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    .THE mWt MlUl
TUESDAY JUKE 18., 1901.
IN - ' ' "
and Skirts.
We have now oa sale, and new
Spring Suits & Dress
Z.Ot suits comptise the newest and
Vtt the lata creations such as coat and
feeler effect! and poitilllon backs. New
style skirts are also shown and jackets
The price of our suits range from $8.00
$ E, Young or Son
Albany, Oregon.
The Black Cat.
II S and M clothing, at Kline?,
Ail kinds of repairing, at the
Bicycle Hospital.
New hats, all prices, just arrived,
at Young's Uasn Store, f
Ladies, our kid glove stook ia very
strong. Nolan & Callahan.
Bay the Black Cat hose the kind
that wears, for sale only at Kline's
Fresh candy, fruit and nuts, al
ways on hand at the Commission
Poultry food, poultry cure, and
: insect powder, at the Commission
Airs. Xj. r. urysoa ana oaua
. m t . t .1 i
went to Kugene, Saturday, to visit
relatives. -.. ,. ?. .
Arthur Stimpsoa-. went over to
the coast Saturday, to spend a few-
days at the seaside.
Mrs. W. L.nGray, of this city,
visited last week in Lincoln county,
the guest of her Sister. ..
All work guaranteed by, Albert J.
Metger, watchmaker, three doors
north ef the. pestoffic k. ;
Friday ifl'the' time to order your
' dressed ehicken,"for Sunday's din
ner,, at the Commission Store. i
Our; ladies shoo' departmeat is
: well slocked wilhTgoodrgsodai up
to date styles. Nolan & Callahan.
W. T. Nichols, bondmaster of the
tne mutountain YYooaoien or tne
; World band, of Dusty, was in Cor
, vallis Friday. He announces that
his band is to play a cencert in
Lebanon on the evening of June 29.
Postmaster B. W. Johnson has
' built a oouple of "tepees" . around
tome of prune trees in his er-
cnara. it is reponea mat -our
postmaster well betake himself to
nis "tepee Between mail nours tor
his usual summer outing.
Janes S. Booth arrived Saturday
-from Seattle.; It . has een, about
two years since Mr. Booth was here
' and during his absence he visited
the famous. ; gold s fields -of Cape
Nome. . Mr. Booth jaa some claims
up there jand has net yet fiilj -determined
whether he will go .back
or'not. ' '""" '" '
On the 27th of thig month the
State University of California will
'open one of the finest and beBt
equipped Summer Schools that has
ever been held on the Paoifio Coast.
Instructors from all, parts ot the
United States will be present. Miss
E. J. Chamberlain, Mrs. Callahan
'and Miss Helen V. Crawford will
William Headrick arrived from
: Alsea Saturday, and started on
his return home-in the afternoon
of th same day. Mr. ; Headrick
, reports what is known as the "south
road" to be in excellent condition.
. A side from the fact ' . that , trout
fishing is splendid at present there
is nothing out of the psnal order of
affairs over there., . .. , , -
The picnic at Calloway's grove
; Friday, was fairly well attended
Many interesting - and ' amusing
. features - were introduced to assist
"in wailing away the time. a Fine
dinners were in evidence on- every
hand, and the Monmouth band fur
nished good music In the. evening
there was a dance at Wells, which
was well attended.
The first camping party reported
this season .will be the Spaneler
Pearse pleasure U seekers, f When
Mr. and Mri. Pearse arrived in this
ojtv ten days ago thev were aecom-
-panied by their own sen and the
jonth's Jplaymatc, another boy of
About his aee. wno was anxious to
-idee a bit of country life. Sunday,
Mr. Pearse and the two boys went
over to Rock ereek, near the Wallis
Nash home to prepare a camp. In
about a week Mrs. J. A. Spangler,
Mrs. Chas. H. Pearse and Miss
Lulu Snaneler will go over to re
main about a . months ' After the
'party get tired of stopping near
NsnlivUla thev intend to move their
camp to tne Alsea country, Alter
they reach Alsea it is Mr. Spangler's
intention to join tne party lor
couple of weeks. Everything seems
well planned for a good time.
W.VA. Sanders, the watchmaker.
