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Vol- XLII.
Crvalus, Benton .13NTY,. Oregon, Friday, February 24, 1905.
No. 18
Former Linn County Man Writes
Us an Account of His
Knights do Honors.-
W. H. Millhollcn, of Port
land, Or., has written us of bis
Connection with th -tracing and
final capture of the Lebanon
bank robbers. In communicating
with us Mr. Millholten seems to
be under the impression that the
Gazette was authority for a
statement to the effect that he
had been a Linn county deputy
years ago or had been for years.
This impression he desires cor
rected. We are not authority
for any such declaration, and we
were surprised to learn that he
was acting in such a capacity.
The Gazette said, "It appears
that Mr. Millhollen was acting
as deputy sheriff. He must have
been deputized in Albany." Con
tinuing, Mr. Mulboilen gives
the following account of his
part in . tracing these criminals:
"I was ' special deputy under
Sheriff" Gaines and Sheriff Hunk
ers. I turned all the evince in
my v possession over to.;' Sheriff
Word, of Multnomah, about
eieht hours before the arrests
were made and the houses raid
ed. Two of the men spotted,
Reynolds and Dunn, .were ar
rested. Kingsley and Darling
(alias Rund, or Dorlund, as he
sometimes went by those names)
escaped the evening before.
"Sheriff Word, followed Kings
ley to Seattle on Saturday night,
but the latter escaped across the
British line the night following.
The men that I had under sus
picion were Kingsley, Dani;
Darling and Reynolds. Tli,:e
. four were always found together
' and. were.. alwaysrSpending? Yit$
" sums of 'money and never work
ing. Frequently at the Empi.c j
restaurant usariing wouia tnrow
down $ioo bills to have changed
when paying his bills.
"Reynoldsvwas spending large
sums of moneytiibolishlv, which
.indicated thathe did not labo:
for it. DunnWas never woik,
ing or earning a dollar, yet he
and his .family were spending
money lavishly.'- Kingsley was
, posing as an 'English gentleman
and living high.
"I think possibly we have the
right gang that have been crack
ing safes in the Willamette Val
ley towns during the past sum
mer. I believe they were also
. , guilty of holding up the Spokane
Flyer on the O. R. & N., as they
were described as. the big man
and small man (Kingsley and
Dunn,) and the short and slim
men (Darling and Reynolds.)
"The evening before the bank
robbery I saw Kingsley and
Dunn on the streets m Albany,
and later, when in Corvalhs,
gave Sheriff Burnett a descrip
Hon ot these men as l had seen
them the evening before. I point
o ed them out in Albany as being
Portland 'Crooks'. Reynolds,
think, is the last man to "join
this gang. Darling, I believe.
was the organizer and leader of j
this nest of robbers, as he fre
quently made trips into the coun
try, and at one time, probably
three weeks before the Lebanon
robbery, he told Mr. Eolander;
of the Empire restaurant, Third
street, that he had been to
Lebanon, remarking that it was
a beautiful little town. Mrs.
Bolander answered by telling him
that she fully agreed with him,
as Lebanon was her home town.
After that he only went to tlis
Empire restaurant
Wednesday evening promptly
at the hur set things began to
move in Knightly affairs here.
The district convention was in
augurated with an open meeting
in Odd Fellows' hall. At this
the'K. of P. boys entertained
many visiting Knights as well as
their friends. There was a large
delegation of Knights here from
the various lodges of the district;
about iop arrived on the 8 o'clock
evening train.
During the open meeting
Knight J. F. Yates made the ad
dress of welcome in behalf of the
Corvallis lodge, and it is reported
to have been a most worthy
effort. To the address of wel
come responses were made by
representatives of the various
lodges of the . district, and were
all 'of a very pleasing order. A
male quartett consisting of Messrs
Fulton, Herse, Yates and John
son gave a number of selections
and their reception was great as
was' their music. Victor Moses
was accompanist.
The open program lasted until
about 9:30. The house was
then cleared and competitive
team work commenced shortly
after. The result of this exempli
fication was as follows: Salem,
1st; Albany, 2nd; Hubbard, 3rd.
