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Vol. XLJI.
Cohvai.lis. Bk.nton County, Oregon, Tuesday, J.x'aky 1 I5 .
OREGON'S PRUNE PRODUCT icanneries situated in Lincoln
cjunty taken with our oysters
This State Leads the World in , re great revenue proaucers ana
Leads the World
the Prune Industry Benton
has Largest Dryer.
Oregon leads the world today
in the cultivaiion of the Italian
or Oregon prune as' it is now
known in the market, its Euro
pean identity being lost in the
superiority of the new world pro
duct, says Alma A. Rogers in
Sunset Magazine. No ' where
else is this fruit grown to such
perfection as in the mild, moist
climate of the Willamette, Ump-
qua and Rogue River valleys.
It will not endure the extreme
heats of lower latitudes, and in
the east its culture is prevented
by an insect pest.
The Oregon prune is a distinct
and peculiar variety, differing
decidedly from any other mem
ber of the plum family. Its dis
tinguishiner characteristics is i
sub-acid which j,ives it a tart
flavor very agreeable to the pal
ate and high medicinal virtue.
There is no more wholesome ar
ticle of diet. Chemists find in
it sedative properties. In the
classification of food elements
the large proportion of phospho
rus indicates its value as a brain
. In color the Oregon prune is a
dark violet blue with a light blue
bloom. It is a free stone, with
flesh of a clear yellow. After
drvinev the outside becomes a
glossy black and the ioside a
deep amber. . The large varie
ties make a delicious sweetmeat.
The exceptional qualities of the
fruit are due in large measure to
the process of curing, which is
accomplished by the most im
proved methods of evaporation,
requiring a special treatment dif
fering from that of cut,, fruits.
The prunes begin to ripen the
latter part of September, the har
vest continuing through October.
They are allowed to remain on
the trees until fully matured,
when they drop to the ground.
After careful gathering; assisted
by a gentle shaking of the boughs,
they J are put through modern a
graditg machine which se'pai
ates them into uniform sizes,
thereby hastening the drying,
and also freeing them from the
twigs and leaves. Next they
are dipped into a hot water bath
to cleanse and soften the skin, then
, spread upon trays and placed ia
ovens where by means of steam
pipes currents of hot air in rapid
circulation are driven through
tne trim. x ne mm emerges
from the process soft and pliable,
yet with sufficient moisture re
moved to ' insure its keeping
qualities. ;
The largest prune orchard in
Oregon, .and the largest prune
evaporator in the world is located
in- Benton county; about five
miles from Corvallis.
age daily output of
when running full
about 2000 pounds.
all being the products of the
water. We hope to see it not
stifled for some time at least
by the land scripper trusts and
their allies who are at present
doing Oregon, to a finish. Re
porter. :
To Induce' Immigration.
Items of Interest In and Around
the O. A. C.
In order to assist in the work
of bringing settlers to the North
west, the Southern Pacific Rail
road company, have red weed the
freight rates on household goods
from all Missouri river points
from $i per hundred to 50 cents
per hundred pounds. This shows
much liberality on the part of
the management of this road,
and will be a great inducement
to immigrants. )
1 his action by the b. tr. com
pany is taken because of the fact basket ball practice.
that the low passenger rates on
account of the Lewis and Clark
Exposition the coming year are
expected to bring a large num
ber of people from the Middle
States and the East into this
section, and the extra induce
ments of such a very low rate on
their household and personal
rr .1 1.-1 -t.l t
enects leaves no oostacie wnat- gan ivionday morning,
ever in the way 01 their coming to be some interesting
The game of basket ball Sat:
urday night was a decided victory
for OAC. The Monmouth boys
scored the first basket but were
unable to keep up with our boys
after that and the game ended
with a score of 41 to 9
The delegates from the differ-
ent societies have been chosen I
for the local, pratorical contest
which occurs Jan. 27.
Clifford Gardiner returned to
school Monday after atwo weeks
vacation at his home in Astoria.
Floyd Williams and Karl Stei
wer returned from Jefferson, Fri
day evening, where they have
been working on their thesis.
Miss Mertie Harrington has a
sprained wrist, the result of
The basket ball girls expect to
have v their next game with the
Albany girls. It will probably
occur in about two weeks. The
girls have not had a game on
their own field this season and
are anxious for the game.
