Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, October 22, 1901, Image 4

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The cause exists in the blood, in
what causes inflammation of the
mucous membrane. . -
It is therefore impossible to cure
the disease by local applications.
It is positively dangerous to neg
lect it, because it always affects
the- stomach and deranges the
general health, and is likely to
develop into consumption.
Many have been radically" and permanently
eared by Hood's Sarsaparilla. It cleanses the
blood and baa a peculiar alterative and tonic
effect. R. Lone. California Junction. Iowa,
writes: "I had catarrh three years. lost my
appetite and could not sleep. My head pained
me and I felt bad all over. I took Hood's
Sarsaparilla and now have a good appetite,
sleep well, and have no symptoms of catarrh.'
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Promises to cure and keeps the
promise. It is better not to put off
treatment-buy Hood's today.
Aggravating Man.
Mrs. Flitey My husband's the
meanest thing.. He had the rheu
matism when he woke up this morn
Mrs. Hitey Well?
Mrs. Fliety Well, that's a sure
sign of rain, and I've got a lawn
party on for this afternoon. Phila
delphia Press.
J Not the Grammatical Kind,
"hWat is a conjunction?" asked
the teacher.
"That which joins' together," was
the prompt reply.
"iGve an illustration," . said the
teacher. "
The up-to-date eirl hesitated and
blushed. "The marriage sevice,'
she said at last Chicago Post.
This signature is on every box of the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets
the remedy that cans cola In one day
A Formula. '
"Aren't you going to buy me one,
"Buy you another new hat?
would be extravagant!"
"Oh, we could tell papa it was
such a love of a hat I had to have it."
"Poor Boy!" excaimed O'Hara
condoling with Cassidy, who has been
injured by a blast. " 'Tis tough
luck teh have have yer hand blowed
"Och, faith, it "might have bin
wurse," replied Cassidy. "Suppose I
bad me week's . wages in it at the
toime." Philadelphia Press.
Lucky Shortage.
"Yes, my wife reads every blessed
receipt she finds in the papers." -
"Heavens; and does she try them
all?" .
"No. she doesn't. In fact she
never tries a solitary one of them."
"How does that happen?" ;
Why, she s always out of some
thing. " Cleveland Plain Dealer.
America Ieaits.
In consequence of the great demand for
cotton goods, the U mtea states consumea
more raw cotton than Great Britain, whicli
has always held supremacy in this indus
try, just as Hostetter's Stomach Bitters has
been the Destlanmv medicine, ana wnicn
has retained its prestige for over 50 years.
Today the Bitters is used in almost every
home. It cures dyspepsia, indigestion,
constipation and biliousness, also purities
the blood, calms the nerves and builds up
toe entire system.
A placard posted throughout a
country town-announced the opening
of a theatre as "under the manage
ment of Miss Blank, newly decorated
and painted. Tid-Bits.
When von take Grave's Tasteless Chill Tonic,
because the formula is plainly printed on every
bottle showing that it is simmy Iron and Qui
nine in a tasteless form. No Cure, Ne Pay. 50c
There is more Catarrh In this section of the
country than all other diseases put together,
and until the last few years was supposed to be
incurable.. For a srreat manv vears doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and prescribed local !
remedies, and by constantly failing to cure
with local treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science has proven catarrh to be a constitu
tional disease, and therefore requires constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, man
ufactured by F. J. Cheney dt Co., Toledo, Ohio,
is the only constitutional cure on the market.
It is taken internally in doses from 10 drops to
a teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer
one hundred dollars for any case it falls to
cure. Send tor circulars and testimonials. Ad
dress, F. J. CH ENE Y & CO.. Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 76c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Took the Hint
'51 thought you were go'ng to
spend a week with your cousins over
in Michigan."
"No, I didn't go. When I wrote
to them about it they said for me to
come right along and make myself at
home they woudln't consider me
company." Chicago Tribune.
No Assistance Required.
J'It luks to me as if yez was thry-
in' to make trouble becbune me -an
the folks up stairs."
"Divil a bit! If Oi wanted to make
trouble for anybody Oi'd do it for
them thot's not so able to do it' for
thimselves!" Puck.
Stop thm Oougfrand
Vforka Off tha Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets cni a cold la
one day. no cure, Mo ray. rncezocenta.
Wanted a Test
The Tramp Yes'm. I've tried to
cure the drink habit. '
Mrs. Good. You have?
