Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, January 12, 1906, Page 3, Image 3

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A specimen
teruity struck
and proceeded
every business
Dr. Lowp, thev well known opti
cian is now at Hotel Corvailis to
remain until this evening.
Miss Kate Gerhard returned home
from Albany, Mondav, after a visit
of two week with friends in tnat
! Have Dr. Lowe cure your head
and eye-icn? with a pair' of hi
suDerior glasses. He leaves to
J. J. Cady, of the firm of Hollen
bere & Cadv. went over to Lincoln
county, Wednesday, on business
thatlwill detain him until tomor
Geo. W. Henkle departed Wed
nesday for San Jose, California, fo
an extended visit with his son
Raymond, who is in the drug busi
ness in that city.
N. S. L'lly arrived home Tues
day evening from Douglas county.
Southern Oregon, where tor some
time he was the guest of his son,
Lesley The latter came home with
his father and will visit here for
week or two. '
The Home Mission society of the
M. E. church, South, held ad int-r
esting meeting at the home i f Mrp
P. A. Moses, Tuesday. They will
give a Valentine social at the refei
dence of Mrs. MeCausIand, Febru
ary 14. All are cordially invited
Elder C. E. McCausland, of the
M. E. church, South, arrived home
Monday from a trip to Seattie. He
reports business good in the north
ern city, but is amused at the
knowledge that Seattleites compare
their city with New York and Chi
of the beggars fra-
Corvallis Tuesday
to solicit alms from
man in town, xle
was a well-dre6sed young man, and
claimed to have been burned in the
smelters and to have "creeping
paralysis." He probably cirried
away a goodly number of dimes.
Mrs. Prudence Chipman arrived
home Sunday after an extended
visit in the East. While absent
she visited friends in Iowa, Illi
nois, Minnesota and Michigan, and
in all these places she had a most
enjoyable time. On the way home
she stopped at The Dalles for a visit
with th family of her son, Clar
ence. She reports them all well
and doing nicely.
Recorder T. T. Vincent arrived
home Monday evening from Wash
ington county, whither he had been
called by the death of his father.
Contrary to what was reported
heretofore, Mr. Vincent's father did
not die in Portland. At the time
of death the old gentleman, who
was in his 75th year, was in the
timber surveying, when he sudden
ly expired.
B. R. Thompson exhibited some
green fruit at this office a few days
ago that whs certainly out of the
ordinary even for Oregon land of
wonders, that she is. An app'.e
tree standing in Mr. Thompson's
dooryard bloomed last fall and Mr.
Thompson has watched patiently to
see what the result would be. -Little
apples was the result and some
were showed to us. They have
attained the size of marbles. If
Mr. Thompson or anybody else can
assure us tresh apples in March
the problem of apple dumplings for
spring is solved.
The executive board of the Pho
tographer's Association of the Pa
cific Northwest, will have a meet
ing in Portland tomorrow evening,
and W. G. Emery, secretary-treas
urer of the association, will go down
from this city to be in attendance.
He will take down with him a
choice bit of art entitled, "A Study
in Chinamen." This is a photo
graph" of China pheasants from a
negative by E. E. Wilson; printed
on tinted platinum and retouched
by Mr. Emery. It is a very ef
fective bit of work.
The Monthy Review, a journal
devoted to photographic art, con
tains, the following note of W. G.
Emery: "The ever popular W. G.
Emery, of Corvailis, Oregon, who
made himself famous by his speech
before the recent convention in
Portland, although claiming to be
only a country photographer, dem
onstrated to his brother profession
als that location need not govern
the quality of the work . His dis
play showed a remarkable versatility
and complete command of the pos
sibilities of .photography." In the
speech referred to, Mr. Emery said,
among other things: "I could never
see any reason for crossing over to
the other side of the street to ayoid
meeting a competitor. I assure you
my friends, that we don't do that
way up in Corvailis. If my com
petitor, Mr. Gardner, carries a razor
in his boot leg I have never seen it.
On the contrary, he has gene even
bo far as to introduce me to his
wife and family.
