Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, August 29, 1905, Image 4

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    CUSSIfltl) ADVtKliStMtlilS
, classified advertisements: .;
Fif! - an words or less, 25 cts for three
BHCCeMve insertions, or 50 cts per
mont. ; tor air np to and including teu
addit . al words. cent a word for each
Foi 'I advertisements over 25 words,
1 ct ptr word for the first insertion, and
J ct per word for each additional inser
tion!. 'Nothing inserted for less than 25
Lodge, society and ' church notices,
Other than strictly news matter, will be
chanted for.
Reads Pretty Good.
undersigned is now in this city and has
been placed in the hands of the City
Transfer Company for sale. Norwood
Trading Co. Gtf
gies and go-carts, at Dilley & Arnold's.
Office First National Bank Buildine.
Only set of abstracts in Benton County
W. E. Yates. ' .Bert Yates.
Law, Abstractkg and Insurance.
Both Phones. Corvallis, Oregon.
Office in Post Office Building, Corval
lis, Oregon.
BtiT,anr. Notarv. Titles. Convevanc
ine. Practice in all State find Federal
Courts. Office in Burnett Building.
eflr, Corvallis, Or. P. A. Kline Line,
Phone No. 1. P. O. address. Box 11
Pays highest prices for all kinds of
live stock. Twenty years' experience.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Of late we have heard much
anent the i Chinese boycott of
American goods. Various opin
ions have been 'tossed about on
the matter of all things heatheH
and Chinese. Commenting on
the fact that Chinamen in Port
land are contributing' a couple of
dollars each to maintain this boy
cott, the Oregon Bocsler says:
If there is an eyesore in Port
land if .there is one quarter that
has long been a demoralizing in
fluence in this city it is China
town. Situated as it. is in the
very heart of our business- dis
trict, its malodorous smells per
meating tne nostrils of every
man, woman or child riding on
our cars its noisome smells be
ing too much for ( the olfactory
nerves of our police it has fester
ed as an unholy sore in our midst
awaiting municipal surgeons who
could apply the lance and remove
it. The vices of the Oriental
have run rampant in this district
for years, white girls have been
debauched, our boys have been
degraded in the vile dens which
infest the quarter, and the insid
ious lottery and "fan tan" games
have been the source upon which
the lecherous heathen have fat
tened. Not content with toler-
ence, Mr. etunaman and ins con
sort, the Jap who, by reason of
a temporary victory over a de
generate and venal nation, has
become more or less "cocky"
have,decided to add insult to in
jury, and by putting into vogue
a weapon the boycott to force
the United States of America to
admit ' their swarm of coolies
without restriction. The snake
has its head reared.- Will you
choke it? 0 How? Remove the
pestilential sore known as China
town, from the midst of Port
land, stop patronizing in any
way, manner or form these Ori
ental bloodsuckers, and send
them back ' whence they came.
As for trade -study statistics and
you will be convinced that
America supplies the world and
it has got to come to us.
Gridiron News.
It Depends on You.
orders given7 prompt attention ; short
notice orders solicited. Good work,
as cheap as anybody. W. R. Hansell,
Ind. phone 835. 44tf.
an to take up library work. Salary
$2 to 100 per month. A legitimate
established institution. Send 2c stamp
foi- particulars. Reliable Circulating
Libraries. Room 34, 190-17th St.,
Portland, Oregon. 71t
Gazette and Weekly . Oregonian a
$2i55pr year.
leis extraction. la Zierolf building
Opp. Post Office. Oorvallis, Oregon.
llAND agents.
lapds, new-comers in this county win
miake no mistake in consulting James
Liwis. Mr. Lewis has been in Benton
for 30 vears and not only Knows the
county bin the entire Valley. tie n as
been actively engaged in selling and
bnvine live stock and real estate all ot
this time and naturally his judg
ment is sound. He knows coils .and
values. His knowledge is worth money
)o anybody desiring correct and sinceie
information. . 25-7
Stage leaves Alsea 6:30 a. m.; arrives
t Philemnrh at, 12 m : leaves Philo-
.- math, 1 p. Ui., arrives at Alsea C:3U
p. m. All persons wishing to go or
return from Alsea and points west can
be accomodated at any time. Fare to
Alsea $1.00 Round trip same day $2.00.
M. 8. Rickabd.
Fire Proof
Water Proof
Just the Thing for Hop-Dri
ers. Write for Catalogue.
Pacific Pulp Plaster Go.
