Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, July 30, 1901, Image 2

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TUESDAY. JULY 30, 1901.
There can be no doubt that we
are inovins more or less rapidly
teward socialism. The man of care little what Lonstantine, Au
sixty year9 of age who has been ( gustine, Luther, Calvin, Wesley
s thoughtful observer "cannot fail J or Sam Jones believed or taught,,
to discern that the movements of j but they will give tireless atten
soc.ety snow a markea trend ln.uon townat me waster reaiiy tuu
that direction. Sometimes it has
been scarcely perceptible, yet
there has been such a tendency
There has been no radical recon-
struction of society, bot social
condiiioas are widely different
frm what they were fifty years
ago. Among' these new condi
tions we may easily distinguish
some which owe their existence
to the socialistic spirit
Our increase of populatioa, our
material development, our ira-
oroved and enlarged means of
communication and transporta
tion have all contributed to fuse
our people into one mass and so
have made our common necesii
ties and purposes more apparent
and insistent
The inclination of the people
to urban life and the consequent
phenomenal growth of our cities
render some phases of socialism
necessary and bring others within
the range ef possibility. In these
water, light, street, railways and
genejal sanitation become urgent
necessities to the whole populace
It is found that the people in their
corporate capacity . can supply
these more efficiently and cheaply
than private corporations so in
nearly all cities, with the excep
tion of street-railways, they are
regarded as public utilities to be
furnishes by the municipality.
In a few cities street railways are
operated by the city government
ana in many there is a growing
purposa to place them under pub
lie control.
The socialistic purpose is to
make the national, state and mu
nicipal governments common-
camera and plac the telegraph,
express and railways under gov
ernmental ownership and opera'
won. mat socialism will ex
tend so far in the near future is
not probable, yet we may expect
.a farther growth and application
of socialistic theories. This is
altogether reasonable when we
contemplate the agencies which
are surely disseminating such
In addition to these conditions
which wa have already noted and
which our advance in civilization
must intensify, the teachings of
Christianity are an ever present
and mighty force working in this
direction. It emphatically and
persistently proclaims the Father
hood of God and the Brotherhood
of men. Simultaneously a multi
tude of fraternal societies teach,
as by fiiviae authority, this
beautiful truth. It is a popular
theme. Men, professed disciples
ot the Christ, who in their dally
and hourly life .as individuals
deny this truth make haste to
testify to it in public assemblies.
Christianity is intensely socialls
tic. It induces the body politic
to establish and conduct in whole,
or part educational, eleemosyn
ary and reformatory institutions,
Through its influence a large
number of our people would have
governmental ownership and con
trol of everything which they
classify as a ''public utility" to
the end that all may more surely
- share alike in the benefits of our
material development, and that
there may be a more equitable
distribution of the fruits of human
endeavor. Though this is taught
by Christianity it is also the
teaching of socialism.
We are a long ways from
realization ot socialistic purposes
and dreams. We never shall
realize them this side of the
promised millenium, but grad
ually we shall come yet nearer to
it. There is little danger of a
mad rush or blind leap , to it
for it must come if at all through
-the perfection of law and order
and the spirit of brotherhood.
Communism and anarchism
may appeal to force and be
'. sternly repressed for we place law
and order above all things else.
Our people are patient and for
bearing until lawlessness and dis
order lift their hands when we
smite with crushing forcS and re
lentless spirit. The menace to
our peace and institutions is not
by an intelligent Christian social -
- isrri, but rather by a godless,
beastly communism.
Since socialism is so firmly en
trenched within the lines of
Christianity or better said
since Christianity is so profoundly
socialistic a . grave . responsibility
rests upon its teachers and
exemplars. They must sea to
it that no false; iaferenws
are drawn from its truths, no pur
poses attempted unauthorized by
its precepts. Its clsrgy must get
into closer touch with" the laity.
Men do not wish to hear theolegy
discussed ;ihey grow restless when
asked to give credence to the '
mvths which have become incor-
porated with Christianity.
and said.
Ministers must cease to stand
apart as a distinct class. Instead
of seeking . to dominate their
church sessions and official boards
they should go out with these into
the world ef busy men and teach
them that practical Christiany
is .of the twentieth as well, as
of the first century.
