Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, April 03, 1906, Page 3, Image 3

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Born, March 29, at Blodgett, to
Mr. and Mrs. William Gellatfy, a
Charles Everett is home from
Portland; being summoned by the
illness of hie son.
' Friday, Mesdames J. C. Ham
mel, J. M. Sajith and S. N. Wil
kins were visitors in Albany.
Judze W. S. McFaddan went up
to his farm near Junction City,
Friday, to spend a day or two.
George Hodges, of Salado, Lin--coln
county, passed through this
city yesterday enroute to roitiand
Mrs. John Allen and little son
and Mrs. J. A. Hayes are in Port
land on a visit to friends. They
lett Saturday.
Miss Olga Keyes left Saturday
for her home in Southern Oroeron
after a visit with her cousins Floy
aod Oliver Johnson, of OAC.
Mrs. Frank Bowersox returned
Friday to her home in Salem after
a two week's visit witn ner parents
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kerr in this city
Harvey K. Brown, of Baker City,
visited Corvallis last weec in tne
interest of his candidacy for repub
lican .nomination for governor of
Oregon. He was just closing up
his canvass. At present Mr. Brown
is sheriff of Baker county.
Edwin Jiiverett, aged Id, was
operated upon Friday by a local
DOVSlCian ior apueuuiuine. oai
urdav the patient's pulse and tem
perature were about normal and he
is recovering as rapidly as could be
expected, the operation ' proving to
be entirely satistactory.
Invitations have been received in
this city to the wedding of Mis3
Effie Laurie Michael and Mr. Ray
Birke. both of Portland. The event
occurs at 8 p. m., April 11th, at the
bride's home 1 75 E- Third street,
Miss MichaeJ is a former Corvallis
girl and her "many friends join in
hearty good wishes for her future
The Norton place in the northern
part of Corvaliis has been sold to
Samuel Keiser, a former resident of
Spirit Lake, Iowa. While the pa
pers are not all settled up, the deal
is said to he closed. Mr. Keiser is
a brother-in-law of Johnny Fowells,
and came here last January on a
visit. He was so pleased, however,
with the ' delightful climate of Ore
gon, that he decided to remain in
Miss Mamie Cauthorn gave a
very pleasant musical for ber pu
pils Friday afternoon at her home
T("rewern music! numbers by all,
and the occasion was one of profit
and enjoyment. The program
was: vocal solo. Miss Gertie McBee;
instrumental duet, Claude White
horn and Alex Hays; solos, Helen
Huston, Edna Wooster, Florence
Berchto'd and Ada Finley; duet,
Mari Cathey and Inez Job risen';
solo," Lilian Ririuey; duet, Pauline
Davis and Lillian Ranney.
Hon, E. H, Belknap, who filed
his nominatine petition, Friday, far
the office of State Senator, is a native
son of pioneer parents who settled
in Benton county in '47 He is a
man of education and experience in
legislative affairs. He is a graduate
of Willamette University, has been
admitted to the bar, is an able
publio speaker and has Berved sev
eral terms in the lower house of the
state legislature. These qualifica
tions, coupled with the fact that
Mr. Belknap is a farmer in actual
practice, form a combinatidn, his
friends say, that cannot be beaten.
After a shut-down of about
three months it was the calculation
of the Corvallis saw mill Company
to start the mill running yesterday
afternoon. During the time th
mill has been idle great repairs
have been made. In fac H was
on account of making repairs ht
the mill has been idle. New boil
ers have b-'en installed, new car
riage and track, and many other
improvements. If everything work
ed well yesterday afternoon the
mill will run unceasingly from now
until next Christmas, as orders for
lumber enough to keep the mill
sawing at full capacity uotil that
date are already booked.
Mies Agnes Wilson continues to
make steady gains in the Oregor.ian
popularity contest, in which a free
trip to the Yellowstone National
Park is to be the prize. Miss Wil
eon now has over 45.000 votes to
her credit, and in the . last week'e
published statement she was about
9.000 in advance of the next lady
on the list. It would certainly be a
commendable thing for all readers
of the Oregonian in Corvallis to re
new their subscriptions if possible
during this contest, and also to
vote their free coupons tnat appear
in the daily paper for Miss Wilson
Corvallis could do no better adver
tising than to have its representa
tive participate in this splendid
trip, to say nothing of doing a good
turn to a worthy and popular young
uuy. -
O. G. Weed, of Philomath, tran
sacted business in Corvillis Satur
day. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and
Mrs. Off Wilson returned home
Thursday from a visit in Portland.
J. B. Goodman arrived home
Friday from Eugene, where he had
been to attend the funeral of one of
his brothers.
