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You may lent for 40 days.
Miss Edna Giltett went up to
Eugene yesterday to visit with
friends for a few days.
Mrs. C. H. Trask, of Woodburn,
the family of her eon, Sidney.
Gaylor Adams, an OAC student,
has his mother visiting him. The
family borne is at : Grays Harbor,
Wash. ,
Vf The Order of Maccabees had a
most enjoyable time of it at Ibeir
. rmart.Arn , in .. this. - citv-Wedueadav
evening. Quite a delegation of peo-
- pie were over from AlDany.
- The pastor's subject next Sunday
is "The Secret of Spiritual Growth."
- The evening discourse is the third
on the five senses, "The Mystery of
X ,
; J. II. Ed wards announces that h e
, for nomination for the office of
representative of this county at the
hands of hit fellow republicans at
the coming primary election.
Georcre Hodgps passed through
Corvallis, Wednesday, from his
T innnln wn nixr hnmA in Pnrt.l ftinl .
M-i tUWI U wmvj w - - - - .
He expected to be detained in the
metropolis several days on a land
transaction of some nature. He
states that real estate in Lincoln
county is rapidly assuming great
er value as the result of the coast
railroad possibilities.
The local oratorical contest of
the Prohibition - League occurs at
the college on March 16th. Some
of the beet orators of OAC are going
to participate and a good lively
contest is aFBured. This contest is
for tne selection of the orator for
the state contest to be held here in
April and OAC has high expecta
tions of winning first place.
Tuesday, James Flett Btarled
.back across the . mountains for his
Five River homestead, where him
eelf, wife and sons passed the
winter. A week or so ago they all
came out to Corvallis and James
has returned to the homestead to
bring the remainder of their house
hold effects to town. He will
probably be absent for ten days or
euch a matter.
Grand Chancellor Marion Davis
of Oregon Knights of Pythias lodge
j r i 1 TT:
. WtUJ UUWQ irUlli UlS UULUtt lib UU1UU,
IDrPcron and mnrln an official visit
with the local Knights Monday
evening. Lou Stinson, K. of R. and
8. of Oregon, was " in attendance as
was Frank Wrightsman, a promi
nent; Knight of : Salem, also Mr.
lor of the order in Utah. A splen
did time was experienced by the
boy 8.
Next Wednesday evening at 8
o'clock sharp, in college chapel,
is to .occur the .first public recital
of the vocal department of OAC
duting this school year. Mrs. E.
F. Green, who is at the head of
thia Honnrtmnnt. unnrainwn (.hat.
f-- i
ehe will have but five of her pupils
participate in the recital and they
are: Misses Edna Allen, Gertrude
McBee, Marie Pelland, Messrs. Ed
Hughes and Walter Tyler. A fine
program is to be rendered and we
hope to give it in full in our next
In consideration of the fact that
it costs to publish a paper we have
decided to conform to the require
ments of the Oregon Press Associa
tion in the matter of giving public
ity (legitimate advertising) to the
various announcements of candi
dates for office and make a reason
able charge for the same. It will
be our policy to do all in our power
for the republican party and its
principles, but there is a certain
class of advertising in connection
therewith that has an individual
commercial value and for this we
expect the individual to pay.
The "At Home" given by the
L. A. S., of the First Methodist
church from 2:30 to 5:00 Tuesday
was one of the pleasant social af
fairs of the season. Over 150 invi
tations had been issued and there
was upwards of that number of
ladies present during the receiving
hours. The reception committee
was Mrs. G. H. Feese, Mrs. J. L
Underwood, Mrs. W. C. Swann and
Mrs. Harley Hall, and as the guests
were ushered in they were shown
about the new basement rooms, of
which the church ladies are justly
proud, The reception hall was
decorated with bunting and potted
plants, and the tables were prettily
decorated with violets, primroses
and- other cut flowers and were
presided over by Mrs. Virgil
Watters, Mrs. M. A. Cannon, Mrs.
Ed Graves and Mrs. J. D. Wells,
respectively Besides the light
refreshments, f rapps was served by
Mrs. Ellen Beach and Mrs. Steven
son . Altogether - the occasion was
delightfully informal and enjoy
able for a!!.
Supt. G. .W. Denman was a
business visitor to Albany, Wednes
day. ":. -
Circuit court for Benton caunty
convenes on the fourth Monday in
March, the 26th.
Miss Myrtle Jibidn, of Iowa, is
visiting , with her grandparents,
Mr. anLi7Mrs. , Dredridge. She
will make her home in Oregon. -
Services at the M. E. church
South, Sunday at 1 1 a. m., and 7:30
p. m. Morning sermon, subject:
"Christian Inspiration," evening:
"Spiritual Thrift." J.JA. Ellison,
Horace Locke was in town" Tues
day and - Wednesday rattendiog
matters of . business.:. Horace ,- is
located in Albany, but is thinking
seriously of going to Portland to
Wednesday was what is known
as "Ash Wednesday." Lent is
now upon us and many of our peo
ple will faithfully observe the laws of
the season for the purifying : and
ennobling of the soul.
