Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, December 17, 1901, Image 2

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The president siys of the rail
way: "Its rates should be just
and open to all." That they
n:e not is the chief cause of com -
plaint, the main provocative of
popular anti-railroad sentiment.
Instead of making just rates it is
more frequently the practice of
the railway companies to tax
their traffic all it will bear. To
this end all competition is de
stroyed either by mutual agree
ment between companies or by
one acquiring control of all com
peting lines. This is done by
leasing for a term, as for ninety
nine years or by forming a com
"bination, as the Pennsylvania
Company and the Northern Se
curities Company. These ac
quire control of railway stocks,
and construct, buy, lease and
nnerate. all the means of trans
portation in large areas of terri
tory. They not oniy control
interstate but no small part of
our foreign commerce, and hav
ing destroyed and made competi
tion impossible establish such
rates as they choose. Stock
holders operating mines, mills
and factories are given special
rates, rebates, drawbacks and
premiums which enable them to
reach and to control markets
from which smaller operators are
oracticallv excluded. A car
famine" rarely touches the stock
holding shipper.
To control these things is an
exceedingly difficult matter,
Such is human cupidity and sel
fishness'that there is a continual
effort to avoid just restraint
States have changed their con
stitutions, passed stringent laws
and adopted many devices to
compel these transportation com
panies to make just rates open to
all. So far the companies have
been able, for the greater part, to
obstruct, evade and nullify these
efforts to control them.
They are public servants and
must be under the direction and
supervision of the people so far,
and only so far as may be neces
. sary to compel them justly and
equitably to perform their public
functions. "The several states
and the federal government will
put forth more intelligent and
earnest efforts than any yet made
to this end. No wrong will be
done to anv of them, but such
measures of regulation and con
trol will be devised and enforced
as will protect the people and
quiet public apprehension. It is
folly to wait until yet greater
distrust is aroused. Common
prudence requires that the rights
and interests of the people be
effectually safe-guarded. Instru
mentalities must be found, will
be found to compel these corpor
ations to be just to all, and to
render it impossible for any of
them to batten on the necessities
of the public.
When this is done the railways
should be permitted to work on
their own proper lines serving
all the people as public servants
should and earning legitimate
dividends on the capital they
have invested.
This is, without doubt, the
most perplexing and difficult
problem before the present con
gress. It is fortunate the repub
lican party has it to solve. It is
a guarantee that it will be solved
justly, courageously and satis
factorily. Nothing will be bor
rowed nor appropriated from the
purposes of any other party
but the work will be done
on Jurely republican lines and
will eventuate as republican
policies always do, in doing "the
greatest good to the greatest num
ber." Congress is fully advised
. of the public feeling on this sub
ject and we are satisfied it will
meet just public requirements.
Meanwhile let no socialist,
nor populist dream of any sort of
aid and comtort from republicans,
for we deal with all subjects
after our own methods.
Book I A Literal Translation by C.
MacLean, Ph. D.
Vy. 188-222. Intervention of Athene.
Thus he spoke. Then grief came upon
tb.9 son of Peleus, and his heart within
bis shaggy breast hesitated between two
courses: Whether drawing his sword
quickly from his thigh he should arouse
them from their seats (more lit., should
cause them to start up), while he him
self slew the son of Atreus, or repress his
anger and restrain his passioa . While
he was revolving this in his heart and
soul, aad was beginning to draw his
broad sword from its scabbard, then
Athene came from heaven ; for the god
dess, the white-armed Hera, loving and
Cherishing both sides alike in her mind,
tent her forth. She both stood liehind
Mm and held tbe son of Peleos by bis
golden hair, appearing to liira alone ; and
no one of the others saw her. Then
Achilles was amazed at being thus
seized, and he turned around and im
mediately recognized Pallas Athene; bat
terribly did her eyes gleam. And he
lifted up his voice and addressed to
her tinned words: ''What npw! Why
iirt thou come, O daughter of the Argis-
In-aring Ze is? Is it that thott mayst be
hold the inso'ence of Agamemnon, the
son of At runs? But I will speak out,
and this also will come to pass, I think :
By reason of his insolent behav.or be
will quickly some day lose his life."
