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Selections from Roman History
Germany has enacted
Tlio Children's Friend.
which is supposed will haethe
effect of prohibiting the importa
tion of certain American pro
ducts, especially of foodstuffs
German economists declare at
home that it is a measure of pro
tection to their farmers. Of
course the tariff increases the
duties on manufactured articles.
It is not probable German
economists are deluding them
selves. They must know,
some of them surely do know
that Germany cannot produce
br own food supplies. More
than one half their land t nauts
cannot raise any of the products
the imporUUuii of which it is
sought to prohibit. They are
compelled to buy flour and meat.
An other class, embracing 20
per cent of the whole, raise no
surplus whatever. They are fre
auentlv necessitated to buy the
greater part of their bread and
meat supplies. If Germany
should exclude all the foodstuffs
she now imports, about 5 per cent
of her farmers must supply that
amount. This is simply impos-
sible. The only effect of such
taritf would be to compel 95 per
cent of the German people
pay unprecedented liigli prices
tor their bread and meat.
If it is the purpose of Germany
to induce us to modisy our tariff
on their manufactures that we
may sell our food supplies in her
markets it will not avail her.
All the manufactured articles
bought of ns by Germany
in 1900 did not greatly ex
ceed the value of 60,000,000
marks. Excluding this will not
greatly affect our foreign trade.
We supply about one third of
the cereals and one seventh of the
other foodstufis Germany imports.
Sne must eitner .produced or
import her food supplies. She
cannot produce them even at an
enormously high cost to her con
. sumers. She is therefore driven
to import them. ' We will not
give her free and easy access to
our markets for her manufac
tures in order that we may
sell her a few thousand barrels of
flour and tierces of hams for we
are manufacturing onr own goods
and shall prefer to employ our
own workmen, pay him well and
enable him to buy and consume
more of our food products. In other
words if Germany can do with
out our food products she should
and . will. : We can easily do
without her manufactured articles
and certainly shall not give her
easy access to our markets.
We have demonstrated that
though we are the greatest sugar
consumers in the , world we can
produce beet sugar as easily as
import it from Germany, so with
nearly every thing she manufact
ores. If she can maintain her
comparatively ill paid workmen
on high priced bread and meat
she is indeed fortunate. We
have learned that the illy paid
workmen is ffiinecient. We
know it pays to keep him im
ployed at good wages. By this
course our workmen are the most
efficient and productive in - the
world. We shall- not change
the conditions which have made
this possible, not even to give our
German neighbors a sufficient
supply of flour and sugar cured
hams. We are at that point in
our industrial development that
we are able to say to foreign na
tions "if we trade with you under
special conditions it must be those
of reciprocal benefits" .
This is the American idea of
free trade. Protection and re
ciprocity will not be abandoned
by us for British or German free
trade. '
Literal Translation from Entropins
by C. MacLcan, Ph. D. The Risa
of Octavlanus Second Triumvirate-Battle
of Phlllppl.
Aliout the seven liuuilru.!lli year nf
tlie city anil I lie iiinetli afirr I lie asc:uBi-
iKili.m of Cna& the i-ivil wrir with n-
newed, fur the senate favored lb-
murderers of Caesar. Antonius, tin- con
8ul of Caesar's pa-ty, wa trying to over
whelm or. involve them in civil war.'.
Therefore, in Use disturbed conditions ol
tlie commonwealth. Aiitouins, who was
virrvini' on mniiv :cvil practices, w
pidjred lr the senate as an enemy.
There were sent to puisne him to con
suls. Pauim and Hutuis, and the young
man Octaviup, eighteen years of age,
grandson of a sister of Caesar, whom he
Caesar had, by his will, left his heir,
and had ordered to bear his name. This
is he who was afterwards called Augus
tus, and who possessed his estates. Vet
it turned out that the victorious consuls
died. Wherefore three armies became
subject to one Augustus Caesar.
