Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, August 25, 1905, Image 4

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Fifteen words or lees, 25 eta for three
Buccesiuve' insertions, or 50 cts per
month; ferall up to and including ten
additional words, yi tent a word for each
For h!1 advertisements over 25 words,
1 ct per word for the first insertion, and
yi ct per word for each additional inser
tion. Nothing inserted for less than 25
Lodge, society and church notices,
other than strictly news matter, will be
Charged for. '
undersigned is now in this city and has
been placed in the hands of the City
Transfer Company for sale. Norwood
Trading Co. 66t
camp wagon. Bargain if sold soon.
B. F. Chance, 17th, near VanBuren
st. 68-70
I miles west of Blodgett, on the 'county
H rn Acres in cultivation. More
Irl ho ont. Fair house 4 rooms, fair
barn, other outbuildings, good orchard,
some small fruit. One farm wagon
worth $50.. 10 head of cows, one
two-year old bull, 1 yearling steer, 2
calves, 40 head of sheep, 6 head of
hogs, 15 tons of good oat hay, 1 acre of
Dotatoes. tools on the place, a bargain
at Ci.fitf). I. D. Pitman. Blodgett, Or.
61 9
gies and go-carts, at Dilley & Arnold's.
New Jury Drawn for Land
Fraud Cases.
' .
Benton county again had a
couple her citizens drafted for
service as jurors during the land
fraud trials in Portland, and these
gentlemen are W. A. Jolly,
county commissioner, and Walter
K. Taylor, who provides many
of our citizens with milk.
It was expected that Siletz
operations would be the first to
be investigated. Rumor also has
it that certain Albany men will
have to "explain." Regarding
all this talk and conjecture the
Portland Telegram of Tuesday
evening had the following:
It is believed tnat tne jury is
investigating today the Siletz
Reservation frauds, with a view
to renewing . the indictment
against Jones, : Potter and others,
which was dismissed because of
the faulty wording of the docu
ment. A number of Siletz wit
nesses are in rortland wno are
somewhat familiar with the
methods employed by Jones and
others in securing countryman to
file upon Siletz lands, and will
tell what they know to the grand
jury. .Fublisher borne, ot tne
Lincoln County Leader, at To
ledo, and Frank Stanton, county
commissioner of Lincoln, the
latter having done considerable
cruising on the lands said to have
Office First National Bank Building
Only set of abstracts in Benton County
W. E. Yates. Bert Yates.
Law, Abstracting and Insurance.
Both Phones. Corvallis, Oregon
Office in Post Office Building, Corval
lis, Oregon.
leas' extraction. In Zierolf building
Opp. Post Oth -e, Corvallis, Oregon.
been fraudulently obtained, are
among those who will testify.
F. Clark, an Oregon City
abstractor, and G. A. Heinz, of
the same place, are on hand in
response to summonses. ' They
wul probably tell what thev
earned of the Jones entries by
contests which they filed against
the fraudulent claims. Mr. Clark
is believed to have acted as at
torney for the contestees of the
claims. Colonel Robert A. Mil-
er, a Portland land office attor
ney, will appear to tell what he
knows about the Siletz filings, he
having acted as attorney for
several of the entrymen and for
some of the men who are under
stood to be subject to an indict
ment. W. S. U'Ren, of Ore
gon City, father of the initiative
referendum, has been summoned
and was on hand this moraine.
He left, after a conference with
District 'Attorney Heney,- for
Oregon City, to bring down some
papers to be introduced into the
testimony. His testimony . will
be to substantiate the fact that
Potter agreed to pay two soldiers
widows, Mrs. Mullin and Mrs.
Lehman, both of Milwaukie, Or.,
$200 for their filing rights, they
to take the claims and later
transfer them to Potter. This
was brought to Mr. TJ'Ren'
attention by the non-payment of
the. promised $200 because the
claims were held up, and his ser-
Machine Counts one Million Pen
nies a Day.
orders given prompt attention ; short
notir-e orders solicited. Good work,
as cheap as anybody. W. R. Hassell,
Ind. phone 835. 44tf.
nt-Law. Notarv. Titles. Convevanc
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Courts. Office in Burnett Building.
eer, Corvallis, Or. P. A. Kline Line,
Phone No. 1. P. O. address. Box 11.
