Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, July 19, 1901, Image 2

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FRIDAY, JULY 19, 1901.
We are an energetic, active.
restless people who believe in and
exemplify the gospel of work.
We possess boundless and innu
merable natural resources and
in the work of developing these
we have made our country a scene
ofc such restless activity as is
found nowhere else in the world.
We have put forth so much-vim
and vigor and achieved so many
victories through work that it has
become our gospel yea, rather
our divinity at whose shrine the
whole nation worships. It is our
national characteristic and we are
proud of it. Why not? It is
t'.ie agency which, within a hund
red years, has borne us along al
most every line of human en
deavor to the fore-front of na
tions. We transform our crude
materials into the highest build
ings, speediest ships, largest and
most effective guns, most accura
te timepieces, lightest and most
desirable bicycles, finest and best,
toned musical instruments, most
powerful locomotives, must use
ful agricultural implements, and
a bewildering multitude of things
besides, such as no other people
have even contemplated doing.
Work ! Achieve ! Quickly !
These are our magic wands.
Quickly! We have have utilized
the subtile forces of nature and
thrown short bridges over time
-and space. "Capture or destroy
the Spanish fleet.' Presto! it is
Work has not only made us
quick of thought and action, but
also wonderfully and intelligently
self-reliant. "Do not hamper
me with orders; I do not fear the
whole Spanish fleet." This ex
presses the true American spirit
of self-reliance.
We mean no irreverence when
we say had it been possible to
have given us the work of Cre&'
tion on a six days contract we
would have rushed it through in
five and earned a bonus by the
superior excellence of our pro
duct, mere appears to be no
limit to what we may undertake
and accomplish.
For centuries Cuba has been
the breeding place of yellow fever,
and had an annual eoidemic of
it. In two years ef American oc
cupation we have made such vig
orous and intelligent application
or sanitation thatuow Cuba is
without a case of that dread
Foreigners do not understand
what impels us ta such restless
activity, and ascribe it to a sordid
desire to become rich. It is not
sd. We are profusely generous,
even extravagant. It is simply a
determination to achieve in the
shortest possible time and so lead
thejnatiftns of eartB.
Work is noble and ennobling.
Laziness is despicable, and idle
ness disgracemi. yet wort is
but part of life; but means to an
end. It may be overdone. Our
racial nervous temperament is in
tensified. We are under con
tinual high-pressure, and even
now it is as if the steam were
hissing at every rivet. We must
supplement the gospel of work by
that of rest. This is the one
difficult thing for us. When we
do indulge in recreation it is with
all our might. We make work
of it We should learn of the
German who ,said: "Ven I
works, I work; ven I ish rtle I
I does nodings."
We regard rest as so much time
stolen from work, a shirking of
duty, a discreditable effeminancy.
We fail to see that it is rest which
knits up the fibres, cools the
fevered blood and infuses us with
freshness and new strength. We
need to get away from our tasks,
to lay aside our plans, halt our
ambitions, to get, as it were, out
side of ourselves. This "is neces
sary to a healthful and symmet
rical development of mind and
body; necessary if we would com
pass all the best possibilities of
. Of all peoples the American
people need to study and practice
the gospel of rest It almost
6ems if the Creator had foreseen
our restless, reckless activity ha
would have decreed more rest for
us than one day in seven and en
forced it more stringently than in
the Fourth Commandment
If work is a duty, a religious
duty, rest and recreation are no
less' so. Iet us break away from
the cankering cares of our too
Strenuous life, and away to the
gea-shore or the mountain side
and forest and steep our tired
minds and nervous bodies in the
freshness and quietness and peace
which nature bestows upon her
votaries. - . ' ,
Rest is worship. Close tip the
churches as the schools, for a sea
son. Never mind the stale taunt
that the devil never takes a va
cation. We have no personal ac
quaintance with him, but we are
sure he would be a more efficient
devil if lie did take a vacation.
Bring Dr Clericus along.
