think about last
summer, I determined to visit
the various places which were
made sacred by Bible charac
ters. At Memertine prison we
visited the cell where : Peter and
Paul were imprisoned. Here
Peter was, so legends assure us,
tied to a stone post that still re
mains; and when the Apostles de
sired to baptize the jailor who
had been converted by their
teachings, a fountain broice
through the stone for that purr
pose and legends say that the
fountain that is there is the iden- j
tical fountain that was produced
by Divine power.
"A half hour's drive . and we
are at the little church Quo
Vad is, famous in legend. Here
Peter after making his escape,
met the Savior and said to him,
'Quo Vadis?" (Where goeth
thou?) The Savior, realizing
that Peter had denied him again,
answered, "I am going to Rome
to be crucified." Here we are
shown the stone on which , the
Savior sat when he made this
remark and the imprint of his
feet is in evidence. The origi
nal stone is at St. Sebastine.
Peter feeling the force of the re
proof administered by the Sav
ior, returned to Rome and sur
rendered himself to the author
ities, and was condemned to
crucifixion. Bat realizing his
unworthiness to die as did his
Savior, his request to be crucified
head downward was graciously
"At St, Peter's we were show
in an apartment 20 feet or more
under gronnd, a stone sepulcher
in whictt. we were assured were
the remains of the disciple of that
name. However, there is con
siderable comment at the present
time upon the matter aud it is
the belief that the present Pope
will require the sarcophagus to be
opened so as to satisfy the people
that this is the body of the
beloved apostle."
A journey in imagination,
with Prof. Horner as the leader,
was taken through Joppa, then
up to Jerusalem and throughout
the Holy City for half, an hour
or more. Alter tins delicious
refreshments were served by the
committe, and toasts responded
to by Dr. Cathey, Prof. Holmes,
Minor Swick, Rev. Feese. Jos.
Underwood and Joseph Yates.
Will Business Men Grasp the Op
portunity? What It Is.
Whether or not Corvallis will
have a three "qr four days' Chil
dren's Agricultural Fair next
September, remains with the
business men of our city and
county. Our energetic business
men will be given an opportuni
ty to answer the above query this
County School Superintendent
Denman is behind the movement.
It is the plan to hold the fair in
Corvallis the ' week previeus to
hop-picking. The exhibitors will
be the school children of the
county. The exhibits will con
sist of farm and garden products,
preserved fruits, jellies, sewing,
bread, pie and cake making,
writing, drawing, . essays, con
tests. In addition to this there will
be a non-competitive . exhibit of
anything in the county by any
citizen, and Supt. Denman sug
gests that a horse show and a
goat show be listed on one of the
The plan is to distribute seeds
of , cereals, garden vegetables,
etc., free to the children . All
work must be done, by the pupil,
except preparing the land.
Prizes will be graded as fol
lows: all pupils 12 years old and
over, and and all pupils 12 years
and under. If sufficient prizes
can be obtained, first and second
prizes will be given each exhibit;
it not, a prize to each of the two
classes mentioned.
The prizes are to be furnished
by our enterprising business men,
something out of their place of
business. They will will be re
warded for their generosity by
the advertisement given them..
Three ortour thousand pamphlets
are to be printed, and distributed
in every family" in the county.
The pamphlet will give complete
description of prizes with the per
son give same, and classified.
In addition to the personal
prize to each successful pupil ex
hibiting, it is contemplated to
give away four or five grand
prizes, which will bean organ to
each collective exhibit from the
first four districts having best ex
In Polk and Yamhill counties
last year, pianos were given as
grand prizes, but Supt. Dsncfran
thought four organs' would ' be
more practicable as every district
can use an organ, but could not
take proper care of a piano.
Such able speakers as Gover
nor Chamberlain, and Senator
Fulton are to attend the fair.
Corvallis and Benton 'county
never had such an opportunity
before presented to show what
their advantages were. This fair
will bring to Corvallis large num
bers of our citizens, and lasting
three to four days the fair insures
a rousing time.
It is to be hoped that cir bus
mess men will do their duty in
this matter. Being the first fair
ever held it ought to be an eye
In College Chapel Musical Event
Will Attract Large Crowd.
In the college chapel tonight
an event of more than passing in
tetest is tooccur, and a large aud
ience of Corvallis people will cer
tainly be in attendance. The,
affair is a recital by the pupils of
the school of music of OAC and a
program up to the usual high
standard of these events will be
The college recitals have be
come very popular with Corvallis
people, and the entertainment
this evening will be fully as eu4
joyabJe as those given in the past,
The program in full is as follows:
"On the Meadow" ..Lichner
Blanche Hammer
,fHungarian" Engelmann
Edith Sproat
"I Know a Lovely Garden"...D'Hardelot
Gertrude McBee
Allegro in f... P. E. Bach
y Alma Watson
"Une petite fletir''.... Voss
Clara BaKer
"Serenade" .....Miller
James Chambers
"Spring's Awakening" ,..Hawley
Edna Allen
"Little Wanderer" Lange
Vena Kickard
"Spring Song" .Merkel
Donald Colvig
Etude Op. 10-5 Chopin
lreae bproat
"The Separation" .Rossini
; Lulu Slangier
"Flying Leaves" .Koelline
Marion Chappell
Valse chromatique Leschetisky
" Adah McDanald
Recitative and Aria .G. Thomas
Mane Felland
"Twilight".. . . .'. Merkel
Maud .Draper
Doors will be kept closed dur
ing performance, . The. pupil's
standing is not indicated vhv. -the
order in which' thev appear on
the program.
Expect Hard Game.
Multnomath will not play a
game of football next Saturday,
but will rest up for the game
with Willamettee University the
following Saturday, says the Ore
gonian. The game with .Wil
lamette promises to be a hard
one, ana, since Willamette's
showing against Oregon, the lo
cal clubmen realize they have ; a
hard contest ahead of them.
