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Gazette Pjbmshtng Company. -
of the GAZBral?e"D.any'
" The subscription price
tor ,--?:vfcral years has been, aad remains
2 r,r annum, or 25 per cent, discount if
pid in advance. This paoer will be
eonlimed ontil all arrearages are paid.
- The paramount question of the
day in the infancy of the repub
lican party and accepted as first
. in importance was the nonexten
sion of negro slavery. The sec
ond gieat question had to do with
the adoption of the first "protec
tive tariff plank," found in the
republican platform of the Ver
mont state convention which
convened July 13, 1854 In this
Mr. Morrill took a prominent
part one week after the. birth of
the party and a demand was
made for a "tariff for revenue,
with proper discrimination in fa
vor of American industries. ' '
From the first the devotion and
adherence of the party has been
been unqualifiedly and uncom
promisingly in favor of the pro
tection of American labor and in
dustry. It' was quite fitting
thereafter that Morrill's name
should be attached to the first re
publican tariff law, especially as
we find the first allusion ever
m ie to protection in any repub
lican platform was that of the
little republican band in Ver
mont, the home of Mr. Morrill
Since the organization of our
government forty or fifty tariff
laws have been passed. Free
traders cannot deny, that the
Dingley tariff law has proved
superior to any other tariff law
we ever had. The wonderful
pro.oTHss of the country indus
trially and the general prosperity
under the operation of the pres
ent tariff law is amazing to ' all
advocates of free trade. Pro-
tectionists are certainly willing
to let the present law stand with
very trifling revision so long as
present prosperous conditions
It is only necessary that we
review the last decade of our
history to realize that low tariff
means a deficiency of revenue, a
closing of our manufactories,
idleness for millions of laborers
, with low wages for many more,
and unprofitable prices for the
Three years of a free-trade
law during Cleveland's adminis
tration was sufficient time to test
the matter of free wool. It did
not help the manufacturers of
woolen fabrics, but came near
'ruining the industry because of
the inability of so many people
to pay profitable prices for wool
en goods.
Crop This Year Will Fall Short
of Last Season.
"Consul Wm Bardel, writing
tiuui Bamberg, says that after
caieiul inquiries amocg a number
of promiuent Bavarian hop grow
ers and hop merchants it is safe
to state that the world's hop
crop c f 1906 will fall consider
ably behind that of last year.
Most Hop growers will even
this year receive the benefits vt
the short ciop since lew growers
-covtr icttn their entire coa at the
IOW pilars
prevailing ia ih'
spring, ano ;nany t,i me-
:i got-in
on the better prices that prevail
ea utter in the season. The
m-.rtt h;.'s been rather quiet
d'tti. the past few weeks and
J-'-'t few deals have been made.
.Te csn'.ncted hops, locally,
;ein delivered N and a more
active tendencv of the market is
expected within the next few
weeks as hop dealers have repre
sentatives in the field.. Their
work this far has been confined
largely to sanu-'iog ?nd details
of actual tram Vims- :w ue are
lew. Two or thivt (nctiases by
Salem dealers are reported at 17
cents. Dealers have notified
their eastern connections that the
market has opened and an in
crease of orders fiotn that source
is expected in the near . future, r
, Following is an estimated com
parison of the two years crops:
(In American hundred .weights)
-. Estimated
.';.,' ' 195 crop I9O6 crop
630.000 . 375.000
4S0.000 188.000
110,000 33 000
9O.O0O 70,000
75.000 45,000
696,000 320,00o
United States
5OO.OOO 5-50,000
World's crop 2,530,000
Beaver Creek'.
Mr. and Mrs. Ebbert visited
friends at Monmouth last week'.
When Mr. Ebbert. returned he
brought up some fine goats from
his Polk County farm. ; V
Messrs. Leeper & . Starr have
been hauling lumber from, the
Gove saw mill the past week.
Mrs. D.yffy has been quite ill
the past few days with neuralgia.
