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FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 1901.
Southern Pacific Officials.
About 2 o'clock Wedne&di'.v
afternoon ibe cars "Guadaloupe"
and"Sunset" rolled in over the
West Side. The special carried
the head officials of" te South
ern Pacifio R. R. company, con
sisting of President Hays, Gen
eral Manager Kruttschnitt, As
sistant Engineer Maintenance of
Way Wallace, Manager Koehler
and General Freight and Passen
ger Agent Markham.
The party were simply out on
J, tour of inspection of the road.
Tuesday the party left Portland
and made a run over the A:oi ia
Portlaud road. Tliis hue they
report in a good condition. Early
Wednesday morning the party
took the official car, ' Califor
nia," and made a trip over the
Yamkill division to Airlie. On
the return of the party to White-
- soO Jnnctiou they were met by
the special cars iruvrkich they
came to this city and in which
they made the run over the West
Side ljhe proper. Agent Farmer,
local s. P. agent in this city,
interrogated about the matter
and states that so far there is
nothing of nnusual interest con
nected with the trip and no spec
ial significance can be attached
to the movements ol these offi
cials. The line from this city to
Portland is found to be in very
good condition. Should the
party see fit io establish a Snnday
service between this city and the
metropolis, it would be very sat
isfactory. ,
County Court.
.The eouety court met in regu
lai session, Wednesday, and
' transacted the usual business.
docketed for this term. Aside
from auditing the usual monthly
bills, etc., the time f the court
was occupied the greater part of
Wednesday with .bridge matters.
The contract for building a
bridge across the mill race on
the state road, south of town a
little less than a mile, was
awarded to W. H. Millhollcn at
It was also decided to construct
a new bridge across Oak creek
and the contract was given to J
B. TillotsOn, a contractor of Al
bany. For this he is to receive
$114. '
The matter of a 50-foot bridge
across a small stream just south
of Monroe was considered and it
was decided to build the same,
S. H. Peterson agreed to put the
bridge in for $50 and it was
deemed advisable to give him
the coatract.
Maay inquiries have been
made about a rock-ernsher which
was ordered recently from a Chi
cago firm. It is expected to arrive
in a few daysv judge Woodward
having: .received notice of its
, Yesterday foreooon' was devot-
: ea to matters touching on delin
quent taxes, and the term closed
yesterday afternoon.
Field Day.
Great , enthusiasm has been
s'lown at O A C over athletics
Today is field day, and at 2:30
this afternoon there ex
ereises of this nature given, in
which thirty-five men who have
been training for some time will
Each place in every event will
be awarded a prize. The win
tiers of the highest number of
aggregate points will also receive
prizes. The first prize will be a
gold medal; the second, a silver
medal, etc. All of these prizes
will be presented at the gymnas
tic exhibition Tuesday evening,
-Jane xith.
The special features of this
number of the eomtneuoement
program are as follows: Slack
wire performance, bag punching,
artistic club swinging by a well
chosen class - of ladies, ring
wtfc etc.
A. O. Gilbert, of Forest Grove,
will take rtert in these exercises,
and he alone will be worth the
price of the whole program. He
is the possessor of a world record
which he won last winter in
Portland. . . . ,
Shot Himself.
Last Sunday afternoon Nathan
.Sumpier, of Berry, - accidentally
shot himself in the head with a
- 32 Winchester rifle, the ball en
tering 'at the side of the nose and
passing through the brain.
'Sampler was out hunting with
several of his companions and
stood, his riflt by a log while he
sat down to rest. : In getting
over the log he pulled the gun
after him and the hammer caught
On the log and the gun was dis
charged, the ball enleriag at the
right side ot the nose and Tent the hea lodging in the
back pirt. He was crried tVree
miles io Berry and yesterday,
morning was brought to Albany
on the train. Dr. Hill dressed
the woand. ai.d removed a con
siderable quantity of brain mat
ter, bumpier was conscious dur
ing the operation, but chances
for his recovery are very slim.
Albany Herald.
M&ceabee Excursion.
The Knights and L,adies of thz
Maccabees, and all others desir
ing to participate, will celebrate
the 20th anniversary of this or
der next Tuesday, Tune nth.
There is to be a grand excursion
to the coast and a big clam-bako
onarrival at the sea-shore.