517-521, Chamber of Commerce,
R. M. ABE .8 CO., Agts., Corvallis.
, . -T
Corvallis, Oregon, does a general, con
' servative banking business. It guarded
safely its customers' banking business
through the' panics of the last two
decades, which merits proper consider
ation. It affords hanking privileges at
home and abroad, first-class, not ex
celled by any institution in the United
States. The members of the Board of
Directors were born and raised in Ben
ton County, except one. and that mem
ber has -esided in the county forty-six
years The business history of each
is as an open book before the people of
the county. Loans to customers solicit
ed, properly secured 40' f
are the most fatal of all dis
eases, i : A ,
I U Ll I O 6uar&Dt8Sd Remedy
or money refunded. Contains
remedies recognized by emi
nent physicians as the Best for
Kidney and Bladder troubles.
PRICE 50c and $1.00.
and Surgeon. Rooms 14, Bank Build
ing. Office Hours: 10 to 12 a. m ,2 to
in.Li, Residence : cor. 5th and Ad'
ams Sts. Telephone at office and res
idence. Oorvajlis. Oregon.
and Surgeon, Office and Residence, on
Main street, rmiomatu, uregon.
: R. D. BURGESS. M. D.
Office over Blackledge Furniture Store.
Office boars: 10 to 12 and 3 to 5.
With the approach of the
opening of college ,-interest in
matters relating to football ap
pears to grow. From what we
are able to learn the indications
are that OAC will have a squad
on- the gridiron this year that
will do business. Many of the
old "stand-bys" will be at col
lege again, to the evervlasting
joy of football enthusiasts. Re
garding football at OAC during
the coming year a communica
tion from this city appeared in
the Telegram a few days ago, as
Dow Walker, the star center
of the OAC football eleven, pass
ed through Corvallis this week,
enroute to Newport for. a few
days' outing. In spite of the
fact that he has been working
hard all summer, he is bigger
than ever. ' - - ,
He will bring to college with
him this fall'a new man almost
as large as himself, who has had
considerable experience on the
football eleven in the East. Dun
lap and Bundy, the. guards of the
past two seasons, will support
Walker at center and are a trio
of players hard to withstand.
Abraham at left tackle and Wil
liams at right half will be back
in their old positions, both re
turning to college for a post
graduate course. Bower, the
veteran at right tackle, will not
be back, and a new man will
take the place he leaves vacant.
Emily and Cooper, last season's
ends, will be prominent candi
dates fo: :hes; positions on this
season's-team,- ...
j Rinehart, the plucky little
quarter, will be in his old posi
tion, and Root, the stalwart half
back, who made a reputation for
himself in the Christmas game
on Multnomah Field, will, with
Floyd Williams, make a pair ot
backs hard to beat ... Pilkington
will also be back in college for
a post-graduate course in phar
rmcy, but it is doubtful it he
can be persuaded to take his old
position at fullback, as the in-'
juries he received in the early
games of last season caused him
to , lose almost his entire schol
astic yeai. He will, however,
be ol invaluable aid as an assis
tant coach.
The schedule for this season as
arranged so far by Manager
Stitnpson, the post-graduate
manager, includes games with al
the principal colleges of the
Northwest, and;' in; addition
California trip "at the' beginning
of the season will be ot great
help in rounding the men into
shape. The contest this year
between the U of O and OA
will be of unusual interest irom
the fact that Bruce Shorts and
Dr. Steckle were respectively
right and left tackles on the
same team at Michigan and re
ceivea their football training at
the same time under the cele-
brated Michigan ceach, Yost.
Several times of late have we
called attention to the poultry
exhibit to be held in connection
with the Lewie and Clark' Fair
next month. It is sincerely to
be hoped, that poultrymen of
Benton county will bestir them
selves in this matter and look
after the glory of Old Benton in
such a vigorous stvle that we
heed not be obliged to take off
oiiir hats to rivals from: any local
ity. We are in receipt of a let
ter from C. D. Minton, : poultry
commissioner for 'I .-.Oregon, ot
Salem, throwing some light on
things possible from every stand-,
point. In substance the letter is
as follows: ' "
California and 'Washington are
making every endeavor possible
to throw Oregon in the: shade at
the coming Lewis - and Clark
poultry show. . This is a friendly
rivalry and we want you to get
in and see that the honor of ypur
grand, old state does not become
dimmed by the radiant splendor
cf our sister states. A man at
home has many advantages that
the visitor does not have and it
is up to you to see that Oregon
does her part in this show. The
premiums are liberal, the speci
als are large and the entry fee is
only one dollar per bird which
includes feed and care and you
doubtless have as good birds as has
ever been hatched. We want you
toi show and riot be among the
class who "have better ones at
home." May we not depend on
you? Entries close September 10
Notice Of Final Settlement
In the County Court of the State of Oregon for Ben
ton uounty.