What matter if he has preached
but two brief sermons and a ser
monette each week and attended
several church socials. He, too,
has fallen into a rut and needs a
change; so bring him along, but
have the good man leave his the
ology and demnology on his book
shelves and bring geology, conch-
ology, ichthology ornithology and
we will hear the sermons of the
rocks and shells and fishes and
birds, and we shall gather new
strength, new life, new zeal,
firmer faith and so return to our i
appointed work better qualified 1
for service for God and man.
"The Error of It."
We are i i receipt of the fo'lowing ,
communication relative to our edi- !
torial of the 5th iost., concerning i
"Christian Soience." Mr. Ogdeu's i
letter will be given consideration in
our Tuesday's issue:
Editor Gazette: As one who has to
some extent tested the practical value of
Christian Science and has reason for
great gratitude because of the beneficial
results received, I desire to enter earnest
protest against the sweeping assertion of
your editorial ef the 5th inst., which
would brand Christian Science "the
most pernicious of all known delusions.''
It bealinz the Batterer, eomfortins the
sorrowing, reforming the victim of pas
sion and vice, in short, the general bet
terment of humanity physically, mental
ly and morally is the result of "delu
sion," it would seem that the world has
crying - need of more delusion and less
That Christian Science accomplishes
the good works attributed to it may be
readily attested in almost any commun
ity, in that there is scarcely a city, village
or hamlet throughout the laud but con
tains happy recipients of its healing and
saving power. Did Christian Science
lead to the "loss of man's identity," the
editorial charge of "simply pantheism
and practically pure atheism" might be
well taken, but nothing in its teachings,
understood, can lead to such conclusion.
Truly, the distinction is clearly made
between self-absorbed material con
sciousness and man's true nature or in
dividuality, that which prompts his
every noble word or deed, but man ever
maintains his own identity and the
greater the knowledge of his true rela
tion to his Creator, infinite divine mind,
the more enlarged his capacities and the
greater his capabilities.
The rule of Life in Christian Science
and the application thereof gives man
mastery over self-indulgence and makes
possible the approximation, through
daily deeds, the highest of ideals, "Be ye
therefore perfect, even as your Father
which is in heaven is perfect." Thus
man becomes God-like, but is never God
nor absorbed by God.
As the editorial states, the believers in
Christian Science now number approxi
mately one million people and in ex
planation of the expressed amaxemeut
"that intelligent, rational men and
, women embrace such doctrines," let me
say that probably seventy-five per cent,
of this number have found health
through the application of these doc
trines, in many instances after all ma
terial means had failed, and to all be
lievers has it brought happier homes
purer lives and greater love to God and
man, hence, it is not alone because of its
logical precept, but of its fruitful prac
tice that men and women - adhsr to
Christian Science. Most opposition to
this science, whether froth "pulpit, pbysi
oian or press, usually finds its origin in
some mistaken report about it, or in the
action of one who' has embraced the
name without the nature of its teaching,
whose conduct would receive hearty dis
approval from Christian Scientists them
selves. " . ' . "" " .
The early efforts of the Christian
church were opposed and Its adherents
persecuted, not for what was really be
lieved and done by them, but for what
common report said about them. It was
proclaimed, "These Christians, would
like to burn our cities, aud are a danger
to our comniuaity. They sacrifice their
children to propitiate their God, etc.,"
all of which, though generally - believed
because of oft repetition, was: the very
antipode of truth and was in due time
corrected through fair-minded investiga
tion of the lives of these Christians.
Christian Science courts honest inves
tigation and willingly awaits the verdict
of public approval which its practical
worth will in due time award it. Thank
ins you for your courtesy and space, I
am, Respectfully,
- . David B. Ogdev, '
State Correspondent.
July 14, 1901.
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I Office and residence one block west of
Court House.
For Sale.
Cedar posts 1st and 2nd grade;
No 1
shakes and Shingles.
Mr. E. D. Arnold, Arnold, la., writes :
He was troubled with kidrrv disease
i about three years. Had to f ' up sever
i al times during the night but il.reo bot
1 ties of Folev's Kidney Cure effected a
j complete rare, lie feels better than ha
ever uiu anu rei-uiuineiiue iv iu hid meum
Graham & Wortham.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice is hereby von that the undersigned has
been appointed administrator of the estate of J.E.
