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TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1901.
In some quarters it seems to be
regarded as unfortunate that the
River and Harbor committee
dkl not visit Celilo, and of no,
practical benefit whatever that it j
should be shown the beautiful
and productive larms ot tne Wil
lamette valley. This was ther
view first taken by the Oregonian
and presumably by many Port
landers. Long accustomed to re
gard Portland as the whole thing
in the politics, the commerce and
the development of the state, we
scarcely feel surprised if that city
and it'sbi ' daily are unwilling to
acknowledge, or at best, tardy to
concede the fact that they owe a
large measure of their growth and
greatnws to the prosperity of the
fanners and other producers in
the Willamette valley.
The character and extent of
the obstructions to navigation of
the "Columbia river at Celilo and
elsewhere, the obstacles in the
Willamette at Corvallis, Inde
pendence, Rock Island and other
points are matters for as careful
a .id scientific examination by U.
S. Engineers who are qualified to
conduct such examination and to
make comprehensive report as to
the measures and expenditures
necessary to remove or overcome
It is, however, of paramount
importance that ihe committee
should have intelligent concept
ion of the large and varied in
terests which would be served by
the free and unobstructed naviga
tion of these rivers. If the mem
bars of that committee could see
every farm, orchard, daiy, mill,
mine and forest in the state and
S3 form a fair estimate of the na
ture and extent of Oregon's pro
ducts and resources, they would
by that much be better qualified
for their official duties.
They will see the Willamette
valley the most densely populated
portion of the state. They will
learn that after supplying local
consumption it produces a large
surplus of grain, flour, hops, fruit
and other commodities for general
distribution, and for export, and
that the Willamette river is the
natural highway over which this
must pass to market. They will
see that the river is paralleled for
the greater part of its - navigable
distance by two lines of railroad
practically owned and operated
by the same company, and that
consequently the river affords the
only competing line ot transpor
tation. They may then easily
conclude that to render the Wil
lamette easy of navigation for all
seasons of the year is a work of
vital importance, not only to the
people of the valley and the city
of Portland, but also rightfully
of national interest. So of the
Columbia river, which is the
natural route by which the pro
ducts of the larger part of three
great states must reach the dis.
tributing point and port of ex
port. The improvement of these nat
ural highways of commerce is of
such transcendent importance to
the whole state that there is no
reason in jealousy by one locality
or section toward another con
cerning them, and with the pos
sible exception of Astoria, the
Gazette believes no such feeling
exists. The better thought of
the Oregonian is manifested by
its publication of valuable statis
tical matter and its editorial em-
phasis'of the commercial necessity
for and national importance of
tnese improvements of our water
Banqueters and Banqueted.
Although the visit of the rep
resentative farmers of Western
Oregon to the agricultural college
was strictly one of business, the
city of Corvallis extended its hos
pitality and the visitors were
made the guests of the Citizens'
League at a banquet in the city
hall in the evening after the very
able address of Mr. C. L. Smith
at the college chapel. The spread
was sumptuous and the decora
tions artistic and beautiful. To
make the viands more tempting
pretty girls served as waitresses,
while stately matrons welcomed
the guests. The Corvallis or
chestra,; under the direction of
Ruthyu Turney, dispensed sweet
music. Dean Berchtold acted as
toast-master, "and excellent short
talks were made by Hon. Wallis
Nash, Dr. Tamiesie, of Hillsboro,
Editor B. F. Irvine, and Mr. C.
L. Smith. v.- '
At the chapel meeting an ad
dress of welcome was delivered
by Mayor Woodcock, which we
hope to publish in our Friday's
issue. - -v. -:";jt-
v The following visiting farmers
registered at;the college:
r J B Stump, Stiver. , S " . .
. George M Lazelle, Oregon Citv, s:.
'S C Ruble, Golden ;
C O Walker. Walker.
It J Hen tricks, Salem.
A H De'iiney, La Fayette.
F J Caniiald, La Ifayette.
J H Stewart, Medford.
G I Crosby Toledo, r f t
S B Mnrrip, Cres;we!I.
Amos McCrow, New berg;-' -
R A Abbey, E'k Cifv.
tl o Toner, Norton. " ... vr '
A Slmrpleg, GosheTi. -
WT Colemati, Clxniipoejr.' ' ' v
L A Rose, . l'lioem . ..,:
J O DrrnlcitrtlV liarriaUnr. ' " '
G W Vntcp, Oakville.' .. -
I M Phil pot, Han isburg. . . r , .. -
G H Brow n, New Kr. .; r . "
A M La Follett, Wheaihind. v
J M Collings, .Waldport. .
