Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, June 18, 1901, Image 4

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    Difficult Digestion
That Is dyspepsia.
It makes life miserable.
Its sufferers eat not because they teawf to,
but simply because they mutt.
They know they are Irritable and fretful;
feat they cannot be otherwise.
They complain of a bad taste in the
mouth, a tenderness at the pit of the stom
ach, an uneasy feeling of puffy fulness,
headache, heartburn and what not.
The effectual remedy, proved by perms
Bent cures of thousands of severe eases, is
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Boob's ftixs are the bast cathartie.
She Recovered,
"Mrs. Ladd used to worry terribly
when her husband was away on his
trips, but she's got over it."
"Conquered her nervousness, I sup
pose?" "Oh, no; succeeded in making him
have his life insured.
When tou take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic,
because the formula is plainly printed oa every
bottle showing that it is simply Iron and Qui
nine la a tasteless form. No Cure, Nr Fay. 60c.
Shop Talk.
Shop talk sometimes penetrates
eren to the nursery. A young and
successful artist was heard to exclaim
with profound conviction, ' while he
was contemplating his son and heir,
24 hours old: '
"There is a great deal of tone about
that baby.
Our new extra heavy focusing cloth
costs no more than others, but lasts
twice as long. Price by mail, 3x3, 60
cents. At all dealers, or Kirk, Geary
Co., 330 Sutter St. San Francisco.
Reason for Economy.
Newlywed Since I've been married
my tailor bills are scarcely one
fourth what they used to be.
Quizzer Do you put what you save
in the bank?
Newlywed No; I put it on my
saved my life three years ago. Mas. Thos.
Kossms, Maple street, Norwich, N. Y.,
Feb. 17, 1900.
Shirtwaist Jokes Now On.
"What do you think of shirt waists
for letter carriers?" asked the ob
servant boarder.
"WelV I never regarded shirt
waists as coats of mail," replied the
cross eyed hoarder.
fMTQ rrmmnentlr Cord. No Ms ar Mnniiai
ills anwBrstdr'saeofIr.IUta'sGratH'ev
Bustswr. SudfwFftBB$'AMtrUiKiidtaat,
fas. Da.B. H. Kusa. ArehSt. PhilaiUlahta, Pa.
Only Half a Success.
"Ynnr club meetinir was a feast of .
resann " f
"Yes. altoeether: that committee i
not get a bite of anything to
: TJls signature Is oa every box of the genaine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets
eanresr catena aata any
Faint Heart
Miss Timidity I've thought it all
over, and I believe it would, be wiser
for you to ask papa for my hand, ,.r
.Cautious Lover Oh, I'm sure it
would be a most indiscreet , thing for
me to do. 1 I think we'd better have
some disinterested third - party ap
proach him on the subject. '
Agricultural Implement Firm Giving,
Remarkable Books.'"
The new catalogues for 1901, just
issued by Mitchell, Lewis fe Staver
Co., are very valuable books to tha
majority of the citizens of the North
west.' This company's headquarters :
ars-in Portland, Oregon, and it main-
- tains branches or agencies at all prin
' eipal points throughout Oregon,
Washington and Idaho. The Imr
' plement Catalogue, the Vehicle Book
and the Harness and Bicycle cata
logues, all can be had free by anyone
who will write to the firm or to any
of its agents. The books not only
show everything up-to-date, but are a
great help to the man who is think
ing of making a purohase.
Crln. , .
"Con game, eh? That is short for
confidence game, I presume?"
"No ; con game is so called - from
Connecticut, where it originated in
Puritan times." '
A Question ef Taste.
Barber Shall I shave you with
scented or unseen ted soap?
Customer Use scented soap, please.
It tastes nicer.
When there is a natural and healthy circulation ot tne blood, the entire
quantity, estimated at one-eighth the weight of the body, passes through the heart ..
every five minutes. This rapid flow of the blood through the system prevents the
entrance of disease germs and impurities of every description: It filters out all that -is
not necessary or good for the growth and development of the body and nourish
ing and strengthening the muscles, tissues, nerves and bones. - But, unfortunately,
few persons can rightly claim an absolutely pure blood supply and perfect and
unpolluted circulation, and in consequence are exposed to innumerable diseases.