Mr. and Mrs. Woods of Cor-
vallis visited last week with rela
tives at the Gove saw mill.
Charley fark, of , Pnilomath,
is going to stay with his uncle,
Wm Park, and attend school on
Beaver Creek this winter.
Mr. Duffey has reDted the Ire
land ranch belonging to the
Gates Bros. " '
The public school is progress
ing nicely under the leadership
of Prof. G. A. Peterson.
Ed Starr has returned home
from Junction City where he has
been employed the past summer..
- Messrs. Marvin, who have
been operating the Gove "saw
mill the past winter and summer,
have, moved out for this winter.
Albert Starr is at present visit-
lag in Beaver Creek with his
brother Henry. .
Real Estate Transfers.
J C Ingram to Wm Einfeldt,
24 acres east of Monroe; $1205'
M Neathamer and hus to Lucy
L, Moses, lot 4; block 26, County
add to Corvalhs; $600.
J A Green and ' husband to H
Bullis, lot 8, block 21, Jobs Add
to Corvalhs; $450. '
U S to H L Russell, Patent,
160 west of Bellefountain.
, H L Rassell to, J. R. Welty
and Emma . Blake, 160 acres
west of Bellefountain; $800.
J R Welty and wife to J. B.
Blake, undivided y2 160 acres
west of Bellefountain; $800.
J B Blake and wife to J E
Leonard, 160 acres west of Belle
fountain; $3,000. r
GW Gove and wife to A G
Gove, 30 acres southwest of
Philomath; $1. '
F M Veal and husband , to C
M McKellips, parcel of land
west of Corvallis; $r,200.
Wm Knotts and wife to W G
Davis, tract of land north of Cor
vallis; $3,000.
Wm N Rees and wife to Z H
Davis, lots 5 and 6, block 18,
Averys & Beaches addition to
Corvallis; $5. ' "
Z H Davis to Sarah Rees, q c
d, undivided half of lots 5. and
6, block 18, Averys and Beaches
add Corvallis; $1.
Z H Davis to Wm N Rees, q c
d, undivided half of lots 5 and 6,
block 18, Avt'vs and Beaches
add to Corvallis; $1.
M A Flett 'and hus to C E
Hout, lots 7 and 8, block 10,
Corvallis; $3,800.
U S to Wilson Scott, Patent,
166 acres sou :h west of Philo
math. -
Mrs. Lillie Kibg is to return Thursday
from Portland where Bhe attended the
reunion of Rev. T. M. Eamsdsll's family,
of which she is a member. Rev. Rams,
dall formerly reeled in Benton where
he is widely known. The -old gentle
man celebrated lmS5th birthday a dav
or two .ago. Amort; his child) en who
were present at the rt union w-:e Mrs
Cyrns Dixon, of Caliior-ia- Mrs. D.
Mioheals, Kelso, Wash.; D. D. Rams-
da4l, Newport; T. M. Raaisdall Jr. and
C I. Ramsdall, Kin Valley.
mes Withrow, for twenty yearj a r-
spected resident of Benton couttty, died
at the fitoJly home at Wells Btation Sat
urday, from heart failure, r Mr Withrow
had been suffering with a severe attack
of "tynhoid fever , and was just con val-1
cent, hnt this jca not the immediate'
c nse of death . The funeral occurred ?
from the family residence at noon Son.
day, the W. O. W. conducting the uer-
viees. Interment was made in the Odd
Fellows c"meterv south of Independence.
Deceased was 41 years of age and a na
tive of Illinois .. Toe immediate "sorviv
ore are the widow, an "two childern,
Mrrtle and Htrold, both at home. '
Do Yea Want to Know " -
What You Swallow?