H C Hart man ; Scons Mills. . Tl
George W Dunn, Ashland.'.
Jode Pearl. Row land.
W. MAllinghain, Shedd. .
N J Levinson, Fortlaud-
C H Markham, Portland.
C L Smith, Minnesota.
Wullis Nash, NHsbyille.
O M SiropsoD, Simpson.
BW Harris, Well. .
H W Vincent, Toledo.
E J Seeley, Albany.
James M Tracy, Lagon
SM Douglas, Springfield.
J R Shaver, Molalla.
Jasper Wilkins, Cobiirg. :
VVilliam Baker, Harrisburg.
Richard Scott, Mil waukie.
A L Stone, Cleono.
W A Kimsey, Albany.
J W Parrish, Toledo.
Thomas Fromr.n, Laurence.
Hans Larsac, Toledo.
J W Bailey, Portland. r
George W Weeks, Salem. "'
G L Reese, Portland. . -
J A Cunningham, Carlton-.
Willis Vidito, Alsea. ... .
D Corwin, Hillsboro. ,
George Tope, Portland.
T L DavidBon Salem.
Lee Still, Grants Pass.
E E LaBriz, Rosebnrg.
William Schulmerieh, Hillsboro.
J P Tamiesie, Hillsboro. .
j L Cator, Corvallis. '
Mrs A J L Cator, Corvallis.
F R Freerksen, Albany.
Mrs Freerksen, "
M L Jones, Brooks.
FW Walls, Elkton.
George B Hovendon. Hubbard.
N Lilly, Corvallis.
Felix S Currin, Cottage Grove.
OREvans, Waldport.
A J Dear, Oakland,
Martin Winch, Portland.'
A O Krogstad, Toledo.
C W Bogue, Toledo.
A M Shibley, Springwater,
Philo Holbrook, Portland. - "VV
C. V Kuykendall, North Yamhill. - .::
. C G Scott, Carlton.
John Conlev, Pery.
FJ Williams, Hillsboro.
George Rhoer, .Oakland.
. N H Perkins, North Yamhill.
F M Carter, Yaqnjna. .. .
WJButsiem, Beaverton. - ,
S K Br vru. Philomath.
F W Shattuck, Greehem.
Fred Groner, Soholle.
Horace Pelton, Gold Hill. -
, C C Huffs. Benton Co. r - :
T B Huntley; Independence
G H Welch, Mt. Tabor. -
WA Jolly, Philomath. .
G A Robinson, Corvallis.
William R AVakefield,. Waldport.
" B W Johnson, . "
C WLaVee, " "
V A Taylor,
Ira E Pordin, Forest Grove.
E J Norton. Yaquina. , . ' .
W H Wehrung, Hillsboro.
M D Wisdom, Portland.
Dudly Trapp, Chitwood. "
Fred ' Crawford, Dayion.
William Ausbaut, Carlton.
Thomas Fox, Oswego.
John D Olwell, Central Point. -
H E Loimsbury. Portland. . .
L A Rood and Wife, Hillsboro.
Hubert Bernard, Forest Grove.
C O Bigelow, Williams. ,-
W Z Howell', Corvallis.
W E Yates, Corvallis.
Joseph Yates, Corvallis. '
F E Bybee, Jacksonville.' ' ,
BR Thompson, Corvallis. . . .
J L Wallin, Portland. -
J O Thompson, Morkland.
Elizabeth Thompson, Monkland.
Walter Taylor, Corvallis.
JEHenkle, Philomalh.
Rolls Turtted Over.
Yesterday Clerk Watters turn
ed the delinquent tax rolls for
1900 over . to Sheriff Burnett.;
The delinquent roll this year will
be One of the smallest if not tbf
Smallest, ever known in Benton
county. . At : present the rolls
show & delinquency of ; a little
Over $8. loo, , which is not a heaw
sum everything coasidered.. The
sheriff will not' publish the sale.
ot tne property represented until
next August of September, by
whieh time the list of delin
quents will be much smaller. '
It is thought- that by the time
the delinquent tax list is pub
lished fully ' 75 per cent, of the
$8, 300. will have been paid ,
which will ' cut the" sheriff sale
down to a delinquency ; in ' the
neighborhood of only about
$2,000. ' -'
The unusually small amount
of the annual sheriff's sale is one
the best possible indications that
the citizens of the county are
getting onBo & better financial
system. Good judgment and ju
dicious management will do more
A. . . ...
tfian anything else to up-build a. '
community this takes thinking, ,
which in turn demands that peo- '
pla use their brains. " Of , course, '
there are ne'er-do-wells in every j
community, who,, no matter!