You'll have a cold this winter. Maybe
you have one now. Your children will
Buffer, too. For cough, croup, bronchitis,
(jnp aud other wfnie complaints One
Minute Cough Cure never fails Acts
promptly, U is wry pleasant, to the
1 arte- nd 11 feciiv harmless. C. B.
iourc?, Winchester, Ky., writes: "Onr
little irl was attacked with eronp late
me nihl and was so hoarse nlte could
hardly speak. We gave 1 er a few do6es
of One Miuute Cough Care. It relieved
her immediately and she went; to sleep.
When the awoke next morning she
had no signs of hoarseness or croup."
Graham & Wells.
Notice for Publication.
We Are
United Status Laxd Office. -
Oregon City, Oregon. October 2tf, 1001,
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed njtiee of his intention to make final
proof In support ot his claim, and that safd proof 1
will be made before County Clerk of Benton County, ;
at Corvallis, Oregon, on December Oth, 1901. viz: 1
Siji ti iun.Liisun.i;
H. E, 11045 for the Lots 3 and 4 of Sec. 24, T. 13 S.,
R. 5 W. - -
lie names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous retiidence upon and cultivation of said
Physician Surgeon .
Rooms 14 in Bank Building.
Office Hours J 2 to 4 p.m. .
Residence: Cornel College aud 8th Sts.
Telephone at oliit-e and resident. I SiCj?l n fiuAT 1 DNI
Uorva iiB, - - - Oretcou. G jfelglsS' JllUJtl JWlllB-
uri . 4.a. A..A;.ia I luid. viz: Jesfifi Porter, of Cor vail is. Oregon,
""e"l" " wh taker .ofCorvalis. Oretron-William New-
dismissed his army, fled to Lepidus who
had beeu Master of the horse for Caesar
and then had splendid forces of soldiers
by whom he was welcomed or received.
Then, attending to Lepidus, Caesar niade
peace with Antony and was to avenge the
death of his lather by whom, through
his will, he had been adopted ; and, hav
ing marched with an army to Home, he
secured, by violent means, that the con
sulship should be given ta him in the
twentieth year of his age. He along
with Antony and lepidus proscribed the
senate, aud began to hold the, repub
lic by force of arms. Thr'ongh the
nan. ol Corvallis. Orison, li. A. nurlhurt, of Corval-
Us, Oregon.
CHAS. B. M00RE8. -'
. . Uegiste-.
A Physician. Testllios.
'I have taken Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
and have never used anything in my
life that did me the good that did." says
County Physician Georgo W. Scroggs of
Hall County, Ga. "Being a physician
I have perscribed it and found it to give
the best results." If the food yon eat
remains undigested in your stomach it
decays there and poisons the system.
agency of these, also, Cicero the orator I y0u can prevent this bydieting but that
and ;many other illustrious men were I means starvation. Kodol uiapepsia
put to death.
Meanwhile Brutus and Caseins excited
a great war. For many soldiers whom
they had emploved were in Macedonia
aisd the ,East. Therefore Caesar Oelavi-
anus Augustus and Mark Antonia, for
Lepidus had remained behind to protect
Italy, marched against them. Near
Phillip'pi, a city ot Macedonia, they
fought against them. In' the first battle
Antony and Caesar were conquered, but
Cassius, the general of the nobility, per
ished ; and in the second battle they
slew Brutus and a countless number of
vanquished nobility who had waged war
with them . Aud so the republic was de
vided among them in such a manner
that Augustus had Spain, Gaul and Italy,
Antony Asia, Poutus and the East. But
in Italy his brother, Lucius Antouius,
the consul who had fought with Caesar
against Brutus and Cassius, excited a
civil war. In l'erusia, a city of Etrnria,
he was conquered and captured, but not
Meanwhile Pom pey violated the peace,
and, conquered in a naval engagement,
he was killed while fleeing to Asia.
