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'S-'D'-T, DECEMBER 20,1901
To cover the cost ol setting and dis
tributing the type in such matters, a
charge of fifty cents will be nude for
each "Card of Thanks,'' and five cents
per line for each set of "Resolutions of
Condolence" appearing in these columns.
W. S. Gardner. Photographer
Tha new New York Racket for
Xmas goods.
Finest pictures in town framed
and unframed at Barnhart's.
A fall line of German, American
and French china, either decorated
or plain- at Zierolf's.
William Baker, of this city, went
tt Junction City a few days ago to
attend gome business.
Regent W. E. Yates went to To
ledo Wednesday to attend the Far
mer's Institute in progress there.
' A. W. Moses went out to Philo
math yesterday to remain until af
ter the hollidays, the guest of his
The Benton County Prune Co.
now has its product ready for ship,
ment and is waiting for means of
At the Corvallis Saw Mill for the
present you can get good shingles
tor $ 1.40 per M. Also good fenc
ing for $7 per M.
When buyicg your holiday
presents remember our motto: "Al
ways your money's worth." E. P.
Greffoz, the jeweler.
Agent Cronise, of the C. & E., in
forms us that freight cars are ar
riving daily and the car famine
will soon be relieved.
Mrs. Taylor Porter;ieft, Wednes
day for The Dalles. Her sister,
Mrs. Chas. Tharp, is lying danger
ously ill in that city, with typhoid
Mrs. Woodward has some beauti
ful water color paintings of Oregon
scenery on display at J. D. Mann &
Co's. store, which she is offering for
sale at half price.
New York Racket Store, second
door south of Post Office. New
goods, notions, Christmas goods and
toys. Also fresh high grade grocer
ies constantly in stock.
Born, Friday, Dec. 13th, 1901,
in Portland, to the wife of Attorney
E. R. Bryson, a son. Mr. Bryson
arrived home, Tuesday, and reports
the mother and child doing nicely.
Claude A. Riddle who recently
married Miss Mayme Isaac3, of
Medford, is now located at Grants
Pass. Claude has accepted a posi
tion in a billiard parlor of that city
30 we are informed.
The date for opening college after
the holidays has been postponed
until January 6th, and the musical
recital, to be given by Miss Phil
brick, will be changed to that date
to conform with the new conditions.
A suit for divorce was filed in the
circuit court for Multnomah county
a few days ago in which some Ben
ton county people are interested.
The suit was brought by Fred Nel
son against Ida Martin Nelson, his
The young lawyer, of this city,
whom Albany people accuse of pre
senting a beautiful ring to himself,
declares on his honor that "E. E.
W." were not the initials engraved
in the ring. Surely, affairs are get
ting in a bad way.
V. Kratz, of Los Angeles, Calif ,
arrived in this city, Wednesday, on
a visit to his granddaughter, Miss
Mable Cronise, and her father. Mr.
Kratz has been to McMinnville to
visit relatives. He left this city
yesterday en route to his home in
Los Angeles.
Corvallis has a new creamery
Milk sufficient to make 350 pounds
of butter was delivered the first
day the plant was operated.
Creameries are proving to be sub
stantial business investments and
not a fad as some predicted when
they were first talked of. Lebanon
Ernest Redd, who has been di
rector of the O A C band for the
past few months, has accepted a
position in a drug store in bheri
dan. Ernest has many friends
here who are sorry to see him go,
both on account of his manly qual
ities and musical abilities. He will
go to Sheridan early ,in January
The Gus Sun Ameiican Minstrels
will appear at the Opera House this
evening. Iney promise an unus
ually meritorious program. Seats
are now on sale at Graham &
Wortham's. Prices 25. 35, 50 and
75 cents. Thirty white people,
Guaranteed to be the finest rain
. strel show that has ever played
Corvallis, or your money back.
Writing to a friend in this city,
Dr. F, M. Carter, coroner of Lincoln
county, inserted - this paragraph
which is of general interest: ''I
have just returned from Alsea bay,
where I went to hold a coroner's
inquest over the body of the man
who was drowned off the barge
- Wheeler, which was wrecked nrar
the Life Saving Station at the
mouth of Yaquina bay. The body
came ashore four miles south of
Alsea ba , and was in a very bad
stale of preservation, owing to the
work of seagulls and crabs." -
W. A. Sanders, Jeweler,
Get your umbrella fixwl at The
Bicycle Hoepital.
