Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, May 22, 1906, Page 2, Image 2

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United States Senator (shoit term)
F. W. Mulkey.
United States Senator (long term)
Jonathan Bourne, Jr.
Representative in Congress, first district
W. C. lawley.
Governor James Wi'hvcombe.
Secretary of State Frank W. Benson.
State Treasurer George A. Steel .
Supreme Judge Robert Eakin.
Attorney General A, M. Crawford.
Superintendent of Public Instructor
J. K. Ackerman.
State Printer Willis S. Duniway.
State Labor Commissioner O. P. Hoff.
State Senator A. J. Johnson.
State Representative V. A. Carter.
Judge E. Woodward.
Clerk T. T. Vincent
01 !CC IT 1 r T T
Diieriu truu j. .ecu.
TMaanvAr Q T T TTnrtnn
Recorder Emery J. Newton.
Commissioner George W. Smith.
Coronor S. N. Wilkins.
Judge 2nd Jud, Diet. L. T. Harris.
Do you know any good and
sufficient reason why the repub
licans of Benton county should
not support the whole republican
ticket this year? We have
practically put this question to
every repnblican in the county.
We have personally presented it
to scores of republicans in differ
ent sections of the county. The
invariable reply has been:
"We know no such reason."
We have asked many republi
cans who have wide acquaint
ance in their section of the
country: "Do you know of any
republican who will noc support
the whole ticket this year?"
The answer has uniformly been:
"I know of none."
A number of reasons have
been given for this decided
unanimity of purpose. The ones
most frequently given are that
this year the rank and file of the
party selected the candidates for
the various offices and it would
be shear meanness and injustice
not to vote for them. Another
reason is that the whole ticket
is one of unusual excellence and
deserves the support of every
republican. Yet another reason
given is that the republicans
have grown tired of seeing the
most important county offices
held, from year to year, by
All these are good and suffi
cient reasons for voting the
entire republican ticket. We be
lieve all the members of the
party hold these reasons true and
will vote accordingly. This
means the election of the whole
republican ticket. This is just
what will be the result- All the
conditions warrant this conclusion.
We must continue to empha
size to republicans the absolute
insincerity of the democratic
leaders when they declare they
stand with the President for
those things which the people de
sire and look to him to accom
Chief of those things are regu
lation of the railways, as to
rates, rebates, etc., and the curb
ing of the rapacity of the trusts,
as Standard Oil, The Beef Trust,
The Paper Trust and other like
Since the firs- president the
people, the whole American peo
ple, have had but two presidents,
Jackson and Lincoln, who have
been so earnestly, so persistently
and so courageously the 'presi
dent of the people as Theodore
Roosevelt, . ,v
The people see this and have
confidence in him believe in
him and support him. The
leaders of the democracy see
thousands of patriotic democrats
supporting the president, and
they are fain to say, "We stand
with the president."
It is false. Their actions in
the U. S- senate concerning the
railway rate bill, if there were
no other evidence, prove their
absolute insiheerly. Just as soon
as they found they could not de
feat the measure by obstructive
tactics and cast the odium of its
defeat upon the republican party,
they ga veT out that they, with a
few republicans, " would pass the
measure forthwith.
Days passed. The republican
senators had "practically agreed
to support the bill as amended,
in fact, by our Senator Fulton.
The democrats, including J. M
Gearin, hastened to array-them
selves in opposition to the meas
This should not, probably does
not surprise republicans; but how
about the hundreds of democrats
in Oregon who honestly do stand
with the president? Yet the re
publicans and the democrats who
support the president are invited
to support Mr. Gearin because
"he stands with the president."
ueo. Hi- t-namDeriam is now
canvassing the state fishing for
votes republican votes, again to
make him governor, and this
"standing with the president"
baits one of his hooks. Mark
it is republican votes that he
seeks, republican votes that he
must have, and a good many of
them, too, or he cannot succeed
Will he get them? Our ad
vices from all sections of the
state show republicans every
where lining up in earnest sup
port of Dr. Withycombe. The
result of this will be his election
by a decisive majority.
Money in Cows.