Antonv. who was holding Asia aud the
East, having repudiated the sister of
Caesar Augustus Octavianus, married Cle
opatra, the queen of Egypt. He also
fought against the Parthians. In the
first engagements he conquered them;
but, returning, lie suffered from famine
and pestilence, and when tlie Parthians
pursued him fleeing he gave up as con
quered. -I ' '
Can Furnish Trees
Cuie digests what you eat. You need
suffer from neither dispepsia nor starva
tion, The worse case quickly cured.
Never fails. "Graham & Wells.
No. 101 4o acres, 15 in cultivation,
good buildings, fine fruit and water, good
bottom land ; price, $650. 4 ' miles
from Philomath.
No. 13180 -acres, 25 in cultivation,
nice young orchard; fair buildings, 2
cows and calves, team, wagon and har-
npsa. nlow. cultivator, tools, etc.; also
furniture. This is a good hill ranch and
is cheap at $700. C miles from town.
74 160 acres ; t30 in cultivation ; small
house; good barn and water ; miles
from town; cheap at $1,500; on main
county road ; good pasture and timber.
113 A good 7-room house with one
half acre lot; fruit, good water, Jchicken
houses and sheds, price 5600; well ar
ranged for poultry raising; this is a
cheap little home, 10 minutes walk from
Corvallis postoflice.
Real Estate Agent,
Box 59, Philomath, Benton County, Oregon.
Modern Surgery Surpassed.
"While suffering from a had case of
piles I consulted a physician who advieed
me to try a box of DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve," says G. F. Carter, Atlanta, Ga.
"I procured a box and was entirely
cured. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve is a
splendid cure for piles, giving relief in
stantly, and I heartilv recommend it to
all sunerers." Surgery is unnecessary
to cure piles. DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve will cure any case. Cut's, burns,
bruises and all other wounds are also
quicklv cured bv it. Beware of counter
feits. Graham & Welln.
Office Corner 3rd and Monroe streets I
Hours 9 to 12; 2 to 5; 7108; Sun-I
day f to 10.
Rebibknce Corner 3rd and Harrison I
streets, Corvallis, Oregon.
Telei'iione 315, at residence.
Titles Conveyancing.
Practice in tall State and Federal Court. I
Office in First National Bank Building. I
E. 11. Bryson
Corvallis, Qrcon.
Office in PoEtcfSce Building.
for from Portland pROM
Chi.ago- SaitLake, Denver, :
Portland Kt Worth, Omaha
Special Kanea8 City st. 0p-m
9.a:.n,'- Louis, Chieage
yjaUun- Bnd East. "
tington. -
Atlantic Salt Lake, Denver,
Express Ft Worth, Omaha,
9 p. m. Kansas City, St :
via Hnn- Louis, Chicago and
tington. East
St Paul Walla Walla. Lew
Fart Mail ieton, Spokane,
6 00 n m Minneapolis, S t.
o.wi p.m. paul Dulnln Mjl. 7:00 a.m.
Spokane wankee Chicago,
' and East.
Through Pullman and TouriBt Sleepers
No change of cars. Tickets East via all
raii, or via boat and rail, via rortland
Ocean and Kiver Schedule.
Take it to the
J. K.' BERRY, Proprietor.
Wanted. .
1000 girls for house work, 75 girls for
work in Hotels, 50 girls for work in
stoies, 0 giils for waiting on table,
steady work, good pay, $15 to $25 per
month at Hv. H. Higley's Employment
ofliceKo. 185 Morrison St. Portland,
Oregon. ,
The Real Thing.
If any lady wants to get a real bargain
in a sewing machine she should call on
T. W. Dilley, "The Fixer." He is sell
ing this year's model New Home ma
chines for $38. The usual price, of these
machines u $75. The machine -offered
hy Mr. Dilley is very light running, as
it is ball bearing, These machines are
guaranteed to sew equally well with
either silk or cotton thread. Here is an
opportunity that should not he lost. '
A Little-Known Fact That the ma
jority ef eerious diseases originate in dis
order of the kidneys. Foley's Kidney
Cure is guaranteed. : Be sure to get Fo
ley's. Sold by Graham & Worthcmv
Shrubs and Vines of all kinds
ou short notice.