Then the gxLIesa, the fierce-eyed
Athene, answered him back: .
"I came from heaven to cause thee
to cease this rage of thine, if, indeed,
thou canst be prevailed upon. ' For the
goddess, the white-armed Hera, loving
and cherishing you both alike in her
strife, and do not continue to draw the
sword with thy hand. Nevertheless,
with words reproach him as there shall
be opportunity. For thus I declare, and
this also will b3 a thin accomplished i.
e., this also will be done : Some day
there will be at thy disposal, on account
of the insolence of this day, even three
times as many princely gifts For what
these were, see Book 9, at 1211. But
do thou check thyself, and obey us."
Then Achilles, swift as to his feet, an
swering her, said ;
"It is, indeed, meet, O goddess, to ob
serve the command of you two, however
much one is enraged at heart, for so it is
better. If anyone obeys the gods, him
self they will surely hear" See St, John,
9:31 "If any man be a worshipper of
God, and doeih his will, him he hear-
He spoke and ou the silver hilt he kept
a heavy hand, and pushed back into its
scabbard the broadsword, and did not
disobey the command of Athene. Then
she was goue to Olympus, into the man
sions of the Aegis-bearing Zens, into
the midst of the rest of the divinities.
Letter List.
For the week ending Dec. 14, 1901.
Persons calling for these letters will
please state date on which they were
advertised. They will be charged at the
rate of one cent each.
A M Bryant, H J Blaesing, Rev. M O
Brink, Miss Gertie Baker, Miss Annie
Davis, Ernest Eddy, C J Hardv, Jesse
George, G H Harris, B F Ireland, M F
Miller, Charles Miller, Willie Smith, H
J bimouson.
B. W. Johnson P. M.
Additional Local.
TV Black Cat.
Day lamps, night lamps, hanging
lamps, stand lamps, all kinds of
lamps at Zierolf's.
Zierolf carries a full line of
Heinz's condiments no more need
be said.
Overcoats, Overcoats, largest and
must eieui. siocs in town, ixoian
& Callahan.
A nice line of jewelry suitable!
for Christmas presents at E. P.
Greffoz, The Jeweler.
New stock
covers and
art squares, lounge
rugs at Nolan &
r is the teason of the year
wen every bicyclist needs a mud-
guard for his wheel. Dilley "the
fixer." .
See our up to-date line of shirts,
collars, neckwear, suspenders, fancy
hose, gloves, sweaters, etc., also
nice Xmas presents, at Klines.
If you go to any other location
than ours you won't find our large
assortment of Amas presents, jew
elry, toys, etc. W. A. Sanders,
Leading Jeweler.
Jardi'iiers, all 'varieties and
prices, at Zierolf's.
Bargains in cloaks, wrappers, jack -
etsand tailor-made suits at Nolan
& Calahan.
A fine all wool black clay worsted
dress suit goo I wn'eht and silk
sewed for $10 at Klines.
New line of O A
dishes at Zierolf's.
C souvenir
Can Furnish Trees
And Shrubs and Vines of all kinds
on short notice.
A full line of
Evergreens, Ornamental Shru fa
ery, Nutbearing and Shade
Corvallis. Oregon,
Albert Brownell, Proprietor.
Shooting Gallery Opened.
I have opened a shooting gallery one
acor north of Cameron's harness shoD.
Ladies are especially invited to try their
Kill with the nfle. Prizes will be given
every Saturday night
On Thanksgiving day I will hold a
shooting match on the flat near Mary's
river. Everybody is invited to take
P"t. Habvey Sargent.
1000 girls for house work, 75 girls for
work in Hotels, 60 girls for work in
stales, 0 girls for waiting on table,
steady work, good pay, $15 to $25 per
month at H. H. Higley's Employment
office No, 185J,' Morrison St. Portland,
Without going into details, we simply
desire to state that
...Oiiii fynistnras. toclj...
the year, so far as beauty variety and
price go. is ahead of anything offered,
before by us. ....... .