There la a growing sentiment in this
country In favor of medicines of ksows
composition. It Is but natural that one
should have some Interest in the compo
sition of that which he or she is expected
to swallow, whether it be food, drink or
medicine. " - "'
Recocnizing this growing disposition
on the part of the publie,-and satisfied
that the fulRt publicity can only add tar
the well-earned reputation of his medi
cines. Dr. Ii. V. Pierce,.of Buffalo, N. Y.,
has "taken time by the forelock,"" as it
were, and .is publishing broadcast a list
of all the ingredients entering into his
leading medicines, the "Goldon Medical
Discovery " the popular liver invigorator,
stomach tonic, blood puriljer and heart
regulator; also of his "Favorite Prescrip
tion? for weak, over -worked, bcoken
down, nervous and invalid -women.- - -
This bold and out-spoken movement on
the part of Dr. Pierce, has, by showing
exactly what his woll-known medicines
are composed of, completely disarmed all
harping critics who have heretofore un
justly attacked them. A little pamphlet
Las been compiled, from the standard
medical authorities of all the several
schools of practice, showing the strongest
endorsements by leading medical writers
of the several ingredients which enter into
Dr. Pierce's medicines-' A copy of this
little book is mailed re to any one de
siring to learn more concerning the valu-,
able, native, medicinal plants which enter
Into the composition of Dr.1 Pierce's med
icines. Address Dr. Pierce as above. .
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets "are tiny, sugar-coated
anti-bilious granules. They reg
ulate and invigorate Stomach, Liver and
Bowels. Do not beget the "pill habit," but
cure constipation. One or two each day for
a laxative and regulator, three or four for an
active cathartic. Once tried always in favor.
STirRfl GIVEN AWAY, In copies of
taJiJffUfiHiJ The People's Common Sense
Medical Adviser, a book that sold to the ex
tent of 500.000 comes a lew
x years ago. at $1.50 per copy..
iasr, year we kuvb uwoj
50.000 worth of these Invalua
ble books. This year we shall
give awav 50.000 worth of
them. Will you share in this
benefit? If so. send only 21
one-cent stamps to cover cost
of mailing only for book in
stiff paper covers, or 31 stamps
H 1 I ll 11 uvuuu. - " -
B. V. Pierce. Buffalo. It. Y.
Let Us Send You A
We send them free, postpaid, to
, each depositor. The most novel ,
home bank ever originated. Put
in your spare dimes ; when full,
mail to us ; we'll open and place
contents to your credit. We pay
liberal interest, you'll enjoy
absolute security, a"hd the little'
home bank will help you save
with surprising ease and rapidity.
A single dollar will start your
account. Write about jt today.
R, L. DURHAM . .
. . . President
. Vice-President
. . Secretary
. Asst. Secretary -
Capital, $150,000.00
Executor's Sate of Real Property.
In the Matter of the Estate of Huldah a
Brown, deceased:
: Notica is hereby given that under and pur
suant to an order of sale made bv the County
Court of the State of Oregon for the County of
Benton on the 15W1 day ot beptemoer 1900 in tne
above entitled matter, tne unaersignea ex
ecutor of the last will and testament of Huldah
A. Brown, deceased, will from and after'
proceed to sell at private sale to the highest bid
der for cash in hand, subject to the confirmation
01 said court, all the following described1 real
property, to-wit: Lot numbered three (3) in
block numbered seventeen (17) in Jobs Addition
to the City of Corvallis, Benton County, Oregen;
said sale to be made for the purpose of paving
claims against said estate and,, charges and ex
penses ot administration remaining unpaid.
Dated this October 16th, 1006.
Executor of .the last will' and testament of
H uldah A, Brown,' cioceased. f . .80-97
Danger From the Plague. .