A full line of '
Evergreens, Ornamental Shrub-
ery, Nutbearing and Shade
- Trees.
. - W. F. GRAY,
Corvallis. Oregon,
Albert Brownell, Proprietor. ." , :
A winter trip-to Southern, California
aud Arizona via the famous Shasta Route
is one never to be forgotten. Renewed
acquantance with .this section will ever
develop fresh points' of interest and ad
ded sources of enjoyment under its sun
ny skies, in the variety of interests and
added industries, in its prolific vegetation
and among its numberless resorts of
mountain, shore, valley and plain. Two
trains leave Portland daily, morning and
evening for California. , These trains are
equipped with the most improved pat
tern of standard - and tourist sleeping !
cars, ana the low rates place tlie trip in
reach of all. For illustrated guides of
California and Arizona winter resorts,
R. B. Miller
Gen. Passr. Agent, Portland, Or.
Brain-Food Nonsense.
Another ridiculous food fat has been
branded by the most competent authori
ties. They have dispelled the silly
notion that one kind of food - is needed
for brain, another for muscles, and still
another for bones. A correct diet will
not only nourish a particular part of the
body, but it will sustain every other part.
Yet, however good your food may be,
its nutriment is destroyed by indigestien
or dyspepsia. , You must . prepare for
their appearance or prevent their coming
by taking regular doses of Green's
August Flower, the favorite medicine of
the healthy millions. A few doses aids
digestion, stimulates the liver to healthy
action, pnriGes the blood, and makes
you feel buoyant and vigorous. You
can get Dr. G, G. Green's. ' reliable
remedies at Graham & Wo'tham. :
Get Green's Special Almanac.
Foley's Honey and T&T
forchildren,safe,sure. No opiates.
Try this Office for Job Work.
Makes traveling a pleasure, when correct
time is always a necessity. Yours may be
a capable time keeper, but through incom
peteut repairing you have lost faith in it.
BriaK It In to me. I will repair the worst
wrecked watch, and I will do it economi
cally. .
Albert J. (Vletzper
Three Doors North, of the Postoffice.
Shooting Gallery Opened." -
I have opened a shooting gallery one
door north of Cameron's harness shop.
Ladies are especially invited to try their
kill with the rifle. . Prizes will be given
every Saturday' night.-
On Thanksgiving day I will hold a
shooting match on the flat near Mary's
river. Everybody ; is invited to take
Prt. Harvey Sargent.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains air of the
digestants and digests all kinds of
foodr It gives instant relief and pever
fails to cure. It allows you to eat all
the food you want. The most sensitive
stomachs can take it. By Its use many
thousands of dysDentics have hp.n
cured after everything else failed. It
is unequalled lor all stomach troubles.
It can't help
but do you oood
Prepared only by E. TJ. TjeWttt & Co., Chicago
MS i. Dotuecontainsztt times the 50c size.
Graham E& Wells.
' ' Be Wise.
. Come to our store when in need
of clothes, we are offering some
great suits for $10 in clay worsteds,
serges, cash meres, and fancy-patterns.
If you want them better.
we have thera up to $25.00.
Wanted on Shares.
Twenty sheep, 20 goats; good pasture,
good attention.
, ' C. A.Bareingbii.
.- : " - Fern, Or.
Farm for Sate.
E. B. Blodgett oBers for sale his 570-
acre stock farm, one-half mile from Blod-
ett, O.-egoi.
Executors' Sale of Real
', Property.