Remember, our Holiday Goods are
on the Dollar the dav
We advise early selection.
Tinware! Tinware! Tinware !t
We have bought the
Corbett-Failing & Robertson
Stock of Tinware
slightly damaged by water and smoke, at about 10 cents on the dollar,
which we will now offer for sale at prices that will make yon think we did
not even pay .the freight. These goods comprise everything in the tinware
line, both useful and ornamental. Come before the best is all sold.
See Our One-Cent-Apiece Window.
House Furnishers,
Boy to use spare time tacking op ad
vertisements. Also an agent for the best
selling books published.
W. B. Satteelee.
212 Oak St., Portland, Or.
Having purchased the entire
stock of furniture formerly owned
by S- N. Wilkins. We will of-
fer every article
slaughter prices
in the store at
as we have no room in our al
ready over-crowded store rooms
for the goods.
Call at the stare room formerly
occupied by S. N. Wilkins.
J. D. Mann & Co
Proposals for Wood.
Notice is hereby given that the clerk
of school district No. 0, Benton county,
Oregon, will receive sealed bids to furn
ish the said district with wood for the
coming year, towit: Twenty cords of
oak grub wood, and 60 cords split body
red fir wood old growth. Or 60 cords
of fir wood, second growth, good quality,
not less than four feet in length, and not
less than four inches nor more than eight
inches in thickness, or diameter, to be
delivered at the school building in said
district, on or before August the 15th,
I9u i.. The board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids, and no bids will be
received after 6 p'clock Dec. 20, 1901.
W. A. Buchanan,
, Clerk.
The Children's Friend.
You'll have a cold this winter. Mavhn
you have one now. Your children will
suffer, too. For cough, croup, bronchitis,
grip and other winter complaints One
Minute Cough Cure tever fails. Acts
promptly. It is very pleasant to the
taste and perfectly harmless. C. B
George, Winchester, Ky., writes: "Onr
little girl was attacked with croop late
one night and was so hoarse she could
hardly speak. We gave her a few doses
of One Minute Cough Cure. It relieved
her immediately and she went; to sleep.
When she awoke v next morning she
had no signs of hoarseness or croup."
Graham & Wells.
the most healing ealve In the world.
Try this Office for Job Work.
all worth One Hundred Cents
after Christmas.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Our $89 Piano
ca&e organs lead them alL They
cannot be excelled for durability,
richness of tone and neatness
of case. Organs frsm $45.00 up,
made on ' special oreerj. We
are meeting with the best of suc
cess and selling organs os fast as
they can be made. We have an
extra lot started, to reach out fart
th8r. - By sending in an order
: early, we tgill be able to fill it in
good shape. No Eastern organ
can compete with our instru
ments in make-up guaranteed
for 10 years.
-Our terms are cash, or i down
in 6 mo's, in 12 mo's, or
$20.00 down and $5-00 per month.
; One payment most be made be
' fore organ leaves factory We
' guarantee the organ, and if not
as represented we will refund
the money.
For further information ad
dress :
"Corvallis, Oregon.
Information Wanted.
The manufactures of Banner Salye
having always believed that no doctor
or'medicine can cure in every case, bat
.never having heard where Banner Salve
failed to cure ulcers, sores, tetter, eczema
or piles, as a matter of curiosity would
like to know if there are such cases. If
so they will gladly refund the money
Graham & Wortham. -
Brain-Food Nonsense.
Another ridiculous food fat has been
branded by the mdst competent authori
ties. They have dispelled the silly
notion that one kind of food is needed
for brain, another for muscles, and still
another for bones. - A correct diet will
j net onlv nourish a particular part of the
, body, but it ill sustain every other part,
I Yet- however good your food may be,
its nutriment is destroyed by indigestion
' or dyspepsia. You most prepare for
J their appearance or prevent their coming
j by taking regular doses of Green's
August Flower, the favorite medicine of
the healthy millions. A few doses aids
j digestion, stimulates the liver to healthy
action, purifies the b'ood, and makes
yon feel buoyant and vigorous. You
! yn
I can get
Dr. G, G. Green's, reliable
remedies at Graham & Wo-tham.