In the matter of the estate 1 '
and Last Will and testament f V
of . I
William Wyatt, deceased 7
Notice is hereby given that I have filed mv final ac
count as executor of the last, will and testament of
William Wyatt. deceased, with the clerk of the above
entitled Court and that said Court has fixed and ap
pointed Saturday, the 9th day of September, 1905 at,
11 o'clock m tne forenoon of said day at the once
of theCount Judge" of said County at the Court
House in uenion county, uregon, asfne time and
place for hearing objections to and the settlement
of said Final Account; and all persons interested and
desiring to object thereto are notified) to appeal at
said time and file their objections. '
Dated, August 8th, 1906.
A. J Williams, Executor,
of the Estate of William Wvatt, deceased.
6(1-74 ,
., Public is Aroused. J
The public ia aroused to a knowledge
of the curative merits ot that great
medicinal tonic, Electric Bitters, for
sick stomach, liver and kidnevs. Mary
H. Walters, of 546 St.- Clair "Ave;,' Col
umbia, O., writes: "For several months
I was given up to die. I had fever and
ague, my nerves were a wreck. I could
not sleep and my stomach was so weak
from useless doctors' drugs that I could
not eat. Soon after beginning to take
Electric Bitters, I obtained relief and in
a abort time ' I was entirely cured."
Guaranteed at Allen & Woodward's drug
store ; price 60c
Horse Changed Hands.
The fine black. Percheron stallion
Fanion, has teen sold ' by Thomas K,
Faw cett. It seems a company was form'
eil o buy him and said company is com
p.-sed of the following parties, who fehare
equally in the deal : Peter Whitaker
Richard Irwin, J W Foster, Peter
Rickard, J. FBuchanan, M. H. Whitby
J. H. McFdden and Jesse Porter. :
At present the animal is at Peter
Whitaker's. Later on arrangements will
be made to keep Fanion at Monroe Chil
ders,' some 10 or 15 miles south of this
Fnion ia valued at $2,000; he will be
nve ears old next spring and he weigh
at present about 1,800 pounds. - When
fully matured it is thought that he will
tip tiie beam at fully 2,000 pounde. . . lie
is very kind and ' a child could handle
him. He has both French and American
registered pedigree. This year he has
7b colts, all alive and doing welll
. The undersigned hereby gives notice
to the effect that all parties are forbidden
to trust anybody whosoever on my ac
count after this date without a written
order. Dated August 25. 1905. G. W.
Parker. 70-1
From Bremerton.
.-.IT-- - .7T-.-.--n-r-.-J -J.. - mi I -'-a
11 i:iHiiilinillliinil)t'llUiwiiMuiiiiniiiViianii:iiiiinnuuifiiniiln:iiiiTuiiiiii LaJjiJt
. Vegetable Preparatioafor As
similating ttieFoodandEcguIa
ling the Stomachs ancLBowels of
Promotes DigcstioaCheerfur
ness and Rest.Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral.
Not XAnc otic ;
" Alx.Smiut
, SodutlUScUt-
liaise Armd. c
l teuinM, ,
AperTecl Remedy forConstipa
fion, Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions.Feverish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Fax Simile Signature oF
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
the .
For Over
Thirty Years
. Zamboanga News.
jFriday, Frarak Groves arrived
home from Bremerton, Washing
ton, where he has made his head
quarters for the past year or two
He holds a good position in the
government quartermaster's de-i
partmerjt at this place and is do
ing nicely. He was accompan-
lejd gome by a companion by the
name of Arthur King, who is
also located at the same station.
Mr. King will visit here for- a
week or such a matter.
; Bremerton is a naval station
and is the' place ot location of a
arge shipyard. " . Here are em
ployed from 8oo to i,2oo men all
the time. . It is the government
naval station and the shipyard is
thoroughly equipped to do all
s0rts of repair work on ships,
eyen to the building of a model
vessel complete. Here are found
almost every kind of, mechanic
from a boiler maker ' on through
the list. ,
The naval station is located
just across uget bound tronl
Seattle, distant irom said city io
miles. , There is a - boat every
hour of the day and it only re
quires an hour for their flyer-to
make the run from Breme ton to
Seattle. As a consequence, mauy
of the government eruplqyees rer
side in the larger city. One can,
catch a boat on a Saturday even
ing at Bremerton for Victono, B.
C., where they may : spend Sun
day and be back at their , work
Monday morning. For ' many
reasons Bremerton is a delight
ful place to be employed.
