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Vol. XLH.
Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon, Tuesday, May 23, 1905.
4 '
Referendum Petitions Sufficiently
Signed Placed on File.
ance upon claims for the mainten
ance of Normal Schools. He has
taken this' position 'because the
Normal Schools have never been
regarded as state institutions in
the same sense as the asylum,
penitentiary, etc., are state insti
tutious, because their claims were
not audited in 1897 when no
appropriations were available, be
cause the State Board of Levy
made no estimate for Normal
Schools in making the annual es
timates for state expenses in Jan-'
Secretary Punbar will fol
precedent until the judicial
directs him to do
During the last session of the
legislature of Oregon the legisla
tors of the state visited the OAC
in a body. They were all won
derfully pleased with what they
beheld at this great institution.
For a girls' dormitory and other
improvements about OAC an ap
propriation of $65,000 had been
asked. Many of the senators and uary
representatives of the state while low
here made the statement that we department
were modest in our request as re- otherwise,
gards the size of appropriation It Ms understood . that local
asked for. banks and business men have ar
To ask was to have it granted ranged to furnish funds tor the
and we cherished the hope that Monmouth, Ashland and Wes-
some building would be in prog- ton Normals; and perhaps simi
ress at this institution this sum- lar anangements will be made at
mer. But in other appropriations Drain. An effort will first be
Sought there appears not to have made to establish the right
been so much modesty in demand these insiitutions to ' have their
and the granting of such requests claims audited and a friendly suit
raised the mischief to such an will be brought to compel the
extent that the referendum was Secretary of State to issue certifi
invoked against legislative "log cates of allowances. If this
rolling." Hence, so far as mak- should be decided against the
ing necessary improvements is normals, the local capitalists will
concerned our institution can do furnish funds and depend upon
nothing, lbe iollowing dispatch the next Legislature lor reimburse
sent out from balem very clearly merit
presents certain facts: Secretarv of State Dunbar
The referendum petitions, de- checked the petitions this after-
manding that House bill No. 370, noon and evening, the task re
known as the $1,000,000 appro- quiring the work of two clerks
priation biU, be referred to a vote for seven hours. It was found
of the people, was filed in the of- that 7920 persons signed the pe
nce ot the secretary ot btate this titions, but only 61 12 of the sig
forenoon. The appropriation bill natures were certified by the
will therefore not take effect, but County Clerks to be genuine.
will remain in abeyance until at- Fifteen out of 35 counties are rep
ter tne general election in June, resented by the petitions
1900. , At mar, unie me question
University of Washington Bows
to Oregon's Farmers.
will be piesented to the people
whether the appropriation bill
will become a law. it a majori
ty voting thereon vote in the af
firmative, the, bill will become a
law, and not otherwise.
inis 0111 carries tne appropri
ations for maintenance at the asy
lum, penitentiary, reform school,
mute school, blind school
four normal schools. It also con
tains appropriations for addition
Ready for Use.
Some time ago the city pur
chased a couple of fire ex
tinguishers, such as are common
ly known as chemical engines.
They have not been in use here
tofore for the reason that there
and was n0 wav ' 8ett'n? them to
tne scene ot tne nre. , 'mat
ter of ha vine a . cart made for
We are all feeling pretty good
as the result of las-t Thursday's
meet between the University of
Washington track team and that
of OAC. on the field of the
latter. Ever sisce it was deter
mined that the meet' was to take
place here it has been much
talked of and day by day greater
interest was awakened.
That Washington had a strong
team was everywhere admitted,
but our boys have been making
such splendid showings on every
hand that we were firmly con
vinced that victory was ours, by
a small margin at least, before
the U. of O. team arrived. But
with all our confidence, none
were found bold enough to pre
dict that we would lead the
visiting team by 20 points; but
we did,, the final score showing
OAC 71 to 51 for U. of W.
A good crowd of people were
ia attendance and many of those
present came from some distance
abroad to witness the events.