Executors Notice of sale of real property. Notice
is hereby given, that in pursuance of an older of the
'romt.v ilnnrt ,,f the State of Orecron for the County
of Benton, mace on the 3rd d&y of September, 1901,
in the matter of the Estate of Thomas Eglin de
mm1 th r.ndersimeil Executors of said estate
from and after Saturday the 9;h day of November
19'Jl. will proceed to Be:i tne real property ucnan
,ioo.rUrl hftlnr.oinfr to said Estate, at private
sale at Corvaliiii Eer.ton county State of Oregon, for
cask at the time of purchase The s-xid real prop
erty to be sold as herein required, 13 aescrnieuas
follows: To Vit: Ail the right, title and interest
of the said Estate of iu and to Uits No. 7 and 8 of
Block No le in the onsinal Town 01 jnarjsvme
now the City of Corvallis, -Benton county, State of
Oregon; and ako ail of the North half of lot No. 1
(except 25 fec-t squaro on the West end of said Lot 1)
all of Lot No, 2 and the South half of Lot No. 3, all
in Bit ck No, 18 of the Original town of ilaryvillo
now the City of Corvaliis Benton county State of
Said real property to be sold in two separate par
cels. Said sale sahject to the confirmation of said
Co&ntv Couit of lienton witmty State of Oregon,
Dated Oct. 8th, 1991.
Geo. V, Eglim
- ' - Wm. Crees,
Exeeutore of the Estate of Thon,as ERlin, Deceased.
Consumption threatened C. Unger,
212 Alaple St., Champaign,' IU., writes:
"I was troubled with a hacking cough
for a year and I thought I had consump
tion. I tried a great many remedies and
was under the carC of physifians for sev
eral months. I used one battle of Fo
ley's Honey and Tar. It cured me, and
I have not been troubled since." Sold
bv Graham & Wortham.
Our Clubbing- List.
For Sale.
ionr-ronm cottage and two lots, near
S. P. depot. Inquire of W. C, Corbetr,
Corvallis, Or.
Good. Advice,
Office in Wbitrhont Block
AH sailing dates
subject to change.
8 p. m, For lan Francisco, 4 p. n.
Sail-veryfive days
from April 2d.
irsL Columbia River ,
E8r-pSmn: Steamer. 4E
Saturday, To Astoria & way- 8nndy
10 p. m. landing.
W. T. Rowley
Water Permitting.
Steamer Bath leaves CorvalliB for Al-
PHYSICIAN, SURGEON, W16";- 'T1 2nd xx7t
6 :0H a. m, : returning, arrives Corvallis
abovtn Midnight, Tuesday, Thursday and
the most healing salve in tho world.
Subscribers to the CORVALLIS GAZETTE can
obtain the following: papers in combination sul
scriptions with the GAZETTE, at the very low
prices stated below; cash in ad ance always to ac
con pany the order. Those wishing two or more
publications named with the GAZtTTE, will please
correspond with this office and we will quote you
the eombinati.m price. We can save yoa money on
nearly ail publications you desire.
The abbreviations below are explained as follows:
W. foi weekly; S W for semi-weekly; T W, for tri
weekly; -AI, for monthly; S M, for semi nronthly.
The first price represents the subscription rate of
the publication alone, and the second the rate for
the publication offered m conjunction with the
semi-weekly GAZETTE.
Oregon Agriculturist mi Rural Northwest, Pet
land, Or., S.W., 60 cents; $1.80.
Orestcnian, Portland, Or., W., fl.60; 2.55.
Rural Spirit, Portland, Or., Contains a live-stock
market report, W., $2.00; 2.56.
Pacific Christian Advocate Portland, Or., W.
$2.00. a 05.
The Thrice-a-Week World, New York, T. W.,
11.00; 2.20.
Homestead, Pes Moines, Iowa, A thorough stock
and farm journal, W., tl.00;'2.30.
- The Republic, St. Louis, Mo., 6. W., S1.00; 2.05.
The American Farmer, Indianapolis, Ind., Live
stock, farm and poultry journal, M., 60 cents; 1.65.
The Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York, M-,
and Atlas of the World; bound in cloth, 5ts pages of
latest maps; $ ; 2.85.
The Outing Magazine, New York, M., $3,00; 8.80.'
Eacific Homestead, Salem, Or., W.,?l.p; 2.30.
Table Talk, Philadelphia, -It, J1.00; 2.15. '
' American Homes, Knoxville, Tenn., M., $1.00;
Boston Cooking School Magazine, Bi-51 , 50 cents;
1.00. .
MeClure's Hsguiine, New York, M,, $1.00; 240.
Twiee-a-Week Courier Journal, Louisville, Ky ,
one of the best papers front the great South, T. W.,
$1.00; 2.05. -
"Dairy Fortunes, a neat, well written book of
204 pages on ail questions conceniug dairying,
feeds and feeding, the constituent properties of all
kinds of feed; 39 combinations forming well
balanced rations for dairy cows. Ei ery dairyman
should have it. Price with the Corvallis Gazettz
one year, S2.6A.
Pocket Atlas of the-World, san paires, containing
colored maps ef all the states and territories in the
United States, the province of the dominion of
Canada, and of every country and civil division on
the face of the globe. Also valuable statistical ln
iormation about each state and connty, giving the
population of every large city in the world, besides
other valuable information. A handy reference
work for every person; with Corvallis Gazette one
year, 2.0S.
American Agriculturist, Chicago, 111., including
copy of Year Book and Almanac, W., SI. 00; 2.39.
Farm,-Field snd Fireside, Chieagp, III., W.,$1.0e;
St. Louis Globe-Democrat, St.'Louis, his no rim
as great modern newspaper, T. W , J 1.00; 2 15.
The Weokly Inter-Ocean, Chicago, W $1.00; 1.90.
Young People's Weekly, Chicago, 11L, W.r60 cents;
Cincinnati Inquirer. Cincinnati, W., $I,C0; 2.05.
: The Fruit Growers' Journal, Cobden , I1L, M-,
60 cents; 1 J5. - r .
Farm and Fireside, Springfield, Ohio, S. W.,
60 cents; 1.75.
Women's Horns Comi-anion, Sriug5eld, Ohio,
$1.0; 2.15.
Lippincott's Magazine, Hiikd3lhia, Pa.r M.,
$2.60; 8.25..
Ev'rv Month (Music, ong snJ Dance), New Ycrk,
It,, $1,00; $2.15. . - -
The Century Magazine, Kew York, M., $4.00; 8.S6.
Hoard's Diirvman, fort Atkinson. Wis., The.
best most up-to-date dairy journal in the world, W.,
$1.00; 2.30. " .
Oregon roultrj Journal, Salem, Or., M.. fO
cents; 1.80. , .
The PathSnder, District of Columbia, W., $1.00;
2.05. . .
The Designer, New York, Standard Fashions, M.,
$1.00; 2.35. : ... - -. -
The most miserable beings iu the
world are those suffering from Dyspep
sia and Liver Complaint More than
seventy-five per cent, of the people in
the United Slates are afflicted with these
two deseases and 'their affects : such as
Sour Stomach, Sick Headache, Habitual
Cestiveness,' Palpitation of the Heart,
Heart-burn," "VVaterbrash, Gnawing and
Burning Pains at the pit of the Stomach,
Yeliow Skin, Coated Toague and Disa
greeable Taste in the Mouth, Coming up
of Food after Eating, Low Spirits, etc.
Go to your Druggist and . get a bottle, of
August Flower for 75 cents. Two doses
will relieve you. Try it. Get Green's
Prize Almanac, Graham & Worthatn.
Office over First National Bunk
Repairing promptly and neatly done
First door west of the Gazette office
A- L CEAIG, Gen. Pass. Agent,
Parlies to -nt oak and ae-h wood from
now on, and during nxl tall anu inter.
