Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, January 02, 1906, Page 3, Image 3

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The band a ad" orchestra is
featured by "Jerry from Kerry."
There will be a meeting of the
W. C. T. U. on Thursday afternoon
at 3 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Moses ar
rived borne Sunday evening from a
visit to Portland and other points.
fr "The Missouri Girl" said, "Jerry
from Kerry," was all right. If
you liked, Daisy you will eurely
like Jerry.
V Misses Anna and Maggie Peter
eon have been spending the holi
days in Portland, the guestB of their
' brother.
1 Attorney W. E. Yates came up
from his home in Vancouver, Wash
ineton. Saturday, for the tran
eaction of some business.
School will be out juBt in time
for the ereat street parade and
band concert of "Jerry from Kerry"
tomorrow at 4 o'clock.
There was what is known as
"Heart" social eche udled to take
Dlace at the Presbyterian manse
last evening after we went to press
Jerry from Kerry' etreet pa-
lade and concert at 4 p. m. tomor
row. The proprietors of this musical
organization pride themselves on
their band and orchestra.
Dr. James Withycombe arrived
bom Friday from a business trip
to Portlai.d and Astoria. Jbrom
t!l pides we hear good reports of
the doct'r's gubernatorial pros
Bryan McFadden and Joe Pat
terson took the train Saturday for
Summit, Irom which place they
proceeded by wagon to the ranch of
Frank Grant, where hey are to
bunt. It is the dream of Joe's life
to kill a cougar.
In the Sunday Oregonian appear
ed the following: MordauntA. Good
nough gave a delightful intrepreta
tion cf the Paderewski minuet and
also a Chaminade number' at the
Irvington Tennis Club reception
last Thursday evening.
Little Johnie, eon of Mr and
Mrs. J. O. Wilson, is slowly recov
ering from a serious attack of ty
phoid ferer. He ias been bedfast
in this city for about three weekp,
at the home of his grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.
Attorney F. J. Yatea arrivpd
" home a few days ago from a trip to
Seatt'e on legal business. While
up there Mr. Yates met Will H
Parry, who many years ago was
editor of the Corvallis Gezette. The
latter is now one of the prominent
men of Seattle and among the most
A number of watch' parties saw
the death of 1905 and the birth of
3906 Sunday evening. Tcere was
the usual ringing of bells, shouting,
laughing and wishing of gooi
things, together with customary
''resolutions" which will endure
about a week. Here's to '06 and
good luck for our friends.
The high wind of Saturday came
very near doing some very serious
damage to Jerry Henkle, of Philo
math. As it was he sustained
some damage. Near his residence
be had a high tower surmounted
by a windmill and water tank.
The wi'-d blew -this over and the
house barely escaped.
Thb bids for the contract to fur
nish OAC with 900 cords of second
growth fir were opened at the col
lege, Saturday. Some VZ or Jo men
had in bids. The prices ranged
from $2.T5 per cord down to $2.49.
The latter figure was that of P. A.
Kline and he was awarded the
contract. The wood is to be deliv
ered during the coming summer.
A yery pretty wedding occurred
Sundav evening at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Glassford
when their daughter, Mies Grace,
was united in marriage with Ches
ter Taylor. The ceremony was a
Spiritualistic one and was per
formed by Mre. L. . hint, ot this
city. The ceremony is yeiy brief,
but is simple and impressive. The
young couple went at once to a
home they had fitted up in Job's
addition and where it i3 the wish of
many true friends that they ex
perience naught but happiness and
good luck.
The death of John McLennan oc
curred in this city Sunday night,
as the result of au affliction of a
c.incerou9 nature. The funeral
services are to occur today at 11:30
a. to. and will be conducted by
Mrs. L. M. Flint, the Odd Fellows
taking charge and concluding with
the rites of the order. The remains
will be sent to Portland for cre
mation. The deceased, together
with a brother and sister, came to
Corvallis two or three years ago and
took up their abode amoug us.
They are highly respected people
and have the esteem of all. Origin
ally they are from Scotland. The
deceased wia well along in years.
Judge W. S. McFadden arrived
home Friday from a trip to his farm
near Junction City. -
Charley Overlander returned to
his Lincoln county home yesterday,
having passed a week here with
relatives and friends.
Dr. A. C. Steckle won the 22
calibre rifle offered by the Long
shooting gallery as a prize for the
person making the highest record
of shots at the gallery within a
given period. The rifle was award
ed "Doc" Saturday.
The high wind of Saturday
beached our free ferryboat across
the Willamette at this city high
and dry on the east coast of the
river. She ran up on the bank so
high that she was out of commis
sion for several hours.
Dr. E. E. Jackson, veterinary
surgeon, brought his family to this
city last Saturday, and will make
CorvaUis his permanent home.
The doctor comes highly recom
mended and there is no donbt but
that he will build up a good prac
tice here.
Dr. R. D. Burgess has decided,
after looking over tiie field careful
ly, to engage in- the practice of
medicine at Toledo, Lincoln county.