Call and see Kline's new grocery
department. - ;
Bargains in ladies' shirt waist at
Nolan & Callahan. .
No charges' for prescriptions at
the Bieycle Hospital.
Airs, jfohn Smith returned Friday
from a visit in Portland.
Leave orders at the Commission
Store for all kinds ef wood.
Charles "Miller of O A C leaves
today for his home at Marsh field.
Miss Mabel Jones returned Sat
urday to her heme at Brooks, Ore.
Miss Helen Crawford left Satur
day fer her home in Albany for the
For shoes, hats and furnishing
goods, go to Young's Racket Store..
For laces, embroideries, white
goods and ribbons. Nolan & Cal
lahan. Miss . Margaret Snell will spend
her summer vacation this year in
Mrs. M. Jacobs returned a few
days ago ftom an extended visit in
San Franeisco.
Little Veva Wellsher has been
seriously ill tor the past week with
kidney trouble.
Mrs. Jane Michael, mother ef
Mrs. Fruit, is very ill at her home
oa Third street.
Miss Mattie Lee, of Welle, was a
business visitor in Corvallis the lat
ter part of the week. .
The Social Club gave, a very
pleasant dancing party at their
hall, Friday evening.
William Hare, formerly of this
city, is dangerously ill with mumps
at his home ia Albany. ' .
Among departing students home
ward bound Friday, were ,Ivaa
Brown and Edgar Tully.
Mrs. S. ' A. Coopar and her Bon
left Wednesday for a visit with re
latives in Eastern Oregon.
I Misses ; Mabel , Davis and Edna
Grovro .have been, the guests of
Eugene friends since Thursday.
Our men's and hots' clothing
stock is the; largest we eyer owned;
carrect. styles. Nelan & Callahan.
Miss Gertie Barclay returned to
her home at Irish Bend, Friday,
after a visit with friends in this
city. , . - , . .;;.
Lewis Burnaugh. the well known
student, and athlete, left Thursday
for his home at Elgin, Union
county. "
S. B. Bane is slowly recovering
from a severe attack of rheumatism
that has for sometime confined him
to his home. " ' .
Fred Col vig left for Portland
a few :. days ago with a view to ac
cepting a position with a large drug
firm there.
Mrs. Hattie Hovendon, formerly
Miss Hatina and well known her,
was the guest several days last week
oi Mrs. John H. Simpson.
Miss Maud Weldon, who arrived
several months age from California
and baa sinoe been the guest of her
sisterj . Mrs.? Bane; Jeft Friday far
rortland, te remain. :-;. y
Pref JBHoWer lait last Fri-i
day to visit the Eastern Oregon
towns In the interest of the Newpert
Summer School, and as iie passes
along he will drop a few good words
for O A C. The trip will be made
by rail and wheel and will last;
about three weeks.
Ernest Redd, who graduated from
O A C thin year, left for his homo
in'Carlton," Saturday. " This fall he
expects to attend an Eastern college.
& o student who ever, attended col
lege in this city made more' sincere
friends, here during his stay than
did Ernest Redd, and we wish him
well wherever he may drift and in
whatever oourse of life he may con
clude tg engage , , :
The deathif Ctotifi'.K Stevens
(occurred last Thursday morning at
the noma Of his' nephew, Austin
Rosebroeks, of Toledo. Capt Stev
enswes at one time a resident ef
Cervallis and was quite well known
here. His early life was spent on
the sea and he was the master of
a sailing vessel at the earlv age of
eighteen years. When death over
took him he was ia his 83rd year.
Students in college do not, as a
class, take to the study of agriculture."-
California graduated but one
student from this course Secretary
Wilson, on hi recent visit, said
that the government could give- em
ployment to several and has had
to import help from .other states to
do government werlc. Oregon makes
bette'r" showing than' this and as
compared with other staters maks
a good showing. It is a line of
work tht pays. Oregon City EnJ
terprise. -'':- j ' ,14
To judge from the following one
is forced to admit that the "oil
boom" is "still somewhat in evidenced
The Yaquina Bay News says: .A
company has been formed at Toledo
and last week incorporated under
tbe-state slaws., 5 The incorporators'
We understand are B. -r F4 Jones, O.