A. Robinson, deceased, by the County Court ef the
State ef Oregon, for Benton county. All persons
having: claims against said eBtate are hereby re
quired to preseot the same to the undersigned
properly verified as by law required at the office of
C. W. Davis, in Philomath, Oregon, within six
months from the date hereof.
Dated July 2, 1991.
h. E. FaiDLKV, '
Administrator of the estate of J. E. A. Robin
son, deceased. .
State Treasurer's Fourth Notice.
Notice is hereby given that there are
now funds in the Treasury with whinh to
redeem a'.l outstanding State Warrants
drawn on the Grneral Fund and en
dorsed "Presented and not paid for want
of funds," prior to this date ; also to pay
all warrants drawn on the State Scalp
Bonntv Fund, and endorsed "Presented
and not paid for want of funds, prior to
May 1st 19U0, and all such warrants,
properly endorsed, will be paid upon
presentation at this office, interest. there
on ceating from and after this date.
Chas. S, Moouk,
- State Treasurer.
State of Oregon, -Treasury Department,
June 5th, 1901,
Excursion Rates.
A special round trip rate of $2.50 from
Albany to Mill City, Berry, Niagara and
Detroit has been put in effect on the Cor
vallis & Eastern railroad for hunting or
fishing parties. Tickets good going on
Saturdays and returning Monday, giving
three days in the mountains of good
sport and recreation. Good hotel ac
commodations at Mill City, Gites, Ni
agara and Detroit, at reasonable rates.
Tickets for sale at the ticket office with
out special order.
Also a rate- of $2.50 from Albany to
Newport, Yaquina and points this side,
good going Saturday and returning Mon
day, giving a three day's outing at the
coast or along the line for hunting or
fishing parties. Ample hotel accommo
dation at Elk City, Toledo, Yaquina and
Season excursion tickets to Newport of
$3.75, and Yaquina of $3.25 are on sale
good to return until October 10th. For
full particulars apply to H. H. Cronise,
agent, or Edwin Stone, manager.
Administrator's Sale ot Real Estate.
notice is hereby given -that the undersigned ad
ministrator of the estate of William H. Pugrh, de
ceased, pursuant to an order of the County Court
M tae state of ureg-on lor blnn county, made on
the fifth day of July, 1901, duly entered In Probate
Journal Number Id of said court, will from aud af
ter the loth day of August, 191 , proceed to sell for
cash in hand, at private sale, all the interest which
the said estate of of William H. Pugh,' deceased, has
in and to the following described real property, to
wit: The west i of the N. K . X ef lota 9 and 10, in
in Section 88, T. 12, S. R 1 W , also beginning at
the N. W. corner of the H. E J of Sec 3, T, 12, S.
B. 4 W., of the Willamette Meridian, and running
thence aorth 2. SO chains, thence north 28 degrees,
E. 16.50 chains, thence north 43 degrees, K. 6.00
chains, thence S. 62 degrees, E. 8 30 chains, thence
8. 85$i degrees, E. 18.77 chains, thence S. 1 3-4
degrees, W. 8.01 chains, thence west 22.90 chains to
the place of beginning, save and except the follow
ing described tract, to-wit: Besiunine? at a poiut
34 0 chains . of the N. W. corner of the N. E. 1-4
of Sec 30, T. 12, 8. it. 4 W.,.f the Willamette Mer.
idian, thence W. 7.60 chains, thence 8. 8.00 chains,
thenc; B, 1.00 chain, thence S. 30.04 chains, thenee
E. S.00 chains, thence down the rirer with the me
anders to the place of beginning, containing 27.66
acres, and a tiact 40.00 rods East and Westerly,
80.40 rods North and South, iu the B. W. corner ef
the W. 1-2 of the N. E. 1-4 of Sec 30 T. 12, . B 4
W., said premises being situated in Benten County,
State of Oregon, belonging to said estate, subject to
the approTal and confirmation of the County Court
of Linn County, - Oregon, to pay charges, and ex
penses of administration and claims against said es
tate, and for distribution of proceeds thereof, after
payment of such charges, expenses and claims as by
law required.
