Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, June 08, 1906, Image 1

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Vol. XLIH.
Corvallis, Benton County Oregon; Friday. June H.
Unofficial Election Returns From
State and County.
The election is now a matter
of history. Sad to chronicle
though it be, in some localities
there lurks in the hearts of de
feated candidates something of
bitterness. This is too bad. It
is hard to go down in defeat at
the polls and it is too bad that
condiditions are such that this
must be. But politics is not a
boy's game and the defeated must
accept the same as gracefully as
In Benton county it may be
said that so far as we know those
who suffered reverses at the polls
are takin the matter philosophi
cally and making the best of it.
We regret to report that
Dr. Withycombe, a peerless man,
and who made a most honorable
fight for the governorship of Ore
gon, will be defeated in the
neighborhood of 2,000 votes. It
is nothing short of a shame that
the republicans of the state
should disgrace themselves so far
as to defeat so able and honor
able a republican.
Jonathan Bourne, for United
States senator won out in public
favor to the tune of about 2,500
over his democratic rival, Senator
Geann, for the place. Hawley
and Ellis, republican candidates
for congress, . are both sate.
Woman suffrage and local option
are both defeated in the state
about 10,000 votes.
In Benton on the county ticket
the republicans made substantial
gains. They elected judge, com
missioner, clerk and recorder.
Hitherto the judge and clerk
were democrats. More straight
republican tickets were voted in
Benton county last Monday than
for many long years before.
The party stood together better
and was rewarded tor doing so.
Following is an unofficial report:
The following figures are the unofficial
returns and represent the majorities :
TJ. S. senator, Bourne, Rep 170
Hawley, Congress, Rep 300
Withycombe, governor, Rep 308
Benson, Sec. state, Rep 325
Steel, State Treas 340
Eiken, Supreme Judge 300
Crawford, Att'y Gen'l... 350
Dunniway, State Printer, Rep 38o
Senator, A. J. Johnson, Rep... .1251
Representative, lo precincts, Y. A.
Carter 805
Co. Judge, Woodward, Rep.... 918
Wilson, Dem 899
Sheriff, Burnett, Dem 985
Peil, Rep , 906
Clerk, Moses, Dem 928
Vincent, Rep lol4
Co. Commissioner, Smith, Rep.... 1036
Dodele, Dem- 862
Recorder, Hall, Dem ... .795
Newton, Rep 979
Buchanan, Treas., Dem., mai 200
Possibly a Wisconsin Outlaw.
mere prevails an opinion
among some people that Frank
Smith, the outlaw and triple
murderer, who was shot to death
by a posse at New Era a few
weeks ago, may have been a
notwl Wisconsin desperado.
Since the identity of the murderer
of Sheriff Shaver, Police Officer
Hanlon. of this city, and Captain
Henderson, of Woodburn, has
never been established, the fol
lowing paragraph taken from the
Independence Enterprise, is of
interest to Oregon City people:
Frank Smith, the outlaw,
who recently killed an officer
of the law in Oregon City and
two in Woodburn, and was him
self killed by a posse near New
Era, is probably tne same des
perado who killed Harry Harris,
a deputy sheriff of St Croix
County, Wisconsin, two years
ago. A picture of the dead out
law was sent by Henry Con
stance back to his old home, and
a deputy sheriff of St. Croix
County is of the opinion that
he is the same desperado that
gave that county trouble.
While Smith was in Wisconsin
Sheriff Harris received instruc
tions from the officers of Montana
to look out for a man answering
Smith's description, wanted for
killing a marshal of a Montana
town. After sitting beside him
and engaging the suspect in con
versation until convinced : tnat
he was the man wanted, the
Sheriff undertook to arrest
Smith and was shot. Smith
made his escape and was after
wards surrounded by a posse but
through the aid of a sister made
a second getaway and was not
heard of again until his escape in
A Serious Runaway.
Wesley Millhollen figured in
an ugly runaway . while en route
to Corvallis Wednesday morning.
With his son, he was driving
along near the Everett place
when the horses became unman
ageable and started to run.
