Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, January 27, 1905, Image 4

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    ME C: 1UIS GAZElTfc
Tubs 3 and Fridays,
Iii the n
the gene
great corp
testate cc
justice to i
the corpor
is a great
ing. " Tas
edy can no
when sage
one that
So broau
tioa that it
any man
er of regulating by
Government the I
.ions engaged in in
..ifnerce so as to do
- general public and
;ns and to please all
. i difficult undertak
: - est a complete rem
je done instantly, or
,ied it may not be
: e relied upon,
uid grave is the ques-
doubtful if there is
vao could suggest a
Dr. Charles Cuthbert Hall,
President of -Union . Theological
Seminary: in New York, .treating
of an "i increasing demand for
religious education in the univer
sity and out of the control of any
denomination . or sect, . says:
There is apparently a large and
desirable place for the teaching
of theology under conditions of
emancipation from ecclesiastical
control with the other great dis
ciplines of the university. The
teaching of- theology exempt
from ecclesiastical tests pre
sents the treatment of a great
science according to the canons
most reverenced hi modern uni
versity life. Its major interest
jis truth in the region dealt with
remedy unui after months o m- .by theology. Without discrimin
instigation and then whenit was ating against local and sectarian
thought complete and the details 'schools for ministerial training it
were beiuj carried out still 'is desirable that there be -an ade
other differential details would quate recognition of the teach-
nave to be added to the plan m i ing of theology in the circle of
order to completely mark ; the university scientific pursuits over of human thought and plans, which churchly authority has no
necessary to work complete re- jurisdiction This may tend to
suits. It has been suggested as remove obstruction from the
-a remedy to properly regulate path of truth and to advance the
and establish equitable and just 'progress of unity and religion,
systems of freight rates that the 'Many of the denominational
government should build, own, 1 schools of theology contain teach
eqprp and operate a railroad j ers in sympathy with this larger
across the continent from ocean 'concensus; and more interested
to ocean. The plan has beenm promoting it than in defining
s?ggested by eminent gentlemen the grounds of difference. The
who disbelieve in the general gracious influence of such lives
proposition of government own- and in particular ; their,'; ap
ersirip, but who claim that the peal to young university, gradu
end would justify the means in ates and to "the graduated laity
the government owing one par-' at lars-e sue-trests the direction
An offer to make you come up
stairs and see us.
New Mainspring (none better),
Cleaning (ordinary watch),
i oo. Cannot be done, better at
any price. . - :
MATTHEWS, The Jeweler.
Room 12, over First -National
Bank. - - " - '" , ;
A Great
. s- -
How to Avo d Pneumonia.
We have never heard of a single 'in
stance of a cold resulting in pneumonia
or other lung trouble when Honey and
Tar has been taken. It r.o only stops
the cold but heals and strengthens the
lungs. Ask for Foley's Honey and Tar
and reftife any: substitute offered. Dr.
"C J. Bishop, of Auneviv Mich ' writes :
"I have used Foley's Honey and Tar in
three very severe cases of pneumonia
nh good resists in every case,'' For
sale by Graham & Wortham. ' " "
tarular line of railroad. How or
: in what particular the , one road
- ecold have the effect to properly
-iegulate freight rates all over
the United States or in any par
ticular part thereof, except trans
continental freight, has not been
explained. -"'
-A road from New York or
"Chicago to San Francisco would
in which non-clerical thought is
moving. That this age "move
ment may advance beyond an
unorganized groping, into com
pletertheological self realization,
it must be directed from centers
of religious think where the
science of Christian theol 'gy is
studied and taught in an atmos
sphere exempt from ecclesiastical
tests or conventional theological
ibave a decidedfeffect upon regu-
tteactoi between the two points,-!- Coming from so r eminent
lot no effect upon other , roads authority as Dr. HalU; it would
fading from New York to New seem "that the ideas of adopting
...Orleans, or Florida, or to Texas, 'methods to investigate and spread
or on any road leading . in any the great truths embodied in re
other direction, except' parallel, Hgious teachings and thought, is
with the road owned by the gov
ernment. '
It would seem that in order to
undergoing serious consideration
keeping pace with other luns of
a progressive world. To be able
-completely regulate the interstate1, to instill these principles into the
"Carrying roads, that the govern-minds of those not heretofore
-jneht would finally have to build 'accessible under older and less
"a road parallel with every other1 attractive methods seems to be
load in the United States doing ' in accord with other lines of pro-
Biterstate commerce business, Igress.
which would undoubtedly lead to
Notice, to Creditors.