Dr. Cathey received v a very fine
birthday gift from his wife a couple
of days ago. It was a Savage
rifle of the finest pattern pistol
erio. The doctor is loneine for an
early oponing of the deer season.
Presbyterian church, M. S. Bush,
pastor. Bible school at ten. Wor
ship at eleven, subject,' 'The Divine
Method of Rescue." C. E. meet
ingat6:30p. m., evening service
at. 7:30,, subject, ."The Pearl of
Great Price."
Between 950 and .1,000 voters
have been registered, so far in Ben
ton county. At first registration
was very slow, but during the past
week or two business in this line
has picked up and . if registration
continues as of late registration will
be pretty well up by April 4.
Mrs. A. A. Humiston has Ibid
her property near the college tr J.
C. Hammel, proprietor of Hotel Cor
vallis. Another sale of property in
tbat neighborhood was the S.
Jensen place of two acres to John
Gottmacher. This is the property
at present occupied by Otto F. L.
Herse atid family.
Today, Mrs. J. M. Porter, of
this city, and Mrs. Mary Rice and
Miss Ida Rumbaugh, of Albany,
will start on a tour ot the South
Before returning they expect to go
as fir south as the city of Mexico.
They will beyond doubt have a
splendid trip t and will be absent
from their homes' for a period " of
from six to. eight weeks.
A number of Gazettes went out
last issue with a large amount of
white space where there should haye
appeared the likeness of the smiling
face of an actor. We :, refer to- a
show ad. No doubt many of our
readers wonder what had happened.
To the initiated we desire to briefly
state that a plate come off its base.
Had anyone been in the office when
the "etling bloke" they would have
understood all about it.
Four yachts have been entered so
far for the race next May, from
San Francisco to Honolulu, for the
$500 cup offered by the Hawaii
Yacht Club. They are the Nixie,
by Fulton Gerry of the Corinthian
Yacht Club, San Francisco; Ane
mone, by C. L. Tutc, of ' the New
York Yacht Club; Lurline, by H.
H. Sinclair, of the South Coast
Yacht Club, San Pedro, and the La
Paloma by C. W. MacFarlane, of
the Hawaii Yacht Club. There is
talk of an entrance of a yacht fiom
Britishers from : Victoria.
Tuesday was the date of the dis
trict convention of the Knights of
Pythias and the auxiliary order,
the Rathbone Sisters, and Salem
was the place of meeting. This
district is composed of the counties
of Marion, Polk, Linn and Benton.
About 200 delegates and members
of the orderwere in attendance from
various parts of the state. In com
petition team work Independence:
won. ucrvaliis bad no team m
competition. All of our local peo
ple speak most highly of the con
vention and their treatment at the
bands of Salemites. The disrict
convention next year is to be held
in Independence.
The city council met in regular
monthly : session Monday evening.
Among the various other items of
business transacted, the contract
for the construction of the Horning
sewer was awarded - J. R. Smith
& Co. Caleb Dayis, Sr., Joseph
Yates and R. H. Colbert were ap
pointed judges of the coming pri
mary election for the City of Cor
vallis, and S. L. Henderson and C.
A. Gould were appointed clerks.
What is known as the beef ordi
nance was vetoed by Mayor John
son, whose veto was sustained by
the council. A petition praying
for the opening of a street from
Wilkins Addition to the college
was presented the council and the
matter was referred to - the street
Convention a Great Success.
A meeting of the executive
committee of the Federation of
Christian Endeavor was held
Tuesday evening at which time
the reports of the convention
committees were handed in, and
when ail bills were paid there
was a balance in the treasury of
almost $10, - which amount ' was
unanimously voted to be applied
on the salary of Field Secretary.
Sharp. . : 1
f That the convention was a
success was evidenced from the
words of praise and commenda
tion spoken by the delegates and
state officers. The committee
felt that credit was due to co-operation
and 5 special thanks' are
hereby, tendered, the following:
1st. To the c'tizens of Cor
vallis for; the . opening of their
homes for the entertainment of
visiting Endeavorers.
2nd.. . To the business men for
their liberal financial support and
for their courtesy in decorating
then places of business in honor
of the occasion.
3rd. To all members of the
Methodist church for the use of
their building for the evening
session, and also the young
people of the Epworth Leagues
and Baptist Union for their earn
est co-operation with the En
deavorers in their effort to make
the convention a success.