Pavs highest prices for all kinds of
live stock. Twenty years' experience.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Fire Proof
Water Proof
lands, new-comers in this county will
make no mistake in consulting James
Lewis. Mr. Lewis has been in Benton
for 30 vears and not only Knows the
county bin the entire valley. He has
ripen nctivelv eneased in telling and
bnyind live stock and real estate all ol
this time and naturally his judg
ment is sound. He knows soils and
lalues. His knowledge is worth money
10 anybody desiring correct and sincere
.information. kw"
Stage leaves Alsea 6 :30 a. m. ; arrives
tt Philemath at 12 m : leaves Philo
math 1 p.m., arrives .at Alsea 6:30
p. m. All persons wishing to go or
return from Alsea and points west can
be accomodated at any time. Fare to
Alsea $1.0 J Round trip same day $2.00.
M. 8. Rickard.
Just the Thing for Hop-Drl
ers. . Write for Catalogue.
vices as an attorney were sought
to collect the promised $200.
Potter, it is said, paid the riling
fees, but withheld the $200 be
cause the claims did not pass to
final receipt.
Investigation is to be made, it
appears, into the ways and means
used by certain Albany timber
speculators in acquiring lands
near Prineville. Albany men, it
is alleged, have succeeded in get
ting title to timber lands there
by equally doubtful methods as
were used in the Siletz reserve,
the modus operandi being al
most identical the en try men agree
ing to transfer title to the lands
to the promoters of the scheme
upon final receipt issuing. Kola
Neis, a - leading hopman of the
state, and manager of the Al
bany brewery, is here to tell
what he knows in connection'
with these transactions. This
at counts, it is believed, for the
presence here of .many Prineville
citizens who are to appear be
fore the grand jury.
A million pennies a day that
is the capacity of a . strange ma
chine which Uncle Sam used in
the Philadelphia mint to count
the coin of the smallest value
made by the government. The
machine, known as a counting
table, is exhibited in the Govern
ment building as a part of Uncle
Sam's $800,000 display on the
Peninsula in Guild's L,ake at the
Lewis and Clark Exposition.
The counting board is about as
large as a big kneading board
such as housewives use. The
surface of it is wide enough to
hold a row of forty pennies
When the pennies are -to be
counted, several thousand are
heaped onto the board, which is
placed above a hopper. . Then
an operator tips the board back
ward and forward and sideways,
so that the pennies slide about,
and finally settle in the grooves
made by the brass partition
strips. When the board is full.
there are 1, 000. pennies on it. It
is then dumped into a receptacle
just outside the hopper, and the
bennies which have slipped off
the boaid into the hopper are
caught by a box underneath
Pennies are coined only at the
Philadelphia mint, and the Gov
ernment finds the coining- of
them profitable, because the value
of the metal they contain is only
A Deal On.
Pacific Pulp Piaster Co.
517-521, Chamber of Commerce, I
R. M. WADE 8 CO., Agts., Corvallis. I
are the most fatal of all dis
eases. .
IiULlI 0 Guarantead Remedy
. A deal is on for the purchase
of the Corvallis sawmill and all
logs and lumber in stock. F. A.
Douty, of , Independence, is the
gentleman desirous or acquiring
this property ot E. W. Strong.
Mr. Douty has a partner in the
deal and said partner's name is
Patterson. The sale is almost
settled affair, as the new propne
tors " are now in charge of the
I or money refunded. Contains
the first national bank of remedies recognized by emi-
Corvallia, Oregon, does a general, con- . t,T.00 c U tnr
servative banking business It guarded pnysiaans as 1 tne DCStlOT
Bafely ita customers' banking business Kidney and Bladder trOUDieS.
PRICE 50c. and $1.00.
through the panics of tbe last two
decades, which merits proper consider
ation. - It affords banking privileges at
home and abroad, first-class, not ex
celled by any institution in the United
States. The members of the Board of
. Directors were bora and raised in Ben
ton County, except one, and that mem
ber has resided in the connty forty-six
years. The business history of each
. is as an open book before the people of
tne county. Loans to customers solicit
ed, properly, secured 40tf
The Kind You Have Always Bought and which has been.
In use for over JO years, nas borne the signature of
and has been made under his per-
7Sjfy?ys sonal supervision since its infancy.
, All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health-of .
Infants and Children Experience, against Experiment
Castoria is a harmless substitute fot Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotie
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic.- It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children;s Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
Notice Of Final Settlement
ana burgeon. Kooms 14, Bank Build
ing. Omce Hours : 10 to 12 a. m , 2 to
4 p. m . Residence : cor. 5th and Ad
ams Sta ..Telephone at office and res
idence.. V OorvaJlis. Oregen.
In the County Court of the State of Oregon for Ben-
- ton county.