Manv surprises greeted " the
visitors; lor instance, Dow Walk
er took the first place over Tom
McDonald in the hammer throw.
Green, too, Washington's crack
sprinter, was defeated by the
pride of OAC, Captain Williams.
Smitbson, in. sprints, could do as
he liked with any visitor who
would try him at his own dis
tance. There are only three men on
earth who really know what
Williairs and Smitbson can do
if they have to, and those men
are Wiiliams, Smithson and
their trainer, W. O. Trine.
Following is the list of events
and winners of places.
100-yard dash Smithson
Williams (OAC) 2d; Smith
time, 10 1-5 seconds.
. Pole Vault Winsor (Wash) 1st;
Dohm (Wash) 2d; Swarm (OAC) 3d;
distance 10 ft 4 in. The two Washing
ton men tied in the first trial and Winsor
in deciding the tie, beat bis first record
that an Oregon boy named Smith-!
son will give Charlie Parsons a
run or his money in a 100-yard
class at the Portland Exposition
games. Smithson will have to
go some, says the sports, if hr
he trims the southerner. Parsons
has won his spurs in plenty of
hard races, and he met the best
every time. .
The Berkeley boys were will
ing to bet all kinds of money on
Snedigar, their star 100-yard
man, and Parsons beat him with
ease, letting Snedigar lead to the
50-yard mark, and then passing
him as he pleased. Parsons again
allowed Snedigar to lead to the
last ten yards of the 220, and
then shooting ahead broke the
record for the -distance. r:
Harvey Homes, a well-known
sportsman, says he believes Par
sons will beat any man in the
world today at the 220, and re
peats the prophecy that ttie wooly
headed boy is ! another Arthur
Duffy . People from Los Angeles,
where Parsons' home is will
go to Portland prepared to back
the Californian to the limit.
Lewis and Clark Exposition.
During: the Lewis and Clark Exposi
tion the SoHthern Pacific Company will
sell round trip tickets to Portland, limit
thirty days, at one and one-third fair for
round trip. For parties of ten or more
traveling on one ticket, one fare for the
round trip. For organized parties of one
hundred or more, individual tickets at
one fare for round trip. Stopovers of ten
days will be given at Portland on all one
way tickets reading through that point
during the expesition. Tickets must he
deposited with Joint Agent at Portland
and charge of fifty cents will be made
for the eztention of time. 41-45
(OAC) 1st;
(Wash) 3d;
al maintenance and new build- mounting the extinguishers was
incrs at the TTniwrsitv f rw recently turned over by the coun-
the State Agricultural College cil to J .Berry,' chief of the
and the Snldiers' Wnme Tt rnn. fire department.
tains -the appropriations for the ; Mr. Berry has designed a very
transnortation of insane natients nlcet hght cart to be d"awn by
and convicts and the expense of wo m,en wlth e, maa Phing
returning fugitives, the aid ef trom oenina. ine wbeeis.are
nn.reHent tw- and c,.rai set close together so that the
minor items. The tnlal amniinr Can be SCOOted along Oil
of the appropriations is a little sidewalks during the season of
over $1,000,000. . 1 ycar inai lQC s"eeis .are
The bill was objectionable to muaay, aiso mat tiie engines
many .people, because in it the mav be' wheeled through narrow
Terislatnre irtinerl the items
fnr gates if necessary. While the
maintenance of the normal srhnnU wheels are of good ske the axles
with the items for maintenance are dropped down in the center
of the asylum, penitentiary, etc.. 50 ttytthe cart cannot be easily
over the nrotest of several metn--hlpset
t I pw . r
bers of the Legislature. For manv A ne lw0 cans 01 cnemicals are
years the practice has prevailed Placed on springs and large
of making; omnibus aDDrooria- springs clasp them about the top,
tion bills, and the filing of the holding them in positio n. The
referendum petition is regarded worK 01 -ouiiaing tne cart was
as an effort of the nennle tn ner. aone at Horning Bros, and the
throw what they believe to be finishing touches necessary will
a pernicious practice. V 8lven bY tne end of tfae week
The filing of the referendum
petitions will have the effect 01 (Jot Stranded.