George W. Parker, who had a
case before the circuit court, depart
ed Saturday for Hood River, at
which place he is now residing.
Mrs. jrMa8ongpent Suhdav in
Salem with her son Chester who is
receivinz medical treatment. ' The
latter is in a very critical condi
Judge L. T. Harris ' dismissed
court Friday to hold an adjourned
term June 9. The judge returned
to his home in Engene, Friday
A short time ago Edwin Rose left
Porland and went to Burns, East
ern Oregon. When -last heard
from he was well and desired to get
into the stock business in some
A crowd of eight Maccabees went
from this city to Albany, Ihursday
evening, to meet Supreme Com
mander Marker. There was an im
mense crowd in attendance and the
occasion was memorable in several
A notice sent by Binger Her
mann to S. L. Kline states
that Martin L. Adams has been
granted a pension of $24 per month
in lien of that he is now receiving.
The increase was allowed Maich
19tb. This will undoubtedly be
good news to Mr. Adams.
W. S. McFadden and E. R. Bry-
son, attorneys for James L .Lewis
in the case of the latter against
Spencer Bicknell for damages as
a result of a gunshot, wound receiv
ed from a cuu set in the house.
have given notice to the court thf-y
reserve the right of appeal.
Two hack loads of members of
the United Artisan lodge of Cor
vallis drove to Lebanon Friday af
ternoon, m response to an invita
tion from that place. In the party
was the degree team and officers,
who assisted in the initiation of 25
Lebanon candidates. The Corvallis
peop'e remained over night and
reached home Saturday, having
only praise to bestow on their en
tertaiuers and fraternal friends of
the sister city.
There was a quiet wedding at the
Taylor Porter home at 1 p. m. Sat
urday. The bride was Miss Rose
Price, of near Albany, and th
groom was Pearl Carter, son of J.
A. Carter, the well known merchant
of Wells. The ceremony was per
formed by T. T. Vincent,' in the
presence ni a tew relatives and
friends. The new'y married couple
will reside uear Wells on a ranch.
Both are excellent voung people
and hiTe the hearty good wishes of
many friends. The bride is a niece
of Taylor Porter.
Lieutenant and Mrs. D. P. Quin-
lan departed Saturday evening for
Hollywood, California, where they
will pass the greater part of the
leave of absence granted the Lieut
enant. The evening preceding tneir
departure a number of professors and
their wives called and passed
pleasant evening with them. It
had been their intention to remain
in this city for a couple of months,
but on account of another party
wishing to move into the dwelling
they occupied they concluded to go
to Hollywood. Tney left many
sincere friends in Corvaliis who re
gretted to see them deparh
The grand jury of the session
of the circuit court of last-week
found an indictment against W. H.
James for libel. Mr. James was
recently sued -ior $5000 damages
for the alleged writing of a defam
atory article against George W.
Parker and a suit was instituted.
Another indictment is against Mrs
Janette Hoggins arid Andrew
Campbell, who are charged with
administering morphine without a
license and without either being
authorized to administer the drug.
Mrs. Huggios is matron of the
county poor farm and Mr. Camp
bell is one of the charges. Ihe
particular case in question relates
to the late Charles Tower.
" 'Tis true 'tis pity, and, pity
tis 'tis trae" that Corvallis peo
ple do not have an opportunity to
hear the best theatrical attractions.
The reason is apparent, and that is
that the larger and best represent a
large investment and the daily re
ceipts must be greater than could
possibly be secured in towns with
no greater population than we have.
At long intervals, however, there is
an occasion when Coryallis may
enjoy talent second to none in the
world, and such an occasion is the
coming of Mr. Frederick Warde
on the 13th inst. when he appears
in recital of Shakespearean plays.
Will Corvallis people show their ap
prpcift'ion of this Actor? r
For murder iq the first degree
J. R. Moses, of the firm of Moses
Bros., will hang April 5, 1906
for murdering prices on every
thing inthe store for "cash only,"
is the verdict
Will hang up large list cards
in the store stating what will be
included in the murdering price
sale. There will be. good bar
gains in every line handled by
us. It will pay everyone in and
out of Corvallis to save on what
they buy at our - three days' sale.
Don't forget the date April s,
6 and 7. Regular customers can
have all orders filled and deliver
ed as usual.
No appeal from this verdict
by a higher court.
- 28-9
" The Governor as Guest.
Additional LocaL
Wanted Wood haulers, P. A.
Kline. - 21 tf
? More than 20 men arrived in
Corvallis from Portland, Sunday, to
work on the Corvallis-Rock Creek
water system.
Purse ' Lost Folding leather
purse bearing stamp Merchants Bank
of Pembina, N. - D. Lost Sunday,
between city and Sol King farm;
Finder please return to this office
and receive reward. Wm. Mc-
Carty. - j ' :-r. .'.