In the matter of the estate 1
and Last Will and testament f
I of I
William Wyatt, deceased J
Notice is hereby given that I have filed my final ac
count as executor of the last will and testament of
William Wyatt, deceased, with the clerk of the above
entitled Court and that said Court has fixed and ap
pointed Saturday, the oth day of September, 1905 at.
11 o'clock in the forenoon of said day at the offce
I of the Connty Judge ot said County at the' Court
House in isentoD county, uregon, as tne time ana
place lor bearing objections to and tne settlement
ot saia e inai Account: ana all persons interestea ana
desiring to object thereto are notified to appeal at
Bail time ana hie their objections.
Dated, August 8th, 1905.
a.j. Williams, Executor,
of the Estate of William Wvatt. deceased
and Surgeon, Office anil Residence, on
Main street, Philomath, Oregon.
Public Is Aroused.
The public is aroused ' to a knowledge
o tbe curative merits of that great
medicinal tonic, Electric Bitters, for
u 1 : A i. : i T
K. V. BUKUESS. M. D. H Wnltm nf R4fi St flair Av Plnl-
Office over Blackledge Furniture Store, umbia, O., writes: "For several months
Office hours : ' 10 to 12 and 3 to 5. 1 1 was given up to die. I had fever and
ague, my nerves were a wreck, l could
not Bleep and mv stomach was so weak
WANTFI"! I from useless doctors' drugs that I could
not eat. Rnan after fWinnino- tn t.aVfi
WANTED 500 SUBSCRIBERS TO THE I a short time I was entirelv cured."
oazsttb ana weekly Oregoman at Guaranteed at Allen & Woodward's drug
s.ooperyear. - - Btore; price 50c
mill and the task of scaling lum
ber ana logs is in progress. ;
The final arrangements of the
sale cannot be determined unti
the stock is invoiced. However,
there is little doubt but the dea
will be consummated. The saw
in capacity of ?.Tr. S'.rcr's m:l
is about 40,000 feet per day, and
the valuation of the plant is in
the neighborhood of $20,000.
If the saleis made, Mr. Strong
will take as part payment a saw
mill at Independence. This mill
has nearly the capacity of the one
in this city and is valued at
$12,000. Messrs. Douty and
Patterson will pay the difference
in the valuation of the two mills
in cash. V- Vv
If the transfer is made Mr.
Strong . and family expect to
move to Independence in the
course of a couple of weeks to
assume chart-of the mill there.
E. W. Strong cira to Corvaliis
with his family in 18.99 from St
Paul, a small place not far from
Davton, Oregon. At tnat time
he., acquired possession X of the
sawmill in this city and has
operated it most successfully
since. He has built up a splen
did business, one that is worth
money to any man. .
bout three-fourths of a cent
1 he uosettine macnine is
another interesting mechanica
contrivance. It is used for tnrn
n'e the edges ot coins. The coin
discs, of the proper size and thick
ness, but with their edges stil
are put into tubes to St
tnem. These tubes are placed
upright beside a round-topped,
revolving table. At each revolu
tion of the table, ne of the discs
drops into a groove between the
table and an outer shell, and the
pressure on the edges ot the disc
makes them smooth.
Stamping the coins is the last
- .
process and tuis is done Dy
means of a great machine which
weighs 15 tons and costs $15,000.
There are twenty-four such ma
chines in the Philadelphia mint.
The discs which are to be coins
are placed in a tube, as is the
case of the upsetting machine.
The steel fingers take hold of the
bottom disc, and move it over to
the die. - Then the die above
presses down on the disc, so that
the impression is made on both
sides. At the same time, the
edges of the disc are milled, and
when the upper die raises, . the
steel fingers push the finished
con out of the way and bring
a disc into position.
The machine at the Portland
Exposition, which is used in
stamping twenty-dollar" .... gold
pieces, has a capacity of 90 a
minute. A pressure of 180 tons
is neccesary to stamp a silver dol
lar, but 130 tons pressure will
stamp a double eagle. Smaller
coins require less pressure.
In connection with the exhibit
at the Western World's Fair,
coins of this year's make in all
denominatioiis except the silver
dollar are disrlaved. None of
the mints are now coining dol
ars, because the Government
has on hand 600,060,000 which
are being held tor the purpose
of redeeming silver certificates,
There is also on exhibition at
Portland the 1 hrst coining press
ever used by the United States
Government, a crude machine
which was operated by hand,
and was used in 1 79S for making
copper pennies
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years,
Os.-ar Verd, or Philomath, came out
for a few days vis-it ni;h his uucle. who
is living oh liis Iir.mesterd.