The Tramp Yes'm. I'm tryin'
the faith cure now, an' I'd like to get
a nickel to see if I could keep it with
out spendin' it for beer. Puck.
The Best Proscription tor Malaria
Chills kTkI Fever fa ft bottle of ftrnvA'a ThaI-aIms
Chill Tonic It is simply iron and quinine in
a tasteless form. No Cure, No Pay. Price 50c.
One Well Paid Bank Clerk.
"I tell you, bank clerks are not
sufficiently remunerated," exclaimed
the broker quite forcibly.
"Oh. I don't know," said the bank
president, with a sad smile. "Our
last receiving teller got about $20,000
a year for six years.
That Has Attracted Wide-Spread
Attention in Meal Circles.
From the Item, Lynn, Matt.
Thousands of dollars have been
spent in doctors' bills by those afflict
ed with epilepsy and, very frequently,
it has been in vain. Ifr so often
happens that the doctors do not
strike at the root of the trouble. A
cure which was easily effected, after
physicians had failed to accomplish
any permanent results, is that of Miss
Annie K. Herbert, of Ho. 507 West
ern avenue, Lynn, Mass. After years
of suffering from this terrible afflic
tion she was made well By the use of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale Peo
ple. She makes the following statement:
I was the victim of epileptic fits
and spasms of the nerves from the
time I was two years old until I
reached the age of seventeen, when
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People cured me. Ten well-known
physicians of Lynn treated me at
different times but none succeeded in
helping my case. I have even been
to the Lynn hospital, hut the physi
cians there failed to cure me, so you
can see it was a disease that puzzled a
good many doctors.
My illness at times caused racking
headaches and an awful dizziness
made my head swim. I had what the
doctors called spasms of the nerves
about four times a day. The blood
would rush to my head and a feeling
come over me so that I wouldn't
know what was going on around me.
The spasms left me very weak.
During one year I had eight epileptic
'At last when all the efforts of the
doctors had proved in vain I tried Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People
and hardly three weeks had passed be
fore 1 found they gave me great relief.
I continued using them faithfully and
in six months I was entirely cured
and have had no return of my illness
since Signed,
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 10th day of April, 1901.
(Seal.) Notary Public.
The pills which cured Miss Herbert
are a specific for all forms of weak
ness arising from a watery condition
of the blood or shattered nerves, two
fruitful causes of almost every ill to
which flesh is heir:
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People are sold by all dealers, or will
be sent postpaid on receipt of price,
50 cents a box, or six boxes for $2.50,
by Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,'
Schenectady, N. Y.
6tricken While a Toons; Man by the
Drowning; of His Bride During- tne
Honeymoon, He Lived tor Many Tears
Among Ignorant Greek Goatherd.
About twenty-five
waa a young sailor
The greatest professional athletes use
Wizard Oil for a "rub-down." It soft
ens the muscles and prevents soreness.
Oh, That's Different! .
Caller The minister's son is fol
lowing in the footsteps of the spend
thrift, young Jenks. - -
Miss Prim Isn't that scandalous?
Caller Hardly as bad as that.
You see he's a tailor and is trying - to
collect his bill. Chelsea uazette.
' , Illustrated.
'How do you manage to get rid of
bores?" asked Snodgrass as he came
in and took a seat by the editor s desk.
Oh, easily enough, replied the
editor. "I begin to tell them stories
about my smart youngster. Now,
onlv the other dav he said What
Must you go? Well, good morning!'
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow'a Sooth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use tor their
children during the teething period.
Tommy Did It
"Hello !" cried Noah as the animals
were tossed into the toy ark, "here's
something new!"
"Please sir," said the strange ani
mal,"! used to be a leopard, but Tom
my cut off my forelegs to make me a
kangaroo." - -
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund the money if it fails to euro.
B. W. drove's signature is on each box. 25c.
On the Line.
Old Lady Can you tell me, if you
please, where I'll get the Blackrock
Dublin Car Driver Begorra,
ma'am, if you don't watch yourself,
you'll get it in the small of your back
in about a minute. Jfunch.
The Tip to Golfers.
Crimson Glare. Puller But what should
Friend Why are you star gazing my partner about?
at old Tippler's red nose? I Putter Her splendid
Artist i am getting inspiration lor course.
Piso's Cure cannot be too highly spoken
of as a cough cure. J. W. O'Beikn, 322
Third Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn., Jan.
6, MOO.
1 Prompt Revenge.
Pinching Bug Those folks screened
us out of the house and the piazzas.
Lightning Bug Yes?