Contagious Blood Poison, the greatest enemy to mankind,, enters the -system
through the blood, and Cancer, Scrofula, Rheumatism, Catarrh, Eczema, Salt
Rieum, Psoriasis, Tetter in fact the majority of human ailments are caused by
poisons or humors that are engen ' - - r -
acred end fostered in a sluggish TltO BlOOtl IS thO StSUIGQ
and impoverished blood. Old -. .
ores, chronic ulcers and rheumatic pains are com- Ol All &TlmQSBl3mH
anon,' especially among old-people, whose blood - . -
naturally grows thin and pale because of- the lack of the red corpuscles that give
color and strength to youthful blood. Sallow complexions and rough, oily skins
evidence some constitutional or blood trouble, which salves, lotions, powders nor
any external treatment can cure.- Diseases that originate in the blood, whether
they manifest themselves as ulcers, tumors, itching eruptions, muscular or bone
pains, require a tonic and blood purifier such as S. & S., which not only antidotes
and neutralizes blood poisons and humors, but possesses health-giving tonic proper
ties that no other blood medicine does. It goes down to the very foundation of
the disease and eliminates from tie system every
PSSlllStSO jBIittSn thing of a poisonous character or that obstructs and
clogs the circulation. It builds up and imparts
EelGS&3 DI&QSSO new strength and vitality to the old innutritious
blood, ana when the arteries and veins are once
more filled with new rich blood, the general -health begins to improve, muscles
grow stronger, and sores and eruptions of every kind disappear. .
8. S. ST is the only guaranteed purely vegetable blood purifier, and the purest
and most reliable in ail blood diseases. It has been tested in thousands of cases
during the past fifty years and is more popular today than ever. We will be glad
to send yon our book tree, and if in need of medical advice write our physicians all
about your case ; this information will cost you nothing and comes front experi
enced and educated doctors. All correspondence is .conducted in strictest
The Psrtoa'i Remarks.
A colored preacher at the funeral
of a brother who had fallen from
grace said :
"I hopes de good Lawd will bless
de reminiscence er his family en con
stituents, but I got my doubts erbout
it, kaze Br'er Thompson put oft re
pentance er his dyin' hour. I dunno
whether Br'er Thompson is losor not;
but I knows one thing, en dat is, el
he is lost,- I didn' lose him!"
Ul course I am master of my own
house," said Mr. Meekton, a little in
"How do you manage itt"
- "I tell Henrietta to do just what
she pleases and slie goes ahead and
does it."
What Oar Flag- Studs For.
Wheverlhe American flas: is raised in
token of sovereignty, it stands for liberty
and independence. What the flag is to the
nation. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is to
the individual. It gives you freedom and
protection - from yonr ailments. When
your stomach gets out of order causing
dyspepsia, indigestion and biliousness, or
when you are nervous and unable to sleep
you should try it. It will strengthen your
stomach, steady your nerves and induce
sounu sieep. '
Explained, -
. Mr. Ferguson What a fiery waist
you have on I' What color is it?
Mrs. Ferguson Oxblood.
Mr. Ferguson I begin to under
stand now why you told the dress
maker to put in an additional gore.
Words sf Gratitude and Praise from Par-
rats far tha Bamrdy that Saved
the Ufa of Their Child.
Frm the Traveler, Arlan$at City, Kan.
Rapid as has been the advance
medical science along many lines,
is only in recent years that a remedy
has been discoevred for one of the
most dreadful of nervous diseases that
affliced children St. Vitus' dance,
This and other nervous disorders
that cause the pale and wan faces and
peevish, irritable dispositions of -so
many children can now be. scien
tifically treated . by a remedy that
strikes at the root of the disease by
renewing the impoverished blood and
strengthening the nerves.
Words of commendation for this
remedy come from all - parts of the
civilized world. This is the interest
ing story told by Mr. and Mrs.- Chris-
topher Armstrong, of Jefferson, Okla.
"Our youngest daughter was for
three years afflictetd with St. Vitus,
almost despaired of
finding relief in medical treatment.
She was so helpless that she had to be
fed and would fall over at times and
be unable to rise.
