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Vol. XLHI.
Corvaulis, Benton County Oreoox, Frid.vy. May SH. iOiM.
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Benton Boy Suicides.
Despoadent from continued
ill-health, and worn by a sleep
less night of sickness, Johnny
Beal, a Benton county boy,
drowned himself ia the Wilia
mette river at Albany Saturday
night or early Sunday Morning,
Mr. Beal was ill Friday night
and did not sleep. Saturday
mormne be decided to so lor a
walk, but the day passed and he
did not return, bearcn was
begun, aud Sunday his coat and
hat were found on the bank of
the Willamatte, and in the hat a
note was placed which read,
'Good -by; I love you all, J. D.
Beal." The river was dragged
and the body recovered a block
below the place where the hat
was found.
The funeral occurred in Albany
at 2:00 p. m. Monday and inter
ment in an Albany cemetery.
Johnny Beal was a son of Wil
liam A. Beal, who is a re
spe table rancher of the vicinity
of Wells, residing about eight
miles north of Corvallis. De
ceased was born in Benton county
28 years ago, and four years ago,
on the same date of his burial
May 21 he was married to Miss
Jennie Robbins, a daughter in
another well-known Benton
county tamuy. Deceased and
his family had resided some years
in Albany.
Mr. Beal was a quiet, steady
young man, and was respected
by everyone. He had been in
ill health for some time and it is
possible that worry and ill-health
had caused temporary insanity,
during which the young man
took his life.
There is wide-spread sympa
thy for the bereaved family which,
besides the widow and one littfe
child, includes the father, W. A.
Beal, a brother, Gene Beal. and
a married sister in Washington.
Annual County Institute.
Beginning Wednesday morn
ing, June 6th, the annual county
institute for Benton county will
be held in this city. The ses
sions will be conducted in the
public school building, and many
of the ablest educators in the
state are scheduled to take part
in the work. Among those are
B. F. Mulkey, Miss Katherine
Sloan, E. D. Ressler, J. H.
1 Ackerman and others.
In the Methodist Episcopal
church, Wednesday evening,
June 6th, an excellent musical
and literary program will be ren
dered. Among those appearing
on the program are Mavor A. J.
Johnson, Miss Lulu Spangler,
President B. F. Mulkey, Mrs. E.
H. Bilkaap, Sup't. Ackerman,
Miss Johnson, of Philomath, and
the Philomath quartette.
The public is invited to help
make the occasion successful by
Fred C. Peil, the Next Sheriff.
Republicans are to be con
gratulated on having such a
worthy man tor their candidate
for sheriff. His clean private
life, his successful business life
is winning him friends and votes
every day. A prominent repub
lican of the county recently said,
"Why should a single republican
vote against Fred C. Peil? He
isjustasgood if not a betrer
bookkeeper, just as good a pen
man, just as good an office man,
just as clean a man, just as able
a man, iustasgood a citizen of
the county, is interested as much
in the future welfare of the
county as his honorable op
ponent" We are not agaiast
Mr. Burnett because he is not a
good tellow and a good citizen.
We oppose him because, the re
publican candidate, Fred C. Peil,
is just as worthy, just as compe
tent; because he is a republican,
and this is a republican county.
With a man equally as competent,
efficient, clean and able, we
believe it is the duty of every re
publican in the county to sup
port Mr. Peil.
Let us appeal to every republi
can. Don't let the democratic
candidates pull the wool over - a
single voter's eye, by having you
vote for Mr. Burnett. Remem
ber Mr. Peil is your candidate
for sheriff. He represents the
party which you stand for.
He believes in every principle
you want. He stands side by
side with Roosevelt in upholding
the republican party. Mr. Peil
is not a single man. but a man
with a family. Let us place
this worthy, deserving man in
the office he aspires to, and tor
which the people in our party
named him. Stand by Roose
velt, Withycombe, Fred C Peil
and the whole county and state
Relics of Old Times.
A Quaker marriage certificate
bearing the date 1790, and a deed
executed in the year of 1817.
were exniDitea at tne Gazette
office Wednesday by T. W.
