Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, April 09, 1901, Image 4

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At this season the housekeeper "must look
specially after the baking powder.
As she cannot make good cake with bad eggs,
no more can she make cake that is light, delicious
and dainty with inferior baking powder.
Royal Baking Powder is indispensable for the
preparation of the finest food. It imparts that
peculiar lightness, sweetness and flavor noticed in
the finest cake, biscuit, doughnuts, crusts, etc.,
which expert bakers say is unobtainable by the
use of any other leavening agent.
The "Royal Baker and Pastry
Cook ' containing over 800 most
practical and valuable cooking re
ceipts free to every patron. Send
postal card with your full address.
Deep Sea Communings.
"That's about as bum a piece of ma
rine architecture," said the starfish, in
specting the hull of Noah's, ark, "as
ever plowed these waters."
"O, I don't know," replied the barna
cle. "I'm a good deal stuck on it, my
self." Chicago Tribune.
Albert Edward's Cigars.
The Prince o Wales pays at the
rate of $1,750 per 1000 for his cigars.
These precious weeds are seven
inches long. ' ,
This signature is on every box of the gennino
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets
the remedy that eui-ea a cold la on day
He Didn't Stay.
"Tommy, run up and tell your sister
I'm here, will you?"
"Aw, what's the use? She knows it,
'cause when she see you comin' I hear
her say, 'Dear me, there comes that
empty-headed dude again.' " Philadel
phia Evening Bulletin.
Permanently Cured. No fits or nerrotunest
after first (Iry'h naenf Dr. Klinn'.ftr.fLt Natv.
lustorer. send lor VK.K.V. 9 trial bottle and treat
ies. Ua.B.11 Kii!is,Ud..vai ArchSt.Phtfadelphia.Pa.
A quarrel recently occurred between
two maiden ladies. Said the younger
"I wonder if I shall lose .my locks,
too, when I get your age?"
The older one You may be lucky If
you do. Tit-Bits.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund the money if It fails, to cure.
B. W. Grove's signature is on acn box. 25c.
He Was Emphatic.
"I am informed that your husband is
a professor of language, and I called
to find out what his terms are."
"Well, when he's excited, they are
unfit for publication." Richmond Dis
patch. Your Guide and Guard is the famous Oregon Blood
Purifiar, tesied and true. Use it now.
; Woman's Way.
"A woman usually thinks her hus
band perfect," said the young man.
"Yes," answered Sirius Barker. "He
may be 'a perfect donkey or a 'perfect
bear' but he's perfect." Indianapolis
. Carter's Ink
best for school home and office.' It costs no
more than poor ink. Always ask for Carter's.
Avoiding the Rush.
Politician Tell me the best way to
get out of politics.
Turn prohibitionist.
"Oh, that's very sudden; I want to
get out gradually." Smart Set,
When von take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic
because ithe formula is plainly printed on every
bottle showing that it is simply Iron and Qui
sune in a tasteless form. No Cure, No Pay . 60c.
She Was Reassured.
Teddy Won't you come and see
our new baby?
Old Maid Teacher Yes, dear, when
your aunt is better.
TeddyOh, but It ain't catching!
Smart Set.
Xhe Kind You Have Always
- u m. .m-.uci, iiiu uas ueeu. maae nil tier 1H3
personal supervision for over 30 years. Allow no one
to deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
Just-as-good " are but Experiments, and endanger the
Itealth of- Children Experience against Experiment.
Castona is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric Drops' and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotio
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
CobctI5p.elievei9 Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea Xhe Mother's Friend.
The Kind You toe Always Bought
sears tue
Use For Over 30 Years.
thi ecarrauft eemm, tt sunn
There are cheap baking powders,
made from alum, but they are ex
ceedingly harmful to health. Their
astringent and cauterizing qualities
add a dangerous element to food. '
Silk Worm in America.
There are from eight to ten species
of silk worms in this country.
Slop tha Cough and
Work Off tha Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets cure a. cold in
one day. No cure, No Pay. Price 26 cents.