Henry Stone was coming behind
the rig in his buggy and in the
hope of rendering assistance
drove up at a fast trot, but this
frightened the Millhollen team
the more. Mr. Millhollen was
thrown out, alighting on his
head, and almost dislocating his
neck. His forehead was badly
skinned, a gash cut on the nose
and another under the eye, and
other injuries sustained,' although
none are of a serious character.
Mr. Stone brought the injur
ed man to a local doctor's office
where he received needed atten
tion, after which he was taken
to the home of Taylor Porter,
where he still remains.
This is the second serious run
away tnat Mr. Millnollen nas
had within a year.
Society and Anarchy.
It is the opinion of Andrew D.
White that the nations of . the
world should co-operate to effect
the suppression of anarchy.
"Anarchy" says the Internation
al Enclypedea, comprises all at
tempts to destroy the existing
social order without reference to
any theory of reconstruction, and
by the use of any means, fair or
foul, by which individuals or in
stitutions representing constituted
authority may be destroyed. . This
represents the popular conception
of all anarchists. It describes the
ultra-radicals who are the un
compromising enemies of public
order and decency, who plan
murder and .reckless public
calamities. They are the fanat
ics who have been most in evi
dence in recent years."
There is so-called philosophical
anarchy, but its philosophy is
destruction and its fruit is mur
der. It has done nothing for
the betterment - of the world,
never can and never will. Its
only attitude toward society is
that of murderous enmity. It
has never maintained any. other
attitude, and inherently its future
must be like its past. Its hatred
of society is self-chosen. Its de
termination to slav and to tear
down is the one characteristic
that has kept it in the public
eye. It has survived thus far on
the record of bloody violence. It
says to society, "I'll strangle you
if I can." In its own defense
society cannot choose between
toleration and extermination.
Every assassin who aims at the
murder of those in high places is
not an anarchist. But assassina
tion is the chosen policy of this
cult, and its warfare is against
society, and not against the in
dividual. The bomb thrown at
Madrid was a conscienceless assault
upon society rather than upon
the King and Queen of Spain.
It was murder without mercy
and without quarter. At any
time and in any place similar
assaults are liable to be made.
Indiscriminate murder without
warning is the propaganda. Mr.
White points out the duty. Rig
orous and effectual suppression is
society's sole defense. Telegram.
The High School Track Meet in
Corvallis Next Year.
Bert Pilkington has just ar
rived from a visit to the Eastern
Oregon high schools where he
went on athletic business for
OAC. The date for the big
inter-scholastic high school meet
is May 18, '07. Each school
will be limited to a team of seven
men in order to give the distant
schools an even choice. " - -
Gold medals will be given for
first and second places and a sil
ver one for third. A beautiful
$25 cup to the school winning
the greatest number of points.
All the traveling expenses and
hotel bills are to be paid by the
OAC athletic association.
The Inland Empire High
School track meet, usually held
on the 30th of May, in which the
participants are the schools of
Baker City, LaGrande, Union
and Pendleton will be moved
up toward the first of the
month and used as a tryout meet
to pick men for the big meet at
The Corvallis meet will in
clude the following schools: Al
bany, Astoria, Ashland, Baker
City, LaGrande, Grants Pass,
Independence, Oregon City,
Pendleton, Portland, Roseburg,
Salem, The Dalles and Union.
Most of the schools, with the ex
ception of Eugene, Portland and
Roseburg, have signified their
willingness to take part.
Isabel Whitby Dead.
Alter an illness that began a
year ago last March and continu
ed to grow more serious day by
day, Miss Isabel Whitby died
at the family home south of Cor
vallis at one o'clock Tuesday
afternoon. The funeral occurred
at the residence at 2 o'clock yes
terday afternoon, the services be
ing conducted by Rev. E- J.
Thompson, of Independence, as
sisted by Rev. Patton. Inter
ment was made in Oak Ridge
Isabel Whitby was born on the
farm where death met her, 20
years, six months and 24 days
ago. She graduated from OAC
in the class of '04, and the pall
bearers at her funeral were all
former classmates, she being the
first to pass over to the other
Miss Whitby's ailment was
dropsy, and several times she
took treatment iu Portland hospi
tals but to no avail.
Iu college, deceased was a very
bright student and a universal
favorite, and her early . going is
mourned by a very large circle of
Takes Exception.