Nice assortment of American cut
glass at Zierolf s.
J. Fred Yates went to Albany on
legal business during the week.
Mud guards put on your wheel
at the Bicycle Hospital. The best
and cheapest that can he had.
Call at C. A. Barnhart's paint
store for pictures, prames, oil paint
ings and wall paper Chtistmas
For practical Christmas presents
that appeal to the eye and bring
real cjmtort to tha recipient see
Nolan & Callahan.
The giving out of tickets forlhe
organ at Kline's, will cease at 12
m. Tuesday, December 24th. Draw
ing will occur at 2 p. m. same date.
Just received at Kline's a new
lot of clothing for the long slim
men, fat men or any kiud of msn,
also a fine line of Black Frock
Members of the M. E. church,
South, and the Sunday school, will
please bear in mind that there will
be a Christmas tree in the church
Christmas Eve.
Miss Pauline Kline will give a
reception tomorrow evening at her
home in this city, in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. James Eder, of Colombia,
Central America.
Roy Ortel and Miss Nellie Evan,
of this city, will leave Mondav
for Detroit, Or., where they will
spend the holidays with Miss Ev
an's married sister. They expect
to be absent about a week.
Monday, J. R. Smith & Co. com
pleted the sewer through the Lee-Nolan-Davis
block. The weather
was such that the work was delay
ed for a period, but when permissi
ble all dispatch was used in com.
pleting the contract.
An immense amount of work has
been done on Main Etreet during
the past week. Two or three blocks
have been scraped bare of the mud
and now present an attractive ap
pearance. This improvement gave
employment to a good many men.
G. S. O. Humbert will preach in
the Christian church next Lords
day. Subject at 11 a. m.. "Moses
the Typical Hero and Leader, and
the Life Teachers that made His
Manhood." At 7:30 p. m. the
theme will be "Scriptural Fool."
Mr. M. Jacobs, of this city, suf
fered what is thought to be a very
Slight stroke of paralysis about a
week ago. His left arm was slight
ly affected, but -the old gentleman
makes light of the matter and de
clares that thare is nothing the
matter with him.
Bear in mind that the O A C
cadet battallion will give one of
their enjoyable dances in the ar
mory tonight. Everything possi
ble has been done to make the af
fair a success in every way. Ever
est's orchestra, of Portland, has
been engaged to furnish the music.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wirt did
not find things to their liking in
San Francisco and came back to
Portland. Mrs. Wirtz's father, Mr.
Small, of this city, does not know
just what they contemplate doing,
but presumes that Mr. Wirtz wul
engage in some business inPortland.
Sundav School, Morning Prayer,
Evening Prayer and Church League
at the Episcopal church next Sun
day at the usual hours. Christmas
Day Service on Christmas day at
10 a. m.. All church people are
expected to be present on this High
b estival of the Churcn. Dr. Mac
Lean, Rector.
Many of our people will remem
ber that the weather of the past
week or two has been similar to
that of the same period nine years
ago. Just before Christmas of 1892
there came quite a. heavy fall of
snow for this country and caused
the awning in front of Graham &
Wells' drug stor to fall and kill
Minister Ligeett. His funeral oc
curred on Christmas day.
Married at the residence of -and
by Rev. Rufus Thompson, Sundav,
Dec. 15th, Miss Nannie McElmurry
and Mr. Wilkrd Cauthorn. The
bride is a daughter of Isaac McEl
murry and a life long resident of
this county. The groom is a prom
inent young man of Benton county,
and a thrifty and industrious far
mer. They have many friends
who extend congratulations. Al
bany Herald.
At a recent meeting of the W. O.
W., Marys Peak Camp No. 126,
the following officers were elected:
J. H. Gibson, paBt consul; E. R.
Lake, council commander; L. W.