Pinching Bug Then they have a
garden party and me and a lot of my
kmfolk broke it up. Chicago Kecord-
Herald. - .
FITO Psnnan-Mitiy Cured. Ho flts er nervousness
Sll after first dar'iUMof Dr. Kliae'sGre&t Nerve
Restorer. Send for FR K K i.OO trUl bottle and treat
la.,ijia..vai rcnau.ranaaeipma,jr
The Pacemaker, -'
" Woodby Booth Who was the lead
ing man iu the company you- were
with last season? -
Knight Stands The advance agent.
The Visitor Of course you know
knotbing ot yellow journalism up
here? .
The Villager Wall, the ad'ter of
the Banner he now an' agen puts in
items up side down so 's to make the
folks read 'em. I recken thet's sorter
buff like, ain't it? Detroit Free Press,
Right 1
Phrenologist Your bump of de-
tructiveness is very large. Are you a
soldier or a pugilist?
Subject Neither. I'm a furniture
mover. Tit-Bits. "
I talk to
Nothing Equals St. Jacobs Oil -.
For Rheumatism, Gout, Sciatica,
Neuralgia, Cramp, Pleurisy,. Lum
bago, Sore Thoat, Bronchitis, ' Sore-
ness, Stiffness, Bruises, Toothache,
Headache, Backache, Fetache, Pains
in the Chest, Pains in the Back, Pains
in the Shoulders, Pains in the Limbs,
and all bodily aches and pains." It acts
like magic. Safe, sure and never iail
ing. ' - - . ' -.
. Semblance of Perpetual Motion.
Into a basin T)f clear water put
few pieces of camphor. " They will
commence a peculiar motion, wavers
ing every part of the surface of the
water, but may instantly be stopped
by dropping into the water the
minutest quantity of an oily substace.
a great marine picture.
Friend What will you call it?
Artist Why, "The lighthouse
low the bridge. "Chicago News.
play, of
a regular
Poller And if. she is
duffer? -
Putter Tell her what lobsters the
others are. Brooklyn Life.
The Distinction.
"Yes, that's a pretty piece of brio
a-brac. Where did you get it?"
"In Canada."
"What duty did you have to pay on
it?" . .
"None at all."
. "Smuggled it through, did you?"
"No, I just slipped it through. It
isn't smuggling unless you're caught
at it." Chicago Tribune.
The Kind You Have Always Bought has borne the signa
ture of Chas. H. Fletcher, and lias been made tinder his
personal supervision for over SO years. Allow no one
to deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and.
Just-as-good" are but Experiments, and endanger the
health of Children Experience against Experiment. ....
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
; goric, Drops and Soothing: Syrnps. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its agre is its guarantee.' It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind.
Colic. It relieves Teething: Troubles cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates, the' Food, regulates the
- Stomach and Bowels, giving; healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend. -
The Kind Tou Hp; Always Bought
Bears the Signature of .
In Use For Over 30 Years.
TMS cknta
How Old Glory Was Honored by the
French Frigate.
.- Thejittle Banger ran slowly between
the frowning French frigates, looking
as warlike as they;. her men swarmed
like bees into the rigging, and her
colors ran up to salute the flag of his
most Christian majesty of France, and
she fired one by one her salute of thir
teen guns, says Sarah Orne Jewett,
in the Atlantic. -'-
There was a moment of suspense.
the wind was very light now; the pow
der smoke drifted away and the flap-1
ping sails sounded loud . overhead.
Would the admiral .'answer back, or
would he treat this bold challenge like
a handkerchief waved at him from a
pleasure boat? Some of the officers
on the Ranger looked incredulous, but
Paul Jones Still held the letter In his
hand. There was a puff of white
smoke and the great guns of the
French flagship began to shake the
air one, two,. three, four, five, - six,
seven, eight, nine; and then were still,
save-for their echoes from the low hills
about. Carnac and the great druid
Mount of St Michael. , . -
"Henry Gardner, you may tell the
men that this was the salute of the
King of France to our republic, and
the first high honor to our flag," said
the captain proudly to his steersman;
but they were all huzzaing now along
the Ranger's - decks, that little ship
whose name shall never be forgotten
while her country lives..
. The captain lifted bis hat and stood
looking at the flag. " ..