Dairying will do more for th's
country in the long run than any
other branch of agriculture. The
check for the cream comes once
everv month, and there's no such
a thing as crop failure. A dairy
community is independent of
hard times. People must and
will have butter, and they will
pay more for fresh pure butter
than they will pay for ordinary
butter. The dairyman gets the
benefit of this, as he can sell his
cream to the creamery which re
ceives the highest price for but
ter. Under the new way of pay
ing for cream, the dairyman is
paid on -the basis ot the selling
price of the butter into which his
cream is made. This method
has proved a great success fr the
Get two or three good cows and
a hand cream separator and start
in. Separate the cream right
after milking and cool it quickly.
It will keep in fine shape if
quickly and properly cooled.
Feed the skim milk while warm
and fresh to the pigs, or feed it
sour to the chickens. Keep the
promising heifer calves and build
up your herd. Send the steers
and the unprofitable cows to the
butcher. Rise your own lorage
crop?, and feed everything you
raise. Your farm will increase
in fertility and value. Invest
every dollar ycu make in mere
good cream-making cows, and
you will soon be growing rich
and independent.
Another Endorsement.
From all sides we hear noth
ing but praise of Fred C. Peil,
republican candidate for the of
fice cf sheriff. This praise is on
account of both his clerical fitness
and his character as a man.
A. T. Grngett, a well known
and popular salesman in the es
tablishment of S. L. Kline, states
that he succeeded Mr. Peil in a
store position . on the Siuslaw a
number of years ago. Mr.
Grugett, states his employers and
all others spoke in the highest
commendation of Mr. Peil, both
33 regards his business qualifica
tions and as a man ot strictest,
In Mr. Peil the republicans
have a candidate whom they
should leel it an honor to sup
port. Give this young man .
whose name is on your ticket
your hearty support. "Not only -should
you make np your nrnd
to vote for him when the timeT
comes, but speak a good word f r
him on every opportunity. .Whtn..
he is elected you will be glad . to-
recall the fact that you assisted;
in his election. We do hot be-',
speak office tor Mr. Peil for a
decade, but we do insist that he '
and the republicans "are. entitled'
to the office of sheriff at this"
election and . the" indications are
strong that "we shall have our
wishes fulfilled.
He is the Man.
Regardless of what political
opponents may say, George W.
Smith is ' going to be - the next
commissioner ef Benton county.
The selection will be a good one.
Friends and republicans all over
the county will not turn down
so good a man. He is a conserv
ative and successful business
man and will assist in giving a
good administration of the af
fairs of the county.
Mr. Smith , has been here too
long, for his worth not to be
known, to the people. What
ever he promises that you may
depend upon. His republican
ism and loyalty to the patty and
its principles cannot be question
ed and he now calls for and is en
titled to your suppport. That he
will get it is scarely a matter of
doubt with those who are at all
posted on political events.
U. of O. Win.
Our boys suffered defeat at the
hands of the university boys at
Eugene, Friday. They take
their defeat with good grace and
say that the trick was turned
fairly by Eugene. An exchange
gives the following:
The University of Oregon to
day met and defeated the OAC of
Corvalhs in the field meet, tak
76 points to 46 for the OAC ath
letes. A large crowd was in at
tendance and the meet was one cf
the best ever held in the state.
Two new coast records weie
established. Dan W .Kelly, U
of O , mde the long jump 24
feet awd 1 inches, and the
100-yard d.isn in 9 an-1 4-5 sec
onds, broking co-.i leconis in
each instance.
McKin nt'V, also nf the U.'ot
Q , established a new noithwcst
record for the shotput, making a
distance of 45 feet and 3 inches
G. W. Hug, U. of O., made a
new Oregon collegiate record in
the hammer tlirow, 132 feet and
9 inches. '
"Aunt Jerusha's Quilting Party"
li one of the funuierit farces you
ever nw, and uns of the most pop
mar. At the 'Ro-e Carnival'
June lt. 43-4
When the maker of a medicine, sold
through druggists for family use, takes
his putionts fullv into his hv
frankly and fearlessly publishing broad
cast as wen as on its bottle wrappers,
a fr.ll list of all its ingredients in plain
Ev.qlish, this action on his part is7 the
best possible evidence that ho is not
afra:d to have the search lishtof inves
tigation turned full upon "his formula
and that it will bear the fullest scrutiny
and tho most thorough investigation.
