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    Vol. XLH.
Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon Friday, March 3, 1905.
No. SO
A Brief Summary of the Pro
visions of Senator Averys
Bill Empowering Corvallis
to Buiid Waterworks.
That the City of Corvallis will
have its own waterworks is now
practically assured. All obstacles
have been removed save one, and
that is the consent ot the , voters
of the city. That the supply of
water will come from the moun
tains is certain, should the plan
receive popular sanction at the
polls, and the cost of bringing it
is not too excessive.
Corvallis now has a modern
sewer system, and though some
opposition was expressed, the
benefits derived have been such
as to remove that objection. True
in some instances, the construe
tion of sewers has worked hard
ships, but these have been ex
ceptions, and what is true of
sewers is true of nearly all city
improvements. With this sewer
system, Corvallis needs a thor
oughly modern water system,
one that will supply wholesome
water and afford adequate fire
protection. When such a water
system is installed, Corvallis will
have iust cause to feeL Droud of
her municioal imorovements. State Superintendent of Pub
That our town mav have such lie Institution T. H. Ackerman
a system is made possible by was in our city during the week
Senator Averv's bill authorizing and made a visit to the schools.
. the City to co'nstruct waterworks. Wednesday, he visited OAC and
And the advantages to be derived made a very pleasing address to
are so manifest that the probability to the student body in chapel.
of the plan not receiving the ap- bupt. Ackerman in the course
nroval of the neoole. is too re- ot his remarks, laid great stress
who does not pay taxes on$i,ooo
is eligible to a position on the
committee or commission.
The bill did not contain an
emergency clause ana lor taat
reason will not become a law for
90 days after its approval.
The subject of mountain water
has been agitated more or less
for the past ten years, but it has
been deemed impracticable. Two
years ago, Portland parties were
before the council asking a fran
chise, but for some reason they
abandoned the idea. Engineers
have gone over the ground and
each time their reports must have
proven discouraging, for nothing
has been done nor attempted.
The present water company
has made the city several pro
positions, but more or less ob
jection has been found to each,
the principal being because muni
cipal aid was asked. But with
the plan outlined in the legis
lative act, though a city indebt
edness is incurred, the payment
of the same comes off of the
consumers of water, and that
this rate shall be no more than
is absolutely necessary for the
purpose in nana, is guaranteea
by the terms of the law.
Valuable When Practical.
Items of Interest la and Around
the O. A. C
stone seat which was
on the campus by the
class ot '03 ana whicn has en
countered many vicissitudes, and
has seemingly been a special ob
ject of vandalism in the past, has
once more been repaired. N
Miss Reva Buell, of Sheridan,
has been an OAC- visitor this
Much interest is manifest in the
coming basket ball game with
Dallas, which is to be played in
the Armory this Friday evening.
Although the OAC team was de
feated at Dallas a few weeks ago,
toe students nave much con
fidence that the home team will
Missjuanita Rosendorfis fill
ing the place of Prof. Helen
Holgate. who is absent from
school on account of illness
Prof. Berch told has been absent
from his classes the past few days
on account of sickness.
Alter a year and a half spent
visiting mends and relatives in
the East, Miss Ellen Chamber
lain arrived in Salem last week
mote to be regarded seriously.
The legislative' act limits the
amount of indebtedness that may
be incurred for this purpose to
$75,000, and should it be found,
after survey and estimate '.. has
been made, that a plant can not
on things that were practical. He
was pleased to note the practica
bility of the general, coruse ofj
study at the OAC. ' In order to
bring close to the student mind
the value of a practical education
ne ; recited tne experience, or a
'' FormerC'A(5 student' who, when
Marv's Peak, within" the fieure he began farming in Southern
named, the Question of securing Oregon noticed that his alfalfa
mountain water may have to be field was spotted and, thanks to
abandoned. his course of study here, he
The cost of a mountain water brought into use his knowledge
svstem. taking the sutjdIv from 01 tne cnemicais 01 me son ana
Rock Creek, near Mary's Peak, was thereby enabled to pur
has been estimed at all the way sue a course whicn ultimately in
born Sdo.000 to but sured a good crop.
those claiming to have investi- The gentleman in question is
eated the matter, state that they do wise opposed to a higher,
0 .... .. . I i : 1 1 .. 1 4. :j
are satisfied me svstem can De tiaaaitai cuuumuu. uui saiu
built at about 6q. 000. the time spent m acquiring clas
The act as passed does not con- sicai lore is wasted witnout tne
fine the city to any particular student is peculiarly situated in
system, but provides for a con- me, ana possesses a mina panic
The senior girls are to enter
tain the boys of their class to
morrow evening in true Colonial
style. Special features of the
evening will be music by the
Senior Orchestra and a minuet.