O Krogstadt, A. O. Krogstadtof
Toledo, and Mr. Edwin Stone of AU
bany. The object of the company
is to bore for oil in this county arid
large tract of land has been bond
ed above Toledo. . , . -;.,
:s ,. , 3
For fine dress goods, . silks and
velvets go to Nolan & Callahan. :
Go to Young's Cash Store for all
kinds of fancy flower baskets, . ; ,
Attorney W. E. Yates was called,
to Portland, Ssturdfty,' on legal
business ''' ' ' .
Prof. J. B. Horner w?nt to Port
land, Friday, to a'.tend some mat
ters of business. :
John Harris, of Wells, is engaged
in operating the new rock crusher?
Work began yesterday afternoon
Attorney C. E. Woodson went to
Eugene, Saturday, to .attend the
commencement . exercises at the
state university. He is a graduate
of that institution. ;
Amy" Cameron, mother and sis
ter, who were recently, burned out,
are bow occupying the Skipton
house Just vacated by Prof. Mc
Donald and family.
The first Benton county raised
peas and new potatoes appeared on
the market this year, . J one 5th.
How many readers will remember
the date next year?,
James McOaastland left yester
day for Wilbur, Wash., to enter the
general merchandising establish
ment of his brother. He expects
to reside there permanently.
Many Corvallites attended the
school picnic at Croft's ' groye, in
Linn county, Friday. There were
numerous features of interest' and
the day was greatly enjoyed by all.
A fire is reported by telephone to
have occurred in Monmouth, Sun
day afternoon. The postoffice, a
store, and a couple' of, dwelling
houses are said to have been de
stroyed: - Corvallisites will miss the are
light that has been shining so
brightly at the top of the O A C
administration building. It will be
seen no more until college opens
next fall. .
Mrs, Frank Hall leaves tomorrow
for her home at Guy,k tVashington,
after a three week's visit with - re
latives. . Miss Lulu Young will ac
company her sister home and re
main for an extended visit. .
. There are whispers afloat concern
ing a wedding which it is said will
take place in this city before many
moons. According to report, the
bride will hail from Corvallis and
the groom from Yimhill county.
Last Friday was "wart" day at
the college 4arm. By 10: o'clock
Dr. Withycombe had removed eight
or ten of the pestiferous things from
horses brought in by. owners. A'
kind of stump puller on an abridged
scale is used in the remoral
'3. H. Wilson is having the burn
ed portions of his late residence.
that was so. nearly consumed by
fire a few days ago, removed pre
paratory to-rebuilding. ..When he
gets it all removed there will not be
much left but the foundation.
A" very pleasant affair, was the
picnio given by Mr. and Mrs. Guy
Laws and Mrs Laws, Thursday.
It oceur.-ed just across the 'Willam
ette, and about thirty gtiestsen-
jo?fd the event, In the evening a
delicious luncheon was served;.,.. :
Silo work is in full bltst at ' the
collegSbartii Green clover is being
run through the machine and stored
away in the silo bins fer future use.
The new cutter run bv steam is a
decided improvement on the old
tread mill arrangement ' previously
in use at the barn. - s:4sw r i
Rev. P. L. Moore cliaprned :a
party of young people to Lebanon
last Friday evening! feut did tot get
them home nnnl is o'clock Saturday
morning. -" The occasion ef the affair
was to hear Ro?.: Morgan, the evan
gelist preach . , IJe is now holding
revival eervioes at Jjebanon. t
J. B Patterson physical instruct
or at OA C, and Georee Cathey
expect to leave about the end of the
week for Southern Oregon.: If sat
isfactory "arrangements can be made
they , will do somffJ tumbling 1 ifi
Rosebttrg. ,The gentlemen expect
to sptnd a, couple of weeks in
Camas-valley-" . ; ,
Saturday , at 2:30 p. BTat the
.United Evangolical parseaage ec
curred the wedding of Mr. Arthur
Prico, of Kings. V alley, and. Miss
Lorena Fraptz, of Hoskins, Rev.L.
M. Boozer , officiating."-" Mr. and
Mrs.Prioe left for Albany in the
evoning " for a brief -'visit.". They
will make their home in Kings YaU
ley where a host of friends ' wish
them happiness-and success la life.