Br. Pierce's Favorite Prescription for tho
euro cf the weaknesses, periodical pains
and functional derangements of the or
gans distinctly feminine, is the only medi
cine put up for sale through druggists for
woman's special use. the maker "of which
is not afraid to take his patients into
his full confidence by such open and
honest publicity.
A glance at the published ingredients
on eaca bottle wrapper, will show that it
is mado wholly from native, American,
medicinal roots, that it contains no poi
sonous or habit-forming drugs, no nar
cot:c3 and no alcohol pure, triple-refined
glycerine, of proper strength being used
instead of the commonly employed alco
hol, both for extracting and preserving
tho active medicinal properties found in
the roots of the American forest plants
employed. It is tho only medicine for
women's pecular diseases, sold by drug
gists, that docs not contain a large per
centage of alcohol, which is in the long
run so harmful to woman's delicate, nerv
ous system. Now, glycerine is perfectly
harmless, and serves a valuable purpose
by possessing intrinsic value all its own,
and besides it enhances the curative
effect of tho other ingredients entering
into tho "Favorite Prescription."
Somo of the ablest medical writers and
teachers endorse these views and praise
all the several ingredients of which "Fa
vorite Prescription" is composed rec
ommending them for the cure of the
very same diseases for which this world
famed medicine is advised. No other
medicine for women has any such pro
fessional endorsement worth more than
any number of ordinary testimonials. If
interested, send name and address to Dr.
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., for his little
book of extracts from the works of
eminent medical writers and teachers,
endorsing the several ingredients and
telling iust what Dr. Pierce's medicines
are made of. It's free for the asking.
8 Pi
NrMPilffl 7
Rac1y-..-Vear Clothing. Hun- 7
young men, hoys ail children' fctM
Single' Vests,
At Closing-Out Prices.
Buy now before the lines are.
We are now prepared to provide the pub
lic wilh Ices, Water ices,' Creams, Sher
bets, and everything in this line. v
For social functions solicited. We cater to
the whole public and guarantee the best
at reasonable prices. When you want
anything in our line remember us.
Our own special free delivery to any part
of the city large or small quantities.
of Yamhill County.
Pure, raw linseed oil'
costs less than "ready-.
mixed" paint, but when , h
mixed with thick
pigment, gallon for gallon,' it
makes the best paint for the
least money.
Foi Sale by
OorvaUis, Oregon
Impudent and False.
To induce repnVicans to sup
port democrats for county offices
all sorts of subterfuge? are used.
Some of these are already worked
to deaUi ; olhers are so impuden t
and brazenly false they deceive
no one; b-t others assume a
plausible fuim and will be kept
at work until the polls close on
election day.
Standing with the president is,
in the language of the street,
playe'i out. This never de
ceived many r j ubhcaKS and
now that the national leaders of
the democracy have given such
a convincing demonstration that
it was a mere substerfuge we!
may regard it as dead, murder
ed in the house of its ialse
That none but certain demo
crats are at all qualified to fill
certain county offices is a claim
so impudent, and oi such brazen
effrontery, that it . must amaze
even those in whose behali it is
made. We know it disgusts re
publicans and will be rebuked as
it should be at the polls. It is
an impudent assumption, - too,
that because certain men ; have
held certain important and lucra
tive offices, as county clerk and
sheriff, for long periods there are
no other men in the countyquali
fied to fill them. Republicans do
not. believe any such tommy-rot.
They have selected good, trust
worthy and competent men for
these offices and they propose to
elect'them. Finally our demo
cratic friends . say "there's no
politics in county offices, and it
is but fair they should be divid
ed between the parties," and
heretofore they have usually
succeeded in gathering the
most important, ones.