The press, the pulpit and all
earnest patriots should unite in
teaching a vigilant patience and
forbearance, for only SO may we
j t- : :. r
escape mau rusa m puisuii
some ei me isms wnscn aeceive,
delude and destroy unthinking
men. I
Mew Factory In Town.
If a new factory is tO be erect-
ed, men employed, wages paid
and profits realized t would rath
er the factory shot Id rhe started
in my own town than ia some
other town. Why? '
First: If I aril a wage worker
my opportunities of employment
will be increased by an enlarged
demand for labor close at hand.
Even if some of the employes
are brought ftofa elsewhere" rile
setting up of the industry will
will opes new avtfiues of em
ployment, both directly and in
directly. - ' ' ; v
Second: If I am a farmer the
market for xay produots will be
improved. Every additioaal cat
er means a readier sale and pos
sibly a better price for " the out
put f my land, my dairy, my
hencoop. The nearer the mar
ket is the better for me. Give
me a clear field to supply a fac
tory village of five hundred peo
pie with their butter, eggs, pork
and "garden sass," aad the th
er farmers can send their stuff to
LonSon, Paris, Bombay' and
Peking for aught I care.
Third: It I am a merchant I
must live en - the folks within
easy reaeh ot my store. Unless
I am a big gun and have a long
distance pull the : folks in the
towns twenty miles away .won't
do mo much good. Double the
population of my own town, and
yon double my opportunities.
Fourth: It I own real : estate
I am very . sensitive, about com
ings and going. - Every new
man or new family interests my
poeket at once. They must a
bide somewhere. "Tenaat6 or
easterners to somebody they
must be. A hundred sew fami
lies in my tows ' would be a
'sweet boon" to my business.
By all means locate he factory
here. Why I'll glvo the: land
for it myself. -- r . ,
Fifth: If I am a professieaal
man I surely want "people here,
more pupils, more pafiieuts, more
clients, more people to build up
the church in this plaee. The
greater my opportunities the
more good I can do. . t Let 'em
come here.
Sixth : As a member of the
town council, it is "my duty to
develop the town, to increase
Its population,' add to its means
of earning a living, bring vacant
land under improvement so that
the wealth of the municipality
may be enlarged, thus making
easier the burden of taxation and
enabling the loeal government to
provide better schools, roads,
lights for all without hardship to
any. Every new industry or old
one enlarged is a help to us. all.
Bring tho factory here and it
shall pay no taxes for ten years.
As it is with -the town, so it is
with Ike country. Don't buy
anything abroad that you Can get
made at home. ' It is bad busi
ness policy. Atneriean Econo
mist. Notice for Publication. .
Uifim Statu Lanb Officb,
Oregon city, Oregon, July, 2d. 1M1.
Notice Is lierrby (Ivan that in compliant with tk
provigiona of the act at CongreM of Jiina S, U78,
entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands in th
States of California, Oregon, Nerada, and Wash
ington Territory," as extended to all ths Public
Land States by act of Anirust 4. 1802,
of GarSeli, county of Whitman, State of Washing
ton, has this day Aled in this office his sviorn state
ment No. M76, for the purchase of IS ot 8W j,
SE i of NW i and Lot 4 of Section No 30 in Town
ship No 13 South, Kange No 6 West, and will offer
proof to show that the Una sought is more valuable
for its timber or stone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim to said land before the
Register and Receiver ot this office at Oregon City
Orcsron, on Friday, ths 18th day of October, 1901.
He names as witnesses: B. F. Totten, of Jnarale,
Oreiron, Abe Coon, of lnavale, Oregon, Thoe. Coon,
of lnavale, Oregon, Martin Bntler, of Fern.
Any and all persons claiming sdrsrselr ths absva
d escribed lands are requested to file their claims ia
this office on or before said 18th dar of October.
:' . ftsgistee
Foley's Kidney Cure
kidneys and bltiiw rtghU
Importer of
Highgrade Pianos, Organs and Small
-,i InstramenU of all descriptions. ..
The Celebrated
Needham Pianos and Organs
Which have become famous for their
beauty of tone, superior action and great
Wo invite comparison of our prices,
quauty considered, with those of other
firms, Call and examine our goods or
write for catalogue. . "
0fflce ftnd reajdtnce one Wock wcst of
Court House.