what advantages they may ' be '
afforded, will remain in the same '
old rut, or else fair into a deeper1
one. It does not necessarily fol
low "that ne is a ne'er-do-well ',
because he is on a delinqQentj
list. A combination "of circum-
stances will cause ofie finaHpifl!'
embarrassment for a pcrioJ, ho
matter what country he may be
v jlinporter of
High-grade Pianos, Organs, and Small
-. Instruments of, all descriptions.'
" manlfactcBkbs agekt fob
The Celebrated ;
Needham Pianos and Organs
"Which have become famous for their
beantv of tone, superior action and great
We invite comparison of our prices,
quality considered, with those of other
firms, Call and examine our goods or
write for catalogue.
Office and residence one block west of
Court House.
a resident of, or his struggles
against adversity. But good
hard thinking, backeel up with
action, will do wdfaders. -
Bargains in all summer goods at
Nolan & Callahan's.
For Sate.
Cedar posts 1st and 2nd grade; No 1
shakes and Shingles.
Corvallis Sawsux Company.
AMny will MebMe
Greatest and Grandest outburst of Pa
triotism ever held in the Willam-
ette Valley. ,
will deliver the oral ion.
Grand, .gorgeous, glittering array of
spectacular events.
Continuous program throughout the day
and evening. - -
Bssebel!, Races, Water Sports
and a score of other contests.
Free open air conrert at night. Two
hours of fun and entertainment.
Reduced rales on all railroad lines.
Special Trains July 4th. -
For the celebration in Albany, July 4,
the Corvallis & Eastern K. R. Co. will
run trains from Philomath and Corvnlls
to Albany on the following schedule:-
Ppecial Train ; ' V"'
Leave Philomath i . 8 :00 a. m.
Leave Corvallis... . . . .8:20 a. m.
A rrive Albany ........ 9 ;00 a. m.
Train No. 1 from Yaqnina:
Leaves Philomath ........ .11 :07 a. m.
Leaves Corvallis 11 :33 a. m.
Arrives Albany. ... .'. .... .12;13 pm.
l rain jno. 3 lor Detroit: . -
Leaves Corvallis. . . .. ..... .12:00 noon
Arrive Alcany. . . .. ..12:45 p. m.
Special Train, Returning: -Leaves
Albany. ... ........ 9:00 p. m.
Arrives Corvallis. 9 :40 p. m.
Arrives Philomath. . . . : ; . i ,10:00 p. m.
One fare will be charged for roond-trip
between all stations. Good gsing July 3
aua 4 ; returning, on or before Uia,5th.
Mr. E. D. Arnold. Arnold. Ia.. writes :
He was troubled with kidney disease
about three years. Had to get up sever
al times during the mglit hut three bot
tles of Foley's Kidney Cure effected a
complete cure, he feels better than he
ever did and recommends it to bis friends
Graham & Wortham. - -
Notice to Creditors.
Notice is hereby tfiven that the undersigned bat
vmii sppuiobeu auuiinisiraior m jbuo estate 01 rf. r..
A. Rebinson, deceased, by the County Court of the
State of Oregon, for Benton county. AU persons
having claims against said estate are hereby -required
to present the same to -the undersigned
properly verified as by law required at the office of
u. w. uaTis, in rnuemam, uregon, within six
nonths from the date hereof. ,. . . .
Dated July 2, 1991 . . ' ' ' v
-' . ". ' L. K. Fridlet, .--
Administrator .of the e&tate of J.- E. A. Robin
son, deceased. .
Geo. C. Hickock, Curtiss, Wis., says:
"Foley's Kidney Cure has been tested
und found to be all you claim for it. I
have given it to my father and it is the
only thing that ever helped him." Graham-&
Wortham. - -
State Treasurer's Fourth Notice.
Notice is hereby given that there are
now funds in the Treasury with which to
redeem all outstanding State "Warrants
drawn on the General Fund and en
dorsed "Presented and not paid for want
of funds," prior to this date ; also te pay
all warrants drawn on the State Scalp
Bounty Fund, and endorsed 'Presented
and not paid for want of funds," prior to
May 1st 19, 0, and all such warrants,
properly endorsed, will be paid upon
presentation at this ollice, interest there
on ceating from and after this date.
