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    Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon, Friday, March 16. 1906.
NO. 34
i- LIII.
ion by thi Sjprerae Court
of the State Against the
Ladies' Home Journal. "
Rev. Ftese of the First Methodist
church, in the presence of about
-is guests.
The rooms were decorated with
flowers. The young couple en
tered to the sound of a wedding
march played by Frank White.
The bride's maid was Miss Edna
Strong and the groomsman.
Stanley Rav. The bride wore blue
crepe de chine and carried calla
After the ceremony , and con
gratulations, an elaborate supper
was served.
The ymom is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. E. W. Strong, while
he bride is the only daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. John Ray.
Mr. Hnd - Mrs. Strong went at
nce to a cottage that had been
furnished, and are now keeping
house. They have , the good
wishes of many friends.
Prohibition Injustice A
lenge to Debate.
lict 'law hwn re ilfrx1 in favor of
intiffin the Hfi him hroualit
th La 'if8 H mi" Journal (pub.
by iheCnrti- PuMit.hiri C.) by
V.rid ' Diopnmry weau-ai aso-
of which Dr. K V. Pirr.ra is presi
i he sun was hrounht by Dr.
atsainit the Curtis P ihlislung Co ,
i iri false etatenieii'9 about one of
mdard family me-n-.m-a known an
'' Fivo-itr Prfx.-iioti-iti. Ill
I tv il l ii'i- r of the L-tdies Hl.lie
Mr E iward '$K, the 1i
f hs Dr. '!" - '- Fvorie Pe
.ii . . xiufil alco'soi nml 8 m
a'nifiil i"grtbentf. ari l Or. Pier-e
the action ali"i!-il t.haf the de
r inxii i -uflv piilii-liH. this article
imt siif h l-t'.c" tl' i i-laiuat,ry
Dr Pierce further i-Uicued that
ohol h or ever as coniaineJ iu his
..v.'xi'e Pres;riDioii" that me i-.
as a vet?et:ble tiepnr.nion and
mei no deleterious ingredients
ver; that Mr. B.k'a ntatment,
eiinj to uive some of the inured
.f said me icine, was wholly and
ntelv false liunng the, trial, the
President of the WorU's Dispeii-
i.-hi Aih oi'itio'i -!a e.l. t'lit Hie
i-ntsoDr PiT--e's Fav .rit Pih.
n ere xtra-t d iro n ihefollovv-
tive root- : Go. Inn S I, Blue
i, L-vly'e Slipper B ack Cohosh
and Unicorn, bv ropans f pure tslycer
ine. Hew B asked how lie knew, as a
P' ; Un and ex eriein ed uie-lii-al man.
th oe Fnvorite Prescription" was a
cu" t r the diseases peculiu- to women,
8u i s amenorhea. dismenoi hea, ame-vet-ion,
retro-version, and he stated that
he k e that such was the fact because
of mis professional ex periwnce and the
manv thousands of women whose ills
ha I b-en ured by thin "Prescription."
The Vice-President being aHke 1 to give
hia authorities, read from the standard
works, such as the United States Dis
pennatory, -The American Dipensator'
and manv other standard medical books.
Th. rtotir.n nrintpd hv tha Curtis until he should have heard me
Punishing Company two months after himself;, but they who have train
the libelous statement appeared and I ed themselves to believe that it is
nearly two months after the suit had right to confiscate the property
beeii begun stated definitely that aualy-1 Qf thousands of their fellowmen
sea had been made at their request and
that the ''Favorite Prescription" did not
contain either alcohol, opium or digi
Under the above caption we
receivt-d a communication from
H. M. Street, said article being
d-iad t Alnanv, Oregon, March
12, 1906 With th-se communi
eatiors, as with many others, it
ts hard for a newspaper man to
kuow exactly, what to do. But j
one tnu-t deal alike with all so
we grant spac" .to Mr. Street's
challenge, as follows:
To the Public The letter ot
Rev. F. E. Biilington, of Cottage
Grove, Oregon, repudiating me
as "a Christian minister shows how
the prohibition movement blinds
and hardens the hearts ot its ad
vocates. I was billed to speak
at his town when he wrote the
letter. It seemed to me that
honesty and brotherly love should
have restrained him from writ
ing such letters of repudiation
have heard
Following is the platform of H
M. Cake, of Portland, who is
seeking the republican nomina
tion for United States senator
I believe the public service
corporations should be subject to
govrmental regulations and con
trol. The power of regulation
should be vested in the Inter-state
Commerce Commission, and
should be exercised with due re
gard to the respective rights of
the people and the corporations.