. We had heard and read a great
deal about Dr. Williams' Pink Fills
for Pale People, and, as a last resort,
deterimned to try them. The effect
was alomst miraculous. From the
first box there was a noticeable im
provement and by the time -she had
. taken six boxes she was almost well,
Altogether she took about-? a 'dozen
boxes, and by the time- she ' was 13
years Of age, was strong and healthy,
weighing 114 pounds.
Subscribed and sworn to before be.
W. D Kramer, Notary Public
The power of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Pale People in the vast num
ber of diseases due to impure blood or
derangements of the nervous system
has been demonstrated in . thousands
of instances as remarkable-as the one
related above. No one who is suffer
ing can rightfully - nelgect this" way
to restore health. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People are sold bv
all dealers, or;direct from Drl Wil
liams Medicine Co., Schenectady, N.
Y., 50 cents per box, or six boxes for
$2.50. - J- r-
"An Accident
Fred I had a fall last night which
rendered me 'Unconscious for several
hours. " . -
Ed You don't mean it! Where
did you fall? j . - . - " v
Fred Fell asleep.
The Bast Prescription for Malaria
Chills and Fever Is a bottle of Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic. It ts simply Iron and quinine in
a taatslsss form. No Core, No Pay. Price Uc
An Active .Proselyte. . '
The Indiana preacher who allowed
his boy to fight another urchin to set
tle a quarrel, was delighted when his
boy thrashed the other boy, but when
the licked boy's " father licked the
! preacher the good man appealed to a
' court. Alas -for the inconsistenciet
! of human nature I
Sbort Strie$
Here Is tbe latest story of Judge
Henry E. Howiand, one of the most
popular after-dinner speakers of New
York: "There was a little boy who was
badly puzzled over the theory of evolu
tion. He went to his mother and ask
ed: 'Mamma, am I descended from a
monkey? - I don't know,' she answer
ed; 1 never met any of your father's
people." "
Herbert A. Giles gives tbe following
example of Chinese humor in his "His
tory of Chinese Literature": "A man
who had been condemned to wear a
wooden collar was seen by some of his
friends. 'What have you been doing?'
.they asked him, to deserve this 7 'Oh,
nothing he replied: 'I only picked up
an old piece of rope.' 'And you are to
be punished thus severely,' they said.
for merely picking up an end of rope 7
'Well,' answered the man, 'the fact Is
that there was a bullock tied to the
other end.' " -
In his biography of Phillips Brooks,
Alexander V. G. Allen of Cambridge
tells of a clergyman who was going
abroad, and talked in jest of bringing
back a new religion with him. "You
might have some trouble in getting it
through the custom house," some one
remarked. . "No," observed Bishop
Brooks; "we 'may take it for granted
that a new religion would have no du
ties attached." Another person, , for
the sake, no doubt, of argument, once
drew attention to the fact that some
men, calling themselves atheists, seem
ed to lead moral lives, and Brooks
promptly disposed of it. 'They have
to," said he; "they have no God to for
give them if they don't." - .
An old Scotch farmer once' went to
have a troublesome tooth extracted.
Said the dentist, after looking, at the
offending molar: "It is a very ugly one.
I would advise you to have it out by
the painless system.-' It is only a shill
ing extra." He showed the farmer the
apparatus for administering gas, re
marking that it would cause him to
fall asleep for a minute, and before he
awoke the tooth would be out. After
a slight resistance the sufferer consent
ed, proceeding to open his purse. "Oh,
never mind paying just now!" said the
dentist, kindly. "Hoots V answered the
cautious old Scot, "A' wasn't thinking
o' that; but If A'm ga'en ta sleep A'
thocht A' wad like ta count ma siller
fust." -
Frederick the Great once had occa
sion to rebuke his cavalry for shirk
ing their duty. According to "A His-
tary of Frederick the Great," he said
"Gentlemen, I am entirely dissatisfied
with the cavalry; the regiments, are
completely out of hand; there is no ac
curacy, no order; the men ride like
tailors. I beg that this may not occur
again, and that each of you will-pay
more attention to his duty. But I know
how things go on. You think I am not
up to your dodges, but I kno.w them all,
and will recapitulate them. When the
season for riding-drill comes "on, tbe
captain sends for the sergeant major,
and says: 'I have an appointment this
morning at , tell the first lieutenant
to take the rides,' :S the sergeant ma
jor goes, to the senior subaltern and
gives him the message, and the latter
saysr 'What! the captain will be away?