Ernest Miller, Western. Union
Telegraph agent of this city, expect
ed to get moved into quarters in the
C. A. Gerhard book store yesterday
afternoon.. . -
The Early Life and Manhood of
Abraham Lincoln is soon to start
in serial L form in. the Gazette.
Here is something of unusual
merit offered. If not now a sub
scriber you had better get your
name on the list at once you'll
never regret it., ' 26 tf.
Robinson, Stevenson & Co. re
pon having negotiated the sale of
the residence property of Mrs. Mary
E. Avery on Sixth street to Mrs.
Janette Pomeroy,' lately from Kan
sas. The sale was made Saturday
and the price paid was $1,150.
Let's go fishing At Hodes' Gun
Store. Biggest and most complete
line of fishing tackle in town. All
kinds of repair work guaranteed.
. 28tf
Mrs. M. P. Burnett will give les
sons in fcvyeiet emoroioery, Wed
nesday and Thursday afternoon's at
ber residence. Ind. Phone No.
222, Bell Phone No. 135. 29tf
Mr. and Mrs". Chas. McHenery
were given a delightful surprise at
their home Friday evening. The
guests numbered about twenty and
spent a most enjoyable evening.
Refreshments were served and after
a snort address irom ivirs. mc-
Henery the guests departed.
Engraved calling cards per 100,
$3.00 tnd up. Morgan, The Print
er, Corvallis. 29tf
Dr. Lowe does not go from house
to house glasses cannot be correct
ly adjusted to eyes that way. Con
sult him at Hotel Corvallis, Thurs
day and Friday this week, April 5
and 6. . 29
Large congregations greeted the
Rev. Mr. Jones Sunday at the M.
Governor Chamberlain is a good public E- jChojcb. .His. sermons, are re-
speaker and his address ou this occasion ported to be of extraordinary merit.
was most interesting. He dwelt with I The meetings are. increasing in in-
military affairs, good government, legia-I tereat and power. ' They continue
As mentioned in oar last issue, Geo.
E. Chamberlain was, to review the
cadet regiment of OAC, Friday morning
and he did.x Early in the morning,
although the weather was somewhat in
clement, a large crowd of visitors were
on the grounds to attend the
review. It might be stated that
on this occasion the governor's aides
were President Gatch, Dr. James Withy-
combe ami Major F. E. Edwards.
The regiment went through the various
evolutions of a mlitary body in a moBt
creditable manner, despite tall and wet
grass, and were entitled to the unstinted
praise they received on all efdes. The
governor expressed nimseir as mucn
pleased with the appearance of his col
lege regiment. After tne review, which
terminated shortly before ten o'clock, all
guests, faculty and students assembled
in chapel, where it was known Gov.
Chamberlain would deliver an address.
Following the regular devotional exer
cises of the college two very fine nam-
bars were given by the well-known and
much -appreciated male quartet consist
ing of Prof. John Fulton, Otto F. Li.
Herse," John F. Allea and B. W. John
son, rnese penuemen sang on Bpeciai
request of Prof. FultonXone of the quartet)
on account of Mr. Herse's departure from
our midst and in all probability the
quartet will never sing again with the
same personnel. They sang splendidly.
lation by the people, and pointed out the
fact that in a short time the young men
week and indefinitely there
Eve-y afternc on -at 3 o'clock
He eulogized President Roosevelt most
highly, saying that to him more than
any other man was due the credit far a
movement for the a weeping reform now
apparent. The addresi ; w as ethu
siiisticly received and brought forth .the
"nine "rahs."
then before him would b called up t to J and eve lings at 7:30. At thrte
facejthe duties of good government which o'clock today he speaks on the sub
would inevitably devolve upon them, ject of prayer." ' r
Have Dr. L iwe cure y.iur bead
and eye ache with, a pair-of .his
superior glasses. CnKultatioi
free. .......... 29
About fur o'clock Sunday morn
ing a disaPt'His fir occurred at te
home of L. L. Brooke, a few iiiilfb
north of Corvallis. The houee and
much of the contents wet e destroy
ed. By heroic efforts many effects
were saved. Mr. Brooks thinks he
has about $2000 insurance, but can
not understand how the house took
fire. As it in his loss is quite
Dr. Lowe, the well known eye
specialis', will be at Hotel Corvallis
Thursday aod Friday this w ek,
April 5 and 6. Have him lest your
eyes for glasses.