The work mutt be done neat nrd clean.
and wood cut even length, closely
trimmed and honestly cotded. Apply to
M. S. Woodcock,
Coivallis, Oregon.
Notice for Publication.
Land ernes at Oreoos Cm, Oregon
October 12, 1001.
. Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before the County Clerk of Benton Co.,
at Corvallis, Oregon, on November 23, 1901, viz:
H. E. No. 11108 Qf Qlara J. Seits fqrmerly Clara J.
Hearing widow of James A. Hearing, Deceased,
for the NE J HW V. & NW 1 NE 1 Sec. 20 T, IS S
K,6 W. .
She names the following witnesses to prove her
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land, viz: Thomas M. Coon, of Inavale,. Oregon,
Thornton A Leaiutsr, o regon, James,
Lemaster, -f Ini?ale. Orai . Calhoon, of
Dusty, Oregon.
Reliable and Gentle. -
"A pill's a pill," says the saw. But
there are pills and pills. You want a
pill which is : certain, thorough and gen
tle. Mustn't grio. . DeWitt's Little
Early Risers fill the bill. Purely vegeta
ble. Do not force but assist the bowels
to act. Strengthen and invigorate.
Small and easy to take. Graham &
Wellg. ' . - .
Physician Surgeon
riie first National Bank
Foley's Honey and Tar
cares coias, prevents pneuwuuMa.
Mrs. S. II. Allport, Johnstown, Pa.,
says: "Our little girl almost strangled
to death witb croup. The doctors said
she couldn't live but she was instantly
relieved by One Minute Cough Cure.
Graham & Welle.
M. S. WOODCOCK, President.
C. E. MOOR, Vice-President.
GEO. E, LILLY, Assistant Cashier,
JOHN WILES, Corvallis, Oregon.
. Loans Made
On all kinds of approved security, and especially
to encourage and build up the legitimate bust
ness enterprises and industries of this country.
Deposits .T
Received subject to check payable on demand.
Foreign Exchange
. Sight exchange and transfers sold available in
many, Austria.
--' Letters of Credit ;
Issued available in the principal cities ot the
Dnited States.
Special Line of Street
Corner 3rd. and Monroe Sts.
Miss Mabel Cronise
Graduate of Chicago College
of Music.
Teacher of Vocah and Instru
mental Music,
Drugs & Medicines Kodaks & Photo Supplies
Those famous little pills, DeWitt's Lit
tle Early Risers compel ynur liver and
bowels to do their duty, thus giving yon
pure, rich blood to recuperate our body.
Are easy to take. Never gripe. Gra
ham & Wells,
10U0 R. R. n.fn at f2.5 and 2.50 r
day, 100 Ijarkera at $2.00 per day, 15
buckers at $2.00 per day, 20 swampers at
$2.00 per day, 50 teamsters at $35 per
month and board, steady work, wood
choppers 80 cents to $1.10 at II. II. Hig
ley8 Employment office, No.185 Morrison
St. Portland Oregon.
' ' . Co rvs lis, Oregon
Established, Incorporated, 1898
relief for 20 years "I had bron
chitis for twenty years," said Mrs. Min
erva Smith, of Danville, IU.," "and never
got relief until I used Foley's Honey and
Tar, which is a f ure cure for threat aud
lung diseases." Sold by Graham &Wor-thaui.
The most complete Hue of Pure Drugs' and I
Chemicals in Corvallis.
Books and Stationery, Commercial Pa
pers, Fine Perfumery, Toilet Article,
Combs, Brushes and Mirrors.
Pocket Knives, Scissors, Fine Cutlery
Manager of Perscription Department,
T. A. JONES, Registered,
Special Course in Pharmacy at Perdue Universi
ty, Indiana -
Fresli Fish.
Chinook salmon at 6)4 cents per pound,
Silver salmon h cents per pound by the
100 pounds, ready for family use. Leave
orders at Farmers Hotel, or address
A. A. McCleary,
Waldport, Or.