Get Green's Special Almanac.
Mrs. S-H. Allport, Johnstown, Pa.,
says; "Onr little girl almost strangled
to death with croup. The doctors said
she couldn't live but she was instantly
relieved by One Minute Cough Cure,
Graham & Wells.
A Wise Woman
Or a wise man, for that matter, will read
the ad of W. , B. Satterlee and select
therefrom the books to be used for holi
day presents. These books are beauti
fully and substantially bound, and are
first-class publications throughout Nethr
iag will be better appreciated by a friend
or relative.
Modern Surcery Surpassed. 1
'While suffering from a bad case of
piles I consulted a physician who advised
me to try a box of DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve," says G. F. Carter, Atlanta, Ga.
1 procured a box and was entire'y
:ured. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve is a
splendid cure for piles, giving relief in-
Btantly. and I heartily recommend it to
all sufferers." Surgerv is unnecessary
to cure piles. DeWitt's Witcli Hawl
Salve will cure any case. Cuts, burns.
bruises and all other wounds are also
quickly cured by it Beware of counter
feits. Graham & Wells.
Editor Lynch of "Daily Post" Phillips-
burg, N. J.; has tested the merits of Fo
ley's Honey and Tar with this result
"I have used a great many patent rem
edies in ray family for coughs and colds,
and I can honestly Bay your Honey and
Tar is the best thing of the kind I have
ever used and I cannot say too much in
praise of it." Graham & Wortham.
For Sale.
Four-room cottage and two lots, near
P. depot. Inquire of W. C, Corbett,
Corvallis, Or.
C. W. Lynch, Winchester, Ind., writes
I owe the life of my boy to Foley
Honey and Tar. He had -membranous
croup, and the first dose gave him re
lief. We continued its use and it soon
brought him out of danger." Graham &
Good Advice.
The most miserable beings ia the
world are those suffering 'Jrova Dyspep
sia ana J,iver uompiaiDt More ttian
seventy-five per cent, of the people in
the United States are afflicted with these
two deseases and their affects : such as
Sour Stomach, Sick Headache, Habitual
Costiveness, Palpitation of the Heart,
Heart-burn. AVaterbrah, Gnawing and
Burning Pains at the pit of the Stomach,
Yeliow Skin, Coated Tongue and Disa
greeable Taste in the Mouth, Coming up
of Food after Eating, Low Spirits, etc.
Go to your Druggist and get a bottle of
August lower lor 7o cents. Two doses
will relieve you. Try it. Get Green's
Prize Almanac. Graham & Wortham.
Reliable and Gentle.
"A pill's a pill," saj's the saw.. But
there are pills and pills. You want a
pill which is certain, thorough and gen
tie. Mustn't grips. DeWitt's Little
Early Risers fill the bill. Purely vegeta
ble. Do not force but assist the bowels
to act. Strengthen and invigorate.
Small and easy to take. Graham &
J. W. Bryan of Lowder, Ills., writes:
"My little boy was very low with pneu
mouia. Unknown to the doctor, we
gave him Foley's Honey and Tar. The
result was magical and puzzled the doc
tor.'as it immediately stopped the rack
ing cough and he quickly recovered."
Graham & Wortham.
Fohyfs Honey and Tar
cures colds, prevents pneumonia.
Satisfied People
are the best advertisers for Foley's
Honey and Tar and all who use it agree
that it is a splendid remedy for coughs,
colds or sore lungs. Graham & Wortham.
A Physician Testilies.
' "I have taken Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
and have never used anything in my
life that did me the good that did." says
County Physician George W, Scroggs of
Hall County, Ga. "Being a physician
I have perscribed it and found it to give
the best results." If the food yon eat
remains undigested in your stomach it
decays there and poisons the system.