A Treasure.
Cynic What makes you have such
unlimited confidence in you wife?
Cheerful I gave her $10 to pay a,
bill of $4.69 for me, and she brought
back all of the change. Detroit
Free Press.
I am sure Piso's Cure for Consumption
saved my life three years ago. Mas Thos.
Robbins. Maple street, Norwich, N. Y.,
Feb. 17, 1900.
Cooking School for Doctors.
' Prau Hedwig Heyl has started a
cooking school for doctors In Berlin.
Doctors from France, Russia and Italy,
as well as Germany, have already
taken the course, and it is reported
that branch schools of the same kind
are shortly to be established in all the
capitals of Europe.
Now that the winter season is
past, it is well to cleanse the
system and purify the blood with
Garfield Tea an Herb Medic3ne
that brings good health.
Quite Right.
' "He said it was a beastly fire."
"He was right. The fire was at the
zoo." Boston Transcript.
The Best Prescription for Malaria
!4HB.Jand Fever is" a bottle of Grove's Tasteless
Ph ill 1 Oil in ItiflBimnlv iwm 3 i I .
a tasteless form. No. Cure, No Pay. Price 50c.
Just the Patient for Him.
Young Dr. Fresh Here comes that
Mrs. Towler. Positively there isn't
the first thing that ails her.
Old Dr. Sage Evidently you are
just the man for her case. Boston
Transcript. '
STOMACH TROUBLE ?' Von need not
suffer from it another day. "QRC gives
Sronipt and continuous relief and speedy cure,
o dieting. Trial package free. C. ESTERLY,
420 Parrott Building, San Francisco, Cal.
If BICKFORD. Washington, D. C. thev will re-
I ceive quick replies. B. oth N. H. Vols. Staff
20th Corps. Prosecuting claims since 1878.
Good, Live Agents Wanted
'In all unoccupied territory, for the
Best Wheels en Earth, the 1901
$20 - $25 - $35 - $40
105-111 Sixth Street.
A mixture of deep rooting grass seeds that we
will guarantee to grow on dry grot avl that will
not produce cereals or any other kind of grass
Will make crop of hay, and pasture all seasons
of the year. You never invested a dollar in
your life that will give you snch results; price
$16.00 per 100 or 20 cents per pound. Send us an
order lor 100 pounds; we will send instructions
for sowing. Address M. J. shields & CO.
Growers and Importers -of all kinds of Grass
and Field Seeds. MOSCOW, IDAHO.
N. F. N. D.
14 1S01.
ynN writing- ti advertisers please
Bought has borne the signa-
Signature of
tracer., biw York errr.
A Merchant Who Escaped Bobbery
. Through an Unforeseen' Accident.
"If the troth were known," said the
head of a large wholesale house of this
city, "I dare say we would be startled
at the number of men of affairs In any
large place who habitually sign letters
and other documents without reading
them. They become convinced that It
is physically impossible to even glance
at everything requiring signature and
resign themselves to the necessity of
trusting somebody 1 used to have
that Idea myself," continued the whole
saler, "but It was exploded by rather a
startling Incident, and since then I have
never set my pen to an unfamiliar
paper. The affair to which I refer oc
curred years ago, when I was In the
manufacturing business In another city.
We had an enormous mail that grew
larger every day, and while I dictated
very few answers myself I made It a
rule to sign all outgoing letters as presi
dent of the company.
"Sometimes there would be several
hundred in a batch, and my confiden
tial clerk, in whom I hd the most im
pl cit trust finally got to bringing tha
in with the ends overlapped, so all
could see was a succession of lines for
my signature. 1 didn't like the plan,
but it seemed the only way of getting
rid of the job, and I would grab a pen
and slap down a succession of auto
graphs at lightning speed. Of course
I was kept advised as to the general
character of the mail, but unless some
question was raised I never thought of
taking out a letter and reading it. One
winter day I will never forget it as
long as I live the clerk brought In an
unusually big batch of letters to be
signed and was about to deposit the
sheaf on my desk, when somebody
opened an outside door and let in a
severe blast of wind. Fully half the
sheets were blown over the room and
some went into the fire. The old clerk
instantly dropped on his knees and be
gan collecting the papers In frantic
haste. I was astonished at his excite
ment and especially at his agitation
when he failed to find some of the lot.