Dated this 12th day of July, A: D., 191. '.
John W. Push,
Administrator of-the estate of '
William H. Pugh, deceased.
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Ga. Graham & Wells.
Question Answered
Yes, August Flower still has the
largest sale of any medicine in the
civilized world. Your mother and
ei andtnothers never thought of
using anything else for indigestion
or biliousness. . Doctors were scarce
and they seldom heard of appen
dicitis, nervous prostration or heart
failure, etc. They used August
Flower to cleanse out the system
and stop fermentation of undi
gested food, regulate the action of
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organic action of the system, and
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there is nothing eerious the matter
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You will waste time if you undertake
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ing yourself. That only makes it noise
when you do eat heartily. You always
need letity of good food properly diges
ted. Kcdol Dyspepsia Cme is the re
sult of jtars of scientific research foi
something that would digest not only
some elements of food bnt every kind.
And it is the one remedy that will do it.
Graham & Wells. ' '
"I had a running Bcre on my breast for
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wiliseyvme, JN. X.. - "and tried a great
TiiaBv remedies, but irot no relief nn
used Banner Salve. After using one-half
iiox, I whs perfectly hired. I cannot re
commend it too highly. " Graham &
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Our Clubbing List.
Subscribers to the CORVALLIS GAZETTE can
obtain the following papers in combination sub
scriptions with the GAZETTE, at the very lev
unixa auiircu oeiow, casn in aaance always to ac
company the order. Those wishing two or more
publications named with the GAZETTE, wilt please
correspond with this office and we will quote you
the combination price. We can save yoa money on
nearly all publications Ton desire.
The abbreviations below are explained as follows:
W, foi weekly; S W lor semi-weekly; T W, lor tri
weekly; M, for monthly; S 11, for semi n onthly.
The first price represents the subscription rate of
the publication alone, and ?the second the rate for
the publication offered - iu conjunction with the
semi-weekly GAZKTTE.
Oregon-Agriculturist and Rural Korthwest, Port
land, Or., S.W., 60 cents; $1.80. , .
Oreonian, Portland, Or., V., ?1.68; 2. 65.
Rural Spirit, Portland, Or, Contains a lire-stock-market
report, W., tSLOO; 2.55.
PaciGc Christian Advocate, Portland, Or., W.
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50 cents; 1.75.
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Graham & Wells.
Drugs & Medicines . Kodaks & Photo Supplies
Corvallis, Oregon
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It can't help
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Graham & Wells.
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good buildings, fine fruit and water, good
bottom land; price, $659. 4 miles
from Philomath.
ISo. 131 80 acres, 25 in cultivation,
nice young orchard; fair buildings, 2
cows and calves,team, wagon and har
ness, plow, cultivator, tools, etc. ; also
furniture. This is a good hill ranch and
is cheap at $700. 6 miles from town.
74 160 acres; 30 in cnltivation ; small
house; good barn and water ; 1 miles
from town; cheap at $1,500; on main
county read ; good pasture and timber.
113 A good 7-room house with one
half acre lot; fruit, good water. Tchicken
houses and sheds, price $600; well ar
ranged for poultry .raising; this is a
cheap little home, .10 minutes walk from
Corvallis postofiice.
' Real Estate Agent,
Box 59, Philomath, Benton County, Oregon.
Hie first National Bank
M. S
WOOPCOCK, President.
MOOR. Vice-President. :
C. E.
GEO. E. LILLY, Assistant Cashier.
JOHN WILES, Corvallis, Oregon.
- Loans Made
On all kinds of approved security, and especially
. to encourage and build up the legitimate busi
ness enterprises and industries of this country.
Deposits v.
I Received subject to check payable on demajid.
Foreiga Exchange . . ."
Sight exchange and transfers sold available In
the principal cities ef England. Ireland, Switzer
land, France, Belgium. Holland, Norway, Swed
en, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Ger
many, Austria. .
Letters of Credit
Issued available in the principal cities of the
United States. .- ,
Principal Correspondents Upon Whom Wi
Sell Sight Exchange
The Commercial National Bank of Chicago.