Jfotlce is hereby eiveu that the undersigned
was appointed executrix of the last will anil
testament of C, E. Moor, iecea-ed, and all per-
uaviiie duiuia ugniUPb BltlU t'JHUU'. tlTti Tt!-
quired to present tame, with Diooer vonchem
to me at hit home or to W. K Vat.., .t.
office in Corvallis, within six months from this
Dated January 10, 1905. Executrix.
Leave Corvallis", Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday at 6 . in.
For rates, etc., call up Main 21.
Cheap Sunday Rates Between
- Portland and Willamette
Valley Points; -4 :
Low round trfp rates have been placed'
n ettect between .Portland and Willam
ette Valley poiats, in either direction.
Jackets will be sofa .
and. limited to return on or before the
following Monday.
Hate to ok Front f& 13.FI0.
Call on Soothern Paerffe Co Agents
tor panicnlars. ;'
Greatly In Dewd
- jotnmg 18 more in rreroana ihgv m
medicine which meets iaed?rn require
ments for a blond and 8ylemeJeanser,
ench .. as Dr. King's New Life Pills.
Tbey-are just what, yon ad to enre
stomach and liver troubles Try them.
At Allen & "Woodward's drg store, 25c.
guaranteed. i- --:--. .
mi . ' n
ine GAZETTE- nas maae a
special "arrangement with
the publishers of a number
of the leading magazines
and newspapers of the Unit
ed States, whereby we are
offered cut rates on these
Now we could charge you the
full price for these and re-
sarve the difference between
the regular price and their
special price to us, as our
commission, but as the Ga
zette is a home . paper for
home people, it will be sat
isfied by receiving you as a
new subscriber, or, 11 you
are now a suDscnDer, then
by receivings your renewal
for a year in advance. This
special rate may ' not last
long, so take advantage of it
NOW while- the chance is
A Great
Off err
government ownership of all rail
roads. How could the Govern
ment own thegoads ? She has no
Tsaaaey with which to buy or build
-iaflroads except as she collects.
-; it from; the people, or issues the
lands of the government upon
Tfhich the people must J be taxed
- to pay the" interest thereon and
finally the principal. , Such a gi
gantic issue of ..Government bonds
. is probably what "many of the
owners of the large corporations
desire in order that they may ,be
able to sell the railroads to the
government and in return become
cwners of government bonds.
Such a large ownership in gov
ernment bonds would afford the
large owners of corporations a
rich harvest in speculating and
booming such bonds on the
board of the stock exchanges
Real Estate Transfers.
V Espy and husband to Kate,
Daniels 3 lots bl. 14, Co. add.
$1.00 -
Mary-McL3gan and hus. to G
F.Vernon qs c." d. 13a. Alsea
$40.00 r :
C L, Johnson to W I Leonard d.
bl. 15 Wells & McElrey's add.
$750.00 . -, ,
T W Walters and wf. toW I
Leonard d. bl. 16. Weill & Mo
Elrov's add. $7.5Qioo.
W C Belknao and wf. to L F
. .
Belknap and wf. d. 20Q a. near
4k "
Bellfountain, $2200.00.
J M Cameron and wf. to C
Stimson d. 5 lots bl. 22, Co. add.
George Reed to Mary Reed d.
2 lots, bl. "F" Averys add, 1.00.
J W Buster and wf. to W, W
Ryder and wf. 278 a. Alsea, $69.00
F H Henkle to G C : Fredley
Impoitad Black Pfercharon. 'wil
be in Corvallis, for frvice, after
January 1. For further informa
tion addresB, T. K FAwcett,
:- Btllfouatain, Or
Slckenlnn Shivering Fit .
of Ague and Malaria, can bs relieved
and cured with Electric Bitters. This is
a pure tonic medicine ; of especial bene
fit in malaria, for it exerts a true cura
tive influence on th disease, . driving it
entirely out of the system. It is much
fo be preferred to quinine,- having none
, this drng'e bad after-effects.