Call for Warrantas
Notice is hereby friven that there is
money on hand at the county treasurer's
'office tn'nav all ordura endorsed and
marked not paid for want of funds opto
this aate,
Corvallis, July 29, 1901.
W. A. BtJCll, :
Treasurer of Beuton Co., Or.
' Mr. E. D. Arnold, Arnold, writta
He was troubled with kidnty disease
about three years. Had to get "P sever
al times darine the meat lnt three bot
tles ef Foley's Kidney Cure effected a
complete core, he feels better than he
ever did and recommends it to bis friends
Graham & Wortham.
Notlee to Creditor.
Notice' is hereby given that the undersigned hsa
been appointed administrator o! the estate of J. E.
A. Beblnson, deceased, by the County Court ef the
State of Oregon, for Benton county. AU persons
having claims against said estate are hereby re
quired to present the same to the undersigned
properly verified aa by law required at the office of
c w. uavu, in . t miomatn,. uregon, wiuin six
nrosms front tne date nereoi.
Dated July 2, 1991. . -
L. E. Fridlbt.
Administrator of the. estate of J. K. A- Kebiii-
soo, deeeased.
State Treasurer's fourth Notlc.
Notice ia hereby given that there are
now funds in the Treasury with whitih to
redeem all outstanding State Warrants
drawn on the : General Fund and en
dorsed "Presented and not paid for want
of funds," prior to this date ; also te pay
all warrants drawn on the estate Bcalp
Bounty Fund, and endorsed "Presented
and not paid for want of funds," prior to
May 1st 1930, atid all such, warrants,
properly endorsed, will be -paid upon
presentation at this office, interest there
on ceating from and after this date.
Cms. S, Moore,
-; State Treasurer.
State of Qregon, Treasury Department,
June 6th, 1901, :
Excursion Hates.
A special round' trip rate of $2.50 from
Albany to Mill Cily, Berry, Niagara and
Detroit has been put in effect on the Cor
vallis & Eastern railroad for hunting or
fishing parties. Tickets good going on
Saturdaj s and returning Monday, giving
three days in the mountains of good
sport, and recreation. Good hotel ac
commodations at Mill City, Gates, Ni
agara and Detroit, at reasonable, rates,
Tickets for sale at the ticket office with
out special order.
Also a rate of $2.60 from Albany to
Newport, Yaquina and points this side,
good going Saturday and returning Mon
day, giving a three day's onting at the
coast or along the line for hunting or
fishing parties. Ample hotel accommo
dation at Elk City, Toledo, Yoquina and
Newport.;-... i . .
Season excursion tickets to Newport of
$3.75, and Yaquina of (3.25 are on sale
good to return until October 10th. J, For
full particulars apply to H. H. Oronise,
agent, or Edwin Stone, manager. . -:; .
Admltilstrater's 8alc ef Real Estate.
Hotics Is hereby given that the undersigned ad
ministrator of the estate ef William H. Pugh, de
ceased, pursuant te an ardor of the County Court
ot the Stats ot Oreren for Linn county, made on
tho fifth day of July, 1M1, duly entered la Probsts
Journal Number 16 of said court, will from and af
ter the loth day of August, 191, proceed to sell for'
cash in band, at private sale, all ths interest which
ths said estate of of William H. Pugfc, deceased, has
in and to tho following- described real property, to
wit: The west i of the N. B. V its 8 sad 10, in
iaSectiaa SO, T. IS, 8. R 4 W , also beginning at
the N. W. comer of tho B E of Sea. SO, T, lit, S.
R. 4 W., of the Willamette Meridian, and running
thence north 3.40 chains, thence north - 28 degrees,
E. 16.50 chains, thence north 43 degrees, K. 6.00
chains, thence 8. 62 degrees, E. 8.30 chains, thence
8. S&f degrees, K. 13.77 chains, thence S. 1 8-4
degrees, W. 8.04 chains, thsnce west 22.90 chains to
tho placs of beginning, save aad sxcept tho follow
lng described tract,- to-wit: Beginnine at a point
3408 chains l.'of the N. W. corner of the N. E. 1-4
of bee. 30, T. 12, 8. K. i W., of tho Willamette ller.