Orin, adjutant lieutenant; George
E. Lilly, banker; Victor P. Moses,
clork; VV. T. Birrell, escort; A. Em
eiick, watchman: A. A. Bowman,
sentry; L. G. Altman, G. R. Farra,
and W. A. Buchanan, managers; J
L. Underwood, musician.
The Corvallis Improvement So
ciety has planted row of shade
tree alonz the platform and extend
ing some distance on either side of
the C & E depot, and made other
improvements calculated to beauti
fy this place. We believe that both
the C & E and S P company will
show enough enterpriseln the near
future to cover their depot grounds
in this city with decomposed gran
ite, and paint their telegraph poles,
Sterling Silver novelties of all
kinds at E. P. Greffoz, The Jeweler.
Pictures, picture frames and wall
paper large assortment at C. A.
Miss Leona Smith will come
home from Portland today to
spend the holidays.
Rev. h. M. Boozer will preach
in the Witham school house,
Sunday afternoon at 2:30.
Rev. B. J. Hoadley will not
occupy the pulpit at the M E
chflrch next Sabbath. Arrange
ments have been made, however,
to have the pulpit filled morning
and evening.
George Crotikite, formerly a
student at O A C, was drowned
at Manila, November 6th. He
served ia the and Oregon as bu
gler. After his enlistment ex
pired he returned to Manila and
went into "government employ.
Foul play is suspected.
Regular services in the United
Evangelical church Sunday.
Rey. L Myren Boozer will
preach morning and evening.
Morning subject, "Christian
Thoughts." Sunday School and
Christian Endeavor at the usual
heurs. All are invited.
Married at the residence of the
bride near Snmmit, Wednesday
Dec. 18, 1901, Mr. D. H. Wal
len, of Iowa, and Mrs. J. C
Sticker, of Snmmit. A fine
dinner was served immediately
after the ceremony. " Horace
Underhill J. P., officiated.
The Sunday School of the
United Evangelical church will
give their annual Christmas en
tertainment Tuesday evening
December 24th in the church. A
pleasant evening with the little
folks is assured to all who attend.
Presents for distribution will be
received at the church Tuesday
A basket social . was given by
the Artisans in their hall in the
Kline brick Wednesday evening.
The program, which preceeded
lunch, was listened to by a large
audience. The vocal solos by B. W. Johnson, recitation
by Mrs. Johnson, address by G.
W. Denman and instrumental
numbers by Messrs Turney and
Goodnough were of unusual
merit. The receipts of the eve
ning were aboat 15.
Mr. J. Wagner, representing
the California Lecture Bureau,
has arranged to give another
course of lectures here beginning
in February. It will be opened
with an eleetrical display and
talk. Other lectures will be de
livered by Rev. Boyer, President
McGlish, of U of P, at San Jose,
and President Ott, of Drake
University of Des Moines, Iowa.
President McGlish will deliver
the baccalaureate address at O A
C next June.
Prosessor P. M. Smith, he will
be remembered in Corvallis, put
on his play, "The Irish Duke,"
in Portland, an I the Oregonian
has this to say of the perfor
mance: The production of "The
Irish Duke," in Arion Hall last
night, was witnessed by a large
audience, and the amateurs gave
evidence of Professor P. M.
Smith's careful training. The
various parts were well sustained,
and the vocal and instrumental
ausic was excellent.
Hon. G. A. Waggoner, United
States deputy collector of customs
at Summit, near Skagway, Alaska,
arrived Monday to spend the holi
days with his family in this city.
Mr. Waggoner visited several days
in Portland, the guest of his son,
Deputy Surveyor-General Waggo
ner. He came down from Alaska
to undergo a rather critical surgical
operation for the removal of what
was supposed to be a cancerous
growth from his head. Tha opera
tion was successfully performed by
DrE L Ervine, of Portland. It
was found that the trouble was not
so serious as had been apprehended,
the growth being merely a tumor.
Additional Local.
Th Black Cat.
Day lamps, night lamps, hanging
lamps, stand lamps, all kinds of
lamps at Zierolf's.
Zierolf carries a full line of
Heinz's condiments no more need
be said. v
t.v is tne teason of the year
w-en every bicyclist needs a mud
guard for his wheel. Dilley "the
If you go to any other location
than ours you won't" find our large
assortment of Xmas presents, jew
elry, toys, etc W. A. Sanders,
Leading Jeweler.
Jardiners, all
prices, at Zierolf's.