Corvallis, being host on this oc
casion, did not compete. The
result of this competition in team
work is that Salem will have the
honor of representing this dis
trict at the meeting of the Grand
Lodge which convenes in Port
land next October. At the con
clusion of the team work mem
bers of the lodge adjourned to
the K. of P. hall for what might
be termed another open meeting.
Here it seemed like some
magic had been at work and the
result was a turkey supper with
all side issues was in waiting lor
all. Mainy friends had been in
vited to appear on the scene at
this hour 2 a. m. During the
feast there were a number of fine
toasts given, Corvallis' Chancellor
.'Commander, W. G. Emery, act
ing as toast master. After ban
queting came cigars of the 25-
cent-straight brand and a general
free-and-easy time followed until
o'clock. It was great!
Among those . present from
abroad may be mentioned Su
preme Representative Ex-Judge
Cake, of Portland; Grand Chan
cellor Commander Curl, of Al
bany: Keeper of Records and
Seals L. M. Stimpson, ot Salem
The next district convention of
the Knights of Pythias will be
held at Salem. On the enter
tainment ol Wednesday evening
there can be no unfavorable
criticism, as there was. not a
hitch in the program at any stage
of the proceedings, and our boys
received compliments for their
hospitality from all. They de
served it, too.
theifurneypin t)e East and
when' they arrived Vtbeir combs
were somewhat frozen. .
,Ttese cockerels :t .are from ft
strain that Mr.,r Parks has been
seventeen years breeding up on,
and the family are said to have
the best record of any Barred
PlyQUjtjbi Rocks.; in America., as
egg' piQd-i'Tirs. One hundred
and thirty-five hens laid during
one year an average of 198 ?ggs.
Mr Moore tried : to get a pen of
them, but two cockerels were all
he could secure no hens were,
to be had at any price.
Mr. Moore states (hat is an
other year he . shall be fixed to
mouth Rocks, and that it has.5
been his experience that they are'
the most profitable ehickem,
everything considered-. So fax
he has experimented '"'with seven
different . breeds and this . is the
conclusion he has arrived at.
When ordering his- cockerels,
Mr.' Moore enclosed a bunch of
Oregon violets to "Mr. Parks.
The latter in commenting upon
the courtesy, said that it seemed
almost beyond belief that we
should, have violets put here
when the thermometer was so Iott
where he was. Violets are' as
real here as a low thermometer
was in Pennsylvania recently.
Gun Club Meet;
Tie School Children of Benton
- are Expected to Make Oood
Showing at the Fair.
The annual meet of the Corvallis
Gun Cluo last Wednesday was a
great success in every way. About
30 entries were made and Portland,,
Salem, Albany, McMinnville, "aflfl
other towns were represented, as
well as nearly every precinct in the
county. It was shoot and
about 3,000 shots were fired.
G. Palmer, of Salem, and P.
Hsclilemin, of Albany, tied for
h.'gh average, tbe'r score being 83
oat of a pcss;b'e 100. J. CrewB, of
Aibauy, made low average 48.
Gus Logsdon, of Corvallis, won the
Loving Cup donated to club mem
ber making the best score. W. G.
Emery tied with him on 75, but
Mr. Logsdon won the "snoot on."
Other pnzes went to fol'owmg
gentlemen: B. Ridders, of Coap
Creek, box cigars; Dr. Bennett, of
Bellfouolaio, bridle; Sheriff Bur
nett, overcoat: C. Logsdon, of Philo
math, hal; Phil Baltimore, of Al
bany, shoes, and W. Newton, of
Philomath, baby carriage.
It seems that every time the club
has a meet the weather must be
disagreeable, and it was so on this
occasion. But despite the rain the
match was very successful and well
attended. A good sum was realiz
ed by the club membersfar above
their expenses. Lack of spaca pre
vents our giving a more extended
write-up. f
; .
Five Rivers Line.
the educational exhibit of Ben
tou county for the Lewis and
Clark Fair is now being prepared
by "the schools of' the county.
Unfortunately, only a small num
ber of schools are now in session,
While this is true,' the exhibit
work must not necessarily reach
Portland until the weefceommene
ing April 10. This will permit
many-of the schools opening in
March to help in the work. Supt.