preventing the expenditure of any
sums .appropriated by this bill; Yaquina Bay news in its last
A large portion of the revenue issue produces the following "fish
has already been raised or the story:"
taxes for the revenue have been Early this morning a fairly
levied and the money will accu- good sized whale while sporting
mulate in the state treasury. around in the Bay got stranded
Secretary of State Dunbar act-Ion the south side spit almost di
ing under authority of existing! rectly opposite the Ocean House.
statutes will audit claims for the It lay wallowing in the shoal wa-
maintenance of the asylum, peni- ter, its huge proportions half ex-
tentiary and other institutions at posed to view for. several' hours
balem, and will issue certificates until the rising tide released it.
for allowance for those claims he Once afloat it struck a bee line
approves. These certificates can tor China at lightning speed and
be held by claimants until1 the was no doubt half a thousand
Legislature appropriates ' money miles away in the Pacific ocean
for their payment or can discount before our sleepy citizens awaken-
them to warrant brokers at about ed to the fact that it might have
90 cents on the dollar, The sec- been captured while lying help
. retary will refuse to audit claims less on the beach and been a val
for the normal schools or tor new uable attraction to excursionists
buildings at any of Jhe institu- from the interior. , It was thought
tions. to be about seventy feet in length,
Secretary of State Dunbar has! and the exposed part of its body
already indicated his intention stood about six feet above the
not to issue certificates of allow- water.
two inches.
One-half Mile Bun Greenhaw (OAC)
1st; Geary (Wash) 2d: Tibbals (Wash)
3d; time 2 ruin 4 1-5 sec. This breaks
the state record.
220-yard Dash Williams (OAC) 1st;
Smithson (OAC) ?I ; Green (Wash) 3d;
time 23 3-5 sec. The two OAO men tid
for first place, the tie being decided in
favor -of Williams. 1
Discus v Throw Stout (OAC) 1st;
Bowers (OAC) 2d ; McDonald (Wash)
3d; distance 114 ft 4 in. This breaks
the state record. .
120 yard Hurdle Winsor Wash 1st
Beldon OAO 2d; Bracket Wash 3d
time 17 sec.
High Jump Smith Wash 1st;
Smithson OAC 2d ; height 5ft 6in.
440 yard Dat-h Williams (OAC) 1st
Green Wash 2d; Schroder OAC 3d
time 52 2-5 '
Broad Jump Winsor (Wash) 1st
Smith Wash ad; Moores OAC1 3d
distance 21 ft 7 3-4 in. - '
Shot Put McDonald (Wash) 1st
Walker rOAC 2d; Bowers IOAC 3d
distance 39 ft 10 1-2 in.
220-Yard Hurdle Cathey (OAC) 1st;
Smithson OAC 2d; Winsor Wash
3d, time 27 sec
Mile Run McCrary Wash 1st-: Da vol 1
OAC, 2d; Leonard OAC, 3d; time 4 min
43 3-5 sec. ' The state record for this
event was tied.
Hammer Throw Walker OAC, ist;
McDonald Wash, 2d; Shepard OAC, 3d;
distance 125 ft. 9 in.
Were Inspected Friday.
On Fridav morning, Captain
Winn, special military inspector
of this division for military col
leges arrived in this city. The
cadets of OAC were subject to
inspection and the entile day
was spent by this- officer in look
ing into the work of our military
Doay. .tvvery tactic Known in.
the requirements of the regular
army was given by the students.
