Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, February 24, 1905, Image 4

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,. . . . j Ma ,is ucuc v cu biiab uc will ucai air
Subscription per year, in advance, S1.50. 1 .
if not in advance, per year, $2.00. itorneys and other officers of the
- ' . court with that kindly considera-
wrong sentiment !
A right or
may be said to enter
into all
things- . An intelligent person"
with right sentiment may safely thf. governor has, seen fittoap
be trusted with the discharge of Pmt young republican to the
any duty which may fall to his position of associate judge m this
lot in life and which is within district, it is with regret on the
limit, nf his abilities. But Part of hls maw friends that the
ca t rr-n- n. !
matter how o-reathls
ability may be, can not be relied
upon to do the right and honpra-'
w0 tWT.o- nt. nil rimes. A wrong i
cnr,-m-r,t. snmpHmfis r.reates bad
One thin is certain, no
bad men are over-endowed with ;
good sentiments.
Sentiment enters largely into
f Tie -make-un of all of us. Edu
cation is a splendid thing,, but
vhen accompanied with a false
idea of things it is possible that
it may prove rather more a curse
than a blessing to its possessor,
as well as those who may be af
fected by his acts. For instance,
should a man, because by chance
his parents gave him opportuni
ty to acquire an education become
possessed of the idea that he is
too good to perform his duty
which may soil his hands or pro
hibit his wearing good clothes, it
is plain that he has not the right
sentiment. No honest labor is j
degrading. For your own com-'
fort you may not desire to do it,
but should circumstances! place
you, for the time being, without
the power to choose your employ
ment, do that which is at hand
to the best of your ability and
you will not be degraded. Men
and women whose opinion is of
yalue, will uphold you-
Many hundreds of young peo
ple are leaving our educational
institutions each year. A large
percentage of them go forth into
the battle for an existance with
the feeling, or sentiment, that
they are too good to do this," that,
or the other thing. Some are for
tunate and succeed in life, many
may be considered ' failures a,
few are worse- Instead of doing
"that which may offer in an hon
orable-way, a few drift towards
''sharp practice" and develop in
to criminals. These lack right
A successful business man
pnee stated that when he
heard a man say that this or that
job was "beneath1 him, he al
ways felt convinced that the em
ployment offered was too good,
for him. And there is ' much
truth in what this man thought.
It is as much the duty of an in
structor at an educational insti
tution to develop a right and
healthy sentiment, as it is to
- teach any branch of learn
ing. Neglect this and his edu
; cation will likely be of no benefit
to the student or any other per
Governor Chamberlain has ap
pointed Lawrence T. Harris, of
Eugene, as Associate Judge in
the Second Judicial District, L.
T. Harris is the son of Dr. Har
ris of Eugene. He graduated
from the State University with
honors in 1893. Later he at
tended the law school at Ann
Harbor, Mich,, and was admitted
to the practice of law in 18D7.
Those who have observed his
work agree that he 13 a young
man of ability and skill 'in his
profession, , and it is i expected
that he will bring honor to the
position to which he has recently
been appointed. Mr. Harris is a
republican- He was elected to
the legislature from Lane county
and by his associate members
was elected Speaker of he House.
He discharged the duties of
speaker with ability and gave
ood satisfaction. . At the last
:ptate and district convention he
&ncUdats i4r the nornina
tion "for coftgfesg from the fast
congressional district.' Mr.: Har
ris is a gentleman of Triniily and
prepossessing appearance, and it
i i: A 4.u .: 4. 4-
jtion and uniform . courtesy due
lone officer from another in the
discharge of official duty-
While it is pleasing to note that
appointment did not fall on our
fellow townsman, E. R. Bryson,
staunch Publican. If the
governor had seen fit to adhere
stricuy to precedents 01 a parti
san character, then it would have
been very agreeable to have seen
W - S- McFadden appointed. How-
ever, this sentiment is no reflec
tion on the present appointee,
L. T. Harris
Mr. Weed, of Philomath, passed
through here enroute to bia brother's
timber claim.
. Misses Peterson visited their brother.
Frank, who is working at the Gleasoa
saw. mill, one day last week.
Bufns Skipton came up the valley,
last Wednesday, looking for mutton
Mr. and Mrs. Spaulding passed through
here last Saturday, going to their claims
on Bald ML
Ben Ireland and Charley Armstrong
have been grubbing the last few days.
Charley Starr, of Muddy, is at present
working at Gleason's saw mill.
James Mann passed through the val
ley one day last week.
Charley BrumGeld went Jto Philomath
last week.
J. S. Ireland lost a very 'valuable cow
a few days ago, the result of larkspu:
The public school is progressing nicely
with Earl Brown at the helm : .
Mrs. Wm. Park - was called to the
death bed of ber father, Mr. Conner,
who died last Saturday.
C. L. Winters has been improving bis
place of late by trimming the fir trees
along the road.
The grain is still in good condition
after the freeze.
Died, Wednesday morning, the infant
son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Small.
Mr. Westbrook, who underwent
surgical operation for appendicitis, is re
ported to be getting along very, well
John Mayberry, . who is farming in
Linn county, spent' Saturday and Sun
day visiting bis parents, here.
W. L. Cauthorn had the misfortune to
loose his fine driving mare a few days
ago. ,
Henry Prettyman has gone to the
Leeper hop yard to work. . He expects
to remain until July. 1.
W. D. DeVarney is still at work tryin
to arrange with the farmers to introduce
the Independent telephone system in
this part of the county, and the peop)
are beginning to be yery much interest
ed in the .new enterprise, and from
general indications it,, will not be long
until the line is in working order.
The change in the. weather was very
acceptable to most of the farmers, as we
Oregonians don't like zero weather, and
lartner. we are not nxea lor it, and
wnen it comes it catcnes too many
potatoes, apples and other necessaries
not well protected from the frost.
Mrs. .P. R. Williamson, whe has been
quite poorly all winter is getting some
George Plow and Mr. Thurston, of
Wells, sold to a Seattle buyer, Monday,
some norses tnat averaged tnem ?4(K) a
span. ' ;
Mrs. Ingalls and daughter. Sernice, of
Baker City.' are visiting at the home of
her mother, Mrs. Waldron. They will
also visit relatives in .Albany before, re-
tnr-ning home. ;
. Frank Hughson has rented the Skcel
place. He moved in and took porsession
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vallis, Mondays, Wednesdays
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way' points. For rates, etc.,
call on
Boats leave for Portland and
way stations at 6 a. m.
Cheap Sunday Rates Between
Portland and Willamette
- Valley Points.
Low round trip rates have been placed
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Tickets will be sold ,
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following Monday. ,
Bate to ob From Corvaixis. 13.00.
Call on Southern Pacific Co's Agents
tor particulars. , ;
import 9a tsiacK f ercaeroa wi
be in CorvalliB, for service, after
January 1 . For further informa
tion address, , T. K Fawcetx,
- Bellfountain, Or
Cornice, Roofing, Guttering,
and all kinds of Sheet Metcl
F. A Hencye;
In connection with J. H
Fraud Exposed.
A few counterfeiiers have lately been
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tion, Coughs and Colds, and other medi
cines, thereby defrauding the public.
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