Mrs. Daniels has been afflicted of late
with a very s re haxd..
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Walker were visit
ing friends on Beaver Creek one day last
Messrs. Weed, Daniels and Duffey
were Corvallis visitors last Friday. Mr.
Weed filed a petition to prove up on his
homestead. i v
Gray and Mercer finished threshing
last Monday after a tenlay's run.
Mrs. Mercer has been quite ill the laBt
tew weeks.
Mr. Stephens has been very unfortu
nate of late, having lost a. cow by some
unknown disease and had another one
affected in like, manner.
Mr. and Mrs.' Otis Skipton visited at
Mr. Gray's last Sunday.
The Butler Brother who received in-
. r l,4 r
iniwi tw trie uniurniim 01 v
j J .
bound grain are stea lily improving.
Was In Poor Health For Years.
Ira W. Kellev, of Mansfield. Pa.f
write: "I was in poor health for two.
years, suffeiing from kidney and bladder
tiouble, and spent considerable money
consulting physicians without obtaining
any marked benefit, but waB. cured by
Foiev's Kidney Cure, and I desire to add
my testimony that it may be the cause of
restoring the health of others-" Refuse
substitutes. Sold by Graham & Worth-am.
Notice is herebv given that the executrix of tbe
last will of Seymour Chipman, deceased, has filed
ner nnai account witn county court, ttenton county,
Oregon, and said county court has set Tuesday,
September S, 1905, at 10 o'clock a. m. at county
court room, Corvallis, to bear anj objections to
said report.
"ruaence cniprnan.
Considerable Cats.
Marshal Van Worley has gone
Into a new business, viz., the ship
Ding of cats out of Titusville. He
aas shipped about 20 to the farm
?f Eli Walker, at Quay. There
were all sorts of eats, large and
small, and all shades of color ;
ome with ears and tails and some
without. Titusville (Fla.) East
Coast Advocate. - .
Notice ofgFinal Settlement.
Water Bonds.
All persons desiring to purchase Cr-
vallia City Water Bonds, soon to be
issued by the I"Water Committee" ap
pointed by the "Act of tbe Legislature of
Oregon," passed at the last session there
of, and approved by the Governor, and
filed in the office of the Secretary of
State, February 15, 1905. will pleaee-
comuuuh:ate to ii:ein writing before the
first dav of September, 1905, the amount
of such bonds each person so notifying
me tpspertivelv desires to and will pur
chase of said bonde. Said bonds to bear
inleieat at futir per rent l-er annum pay
a');e m anuually. D.itd this, the 15th
day of Aug.. 1905.
S. L. Kxink,
"" ' Clerk of the Water Committee.
; Italy's Working Women:.
While Germany has 6,500,000
women who earn, their own living,
Italy, with only one-half the oj
illation, has 5,250,000.
Take The Gazette for all the
local news.
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office,
. , Portland, Oregon,
August 19, 19o5.
Notice is herebv given that in compliance with I
tbe nrovisions of tiie act of Congress of June 3, 1
1S78. entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands I
in the States of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to all the
Public Land States by act of August 4, 1892,
of Corvaliis. couutv of Bentcn, State of Oregon. I
has this day filed in this office her sworn statement
No 6854, for the purchase of S. J 8i of Section
No 26 in Township No lo S., Range No 6 West, and
will offer proof to show that the land sought is more
valuable for its timber or stone than for agricultur
al numosea. and to establish her claim to said land
before the Register and Receiver of this office at
Portland. Oregon, on Monday, the 6th day of
November, 1905,
She names as witnesses: Erwin R. Alexander,
Thomas B. Graham, James H. Patty, all of Cor
vallis, Oregon, Bobt. A. Miiler, of Portland, Oregon.
Anv and all persons claiming adversely the above-
deseribed lands are requested to file their claims in I
this office on or before said 6th day of November, I
Register, ,
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kidneys ana waaer right. '
to the
Children especially are fond of dainties,
and the housekeeper must look carefully
to their food.
As good cake can be made only with
good eggs, so also a cake that is health
ful as well as dainty must be raised with
a pure and perfect baking powder.
Royal Baking Powder is indispensable
in the preparation of the highest quality
of food. r It imparts that peculiar light
ness, sweetness and flavor noticed in the
finest cake, biscuit, doughnuts, crusts, etc.,
:. and what ; is more important, renders the
food wholesome and agreeable to young
and old.