Few people seem to under
stand that one of the provinces
of a newspaper is to accept ad
vertising matter. During the
recent campaign the Gazette re
mained neutral on woman suff
rage. However, we accepted a
couple of articles from the 4tantis":
and they were paid for; they were
plainly marked as paid, to boot.
Now comes an unknown Writer,
supposedly a woman, with a let
ter setting fsrth her views, which,
in order to show a spirit of fair
play we print, as follows:
Ed. Gazette: After reading
vour article on woman's suffrage
I will take a stand iu its de
Does not a widow lady who
pays taxes on a farm have to pav
as much road tax as a man does?
And as she cannot go out and
work on the road she has to add
that amount to her taxes.
And as for jury service look at
the common run of jurymen and
then say if you can that a good
intelligent American woman is
not fitted to sit on a lury.
I do not , think that any man
that is not gentleman enough -to
be a gentleman in the company
of one or more women even if
they were locked up for days t
nights, is capable of adminis
tering justice to anybody. Son
of our heaviest taxpayers in Ir.
coin county are women and wh
should they not have a say as to
the paying out of that money?
You say if the good women cat
vote so can the bad ones, you talk
as if the bad women were in ma
jority. Now I do not think ss as far
as my experience goes. You ask
in what particular would state or
town be benefitted if the women
voted? Now could not the good
men and the good women com
bine forces and down the baei?
and would that not be a benefit?
I think so. Now the best schools
I ever saw were run by the wo
men. If they can run the
school can they not run
the rest of the county and state.
And I don't think it would be
run with whiskey as it is now.
If a candidate wants to be elect
ed he takes a box of cigars in one
hand and a bottle of whiskey in
the other and then he thinks he
is sure ot election.
From One of the Women.
Receives Reply.
When sending articles to San
Francisco sufferers just after the
earthquake, Mrs. S. N. Wilkens,
among others, pinned a slip ot
paper containing her name and
address to some articles of cloth
ing which were sent to the needy
of the Bay City. A few days
ago she received the following
I found vour little note pinned
on the sleeve of your pretty waist
and I answer to thank you from
the bottom cf mv heart for vour
kindness. Another lady and a
girl 16 years old received some
of your garments, and I know if
you could nive seen, us you
would know you bad made some
one happv, for none of us saved
scarcely anvthing but what we
hid on at the time of the terrible
earthquake and fire. I, myself,
am ouly in this city three months
trom Chicago, and I will re
turn some future time and will
not forget how kind and christ
ian like you and the W. C. T.
U. have been to the homeless
and hope the good Lord will
bless you and yours.
I am sincerelv yours,
Nellie Fulvero
Another Recital.
Monday evening, in college
chapel occurs another pipe organ
recital by Piof. Gerard Taillan-
dier. assisted bv pupils of the
department of elocution. The
program is as follows.
Invocation . . .(ioilmtint
March Henry Smart
Oommuniou Deshayes
Trov. Taillandieb.
A Strange Catastrophe
Rob Rush Collie Cathay
Fanny Layson Mary Denneman
Love Song. Henselt
Offertory in E Flat Wely
Pbgf. Taillandieb.
Offertory in D Flat Salome
Mar che Fanebre Et Chant Seraphique
Pbof. Taxllandiek
- Breaking the Ice-
Scene: A Country Inn.
Margaret Merton Minette Philips
Capt. John Selby, A. G. L. Bouquet
Intermezzo Mascagui
Overture Stradella . .Flotow
Pbof. Taillandieb.
Doors will be kept closed during per
formance. -
The Congregational Sunrf 1 v
school picnic has been postponed fir
a week or two until the dry sun-
weather comes. Sunday bei g
baccalaurta e Sunday at tbe coll-i
there will bs no sermon in ti
morning. Junior Endeavor u'-
3:00. Senior Endeavor at 7:0 !
Veeper 'service and sermon at 8:0; j
Sermon in evening Tba Man f
the Times." There wiil not be eer
vice at Plymouth.
-The DouglaB Wade farm of 64
acres, located five miles east oi
Corvallis, in Linn county," was
sold Tuesday ta F. Cramp ton for
$2,5000. Mv Crampton recently
sold his p-operty southwest of Cor
vallis to Brnon county for & county
poor farm and will now move to
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