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Wilbur Garrow went to Portland,
Tuesday, on business.
J. J. Cady went to Newport
Wednesday on a business trip for
his farm.
' H. W. Jacobs, of Harlin, Lincoln
county, was in Corvailis, Tuesday,
enronte to balem on business.
Clarence Whitesides has bought;
out John Creson in the dray busi
ness and is already in possession.
Dr. Lowe's superior glasses cost
no more than others and you have
the benefit of his skill and over 18
years experience.
Clarence Albin, station agent at
Philomath, passed through Corvai
lis this week, on his way home
from Forest Grove.
Mrs. Biggs, familiarly known as
"Grandma" Biggs, is yisiting Mrs.
J. D. Mann in Salem. She will be
absent several weeks.
Clinton, the son of Rev. and Mrs.
C. T. Hurd, is seriously ill at the
family home, and fears of typhoid
fever are entertained.
Mrs. T. T. Vincent is to reach
home Monday from a few weeks'
'isit with her daughter. Mrs.
Mathura, at Centralia, Wash.
Dr. Lowe, the well known oculo-
optician, is now at Hotel Corvailis
to remain until Friday niht. This
is bis 33rd visit to our city.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold King have
ocated in Corvailis. They, moved
Wednesday into the James Flett
Walter Mercer and family left
yesterday for their home at Ritz
ville, Wash., after a visit of some
ength with Benton relatives.
Next, Lord's day at the Baptist
church: Sunday School at 10, devine
service at 11. Subject, "A Key
note for the New Year." All
heartily welcome.
Repairs are being -made in the
building north of the White store,
and it is stated that a Mr. Addle-1
man is to occupy the place and
operate a candy store.
Presbyterian church, M. S. BuBh,
pastor: Bible School 10 a. m.)
Communion and reception of new
members 11 a. m.: C. E. meeting
6:30 p. m.; Evening service at :30,
subject, "Athens."
T. D. Campbell and wife, who
or some time nave occupied the
W hiteaker farm, were in Corvailis,
Wednesday, and to friends stated
that they expect to leave in a
month or such a matter for Port-
and to reside.
Dr. A. C. feteckle returned to
Corvailis, Wednesday, from a ten
days' visit at Reno, Nevada. He
will visit Corvailis friends before
eaving to accept a position as rail
road physician on the North Bank
The lucky number, 0145, which
drew tne $01) diamond ring at
ratt's jewelery store was held by
Miss Beulah Henkle daughter of
Jerry Henkle, of Philomath. The
prize was delivered to Mr. Henkle
We desire to call the special at
tention of our readers to the full
page supplement with this issue.
speaks for itself and J. M. Nolan
Son at the same time. You will
nd this firm offering some very
attractive bargains.
W. A. Wells is to leave Saturday
or vegas, iew Mexico, m
search of better health than he en-
joys in uorvains.- Jtiis mends
oin in the wish that the change
may prove beneficial, tie will be
absent the rest of the winter.
Mrs. Rav McComb and little eon
: J T J t att.. i
Jtrriveu. v euuccuay iiuui u rn
atcbee, Wash., for a visit with Cor
vailis relatives and friends. Mrs.
McComb" will be remembered as
Miss Clara Newhouse, formerly of
this city.
The United Artisans are coming
right to the front as a lodge, and on
next Wednesday evening are to
hold another rousing meeting at
their hall, with Supreme Officer Dr.
G. C. Eshelman, of Portland, in
attendance. All members are sup
posed to be present.
Chief Lane states that he hears
complaint of bicycle riders scooting
along on college street. This is
contrary to the laws of the city and
? e .1 e i 1 1
ii me cniei-caicnes auyone me per
son committing the misdemeanor
will be pretty certain to pay a fine.
Now look out.
What promises to be an inter
esting affair is to be held in the
Blodgett Valley school house Jan.