There's great dancer from the plague
of Cough and Colds that me so preva
lent, unless vou take Dr. King's New
Dist overv for Csnenmption, Coughs and
Colds. Mrs. Geo. Wall, of Forest City,
Me., writes: "It's a Godsend to people
living in limstes hpre ronjihs and
colda prevail, I ' find it quitkly ends
them. It . prevents Pneumonia, cures
LaGrippe, gives wonderful relief in
Aethmaand Hay Fever, and makes weak
lungs strong eDOngh to vard off. Con
sumption, J"5oi)nhs and Coide." 50e and
11.00 Gupranteed tv A4!en & Wood-
"ward's drug store. Trial bottle fcee.
Jul'us Caesar.
Was man fn'l of nerve btt sickness
left its mark and he became aged before
bis time. Sickness is often cansed by a
torpid liver.' ' Herbine will regnlgte
your liver and give yon health."" Airs.
Carrie Austin, Hollon, Kansas, writes ;
I consider Herbine the best . . medicine
1 ever heard cf. I am nev"er wirhont iO'
Sold bv Graham and Wnrtfiam:
1 visas
V -3aVgJ-'1 JL.r
All that any man can .
fs ask for in a shoe ? &
U VV Fft Stole, P
f .ur v
J ; 8 claims ;
I maker fcgL I
V can do Vk 1
t no better vf3
if as well, rl
O. A. C.
Cleaning and
Pressing Parlors
Three doors north of Hotel Cor
- vallia. Give me a call.
. P.?H. SWAB3, Prop.
Lunches of every description hot and cold. Fine bill
of fare always served. Everything; neat and up-to-date.
Try our lunches and be convinced.' t)ASCADIA WATER.
Soft Drinks, Cigars
and Tobaccos
S. P. and 0. R.
Chicago is 17 Hcurs Nearer by
Jhis Popular Calumbja River Route
; Franklin -was right " when he said, j
"Lost time is never found again.". The
O. R. & N. in . addition to giviDg
yon 200 miles along the matchless Col. j
umuia xityer, saves 'OU i t floors to UE1
cago. It is the ',
; Short Line to Lewiton.
; Short Line to Paloufe country.
Short Line to Spokane. ,
Short Line to the Couer d'Alene country..'-
Short Line' to Salt Lake City.
Short Line to Denver.
; Short Line to Kansas City.
'Short Line to Omaha.
: Short Line to Chicago.
Short Line to all pointb East.
Three trains east daily, 9:15 a. m., 6:
15 p. m. and 8:1 5 p. m. The "Chicago
Portland Special" is as fine as the finest.
Every comfort of heme.
For particular ask any agent of the
Southern Pacific Company or write
General Passenger Agent, Portland, Or.
A Ycuttg' Mother ;at 70.
.--.VMy mother has suddenly been made
young at 70. Twenty years cf intense
sutfering froni dyspepp'm had entirely
disabled her, until eisc months ago, when
she began taking Elecirii: Bitters, which
have completely cured her and restored
the strength arid activity she had in the
prime of lite," writes Mrs. W. L. Gil
patrick, of Dsnforth. Me. Greatest re
storative medicine on the globe. Sets
Stomach, Liver and Kidneys right, puri
fies the blood, and cnresMalaria, Bili
ousness and Weaknesses. Wonderful
nervH tonio. Priee 50c. Guaranteed by
Alleu'oi Woodward's drug store.
Napoleon Bonaparte.
Showed at the battle of Austerlitz, he
was the greatest Leader in the world. I
Ballftrd s Snow Liniment has shown the
pub'ic it is the' best liniment in the
-world. A quick cure for Rheumatism.
Sprains, Burns. Cutp, etc. A. C. Pitts,
Rodessa, La., says : "I use Ballard's
Snow Liniment in my family and find
it unexcelled for sore chest, headache,
corns, in fact for anything that can be
reached by a lioiment." Sold by Gra
ham & Wortham.
tor clUldrvxt -ci? ur V .- -
Success Stories.
CJ Scores of young men and women
have been first made competent by the .
Holmes Business College, and then "J
assisted to positions where their ability
won them distinction and compensation.