' - Mr. Thomas, buyer for the Union
Meat Company of Portland, was in
Corvallis, last . week in the interest
ef v his -company.; r Saturday ': he
shipped two carloads of cattle to the
metropolis. They were purchased
ef Smith & Hout and were in prime
condition. The price- paid ' was
cents. The deal was made some
time ago and the priee' sek .'The
top priee in this city at -present is
about 4 eents per pound oa foot,':' "
J. A. G winn, formerly chief en
geneer on the government snag-
boat, Mathlorna, is bow the engineer
on the Leona.'a new boat that ' is
operated bv the Oregon City Trans
portation Co The Leena is oper
ated between Oregon City and rort?
land and makes fonr round trips a
day, t Mrand Mrs. Gwina are both
well known in this city,; having at
one titno made Corvallis their heme
They now resido in Oregon City.'
. ......... . it
Confessed' His Guilt.
Lf--?.;Ity..ii-,Tht the store
and postoiace at D v,'tj, was rob
bed. .. The store is . owned by
Arthur - Penn and he is also the
postmaster. . It was found, Sat
urday morning, that about $38
worth of stamps,: a? well as some
bicycle fixtures and other things
had been taken daring the night.
Suspicion pointed to Wayne Starr
but no move was taken towards
informing the authorities here in
town until about three o'clock ia
the afternoon,"'when Sheriff Bur
nett received, a telephone message
telling hira f the robbery. The
sheriff and Deputy Prosecatia?
Attorney;5 Bry son at one, began
to investigate the matter, and it
was learned that Wayne Starr
had crossed the ferry about one
o'clock in the afternoon, presum
ably enronte for his hOmelnSoda
ville. r'rfe v ' - .
Sheriff , Baraett' telephoned to
all parts of Liua county to the
varioos offieials to apprehend
Starr, bnt could get no satisfac
tion. However, late Saturday
night the sheriff received a com
munication from Deeafy Sheriff
McHargne, of Albany, informing
him that Starr had been located
at the home of his J father, in
Sodayille,': anel .Hhat if SHeriff
Burnett desired be, MoHargue,
wohld go after him. Accordingly
it was agreed that he should ar
rest Starr. This be did about
3 a. in. Sunday. . ...
-Sunday forenoon ir. . Burnett
and Mi. Bryson went over to Al
bany after Starr. When arrested
he " had objected to having his
trank searched, and Deputy Mc
Hargue, having no warrant, was
helpless to proceed in that direc
tion although he secured several
items that would greatly assist
the prosecution.. The authori
ties of Linn tamed Starr over to
the Benton authorities who pro
ceeded to weave a net about him
which bewildered him greatly.
At first Starr, who is a young
fellow about' 22 years of age,
stated that he had : started for
Philomath in response to a tele
phone message from his wife, and
had eone by way of Dustv. He
told that it was late when he got
there and he slept in a barn,
that he had arrived in Philo
math about daybreak? Saturday
morning. When the officials
confronted him with the perfor
ated ; margins of a lot ef stamp
sheets and asked him to account
for them, he said that he had re
cently been to Eugene and when
there hod purchased 6 worth ot
stamps. V He was asked if he was
acquainted.; with anyone in that
place and replied. in the affirma
tive, J Asked if he met any ac
quaintances,' be .replied that he
but,' but Could net for the life of
him remember who they were.
He was shown a bunch of his keys
and asked which one he used to
open the store door at Dusty.
He stated that he did not wnlock
the door, because he found it
ajar. - .;,h- -,;v4 .
i Finally h- broke down and
confessed: the .whole affair, and
Deputy -Bryson get a statement
In writing from him, ;He was
broHffht ever Sunday evening;, i
from Albany; Jehn - Hall, dis
trict' United ' States prosecuting j
attorney, of Portland, will arrive
by train today and take - Starr to
Portland, it being a Uaited States
ffenie.-' Should Mr. Hall fail
to act in the case, which is not
likely, the case will be tried in
this county.
Licensed, to Wed.
Some people claim to judge
the prosperity ef a eonntry by its
marriage roll. If each ft method
ef reckoning were in vogue here
at the present time old Beaton
would "loom up." Since Tune
nth the following people have
been granted licenses to wed by
Clerk Walters: . -
Prank. Kamph, Of Tangent,
and Miss Eva Goodman, of
George R. Hall, Jr., of Dustyt
and Miss Elvira M. Waggoner,
of Monroe.