Arrangements have been made
for entertainment 011 the train,
both going and comin?, and
specially commissioned officers
of the law wiil ba on hand to in
sure 003 Order. A grand spec
tacular performance will be given
on the beach by Knlghls in glit
tering armor, whileN Ladles in
uniform will give .the unsurpass
ed drill aud evolutions of the L.
O. T. M.
At the same tim? and place an
acrobatic exhibit and feats of
athletic skill will be - given by
the O A C athletic club of this
city. The large amditorinm of
Newport will seat 2,500 people
and in this place an interesting
program will be given. , The
clam-baka is to be considerably
out of the usual order of thest
things and will consist of every
kind of shell fish, in fact, every
thing from a crab to & Belgian
hare will be served, a la carte.
The train is scheduled to leave
this city at 7:30 a. m., and the
excursionists will arrive at New
port at 11 am. The boat leaves
Newport, returning, at 6 p. m.
The fare for the round trip, in
cluding boat transportation and
tickets to the clam-bake, wiil be
$1.75. Last, and by no means
least, the committee assures the
attendance of a fine band to ren
der the air 'melodious through
tha entire day.
Council Proceedings.
At its meeting Monday night
the council transacted th8 fol
lowing bnsincss:
Reports of the treasurer, pe
lice jiidgc, and chief ef police
were referred to- the finance
- The bond ef the chief of po
lice was approved, and the bonds
of the treasurer and police judge
were referred to the fiaanee com
mittee. Incense bosdsef J. G. Waes
tefelt.T. Whitehorn amd B. Woldt
were approved.
The retiring mayor and his
successor each delivered his mes
sage fraught -with sound advice
to the council and citizens gen
erally. Committees were appointed as
follows: Finance Avery, Crees
and Hekle; Streets Smith,
Nolan, Wil banks;. . Fire and
Water IJeckart, Rose,' Hodesj
Health Smith, Avery,- Ilenkle.
The board of health will consist
of the mayor, chairman ot the
street committee and chief of po
lice. This coinmitfee is also the
committee on sewers. -V
Councilman ' Avery v?as . re
elected president of the couneil.
Letter List.
For the week ending June 1 lyoi.
Persons calling for these letters will
please ptate date on which they -were
advertised.; They will be charged at the
rate of one cent each. I
F W Adams. Fred H Andrews, C W
Champlin, Velores Dennis, F B Grey
Arthur Hinkins, Clinton Hearing;, Mrs.
Ida Harris, Mrs E J Harris, Mrs Anna
H.11, J M Hars, W J Johnson, A F
Johns, Anna Jackson, Emma B Lovejoy,
Herbert Nash, Fred Strake (2), P E Shep
ard, Mrs Maud Smith, Anna Simonson,
P Pearl Smith, Albert Wood.
B.W.Johnson, P.M.
State Treasurer's Fourth Notice.
Notice is hereby given that there are
now funds in the Treasury with vhii:h to
redeem all outstanding State Warrants
drawn on the Gf neral Fund aud en
dorsed "Presented and not paid for want
of funds," prior- to this date; also to pay
all warrants drawn on the State Scalp
Bounty Fund, and endorsed '"Presented
and not paid for waut of funds," prior to
May 1st 1920, and all such warrants,
properly endorsed, will be paid upon
presentation at this office, interest thore
on ceasing from and after this date. .
-Chas. S, Mookk,
State Treasurer. -
State of Oregon, Treasury Department,
June 6th, 1901, , . -
Bread and butter plates, choco
late cups, coffee cups, etc, with views
of Cauthorn Hall, Alpha Hall, Me
chanical Hall and Executive Build
ings on them, at Zierolfs. .
ai - a V.'nhnniimi'nuf .:
Importer of t
Highgrade Pinnos, Organs rnd. Small
Instruments of all dormntionr.
The Celebrated . 1 .
Needham Pianos and Organs
Which have become famous for their
beanty of lace, superior action aud great
We invite comparison of our piiees,
quality considered, with those of other
firms, Call and examine our goods or
write fortataiogue.
Office and residence one block west of
Conrt House.
Ribbon Sale.
Special sale of ribbon at Young's
Cash Store, at following prices:
No. 40 at 25ct8 per yard
" '60
3 ,
Proposals for Wood. .