The young ladies are making
every effort to have the affair a
perfect success.
! for :, their .home in Baker City, alter a
- biief visit with relatives here.
Mrs. G. W. Gofl left Saturday, for Hal-
sey, Linn county, where phe goes to visit
her daughter, Mrs. Charles Shoel.
P. Kar8tein Bold nine of his dairy cows
to a Seattle buyer and delivered the same
to" the stock yard in Albany, Friday ;
price $250.
Born, . to the wife of Paul Johnston, a
daughter, Friday, Feb. 25, 1905.
A Rood many of oar people made it
their business to be in Albany, so as to
see the large gathering or the Woodmen
of (the World, which was well represent
ed'from all parts of the district.
f. B. Williamson sold a fine spaa of 6-
y ear-old Clyde re ares for $350 to Mr.
Cooper, of Independence. - He bought
them to wont in his hop yad.
Fred Pernot returned last week from
Portland, where he went some time ago
fof medical treatment.
'Saturday evening, March 4tb, a basket
social will be Riven at the Grange hall at
Fairmount. The proceeds ' will be used
tow arda furnishing ' a library for the
school. '
Tho Oak Grove Lyceum is generally
well attended. Last Saturday night
standing room seemed to be' at a pre
mium. The question discussed was :
"Resolved. that there is more happiness
in Pursuit than Possession." The judges
passed their decision in favor of the
negative. .
The orchardists have been very busy
since the warm weather began spraying
their orchards ; and it will not be long
u the warm weather continues until our
beautiful little valley will be a vale of
flowers. -Mutton
sheep seem to be in demand.
The buyers keep scouring the conntry
picking np what they can find, though
they only get a few at a place as farmers
don't vant to sell the ewes at this time
of the year. The prices range from $3 to
$4 per head, according to grade.
struction committee ot ten per
sons: and it is left to them to de
cide on the kind of plant and
the source ot water. 1 he com-
mitte consists of E. Woodward,
M. S. Woodcock, R. H. Huston,
Tfaos. Xeese, B. P. Irvine, F.
President Gatch made the an
nouncement in chapel yesterday
morning that H. C. Darby had
been chosen Valedictorian and
iJiceoneSj Salutatorian. - This
only afforded another opportunity
to make manifest the high esteem
with which these students are re
garded. .There exists between
college societies a WvairV for such
honors as these and therefore the
Feronians and their brothers, the
Philadelphians,are highly pleased
on account of the selections.
Students to act as Valedictorian
and Salutatorian are selected at a
special meeting of the faculty for
the purpose, and scholarship has
much weight in determining the
marly adapted to such a course.
Moreover, said student must have
use for this class of learning and
be capable of using it, or the
time spent in acquiring it has
been wasted. To make his posi
tion plain, Supt. Ackerman re-
Improvements are Promised.
large crowd attended the William'
sop sale, but bidders were scarce.
jr Ai1 Winters ,. is 'at present engaged in
making a new garden fence.'
' Frank Ecker will start for Oklahoma
in a few days.
Miss Maggie Daniels has of late been
engaged in doctoring an aching tooth
Geo. Manning is still suffering trom
severe attack ot rheumatism. .
Ed Davis has been quite sick, owing to
an attack of la grippe.'
Ora and Noma Ireland are bed-fast,
owing to a severe attack of la grippe.
"Geo. Winters. Terry Butler and John
Daniels were Philomath visitors last
Geo. Armstrong is at present visiting
his mother and brother.
Grandpa Butler is reported to be about
the same.
1.4 " m a
Miller, S. I Kline, P. Avery cited a story ot a young lady who
and W. S MpPadrlen. and it is was studying latin, which was
understood to be the unanimous
opinion of these eentlemen that
Corvallis should have a new
water system and that the water
should come from the mountains.
When the Committee has the
plant completed, they then elect
a Commission of four resident
tax-payers who continue the
management of the system. A
new member of this commission
is elected annually by the Com
mittee and for this purpose the
"Greek" to her because she had
no faculty for acquiring it and lit
tle likelihood of ever using it.
While here the superintendent
called on the public school and
was quite pleased and interested
in the work being done.
County Court.