- . - Chas. S, Mooke,
State Treasnrer.
State of Oregon, Treasury Department,
June 5th, 1901, - ' r
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by using DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve.
Look out for -counterfeits,- If yon get
DeWitt's ' jou will get good results. It
ia the quick, -'-positive cnre for- piles.i
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t? ii -i-- .. ,
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cine. Beware-of-eubetitotes. , Graham
& Wortbam. : .. -T -A.
Mr. W. J. Baxter, of Nortli Biook,
N. C, says he- suffered with iles t r 15
years, t He tried many remedies ?'n h no
results .mil 'be used DeWurtr'Wikli
Hnzei Salve and that " cured
him. kirahnm AWells.' ' ' '
Spring coughs are r jcinlly dangerous
nutl unless cured at once, eerious results
often fallow; One Miuiite ;Cough7Cure
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Giaham & Wells' . ? " ' " "
' Thomas Maple, Birklieck, 111 writes:
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straighten up. The doctors treatment
did n.e no good. Saw Foley Kidney Cnre
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Uraliau) & Wells. . . .
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ble attack of croup. I quickly secured a
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Question Answered.-
Yep, August Flower still has the
largest gale of any medicine in the
civilized world. Your mother and
gi and mothers never thought ol
using anything else for Indigestion
or biliousness. ". Doctors were scarce
and they eeldom heard of appen
dicitis, nervous prostration or heart
failure, etc.-'-' They used ' Anguet
Flower to cleanse out the system
and stop fermentation of undi
gested food, regulate the action of
the liver, -stimulate the nervous : ml
organic action , of the system, and
that isall they took when feeling
dull and bad . with headaches and
other aches.' You only need a few
doss of Green's August Fhiwer, in
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ted. Kodol Dyspepsia One is the re
sult of years cf scientific., reseprtli foi
something that w:ould digest hot only
some elements of food but every kind.
And it is the one Teinedy that n ill do it.
Graham & Wells. j j.
"I had a running sore on my hreast for
over a year," says Henry R. Richards, of
Willseyville, N. Y., "and tried a great
many remedies, "but got no relief until I
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box, I was perfectly cured. I cannot re
commend it too highly.". Graham &
Wortham. ' " ' .
. Onr Clubbing List. " '
Subscribers to the CORVALLIS GAZETTE can
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scriptions with the GAZLTTli, at the very low
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The abbreviations below are explained as follows:
W. 01 weekly; B W for semi-weekly; T W, for tri
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The first price represents the subscription rate of
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Oregon Agriculturist and Rural Northwest, Port
land, yir., S.W.; 60 cents; $1.80.
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II people only knew what we know
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Ihere aro few people ho d not suffer
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14 can't help -
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No. 101 io acres, 15 in cultivation,
good buildings, fine fruit and water, good
bottom land; price, J650. 4 miles
from Philomath. .
No. 131 8(T acres, 25 in cultivation,
nice young "orchard ; fair buildings, 2
cows and calves, team, wagon and har
ness, plow, cultivator, tools, etc. ; also
furniture. This is a good hill ranch and
is cheap at $700. G miles from town.'
74 160 acres ; 30 in cultivation ; small
bouse; good barn and water ; miles
from town; cheap at $1,500; on main
county road ; good pasture and timber.
113 A good 7-rooin house with one
half acre lot; fruit, good water. 'chicken
housSs and-sheds, price $000; well ar
ranged for poultry raising; this is a
cheap little home, 10 minutes walk from
Corvallis postomce.
: . .- , HESBY AMBIvER,
Real Kstate Agent,
B-JX59, Philomalh, Benton County, Oregon.
flic first fMionoi Bank
M. S. Vv-OODCOCK, President.
C. E. MOOR, Vice-President.
WALTER T. WILES, Cashier. ' '
GEO. E.. LILLY, Assistant Cashier.
JOHN WILES, Corvallis, Oregon.
Loans Made
On all kinds of approved security, and especially
to encourage and build up the legitimate busi
ness enterprises and industries of this country.
- . Deposits - .- '
Received subject to check payable on demand.
Foreign Exchange
Sight exchange and transfers sold available in
the nrincinal r.iues of T?nr!s,nH Trplfl'nri hwttr.
laud. France, Belgium. Holland, Norway, Swed
en, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Ger
maay, Austria. , , '
- Letters of Credit
Issued available -in the principal cities ct the
unucu aiaies. . . .