Then I am off hunting; tell the' second
lieutenant to take the men.' And the
second lieutenant, who is probably .still
in bed, says: "What! both of them
away? Then I will stay where I ahi.
I was up till three this morning at
dance; tell the. cornet I am ill, and he
must take the rides.' - Finally, the cor
net remarks: 'Look here, sergeant ma
jor, what is the good of my standing
out there In the cold? You know all
about it much better than I do, you
go and take them.' 'And so it goes, and
what must be the end of it all? What
can I hope to do with such cavalry be
fore the enemy?"
. Identifying TJncle James.
Uncle James, from away out West,
came to town one day recently to visit
his kinsfolk, who live in 13th stret, just
above Iowa circle.' It so happened that
nobody in the family except the second
daughter, Nancy, had; seen vTJncle
James in years and years, and, as she
was unable to leave her room, Johnnie,
who is 12 years old and as ingenious as
they make them, was told to go to the
station and meet the gentleman.. TJncle
James alighted from . tbe train - and
walked slowly toward the station en
trance, looking this way and that for
somebody, to welcome him. . He had
passed through the gate and was enter
ing the waiting room when Johnnie ran
up behind him and touched blm on the
arm.': v-"v'i-s-'-Xj-:...'--';"
: "Lemme'-carry yonr traveling bag.
TJncle James T he said.' "I'm Johnny.
TJncle James was delighted. ' ' .
"Why, how in the world did you
know me, my boy?" he asked.
"I wasn't sure until I saw yonr back,"
Johnnie made answer. "Nancy told me
how you looked, and as soon as I got
behind you I knew it must be you.
Nancy said you ' was a water-melon-shaped
man with a double chin on the
back of your neck." Washington Post
After Addison.
One of the best instances of witty
quotation is recorded by a writer in tbe
Washington Post: . - v
An old country "gentleman, the late
Sir Rainald Knlghtley (who was the
living double of Dickens' Sir Leicester
Dedlock), expatiated after dinner on
the glories of his pedigree. -
The company was getting a little
restive under the recitation, when Sir
William Harcourt was heard to say
in an appreciative aside, "This reminds
me of Addison's evening hymn:
And Knlghtley to the listening earth
. Repeats the story of his birth.
Woman Trying; to Be Funny.
She Well, I must go and shell the
peas for dinner.
He Shell the peasT
She Yes; Where's the can-opener?
No Wooden Pavement, for Paris.
Wooden pavements in - Paris have
been condemned, as they serve as a
breeding place for all kinds of danger
ous germs.
Our VJcKtfzrj
Life to the most favored Is not always
full of sunshine, but to the avarage
American girl or woman who is obliged
to work for her livings and. perhapr
to help others at home, life is often
heavy drag m consequence ox uiness ,
- Women who work, especially those
who are constantly on their feet, art
peculiarly liable to the development
of organic troubles, and should par
ticularly heed the first manifestations,
such as backache, pains in the lower
limbs and lower part of the stomach,
Irregular and painful monthly periods,
Kiss Ella, Basarns, E. Bocsntsna, Osno.
faintness, weakness, loss of appetite
ana sleep. , .
The young lady whose portrait we
publish herewith had all these symp
toms, and in addition, leucorrhoea.
and was cured by Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Comnound.-- First, aha
wrote a letter to Mrs. Pinkham'a lab
oratory at Lynn, Mass., describing her
trouble, received in reply accurate in
structions what to do to get well, and
now wishes her name used to convince
others that they may be cured as she
was., v - . ;
The . same helping . hand, free of
charge or obligation, is extended, to
every ailine woman in America. Ii
you are sick you are foolish not to get
tnis vaiuaDie advice, it costs yon noth
ing, and she is sure to help you. Dont
wait until it is too late write to-day.
- " Pennsylvania and New York. '
When the first census was taken in
iu Pennsylvania's population was
94,253 greater than that of New York.