4th. To the faculty of OAC
for their efforts to make the
visit of the Endeavorers to our
city one of pleasure and inter
est; by opening their doors for
inspection: Saturday .afternoon
also for the use of the Armory
for evening meetings.
5th. To the local press of pur
city, and special reporters of the
daily papers for the space de
voted to the write-up of the
6th. To the orchestras and
a . i j
singers lor , tneir assistance
which helped so much to render
the sessions so enjoyable to all. :
7th. To Prof.- Skelton for
maps of the city, ; presented to
the - entertainment committee;
Much praise is also due . our city
pastors and fellow Endeavorers
for their incessant labors.
: Hannah. McFeron.
1 be death of Mrs. Hannah McFeron
occurred at 8 o'clock yesterday morning
at the home of Mrs. L. . Cathey, this
city. Oancer ot the stomach caused
death, although Mrs. McFeron had
reached the age of 84 years and 22 days.
Deceased was born February 7, 1882,
in Montgomery county, Kentucky. At
the age of 4 years she went with her
parents to Missouri, to return to Ken.
tucky a few years later. At the age of
19 she was wedded to Andrew McFeron
and shortly thereafter move 1 to AdamB
county, Illinois, where she aud her husr
band lived until the fall of 1834, when
they moved to Adair county. Mo. Here
tfcey resided .20 years, then came to
Brownsville, Or.
Here the husband died in 1892. The
deceased came to Corvallis in October,
1904, and resided until death at the borne
of her daughter.- She was the mother
often children, five sons and five daugh
ters, six of whom are living. The sur
viving are: J. P. McFeron, Almeda,
Calif., J. A. McFeron, Portland, J. S.
McFeron, Hay Creek, Or.; Mrs. Emily
Hartford, Los Angeles, Calif.; Mrs. Mary
E. Robnstt, Halsey, Or.j and Mrs. L E.
Cathey, Corvallis.
A short service will be held at the res
idence in this city this morning aud the
remains will be taken to Halsey, where
the funeral services are to occur, and
later on interred in the Brownsville
Is the Motor Plow Coming?
The following, which is from
the Beloit (Wis.) News, reminds
us very forcibly of the invention
of General Thorp, of this city,
and the question is whether or
not the writer has not confounded
the men from Oregon and Iowa:
Prophetic of the day when the
farmer will sit in his librarv, en-
sconsed in a comfortable Morris
chair, and start the plows in his
cornfield through the medinm of
an electric push button, was the
visit to this city last week of a
prominent Chicago capitalist and
an inventor of wealth.
The superintendent " of one of
the large manufacturing plants of
Beloit is authority for the state
ment that the manufacture of a
motor plow may soon be, under
taken here,-either independently
or ia conjunction with one Ot
the factories now operating in
this city. The newly patented
plow is of the disc type and is
prepeued bv a gasoline motor.
but definite details will not be
made public for some weeks. The
inventor is a rich farmer, the
Owner, of 7,300 acres of land in
Sac county, Iowa, and the. pro
moter of the manufacture of the
new implement that promises to
revolutionize farming is a " capi
talistic Chicago. .
? Patents on the plow have been
taken out in almost ever civilized
country-of. the rglobe, . In Eng
land, on the continent, in British
India.:: and. in. fact,, in every
country where-a patentee is . pro
tected, letters patent have been
Additional Local.
-. .Carpets at cost at , Hollenberg &
Cady. ...... 18tf
Misa Kate Gerhard went to Al
bany, . Wednesday, to visit ; with
friends for. a few days. ,'
Dry slab wood at Saw Mill, $1.25
per load. l5-23f
Sidney Trask went to Falls City,
Polk county, a fjw days ago to as
sume charge of the - department
store of the Bryan-Lucas Lumber
Seven different t patterns 1000
yards of carpet juet arrived. -Hol-ien
burg & Cady. " . 18-20
March made an entrance on time
yesterday and is to held the boards
again for 31 dajrs. She came in
neither as a lion or a lamb. How
she will exit is a matter of mere
conjecture, but we hope to see fruit
trees in blossom . before the next
. A. B. Senger., up-to-date plumb-!
ing ot all , kinds. 18-20
During the first three nights of
the week - The N." Y. Empire
Theatre Co. held the boards in this
city. Although, tha houses were
not so good as the -work of the com
pany merited, the. attendance waB
tair. Satisfaction with the., com
pany is expressed on all eidee.
pliy at Mrs. J. Mason's. 20tf
Those who attend the- Dallas-
OAG. game . of basket ball at the
Ar mory tonight will prubabl y , w it-
ness as fine . a game as . was ever
witnessed in the Pacific Northwest.