Notice is hereby given that the clerk of
school 'district No. 9, Benton county,
Oregon, wi.l receive sealed bids to furnish
the said district with wood for the com
ing year, towit: Twenty cords of oak
grub wood, and sixty cords split body
red fir wood (old growth) not less than
four feet in length, and not less than
three inches, nor more than eight inches
in thickness or diameter; to be delivered
at the school building in said district, on
or before August 15, 1901.
The Board reserves the right to reject
any or all bids, aud no bid will be receiv
ed after June 7, and each bid will be
marked, "bid for wood."
. Clerk.
Thomas Maple, Birkheck, 111., writes
"I had a very bad case of kidney trouble
and my back pained me bo I could not
straighten" up. The doctor's treatment
did me no good. Saw Foley Kidney Core
advertised and took one bottle which
cured me and I have not been affected
since. I gladly recommenJ this remedy"
Graham & Wells. -:;
Mr. W. J. Baxter, of North Brook,
N. C. says he suffered with piles for 15
Tears. He tried manv remedies with no
results until lie used DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve and that quickly cured
him. Graham &WellB.
Fifty gocd farms and 50 Etotk rencbes
to sell.- Geo. F. Eqlin & Co.,
Real Estatc.Insurance and Collections.
Office: Room No. 1, First Nat'l Bank
Bld'g, Corvallis,. Oregon.
Spring coughs are specially dangerous
and unless cured at once, eerions results
often follow.' One, Minute Cough Cure
acts like magic. It is not a common
mixture but is a higli grade remedy.
Graham & Wells. -. -
To Rec t.
r Ten aries, with house and barn, close
to college. Enquire at this office,
. You are much more liable to disease
when your liver and bowels do not act
properly. DeWitt's Little Early Risers
remove the cause of disease. Graham &
weiis,;r :
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given tint the under
signed administrator of the estate of F. L,
Snch, deceased, has this 10th day of Mar
A. D., 1901, filed his final account as
such administrator with the County
Clerk of Benton County, Oregon, and
the Judge ef the County Court of said
Benton County, Oregon, has appointed
Monday, July 1, 1901, at two o'clock if.
M- thereof, as the time, and the Countv
Court Room - in the County Court
House in Corvallis, Oregon, as the place
for the hearing of objections to such Gnal
account. Pkbcy R. Kelly,
Dated Mjy 10, 1901. " -
If you are sick all over, and don'tknow
just what ails you, it's ten to one your
kidneys are out of order. Foley's Kidney
Cure will bring you health and energy.
Graham & Wortham.
Mr. E.D. Arnold, Arno'd, la., writes:
He was troubled with kidney disease
about three years. Had to get up sever
al times during the night but three bot
tles of Foley's Kidney Cure effected' a
complete cure, lie feels better than he
ever did and recommends it Io his friends
Graham & Wortham. - ' .
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given tbat tbe undei signed, fcs ex
ecutrix of the estate of Georg-e xtidders, deceasoa,
bas filed Iter final account in said estate, in tbe
Comity Court of Benton County, State of OregOD.
and that said Court bas appointed Saturday, the
6th day of Jury, lAol, at the hoar of elevea o'clock
a.'m. at the County Court Rooa, in tsc County
Conrt House, tu the City of Corvallis, Ben ten
County, State of Oregon, as the tine an4 place to
hear objections. H any. to said Seat, account, and
tbe settlement thereof and of ?aid estate.
Corvallis, Oregon, June 3rJ, lttsl.
Exeeutrix o! the 03lats of Geo:'e Ridders, de
ceased. IVy this Office for Job Work,
r Our Cintb;s Lis!
fiulwcribert to the CORVAI.LIS GA7.F.TTF. c-n
obtain tte following- papers iu cj& liur.tien mb
eriition with tbe GAZt'XTE-at the ve:y low
prices stated, below: eafch in am snce alu-ars tr, iie-
conpany tbe order: These within; two or more l
puwuuin iiajircu WIIR (lie 1 Will piCUr
t'frffpo,n(l with this office ami we will quote you
the combiiuutiin price We can eavo you money on
nearly ail publications vou desire.
The-abbreviatlons below are explained as fohVwa:
'. '.m weekly; 8 V,' for scir.i-weikly; T W. lor tri-
wesniy; m, .r iDontlily; M, lor strut l olitnli'.