Dr: Withy com be has Filed,
Dr. James Withycorrjbe, of
Corvallis, republican candidate
for governor, came over yesterday
and went to Saletn on the after
noon train to file his petitions
with the secretary of state, hav
ing ample signatures from many
counties, sent to him by many
warm suppoiters in his candi
dacy. Dr. Withycombe reported his
campaign as very satisfactory,
and that encouragement was
coming to him from all sections
ol the state aud from heretofore
unexpected sources. Everywhere
where he had been, he said, the
feeling was growing that the re
publicans should this vear elect
the entire ticket by large ma
jorities. That the party was
stronger than ever in the history
of the organization in Oregon,
and that that the members of the
party would stand together as
never m the past. The primary
law, the provisions of which have
been rigidly observed by the re
publicans, he stated, was looked
upon as giving an classes tne
the best opportunity to bring out
any candidate desired, and that
jobbery charges could not be
brought, as was at times the case
under the old convention system.
His own campaign Dr. Withy
combe described as having been
thus far very pleasant. Every
where he had been received with
the greatest courtesy and con
sideration t nd the work, while at
times arduous, has been lightened
by the aid of friends, who had as
sisted materially in the campaign.
Dr. Withycombe went to Salem
on the afternoon train and filed
his petitions last evening. Al
bany Herald.
Have a tort id liver when Herbine the
only liver n ulator will , hep you?
There is no reason why you should suf
fer from dyspepsia, consiimpMo', chills
and fever or any liver complaints, when
Herbine will cure you. E. C. Waite,
Westville, Fla.. writes: "I was sick for
a month with chills an fever, and after
taking two bottles of Herbine am well
and healthy " Sold by Graham St
Wort bam.
For Secretary if State.
I hereby announce to the republicans
of Oregon that I an a candidate for rom-
ination for the office of secretary of Etate
at the coming primary, April 20, 1906,
subject tD the vote of the party.
23-34 LOT L. PEA.RCE.
Human Blood Marks.
A tale of horror was told by marks of
human blood in the home of J W. Wil
liams, a well known merchant ofBac,
Ky. He writes : "Twenty years ago I
had severe hemorrhages 01 the lungs ana
was near death whsn I began . taking
Dr. King's New Discovery. It complete
ly cued me and I nave remained wen
ever since. It cures nemorrnages.
Chronic Couehs. Settled colds and Bron
chitis, and is the only known cure for
weak lnngs. Every bottle guaranteed by
Allen & Woodward droeeists. 50c and
$ l.Oo. Trial bottle free. r.
if1-.... ... . ......
The Very Smartest of the
It is really a delight to look at them.
The season's most fetching styles are
shown here in a pleading variety,
which increases in interest and at
tractiveness every day, by reason of
the constant additions which are I
arriving from the fashion center.
The modish garments that fashion
has designed are here, being made
in the right styles, and last, but not
least, the prices are right.
Our Display is the Talk of the Town.
Don't Fail to See It.
Our first shipment of Woo!, Mohair, and Wash
Dress Goods has arrived. Ail colors, weights
and weaves, at prises that will tempt a!!.
New Mercerized Taffeta Checks at 25c per yard.
Wool and Mohair Dress Goods, in Gray, Brown,
Green, Navy, Fancy Mixtures, Checks and Stripes.
New Dress Linens in White, Gray, Light Blue,
Green and Navy.
New Whi e Mercerized Shirt Waist Goods.
New Assortment Embroidered Waist Patterns.
New Velvets, Collars and Belts.
Remember, we glve 5 per cant discount on
- - all-Cash Purchases. -
All rirst-clim cigws and tobacco; whist and pool
rooms. Every customer treated like a prince.
Four deoTS north of postoffice
jack mium
Ind. Phone 130.
Subscribe for the iGazette.
n nbMif. Cham,
Patronize Home Industry.
r. BlakI. I
my. f
Outsldo OrtSar Solicited.
All Work Guaranteed.
furnish- mm
A. It.
For Representative.
I 1 eriby annC'inu myself a candi
date for the republican nomination for
the office of representative from Benton
subject to the decision of the voters at
the primaries April 20.
J, H. Edwards.
For County Recorder.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date! for the democratic nomination for
the office of county recorder, sibjeHto
the decision of the voters at the prim
aries, April 20th. ' -
17 If Harley L. Hall.
Don't Put Off.
For tomorrow what you can do today.
If you put off buying a bottle of Ballard's
Snow Liniment, when that pain comes
yon won't have any, buy a bottle today.
A positive cure for rheumatism, burns,
cuts, sprains, contracted mucles etc.
T. S. Graham ; Prairie Grove, Ark.,
"Iwishto thank yen for : the. good
results I received from Snow Liniment.
T. nnnitivnlv r.nred me of rheumatism
after others had failed. Sold by Graham
& Wortham. ' - :