Not this alone, but the matter of
inter-collegiate championebip is to
bd decided. In -a recent game in
Pallas the OAC -boys had a little
the better of it, but it was bo slight
as ecsreefy curited. An excursion
train will bring motors from Dal
las, Monmouth and Independence.
The recently .completed base
ment of tha M.-E. church is
formally opened next Tuesday
evening, when the W, H. M. Si, is
to give a "conundrum - supper,"
to raise funds for the purcbape
of hew hymnals. Ech guet is
l-queeted to wear something to rep
resent the title of a song. Judge
Watters will present the bisenrifnt
to the ladies of the churca on this
occasion, thiB part of the improve
ment being made for' the especial
use of the women of the congre
gation. ';
Congregational church: Sunday
School nt 10:00. Young Paoplrt
Bible elates, 10:00, Worship and
Sermon, 11:00. Junior Endeavor.
3:00, Sanior Endeavor, 6:30, Ves
pers and Sermon, 7.30. -Morning
Sermon, "The Guest That is Worth
While.' . Evening Sermon, "Anoth
er of Lifee Great . Contrasts" The
Shut In'a and ihn Shut Oul'ti bting
the second in the ; eeiies on the
Contrasts of L?fe. v Excellent
music form ii-part of thasta services.
There will be services at Plymouth
at 3:00.
' The war department of the city
has been instrumental during the
past few days in providing Judge
Yates some business. As the result
of an argument over the greenness
of Corvallis grass, an old-timer and
a comparatively newcomer cut a few
pigeon wings, fell in and out of
post holes, etc., and finally paid a
$10 bill each. Another gentleman
with a "big stick," for threatening
to curtail the liberties of a native
born American, paid a similar fine,
and still another party who
imbibed to freely of the fiery
fluid contributed to support of the
city during the week. If we could
keep up the good work we could
Boon pay the national debt.
A Lively Tassel.
With that old enemy of the race, Con
stipation, often ends in Appendicitis.
To avoid all serious trouble with
Stomach, Liver and Bowels, take Dr.
Kingjs New Life Pills. - They perfectly
regulate these organs, without pain or
discomfort. 25c at Allen & Woodward s
Savd Your Nerves,
What's the use of anything? Nothing when .your feet ache
and, you are, irritable. and all fagged out from the -tortures
of ill-fitting shoes. At such j a time remember v ! 'Queen.
Quality'V-the shoe that has made life worth, living for
thousands: who have been distressed like you. .And besides
there is a bond of sympathy between its prices and your purse.
$3.50 $3.00
the pair.
Our first shlpment'of Woo!, Mohair, andWash
Dress Goods has arrived. AI! colors, weights
: and weavss, at prices that will tsropt all.
New Mercerized Taffeta Checksat 25c per yard.
Wool and Mohair Dress Goods, in 'Gray, Brown,
Green, Navy, Fancy. Mixtures, Checks and Stripes.
New Dress Linens in White, Gray, Light Blue,
... New White Mercerized Shirt Waist Goods.
New Assortment Embroidered Waist Patterns.
New Velvets, Collars and Belts.
Remember, wa give 5 per cent discount on
all Cash Purchases.
r t
All first-class cigirajand tobacco; whist and pool rooms. Every customer
treated like a prince.
Dm Cm H lost and.
Patronizo Homo Industry.
Outsldm Orders Solicited.
All Work Guaranteed.
"If I can see your
Shoes and Hat I can
tell you what kind
of a man you are."
We have the Correct Styles in
Shoes and Hats. They will bear
inspection. Trytnem.
Corvallis' only exclusive
Men's Furnishing store.
Opposite Postoffice
and Navy.
. .
Four deois nortli nf postoffice
Ind. Phoae 130.
Chas. BIkL
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probahly patentable. Communica
tions strictly confidential. HANDBOOK on Patents
sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. recelT
special notice, without charge, in the
ciemmc jfrnericam
A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest cir
culation of any scientific journal. Terms, $3 a
year: four months. $L Sold by all newsdealers.
MOP 2 0a.3GTMa New York
9 -. 'oflhinf?roT, t. C
Doctors ara Puzzled.
The remarkable recovery of Kenneth
Melye., of Vanceboro, Me., is ttie sub
ject of much interest to the medical fra
ternity and a wide circle ot friends, lie
says of his case: "Owing to severe ia
flamation of the Throat and congestion of
the Lungs, three doctors gave me up to
die, when as a last resort, I was induced
to try Dr. Kings New Discovery aud I am
happy to say, it saved ray life." Cares
the worst Coughs and Colds, Bronchitis,
Tonsilitis, Weak Lungs, Hoarsnesi and
LaGrippe. Guaranteed at Allen & Wood
ward's drag store. 50c and $1.00. Trial
bottle free.
90. m