'Why, t dozen or so were burned,' I
said, and at last he went away, very
reluctantly, to prepare copies.
"When he left the room my stenog
rapher handed me a sheet that has
blown under his desk. It was an ordef
on my banker for my safe deposit box,
which contained at that time over $35,
000 in currency. I was dumfounded
and while I was trying to decide what
to do my dear old confidential- clerk
quietly walked out a side "door and was
uever heard of again. I think the order
was merely one document of several,
nil covering an elaborate scheme to loot
the concern, but, be that as It may, I
had my lesson and since then I have
never been too busy to read a letter be
fore signing it. I find It can be done
easily enough " by the use of a little
system." New Orleans Times-Democrat
Wales' View of a Man Who Never
Picked a Winning; Horse.
Anecdotes of the new sovereign of
Great Britain will doubtless be popular
for some time to come at least until
the novelty of his accession shall have
worn,away. A short time ago he was
staying at a friend's country place in
the West of England, where, among
the guests, was a somewhat conceited,
straight-laced, and Interfering clergy
man.." Entering the billard-room one
morning shortly after breakfast
the person- found his rOyal highness
deeply interested in a sporting paper.
Instead of retiring at once, as any man
of tact would have done, the clergyman
forced himself upon the prince.
"Might I ask your highness If such a
paper as you are reading really inter
ests you ?"'sald he.
"I am not in the habit sir, of reading
what does not interest me," said the
prince very rigidly, and then turned
again to his paper. -
The parson, however, determined to
have his say, continued in a somewhat
dramatic tone of voice:
"Don't you think, your royal highness,
that horse racing and betting are a
great curse to this country? Now,
what would your royal highness think
of a man (alas, once a friend of mine!)
who lost $50,000 through betting? He
told me himself that he never won $500
In his life through backing horses.
What would your royal highness think
of such a man?"
The prince, . disgusted, said very
quietly: "What do I think of such a
man? Well, I will tell you, sir. I
think him a mighty bad Judge of horse
flesh!" London Express.
' Freak Signs in New fork.
Along Broadway, New York, when
the day Is fine , and the streets are
thronged, the thrifty shopman hangs
out a sort of a cart du lour which, with
its staring black and white letters, com
pels regard, ana lr there are no stops
of the speeding car the impression made
by these placards is uncommonly
."Washable Boys' Suits!" allows the
mind to dwell for a moment upon the
possibilities If boys were not washable.
"Half Off Men's and Boys' Suits!"
A nearer view might show a temporiz
ing per cent but the flying car makes
no allowances.
'Society for the Encouragement of
Wearing Clean Shirts!" The purifica
tion committee flashes In and out of
mind, and for small favors the voice
rises In thanksgiving. .
"Dinners Ten Cents and Up!" And
why not if it really Is not worth more.
"Wear One of Our $5 Suits and You
Will Have a Fit!" one firm tersely and
facetiously puts it -. - . .
"Ladles Skirts ReboundedP' is the en
couraging promise lettered by a little
Polish tailor unacquainted with the in
tricacies of our tongue. -
Requirements for Citizenship.
Until a few years aero Mlnnoanto
corded the right of suffrage to civilized
Indians certified by district courts to be
fit for the exercise of the suffrage. In
lonaa a requirement of suffrage was
enrollment In the local militia. Ten-1
nessee provided that persons of color
who were competent . witnesses in a '
court of Justice against a white man
might YOte In that State.
There are half a dozen ways of do
Ing everything, but there is always one
way better than any of the others.
Ready to Use.
Wife "Why do you buy such a lot
of stamps at once?"