You can prevent this by dieting but that
means starvation. Kodol Dispepsia
Cure digests what you eat You need
suffer from neither dispepsia nor starva
tion, The worse case quickly cured.
Never fails. Graham & Wells.
Clias. Replogle, Atwater, O., was in
very bad shape.- He says : "I suffered
a great deal with my kidneys and was
requested to try Foley's Kidney Cure. I
did so aad in four days I was able to go
to work again, now I am entirely well."
Grah am & Wortham .
Be Wise.
Come to our store when in need
of clothes, we are offering some
gFeat suits for $10 in clay worsteds,
serges, cashmt-res, and fancy pat
terns. If you want them better,
we have them up to $2500. S. L.
A cangh, cold or la grippe can Le"nip
ped in the bud, with a dose or two of
Foley's Honey and Tar. Beware of sub
stitutes. Graham & Wortham.
l?o. 101 4o acres, 15 in cultivation,
good buildings, fine fruit and water, good
bottom land ; price, $650. 4 miles
from Philomath.
No. 13180 acres, 25 in cultivation,
nice young orchard; fair buildings, 2
cows and calves, team, wagon and har
ness, plow, cultivator, tools, etc. ; also
furniture. This is a good hill ranch and
is cheap at $700. 6 miles from town-
74 160 acres; 30 in cultivation ; small
house; good barn and water ; 1 miles
from town; cheap at $1,500; on main
county road ; good pasture and timber.
113 Agood 7-room house with one
half acre lot; fruit, good water, 'chicken
houses and sheds, price $600; well ar
ranged for poultry raising; this is a
cheap little home, 10 minutes walk from
Corvallis postoffice.
Real Estate Agent,
wu 3y, iiiiuuiniii, xjcilWJU UUlliy, urCgOn. j
Physician Surgeon
Rooms 14 in Bank Building.
1 irt i rn -
Office Hours iu
Residence : Corner College and 8th Sts.
Telephone at office and residence.
Office Corter 3rd ana-Monroe streets
Hoiras 9 to 12; 2 to 5: 7 to 8: Sun
day 9 to 10.
Residence Corner 3rd and Harrison
streets, Corvallis, Oregon.
Telephone 315, at residence.
Titles. Conveyancing.
Practice in all State and Federal Court. I
Office in First National Bank Building.
E.Ji, Bryson
Corvallis, Ore'on.
Office in Postoffice Bunding.
Offlee la Wbltehorn Blork
W. T. Rowley
Office over First National Bank
Repairing promptly and neatly done
First door west of the Gazette office.
Dentistry of every description done in first
Class manner, ana sausiacuuii guar
Office over Zierolf's grocery store, oppos't j
tliepostomce.uorvallis. Oregon.
Drugs & Medicines Kodaks & Photo Supplies
Corvallis, Oregon
Established, Incorporated, 1898
The most complete line ot Pure Drugs
Chemicals in Corvallia.
Books and Stationery, Commercial Pa
pers, Fine Perfumery, Tofiet Article,
Combs, Brushes and Mirrors.
Pocket Knives, Seissors, Fine Cutlery
Manager of Peremption Department,
T. A. JOKES. Registered,
Special Course in Pharmacy at Perdue Universi
ty, Indiana
Physician 8? Surgeon
rhc first National Bank
M. S
C. E.
WOODCOCK, President.
MOOR, Vice-President.
GEO. E. LILLY, Assistant Cashier.
JOHN WILES, Corvallis, Oregon.
Loans Made
On all kinds of approved security, and especially
lo encourage and build up the legitimate busi
ness enterprises and industries of this country.
Received subject to check payable on demand.
Foreign Exchange
Sight exchange and transfers sold available In
the principal cities of England, Ireland, Switzer
land, France, Belgium, Holland, Jforway. Sw
en, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Ce
maay, Austria.
Letters of Credit
ISSUed available in t1(- nrlnoinal nMnl tli
United States.