Woods, of this city. The papers
are yellow with age and are torn
from folding, but the writing is
clear and plain. The 'parties
named in the Quaker certificate
are William Marshall and De
borah Bills, grandparents of Mrs.
J. W. Woods. The marriage
vows were announced in a series
of monthly meetings of the
Quaker denomination, and the
consent of the parents was ob
tained. After a given number of
announcements by law required,
the marriage was announced by
the clerk of the meeting as hav
ing taken . place and the infor
mation was handed -to the clerk
of the court and by him recorded.
No minister and no ceremony
were necessary in these mar
riages, but the names ot 33 wit
nesses appear on the certificate.
The marriage occurred at Deep
river, county ot Surry, North
The deed is a transfer of land
to the same William Marshall,
and is well preserved.
Whereas, The Village Improve
ment Society of Corvallis and
the Benton County Citizens
League have requested the City
of Corvallis to name a day to be
set apart by the citizens of said
City to be devoted to cleaning up
the streets, public grounds, lawns
and yards within the corporate
limits of said City; and
Whereas, by unanimous vote of
the City Council, it was resolved
at a meeting, May 21st, that
Monday, the 28th day of May,
be set apart as such a day for
cleaning up said City. By
authority of said Council I here
by designate Monday, the 2Sth
day of May, 1906, as Cleaning
Up Day, and request all authori
ties and citizens ot the town to
devote this day to cleaning up
and beautifying the Citv.
Alex Rennie,
Pres. City Council.
New Enterprise for Corvallis.
Tuesday afternoon an organiza
tion was effected of the Corvallis
Ice and Butter Company and
steps were taken to incorporate.
The incorporators are B. D.
Arnold, Guy Seeley, John
Creson and others and the enter
prise springs out of the old Cor
vallis ice company. The cap
ital stock is quoted at $10,000
and the company embraces some
well known local capitalists.
New and up-to-date ma
chinery for the plant has been
ordered, and the firm expects to
be ready to receive cream for
butter making by June 1st.
The concern will occupy the
old ice house, in the south part
of town.
Yon will miss a rare treat if yon
fail to hear Rev. Bibcock, one of
Oregon's fine violinists, at the "Car
nival of Roses," May 3UL 43-4
No Office-Holding Class.
jno intelligent democrat, cer
tainly no republican will, for a
moment, accept as true that Mr.
Burnett and Mr. Moses are the
only men in all Benton county
qualified, respectively, for the
offices of sherifl and county
clerk. It is quite probable that
as deserving and well qualified
men might be found even in the
democratic party. It is absolute
ly certain that the republican
party abounds with men as de
serving; as capable and well qual
ified as either of these gentlemen
or of any named on the demo
cratic ticket.
The republican party has plac
ed one such man in nomination
for each county office and they
will be elected.
The reasons for this are as fol
lows: Benton is a republican
county. All the republicans in
the county participated, or had
the right to participate, in plac
ing the nominees on the ticket,
and it would be mean and
cowardly not to support them at
the polls.
Republicans resent the asser
tion that certain democrats are the
only qualified men for certain
offices as impudent and untrue.
Republicans do not believe in
an office-holding class, and they
see that to keep men in office for
long periods say from six to
ten years makes strongly to
ward creating such a class.
Republicans hold to republican
principles, and feel safer when
in the hands of , republican offi
cers than when those offices are
held by democrats.
Republicans believe that the
distinction of holding office in a
republican state or county should
be conferred on the capable men
of the party as some sort of re
cognition for partv fealty. For
these reasons, if for no others,
republicans will give their pi rty
candidates unfailing and unfalter
ing support until the polls close,
June 4th.
This means a republican vic
tory, and none know it better
than our democratic friends,
hence their resort to subterfuge
and all sorts of peanut politics.
It will avail them nothing this
year for republicans have already
chosen this as a republican year.
Mass Meeting Held.
After the Gazette press hour
last night a mass meeting was to
be held at the city hall to discuss
the matter of cleaning up the
At a meeting held Tuesday
night a committee was appointed
from each ot the following or
ganizations: the Citizens' League,
Coffee Club, city council , and
Village Improvement Society.