Tbe flirt price represents the subscription rate of
tbepnbiiiaticn aionr, ttid ;the ricor.d the rate for
the pub:icatiou i.ffercd in conjunction with the
semi-weekly GAZKTTK. t '
Orct;on Av-riculturist and Rural Northwest, Port
land, Or., S.W., 60 cenU; S1.E0. ' '
Oreconiau, Portland, Or.. W., $1.50; 2.66. 1
Uural Spirit, Poaland, Or , Contains a live-stock
market report, W., ft. CO; 2.6.
Pacific Christiin Advocate, Portland. Or., W.
i0t. S.06. .
The Thricc-a-Weck World, New Tork, T. W.,
$1.00; 8.20. , -
Homestead, Des Moines, Iowa,' A ' thorough stock
and farm journal, W., $1.00;;2.30.
The Republic, St. Louis, Mo S. W., $1.00; 2.05.
The American Farmer, Indianapolis. Ind:,- Live
stock, farm and poultry journal, M., 60 cents; 1.66.
The Ceimooolitan Maszine. Mew York. M. .
and Atlas f the VTnrM, bound in cloth, ot) pages of
iaesi maps; s , .eo. , '
The Outing Magazine, New Tork, M., $3,00; 3.80.
PaciBe Homestead, Salem, Or., W.,$1.00; 2.30.
Orezon toultri Journal. Salem. Or.. M;. SO
cents; i.ov.
Tbe Pathfinder. District of Columbia.. W.. $1.08:
s.wa. ,
The Dcsiirner, New York, Standard Fashions, M.
$1.00; $.3S. -
American Aericulturist. Chicairo. 111., includinz
copy or xear nooz ana Almanac, w., ai.ou; .
ITarni. nml Tlra.M. fM,f...A Til W 1 on-
St. Louis Glebe-Democrat. St. Louis, has no riva
as a great modern t-ewepaper, T. W , $1.00; 2.15.
The Weekly Inter-Ocean, Chicago, W., tl.00; 1.80.
Yountr People's Weekly. Chicasro. I1L. W.. 60 ceuts
Cincinnati Inquirer, Cincinnati, W., 51. CO; 2 C5.
The Frnit Uiowcrs' Journal. Cobden . 111.. H..
60 cents; $1 78.
, Farm and Fireside SDrinsrficld. Ohio. S. W..
50 cents; 1.75. . -. -
Women's Home Companion.' Swiiurnold.. Ohio.
Sl.00; S.15.
Lippiocott's Msirazine.. Philadelnhia. Pa.. M..
$s.ou; a.zo. ...
Ev'rv Month (Music. Forir and Dancel. Eew York.
M., $1.00; 82.1S. - .
The Century Magazine, New York, M., $4.00; 8.05.
Hoard's Dairyman, Fort Atkinson. Wis., The
oesi most up-io-oate dairy tournal in the world, tv..
Table Talk, Philadelphia, M., $L00; 2.15. ; .
American Homes. Knoxville.' Tenn.. M.. Sl.OO:
2.30. , ' ,
Boston Cookira: School Macazine. Bi-M.. 50 cents:
1.00. ...
' McClure's Magazine, New York, M., 41.00; 8.40.'
Twlce-a-Weck Courier Journal, Louisville, Ky.,
one of the best papers from tbe great South, T. W.,
41.00; 2.05.
'Dairy Forlunes," a neat, well written book ol
201 paxes on all questions concerning dairyinc,
foeds and feeding, the constituent pi operties of all
kinds of feed; 30 combinations forming -well
balanced rations for dairy cows. Ktjry dairyman
should have it. Price with the Ccrvallis Gazette
one year, $2.59. -. . .
Pocket Atlas of the Wcrld, 381 psc;es, containing
colored maps of ail the states aud territories in the
United States, the province of the domiaion of
Canada, and of tvery country and civil divvicm on
the face of the globo Also valuable statistical In
formation about each state and comity, giving the
population of every large cty hi the world, besides
other valuable information. A handy "reference
work fop every perton; with Corvallis Gazette enc
year, 2.05. -
"Our little girl was unconscious from
strangulation during a sudden and terri
ble attack of croup. I quickly secured a
bottle of One Minute Ccugh Cure, giving
her three doses, The croup was mas
tered and our little darling speedily re
covered." So writes A, L. Spafford,
Chester, Mich. Graham & Wells.