The Firrt National Baak of Portland, Oregon.
The Bank of California, San Francisco, Calif.
Anglo-Californian Bank, SanFrancisco, CaliC
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Dyspepsia Core
Portland-Astoria Houte.
DflUy Ktund Trips except Sunday.
Iavc Portland.
Leave Aiitoria...
7 A.
7 P.
13 DaiiesPon w Roule
Vancouver, Cascade Locks, Hood
River, White Salmon, Lyle, The
time card.
Leave Portland . 7 A.M.
Arrive The Dalles 3 P- M.
Leave " 4 1
Arrive Portland lo "
ASr-Sundav Trios a Leadinsr Feature.
43-This Route has the Grandest Scenic Attrac
tions on Earth.
Landing and Office: Foot of Alder Street.
Uotn rnones Main 351.
Portland, Or.
S. VT. CRICHTON, Agrt. PertlantL
JOHN SI. FIIWON, Ast. The Dalles,
A.J. TATLOR, Agt. Astoria.
Dentistry of every description done In first
class manner, Snd satisfaction guar
Office over Zlerolf ' grocery store, oppos-ta
tue poat ooiee. ucrvaius. Oregon.
Physician Surgeon
Booms 14 in Bank BaUding.
Office Hotin, f? .
Residence: Coriaei College and 8th St6.
Telephone at office and residence.
Gorva'lis, - - - Oregoir,
Office Corser 3rd and Monroe streets
Hooks 9 to 12; 2 to 5; 7 to 8; Sun
day 9 to 10.
Residence Corner 3rd and Harrison
streets, Corvallis, Oregon.
Telephone 815, at residence.
Tiujs. Conveyancing
Practice in "all State and Federal Court.
Office; isSFiret', National Bank Bnildina,
Bryson, Woodson
Corvallis, Ore"on.
Office In FcstcfBce Enilding.
Office fa Vouchors Blork
Mies Mamie Smith, MiddlesLoro, Ky.,
writes: "Mv little sister had the croup
verv bad. i'eave her Eeveral doses of
Foleys Honey and Tar, and ehe was in
stantly relieved. It eaved her life. Gra
ham & Wortham,
The piles that annoy you so will be
quickly and permanently healed if yon
use DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. P
wareof worthless counterfeits. Gtalmm
& Wells.
For Rent.
Will rent 00 acres of land et-t of
Monroe and take part payment of rent
in work and4improvements- on the place.
Address - M. S. Woodcock,
. Administrator,
Corvallis, Oregon.
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given tl at the undei signed, hs ex
ecutrix of the estate of George Ridders, deceased,
bos filed her final account in Bald estate, in the
County Court of Benton County, State of Oregon,
and that said Court has appointed Saturday, the
6tli day of July, 10ol, at the hour of eleven o'clock
a. m. at the County Court Room, in the Couuty
Court House, in: the City of Corvallis Benton
County. State of Oregon, as the time and place to
hear objections, if any, to .said final account, and
the settlement thereof aud of said estate.
Corvallis, Oregon, June 3rd, 1981.
Bertha Riiidkrs,
Executrix of the estate of George Bidden, de-
What do you want? We want to
furnish you wilh phasant, perman
ent employment, at which you can
earn three to fie dollars per diy.
Address, Manager, 403 Chamber of
Commerce Building, Taconia,
It is easier to keep vrell than get cured.
DeWitt's Little larly Risers taken now
and then, ill always keep your bowels
in perfect order. They never gripe but
promote an easy gentle action. Graham
& Wells.
Geo. C. Hickork, Curliss, Wis;, says:
Foley's Kidney Cure lias been. tested
and found to bo all you claim for it. I
have eiven it to my father and it is the
only thing that ever helped him." Gra-
nam & w ortliam. - . -
Shot Line
Union Pacific
Depart time schedules
FROM for from 1'ortland
SaltLnke, Denver,
Ft Worth, Omaha
Kansas City. &t
4:30 p.m.
0 S. n.
Lome, Ch i e a K e
via Hun
tington and East
Salt Lake, Denver,
9 p. m.
via Hnn
Jft Worth, Omaha,
Kansas City, St
8:10 a.m.