By the census of 1900 New York's
population leads that of Pennsylvania
by 965,897. C; - -'
Take Laxative Bromo Oninina Tablet. All
irnggists refanu the money If it taus to cur.
n, urove s signature is on eacn box. zac,
A Hard Task. '
Johnny Wise Paw?
XLti. Wise Well, my son. '
"Noah had' two of every being on
the ark, didn't oe?" : .
Yes, my son.'
"Well, paw, it must have kept him
busy Herding tne microbes. -
, Genuine:
la. t - .
Little Liver Pills.
Must -Bear Signature of ;
. ' 0as Fac-Slealle Wrapper Below. ,
Terr aaaall aad aa easy
. The Wrong Adjective.-- -Wife
Why don't-you smoke those
cigars l gave you at Christmas time?
I'm sure they're delightful. V; 5 '-
Husband My dear,' delightful is
not the word.' ' -'
... - ' Mill of Great Proportions.
Manchester, N, is to have what
it is claimed will be the largest shingle
mill ever erected." It is nearly com
pleted, arid' "is 770 feet long,,- with
two wings of 330 feet, all of an aver
age width of 100 feet, and five stories
in height, including basement.
--. Fund for 'Education ef Boys.
The German, emperor has assigned
the sum of 100,000 marks; collected
by East Prussians at the bicentenary
of tbe kingdom of Prussia, as a fund
for the education of boys who are. no
longer under the? care of, their parents.
- Medical Attendence Half Price.
- Doctor I beg yoW pardon, 10 vis
its at 2 marks a visit make, 20 marks,
and you have given me only 10. " -'
: Lady (whose children, he has at
tended) But children under 10- only
pay half price anywhere. '; J ' -''' 1
Force at Habit .
Customer What's this TV: Seventy
five cents- for; ai - two -cent stamp?
Why, that is outrageous! ...
' Druggist Beg pardon, '' 'sir. ' I
thought you had a prescription for it.
A Kitchen Romance.,
Lady What do you think, I have
a servant who gets up in the morning
without being called-- j
Chorus of Voices Impossible!
. , Lady But it's truej ; she's in - love
wjt'h the milkman.--
r.Uhi-S ttrttrff ill fi.Si MIlS
Beat Cough Syrup. Tartae Good.
In time. Sold br druggists.
II tatake
Wes I f 0118111
ts cwKi'iTety
.i ta.
T7 1
. laoopofUme. ,
"I just saw young Widow Weeds.
She looked just charming in her
mourning," said the pretty woman.
1 suppose, "remarked hercrochety
husband, "that you wouldn't mind
being a widow yourself."
Oh, it s hateful of you to talk
that way, when you know I've got a
blue silk waist that I haven't worn
yet." ..:;'-
scientist spoke
guardedly as
well became him.
"There is more or less sickness in
St. Louis," he said, "and much of it
is caused by a bacillus having a mark
edly burgois manner; and yet, for all
this, . I am not quite convinced that
the Chicago drainage canal affects
the waters of the Mississippi."
The lay mind, however, being less
tolerant, could be lead to . but one
conclusion from these data. ,
- ' Boys in Greenland.
Greenland boys are great egg col
lectors. - As soon as the - gulls ' and
other birds that nest in the far north
appear in the spring, the work begins.
No boy who has not practiced a great
deal at climbing the rough mountain
sides and creeping over the glaciers is
allowed to venture on the perilous
task. But at 15, and : even before,
the Greenland boy is as strong of limb
as fearless of heart, and as. cool of
head as any steeple climber.
Carious ncrbsrium.
The oldest and most curious herb
arium in the world is in the Egpyian
museum at Cairo. ' It consists of
crowns, garlands, wreaths and bou
quets of flowers, all taken from the
ancient tombs of Egypt, most of the
examples being in excellent condi
tion. Nearly all tbe flowers have
been identified. They cannot be less
than 3,000 years old.
Old HomSnuf Box.
' An old horn snuff box, once be
longing to Sir Francis Drake, possi
bly the one which . he -used at Ply
mouth Hoe during his famous game
of bowls, has just been sold for 3 10s
in London. The snuff box is a
quaint old relic, bearing the coat of
arms of Sir Francis, with his name
on the lid. :
Stop thm Coagh mnd
Vforkm Oft thm Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Qninine Tablets cut a cold in
aneoay. .no fay, race a cents.