Notice of Fiucil Settlement.
Notice is hereby-given Ihst the undersigned ex
ecutrix of the rstalc of L. G Kline, deceased, has
tiled her final ecceuut in said estate in the
county court f the state of Oregon for Benton
county in probate, nna Saturday, Juee S, 19.1, at
10 o'clock a m., at the. couttty court room in the
court house in Corvallis, Benton county, Oregon, is
the time and place fixed by said court for hearing
objections, if any, to said final account and tbe
settlement thereof. -
Dated at Corvallis, Or., this 10th day of Hay," 1961.
. PAULINA JiUNE, j Executrix,
The greatest skin specialist in America
originated the formula for Banner Salve.
For all skin diseases, all cuts or sores,
and for piles, it's the most healing medi
cine. Beware. of substitutes. Graham
& Wortham.
Teu cannot enjoy perfect health, rosy
cheeks and sparkling eyes if your liver
is sluegish and your bowels clogged. De
Witt's' Little Early Risers cleanse the
whole system. They never gripe. Gra
ham & Wells.
Skin affections will readily disappear
by nsicg DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve.
Look' out for counterfeits. If you get
DeWitt's you will get good results. It
is the quick, positive cure for "piles
Graham & Wells, v -,
; You will waste time if you undertake
to cure indigestion or dyspepfcia by starv
ing yourself. That only makes it worse
when you do eat heartily. You always
need plenty of good food properly diges
ted. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is the re
Bnlt of tears of scientific reecarch for
something .that would digest not ouly
Borne elements of food but every kind.
And it is the one remedy that will do it.
Graham & Wells.
Geo. C. Hickock. Curtiss. Wis., savs:
l'cTi'nlllv' TTirjnev has liOAn fActojl
and found to be all you claim for it. I
have given it to my father and it is the
only tiling tbat ever helped him," Gra
ham & Wortham. - .
"I had a running sore'on my breast for
over a year,'' says Henry R. Richards, of
Willseyville, N. Y Maad tried a great
many remedies, but got no relief until I
nsed Banner Stilve. After using one-half
box, I -was perfectly cured. I cannot re
commend it too highly." Graham &
Wortham. v
s-ssJt -1 fKiK f
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what yon eat.-
This preparation contains all of the
aigestants ana digests ail Kinds or
food. It gives instant relief and never
fails to cure. It allows you to eat all
the food you want,: The most sensitive
stomachs can take it. By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
curcd after everything else failed. It
la unequalled for all stomach troubles.
It can't help
but do yea good
Prepared only by E. O. HeWitt & Co., Chicago
The jl. bottle contains SH times the 50c sue.
Craham k Wells.
For Sale.
A street spunkier. Enquire of Georc
Wfcitetide'.for j Erlii i.brs.
It people; only knew what we know
about Kedol Dyspepsia Cure, it would
be used in " nearly every hcuFehold, as
there are few people who do nr.t vuiTer
from a feeling of fulluets after fating,
belching, flatulence, star t-tciuach, or
water-brash -a used -by : indigestion or
dyspepsia. 'A preparation such asKcdol
Dyspepsia Cure, whicli.'with no aid from
tha 'sfoSach,' will digest your food, cer
tainly can't help but do you good. Gra
ham & Wells,
" Save Money,
Oning to the fact that we have had to
take a good share of the lumber rut by
our Tualatin mill, and that we also birve
a large ameunt of fir logs coming iu the
big driTe from the Mckenzie, we are get
ting overstocked and will have to sell to
make room. - Our stock is A 1. Save
money by liuying now,
Corvallis Sawmill Co.
"I have been suffering from Dyspepsia
for the past 20 years and have been un
able after trying ell preparations and
physicians to get any relief.' After tak
ing cne bottle of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
I found relief stid am now in better
health than I have been for 20 yfars.
ran not praise Kodol Dyspepsia Cure too
highly." Thus writes Mrs. C. W
Roberts, North Creek, Aik. Graham &
Wel:s.' . . '
Tor Rent.
Will rent 00 acres of land west of
Monroe and take part payment of rent
in work andimprovemento on the place.
