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JL nil 3Q
Vol. XLII.
Corvalus, Benton County, Oregon, Tuesday, May 16, 1905.
tO. 41
School Laws Make
portant Changes.
may, at his discietion, appoint
for each examination" four per
sons, , who, with the county
superintendent, shall constitute
a county board of examiners for
the uniform eighth grade exam
inations; but no person shall be
eligible for appointment as a
member of said board who does
not at the, time of his appoint
ment hold ' a . valid teacher's
certificate in full force " and effect
in said county. , 'The county
A Great Man.
School la ws under the acts of
1905 have been issued and some
changes of importance have been
made. Any legislation bearing
on our public schools is most
important, therefore we are sum
marizing certain sections for the
1 ci. r J
ueuems ui uui icaucis. 1 j .
It is the auty of the authorities! ,T . . . . . .
m caCu Kuuui iuu, ?ulVvr sfiall be chairman of said board
ed town, and of each public amJ a majority shall constitute a
-' quorum.
Tn v t -i i tu . ot M n. that'
county clerk in which a school
district town, city or corporation
is situated, of the tax levy made
bv it on or before the first day of
January in each year. ' United States District Judge
If a school teacher in the Dub- Uiaries t,. Bellinger passed irom
lie schools shall willingly violate this life Friday afternoon at his
the terms oi his or her contiact nome in roruana, alter a com-
for teaching bv resifraino- his or paratively brief illness. His de-
her position without giving the nrise is sadly lamented by an un
school board written notice at usually large circle or menus.
least thirty days previous to the In early Hie Charles E Belling-
.time the resienation takes effect, er uvea in uenton county lor a
he shall be liable to revocation of time, residing at Dotn corva lis
licence for teaching within the and Monroe at different periods.
the tie was ooln in Maquon, in
an November 21, 1839. While still
for a - young man Judge Bellinger
was united in wedlock with Miss
of Margery Johnson, in Linn coun-
state for the remainder of
year, without sickness or
equally good reason is given
such action.
When the annual census
High-Class Highway Consid
, ered a Good Investment.
In the last issue of the Pacific
Horn estead , T. B. Williamson, of
Oak Grove, Benton county, con-
far advanced in such a commu
nity. ;.
In conclusion, let me say let
us have a uniform system of road
work. '
No County Institute.
anv school district shows an in- ty, and seven children were born
crease of one hundred per cent to them
or more in the number of chil- Charles B. Bellinger first at
dren resident in such district tended schpol in a country school-
between the ages of . four and house on the Santiam River, un
twenty years over the number as der the tutelage of Orange Jacobs,
showed by the last annual report who is now a well known attor
of the clerk ot such district, it ney at beattle.
shall be the duty ot the clerk, to He later entered the Wiliam
lmmeaiaieiy reon ine increase ette University, but did not re
to the county superintendent. main to graduate. Leaving that
This is necessary in order to institution he studied law "at the
correctly apportion the school office of B. F. Benham. now an
funds. attorriev at Salem, and was ad-
Any county superintendent mitted to the bar in 1863, begin-
may, at nis discretion, dispense nin? the practice of his profession
wun nis annual institute lor 1905 with John C Cartwright.-
auu "sc .luc ;"olc "r V'- The young lawyer next turned
tV !li ' "-."u. to newspaper work for a time and
year tor defraying the expenses ,;tp1 tnP Arena; 'a weeklv naner
roitiana aunng tne Lewis . ana M fTlo cfaf
viarK rair. n ine superintena- w, t?
cnipieiers, nc may use oniy a h,it owintr to'failino-health
portion, of this and for congress left that dty and went to Monroe,
cxpcubcs.. omuiuii any aupctm- Tj.ntori Pniintv. where he etitratred
a j a. r. 3 r j.i 1 r - v
uc lflte IHBU Ior lac PUI" i the mercantile bnsitwss. While
po,C 01 a cungrcs wen. no money here he was eected a member of
wiuDe apporuonea iorauenaance the legislature from Benton in
.w-uiwMgj. , 1868.