Notice for Publication.
Ukitkb States Laxb Offiok,
Oregon City, Oregon, October, 5, 1001
Notice is hereby given that in compliance with
the provisions ef the act of Congress of June 3, 187-8
entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands in the
States of California. Oregon. Nevada, and vv ashing.
ton Territory," as extended to all the Public Laud
States by act of August 4, 1892,
of Philomath, county of Benton. State of Oregon,
has this day filed in this office his sworn statement
No. miA, for the purchase of the S. of N. V. j
and 3 and 4 of seption No, 4 in Township No.
13 South, Kange No. ? West, and will offer proof to
show that the land sought is more valuable for its
timber or stone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim to raid land before the
Kegister and Receiver of this ocice at Oregon City,
Oregon, on Satuiday, the 21st day of December,
He names as witnesees: Melrose Oourter of Falls
City, Oregon. John Hvoe of Philomath, Oregon,
Charles Odell of Philomath, Oregon, and Ired
Simeral of Philomath! Orecron.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the above-
uescrioeo ianus are requested to me tneir claims in
this office on or before said 2tst day of December
1901. CHAS. tt MOORES.
"I had a running sore on my leg for
seven years,'' writes Mrs. Jaa. Forest, of
Chippewa Falls, Wis., "and spent hun
dreds qf dollars iu trying to get it healed.
Two boxes of Banner Salve entirely
cured it." Bewa-e of substitutes. Sold
by Graham & Wortham.
Principal Correspondents Upon Whom fj
Sell Sight Exchange
The Commercial National Bank of Chicago.
The First National Bank of Portland, Oregon,
The Bank: of California, San Francisco, Calif.
Anglo-Cahfornian Bank, San Francisco, Cali -The
National City Bant New York.
The Bank of Kew York National Banking Asa'n.
Impoi ters & Trader's National Bprtl-., New Yor.
Shoe and Leather National Hnnb of Itrcf nn Mnv
Philadelphia Natiousl liankof I'hiladelj.iia. I'a j Wash
Chas. Replogle, of Atwater, O., was
unable to work ou account of kidney
trouble. - After using .Foley's Kidney
Cure four days he wae cured. Sold by
Graham & Wortham.
- "Triumphs and Wonders of the 19th
Century;'' a remarkable book; sells on
sight; free territory ; liberal commissions.
Address, Washington Publishing Co.
I Chamber of commerce Building, Tacoma
Dentistry of every description dono in first,
class manner, and satisfaction guar
Office over Zierolf 's grocery store, oppns:u.
the post office, Corvallis. Oregon.
Mr. G. A. Siillman, a merchant of
Tampico, HI., writrs: "Foley's Kidney
Cure is meeting with wonderful success.
It has cured some cases here that physi
cians pronounced incurable. - I mypelf
am able to testify to its merits. My fare
today is a living picture of health, and .
Foley's Kidney Cure has made it such."
Sold by Graham & Worth
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given that the tinderclgned as
administrator of the estates of Ransom A and MaZ
hala Belknap deceased has filed his final account in
said estates in the County Court of Benton connty
State of Oregon and that sail court has appointed
Saturday Dec. 7, 1901 at 10 o'clock a. m. ,t coontT
Court Koom in the court house in the city of Corval
lis, Benton county State of Oregon, as the time and
place to hear the objections if any to said final ac- '
count and the settlement of said account and estates
Corvallis Oregon.
...... W. C. Belkxaf. "
Administrator of the estates of Bansom A. and
Hahala flelkuap, Deceased.
H. C. Walking, sexton ot the Method
ist Church, Springfield, Pa., says : "My
wife has been very bad with kidney
trouble and tried several doctors without
benefit. After taking one bottle of Fo
ley's Kidney Core, was-much better, and !
was completely cured after taking four'
bottles." Sold by Graham A Wortham,