Principal Correspondents Upon Whom Wt
aeli feignt Exchange
She Commerolnl National Bank of Chicago.
x ne first national Bank of Portland, Oregon.
The Bank of California, San Francisco, Calif.
Anglo-Cahfornian Bank, San Francisco, Caiif.
The National City Bank New York.
The Bank of New York National Banking Assn.
Importers & Trader's National Bank, New York
Shew and Leather National Bank of Boston. Mass.
Philadelphia National Bank of Philadelphia, Pa'
"Triumphs and Wonders of the 19th
Century;" a remarkable book; sells on
sight; free territory ; liberal commissions.
Addons, Wash! n'gton Publishing Co.
Chamber of commerce Building, Tacoma
Wash. -
Shojt Line
for from Portland from
Shil'Be: SaltLake, Denver, .
Portland Ft Worthi 0maha
special KanBa8 Cityf SL4:30p.m
vit'Hnn L0"'8' Chieage
y.'a Pun- and East,
Atlantic Salt Lake, Denver,
Express Ft Worth, Omaha,
8 :50p. . Kansas City, St 8:10 a ui.
via Hnn- Louis, Chicago and
tington. East.,
St Paul Walla Walla. Lew
Fast Mail 58lt.on- s P ?. k ' Pf.
fi-lK n m Minneapolis, St. .
b .15 p.m. paoli mv 7 :00 a.m.
Spokane ankee. Chicago,
and East.
Through Pullman and Tourist S eepers
No change of cars. Through tickets to
all Eastern points via this route on sale
at S. P. depot office.
Ocean and River Schedule.
All ling dates
subject to change.
8 p. m. For San Francisco, 4 p. m.
Sail every five days
from April 2d.
u-JrL Columbia River t
E8xpSumn; Staamar.
Saturday, To Astoria & way- Sunday
10 p. m. landing.
Water Permitting.
Steamer Ruth leaves Corvallis for Al
bany, Salem, Portland and Way Land
; intra, Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday.
! 6 :00 a. m. ; returning, arrives Corvallis
about Midnight, Monday, Wednesday
and Friday.
E. F.THAYER, Agent, Corvallis.
A. L CRAIG, Gen. Pass. Agent,
Portland, Oregon.
Notice for Publication.
Ushtd States Land Officr.
Oregon City. Oregon, October, 5, 1101
Notice is hereby given that in compliance with
the provisions of Ihe act of Congress of June 3. l7-8
entitled "An act fnr the sale of timber lands in the
States of California, Oret;ni). Nevada, and Washimr.
ton Territory," as extended to ail the Public Land
States by act of August 4, 1S92,
of Philomath, counly of Benton, State of Oregon,
has tms day mea in tins omue ms sworn statement
No. 5524, for the j-urchase of the S. j of N. W. i
and Lots 3 and 4 of section No, 4 in Township No,
13 South, Kauge No. 7 West, at.d will offer proof to
show that the land sought is more valuable for its
timber or stone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim to taid land before the
Register and Receiver of this office at Oregon City,
Oregon, on Satui day, the 21bt day of December,
He names as witnesses: Melrose Courier of Falls
Citv. Oree-on. John Hvde of hilomath, Oieeon,
Charles odell of Philomath, Oregon, and tred
Mineral ot fiuiomatn, oreg.m,
Anv and all persons claiming- adversely the above-
described lands are requested to file their claims w
this office on or before said 21st day of December
190L CHAS. B. MOOltKS.
Notice for Publication.
United Statks Lakd Omc
Oregon City, Or. Nov. 29, Wul.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance with
the provisions of the act of Congress of June 8.
1B78, entitled "An act for the sale of timber lauds
in the States of California. Oregon Nevada, and
Washington Teiriloriy," as extended to all the Pub
lic Land States by act of August i, 1892,
ef Djlla?, county of Polk, State of Oregon, has this
day tiled iu this office her sworn statement No.