"We hardly know what - this day
means, gentlemen," he said soberly to
his officers who came about him. .."I
believe we are at the christening of
the greatest nation that was ever born
years ago there
who. by dint of
hard work. Integrity of character and
firmness of will, reached at the age ot ;
2tf the summit of bis ambition be
coming a master of what then would
be "called a good-sized steamship,
some 900 tons register. Upon this ac
cession to good fortune he married
the girl of his choice, who had pa
tiently waited for him since as boy
and girl sweethearts they parted on
his first going to sea. And with rare
complacency his owners gave him the
Inestimable privilege of carrying his
young bride to sea with him.
How happy he was! How deep and
all-embracing his pride, as steaming
down the grimy Thames he explained
to the light of his eyes all the wonders
that she. was now witnessing for the
first time but .which he bad made fa
miliar to her mind by his oft-repeated
sea stories during the few bright days
between voyages that It had been abie
to develop to courtship. The ship was
bound to several Mediterranean ports,
the time being late autumn, and conse
quently the most Ideal season for a
honeymoon that could possibly be Im
agined. Cadiz, Genoa, Naples, Venice,
delightful tour with not one Weary
moment wherein to wish for something
else. Even a flying visit to old Rome
from Naples-had been possible, for the
two officers, rejoicing in their happy
young skipper's joy, saw to It that no
unnecessary cares should trouble him,
and bore willing testimony, In order
that he should get as much delight out
of those halcyon days as possible, that
the entire crew were as docile as could
be wished, devoted to their bright com
mander and. his beautiful wife. Then
at Venice came orders to proceed to
Galatz and load wheat for home. Great
was the glee of the girl-wife. She
would see Constantinople and the Dan
ube. Life would hardly be long enough
to recount all the wonders of this most
wonderful of wedding trips. And they
sailed, with hearts overbrimming with
joy as the blue sky above them seem
ed welling over with sunlight"
Wind and weather favored them.
nothing occurred to cast a shadow over
their happiness until nearing Cape Ma-
lea at that fatal hour of the morning,
Just before the dawn, when more col
lisions occur than at any other time.
they were run into by a- blunderfng
Greek steamer coming the other way,
and cut down amidships to the water's
edge. To their peaceful sleep or quiet
appreciation of the night's silvern
splendors succeeded the overwhelming
flood, the hiss and roar of escaping
steam, the suffocating -1 embrace of
death. - In that dread fight for life all
perished but one, he so lately the hap
piest of men,.the skipper Instinctive
ly clinging to a fragment of wreckage.
he had been washed ashore under Cape
Malea at the ebbing of the scanty tide,
and his strong physique reasserting it
self enable him to reach the plateau.
Here he was found gazing seaward by
some goat-herds, " who, in search of
their nimble-footed Socks, had wander
ed down the precipitous side of the
mountain. ; They endeavored to per
suade him to come with them back to
the world, but in vain. He would live,
gratefully accepting some of their poor
provision! but from that watching place
he would -not go. And those rude peas
ants, understanding something of his
depth of.-woe., sympathized with him
so deeply that without payment or hope
of any, they helped him to build his
hut and kept him supplied with such
poor morsels of food and drink as suf
ficed for his stunted needs.
And there, with his gaze fixed during
all his wakng hours upon that inscrut
able depth wherein all his bright hopes
had suddenly been quenched, be lived
until quite recent years, ' "the world
forgetting, by .the world forgot," a liv
ing monument or constancy and pa
tient uncomplaining grief. By his hum
ble friends, whose language he never
learned, he was regarded as a saint
and when one day they came upon
his lifeless body fallen forward upon
his knees at the little nnglazed window
through which he was wont to look
out upon the sea where his dear one
lay, they felt confirmed in their opinion
of the sanctity of the hermit of Cape
Malea. London Spectator. -
A New Species.
"I would like to sell you the entire
works of Omar Khayam, " began the
the book agent glibly ; "they are the
finest things that ever came from a
"Them's a new breed of pigs to
me, commented Mr. Forkanlard,
scratching his head doubiously. Are
they anything like Berkshire's. Ohio
State Journal.
He Couldn't,
'Oh, Mr. Spoonleigh, pray rise. It
I is not right that you should kneel at
' f . -n . V 1 r ... .
my jeei. ruse, 1 peg oiyoui" lm-
piorea tne lair lady.
But he didn't rise. His Irish did,
though, and he replied solemnly:
i m airaiu er miss urace I m
afraid I'm kneeling on your er that
is, you dropped your chewing gum.
anu, on, miss tirace, I'm stuck on
you !" Denver Times.
A Depraved Appetite.
No, we couldn't have our usual
ride on Sunday, and we were so dis
"What was the trouble?" -
Why, our horse got loose in the
night and ate up his best bonnet."