Trusts or combinations of cap
ital organized for the purpose of
controlling the utilities and nec
essities of the country, to the ex
clusion of legitimate competition,
are contrary to public policy; in
derogation to the rights ot the
people, and should come under
the ban of the law.
I believe in preserving the dig
nity of our American citizenship
and the freedom of the laboring
classes of this country, hence, I
am opposed to the admission of
the Chinese coolie labor of China,
and the undesirable classes of
continental Europe.
The growing commerce of Ore
gon demands the deepening of
the bar ot the Columbia river,
the construction of The Dalles
Celilo canal ; the opening
Must Protect Salmon.
bv majority vote, and reduce them
to poverty and pauperism, could
not be expected to hesitate in
confiscating a fel'ow minister's
reputation by a few strokes of the
T 1 "1 T 1 1? 4.1 A. f
. r . . 1 ji I wniie 1 oeneve mat mi.
A. .. . , Belline-tcn is a well meaning
" 1, j . 1 man and in every way an earnest
Northwest's attitude toward the T. . , 3 , ,
sa1mnnnshindnstrv. . Officials of christian, yet he has done me a
. - . 1 . III KlCdL 1U A AIWV.
tee bureau 01 nsnenes aonocvcu - . , . .. , .
IZ-Z A -ru- member of the Christian chmch
r k : t d from my early youth, but I never
,K c j I "posed as an accredited minister
calmmv This same snirit is find-1 P . .
i i j M j
j j i I have simply claimed to be a min
some day develop into a positive . " J .
.1 ; v;a r ister of the gospel.
work in which the states do not
show more interest.
This criticism is not based s
much upon failure to appropriate
funds for propagation, as upon
laws which the Federal officials
believe very poor
Billington and
True Wilson are ministers of
churches whose creeds, either
writteuor unwritten, demand pro
hibition. My creed, the Bible,
teaches temperance- 1 Their
J 4- AM t -- nOxtllkltlAM
protection to , T
fish. The decreasing number of V.u ' Tr u 7 I
salmon caught at the8 hatcheries of ?e g051 1 Preach temperance
. m r n c rnair
where artihcial propagation is
conducted is accepted as proof
that the industry will wane to an
unimportant business, which is
not worthy of maintenance ot
Those officials of a more opti
mistic turn, hope that the people
of Oregon and Washington will
improve on their old customs be
fore it is too late. If each state
would put in torce measures
patently affording greater assur
ance of the permanency of the
salmon industry as one of the
most priceless gifts of nature.
Men of the East who
His Platform.
independent lines at this meet
ing and every line is', cordialh
and earnestly requested to come
as a body or send , delegates au
thorized to act for their line tor tot
purpose of mutual- organization,
whether from Benton or adjoin
ing counties.
R. N. Williamson.
Frank Wright arrived in Corval-
1 s. Mondav. for a short visit with
friends in his boyhood home. O
tate he has been making his ho an
in Harney county, Southeastern Ore
gon, tie is loosing wen ana eay
that fortnnft has favored hlflo . - It
is about twelve years smce he de
parted from Corvallis.
The following letters remain uncalled
for in the Corvallis postoffice, for the
week ending March 10, 1906:
Mrs A Armetrone, Bert Davis, Mies
Marie Groves, Arthur Hamill, Bill Jack
son, C. H. Matheny, Mrs. Lulu Martin,
Miss Mae Peterson, Joseph Pettman, F.