Denman has done all in his power:
to have schools now in session as
sist. A number of circular let
ters nave been mailed, and infor
mation furnished from the super
intendent ; ot the Educational
Commission, as well as personal
appeals in many of the schools
last fall when visited by Supt,
Denman. Considerable paper is
now in the hands of the teachers
throughout the county. . Judg
ipg from the Teports of the teach
ers very creditable work is being
The following teachers are tak
ing much interest in the work:
Edna Thompson, Central school,
NO 50; Earl Brown, district ' No
20 j Edith' McCourt, district No.
43; Minnie McCourt, district No.
4; Bertha Edwards, Summit.
Nora Pratt, district No. 82; Jo
sephine Woods, Blodgett; LuJu
Rust, Evergreen; Mary Danlap,
Mountain View; J. H. Woods,
and Julia du Moulin, Monroe;
oa' Belknap, district No. 96;
Pearl Hamner, Alpine; Ellen
Dunlap and Allie Reader, Bell-
ouutam; Nellie Graft, Alsea;
Nellie N Swan. M. E. Gragg,
Green Peak ; Anna Pagenkopf.
Richland. .
The Corvallis Pnblic School
under the direction of Professor
Holmes isexected to furnish some
excellent work. JProf. A. F.
Fulkerson, ot Philomath, has
signified his intention to be in
line with a good exhibit. The
work to be prepared covers regu-
ar work in the school room, the
state course of study outlined,
in fact, all work done in the
schools is to be sent.
1 ne woric irom eacn school is
to be indexed and labeled bv
teacher. Special cabinets are to
be used to hold the same. The
bounty will be asked to suddIv
these. Inasmuch as the teach
ers will have prepared the exhibit
work, there is no doubt thac the
county court will see to it that the
Village Improvement Society, '
A regular meeting of this
During the first of the week
Frank Seits arrived in town from
his place on Five Rivers. He
reports ' everything in the usual
condition in his section.
Mr. Seits and others have or
ganized a telephone company and
have at present about 100 miles
of line in operation. This sys
tem extends through the territory
work is so displayed as to be a
credit to the county. .
The contents of the exhibit
will include, written work, such
as manuscript work, illustrating
course of study in each grade and
class. This may consist of regu
lar; class. exercises,- 01 work espe
cially prepared. All, studies fur-
nish mateual for such representa
tion. ; Local industrial conditions
may profitably form the basis of
much material for language and
geography work. In preparing
these exercises, the class should
represent the industrial processes
in various stages 01 development.
and illustrate by drawings, also
maps, charts, home-made appa
ratus, etc.
There are a number of schools.
not heretofore mentioned that are
to participate in the work. They
include the Wellsdale school un
der, the management of Etta Ful
ler; Auxiliary, J)y G. A. Peter
son; Kings Vallev. bv Emma
Logan; Alexander, by Meldora
Jackson; Westwood, by Effie
Parker; Mountain Home, Rose
Horton; Fir Grove, T. J. Risley;
May Robinson, Peak district;
and others.
In preparing, this work requires
much time. Often the teacher
finds herself hard pressed for
time. Notwithstanding this,
every teacher should feel the re
sponsibility resting upon them.
As each county will be alone in
its exhibit, Benton connot afford
to be second - to anv. We must
have the best exhibit at the Fair.
We know by past efforts of our
teachers, that such results can be
attained. The work for the St.
Louis Exposition wasafairsample
of what we could do. It is to be
hoped that when the exhibit is
collected, Beaton will be prouder
than ever of her teachers and
Notions for February.
Gazette Bell phone No 341.
Umbrella work t J. K. Berry's.
Olives in bulk at P. M. Zierolfs.,
Gazette Independent phone No
All work
guaranteed at J. K.
Umbrellas recovered and repair
ed at J. K. Berry's.
Get your
ribs , fixed at J. ' K.
Do not fail to see P.
line of holiday china.
M. Zierolfa
Get your school books and school
supplies at Graham & Wells.
Lewis and Clark souvenir plates
at P. M. Zierolfs.
Si'.k and woolen goods a specialty
at Corvallis Steam Laundry.
