Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, January 15, 1906, Image 1

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Vol. XLIV.
ebowa that niauy lito.i watches ar
spoiled by tampering. jSo mutter how
little you euppose is the i. : t v
yours better
Have us rvgaair itm
A whoie lot of damage ran lie time by
those who are not acquainted with the
delicate median ism. We k now watchre
andean repair them as they t-hould I
Brinir us yours it" it doeen't ao just
Albert J; Mclzger
Occidental Build in 2, ... Corvallis
S I" 1 T r 3
Hals- Imfl?ifiii$c
And Dandruff Erad'ostor
1 V
1 t
-7 2.
ar -
Prise, - f iiv Cents
f.'a.isfsc&reii fey
The VeabSd Csnjjssrid Company
PuiiiW :ti..i O i( i X-- ijlid
ci'tiil 1 1 1 rj ...1 ml Jii.fl rent
R. N. Wh't". Pbr.n-4(o. 10fi-G-7
"iij y!'j --rrx
For the correct thing in the jewelry line. We have a fine
of jewelry and silverware that is astonishing in its grace and
beauty and magnificent in its size and completeness.
Engraving nicely done in the latest ribbon script styles.
Repairing that is guaranteed and prices that are in keeping
with the class of work done.
E. W- S. PBATT, Jewels sad -GptleSan
Dm Cm Hlamtmnd.
Clia. Gafcesee,
PatPonlzoZHonto Industry
Qua tt Order' SollcHoti.
All Work GuarmnttGd.
Off EG Off.
We handle Jnp-a-lac. A new
I line Reed Hoekers
Corvallis Oregon
Brands of
Wa Carry
This food is put up in one pound packages and sold for
15 cents
a package at
O. A. C.
Cleaning and
Pressing Parlors
Three doors north of Hotel Cor
va'.lia. Give uie a call.
P. H. SWABD, Proa
It pays to buy a Rood one the
famous Packard shoe, $3.50, $4 00
and $5.00; the John B. Stetson
hat, f 4.OO and $0 00. Sold by
Am f. RUSS
rma vour Job Work to the
Gazotto Offiset
Shippers' Convention What the
Governor Said.
Results that will be far readi
ng in effect, and help to lift the
burden of corporate oppression
from the people of Oregon, and in
the end open up the state for un
lettered development of its re
sources, were accomolished at
the meeting the shioDers and
producers of . O. egon in Albany
i nursday.
Maiked by mre enthusiasm
and earnestness than is usually
found in contentions of this
charscter, the Iwj sessions seem-
far to brief too adequately cover
uie biodd scope 01 the subject
under consideration. The sneak-
ers were lull of their, respective
surj.-ctsana treated them in a
tiianntr easy of comprehension.
1 ue niaia results of the con
vention were in the three resolu
tions adopted wherein remedial
legislation dealing with the open-
ingupottue sute to develop
ment, through the betterment of
us trauspoitatioa facilities was
demanded of the comino- lepisla-
Visitors from every section of
the state filled Albany to attend
me convention. Many of the
tarmers from the different parts
these lands be put on the market.
Oak Grove Notes.
" Born, Tan. 7th. 1007. at the
home of W. D. Prettyman, to the
wife ot Thomas Parker, a girl.
Ed. Miller will leave the latter
part of the week for Q ranci-ei
where he goes to work in the big
prune orchard at that place.
Mr. and Mrs. Geore-e Wood
ward left the latter part of the
wee tor Dallas. . Polk countv.
where they so to work ' for the
Laselle Bros, who have honoht
160 seres of land which thev'n-
tend to set out to prunes the
coming spnn?.
Mr. Sapley is trying to Pet the
C. & E. R. R. Co. to nut in sid
ing and a waiting room at a point
where the wagon road crosses the
railroad tra:k in North Albany.
ii toe railroad company would
grant the request it would prov-
very Denencial to the people of
this part who wish to po to CW-
yallis or who have freight to send
in mat direction.
If the train had been runninp
as slow as it should rave been
run, if the bell had been run aA
.. -
it should have been run?, or the
whistle had been blown as it
should blow, Mr. Tohathan Car-
ter would now be in possession
ot tne old laniilv cow. As it is
iuiu-ixo I1U4U IUC UinCICUC pails " - 1L IS,
of Ivinn county had come to the her boues are cow bleaching oj
city and were at the convention,
taking a deep interest in all that
was said.
The conventioa opened in the
afternoon at 2:qo o'clock beinp
called to order by President Ellis
ot the Albany Commercial Club.
The opera house was well filled,
many ladies being in the audi
ence. On the platform with Presi
dent Ellis were Governor Cham
berlain, Hon. F. T. Miller, E.