20. It is a parents,' teachers' and
officers' meeting, and will be con
ducted by Supt. G. W. Denman,
who has considerable of a reputa
tion in this line of work. . Besides
a fine musical and literary program,
which begins at 11 a. m., there will
be a special entertainment for the
children, and a basket dinner at
noon .
wLL i
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Some people don't know that we have a grocery depart
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. Diamond C soap regular 5c, special 8 bars 25c.
16oz cans Schilling's Baking Powder, special 45c. -"Best"
Cornstarch regular 10c, special 5c.
15 candles full weight 12 oz. 25c. 4
30 pounds best beans $1.00.
K. C. baking powder 25 oz. 25c. t
16 pounds best No. 1 Rice, $1.00. ' -1
pound package bird seed with bone 8c.
I X L Tamales regular 15c, special 10c
IX L maccaroni and cheese regular 10c, special 5c.
Elite, Bixby, or Whiztemore's Shoe Polish regular,25c, special 14c.
Long's Woodlawn maple syrup guaranteed best grade on the market,
regular 75c, special 60c.
Star tobacco per plug 45c.
Armour's washing powder regular 25c, special 15.
Cut nails per pound 2c. '
1 pound oysters per can 10c. .
Decorated mush bowels each 5c.
"DAIRY SALT" 50 pounds regular 50c, special 30c.
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The People's Store
Corvailis, Oregon
Mail orders filled.
Sale prices during the month.
Additional Local.
machines $18
Drop head sewing
at Black ledge's.
Services as usual in the Congre
gational church next Sunday.
Machines at
Acme Washing
Take The Gazette for all the
local news.
Fresh cow for sale, J. B. Arrauta,
R. F. D. 2. 5tf
There will be German, preaching
Sunday at 1:30 p. m. at the Pres
byterian church. The services will
be conducted by Rev. G. J. Beyer
lein, the Lutheran pastor of Albany.
All are cordially welcome. N
Go to Allen's and get Spencsr'a
Dandruff cure best on earth. 6f
Born, Tuesday to Mr. and Mrs.
Martin Rexford, a eon.
A handsome souvenir will be pre
sented FREE to every lady visiting
the "People's Store" and making a
purchase on next Wednesday, Jan,
seventeenth, b. u. iUine. b
Born, Tuesday, to Prof, and Mrs.
Carrol Cummings, a son.
I you value your eyesight, con
sult Dr. Lowe, the optician, who is
now at Hotel Corvailis. This is
hi3 33rd trip to Corvailis.
D. C. Rose arrived home Wednes
day from a trip to -McMinnville to
attend a meeting of the directors of
the Oregon Fire Relief Association,
he btiing one uf the directors. Mr.
Rose was rr-slected a director for a
term of three year.
Mrs. Elizabeth Craig, ex-President
of the Equal Rights Associa
tion of Texap, now living in Port
land, is in the city and will lecture
to the people on "Woman in the
Home aod the Nation" on Sunday
at 3.30 o'clock, in the M. E. church.
Dean E. C. Sanderson of the
Eugene Divinity School, will occu
py the pulpit of the Christian
church next Sunday morning and
evening. The subject at the even
ing service will be "The Inter
Church Conference or Federation."
The Dean was one, if not the only
delegate, from any church in Ore
gon or Washington in attendance at
this gret conference held in New
York from Nov. 15 to the 21st, '05,
and what he may have to say upon"
the subject will be of especial inter
est to everyone. All are cordially
Society invitations and wedding
announcements are constantly
changing in styles of type faces and
form. Have them printed " neatly
and up-to-date at the Gazette
office. SOtf
Our Big Stock Reducing
Cash Sale is Still On
Every article in the store sold at a reduction,
excepting groceries
A new supply of premium dishes has arrived with which to rei
deem all outstanding tickets, but no tickets will be given during
this cash sale. We give you a cash discount instead.
Remember the Great January
Sale of Women's and Children's
Muslin Underwear
121c, 19c, 29c, 59c, 79c and $1.10
a garment while they last. Latest styles 6t shapes
L. Miller
The New York Tribune Farmer and Corvailis Gazette, $1.80