Cleveland Plain Dealer. -
The Present Pace.
Servant A publisher at the door to
see you, sir.
Modern Author Have him come
in and wait; tell him I just began
writing a book and won't have it done
for 15 minutes. Ohio State Journal.
. Wrenched Foot and Ankle Cured By
!. St Jacobs Oil. -
Gentlemen : A short time ago, I
severely wrenched my foot and ankle.
The injury was very paiuful, and
the consequent inconvenience (being
obliged to keep to business) was very
trying. A friend recommended St.
Jacobs Oil, and I take great pleasure
in informing you that one applica
tion was sufficient to effect a complete
cure. . To a busy man so simple and
effective a remedy is invaluable,
and I shall lose no opportunity of
suggesting the use of St. Jacobs Oil.
Yours truly, Henry J. Doirs, Manager,
The Cycles Co., London, England.
St. Jacobs Oil is safe, sure and
never failing. Conquers pain.
til r-.
III s a X
111 ai wrx
m 41 a 1
The Story of a
Woman' Suffering.
" Aggrieved.
"It was an outrage!" exclaimed the
excitable young man with the very
foreign accent. "The., father of the
young lady offered a marriage settle
ment of 1100,000."
It isnt much of a dowry."
"My dear friend ; it is not a dowry
at all. It is a tip. Washington Star.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
Sea Fac-Simlle Wrapper Below.
Vary aasall amd aa mtmf : -
rwwupMTimc. . 1
ti caan I Pnrery TgetaUev.fty. ''ore
" Dkab Mrs. PinkhaM: When I began the use of Lydia E.
Fintham's Vegetable Compound I was suffering terribly. At
tunes tne pain waa almost more
than I could stand. My heart
would nearly stop beating and
would get cold and numb.
"My husband thought
many times 1 was dying
and did not dare to
leave me alone. I also
Buffered severely at
. times of menstruation.
" 1 had tried several
doctors and they told
me that they had done
all thatmedicinecould
do. In the face of all
this, and to the aston
ishment of my family
and friends, your reme
dies cured me. I am now
well and do the work for
ght in the family. I feel
orateful for mv recovered
bfialth. and constantly recommend
your medicine.' Mrs. Carrie Bellviixe, Ludington, Mich.
The record of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is
written in thousands of such letters as Mrs. Bell ville's. W hen d uring
its whole career of thirty years no physician has to our knowledge
criticised this medicine adversely, and thousands are daily pre
scribing it in their practice, should you, who know less about medi
' cine than they, say, " Oh, I do not believe it is any good " ?
Mrs. Pinkham advises women free of charge. Her address is
Lynn, Mass. No woman knows the truth about women's ills as
thoroughly as Mrs. Pinkham, and no medicine in the world has
oone so mucn good as
X Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
We have deposited
with the National
Citv Bank, of Lviin.
5,ooo, which will be
paid to anv person who can find that the
above testimonial letter is not genuine,
or -was published before obtaining the
writer's special permission. I, y dia K. Pinkham MedicinbCo.
Scott How did you like that ciear
I gave you yesterday?
ijurns I liked it so well that I
hadn't the heart to burn it. Boston
His Reason.
She You played a very careless
game,. Jack. Why don t you keep
your eye 011 the ball?
He I can t keep it on both of you.
Brooklyn Life. -
A. Leader.
- Papa So. Kobby, you're the presi
dent of your bicycle club. That's
very nice. How did they happen to
choose you?
Bobby Well, you see, papa, I'm
the only boy that's got a bicycle.
Too Early Yef.
"The first game of golf was played
in Scotland over 500 years ago."
"Wonder if they've found any of
the balls yet that were used in the
The Chastisement.
Kind Lady Why are you crying
little boy?
Little Boy Coz maw just made a
example out o' me for my little
brother's sake." Ohio State Journal'.
Why It Was Returned.
New Servant I found this coin
upon your desk, sir.
Master I'm glad you are honest.
I put it there purposely to test your
honesty. -
New Servant That's what I
Has ball bearing In turn-table,
- Turns freely to the wind.
Ball bearings thrust in wheel, insuring
lien test running Qualities, and reserving
greatest amount of power for pumping.
uaivanizea aiier mating, rui xogeiier
with galvanized bolts, double-nutted ; no
part can rust or get loose and rattle. -
Weight regulator; perfect regulation. No
spring to change tension with every change
of temperature, and grow "w eaker with age.