Address . r m. b. woodcock.
Corvallis, Oregon.
The Great Scourge
Of modern times is consumption. Many
cures and discoveries from time to time
are published but Foley's Honey and Tar
does truthfully claim to cure all cases in
the early stages and always affords com
fort and relief in the very worst caseB.
Take no substitutes. Graham & Wor
tham. For Sale to Loggers and Others.
One large Durham bull, eight years
old, gentle. Pi ice moderate. Inquire of
Wallis tiath, Naehville, Oregon.
Drugs & Medicines Kodaks & Photo Supplies
crLaIam ells
Established,- Incorp9ratcd, i?s8
The most complete line of Pure Drugs and
. Chemicals in Ccrvallis. '
Books and Stationery, Commercial Fa
pers, Tine Perftiinery, Toilet Articls,
. Combs, Brushes and Mirrors.
Pocket Knives, Scissors, Fine Cutlery
Manager of Peracription Departtneat,
. T. A. JONES, Registered,
f pecial Course in Piarmacy at Perdue Universi
. . ty, Indiana
92 A nice residence 1 acre Of land in
Corvallis, 5 minutes walk from posteffice ;
price $800.1
88 80 acres; 50 in cultivation ; good
house,"' barn, frnit and. watery 3 miles
from Philomath . A good farm for
$2,200. . ,;'. ;.
' 74 100 acres; 30 in cultivation ; small
house; good , barn and water ; 1)4 miles
from , town; cheap at $1,500; on main
county road ; good asture and timber.
113 A good 7-rooin house with one
half acre lot; fruit, good -water - chicken
houses and elieds, price $600; well ar
ranged for poultry raising; this'is a
cheap little home, 10 minutes walk from
Corvallis poeloflice. . " "
' " A Beal Estate Agent,,
B'JX 59, Philomath, Benton County, Oregon.
Foley's Honey and TSF
forchildren,safe,sure. No opiates.
TfieT irst -'National Bank
, - 'E3TA3LIBHEO 1800.
"M. S. WOODCOCK, President. . ,
C. E. MOOR, Vice-President.
GEO. E. LILLY; Assistant Cashier. .
JOHN WILES. Corvallis. Oregon.
Loans Made
On all kinds of approved security, ainlcKpeciillj
to encourage and buildup the legitimate bus.
uess enterprises and industries of this country
t - Deposits "
Received subject to check payab'o oa dema::
Foreigir Exchange
Sight exchange and trail siers available in
the principal cities of England, Ireland, fewitzer
land, France, Belgium. Holland, Norway, Swed
en, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Spain, I'ortugal, Ger
many, Austria. .
' v' Lettcfs of Credit '.'
Issued available iu Uic principal cities of t!u
United States.
Principal Correspondents Upon Vhcni VTi
... Sell Sight Exchange
The Commerci.l National Bank of Chictjro. -The
tirst National Buuk of Portlaad, Orct'on.
The Bank of California, cu rrnicisco, CaJif.
Anglo-CahfoTnin liank. Ban Francisco, Calif
Tlie National City Bank New York.
Mi l-nik of Nevr York Nutionnl Banking Asr'h.
Iinpo t rs & Trader's Natioi-a. Bank, New York
Shoo and leather National Bank of Boston. Mass,
till lad clpluft National Dank of rhiladelphia. Fa
The Dalles-Portland
',; EQ07S ; '
St.amcr 23atleg Gatert.
Leave foot Alder. Street everv morninir
except Monday at 7:00 A.M., for Cas
cade Leeks, Hood River, White Salmon
and The Dalles.
SPECIAlAsannd trip rate to Hood River
sor Birawoerry picsers, gooa until
AUGUST 30th.
This route is the craud scenic attrac
tion cf (ho worfd.
Both Phones, Main 351.
Portland Agent
The Dalles Agent.
Dntletrv of eveir dtacrintion done in first
elass manner, and satisfaction guar
mm m &x.bse wgbi i specialty
Office over Zlerolf 's grocery store, opposite
ine poet oince, uorvania. uregon. .
Specialties Diseases of women and
children ; also deformities and all chron
ic and nervous diseases.
Occidental Hotki, Monday, WedneS'
day and Friday, 1 :30 to 5 :30 p. m.