idian, thenoa W. 7.00 chains, thence 8. 8.00 chains,
thenc; 1, 1.00 chain, thence S. 30. o chains, theaeo
E. s.OO chains, thence down the river with tho me
anders to tho place of beginning, containing S7.60
seres, and a tract 40 00 rods East and Westerly,
80.00 rods North and South, in ths R. W. corner of
tho W. 12 of tho N. B. 14 of Sec 30. T. 12, S. K 4
W., said premises being situated In Dsn ten County,
State of Oregon, belonging to said estate, subject to
ths approval aid continuation of the County Court
of Linn County, Oregon, to pay charges, and ex
penses of administration and claims against said es
tate, and for distribution of proceeds thereof, after
payment of such charges, expenses sod claims ss by
law required. -
Dated this 12th day of July, A. D., 1M1. .
Johx W. Puoh,
Administrator of the estate of -..
. William U. Pugh, deceased.
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cows and calves, team, wagon and har
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' 113 A good 7-room house with one
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Shoo and Leather National Bank of Boston. Mass.
Philadelphia Natious-inankof Philadelphia. Pa
the most healing salve In the world.
Portland-Astoria Koute.
Dally Rcund Trips except Sunday.
Leave Portland
Leave Astoria..:
..7 A. M.
...7P. M.
Te DailesPoitiag Route
str."BAiin QAtzrat"
Vancouver, Cascade Locks, Hood
River, White Salmon, Lyle, The
Leave Portland
Arrive The Dalles...
Leave '
Arrive Portland
...7 A. M
...3 P. M
....4 1
Kf-Sundav Trios a Leadihsr Feature.
-rhis Route has the Grandest Scenic Attrac
tions on Earth.
Landing and Office: Foot of Alder Street.
Botn rnones Main 351. .
Portland, Or.
B. W. CHICHTON, Asrt. Portland.
JOHN K FIUOON, Agt. The Dalles.
. A. J. TAYLOR, Act. Astoria.
T)ntfstrv of averv dtstcri otirm dons in Srst
tHaM manner, and . satisfaction gtiar-
Office ever'ZiBrolf 's grocery store, dppo-1
Uie post omce, uervaius. uregon.
B. A. GATMEY, m. D
Physician Surgeon
Rooms 14 in Bank Building.
Office Hour. ? "f'
Residence: Genet College and 8th Sta.
Telephone at Office and residence.
Corvallis, - - - " Oregoas
Office Comer 3rd and Monroe streets
Houkb 9 to 12; 2 to 5; 7 to 8; Sun
day 9 to 10. .
. Eisidksce Corner 3rd and Harjison
streets, Corvallis, Oregon.
Telephone 315, at residence.
TlTlJiS. COsvarANcise
Practice in '.all State and. Federal Conn.
Office; iaFlmt". National Bank Butldins.
Bryson 4' Woodson
Corvallis, Orern.
Offiee In FostoSlce Building:.
On co ia TTbltenom Black
Mits Mamie Smith, Middlesfcoro, Ky.,
writes. "My little sister Lad the croup
very bad. leave her several doses of
Foley's Honey and Tar, and she was in
stantly relieved. It faved her life. Gra
ham & Wortham.
The piles that annoy you so will he
quickly and permanently healed if you
nse DeWitPs Witch Hazel Salve. Be
ware of worthless counterfeits. Giaham
& Wells. .
For Rent.
Will rent 200 acreB of land est of
Monroe and take part payment rent
in work and.improvements on tlie place.
Address M. S. Woodcock,
Administrator, 1
Corvallis, Oregon. .
, . j
Call Tor Warrants.
Notice is hereby given that there is
money in the treasury to pay city war
rant numlier 879 for general fund, en
dorsed November 14, 1899. Also all city
street warrants endorsed prior to Julv
10th, 1901. ' Interest will stop oa the
same from this date. Wii. McLagan.
City Treasurer.
Dated Corvallis, Oregon, Jnly 30, 1901.
What do you want? We want to
furnish you with pleasant, perman
ent employment, at which you can
earn three to fine dollars per diy.
Address, Manager, 403 Chamber of
Commerce Building, Taooma,
It is easier to keep well than get cured.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers taken now
and then, -will always keep your bowels
in perfect order. They never gripe but
promote an easy gentle action. Graham
& Wella. -
Geo. C. Eickock, Cortiss, Wis., says:
Foley's Kidney Cure has been tesled
and found to be all yon claim for it. I
have given it to my father and it is the
only thing that ever helped him." Gra
ham & Wortliam. .
por from Portland v&om
Chl'-ego- ggHLake, Denver,"
Portland Ft Worth, Omaha
Special Kangag City St. 4:30 p.m.