Holer, Hon. J. IS.'. Teal. Tudpe
C. H. Siewait and Hon. Wall is
Governor Chamberlain was the
first speaker, and his ubject was,
waterways ot Oregon," cer
tainly a timely topic at this
time. During his address he
dwelt upon the Oregon City
locks proposition
"I, as your chief executive,"
exclaimed the Governor, "insist
that the government of the Uni
ted S stes should condemn the
locks and appropriate mouev to
control them. The trade of the
Willamette valley towns is suffer
ing under the incubus cf this ex
cessive toll."
This statement was greeted
svith the most enthusiastic dem
onstration ot the afternoon. In
this connection the speaker asked
why the transportation rates from
Portland to The Dalles, a dis
tance ot practically ninety miles,
were the same as from Portland
to Salem, a distance of 56 miles.
He answered this by saying that
the lockage charges at Oregon
City more than made up for the
"If the government of the
United States will do nothing,"
shouted Governor Chamberlain,
"then I, as chiet executive, say
that the people of Oregon should
act, and condemn, purchase and
operate the locks in the name of
the state. One million dollars
would be a cheap price for the
people of Oregon to pay to rid
themselves of this condition."
Action taken by the conven
tion: Legislature urged to enac
legislation leading to abolishment
ot toils at Oregon City locks.
Legislatuie urged to work for
enactment of law providing for
railroad commission with rate
making poweis and providing
for reciprocal demurrage, with
proper penalties.
Attitude of Harriman svstem
in refusing to sell timber and ag
ricultural lands, . placed in tht
hands of Oregon and Califurm.
railroad company by govern mem.
condemned, and legislature re
quested to metnnralLia the Mju
the sands of time.
Mr. Joseph Woods who has
been an invalid for the past two
years, is much improved in
health of late, In the latter part
of December he took a change
for the better and he has gained
so rapidly in health he says t
he is hopeful of again heir g .;
to enjoy life in its fullnes.
. There were a goodly numS
of Oak Grove people in at enH
ance at the Shippers' and Pr
Peers' convention at Alhanv
Peter Karstens has bought
farm right and fs no putting nr
patent gates to take the place o'
the old ones.
T W. Ross made a trip to In
dependence Friday on speci
Anton Hilbert is tiling and
preparing a piece of ground con
taining aboift 15 acres which h
intends to set out to hops in the
spring. I here are several new
hop yards bein? put out in thi-
immediate vicinitv and with th
already large acreage it looks a
if bop pickers will have plent
to do.
The following letters remain uncalled
tor in the Corvallis pestotfice, for the
w eek ending Jan. 12, 1306:
Lottie Clemens, F E Corns, Mies Anna
Dennie, Leroy Lucas, Arthur B. Thomae,
Rosa Sohocher, Foreign.
B. W. John-sox, PM .
Corvallis Lyceum Course.
Third Entertainment: Th Lnor
Jackson Co. onera hmis YWrlnoc-
day Jn. 16th. Box
ham & Wortham8 opened for benefit
ot bolder of eeasons tmkt.a fnr.
day Jan. 14, at 8, a. m. ' 7
At the home of Mr. and Mr?.
Earnest Martin at Monroe tomor
row, at high norn, will he celebrat
ed the marraare cf their daughter
Edith to William N. Carpenter.
Both are estimable younsc peopHe
and congratulations are PYtond1 in
an vance.
In Grange Hall, Wells, Oregon
Saturday, January 26th, 1907
Program Begins Promptly at 10s30 A. M.
"Trend of Modem Education" Supt. Geo, Denman
Music Phonograph
AdJres3 : Prof. L. B. Baldwin
"Agriculture iu Public Schools" R. N. Williamson
"The Big School Fair Why The Parents' Part The Pupils'
Fart" Supt. Denruan
er d:
During the noon hour all will join in a basket dinner. All are
requested to bring their dinners with them and join the entire as
semblage of friends and have an old-fashioned dinner. We trust all
will remember to bring their basket so that the burden of supplying
the dinner will be passed around. Some complaint has been made
about those coming without bringing their dinner. This forces only a.
lew to supply the necessary things needed. Let eaeh one not forget
to do his part in this feature of the meeting so much, enjoyed by all
Literary Program
School districts No. 3 and No. 32 have been invited to furnish this
part cf the program."