-Philipp Sehweizer and Miss
Helena Henkendorff, both of
Philomath. " :' ;'
W. JM. : Yoder and Jalla ,M,
Skeels, both of Falrmonnt.
Arthur Priee, of Kings vai
lev. and Miss Lorena Franlz. of
In most, if not all instances,
the marriages ot r the above-
mentioned parties have taken
place. ;
Albany Picnic.
- A large number of people went
to Albany, Sunday, to attend the
oicnic - Thev report lan im
mense, crowd. , There were three
excursion trains from Portland,
run by the employes of the varl
ous .transfer coapanids of that
city. It is estimated that fully
2000 people visited Albany on
this occasion from Portland and
way points. There was also a
train over the C. & E., along the
eastern division to Albany.- The
main attraction of the day was a
ball game between Albany and a
team from Portland. ' Thegame
was quite closely contested and
was not decided until the ninth
Inning when Albany scored At
the end of the eighth Inning the
score was 10 to 10. The final
score was 11 to 10, la favor of
Albany..- Taken altogether the
picnicers aad excursionists were
very orderly. A few fights are
reported, bnt there was .nothing
very serious about any of these
fisticuffs. ,
Any town fortunate enough to
haveacrewdof this natur and
size call on her is to be congratu
lated, -for it goes without saying
that Albany is several thousand
dollars better off today than she
was before thev called.
Additional Loeal.
The thermometer was well ub
in the 80s' Snndav.
Mrs. A. B. Cordiey returned
home from Portland. Saturday.
Big bargains in broken lines of
boys' end childrens' Baits at Nolan
& Callahan's.
Mrs. H. W. Hall and , son re
turned home, yesterday, from a
Week's visit in Portland.
A bargain :-An all wool fine twist
black suit for $10.00, ef the Hart
Schaffner and Mart brand- BeBt
made. At Klines. ?
Mrs. George Irvine and Miss
Bessie Irvine returned, Sunday,
from a eon pie of days visit at
Halsey, where they were the
guests of Mrs. Irvine's parents.
Sheriff Burnett has purchased
the property on Third- street re
cently occupied by Mr. Jack
Kirk. Mr. Burnett's family will
occupy their new home July ist.
What do you want? We waat to
furnish you with pleasant, perman
ent employment, at which you can
-earn three to fife dollars per day.
Address, Manager, 403 Chamber of
Commerce Building, ' Tacoma,
Wash. ... . . ;w
Prof. Skelton arrived hoine
from Portland, yesterday, . in
company with his little son ,t He
took the child down to have his
tonsils, which had been enlarged,
removed. v The operation occurr
ed. last Friday.
Attention of our readers is call
ed to the sensational prices in
tailor suits and shirt waists offer
ed in the advertisement of S.-L
Kline, On this page. Here are
inducements which shonld not be
Overlooked. " : ; ; :
Miles M. Miller, " long years ago
local on the Salem Statesman, who
made himself a name by his parody
on Casabiancia, published in that
paper, spent last week with his wife
and children visiting relatives in
this city. He is -now located at
Col ton, Wash., and occupies the
position ef cashier ef the bank in
that burg. -.. . t .,r -
"Why not ipend the vacation at !
Yaquina bay, where can be had ex
cellent fare, good fishing, good boat
ing, safe bathing, alluring rides and
rambles. The courses and exer
cises at the Summer school, ef 1901,
at Newport, will afford great variety j
of instructions, diversion and enter- i
tainment. Ne other resort offers
equal attractions - and advantages."
Dolph Erfurt was , taken te
the asylum yesterday by Sheriff
Bnrnetf. He was adjndged. in
sane that morning by ; Judge
Woodward asfl Dr.. Farra acting
as examining physician.' Dolph
is a goed bey, and has exhibited
violent symptoms only recently.