-- '. , A Division.
Biggs What do you call your
Diggs Henrietta. r . '
Biggs But that's only one name
Diggs Yes, we divide it between
them. We call the boy ' Henri and
the girl Etta. -
You need our new three fold tripod
to complete you outfit. The best ama
teur's tripod made. Priee express pre-
pid, $2.75. At dealers, or Kirk, Geary
& Co., 330 Sutter St., San Francisco,
. "A Hot Literary Dinner."
A Georgia paper has an account of
"A hot literary dinner, after which
there was a wrestling match to decide
who was the best literary man in
town. Mart Tompkins throwed Luke
Landers five times, and was afterward
declared head writer and literary pres
, Choice Article.
Inquisitive . Neighbor Dear little
thing! How much did she weigh?
Proud Young Mothei1 Six pounds,
I believe. But we don't .'. estimate
babies by "weight in this family. ' ;
"I anSANred Ska tortarea af tha dasnnesl
with DrotrudiBf piles brought on by constipa
tion with watch X waa afflicted for tweotv
years. I ran across your casvakkts in tne
town ot Newell, la., and never found anything;
to equal them. To-day I am entirely tree from
plies aaa ieat naa a new maa. -
a HU Kbits, 1411 Jones St., Sioux City, la.
Pleasant, Pmlatable. Potent, Tuts flood. Do
wood, Kever Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe. Wc. Kc. 50c
SUritap Kamar CapT. Cktaw SMnd, SB
afll TA Bits Sold ana jraarantsed oy alldrof
Kl I U-BA V skeu to (frllli Tobacco Habit.
1 aWTSt V s -aai .
Springtime Resolutions .. V
Up e ley Cura
Bnre relief from liquor, opium and tobacco
habits. Bend for particulars to
Ittlej Institute,
Moved to 49 Williams
Ave., Kaat Side.
BICKFORO, Washlnaten, D. C thev will re
ceive anick reDlies. B. Ath N. R. Vol. Htftfl
20th Corps. Prosecuting- claims since 187S.
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Oregon,
Foot of Morrison Street, ---r
Can give yon the best bargains in
Baggies, Plows, Boilers and Engines,
Windmills and . Pomps . and General
Machinery.. See ns before buying.
best time to cure Catarrh.
Bronchitis and Consnnintinn.
Our remedy la guaranteed, f i.
W. LL S?uiTH I CO., Buffalo, N. Y.
f.-V BOX 7
a. r. x. v.
M: tA-lSOl.
SIX wrltlB
t advertisers pUasa
Iff I Vi-v
Had Headache, Backache and Ser
ious Indigestion Pe-ru-
na Cured.
Kiss A. Brady, corresponding secre
tary Illinois Woman's Alliance, writes
from 2725 Indiana avenue, Chicago,
"Last year from
continued strain
in literary work I
became very
much exhausted,
my nerves seemed
to give way, and
han KaArarth a
headache and ser-
ious indigestion. Y'
vne oi my inenas
Suggested that I Hiaa A. Brady.
try Peruna. It certainly acted like
maigc on my system.
"Within 10 days I felt new life and
health given me, and by taking an
occasional dose off and on when I feel
extra tired, I keep my system in per-
tect order." Miss A. Brady.
In view of the great multitude of
women suffering from some form of
female disease, Dr. Hartman, the re
nowned specialist on female catarrhal
diseases, will direct the treatment of
as many cases as make application to
mm during the summer months with
out charge. Address Dr. 8. B. Hart
man, president of the Hartman Sani
tarium, Columbus, Ohio.
Frank and free.
I-C1- ,..
x.xcuse me, saia tne very new
reporter, getting his notebook and
pencil ready, "what is the first thing
you wouia ii you naa an income of
f 00 per minute?"
. "Take another breath," replied the
leading citizen. "Say, send me a
marked copy of the paper containing
wiia interview, will you T
Fine Progress.
"Ethel is doing just lovely with her
music,-- saw juaud.
she doesn't play any better than
she used to," answered Mamie.
JNo. But she has gotten so she
refers to rag time' as 'syncopated
time.' "
Our 1901 Vehicle Book
Our 1901 Implement Catalogue
send yonr name and P. O. address and we
will mail one or both, aa desired, free of all
charge. .