I Frank Ins leave of absence
of nearly twu months and
will pass the. greater part of
his vacation with relatives and
friends in Corvallis. While on
the way home he visited at the
Fair in Portland for a few days
and speaks in : highest priise of
what he saw there.
A fev days ago Jolm F. Allen
of this city, received a letter from
Major C. B. Hardin, who is now
quartered with his regiment at
Zamboanga,; Phiilioine Islands.
Mr. Allen and the major have
corresponded regularly since the
departure ot the latter about a
year ago ior the Phillipines.
Major Hardin writes a capital
letter it is always newsy. It
wiil be remembered that the
major was in charge ot the mili
tary department of OAC for some
thing more than a year before be
in ordered to the . islands.
The major in his letter states
that his health is excellent and
he recently had the honor of tak
ing first place in athletic contests
on the horizontal bar and flying
rings. This was in regimental
contest. Recently he has been
instructing his men in the art of
swimming and the men are com
pelled to come up to a certain
standard before they are consid
ered proficient in the water.
Bvery man must be able to swim
ioo yards, striped; 75 yards with
clothing on, and so yards . with
c'othing snd m additio 1 with a
cartridge belt con t'ainiug ioa
in-i'sds of amm'-umtiori, haver
sack, canteen and blanket. This
is a load for a horse and enough
to make 50 yards seem a mile. v
The health of the major's fam
ily has been excellent since they
went to the islands. Mrs. Har
din and dathter,' Virginia, re
cently returned to ; Zi;n.hoaga
after having LuUiCd Jjpu. 'Tin.-,
of course was a delightful trip
and of a kind anybody would ap
precfate. The . major calculates
on doing a little touring on his
own account before leaving the
islands for' good. His objective
point is Borneo he wants to see
the wild man in his own d&main.
He is but a few hundred miles
from Barneo at present and will
in all likelihood have the tsur
his heart is set on.
The major's regiment- has
orders to leave Manila, December
J5 I95. tor the United States.
On arrival in the "States" they
are to be stationed at Monterey,
California. Taken all in all,
there are lew more interesting
writers than Major Hardin.
Woman's Home Companion
Frank Leslie's Monthly : :
Modern Prissilia and
Corvallis Gazette
AH five
one year
Notice for Publication.
, United States Land Office,-
Portlan-l, Oregon,
Aujrust 19, ltH 5.
Notice is herebv given that in compliance with
tbe provisions ol the act ot Congress of June 8,
1878, entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands
in the States of California, Orero'i, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as exten led to all the
Public Land States by act of August 4, 18D2.
nr a eun'Rwnnn PATTV
of Corvallis, county of Bentcn, State of Oregon
has this day filed in this office her sworn statement
No 6654, for the purchase of S J Si of Section
No 26 in Township No lo S., Range No 6 West, and
will offer proof to show that the land sought is wore,
valuable for its timber or stone than for agricultur
al purposes, and to establish her claim to said land
before the Register and Receiver of this office at
Fortland. Oregon, on Monday, the Uth day of
November, 1905,
She names as witnesses: Erwin K. ; Alexander,
Thomas R. Graham, James H. Patty, all of Cor
vallis, Oregon, llobt. A. Miiler, of Portland, Oreiron.
Anv and all persons claiming adversely the above
described lands are requested to file their claims in
this office on or before .said 6th day of N ovember,
i Register,
Was In Poor Health For Years.
. Ira W. Kellev. ol" Mmiraeld. Pa.,
write:- 'I was ia poor lielih for two
years sulferiug from kidne)' and bladder
trouble, and spent considerable money .
consulting physicians without, obtaining
any marKeu oenetit, nut a r.urea Dv
Fo!ev s Kidney Cure, and I desue to add
my testimony that it may ba cuse of
restoring the health of others'' Refuse
substitutes. Sold by Graham A Worth
am. ; c of Final Settiernent.
- Notice is hereby given that tbe executrix of the
last will of Seymour Cbipman, deceased, has filed
her final account with county court, Benton county,
Oregon, and said county court has set Tuesday,.
September 5, 1906, at 10 o'clock a. m. at county -court
room, Corvallis, to bear an objections to
said report.
ri uueiice uuipniau,
Weekly Oregonian.
San Francisco JExamlner, ,
Corvallis Gazette
Mi three
one year
With Royal Baking Powder there is
no mixing with the handsno sweat of -the
brow. Perfect cleanliness, greatest
facility, sweet, clean, healthful food.
- 1 : - :
Full instructions in the " Royal Baker and Pastry Cook"
book" for making all kinds of bread, biscuit and cake
with Royal ' Baking Powder. Gratis to any address.