Principal Correspondents Upon Whom Wc
. j -- -- Sell Sight Exchange
The Commercial National Bank of Chicago.
The r-iret National Bank of Portland, Oregon.
The Bank of California, San Francisco, Calif.
AughCahibroian Bank, San Francisco, Calif. -The
National City Bank New York.
The Bank of Hew York National Banking Ass'n.
Importers &Trader's National Bank, New York.
Shoe and Leather National Bank of Boston, Mass
f-ailadeiphia National Bank of Philadelphia, I'a
the most healing ealvo in the world.
Portland-Astoria' Koute.
A - Daily K(und Trips except Sunday.'
Lceve I'ortland .7 A. M.
Leave Astoria 7P.
TUs Dalles-POuW BontB
Cascade, Locks, Rood River,
White Salmon, Lyle, The Dalles.
time card. '
Leave Portland A. 7 A.M.
Arrive The Uallea 3 P. M.
Leave ' 4 M
Arrive Portland ..11:10 "
-Sunday Trips a leading Feature. "
i-11iis Route has the Grandest Scenic Attrac
tions on Earth.
Landing and Office: Foot of Alder Street.
Botn Phones Main 351.
Portland, Or.
E. W. CRICHTON, Agt. Portland.
JOHN M. FlXIrOON, Agt. Tlie Dalles.
A. J. TAYLOR, Agt. Astoria.
Dantistry of every description done In first
class manner. And satisfaction guar
Office Over JTieroIf 's grocery store. oppos:M
the post office, Corvallis. Oregon.
J Specialties' Diseases of women and
j children also deformities and all chron
ic ana nervous dieeases.
Occidental Hotel Monday. Wednes
day and Friday, 1 :30 to 5 :30 p. m.
B. A. GAT HEY, M. D.
Physician Surgeon
Uoom8 14 in Bank Building.
nm.. tj I 10 to 12 a. m.
Office Houra 2 to 4 p. m.
Residence: Corner College and 8th Sts.
Telephone at ofiice :-.nJ residence.
Corva'lis, . - ' - - Oregom
OrriCE--Corser 3rd and Monroe frtieets
Boles 9 to 12; 2 to 5; 7 to 8; Sun
day 9 to 10.
Kesidkkce Corner 3rd and Harrison
streets, Corvallis, Oiegon.
Telephone 315, t residence.
Practice in ;11 State and Federal Court.
Office-; hiSfu-etl National Batik Building,
Bryson Woodson
Corvallis, Orcon.
Office in Pcstcffice Bclldlng.
OBce in Wbitehorn Block
Corvallis, Oregon
Mies Mamie Smith, Midd!esl.oro, Ky.,
writes-; "Mv little sister had the croup
very bad . I gave her Eeveral doses of
Foley's Honey and Tar, and she was in
utantly relieved. It saved her life. Gra
ham & W'ortham.
You are much more liable to disease
when your liver and bowelsMo not act
properly. DeWitt's Little Early Risers
remove the cause of disease. Graham &
For Rent.
Will rent 200 acres of land rest of
Monroe and lake part payment of rent
in work and.improvements on the place.
Address , "" ' M.S. Woodcock,
Corvallis, Oregon.' .
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby ffiven tlat the nndei signed, us ex
ecutrix of the estate of George Bidders, deceased,
has filed her final account in said estate, in the
County Court of Benton Countv. State of Orepnn
and that said Court has appointed Saturday, the
6th day of July, 19ol, at the hour of eleven o'clock
a. m. at the County Court Room. In the Countv
Court House, itr the City of Corvallis, Benton
County, State of Oregon, as the time and place to
hear objections, if anv. to said final account, aud
the settlement thereof and of said estate.
.Corvallis, Oregon, June 3rd. 1961.
.Bertha Riddkrs,
Exenutrix of the estate of George Uidders, de
ceased. '
What do jou want?. We want to
furnish you with pi- agant, perman
ent employment, at which you can
Anrn ihrao Infi.n .!aI!.,.i - .1 .
Address, Manager, 403 Chamber of
Commerce Uuildin?, Tacouia,
You cannot en iov perfect health, rem
cheeks and (rmklini; e yes if your liver
is sluegish and your ton els cloeged. De
Witt's Little Early Risers cleanee the
whole system. They never urino. Gra
ham & Wells. - - .
