Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, February 17, 1905, Image 4

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From the dispatches concern
ing the sentiment of the mem
bers of the Oregon legislature
regarding Senator Mitchell's re
cent troubles and indictments
found against him by the U S
grand jury, it seems that the Or
egon legislators have each resolv
ed themselves into a court of
thair own to try and adjudicate
the guilt or innocence of Senator
Mitchell. It is reported that
some of the members have said
that "the interests of the state
are paramount-"
When certain classes of que&
tions are involved it is certainly
the state are paramount." But
it is true that the primary and
pai amount object in the forma
tion of the government of the
United States and of the state
was to protect life, liberty and
property of individual citizens
and there are no other questions
of any kind which are, or can be,
paramount or equal in import
ance when the question involv
ing the life, liberty and protec-
t'on of property is at stake' If
this question is not paramount to
all ochers then bur government
is a failure a delusion to catch
individuals and crush them to
The dispatches claim that some
that there was grave doubt as to
Oantitor Mitchell's guilt and then
took action to adjourn the legis
lature at a fixed date. Recently
however, they are again que
tioning the Senator's position
and if he does not resign, strong
talk is indulged in whether the
legislature should not adjourn to
meet at a future time in order to
be able to elect Mr. Mitchell's
It is certainly hoped that the
reporters formulating the dis
patches are all wrong and that
the members of the legislature
are entitled to credit for knowing
that they have no concern with
passing upon the merits of the
Senator's troubles-
If the legislature should ad
journ to meet at some future
aate, with the avowed purpose
. of electing Mr. Mitchell's succes
sor, the action would be constru-
- ed to the effect that they believ
ed the Senator guilty of the
charges preferred against him,
when in fact the legislature has
nothing whatever to do with the
questions involved in the indict
ment. The court and jury alone
are the onlv proper tribunals to
pass upon the questions. The
duties of the Oregon legislature
is denned by statue, and no-
; where can it be found that they
can take any part in trying, or
in any way influencing, questions
. of the guilt or innocence of par
ties under indictment.
: Many prominent men in East
ern Oregon, principally those
who are organizers and interest
ed in the Butte Creek Land,
Lumber and Livestock Co., were
indicted by the federal grand
jury recently in session at Port
land. The causes which resulted
in these indictments are that on
Feb. 15th, 1902, the defendants
entered into a conspiracy . to de
fraud the government by pre
venting the use by others of the
public lands of Wheeler county,
It is charged by government offi
cers that the employes of the
company, and others secured for
the purpose by the company,
would take up claims scattered
along the line -of a large circle
through Wheeler county. They
"would fence in their claims, in
'clostrtg m'any thousands of acres
'of government land, which would
thereafter be used by the com
pany for pasturing their stock.'
It is also claimed that the men
who filed on these claims were
hired to do so by the- company
with the understanding that the
claims should be deeded to the
corporation when the patent from
the government was obtained.
The claims were so taken, sur
rounded with rim rocks and
streams forming natural barriers
which cattle could not cross, that
ences could be built from claim
to claim, leaving no point ot
egress to and from the lands enclosed-
After the lands had
been fenced up as stated, it is al-
egedthat officers of said Butte
Creek company would so harass
and intimidate the persons who
had filed on land inside the fen
ces formed by the claim of the
company's holdings, until they
were glad to take their flecks and
leave the land they- had claimed
to the use of the corporation.
These are chiefly the charges
claimed for the indictments
against the Butte Creek Land,
Lumber and Live Stock Company
y It has been claimed that cattle
companies interested in the con
trol of large areas of govern
ment land have been the cause
of so many sheep shooters oper
ating on the ranges in the de
struction of 'sheep.- Possibly
these indictments . have been
brought about by those interest
ed. in the sheep industry, some
light may develop in the trial of
these cases. '
In regard to the attitude of
the President upon the question
of regulating railroads doing in
ter-state commerce, the Gazette
took the liberty of writing to
members of the TJ. S. Senate
on the question and the follow
ing, copied from one of the let
ters received, shows how the
President is regarded there. The
letter states in part as follows:
I have just received your let
ter of the 30th ult., in which you
state that many people miscon
strue the message of the Presi
dent as intimating that he favors
government ownership of rail
roads. That is a very erroneous
impression, indeed, and a wholly
unwarranted construction of the
language employed by the Presi
dent in his message. As a mat
ter of-fact, I know the President
does not favor government own
ership of railroads, nor does he
advocate the same, and nothing
that he has ever said would indi
cate that he is in favor of such
ownership. He is in favor of
government control and regula
tion, as most people are. I am
personally very strongly in favor
of government regulation to the
extent even of empowering the
Commission to fix rates, but I
am not in favor of government
ownership of railroads.
"I cannot furnish you with
anything that the President has
said on the subject, as I do not,
at the present time have by me
any publication containing an ex
pression of his views- I know,
however, that he does not advo
cate government ownership and
does not favor it. -You have, of
course, a copy of his last message
to congress, m which he ad
vises the enactment of a law au
thorizing the Commission to fix
rates. That is the farthest he
has gone, and that is a long way
from advocating government
ownership." ;
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