Physician Sr Surgeon
Rocir.s 14 in Bank Braiding.
Office Houra
Residence : Coreel College aud 8th Stt.
Telephone at office ahd residence.
Corva'lis, - - - Oregon.
Office Cert- er 3rd and Monroe streets
Houes 9 to 12; 2 to 5; 7 to 8; Sun
day b to 10.
Eesidkkce Corner 3rd and Hanison
streets, Corvallis, Otegon.
Telephone 315, at residence.
Notary. Tuxes.' Conveyancing
Practice in all State and Federal Court,
OfEct.'; lnFiret; National Back Build in
Bryson $' Woodson
Corvallis, Ore"On.
Office in FcetcfEce EtUdlBg;.
Office In VfbltehorB Block
Corvallis, . Oregon
- Mies Mamie Smith, Middlealoro, Ky. ,
writes-: "Mv little sister Lad the croup
very bad. I gave ber several deces of
Foley's iioney ana ir, ana ene wap m
stan tly relieved. It eaved her life, Gra
ham & "Wortham,
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given tbat the undersTpneil, as
dminietor of the estate of John L. Clark, defeated,
has Bled his final acaewnt, in etid c-stato in the
county court of Eenteu county. Orcein, pnd that
tata c-tturt lias arromtea fcaiurcaj, ine inn any ui
May A. D. J 001, at the hour of ten o'ekx k ui. at
county court room, in the court house, in the city
of Corvallis, Benton county, ftate of Oreeon, s
the time and place to hear objections, if any, to gnid
final account, atd the settlement of stid accnunt
ard estate
Coryallis, Oregon, April G, 1001.
Administrator of the Esute of John L. Clark, de
ceased. ;Adtnifllstrator?s Notice.
Kotice is hertby given that the ftndershjned has
been duly appointed by the county court oi Benton
county. Oregon, administrator with. the will an
nexed of the e&w.teOf Thomas rpenton HogiT, de
ceaed. A II persons having claims against said
estate are hereby required to present tame to the
the undersigned at his residnce near Nashville,
Orepon, auly verified and with proper vouchers
within six months from the date of this notice.
Dated this 3rd day o( May, 19M.
. Adm'r with the Will Annexed.
H. C. WatBon and L. L. Swn, Attorneys.
' Notice for Publication.
United States Land OmcB,
- Oregon City, Oregon, March, 4, 1961.
Notice is hereby crven that in compliance with the
provisions of the act of CongreM of June S, 1878,
entitled "An act far the sale of timber Jands in tho
States of California, Oregon, Nevada, ar.d Wash
ington Territory,' as extended to all the Public
Land States by act of August 4, 1S92. .
of Monmouth, county cf Folk, tte of Crctcn, ta
this day tiled in this office her sworn statement No.
for the purchase of Sot KY andiofSEJ
of Section No 2 in Township No 13 South, Bange No
7 West, and will offer proof to show that the land
sought is more valuable tor its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, -nd to efttabllt-h her claim
to said laud before the Register and Receiver of this
office at Oregon City, Oreeon, on Wednesday the
29th day of May. 1901. fehe names as witnesses:
Michael G. Flynn, cf Fall City, 1 oik Co., Or, Jaa M.
Flynn.of Monmouth, Polk Co., Or., Samuel W.
Ewiig, of Fall Citv, Polk Co., r., John W. Hyde,
of Philomath, Benton Co., Or.
Any and all persons claimnift: adversely tbe aboe
Heseribed lands are reaueetcd to file their elairos in i
this office on or before said 29th day ot May.
1901. . CIIAB. B. MOORE8,
Notice of Final Settlement.
Ketice is herety giveifrtbat the undersigned exec-i-tor
of the e&tuteof Ueorge V Bui'kingham, deceased,
has flltd his final adouut iu Faid estate in the
county court of the state rf Orefien, for Benton
county, in probate, and baturJa-. June 8, 1U01, at
It o'clock a. in., at the cuu.ity court' room iu the
court house in Corvallis, benton eounty, Oregon, is
the time andpl&ct fixed by mid court for hearing
objections, if any, to said final account and the set
tlement thereof.
lUd att-onaim, tr., una inn cry t.i nty. noj
i. r. LHALti, uciitor.