" 'J " -T" I T Or t i T a J a
oW-it n, .a ,f in ioou nc again luxncu 10
o .i.rv -i;rr x JOumalism for a time and edited
v-v.. w. uwvui-.. . , m, .
iuc aiuau v icuiuwiaii a. uv. iui-
or director vacant
the happening of any of the
lowing year he came to Portland
to" practice his profession and
lowing causes
rMirrnoflAn f
tfninnmhfr . founded the Portland News, which
run ; , j later became the Telegram. He
huu a .uiuUk v-uui b ucf - r
iarMii,-. .lprHr, tn ffi ,M edited the paper for two years,
- When an incumbent shan FJom l874 to 1878 he was Clerk
tnbuted an article on the "road
question .' ' We reproduce the ar
ticle as follows :
The subject of good roads has
become the par mount , issue and
is' being agitated throughout the
farming districts.. The rural peo
ple are beginning to realize- the
tact that it pays to have its high
ways properly built and main
tained. In considering this sub
ject we, sometimes hear the ques
tion, Do good roads pay ? Let us
ask, Do bad roads pay ? Does it
pay the farmer ' who has kept at
home a large amount of his oats,
wheat, potatoes, and when the
market quotations are high to lose
sale of his products simply be
cause the roads are in such a con
dition that it is impossible for him
to 'get his product to market?
Does it pay for the extra wear
and tear cn team, harness and
vehicle? Does it pay for the ex
tra time arid trouble taken in
freighting products over poor
roads? These are facts to be con
sidered. In many communities
farm property is depreciating in
value on account of the road be
ing almost impassible for several
months of 'the year. That these
conditions do exist none will deny ;
but how to better them is the
question of the hour.
We have many men of many
minds and it is as noticeable in
road work as many other . things.
One has only to compare the work
of different road districts , to sub
stantiate this fact. Those who
have to furnish the money do not
object to contributing their. hard
earned money to build permanent
roads; but what they do object to
is to be heavily taxed for road
purposes and then see their mon
ey spent for work that in many
cases is worse than thrown away.
Many questions arise in consid
ering a system or road improve
ment but the most important one
is: How shall the funds be raised
for conducting the work?.
Very few farmers feel able to
carry the whole burden of per
manent road ' building and how
shall the emergency be met? The
press has done much towards
bringing the ' subject before the
public, while other agencies have
been at work until the movement
is beginning to find expression in
legislation by the states and we
find many of them making an-
Supt. Denman has issued a cir
cular letter to. the various teachers
of Benton county notifiying them
that there no annual coun
ty institute in our county this
year.. Benton has united with
other counties of , the valley for
the purpose of holding an educa
tional congress at the Lewis and
Clark Fair. The exact date of
this congress will be given out
later. . .
. Those in charge have arranged
to have some of the leading edu
cational men of the county pres
ent' on this occasion. Neither
time nor money is to be spared in
making Jhis meeting, a success in
every way. According to law
teachers in counties where'the an
nual county institute, has been
dispensed with are not compelled to
atteud'the congress. At the same
time the district will not receive
the $5 premium.'-
In all probability no better' op
portunity will ever be given our
teachers to get in touch with the
leading educational lights of our
land, and it is hoped that7 for the
glory of old Benton a large num
ber of .our teachers will arrange
to attend this congress, go to
Portland in a special car, and re
main a week. . '
Saved fcy Dynamite. .
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dynamiting a space that the tire can't
cross. Sometimes a cough bangs on so
long you feel as if nothing but dynamite
would cure it. Z. T. Gray, of Calhoun,
Ga., writes: "My wife had a very aggra
vated cough, which kept her awake
nights. Two physicians could not help
her; so she tooR -Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Consumption. Couehs and
Golds, which eased her cough, gave her j
sleep, and finally cured her." Strictly;
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Warning. ,
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F. A. Heticye
In connection with J. H.
mw tn rw a rinr f h Aa. w oupieme vun, ana in
tnVt 1 078 was appoimea. . a circuit
When an incumbent shall X& or ? ouria ,V,lsinct Dy
f ;oi,o f uovemor xnayer. ronu.a vacan
his office for two consecitive CZ f,aas5.d.b.y . tlie "organization
months, without sickness or 91 e ?lsmct
eauallv eood reason as an excuse. n 1880 juage Bellinger receiv-
There are a number of other ed tne nomination tor the office
rounds on which he mav he re- which he was at that time hold-
moved. v . ingr, ' butc was defeated, though
The fnllowino- relates toeitrhth he ran 1100 votes ahead of his
. o 1 ....
grade examinations: ' ' ticket. ... . . ..