Sentiment is a good thing, a
most excellent thing to keep
out of politics. For years not a
few republicans have been sway
ed bv sentiment. Thev are!
heard saying of it as King
Richard did of patience; "Senti
ment is stale, and I am weary ot
it." They will vote the whole
republican ticket this year and
refuse to entertain a sentiment
which benefits only a few demo
crats who have held office so
long that they would be an en
dorsement ot the claim that
tfcey are hyper-superlatively
qualified therefor.
If Yott Don't
Succeed the first time use Herbine
and you will get instant relief. The
greatest liver regalator. A poeitive
enre f or Consumption, Dyspepsia, Malaria,
Chills and all liver complaints. Mr.
C . of Emory, Texas, writes; "My
"My wife has been nsing Herbine for
hereelf and children tor fiye years.
It is a sure cure for Consumption and
Malaria fever which is substantiated by
what it has done for my family,"
Sold bv Graham & Wortbam.
Democratic Nominee Icr; Representative
in Congress.
Reduced Rates.
Offered ' for the East by the S. P.
Comnany. ; Gorvallia to Chicago and re
turn, $73.95; St.-.Lonip, $69.95; Milwau
kee,. $72.15; St, Paul and .Minneapolis,
$62.4i ; Sisux City, Council Bluffs,
Omaha, St, Joseph, Atchiason, Leaves-
worth and Kansas City, $62.45.
Sale dates: June 4, 6 7, 23 and 25 ;
July 2 and 3; August 7, 8 and 9; Sep-
"Limit going, lo days; return limit,
9o days, but not after October 31. 42tf
The Imported English Shire Stallion,
7972 Sou thill Ranger
Will make the season of 1906 as folio s :
Tuesdays! Wednesdays and Thursday at.
Abbott's barn, Corvallis; Fridays and
Saturdays at Moo roe, an 4 Mondays at
Watkins' place, 12 miles South of. Cor
vallis. Southill Banger is. a beautiful
dark dapple bay 17)4 bands high and
weighs 2150 lbs. " Terms: $20 to insure
with foal, or 25 to insure a living colt.
36-43 ' W. Oi BELKNAP, Manager.
A Mountain of Gold.
Could not bring as much happiness to
Mrs. Lucia Wilks, of Caroline, Wis.,
as did one 25c box of Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, when it complHc ly cured a run
ning sore on her leg, whkh ha' tortured
her 23 years. Greatest antiseptic healer
of Piles, Wounds, and Sores. 25c at
Allen & Woodward.
For Portland and way points, leaves
Corvallis Monday.' Wednesday and Fri
day at 6 a. m. Aibatiy 7 a. m. Fare to
Portland, $1.75; round trin 3.00.
I03tf H. A. Hoffman,' A gt.
S5296 POT&CKE CC64
Will make the season of lfC6 at Abt ot's
barn, Corvallip, Oregon.
Potache was winner of 1st prize at the
St. Lou is air, 1st at. American Boyal
Livestock Show, at Kamas City; In
ternational Live Stock Show, Kant us,
and at the Government Show in Fjance,
1904. Teraos, $25 to ins.ire. Mates from
a distence will be ;furi kind rirsi. class
Yellow Dnt field corn for eeed
Oregon aieed, finest on earth for
Bale at ZieroJf'p. 37lf
Deaths from Appendicitis.
Decrease in the psine ratio ll nt the
use ot Dr. King'w Kew Life PiIIb in
creases. They tare .jou Irrm danger
and bring f,ui k and'i& idease
Irom constipation and the il It' growing
ou t of it. -trench hr l vigor always
follow their ust. Guaranteed by
Allen & Woodward Druggist. 25c.
Try them.
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kidnevs an MrWrfer rtght.
' Designs
' Anyone sending a. sketch and description maj
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention its uiuuaui; ratwwiuio. iii.jun..jr
tions strictly confidential. HANDBOOK on Patent
Scientific: Hmcricati.
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culation of any scientific journal. Terms, (3 a
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rilJNN SOo.3655'' New York '
nr-- "hlncton.. D. C
Take; The Gazette for all the
local news.
( Call on Zlerolf for earlj Dent
corn Oregon, raised. ,. 35t 1