" : " ! :
forj from Portland FROiC .
Chiiago- SaitLftke, p enver,
Portland Ft Worth 0mabfl
bpecial KanEa8 city st. 4 :30 pnj
9.a-.n'- Louis, Chieaee
via Uun- andEas(,
lington. .
Atlantic Salt Lake, Denver, i
Express Ft Worth,-Omaha,
9 p.m.' Kansas City, St 8:10 a.m.
via Hnn- Louis, Chicago and
tington. East.
St. Paul Walla Walla. Lew-
FflatMail '"V"'' 8P?-k8"e'
?.,r-m- PauTDBPTu't1;'iiV.''0.m.
erf-tan e wkee, Chicago,
' and East.
Through Pullman aud Tourist S'eers.
No change cf cars. Tickets East Via all
rail, or via boat and rail, via Portland
Ocean and Kiver Schedule.
All sailing dates!
subject to ehfinee.
8 p. m.
For San Francisco,
4 p. m.
Sail every five days
irom April la.
Ex. Sun
8. p. m.
Columbia River
4' p. iu.
To Astoria & way-
10 p. m
fitpjmpr lint h lpnvpa Corvallis for Al
bany, Salem, Portland and. Way Land
ings. Mondav, Wednesday-and Friday
t5:U(i a. in. : retnrning, arrives Corvallis
aboun Midnklit. Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturdav. .
A. L CRAIG, Gen. Pafs.Agent,
J. P. TAPSCOTT, Agent,
Corvallis, Oregon.
oris 6 Eastern Bailroad,
2 For Yaquina:
Train leaves Albany 12:45 p. m.
' " - Cfirvallif 1 :50 p. m.
" arrive? Yaquina 6:45 p. ri.
1 Eletui iiiiip:
lie ave? Yaquina .... 6:10 a. m.
Leaves Co-vallis. . . . 11:30 a. m.
Arrives Albany .... 12:15 p. in.
3 For Detioit:
Leaves Albany. 7:! 0 a. m.
A rriyee Detioit .... 11:20 m. m.
1 Rt-turning: .
Leaves Detroit 12:10 p. ni.
Airives AXany .... 5:45p.m.
One and two connect at . Albai y
HBi Corvallis with Southern Pacifio
trains, giving direct eerviee to and
from Newport and adjacent
Trains for the mruutains arrive
at noon, giving ample time to
rat-h . tamping grounds oh the
BreilenbuEh and Santiam river the
same day.
II. L. Waluen, Manager.
T. F. & P. A."
II H. Cbdkibe, Agent, Corvallia.
Scntliein Pacific Ccicpanv.
Tiains leave Coi vallisfer Portland
and way statirns at 1:20 p. m.
l.v PortliiDt-- Ji a nt 5 :8 p m
Lr Allwn ...... 12:) p in 100 p m
Ai ABhlaiWl 32:33 am 11:30 am
At Pacramrnlo..S .n9 p m ' 4:85 am
Ar San Fratu-ieco-T :45 pm 0.S0 a m
Ar Ogden 5:45 pm 11:45 am
Ar Den ver -fi :00 a m 9 :60a m
Ar Kanea City 7:25 am 7:55 am
At Chicugo " 7 :65 a m 9 :30a m
Ar Loh AiigeleP 1:20 p m 7:00 am
Ar El Paj 6:1 p m 6 :00 p ni
Ar Fort Wrfrth 6 :89 am 6 :80 a m
Ar City of Mexittt 9 :65 a m 9 :ko 4 m
Ar Houston 4 :00 a m 4:00 ft m
Ar New Orleans 6 :25 a m 6:X5pai
Ar Washington ..(! :42 a m 6 :42 a m
Ar New York .12 :43 p m 12:43 p m
both traics.- Chair cars Bai-ntmeuto to
Ogden and El Paso, end Toaritt ears to
Chicago, St Louis, New . Orleans and
Connecting at Pan Francici o with sev
eral steamship lines for Honolulu, Japan,
China, Philippines, Central and Sooth
See F. E. FARMER, aprnl a Corvallis
station, or address
c.n. markham. G.r. a...
Portland, Or.
, C. H. N EAT H
Physician Surgeon
Foley's Honey and Tar
cures colds, prevents pneumonia.
Subsciibe for this p? per,