The Farmers' short course be-
There is
work in
to our section of the country to this department.
locate, so far as the transportation
-- --- -
is concerned. It now remain-!
only tor our people to put forth
the attractions and inducements
of the country itself, in the way
or climate, sure crops, great
possibilities for the future etc.,
to take ' full" advantage of the
opportunity offered by the rail
roads to settle up the country
during the year 1905.
returned from
he spent his
Successful School Entertainment.
Fir Grove school, with T J
Risley as teacher, is doing some
excellent work this winter.
The school has a large attend
ance and does not take a back
seat when compared with other
schools in the county. For
scholarships and literary . work
it certainly ranks with the very
pest in tne county. lhis was
proven by the well-planned and
nicely executed entertainment
given Friday evening, December
A. J. Rich
Astoria," where
Vacation. . '
The Sorosis girls were enter
tained by Miss Mabel Withby-
combe Friday night. -"
John Withbycombe is to repre
sent the Amicitia society in the
local oratorical contest. He has
returned this term after an
absence of a year and a half.
Misses 1 Bessie and Carrie
Dauneman left Saturday for Clem
Joint Installation.
Ellsworth Post, G. A. R. and
'he W. R. C. installed officers
last Satuiday. evening in their
hall. Aftr installation all com
bintd . and enjoyed a mos
delicious supper prepared bv the
ladies. Following are the officers
or the ti. A K:
Commander, Levi Oren; senior
vice commander, t). . frees;
S. H.
M. L
10, at North Palestine .church.
Owing to the incapacity of the junior vice commander,
school house the teacher secured Horton;. qHHrtermaster,
the church which was well-filled Hubler, ciiapltin, Samuel White-
with patrons and friends of the
The program consisted of in
strumental music, songs and reci
tations. inougn tne program
was quite long yet
The aver
this dryer,
capacity is
The Crab Industry.
sidt; tryeant, P. W. Woods;
officer of the day. Mr. Young;
officer of the guard, Henry Ger-
ber; adjutant. R. J. Jones; ser
geant major, Samuel Kerr;order-
the larwe Hy sergeant, Wm. Lane.
Big Advance Sale
1 w s a
of Wcmen'5 and Children's
. (I
If yon tare ay doth aboot flrat relet for little nwnty, came and set car gtwtb. Only at thb sale cm yw ftt so good ntot.
Lrtct srrte iftd sfcapa. If joa fafl to wppty yortttf now, yon won't get another ttaiKtl Taic i few wnilt tbty last
Eot 3
I 29c
t trtaatpk if acta! Mtstry. Tate at mot amass is lab assortment as jm wish, etccst tke iowti. duly Me t a ontoeef.
F. l. Miller,
is, Oregon
Walked. 47 Miles for a Drink.
crowd was attentive to thp last: 1 he officers installed in the
and manifested their aoorecia- W. R. C. are. President, Sarah
Hon of its merits in manv wavs. Cronk; senior vice pres., Frankie
A basket social followed the Smith; junior vice pres., Mehnaa
literary program. The baskets Robinson ; chaplain, Jane Lane;
. I . " j-N T
were sold at auction, to the hn?h- treasurer, rannie uren; conouci
est bidder. Hon. V. A. Garter, or Agnes Young; guard Frudence
acted as auctioneer and: Droved Chipman ; assistant guard, Eliza
himself master of the nrofession. betfl Hubler; assistant conductor,
The baskets sold well and brought Sarah Stewart; secretary. Emily
- I TT 11 - 1 l 'XT 1 TT
the school a good sum of money, nenKie.coior oearers, iNoia jerr;
There are three crabberies on
Yaquina Bay where they cook
crabs for market, one located at
Newport and two at Yaquina.
Wm. Toner, the rustling express
messenger, is owner of one of
the Yaquina establishments and
his Teport shows he has . shipped
during the year just ended 186,
000 pounds, or 93 tons of crabs.
This is addition to what the1
other two have shipped: and the
vast amount which is used Toy the
multitudes who visit our summer
resort. Crabs average three
dozen to the hundred pounds,
and sell for 70 cents per dozen
, or $2. 10 per hundred, thus pro
, ducing quite . a revenue, . which
represents labor. ' The peculiar
thing is that both the supply and
the "demand has increased each
year, this being Mr.' Toner's
fourth . year in the enterprise,
The first year he shipped only
6000 pounds.