Louis, Chicago and
St. Paul
Walla Walla. Lew
Fast Mail
istou, S p o k a ne,
6 :00 p.m
Minneapolis, o t.
Panl. Dnlnth, Mil
7:00 a.m.
Spekan e
waukee, Chicago,
and .feast.
Through Pullman aud Tourist S'eepf rt.
No change of cars. Tickets East via all
rail, or via boat and rail, via Portland
Ocean and Kiver Schedule.
All sailing dates"
subject to eliance.
8 p. m.
For Ban Francisao,
4 p. m.
Sail every hvedays.
1 rom A pnl la.
Ex. Snn
8. p. m.
Columbia River
To Astoria & way
landing. 4 p. in.
10 p. m
Ktonmpr Pnlli lonves Corvallis for Al
bany, Salem, Portland and Way Land
ings Mnnrlar. Wpdnesdav and Friday
6:00 a. m.; returning, arrives Corrallis
abotm Midnight, Tuesday, innrsaay ana
Saturday. -
A. L CBAIO, Gen. PaeR. Agent, .
J. P. TAPSCOTT. Agent,
Corvallis, Oregon.
Corvallis 6 Eastern Wmi
2 For Yaquina:
Train leaves Albany 12:50 p. m.
" " iJorvallic 1 :40 p. in.
" arrive? Yaquina 5:55 p. w.
1 Reluming:
Leaven Yaquina.. .. ' 7:C0 a. Qi.
LcavrB Co-va!lis... 11:33 a, m.
Arrives Albany 12:13 p. m.
3 Kor Detioit:
Leaves Corvallis 12:00 p m.
Lea yep Albany 1:30 p. pi.
Arrives Detioit 6:20 p. in.
1 Returning:
Leaves Detroit 5:30 a. ns.
Leitvps Albany 10:30 a. m.
Arrives Corvallis ll:i5 p. m.
Trains 3 and 4 between Albany and
Corvallis, Tuesdays. Thursdays snd Sat
urdays only. Alf other treina daily ex
Trains 1 and 4 arrive in Albany in
time to connect with the S. P. south
hound train, as well as ivii two or
three hours in Albasy befoie departure
of S. P. north bound train for Portland,
Train No. 2 connects with the S. P.
nrpar si.lp train at Corvallis Crossing for
Independence, McMinnv
viile and all
points north to Portland.
Edwin Stone,
H. H. Cronise,
Agent, Cervatlis.
Southein Pacific Company.
Tains leave Coivallisfor Portland
trd vtsy Ma lions at 1 :20 p. m.
Lv Portlj.t r' 8:30 a m
Lt Album- 12:30 p i
Ar Ashlal'id 12:33 a m
Ar Facraniento -5.00 P m
Ar Pan Francisco-7 . '45 p m
8:Sn p m
1056 p m
11:30 a m
4 :S5 a m
8 .SO a m
Ar Ogden 5:45 p m
Ar Denver- -9:00 am
Ar Kansas City-7:25 a m
Ar Chicago 7 :65 a m
11:45 am
9 :80a in
7 :S6 a m
0 :80a m
Ar Los Angeles-! :20 pm
Ar El Paso 6:K) p m
Ar Fort "VVrtrth -6.:80 a m
Ar City of Mexico 9l55 a m
Ar Houston :-4:f0 a m
Ar New Orleans 6 :25 a m
Ar Washington --6:42 a m
Ar New York- 12:43 p m
7:00 am
61OOB th
5:80 to
4:00 ft m
12:4$ p fh
both traics. Chair cars Sacramento to
Ogden and El Paso, and Tenrist ear to
Chicago. St Lonis, New Orleans and
Connecting at San Franciw-o wiOi sev
eral Ble&mship lines for Honolulu, Japtt),
China, Philippines, Oentral and Sooth
See F. E. FARMER, agent a CorvalHf
station, or address
C. H. MARK HAM. G. P. A..
Portland, Or.
Physician . 8- Surgeon
Foley's Honey and Tar
cures colds, prevents pneumonia.
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