I: ; Lni. Chieage
T.'" "nn- and East. . ?
tington .. '
AUanilc Salt Lake, Denver,
Express Ft Worth. Omaha,
8 p.m. Kansas City, Bt 8:10 a.m.
via Hnn- Louis, Chicago and
tington. East
gt Paul Walla Walla. Lew
Fast Mail 8 P k
Sp kane. "ukee, Chicago,
and East
Through Pullman and Tourist Sleepers. '
No change of cars.' Tickets East via all
rail, or via boat and rail, via Portias
Ocean and Kiver Schedule.
AU sail in z daws'
eubiect to ehft&ee.
8 p. m.
For Saft Franciseo,
4 p. m .
bail every live daysl
irom April zd.
Ex. Ban
8. p. tn.
Colembla Mm
4 p. W.
To Astoria & way-
10 p. m.
CAmov llntli laavno norvallta far Al
bany, Salem, Portland and Way Land
ings, Monday, Wednesday and Friday
ft .nil n i, rot.nvmniT .-arrtvoa CArvallia
aboun Midnight, Tuesday, Thursday and
t :
A. L CRAIG, Gen. Pasa. Ageat,
J. P.TAP8COTT, Agent,
Corvauis, Oregon. "
Corvallis & Eastern RaW.
2 For Yaquina:
Train leaves Albany 12:50 p. m.
" " Corvallis 1:40 p. m.
' arrives Yaquina 5:55 p. n.
1 Reluming:
Leaves Yaquina .... 7:C0 a. u.
leaves Co-vajlis.... 11:83 a. Ta.
Arrives Albany .... 12:14 p. na.
3 For Detioit: -
Leaves Corvallis. . . . 12:00 p m.
Jjoaves Albany 1:30 p. m.
Arriyes Detioit .... 6:20 p. fn.
I Returning: v ' w
reaves Detroit .... . 5:30 a. ro.
Leaves Albany ..... 10:30 a. m.
Arrives Cbrvallie.... 11:15 p.m.
Trains 3 and 4 between Aibapr and
Corvallis, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat
urdays enly. All other, trains'" daily ex
cept Sunday. r
Trains 1 and 4 arrive in Albany ia
time to connect with the S. P. seat
bound train, aa well as giving- two) er
three hours in Albany befoie departure
of S. P. north bound train for Portland.
Train No. 2 connects with the 8. P.
west side train at Corvallis Crossisg for
Independence, - McMinnville aad all
points north to Portland.
Edwm Stobb,
H. H. Ckonisb, . Manager .
. Agent, Corvallis.
Sontbern Pacific Cti&pUY.
Trains leave Coivalllsfar PerttM
er.d way stations at 1:1 p. ta.
Lv Pwtlniid ...g:S0 a hi
Lv AHtanr.. 120 p m
Ar Ashland -12 :S3 a m
At Sacramento -5 .00 m
Ar dan Francisco-7:45 p m
is I m
4:21 an
9.80 am
Ar Ogdpn. ...... .6:45 p m
Ar Denver -9 :C0 a m
Ar Kansas City--7 :56 a m
Ar Chicago -.55 a m
11 itf a m
: m
Ar Los Angeles...! :20 pm
Ar El Paso 60 p as
Ar Fort Werth 6 :8fl a m
Ar City of Mexico 9 :65 a ru
Ar Houston- 4:00 a m
Ar Kew Orleans.. 6:26 A vn
Ar Washineton 8 142 a in
ArKew York 12:43 p m
both trains. Chair ears Sacra taoaM tb
Ogden and 1 Po, tad Tenriat tart)
IShioaffo, Bt Lonis, Kew rletral and
Conrjecticg at Fan Fram-lrvo with
eral ate&mabTp lines for BonolulQ. Jf?a,
Chiaa, Philippines, Central SUA Eftil
'See F. E. FARMER, agent a CorvalMs
statim. or address
Pen land. Of.
Physician & Surgeon
Foley's Honey and Tar
cures colds, prevents pneumaalm.
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