Last yea the team from the cap-
itol city plastered the 23 signs
on Multnomath, and it is desired
bv the clubmen to wipe out that
defeat by a decisive victory this
season. -
No practice will be done this
week, but next week good, hard
work will be the rule. So far
this season the team work of
Multnomah has been ragged,
and most of the time will be
pent between now and the game
in getting the players to work
New Firm Established.
Corvallis has a new business
firm in an entirely new line of
business. The persons interest
ed are Cathey and v Haynes, the
latter a newcomer in the city but
a man of experience and ability.
The business of the young men
is sign painting, but on a larger
and more attractive plan than
has ever before been undertaken
in Corvallis. As an example of
what is to be done: work is now
in progress on a 12-section sign
which, when put up, will be 120
feet in length. The 12 sections
are ten feet wide and nine feet
high, each artistically lettered
with the advertisement of some
local firm.
On the first of these immense
bill boards, now being painted,
the following well known busi
ness firms, occupy the twelve
sections: ; Ambler & Watters,
O.; J. Blackledge, Corvallis
Flouring Mills, ZierolPs grocervr
Elgin's harness shop. Veal &
Cathey, Morris' blacksmith shop.
Long's bicycle shop, E. W. S
Pratt, Graham . & Wortham, S.
Jb. Kline, Allen's drug, store,
Kaupisch creamery and Henry
Mangas. ' : ,
Five of the boards are. to be
placed is and about Corvallis
and it is safe to say a better ad
vertising scheme . has. never be
fore been launched hereabouts.
The artistic skill of Cecil
Cathev is recognized ' by all, and
Mr. Haynes is also a thorough
artist. . '
It is the purpose of the firm to
make their headquarters in Cor
vallis, where work will be done
lor outside Jowns, the signs to be
shipped from here. This means
that, many thousand feet of lum
ber will be in demand for the
work, and- the project will also
add to the business life of the
city. It is hoped the young men
may prosper.
Must Be Competent in Some
One Line to Succeed.
It ever there was ,a time in
the history of the world when in
competent men aud women were
a drug in the market, that time
is now, and the individual who
fails to learn some one. thing so
thoroughly that he excels in it
is missing the golden key that
unlocks most certainly the door
to success.
Education is a necessity if one!
would strive for any great prize
in the race of life, but in other
avenues of industry the man or
woman who, by reason of cir
cumstances or condition?, has
has been unable to secure a first-
class education , may become so
competent in his or her line of
work that he or she need never
lack for employment at better
wages than are paid the medi
If a man decides to be a car
penter, let him be a good car
penter; let him study all the
parts of his trade until he can do
the best work possible; if he de
cides to be a painter, let him be
an artist at the business; let
him learn to mix his paints until
the. most exacting patrom can be
suited with the dantiest tint de
manded, and such' a workman
will never lack tor work.
Perhaps a boy may find him
self in the position of a boot
black, but even so, let, him fail
to the work with a will and put
on a "shine" that willbrand his
labor as the best in town and
bring back a satisfied patron and
others besides. If a girl is oblig
ed to wash dishes, do the family
Daking ana scruD floors lor a
livelihood instead of going to
college and. playing basket ball,
let her ; resolve to make dish -
washing: an art, let her devote
time and patience to acquiring
skill as a cook, and let her floors
be as immaculate as hot suds and
a good.brobm can make them.
and that girl will neither lack for
work nor be looked down Upon
by people of good judgment. Do
ing one. thing well is the force
that has.made the old world what
it is today and the same force
that will continue to bring en
lightenment and progress to all
the countries of the world.
The man who is satisfied with
small results, the man who can
do a little of this, that and the
other in a half-hearted way, but
is not competent in any one li;t-,
is the maq who shambles ab''i;
the streets, perhaps walloping''
a quid of tobacco around in H
mouth, growling " about h
times and cursing fate generals'
Unfortunately, specimens of th
class are to be seen in every con
muoity, but with the passing
time their numbers are certain V
decrease,' fjr the demand is no .
growing, and will continue- t
be insistent for' competent work
men in whatsoever branch of
labor they, engage.
. WANTED 50U live jrae befort
tha first of November." . Call or ad-
dresi Smith & Boulden, Corvallie,
Orezon. 84U
but balf expresses it. We have some
things recently opened up you'll go in
ecetacies over. For an out and out su
perior line of
Newest Stylo Jewelry
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Albert J. Metzger
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New Oak Rockers
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And see our large new ' line of pocket knives, .
razors, scissors, etc.
A large line of footballs and all kinds of sport
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Umbrellas covered and repaired.
... ..GUN HO D E S
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Engraving nicely done in the latest ribbon script styles.
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E. VV. S- PRATT, jeweler and Optician
There is ho Beasou.
Why your baby should be thin, and
Ttfal during the night. . Worms are the
rtiise of thin, sickly babies. It is natural
hat s healthy baby should be fat and
leep well. If does not retain
its food, don't' experiment with colic
cares and other medicine, bat try a bot
tle of White's Cieam ; Vermifuge, and
roa will soon e your baby have color
nd langh m it should. Sold by Graham
& Wortham.
Hair Invlgoraier
And Dandruff Eradfcatcr
m 0 13
is S'
2 L V--'-'Afc
Price, - Fifty Cents
Manufactured by
The Vegetable Compound Ccrr.psny
, Corvallis, Cregcn 9t
JS Furniture Store
- - Oregon
All kiod3 of grass seed for sale
at Zierolfs Timothy, clover and
orchard grass seed. 74tf
Tor Infants and Children.
Tfas Kind You Have Always Bought