E. Roth, Wiley E. Young.
B. W. Johnson, P. M.
In Memoriam.
upper Uolumbia; tne improve
ment of Coos Bay, Tillamook
and Yaquina harbors; the dredg
ing of the Willamette and the
government ownership of the
ocks at Oregon City and Federal
appropriations should be made,
securing these improvements.
A tariff should be maintained
for the protection of American
industries and American labor.
Where, however, the necessity
for protection is removed by the
development and growth of a
particular industry, ' the tariff
should be modified to meet the
changed conditions.
The reclamation of the and
lands is one of the pressing needs
of the northwest and a condition
to its greater development, and
the efficiency of the reclamation
service should be one of the first
cares of the federal government.
The federal constitution should
be amended to provide for the
election of United States senators
Pillowed on her Savior's breast,
Eva Day is at rest;
And Ina smiles, her King to Bee,
S3 faithful kind, and true.
of the In the beauty of Christ's presence,
Joe is Binging songs of praise;
Oh, weep not my own dear loved ones,
But look forth to brighter -days.
A -Friend.
Hair Invigorator
And Dandruff Eradlcator
Perhaps it's your intended, or maybe a
daughter. Either wav if the wntoh is
one I sold it's a good one.
that keep correct time are the kind I deal
in. It makes no difference if the time.
piece I sell you is a silver-cased one or a
iewelled gold-cased chronometer; they
both bear my warrantee. I .sell at a low
margin and that increases my sales. My
goods and prices are both satisfactory.
Albert J. Metzger
Occidental Building, -" - - Corvallis
Trait lark RegistsrwU
Price, - Fifty Cents;
8- 3
m m
m e
S 3
o 5
Manufaeturtd by
The Vegetable Compound Company j
Corvallis, Oregon 2 p9tf
Candldata For Stata Printer
At Bepttbllcam Prima rr, April 20, 1906
"The State Printer should avoid un
necessary expenditures and give a square
by direct vote of, 1JS
l am in ravor or me escaDiisn i the office and no ngbt to a division ot its
ment Of the parcels post. emoluments. I pledge an economical,
I Duniwav.
'Mr.. Duniway is a brainy man, a broad
I man. an upright man, a clean man."
Salem Statesman.
Eckhardt's Ideals.
ideals be-
The theatrical
known as Eckhardt's
gan a three nights engagement
at the opera house last night,
they filled their appointment in a
manner which won the praise of
all. Mr. Eckhardt has good
support, the members consisting
of persons of refinement and edu
cation, and considerable talent
Tonight they present an elabo
rate production of the Philoso
phical play, 'Because He Ivoved
For Representative.
I hereby anncunc myself a candi
date for the republican nomination for
the office of representative from Benton
subiect to the decision of the voters at
the primaries April 20.
J, H. Edwards.
For County Recorder.
are ministers 01
churches they preach prohibition
as their creed demands. They
are laboring for redemption by
law; I am laboring for redemp
tion by grace. The motto of the
Christian church used to be:
"Where the Bible speaks we
speak and where the Bible is
silent we are silent on matters of
faith and practice."
I am faithtul to this' motto
and am repudiated for the very
fact that I am taithful to it,
by those who have repudiated
their own motto, and thereby
Her," a story pure,
ennobling, with a
smiles and tears. Saturday night
thev will present the beautiful
Southern melodrama, 'Virginia.' '
Pleasing specialities will be given
each niffht between the acts.