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co.,
First and Taylor Sta.
: With Steel Wheels, made for the .
"Wild and Woolly West"
J. A. FREEMAN, General Agent,
tSO E. Water St. PORTLAND, Ore.
, - ' Complete Stock of "
Chas. L. Mastick & Co. 75 Fr.0ak
Consignments solicited. Pay highest market price. PROMPT RETURNS.
. i. Dealers in Leather and Findings. .
v ; ; Refer to Wells. Fargo A Co.; Bank, Portland, Oregon. .
Agents wanted in every town.
---': Builders xl High Grsde - - - ' . -
PDWARn HllitHF.Q risnsnl Ann
Catalogue Mailed Free.
What Does It Cost?
- We have' just issued an excellent little Cat
alogue on Fence subjects. Full illustrations;
all the newest Fence information. A postal
card will bring it to you.-
Portland Anchor Fence Co.
74a Nicolai St., Portland, Or.
Docribtnj a Circle. - - .
A pupil in the juvenile department
astonished his teacher recently by de
scribing a circle as "A straight line
that's crooked all the way round. "
xoe kkwako aioe.
Tha readers of this paper will be pleased to
jaarn that there is at least one dreaded disease
that asience has been able to cure la all Its
stag es, and that iscatarrh. Hairsuatarrn Cure
la the only positive care known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional dis
ease, reqnirea a eonsutntional treatment.
Bali's Catarrh Core la taken internally, acting
directly npon the blood and m aeons surfaces
oithe system, thereby destroying tbe founda
tion of tbe disease, and giving tbe patient
strength by building np tbe constitution and
assisting nature in doing its work. Tbe pro
prietors nave so muca raiia in its eurauv
powers, that they offer Qne Hundred Dollars
foe any case that it fails to cure. 8Snd for list
oi testimonials. Address
r. 1. CHENXT CO., Toledo, o.
Sold by druggists. 78c
Bail'sTsanilv PUIS are the bast. .
zr. c : :t
uc obuuuniK uair lust Kiii over
there has. I should think when she
undoes it. it would fall belew her
wsisf. ' -
She (jealous) Yes: right onto the
noor. ' - 1 v
Throw tbyale to th Dogsl
Constiaatlon ut treated bv an Intestinal tonla
and liver stimulant, palatable, gentle, yet po
tent Cascarets Candy Cathartic. All drug
gists. 100, 25c, SOo.
. -' Renr lied the Dryness. '
Mother I wonder how this new
book got in such a - horrible condi
tion? .
Little Max I heard papa say it
was too dry for him, so I poured water
on it.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ins; Syrup the best remedy to use tor their
children during the teething period.
Qnlte Uktiy. ' -
Bloomer (to ragged urchin) Your
parents left you something when they
died, did they not? ...
Urchin O, yes, sir. '
Bloomer And what did they leave
Urchin An orphan, sir.
Depth of Misery.
"The saddest, most blighted-life
case I ever knew," said the major,
"was that of a man who received a
life pass over a new railorad."
"How was that?" asked the colonel.
"Why, that pass was issued before
there was a rail laid and then tha -road
was never built. He has felt
swindled ever since. "
Factory, Battle Creek, Michigan. '"'
We present above a cn( of the lstest and
most popular Traction Engine built.
We bare just received a full line of Advance
sizes, and invite our friends to call and inspect
same or write us for descriptive catalogue and
circulars. - - 4 -
No. S14 front St., Portland, Oregon. .
Or call npon our nearest agent.
The McCormick machines are tbe most Mod..-
rn.-. iney are me priae oi me new century 1 .
highest in awards at the Paris' exposition .'
Built best work best are best. , With every
test thev urove the best.
PrsspfTTXisRtnDfTahftvs tag a
CaU on the agent, or address for catalogues.
A. H. BOYLAN, Gen I Agt
4JfiS,asw5 "
The perfection' of Wall Plaster, Is the only material
with which repairing can be done neatly and to stay.
If yon have never ased ft send and get a trial
lot. It will pay yon. For information address
Foot ot 14tn Street, PorUmnd. Ormgon.
182 - 180 Madison St., Portland, Oregon.