Munday, of Henrietta, Texas..-, writes;
"My brother was very low with malarial
fevei and jaundice, till he took? Electric
Bitters, which saved his life. At Allen
& Woodward's drug store ; price 50 cents,
guaranteed. . si. .
Ttare they bay iri sell stock and,?-'35 a. WM i.oa
Ws and , ipute the market 1 4 J-g tll
thereof at pleasure. One of the
greatest wrongs ot the day and
age is the gambling so , common
ly carried on in buying - and selling-stocks,
bonds and dealing in
the products of the . country on
stock exchange. Some of our
reformers should devise ways
xnd means to control and put a
stop to that kind of business. If
ifaree or four people sit down to
a table and gamble in a small
wiry, if discovered they are pun-,
ished, but in gambling in what is
commonly known as buying and
seEingon stock exchange thou
sands, of people may be drawn
into the deal and ruined in a day
and there is no law to prevent or
punish the offense.
Special Communication. .
, All members are requested to be
present at the meeting of Corvallis
Lodge No 14, A. F, & A. M.. Satur
day night, Jan. 28, for Jthe purpose
of welcoming Moat Worshipful
Grand Master .. Thomas Grayt ...
Heating !
Cornice. Roofing. Guttering,
and all kinds of Sheet Metal
Work. ''
A. Hencye
In connection with J. . H
When vonr eves tire in reading, when
you frown or partly close the eyes when j
looking at an . object; wnetr tnings
"swim" or become dim after being
lnntpfl at fnr tmrnn time: when the" eves
ache, smart, or -water ; or when yon have
pain in the eyeDau, oroit, lempiea or
forehead. -
Kll the conditions are curable by prop
er (classes, sack as we will furnish you
after a scientific examiuatlon.
MATTHEWS, The Optician,
Room 12, over First National Bank
Practical Horse Sheer
. . and Blacksmith . .
Makes a specialty of draft horses and
track shoeing. Two yean with reg-
alar army in Philippines as Gov-
Interfering corrected and work gnar-
i 4 . ' .
Philomath m r4Jrog.
Womaifs Home Compamaa
Frank: Leslie Y tfouZlj
Mbderai Prlsdlla
Carvaias Gsaette
one year
Interest the
Weekly Oregonian '
San Francisco Examiner
Conrams Gazette
Ait three
one year
Our Great Sale.
The at'endanre for the first two weeks of our "Cireat Sale" drmon
Btrates beyond anv question the ui snrpaaaeil interest that has been
awakened by this great sale, and we can ansure our customers that it e
shall do our part to furnish gratifying bargains to all who visit our store
to take advantage of this sale during the balance of the month.
I very Article in Stock Reduced,
except W. L. Douglas Shoes.
Here are a few hints of the vast num her ot bargains in this ale: " .
Men's and Boys' Suits and Overcoats at Clearance Prices.
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Every Article in Stock Reduced.
Our new Spring Stock will arrive early in February. We must have
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Job Prititmg
When you pay out
good money for
printing, be sure
and get good print
ing for the money I
Do not send out printed mat
ter to yr"- ".ustomers that is
a disf " 9 H -J ij ci : business
a dist i -J your town and
a disgrace to the printer who
puts it out. .
Good Work costs
you no more than
he bad.
Good printing is correct in
spelling correct in gram
marcorrect in punctuation
on good stock printed
with good ink and some
thing that it is a pleasure to
look at.
Cosmopolitan Magazine
or Leslies,
or McCall's. -
Corvallis Gazette
Any three
one year
m m Address
Corvallis, Ore.
That is the kind
the Gazette turns
Prices for good printing are
based on the cost of good
material, and the labor and
taste employed in doing the
work. To this every printer
adds a percentage for profit.
The cheap printer charges
the same profit as the good
printer the difference in
cost to you comes out of the
value of the material used
in fact you pay for all you
get. -
Skill, taste and ex
perience are ne
cessary factors in
producing GOOD
Examine your 1 1 work, and
t don't pay for it until you
- know it is all right. It is
your? own faulty if you pay
go od money f orrotten. eggs.