Shoit LINE
and Union Pacific
i) a. ni.
Ahrtve '
from Portland
SaltLnke, Denver,
Ft Worth, Omaha
Kansas City, St.
4:30 p.m.
via Hun-I
Loais, Chieage
tine ton
ana East.
9 p. m.
via Hnn
Salt Lake, Denver,
t Worth, Omaha,
Kansas City. St
8.-10 a m.
Louis, Chicago and
6t. Paul
Fast Mail
6:00 p m
Spo kaue
Walla Walla. Lew-
lstrm, S p o k a ne,
Minneapolis, bt
Paul, Duluth, Mil
waakee, Chicago-,
ana .bast.
Through Pullman and Tourist B'eeptra.
No change of cars. Tickets East via all
rail, or via boat aud rail, via Portland
Ocean and Kiver Schedule.
All sailing dates!
subject to change.
8 p. m,
For San Francisao,
4 p. in.
Sail every five days
trom April 21.
Ex. Sun.
8. p. m.
Columbia River
4 p. na.
To Astoria & way-
10 p. m
Steamer Rat b leaves Corvallia for Al
bany, Salem, Portland and Way Land-:
injis. Monday, Wednesday and Friday
6':0tt a. m. ; returning, arrivea Corvallis
aboun Midnight, Tuesday, Thursday and
A T rDlTl Hn. Paca IaBhI
J . . TAPSCOTT; Agent,
Corvallia, Oregon.
Corvallis & Eastern Railroad.
2 For Yaquina:
Train leavesAlbany 12:S0 p. to.
. " Corvallis 1 :40 p, m.
" arrivep Yaquinft 5:55 p. h.
1 Reluining:
J.eave Yatiuitia .... 7:C0 a. m.
Lt-avpH Co'vallis.. . . 11:33 a. m.
Arrives Albany .... 12:13 p.m.
3 For.Detioit:
Leaves Corvallis .... 12:00 p m.
Leaveg Albany 1:30 p. m.
1 Returning: "' "
I-avee Detroit .... . 5:30 a. no.
L a ves Albany ..... 10:30 a. m.
Arrives Corvaiiii?. . . . 11:15 p. in
Trains 3 and 4 lietweeo Albany andl
Corvallis, Tuesdays. Thursdays and Sat
urdays only. . All other trsins daily ex
cept Sunday.
Trains 1 and 4 ariiye in Albany in
time to connect with the S. P. tout In
bound train, as well as givini; two. or
three hours in Albany befoie departume
of S. P. north bound train for PorttaadL
Train No. 2 connects with the S. P.
neet Bide train at Corvalli Crossing lor
Independenee, McMinnville and all
points north to Portland.
Edwin Stone,
H. H, Ceonise, Manager.
Akrent, Corvallis.
Southern Pacific Cciapanv-.
Trains leave Coivallisfor Porftanirl
iiidwi stations at l:IO j. an.
Lv Pcrtlimd -8:S0am S:80 p
Lr AlbD 12:30 p In 100 p m
Ar Ashland 12:33a iu ll:30aw
Ar Sa.rnun-nto---5.00 p ro 4:33 m
Ar San Frsncisco- 7 :45 p m 90 a M
Ar Cgdi-n 6:45 p m
Ar Dtnvtr 9:00 a m
Ai KuiittisCity 7:25 a iu
Ar CLicago 7:65 a m
11 .W R 111
9:90a o
7 'uo a iu
Ai Los Anpelee :20 pm
Ar El Paso .-,-6:1)0 p m
Ar Fort Wurth 6:80 a m
A i City of Mexico 9:65 a iu
At Houston 4:00 a m
Ar New Oi leans- - 6 :25 a ni
Ar Washington 6:42 a in
Ar New York 12:43 pm
(J .00 p m ,
6:80 am
9:63 am,
4:00 Ami
6:3p mi.
6:48 a mi
12:43 pm
both trains. Chair cars SacrameaM tei
Ogden and El Paso, and Tonriet ar tOi
Chicago, St Lou in, New Orleans' andl
Connecting at San Francim-o with Min
eral steamBhip lines for Honolulu, Japan,
China, Philippines, Central and Sooth
America. A
See F. E. FARMER, Kgent a Ccivallb
station or arldresa
C. II. MA RKI1AM, G. P. A.V .
Portland, Or.
Physician Surgeon
Foley's Honey ana Tar
cures colds, prevents pneumonia..
"Subscrit? for this jajrer,