This is a lively little place and is
the county seat of Lincoln and
should offer a good field for a phy
sician of Dr. Burgess capabilities
Taking effect January 1, 19C6,
the new time card of the C. & E
will be issued, changing the leaving
time of trains between Albany and
Corvallis as follows: Leave Albany
for Corvallis at 8 .a. m., 12:45 p.
m. and 7:35 p. m. Leave Corvallis
for Albany at 6:30 a. m., 11:30 a.
m. and 5 p. m. Sunday trains:
Leave Albar.y for Corvallis at 7:35
m.: leave Corvallis for Albany
at 6:30 a. m.
Floyd Williams, the well known
spriLter and half-back of OAC,
who was recently appointed a
ieutenant in the Philippine con
stabulary was married Wednesday
to Miss Luella VanCleve, for sev
eral years a student of OAC. The
eremony occurred at the home of
the groom's brother in Polk county.
Lieutenant Williams h nnder orders
to sail from San Francisco to Man
ila next week.
Do not forget that Mr. West-
brook, of the 0. C. T. Company,
wi!l make an address before the
citizens' league this evening.
There are no more live topics be-
bre our people today than those
pertaining to free locks at Oregon
City and an open "Willamette river
so tar up as Uorvsius the yean
around. Aid this movement by
your presence this evening you
may get an idea oi value to your
self and to your community.
Ed Smith, who for many years
has held a position with J. R.
Smith & Co., of this city, has ac
cepted a situation with- the great
Hardware concern of Marshall-
Well Hardware Company, of Port
land. He went to Portland Sun
day that he might get a start early
in the year. Ed has one of the
best positions in the giving of a
large hardware establishment. He
will haye charge of the builders
department light work and good
The City Meat Market propri
etors, Messrs. Cady, Swingler and
McHenry, made good their New
Year's resolution by opeuiog up in
new quarters yesterday morning.
The market is now up-to-date in
every particular and is located just
north of the Ireland grocery. The
proprietors are energetic young fel
lows and will endeavor to treat
their patrons fairly in every way,
They are going to run a special de
livery of their own and imke
things convenient as possible for
patrons. Their sd. nay be seen
in another column.
The elements were boistercu?
Friday night and Saturday and the
wind unusually high for this coun
try. Had one been real certain
that his hat would stick to him he
could have enjoyed himself im
mensely by standing in the street
and watching the hats of
others sail about. Really, there
is nothing more amusing than to
watch some man of dignity chase
his hat for about a hundred yards
through a muddy street, re chicg
for his treasure on an average of
about every t?n feet. It is fumy
simpiy because wiVe a'l been there
and know exactly how mad the
fellow i?.
One on the Oiu uent.
Before going to battle with the Jap
anese fleet Rojestvensky sent his pay
chest to Chefoo, where it was placed
in charge of the Russian consul. This
seems to thoroughly dispose of the
claim that Rojestvensky was taken by.
surprise. '
Jersey Kot All Bad.
Jersey Justice scores again in the de
cision by the supreme court of that state
that the law prohibiting live pigeon,
shooting is valid. The state also scores
for. humanity,
S. L. Kline9 Prop.
Great reductions
The Pianola Piano
A Piano That Will Give You Tea Times More
Actual Pleasure Than Any Piano You .
Have Ever Owned.
There are two accepted ways of play
ing the piano today :
1. By hand.
2. By the Pianola.
Both of these methods are united
in tbe"Pianola. You can turn from
one method to the other INSTANT
ANEOUSLY. The Pianola ia built
into the piano itself, so that there is
nothing to move up to or away from
the keyboard. Both piano and Pianola .
are just as effective as though in separ
ate instruments.
Neyer has a piano been presented
to the public which has met with such
a remarkable and enthusiastic recep
tion as the Pianola Piano. Its great
success was to be expected, for it re
presents the logical development of
the piano. It enables everyone to ob
tain from a piano ALL the musical
. enjoyment the instrument is capable
of. In the light of this important
improvement in piano-construction,
all previous pianos seem incomplete.
Hence the Pianola Piano has become
universally known as "The First Cotq
plete Piano."
Pianos of all makes taken in ex
change tor the Pianola Piano. Grands
and uprights in excellent condition,
and bearing the names of the highest
Eilers Piano House,
- V F A-
May it be a happy and
Established 1864
Our 36th Annual Clearance
is now in
It's for your belief it to trade here
grade manufacturers, are every day
being receiyed in part payment. That
people everywhee should part with
instruments which they have hither
to valued highly, is impressive evi
dence of the position that the Pianola
Piano has attained among music lov
ers. It is THE piano of the day.
If you have a piano from which you
derive comparatively little musical
enjoyment why not exchange it for
this new type of piano, which w ill be
a daily source of pleasure for every
member of the family? Write for
terms on which such exchange will
be made.
Pianola Pianos are sold only by
TTl:la Ttlnvin nAnan H 1 , A CiwA
ai .d through its many stores and re- E
The people of this vicinity will un
doubtedly be pleased to know that
any further information coccerning
the Pianola Piano, Pianos, Organs,
etc., can be obtained from Professor
Taillandier, director of the piano de
partment ot uorvaiiis Agricultural
College , and can be seen at his resi
dence on College Hill on Saturday
and every evening of the week. A
telephone call will bring him to your
houae, Ind. 185. -
Prof. G. Tallaudier,
Special Representative
prosperous New Year
People's S
fe&L" Kill I 5 , T ':
High Class Comedy
Jerry from Kerry everywhere