5656. for the purchase of the S W i of Section Ka
12 in Township No. IS S, liange Ko. 7 W, slid will
offer proof to show that the land bought is more
valuable for its timber or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish he claim to said land be
fore the Register and Receiver of this office at Ore
gen City, on Thursday, the 13th day of February,
1902. khe nsnieB at v, itnebses: Michael G. Fljnn, ef
Philomath, Ore., Freeman W. Robinson and Albert
H. itobii'son, loth of Fall City, Ore., and Hurt C.
Eakin, of pahas, Ore.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the abore
descrihed lands are requebttd to tile their claims in
this office on or before eaid 13th day of February,
1902. CHAS. B. MOOKE8.
, Register.
To Stop a Cold.
After exposure or wLen you feel a cold
coming on, tnke a doee ef Folej 's Honey
and Tar. It never fails to slop a cold if
taken in time. Crnl am & Wortham.
Kotire is hereby given that the viewers appointed
by the Common Council of Corvallis. to estimate
the proportionate share of the cost that the several
property owners should pay toward the construction
of a sewer fiom tho north line of Block 15, South
ward through the alky to the North line of Block 14,
old town of Corvallis, 'have filed their report of which
the following is a copy to-wit:
Corvallis. Oregon, Nov. 18, 1901.
To the Hon. Mayor and Cour-cilmen of the Com
mon Ci urcil of the city of Corvallis, Oregon.
We the undersigned hereto
fore appointed by you as viewers to estimate the
proportionate share of the cost of a'Sewcr to be con
structed in the city of Corvallis from the n a n-bole
on the sewer now on Jefferson Street on the N. side
of Block 15, City of Corallis, thtnee Southerly fol
lowing the alley of said Block 15 in a straight line to
a point on the N. line of Block 14, and toassvssthe
same to the several owners of tha property benefit
ted thereby, beg to report as follows: "
That we met at the office of the Felice Judge of the
City of Corvallis, on the 12th day of Nov. A. D. 19P1,
at 8 P. M., when were present (of your viewers) 8. h. '
Henderson and Virgil fe. Watterx, and after heartnr
the objections of Mr. B. F. 11 viand and havinr
carefully examined the line of said proposed sewer
and the adjoining property, we djourned to meet
Saturday Nov. 18th, 1901, at 6 P. M
And now having catefully considered said matters
find: That paid proposed sewer will be 398 feet in
length; that a man-hole and two catch basins will be
attached thereto and located in the streets of Cor
vallis That the contract to construct raid sewer has
been awarded in the sum of 8448-75:Tbat the expense
of the construct! -n of the 98 feet and man-holt ai d
basins, amounting to 155.723 should be borne by
the Citv, and that the property onners are equally
benefitted in proportiom to the number of lots
We therefore estimate and assess the proportionate
share of the cost of said sewer as follow,-:
That thet the City of Corvallia py for the 98 feet
in the streets, h.cludirg man-hole and bsMti
amounting to,. tlf'6 '23
That M M. Davis as the owner oi Lots 1, 2, 3, 4,
of said Block 15, pay 97 678
That M. E. Leo as the pwntr of lpt 5Bsaii
block 15pav ,. 8-'8
That J. M. fiDlan as the owner of Lots 78, said
block 15 par. .-'.: '"'"SB
I lnatu r. rjyrcna as inc owner wi iv.ii,
& 12 said block IS, pay 97 678
liesi ectfully,
Vitoit. E. WATTsra,
8. L. Hendkrsoh.
That the property declared by ordinance to be di- ,
rectly lMliltcd by said sewer is all of Block 16,
oiiginal Mn of Corvallis, and all of Adams street
included between thitd and fourth street Corvallia,
Oivgon. .
That within ten days from the final publication of
this notice, towit: January 3, 1902, the owner of any
iroperty ascerta:ned-and oetcrminea Dy eaia viewer,
j be directlv benefitted bv said sewer or drain la
hereby required to file with the Police Judge et '
( orvallis, any objt ction he or she may have to tha
findings and detenninatiens of aaid viewers.
. r. varrna.
Police Judge of the Cit of Corvallia