It is hoped that his condition will
so improve that he may soon be
released. . . r .... . :
Mrs. W. H. Wallace died at her
home in Junction City last week, of
lang fever. She was buried Thurs
day, at Dusty,. The details regard
ing the death are meager; but she
was the wife ot Kev. vvanace, wno
is one of the promoters of the pro
posed railway line between Corval
lis and Junction City. At the time
of Mrs. Wallace's death her daugh
ter was in a very critical condition,
also having lung fever. Mrs, Wal
lace is said to have teen a very re
fined and intellectual lady and was
about 37 years of age at, her death.
Corvallis mercnante are now
fofferis2 13 cents per found for
wool, an increase of yt, cent per
pound over the priee paid last
week, The farmer who permits
the Independence paeers to
"jolly" him ' into - hauling his
wool to that city in the belief
that he can get a cent mare a
pound for it there, is foolish,
that's all. The West Side says
that merchants of Independence
are paying only 13 cents foi wool
Try this Office for Job Worki
Sensational Pric in tlie Tail
or Suit and; Shirt Waist DeptI
Final, reduction of the season,
Suite; and Shirt1 Waists and;
clean-up of all spring and stimmer
"' T. " goods. ' . .:
Our 50 cent Waists,' now. 3 cents.
Oar 75 cent Wsts, now 50 cents
Oar $1.00 IWaistsnow 80 cents
Onr $;.50 Waists, now $1.20.
at KLINE'S, The White House.
Corvallis' Most Popular Eating House
Pioneer Bakery
Fresh bread daily. ; A complete stock of candies, ' fruits" and
' nuts kept canstantly on hand. Smokers supplies
. aspecialty. t. .
H. W. HALL, Proprietotv " T
Strong Academic and Professional Course. Well Equipped Traisiue ScFardscBt
Expenses range from $iao to S175 per year.jj FallSTcrm Opens Septemberx7Ui.
For catalog containing full announcements, address. '
B. V. B-OTX.BR, , ' P. t. CAMPBEM,
; . Secretary. Presldant.
Great lip for ti
..';. ..wk' ' ' AnlJall-Wool ; sjf' . r V
; ,ppMy?'-c,ay :Mfe i
.gwl. ;. , suit.-.::.. pi
Made .
HAT, MlumKEll t HJUU
Correct Clothing. Extra Fine Suits $16.50
the man whoc wears a Hart ScXaffneF&'Marx'guit can rest assured (hat
his clothes are correct form, that they are ia good taste and tight in ' fit
and fashion ; materials are the finest we can bay, and the sewing and tail .
oring as perfect as Bkill can make them, ., : ' - " " .,
. Full Dress and Tuxedo Suits ;.
' We can order you these of .the best materials silk lined throughout.'
. The : least in quantity and most in
quality describes De Witt's Little Early
Risers, the famous pills for constipation
and liver complaints. Graham & Wells.
A Call for VV arrant No. 2881.
Notice is hereby given that there is
money in the treasury to pay City -warrant
Number 2881,. endorsed Nor. 14th,
18U9, - Interest will stop on the - same
from this date, - - , ,.:
.- .i Wm. McLaoah, - -
, City Treasurer,
i Pated Corvallis, Or., June 7th, 1901. -
von "Ladies'jl
a 'general f -
.-' . ; ):7 suirs ;.';;
- All $8.50 Suits now $6.38 ".w
. All $10.00 Suits now $6.74 " .
AIL $1 50. Suits now $8.20 -;
All $16.50 Suits now $12.25
s , These are all new goods this spring, and
are strictly up-to-date in style and workman
- ship. - ' ' ; -
I We especially ask you to call. We wili
take pleasure in showing you goods and prices
s .Monmouth .Oregon, .
for graduates ot the formal School, dur
a ing the past year has been much beyond
' the supply.
Positions from $40 to $75 ear month.
Students are prepared for the slate exam
inations and readily take state papers on
' graduation.
HART, MHAmn a mm x
' New lumber Yards.
.The Benton County Lumber. Co, baa
opened a yard at the corner of 5th and
Washington streets, near the 8; P. depot
in this city. They have a full stock of
fine fir lumber. . Prices quoted on ap
plication., . e
Native Herbs.
- Anyone desiring this great bleod puri
fier, may secure the same by calling oa
or addressing . .-,
-- j . ." P. Klbckkr,
- ..; Philomath, Or,
... Price (1 per be. . .