It is the duty of the supenn- Jfrom 1880 to 1883 Judge Bel-
tendent of public instruction at linger practiced law, being asso
such times as he deems advisable, ciated with John fJL. Gearing and
;but not oftener than three times afterwards became a member of,
each year, to prepare questions the - firm of Dolph, Bellinger,
for use in examining pupils who Mallory & Simon. '
have completed the eighth grade In 1893 Judge Bellinger . was
work in tne public schools. appointed United States District
It shall be the duty of the Tude bv President ..Cleveland, to
chairman ot the district board of fill the vacaricyVcaused bv tbe
the district in which said' exam death of Tudee Deadv-. He took
ination is being held to conduct office May 1, and retained the po
the examination in person,. 01 sition until his death, discharg
designare some member of his -ing his many and difficult duties
board, or school clerk, or some with creat fairness , and distinc-
. person other than the teacher of tion, ,
the school to carry on this exam- While . aerk of the Suoreme
ination. The person carrying Jadge?ellinger served in
on the work shall be allowed $2 the Modoc JkVar, being a Lieu-
per aay ior me ume aciuauy put tenanr-fnlndel on the staff nf
in On this WOrk. I Oeneraf ' Mil TTf tnnlr nart
For tne purpose of examining in the fight in the Lava Beds
and grading manuscriptsf pupils June 17, 1873, at which, "time the
taking the examination mention- troops under General Wheaton
ed in sections 1 andoMhir act, were ambushed and defeated by
tne county scnoojksnpeiuKiwcnc stft.jjadians.
nual appropriations for road build
ing. y ,
'Pot Calls Kettle Black.
Literary genius ; and skill in
penmanship are said to have
no affinity. Horace Greely kept
an expert on chirography to de
cipher his editorials for the Trib
une; Ruf us Choate once wrote
at his,
Cheap Sunday Rates Between
Portland and Willamette
" Valley Points.
an invitation to a dinner
house arid the recipient, a humor
ous friend, finding himself un
able to read any part save the fa-
milhar signature, took it . to the
bank and cashed it for a five-
pound note.
Our towsman.G. A. Waggon
er, recently received a letter from
Joaquin Miller which he declares
his Satanic Majesty himself could
not read. . The letter was written
on receipt, ot a complimentary
copy of "Stories of Old Oregon,"
and Mr. Waggoner hopes that it
contains flattering comrwenf on
the book. He sent the letter to
an expert to. decipher it if possi
ble; meantime he anxiouly awaits
the result. "
Low round trip rates have been placed
n effect between Portland and' Willam
ette Vhlley points, in either direction.
Tickets will be sold
and limited to return on or before the
following Monday.
Ratb to or From $3.00.
Call on Southern Paihc Co's Agents
j for particulars.
All the local news all ef the
time, with a large amount of
miscellaneous matter.
Benton county's choieest rosps at
the Rose Fair. . 41-42
Terrific Race With Death.
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Phone No. 254 . - : 40tf
A twice-a-week newspaper
containing 72 column each
week of the 'current news of
Benton County.
Notice to Creditors..
We can never have good roads
until we have a uniform system
of road building. A most excel
lent system has been adopted bv
one state, which places the road
improvement under tne supervis
ion of the state engineer and sur
veyor. . When better roads are
desired a petition-is presented to
the board of supervisors by the:
property" owners along whose
premises .the highway passes.
The supervisor in turn' petitions
the state engineer ;who after
satisfactory investigation ; draws
from the fund : appropriated by
the state for the work. Half the
expense is borne by,the state, 55
per cent by the county and 15 per
cent by the property owners along
whose premises the road shall
pass. . v ;; ;
Aside from tne convenience
and comfort to ' be derived from
good roads, there is also the fac
tor of economy. 1 .
Permanent road building is i
common enterprise and is so far
reaching, that we can hardly esti
mate its merits. It is a well
known fact that the value of fiijn
land is greatly enhanced where
the roads are well cared 'for. The
rural mail carrier has come t
stay and he needs good roads so
as to be able to make his daily
rounds i. in fact,, social life too .is
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has
been appointed exeeutor with tbe will annexed of
the estate of Rhoda Taylor, . deeeased. " All per
sons having claims -against Said estate are hereby
required to present -the -same duly- verified as by
law required, to tbe undersigned at Corvallis, Ore
gon, within six months from thia date. - ,
Waltbk K. Ttio, Executor
Dated this th day of May, JSN.
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