The prices are 25,
refined and I I hereby announce myself as a candi
blendin" ef I ate frtna democratic nomination for
reajcf repudiated Jesus Christ himselt
what their livers afforded in w Ti S, ? n-n-
.t M c H by challenge the Rev. Bilhngton
fb rflvaffe nf rivilitinn f&r to PMidy and prove
many ardent prayers tnat tne
Pacific Northwest will be aroused
before the noble salmon ceases to
be a general commercial com
that I have broken the above
motto of the Christian church
It he can not prove such
a charge by a joint discussion
has he the right to repudiate me
as a minister of the gospel? He
is a better speaker than I am and
Bean th
I everything is on his side save
The marriage of Delbert T. and right. Will he accep
Strone- to Miss Bessie Rav ec- we cnailange ana meet me in tne
carred at the home of the groom "7 rmuauar
at 8 o'clock Saturday ereaing. I. . KeTerenUy yonis,
Tao ccrsaoay was performed by Eoxsit If. Sxss&r. presentatiTe delegation from all at the Gazette office.
Our Spring Line of the Celebrated Hey wood
Folding and Reclining Gocarts have arrived.
They are of the latest patterns, Jsimple, yet durable
in construction. Call and t see them. Prices right.
We can furnish you Carpets, Matting or Wall
Paper this Spring cheaper than ever before. Visit
our Store and be convinced.
A Specialty
We are making a specialty in the form of the latest and most
up-to-date eye" glass mounting, ever offered to the publjc.
This eye glass mounting is "The Heard" guaranteed to stay on
where others absolutely fail. Z
If you care to investigate call at my storelany.time.
!E. W. S. PRATT, Jeweler and Optician.;
35 and :o
Of Interest to 'Phoners.
the office f county recorder, subject to
the decision of the voters at the prim
arias. April SOth.
17 jf Harlbt L. Hall.
A Lively Tussel.
With that old enemy of the race, Con
stipatien, often ends in Appendicitis.
To avoid all serious trouble with
Stomach, Liver and Bowels, take Dr.
Kiopa New Life Pills. They perfectly
regulate tnese organs, witnout pain or
discomfort. 25c at Allen & Woodward c
At a meeting held in Corvallis, druggists.
March 10, 1905, of representa-
A Scientific Mender.
- - - - -.: "
Then come in and see my line of Sporting Goods and I5e con
vinced that it is the best aitd most complete line - ever brought
to your city, consisting of Guns and Ammunition, Fishing Tackle,
- Base-ball Goods, Bicycles and Sundries' Pocket Knives, Razors,
Sewing Machine Supplies, etc. Gasoline and Dry Cells for sale.
Agent for the Olds Gasoline Engines and Automobiles.
Guns and Bicycles For Rent. First-class Repair Shop.
M. M.'LONG, '
Ind. Phone 12S, Rasidane 324.
The cures that stand to He credit van k-
Bucklen'd Arnica Salve a scientific won
der. It cured E. R. Mnlford, lectmvt
for the Pat'ons of Hnsbandary, Wavnt
boro, Pa-, of a distressing case of PiU
It heala the worst Burns, bores, iJoi
tives of a number of independ
ent farmers lines for mutual
benefits, protection, and advance
ment ot the interests of all.
It seemed to be the general
consensus Ot opinion OI tnose pre- TjJcers. Cuts, Wounds, Chilblains ai
sent that with the amount of I Sail Rhenm. Only 25c at Allen
Knrr inipctp in tnU linA Woodward cruK store.
that an organization of this kind
was essential to the best interests r1 I
of all. WrW I WiliJ-1
The meeting adjourned to meet or Infants and CJuHlren.
again at Corvallis March 24, at Tfeg Kind TQU HaY8 AlWaYS BCBght
, , . 1 1
one o ciocK p. lu., 101 me pur
pose of completing the organiza
tion, adoptms . constitution, and
election of officers.
We much desire to have a xe-1 Have your job ' printing done
We Fix Eve ry
Trial Solicited. Work Guaranteed.
c TYI CH New Line of Bicycles, v
W. r. I I Ltn. Columbia and Ramblers.
Has just secured the services of one, of the finest me
chanics in the valley, and from now on will be pre
pared to do all kinds of repair work from a padlock to a
threshing machine. Guns, sewing machines and locks
a specialty. -
- We have just received a complete line of 1906 Base
Ball Goods, also a fine line of Up-to-date Fishing Tackle
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always 011 hand.