There was artillery drill, infantry
drill, signal drill, guard mount,
special examination of officrs, in
act, nothing was omitted
Kvery department showed up
A 1. Inspecting officers are not
expected to comment on whst
thev see about an institution, be
it ever so worthy, but Capt. Winn
stated to Lieut. Quinlan, com
mandant at OAC, that at no col
lege where he had been had he
found so much real interest and
enthusiasm evident on the part
of the cadets. He further stated
that President Gatch had splendid
ideas regarding matters..: relative
to affairs of the military body.
Lieut. Quinlan has just cause to
feel proud of the showing made
by his boys on the field last Fri
dar. '
Saturday, Capt. Winn started
for Pullman, Wash., and from
there he will go to Moscow,
Idaho, for the purpose of inspect
ing the woTk of the cadets at ti e
institutions at these .lue. T
captain is aid to General Mc
Arthur of the United States
New Partnership.
Bert Yates and W. E. Yates ;have
formed a partnership under the firm
name of Yates & Yates. They expect to
do a general insurance and altract busi
ness. They represent good reliable in
surance companies and will furnish
accurate, neat and complete abstracts of
Benton county property at reasonable
prices. Call on - or write to Yates &
Yates. Corvallis, Oregon. ,
Juggling With Dynamite.
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kidnev disorders. Foley's Kidnev Cure
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Sterling, Iowa, "but two bottles of
Foley's Kidney Cure effected a perma
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Sived by Dynamite.
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Cornice. Roofing, Guttering,
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F. A. Hencye
In connection with J. H.
Steamer Oregona, leaves Cor
vallis, .Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays, for Portland and all
way points at 6 a. m. For rates,
etc., call on
A. J. SHIRLEY, Agent.
A Creeping Death.
Blood poison creeps up towards the
heart, causing dcathv J. E. Stearns,
Belle Plaine, Minn., writes that a fiieud
dreadfully injured his hand, which
swelled up like blood poisoning. Buck-
len'- Arr.ica Salve drew out the poison,
healed the wound, and eaved his life
Best in the world for horns ant sores.
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Cheap Sunday Rates Between
Portland and Willamette
Valley Points.
Low round trip rates have been placed
n effect between Portland and Willam
ette Valley points, in either direction.
Tickets will be sold
and limited to return on or before the
following Monday.
' Rate to or From $3.00.
Call on Southern PavihV Co's Agents
i for particulars.
Artistic Dressmaking.
Ladies wishing artistic dressmaking at
rereonable prices, should call on Mrs. L.
Estes, of Sau Francisco, at the residence
of 'Gere Simpson, Corvallis. Indep.
Phone No. 254. ' 40tf
Gazette Independent phone No
Can go Some.
It seems that OAC sprinters are
gaining a reputation abroad, for
a San Francisco, dispatch says
Smithson will have to go some
to beat Parsons,, of Eos Angeles,
at the Exposition spnntingevents.
Special mention is made of Par
sons' phenominal swiftness in the
220-yaru distance. ?
It is fitting' to state that OAC
has two men that can make Par
sons, or any other man on earth
'leg it" some to put dust in tneir
eves, une is omunson ana tne
other is Williams. With these
sprinters it is a case oi pay your
money and -take your cnoice
The distance sent out from the
bay city is as follows:
From the north comes a report
Pneumonia follow La firlppo
but newer follows the uso of
CHI CV'O Honey
rULLI O and Tar
tt stops the Cough and heals ths longa,
Prevents Pneumonia and Consumption.
HK.Q. T&onm, ml IST Oscood St. CUev.
vritaai -K? wit bad U vrippa mad UUttkn
vitb ttj bad aoock as bar luv wblal
huf1! Hons Taj aarad nlail i
Terrific Race With Death.
"Death was fast approaching,'' writes
Ralph F. Fernandez, of Tampa, Fla.,
describing his feaifnl race with death.
aa a result of liver trouble and heart
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manv different doctors and t-eveial med
icines, lint KOt no benefit, until I began
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Honey and Tar as a throat and lung
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