Q The Holmes Business College equips
you with the practical knowledge. that
makes every bit of your energy count
(or success. , : '
t Here are glimpses into the life careers
1 of three Holmes Business College' grad
uates. We will supply their names if
you call at the' College, Washington and
Tenth Streets. I
took course in shorthand and
bookkeeping at Holmes Business College, entered
employ of Portland Gas Company, took civil
service examination, and now holds life position
paying over $100 per month at Washington,
D. c ; , J . z ;
Miss " took course in shorthand at
Holmes Business College, and is now private
secretaiy to manager of the Pacific Coast Tel
ephone Co., at a salary of $125 per month.
- Miss took a course of shorthand at
the Holmes Business College, now conducls'
a public stenographic office of her own in
Paris, France, earns a splendid income and.
travels three months of the year:
; Write for our fclder. It is worth
rjetting and worth keeping. We will
gladly send it to you post-paid if you
will write us your name and address.
.Write direct to Principal, Room 534.
:-':- v Lest We ' " . r: . :
''' '. . - - .
' Forget Baby is restless, can't Bleep at
riant, won't eat, cries spasmodically.
A boitle of White's Cream Vermifuge
never fails to cure. - Everv mother
should give her baby White's . Cream
vermifuge. So many times when the
babv is pale and fretful, the mother does
not know what to do. A bottle ot thi
medicine would bring color to his cheeks
Land laughter to his eves. Give it a trial.
bold by Graham & VVortham .
Notfce for Publication.
Bepartment of the Interior, V -
Laud office at Roseburg, Oregon, ;
Sept. 6t, 1906.
iNotice is liereby given that William E. 'Earn
est, of Fisher, Oregon, has filed notice of his in
tention to make final five-year prool in support
ei his claim, viz: Homestead Entry lo. 13067
maae sept. 15, 1903, lortne su, iti.iz - ot sec 2,
and U 'i NK aod SWJSE i. Sec ir. Tow. -ship
i.s y. Karjge 10 W, and that said proof will
De raaae neiore tns countv cierit ot Benton
County at his ofiice at Corvallis. Oregon, on
isoveniDer igtn, 190c.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous resideuce upon, and cultivation of
theland. viz: Sam A. Seits. Frank M. Seits.
Har ry E. Earnest, and Martin L. Earnest, all of
venron, uregon. ;
75 BENJAMIN L. EiDY, Register.
Blood Poisoning'.
Results from chronic oonstipation,
which is quickly 'cured by Dr. King's
New Life Pilis. They remove all poison
ous y;rDis from the system and infuse
new life anil vior;-cures sour stomach.
njHiea, headache, dizziness and colic,
without, griping -or discomfort. 25c.
Guaranteed by Allen & Woodward, drug
gists. .
A Most Worthy Article.
When an article has been on the mar
ket for years and gains frienes every
year, it is safe to call this medicine a
wort hy one. Such is Ballard's Hore
hound Syrup. 1 It positively cures coughs
an'i ail Pulmonary diseases. Ona of the
best known merchants in Mobile, Ala.,
says: "For 6ve years my family has
not been troubled with the winter coughs
and we owe Ibis to Ballard's Horehound
Syrup. I know it has saved m chil
dren many sick speils." Sold by Gra
ham & Wortham .
Notice for Publication, u
Department of the Interior;
- ; Land Office at Rcseburg, Oregon,
Sept. 6th, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that Clinton B. Fleese,
of Vernon, Oregon, has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final five-year proof in support of
his claim, viz: Homestead Entry Ho. 9559 made
Sept. 14, 1899, fer the NEJ, Section i9 Township
14 S, Range 9 W, and that said proof will be
made before the County Clerk of Benton Coun
ty, Oregon at his office at Corvallis, Oregom, -on
NOV. 19th, I906.