Our regular annual gathering of friends of our public school,
for this section of the county, is set on the above date. These annual
ed cational gatherings are now looked forward to by our parents and
sell jol children with much pleasure. The benefit of them is seen in
ths results of the same and the intense interest displayed by every
one. We find it is not necessary, as it once was, to urge our friends
of the public school to come out. It is now the pressing problem,
how to house the large numbers attending. We trust you will come
even should you feel that perhaps you will have to stand. Remem
bir the hoar of beginning, for we will begin promptly in order to
ci jie the meeting so that all may return to their homes in time to do
the evcuiag chores before night. Come with your family and dinner.
Dju't k.ce) away because the baby might make a noise or cry a little.
Bring n along; its little noise will not harm or disturb anyone.
Very truly,
CjAiity Soh-Ml Supariatsadeat Beaton Caty. Orsgoa.
.PaniA" THIS WX.
For Far-tiers' Short Course
Much Interest Taken.
The farmer short, cou-se program 'o
this week will prove very iutesre-it'ti
a ft ;n4tniRtive f r rv-9r) ii attei Ui'.
Ln full it ia aa follows:
Yeaterdav. beginning at 9:V) a m.,
Prof. E. F. 'P.flw disinvl "Bir
al Disease of Pultry:" "PU f"iir
Importance on th Farm'' wn Pnf.
Lake's tipH ; Prof. C. I. Laris spoke on
"Harvestinar and Pvm;" P-f. w g
E'fwards on "Farm Aliaurji" aai Pr if
A. B. Cordley on " Some Pru ia Peiti "
Today the program 'will eiabraca aa
aldressoa "Bacterial Dudnssa of Pal
try" by Prof. Pdruot: "Plm;: Tiit
Structure and work," Prf. Like; Stor
age and shipping," Prof. Lewis : -'S io
or. the Far 01," Dr. Withyi-ooibe; "Soi
Problems" Prof. Edwards: and "Sia
Jse and other scales" bv Prof. A. B.
Wednesday morning Prof. Permt will
discuss "Fruit and vegetables," Prof
Lake's subject will be "Tlia wor' jf
Plants," Prof. Lewis .vill deal with Tue
V ilnn" Dr. Withycornbt. will discuss
"Hot for Profit," Prof. E 1 wards wiil
epak of "Lami'ioin Pints' ai i "I i
eerts and Fungus Diseases of ths Gar
den" will he discussed by Prot. 0 rd ey
TlinrPday'a program will b as folio .va:
"Preserving Fruit and Vegetables,"
Prof. Pernot; "The Fit;ht Aaainst
Weed," Prof. Lake; "Culture of S nal
Fruite," Prof. Lewis; "The Dairy Cow,"
Dr. Withycombe; "Acid Soils" Prof.
Edwards, and "Insects and Diseases of
Farm" Crops," Prof. Cordley. Friday
will close the week's program, and the
(subjects to be discussed that day wilTbe ;
"Vinigar Making," Prof. Pernot;
"Plant Economics," Prof. Lake; "Or
ganization," Prof. Lewis: "Hints to
Farmers." Dr. Withycombs; "Commer
cial fertilizer," Prof. Edwards, and
General Discussion,' by Prof. Cordley.
Bellefouniam Briefs.
M. M. Waltz is building an
addition 14x20 to his residence.
The improvement will add very
much to the looks of the dwell-
E. K. Belknap is keeping a
'bachelor's hall" this winter
while his wife is teaching in
Bellefountain and the young peo-
le are attmoii.ji schcol.
Harlan Belkwap has been bav
ng an attack of la erio e the
pist few days.
Orr Kyle will s-orn comoU-ie
his term ot school in the Nie'iols
district. his first attempt at
teaching ai;d he does-not ar- e ir
to particularly eij-jy that li o of
ilk. "
Mrs. Susan Starr who has been
quite ill at the home of I rr
daughter, Mrs. Wal z, is slowly
There is general speculation as
to who is to be housekeeper for
the Handshu brothers, wh re
cently purchased the Perm pi see.
lhe Boys certainlv must be lone
There was snow two and a half
inches deep on the level at Belle
fountain Saturday morning, by
far the heaviest snowfall this
year, as only a lew flakes had
fallen previously.
A. L. Hawley who recently
went t ) Arizona for his health, is
reported as having taken a re
lapse and being much worse.
The consolidation of the Green
Peak and Bellefountain telephone
companies was effected January
1st and everything is now in
smooth working cider. There
are 96 phones now in the com
pany and the day service is from
5:30 a. in. to 9 p. m. with an
alarm airangement by which
central can be called at any time
at night, although no regular
night service is maintained and
no call is expected to be turned
in except in case of emergency.
1 he plan works very satisfactor
ily to all patrons. H. L. Mack
is secretary of the com pany.
Farmers are just be'nningto
feed their stock for the first lime
this winter. The snow and cold
of the past week has been very,
:eere m cl nui especially jh.