New line of O
dishes at Zierolf's.
varieties and
A C souvenir
Foley's Honey and To.r
forchuaren,safe,sure. pfo opiates,
A Free Ride.
Last Monday Willard Price, of
Kings Valley, let one of his
brothers have a saddle horse to
ride to Wren. On arriving at
Wren the brother fastened up the
bridle and turned the horse loose
to find its way home. The an
imal did not arrive home as Mr,
Price expected it would and
Tuesday morning he started out
to look for it.
He learned that a young man,
whose name we do not care to
mention, had stopped the horse,
and mounting it, had ridden the.
animal nearly to Corvallis. He
then dismounted and turned it
loose and came on to town. Al
ter loitering about town for
awhile he crossed the Willam
ette and went to the house of a
relative who resides a short dis
tance east of this city, in Linn
Willard Price, in his search,
learned the above particulars and
crossed over into Linn county
and found the culprit and
persuaded the young man to
co are over to Corvallis with him.
The young fellow stoutly denied
all knowledge of the horse, but
when in the presence of officers
admitted the whole thing. Mr.
Price concluded to do nothing
with the boy, as he had found
out where his horse was and no
particular damage had been done
him. It is hoped that the young
man will mend his ways, as this
is not the first time that he has
been the star actor in the perfor
mance of deeds that might have
caused him trouble.
Struck a Snag.
About two o'clock Tuesday
morning the steamer Ruth ar
rived from Portland. At five o'
clock, having unloaded some
freight and taken on part of a
load she left the ORIN dock
to steam up to Fischer's Flouring
Mills to take on a lot of flour.
The distance from the O R & N
dock to the mill is nearly half a
mile and when the Ruth was
about half way to the mill she
struck a snag and stove a large
hole in her bottom. Just how
large is not known, but it must
be of fair dimensions, as in about
two minutes she had swung
about and grounded on the east
side of the river. She lies very
nearly across the river. She was
in command of Captain Inman.
It was still dark when the ac
cident occurred and the few pas
sengers on board and part of the
crew were considerable exercised,
according to reports, and fancied
that they had figured in a wreck
that will make history. Aside
from other items of freight there
were fifteen tons of dried prunes
aboard. This itself will form no
small loss. The prunes belong
ed to Hugh Fialey.
Information regarding the af
fair was at once telegraphed the
main office of the O R & N com
pany in Portland and other boats
were put on the route to take
care of the freight during the
time that will be consumed in
getting the Ruth out of her pres
ent position and making the nec
essary repairs.
Public School Items.
Three months of school have now
passed. A comparison of the num
ber of pupil3 with the number this
time last year shows an increase of
20 per cent. The increase in the
upper grades runs from 40 to 50
per cent.
School will be dismissed on the
Friday before Xmas for holidays
and remain closed until the Mon
day following New Years.
The different grades of the school
raised the amount of about five
dollars for the improvement of the
Public School grounds.
The ninth grade organized their
class on Friday the sixth of this
month by electing as officers: Pres
ident, Miss Minnie Phillips; Vice
President, Miss Lela Alexander;
Secretary, Keith Browne and
Treasurer Charles Shenefield.
The different grades of the school
are now preparing for their Xmas
Boom! Bee!
Here are We!
Holiday Opening!
Don't You See!
We will have our entire line of Fancy China and Holi
day Goods on display on that day. We have spared no pains in
making selection and spreading our table with thechoicest delicacies
of the season, and extend you a cordial invitation to come and par.
take of the feast of Noveltie3.
exercises, the eighth and ninth
holding theirs together in the
eighth room. A cordial invitation
to attend is extended to all.
A few more booke have been do
nated to our Library which were
greatfully accepted.
Correspondence Comm.
Real Estate Transfers.
R S Bryson et al to Fawcett &
Kelly, 761 acres near Dusty;
O A C Co to E W Stroncr. 75
acres near Philomath; $290.88.
E W Strong; to A Grav 12. acres
near Philomath; $169.
D Miller to Chas Groskv. 80
acres near Blodgett; $775.
Henry Gerber to Tohn Good-
child, 86 acres near Corvallis;
C T Rice to Clara M Hardin?.
q c d to 483 acres t 11, s r 4 and
5 i.