He names the following to prove his contin:
uous residence upon, and cultivation -of the
land. xit:k Ezra Hammersler. of Alsea, Oregon,
and Fritz Denser and Edward Ernest, of Ver.
non. Osegon, and Elmer Taylor of Box, Oregen. 1
75 - EHVJA." I.. EDDY, Register. '
Fifteen words or lesa 25 cts for . three
successive insertions, or 50 eta per ;
month; for all up to and including ten
additional words, cent a word for each '
insertion. ..' - : : ' .
F4r all advertisements over 25 words,
I ct per word for the first insertion, and
j ct per word for each additional inser
tion. Nothing inserted for lees than 25
Lodge, society and . church notices,
other than strictly news matter, will be
charged for.
both sexes for Bale. J. H. Ed
ward8Monroe, Or. 77-85
Oregon, on instalment plan and as-
' sist purchasers to build homes on them,
if desired. Address First National
: Bank, Corvallis, Or. '
Or., lor spot cash, balance instal
ments, and help parties to build homes
thereon, it desired. Address M. S.
v Woodcock, Corvailis, Or. '
north of Corvallis. Invuire of J. M.
Porter or Ambler & Waiters. 83lf
Vete r i n a S u rg e o n
, eurgeou and dentist. Residence 1220
Fourth e-treet. Phone 3t9. Othce
10H Main stieet, pnoue 204. Give
him a cail.
and Surgeon. Kooma 14, Bank Build
ing. Office Hours : 10 to 12 a. m , 2 to
4 p.m. Residence: cor. 5th and Ad
ams Sts. Telephone at ofiice and res
idence. Corvallis, Oregon.
House Decorating.
VV. E. Paul, Ind. 488 l-tf
cnents; curbing made to order; clean
ing and reparing done neatly : save
agent's commission,. Shop North
Main St., Frank Vanhoosen, Prop, o2tf
Othce up stafrs in Zierolf Building,
unly tet of abetrat s in Benton County
i: t r in lost Ofbce Building, Coival-.!-,
to rent, a dwelling adjoining Corvallis
.who is a kind good workman with a
team of ho'see. 81-ti.
Gazette and Weekly Oregonian at
- $2.55 per year. ,-
bt in good condition. State size, price,
and particulars. William R. Wtkefield,
Walriport, Oregon. 77tf
rsN'lED Sixty ions of clean
vetch seed, arid oats in car Jets,
iond cars at nearest railroad station.
Wanted clean Italian and English
Rye grass seed, can furnish gaso
line engine with cleaner and grind
er to clean for farmers. L. L.
Brooks. PhoDe 155 Mountain
Corvallis, Oregon, transacts a general
conservative banking business. Loans
money on approved security. Drafts
bought and told and money transferred
to the principal cities of the United'
States, Europe and foreign countries.
Notice to Creditors,
Notice is hereby, triven to all whom it
ceru that the undersigned has been duly ai -point? J
uccuiru m meusi win ana testament cl Jam' 1
r. aitntc, ueveaseu, uy tne ouuty court, 01 Ben
ton County. Orecou. All nersons having claims
against the estate of said James P. McBee, deceas
ed, are hereby required to preterit the same, with
proper vouchers therefor, duly verified as by law re-
quireu, wiuiui six uionios irom me aaie nereofn
to the undersigned at her residence in Corval'g,
Oregon, or at the office of TtfcFadden and Brysoc,
attorneys, in the Pottcffice Buiki;ng, Corvall'g, Ore
Dated at Corvallis, Oregon, this 21st day of
September, 1906.
Executrix of the Last Will and Testament of James
P. McBee, deceased. - 78 tf
. , A Badly Burned Girl.
Or boy, man or woman, is quickly
oat of pain if Bucklen's Arnica (Valve is
applied promptly, G. A. Welch ot Tekon-,
sha, Mich., says : "I use it in my fam
ily for cnts, eorea and all .skin ioiuries.
and find it perfect.". Quickest Pile cure
known Best healing salve made. 25c-
at A lieu and Woodward's drug store.