These committees were supposed
to work up the matter and to at
tend the mass meeting last night
to join in formulating plans foi
the clean-up. The council has
declared next Monday a legal
holiday, and all business houses,
schools and the college are sup
posed to close for at least a half
a day and join in the task of
beautifying the city by a thorough
"housecleaning" process.
At the meeting Tuesday night
a "smelling committtee," com
posed of leading ladies of the city,
was appointed, and it is the duty
of this committee to investigate
conditions in alleys and back
yards where an accumulation of
trash, dirt or filth of any sort has
been left, and to report such
matters to the proper authorities.
Property owners will be notified
to clean up their premises, and it
will be the business of those in
authority to see that such orders
are obeyed immediately.
This meeting is certainly a
step in the right direction, and
everyone should lend bis or her
aid to the task of turning the old
town upside down next Monday
and giving it a complete over
hauling. The goid to result
from the project is so plainly dis
cernible that even the school boy
or girl can readily see it, ant
these will no doubt be glad to
assist to the limit of then
Get your scythes, shovels.
rakes, hoes and wheelbarrows in
readiness, and be up with the
lark Monday morning to aid in
makingCorvallis one of the clean
est, as it is alreadv one of the
prettiest towns, in the Willam
ette Vallev.
Should the Gazette be off the
press in time tor this article to be
read locally Thursday night, let
every such reader make it a point
to attend the mass meeting at
the city hall.
Democracy and Taxes.
Ed. Gazette: The taxpayers of
Oregon are beinar treated to a
tract on "Chamberlain and
Taxes." These oiteous little cir-
1 ...
doses for a hor.ce. Along this
line please permit me to make a
statement and ask a question.
Six years ago my taxes were
slightly less than $6. At that
time Geer was governor of Ore
goo and Woodward was count)
judge of Benton. Recently when
I paid my taxes they were prac
tically double what they were six
years ago. The lattter payment
was made under a democratic
governor, Mr. Chamberlain, and
a democratic county judge,. Mr.
Watters. Now my question is,
"Can the democrats explain the
difference in their assertions and
the facts in the case?" Remem
ber that the ?ums cited were paid
on the same property.
Thomas Boulden.
A Merited Tribute.
If anyone interested in Benton
county and the development of
its resources would take as active
part in advertising it individ
ually, as they could, the results
would be temarkable. While
many talk of Benton, the Cor
vallis Citizen's League does more
than talk. The League is one
of the mot progressive organiza
tions of the sort in Oregon or
any other state, and its adver
tising has done wonders for Ben
ton county. In order to demon
strate what the League is doing
abroad, the following letter from
H. A. Hinman, from the depart
ment of science, New York Mil
itary academy, and addressed to
John F. Allen, secretary ot the
League, is given publicity:
I am in receipt of your letter
of the 24th ult and also of sev
eral others recently regarding the
state of Oregon and have read
them with much interest. I
have secured a position in the
West but it is in Belmont, Cali
fornia, and so am no longer on
the. lists looking for some place
to settle. I admire the energy
and svstem with which you go
about letting -us know of ycur
advantages and wish to thank
you and all of those interested in
what you have done for me. I
wanted to come to Oregon but
am well pleased to get on the
coast at all and maybe in later
years the fates will will it that
I find as good a position in your
state as I have secured in Cali
Supporting the Whole Ticket.
Although A. J. Johnson has
no opponent for the office of st t-
senator he is standing shoulder t.
shoulder with the other pam
candidates and taking as much
interest as though the matte-.
was one ot vital importance
when it come to his own election
He is speaking everywhere ir
support of the "whole ticket."
This is not for the county alone,
but the republican state ticket
as well. He is doing great wors
for Dr. Withvcombe.
"Aunt Jerusha'a QniltiDg Party"
is one of the funniwt faices yon
ever eaw, and one of the mobt pop
ular. At the "Bo Carnival"
Jacslet: 43-i
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Albert J. Metzger
Occidental Building, ... Corvallis
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