This with the" three salmon
which is to be used to purchase
b hbrarv.
Wright-Harris Nuptials.
A. quiet nome wedding was
solemnized at the residence of
Mrs. F.' Howell in this city. Sun-
IHIlie ' Read; Etella Peterson;
Abbie Stone; patriotic instructor,
Mrs. Thoip; press correspondent.
Mrs.. Effle Cale; musician;, Mrs.
Ellen Munday.
The installing officer was
Mrs. Thorp. r ..
After the Post was over,
And the offiers were installed.
day, Jan, 8, when Rev Feese of To.the strains of Marubinn thro' Georgia,
tqe M.VJq. . Church united ml There came marching throngh the hall
marriage Joseph- Wright, ot Our Corps' four standard bearers,"
Silver Lake, -. Oregon, - and Miss All dressed in Red, White and Blue,
Mae ' Harris, formerly of Sum- Waving pur dear Old Glory, .1
met iake, T Uregon, but now 01 . Ana ae our hearts (beat anew, , :
Corvallis. -'- Only a few relatives Then our faithful installing Officer
ofthe happy COUple were pres-. With the Marshal that helped berth ro
cut. t - . i - j i.o ine music 01 Marching thro' tieorgia-
Mr. and Mrs. Wright were Ani tle strains of Bed, Whiteand Blue
student at the OAC this vear. . After installing each officer
but will leave shortly for the I And Amt" bfcd been sung
home of the groom where they-T0 an1 W .
We tiiank Uiose who biodly assieted
With iastulliug uud supper, too '-.
For their kindness to the Old Soldier
Who marched with the Bed, White
and Blue.
EFFIE CALE, Press Correspondent.
The Independence Enttp i-e
has the' following " arn sihni t a
Benton it;an w ho wanted a social
drink: ;
A victim of a ';drv" conn y
dropped i-to Iudep -i denre Mon
day. . He was a i trident of Ben
ton county and ; lives" lonr milt?
beyond Alse.i. At 4 o'clock
Sunday afternoon it dawned upon
this Bentonite that 1 he prohibi
tion law had taken effect and he
set out immediately lor Indepen
dence wberf fhe exhiliia'uig
beverage is ilni'y d-p- nstnl over
the bar. The oi.-iance is 47
miles and ie wskcu evi-iy s'ep
of the way htit a;
o'clock Monday alternoon. Tiie
first place visited on reaching In
dependence was a saloon, and
the first thing he asked for was
a drink. He got his drink, sup
plied himself with a flask of the
same and the "dry" man from
Alsea passed on. "
3 5 -:
1 r--v?
cisrk; y -x1- '-tr -i.w
93 J3-r
3 to c
rr -5
n -1
"g-s Vi
, 1 n 'J
A handsome Temple of Fra
ternity will be ' erected at the
Lewis and Clark Exposition by
secret societies of the country.
The building will serve as a
meeting place and club house
for the thousands ot members ot
fraternal ords rs - that wil visit
the Fair. i i.e sum of jU 5.000
will reside. The vouns: couple
are well and favorably known in
their, respective homes in Lake
county, and have a host of friends
at the college, who all wish them
jmany years-of happiness.
will be ex
and $19.13
been rais
and $10:00'
by the A
America, '
being ri t -Order
of the
Lodge , . .
Work me
Knights , 1.
J. C. HAMMEL, Prop.
Leading hotei in Corvallis. Newl-"
furnished with modern conveni
ences.SRates $1 2$1.25- $2 ier
' Ii you are looking for some real good
Bargains- in Stock, Groin, Fruit and
Poulti y Ranches, write lot our special
libt. or c roe and see us. We will taxe
pleasure in giving you reliaole informa
tion : also snowing you over the county
it d in the structure
f this has already
Of this sum raised,
has been p edged
ia td Frwteiniiies of
"it toifitiUtor
i. Gni d, tbt
' ton 'h. Ladies
e-, the Grand
Order of United
Vv i cmen, and the
Ladies of Honor.