Whatever Pleases
Makes a good Christmas present. The
books, fountain peua, portmanteaus,
letter sata, and various other holiday
articles oh display at the Book Store are
certain to please. Therefore, they will
make good Christmas preseuts. When
on a tour of investigation, don't over
look C. A. Gerhard.
oc els
Silver Novelties,
Albert J. Metzger
Oocidental Hotel Bldg.
Miss Mabel Cronise
Graduate of Chicago College
of Music.
Teacher of VocaK and Instru
mental Music.
Spatial Line of Street
Corner 3rd and Monroe Sts.
The Best Holiday Gifts.
Our Martyr Presidents
Their illustrious lives and noble deeds.
Their speeches and stories. The assas
sination scenes and a history of anar
chy. Beautifully Stampted Cover, - $1.50
Grai dest Century
A review of the events and achieve
ments of the past century, fully illus
lustrated; 600 pages, 7xaK - - $3.00
Life of Wm. Mckinley
Interestingly written and fully illus
trated, $1.50
The Story of a Beautiful Life.
By Cannon Tarrar.
The Bible story of Christ, interestingly
. written and illustrated with 300 repro
ductions of famous paintings.
Cloth Bound, 500 pages, - - $3.00
Order by mail from,
Publisher's Agent,
312 Oak St., Portland, Oregon.
For Sale Cheap.
Three horses, wagon, harness and
black-smith outfit. Inquire of
"W. Westfall,
Near C. & E. depot.
Our line of Holiday goods is
complete Zierolf.
Foley s Kidney Cure
manes Ktaneys ana biaaaer rignt.
A nice line -of jewelry suitable
for Christmas presents at E. P.
Greffoz, The Jeweler.
r M
ts. -i.15chaffrie
uar. mumn 4 HS
S. L.
K 4k
To secure a Good Home, Splendid Stock Ranch, or Perfect
Summer Grazing Lands at Nominal Prices
The Coast Land & Live Stock Company having purchased 40,000 acres of the
Corvallis and Yaquina Bav Wagon Road lands, known as the "Coe Lands,"
have now placed them on the market.
These ara lunimprof'' d lands situated iu Benton and Lincoln counties,
along the line of the Corvallis & Eastern railroad, in the best grazing and fruit
raising section of Western Oregon.
Prices: $1.00 to $4.00 per Acre Easv Terms. Perfect Title.
M. WL) DAVIS.'jAgent
October 7, 1901. CorvallisOregon.
J. D. MANN & CO.
BIB flic PfJOpitj SflflB
Buy Your Furniture where you canl
have a Variety to Choose from.
For example, we have
8 different patterns of Combination Writing Desks and Book Cases
A full fine of Matting. Besides
Stoves of all kinds and Tinware
Graniteware and Everything in that Line, New
and Second-Hand.
We are Headquarters for Window Shades, having recently
bought 150 dozen at one order. Come and look us over. No trouble
to show goods. Prices guaranteed to be right. Nothing so nice
for a Xmas present as a piece of furniture-
Corvallis' Most Popular Eating House
Pioneer Bakery
Fresh bread daily. A complete stock of candies, fruits and g
nuts kept canstanfly on hand. Smokers supplies !
a'specialty. J
H. W. HALL, Proprietor.
6Mob Printing t6
YOU could not buy anything
belter for a Christmas pres
ent than one of our nice suits, or
an overcoat. We are still selling
alFour men's and boys' clothing
at a great reduction, and they are
" going fast. And we have lots of
other things you want.
Largest line of Men's White
and Fancy Shirts in town; 50c
to $3.00.
Fine line of Neckwear, Sus
penders, Plain and Silk Handker
chiefs; 10 cents, up.
The great Black Cat Half-Hose
fpr Men and Boys; 10c to 35c per
Come in and se what we have.
If you can't be pleased here,
there is no use to go elsewhere.
J. D. MANN & CO.
Iadies' Desks
Extension Tables
Dining and Kitchen Chairs
Rockers and Parlor Chairs
Center Tables
Bamboo Goods
Lounges and Couches
Iran Beds
Bed Room Suits
Odd Dressers
Kitchen Safes
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Wall Paper