OAC Bouvenir
dishes at P. M
All kinds of grass seed at
Send your lace curtains to Cor
Aallis Steam Laundry.
Patronize home industry Cor
vallis Steam Laundry.
S'mdard A-cedar shingles for
' 0 per thousand at the Corval-
w Mill. 10 if.
Home Savings Bank.
The First National Bank of Corvallis,
Oregon, has been in possession for the
last ten years of the small home savings
banks ,the same as advertised through
out the Willamette Valley. . The custo
mers of this bank can obtain these banks,
and take them home 'at any time, by call
ing for them.
"U'hon a system of savings is adopted
satisfactory and successful to the custom
er, the officers of the First National Bank
will be pleased to inform you how you
can readily own your own home, and
proceed along lines of financial prosperi
ty. finally gaining a competency for the
- 15U
?T.ond grade fir lumber, aluaot
any dimension, for only $6. 50 per
thousand feet, at Corvallis Saw
Mill. . 10 tf.
Are you going with the crowd ?
The lime of your life the event of
W. 0. W..
A Menauce to Healtfi.
Hakes Kidneys and Bladder Bight
Kidney trouble is an insidious darger
sad many people are of a serious malady
beford the symptoms are recognized.
Foley's Kidney cure corrects Irregulari
ties and strengthens and builds up the
kidnies, and it should be taken at the
first ftidicatioa of kidney trouble, as it is
impossible to have good health ii the
kidneys are deranged. For sale by Gra
ham & Wortham.
. ... ...... . . .
society will be Held at the Uoun- soutn ana west ot Aisea, ana
ty Court Room this Friday at tnere are several branches run
7:100. m. The spring will soon ning from the mainline. Mr,
be here and the Lewis and Clark Seits says th&tthe only trouble he
Fair will soon be opened less j and his neighbors experience in
than four months hence. Now reaching Corvallis is occasioned
is the time our enterprising Dy tne opportunity to secure
citizens should bestir themselves service over some iz miles of line
if our town is to be at its best for between the John Hyde place and
the immense travel which will the Alsea store,
surely come our way this sum- This little stretch of line was
mer. We are really in the put in by the people of Alsea and
'heart of the valley" "Cor is controlled by the people who
Vallis"-and the arteries of travel installed it. It is said that 'this
lead this way. Our . neighbors line may be purchased by the peb-
of eveninss. i across the wav are beginning to pie of Five Rivers and added to
showing that he thought he had wake un and talk of "house line of the latter butitisaaues
0 ... . A " - . I ,
made a mistake. He had dis
covered that Mrs. Bolander had
at one time lived there.
' "I have felt , positive for the
past eight or nine months that
this quartett ; were a gang ot
crooks,' then alter the O. R. &
N. hold-up I felt certain that I
had 'spotted' the right men. I
had ample reasons for watching
them as I did. I was more than
positive that I was right"
cleaning." All are cordially tion of price1. Whether it is true,
f Curiosity Prompt You
to know who is doing one of the largest businesses in town, just take a peep at our
store and see what WE are doing. , There are whys and wherefores to everything.
The people trade with us, first, because they like our way of doing busines; second,
because they admire our broad, liberal policy; and third, because they know we
' keep everything in the House-furnishing line and at prices within reach f every
Our new spring stock of Go-carts will arrive about Feb. 15th. To make room for
them, we will sell those on hand at greatly reduced prices. ; Easy payments ask
for terms. '
invited to these meetings.
More Fine, Chickens.
Last Wednesday, S. H. Moore,
proprietor of the College View
Poultry Farm, received two very
that this 12 miles of line can be
I bought, or not, we cannot say.
Mr. Seits says that those who
went into the plan of installing
phones are only out of pocket
about $2; each. , But they do
not figure their labor , and, fur-
fine Barred , Plymouth Rock thermore, poles are right at hand
cockerels tromj.rarks.ot At tona, I in their section. All in all, it is
Pa. It was ten below zero when a great - thing for the people of
the cockerels were started on 1 that section of country.
"Ocean Wave," and
washers always on
hand. '
.Prompt Service and Courteous Treatment. .