County court convened tn re
gular session last Wednesday
morning for the transaction ot
such business as legally comes
bill provides tor the continuance before it. The usual grist of bills
oi the commission. were allowed. The session was
That the city may have funds unusually brief, court adjourning
to carry out the work, provision the same day. early in the after
is made for the issuance of bonds noon. The following special
in denominations of from.Jpioo to business was attended:
$1,000 that bear interest at a rate In the matter of the petition
not to exceed 5 per cent The of S. F. Frazier et al for a road
bonds run for 40 years but the I way running north from Cor-
city has the right to pay them vallis across lands of Wm. Cress
off in 10 years. et al, board of road viewers were
Water rates are to be fixed by ordered to meet in this city March
the committee and the rate is 24 and proceed . to make survey
based on the securing of a neces- and report at April term of court,
sary fund during the ensuing After considering various bids
year to pay for the maintenance for the contract of furnishing
of the plant and one year's in- wood for use at the court house,
.11 . AT. t .m mm m
teresr. on tne ponos. Alter ten the lollowing contracts were
years an additional fund shall be awarded: P. Avery;"2S cords
raised equalling three per cent of old growth body red fir at $3. 60
the par value of. the bonds. per cord; A. R. Norwood 2
Provision is made for holding cords snlit manle at c: Frank
an election to vote on the bond- Francisco, 25 cords oak grub at
mg question, and no person who I-?. 50. All to be delivered at
As a result of the meeting be
tween officials of the Southern
racrac and C &. a. companies
and pur city authorities, last
Monday evening, Seventh street
will be put in first-class condition
so soon as the ground is in con
dition to work. This street crosses
property of both the Southern
facihc and u. (Sc. a,, companies
and each will do their part to
wards the contemplated improve
j ust as soon as tne weather is
settled definitely and the ground
is in condition to work. Chief I
Line will have a force of men
and teams at the task of grading,
and the railroad companies will
undertake to do the graveling
act. The matter of a sewer
across the Southern Pacific prop
erty is a problem that is incubat
ing in the minds of the officials
of this road and it is hard to fore
tell what they will conclude to
While in the city the S. P. offi
cials visited tbe State Agricul
tural College and were shown
about the premises, where many
interesting features attracted their
attention. Thev expressed them
selves as both surprised and pleas
ed with what thev saw at the
We have in stock all the stand
ard line of wheels mad bv the Popi
Manufacturing Co., at prices ta suit
all. D. & A. -
A twice-a-week newspaper
containing 72 columns each
week of the current news of
Benton County.
Reduction in Fare.
Commencing Nov. 7, rates between
Corvallis and Portland, via C. & K,
Alban ', and 8. P. will be reduced to
f2.60, arre as West Side rate. Tickets
-in suie by C- & . aent aiid all offices
n Portland.
The sale of mens' and boys' suits and
overcoats is still on at S. L. Kline's It
will pay you to bny tbiemonth.
W omen's Kidneys.
Women are more ften affected ' with
kidney disorders than men but attribute
tb.e symptoms to diseases peculiar to
heir sex, while in reality the kid
ueys are deranged. Nervousness, head
ache puffy or dark circles under the eyes,
pain in tbe back, are signs ot kidney
trouble that must not be ignored.or a mal
ady will result. Foley's Kidney cure has
restored tbe health of thouaands of weak
nervous, broken down women. It stops
irregularities and strengthens the uriuary
organs, it purifies the biood and benefits
the whole system. Sold by Graham and
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time, with a large amount of
miscellaneous martet.
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Thoroughbred Barred Plymouth Rock
cockerels at $1.00 each. Call on F. E.
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you frown or partly close the eyes when
looking at an object; when things
"swim" or become dim after being
looked at for some time ; when the eyes
ache, smart, or water;, or when you have
pain in the eyeball, orbit, temples or
All the conditions are curable by prop
er (classes, such as we will furnish you
after a scientific examination.
MATTHEWS, The Optician,
Room 12, over First National'Bank
New Photograph Studio.
I am now ready to do photographic
work for tbe public, My studio is np
stairs in my nw cement buildine- Cat
and see me, you will be welcome.
12-18 B. R. THOMPbON.
is not
a 'resident
of the city ox ' the court house.
Oak Grove Chips.
' James Simmons, who has been qmte
ill, is getting so as to be around azain.
Will Morris was doing business in Cor
vallis Saturday.
Mrs. Ingle and daughter left, Tuesday,
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