Repairs always on hand.
These things are worth money to vou.
Then why not buy a STAR?
Bfdt possible 10 build. BMt mate r'al; Best pro.
portion. Best finish. Lightest running. Seventy
years' experience. M 1 Ctl Kl. . I. ""H &
STATEK CO., 1st and Tuylor Sts., Furtland. Or
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Oregon,
Coot of Morrison Street,
Can give you the best bargains in
Bngeies. flows. Boilers and Engines,
WMnomills and Pumps an! General
Machinery. See us before buying. .
12B Sooord Sit,, Noar Wnhlngfoi, Portland, Oregi n.
Tho Loading and Reliable Furriers of the Northwest
Fur Coats, Capes, Collarettes,. Boas, Etc., Made in all the Fashionable Furs.
Fur Trimmings. . Robes and Rugs. Send for Catalogue. - ; r
Furs remodeled and repaired. Write us. -
mtr lay -mm
W "WMHalaf alWa' asa latl jt BalWal aTsi -
- j
tt Muaaav araaST. Maw york rrr.
Showing the new . English turban
shape, A few plumes and a knot of
straw will furnish the trimmings, and
a little tilt adds to the stylish effect .
into the world.
wnen America, republic though
may be, wlll salute' no foreign
without, receiving gun for gun!"
'i Output ot the British Mint.
The recently Issued report of the
deputy master of England's mint shows
that the oupnt of new money was be
yond all precedent in 1900. A total of
102 tons of standard gold, 234 tons of
standard silver and 391 tons of bronze
The day shall come was coined Into 107,689,513 pieces. In
she addition nearly 30,000,000 pieces were
flag struck In the colonial mints. The output
I of the English mint amounted In value
to about $78,000,000.
K.F. X.O.
Ma. 4.1HI.
VVHKlr writing
to dTartlaanj plasm
As a rule people are disappointed In
compliments: they always expect more.
300 Mis SeGurefl M.':
San Francisco Business College
1XSO Market St., San Franctseo, Cat.
FULL COURSE, $60.00. '
Write for Catalogue. -
Summer Resolutions
Keeley Curo
Sure relief bom liquor, opium and tobaora
aaoiU. Band lor particulars to
bsley Institute,
Moved to 420 Williams
Ave., Portland, Orearon.
j" CUR?"
I i Beat Cough Sirup. Tastes Good. Tin f 1
I ' in time. Bold by drurrtsts. r l
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taste good. Eat them like candy. They
remove any bad taste in the mouth, leav-;
lug the breatn sweet and perfumed. It is
liked especially by children.
sweeten the stomach by cleansing" tha
mouth, throat and food channel. That
means, they stop undigested food from
souring in the stomach, prevent gas form
ing in the bowels, and kill disease germs
ul any Kino, uai oreea anu xeeu in tne en
tire system. -. - ..
are purely vegetable and contain no mer
curial or other mineral poison. They con
sist of the latest discoveries in medicine,
and form a combination of remedies un
equaled to make the blood pure and rich
and make clean skin and beautiful com
plexion. . t.
tone the stomach and bowels and stir up
the lazy liver. They do not merely soften
the stoola and cause their discharge, but
strengthen the bowels and put them into
lively, healthy condition, making their ac
tion natural.
never grip nor gripe. They act quietly, pos
itively and never cause any kind of uncom
fortable feeling. Taken regularly they make
the liver act regularly and naturally as it
should. They keep the sewerage of the body
tiiupci uiuviiis una Keep tne system Clean.
Increase the flow of milk In nursing moth
ers. If the mother eats a tablet, it makes
her milk mildly purgative and has a mild
but certain effect on the baby. In this way
they are the only safe laxative for the
nursing infant.
taken patiently, persistently, will cure any
form of constipation, no matter how old or
how often other remedies have fafled. They
are absolutely guaranteed to cure any case,
or purchase money will be cheerfully re
funded. cost 10c. 25c, 60c a box. ' Samples sent free
for the asking. We publish no testimonials
but sell Caacarets on their merit under ab
solute guarantee to cure. Buy and try a
box to-day, or write ua for free sample
and booklet. .
mii msuH iraroT co., aneuw r nw toes.
tfnr. DrUADn win be paid to any reader of this paper who will re.
4IU7 lL TY port to as any attempt of substitution, or sale of
' : " something just as good" when Cascarata are called
for, ana furnish evidence upon which we can convict. 'All correspondence is-lfntuU.
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