Husband "So there'll be a few that
won't get stuck together."
What Will Become of China?
None can foresee the outcome of the
quarrel between foreign powers over the
division of Cliiua. It is intcsesiing to
watch the going to pieces of this ancient
but unprogressive face. Many people in
America are also going to pieces because of
dyspepsia, constiparion, blood, liver and
stomach diseases. We are living too fast,
but strength, vigurand good health can be
retained if we keep off snd cure the above
diseases with Hostetter's Stomach Bitters.
She Worried.
Nlpp My wife worried all last week
for fear I should die.
Tuck Were you sick?
Nipp No, but my life insurance pol
icy ran out and it was several days be
fore I got it renewed. Philadelphia
Evening Bulletin.
A Victim of Biliousness and Inflama
tory Rheumatism Tells How
He Became Free From
A recommendation that is not based
upon experience is without value but
in the following interview the reader
will at once recognize the force of ad
vice that is the result of personal
Mr. Ned Yerkes Hawley Is a travel
ing man whose home is at 1926 W,
Boon Ave., Spokane,. Wash. He has
recently had an experience of more
tiian general interest and in an in
terview with a representative of the
Spokesman-Review, of Spokane, he
"In June, 1899, I became bilious and
subject to dizzy spells. I had no ap
petite, my heart seemed to flutter at
times and beat irregularly, and dark
spots seemed to float before my eyes.
This continued for about six months.
During that time I was troubled with
lameness in my backhand pains over
my kidneys. I was under a physi
cian's care and he told me my trouble
Was . biliousness and inflammatory
rheumatism. ; I was in bed for over
four weeks and did not seem to be
getting any better.
"One day I saw an advertisement in
which it was stated that a case simi
lar to mine had been cured by Dr.
William's Pink Pills for Pale People.
I procured some of the pills and with
in two weeks the inflammatory rheu
matism which had become very ac
cute and caused me the most intense
suffering, was entirely cured.
"You will therefore realize tnat I
am a firm oeliever in Dr. William's
Pink Pills. They cured .me and I am
so sure that they will prove equally
valuable in other cases that I have
recommended them to a great many
Dr. William's Pink Pills for Pale
People are an unfailing specific for
such diseases as locomotor ataxia,
partial paralysis, St Vitus' dance, sci
atica, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous
headache, after-effects of the grip, pal
pitation of the heart pale and sallow
complexions and all forms of weak
ness either in male or female. Sold
by all dealers; or sent direct from Dr.
Williams Medicine Co Schenectady,
N. Y., 50 cents per box, or six boxes
tor $2.50. y : -s
Easily Adjusted, . j- . ,
"Pardon .me," said the busy man to
the insurance agent who had forced
his way into the office, "but I am not
prepared to talk to you today."
"Don't let -that," worry? you," replied
the insurance,.agent, "in do the talk
ing." Philadelphia Press.
In the spring tnke Garfield: Tea.
This wonderful Herb Midicine pnr
ifies the blood and gives new and -vigorous
Iife4o systems deplet
ed by the tryinewinter season.
A Matter of Hearing. -..
Suburbanite You've got a new baby
at your house, I hear.
Townite Great Scott! can you heai
it away out there in the suburbs? De
troit Free Press.
Heirs of Union Soldiers who homsteaded les
than 160 aeivs before June 22, 1874 (no matter ii
abandoned), should address
HENRY N. COPP, Washington, D. C.
Springtime Resolutions
Sure relief from liqnor, opium and tobacco
habits. Send for particulars to
Keeley Institute, 314 Sixth St., Portland, Or.
which Is, send us
your address, and
w l.r;n is, tell you tree how to make money fast
in the present great Pacific Coast petroleum
on boom. V rite immediately to Bankers and
Brokers Oil Co.; J. W. Heisner & C ., financial
"Js, 215 Commercial Block,-Portland, Ore
-Jt)TCii ngema wanteu in every town
i A guaranteed Cure for Catarrh and
CfJnstunptton. 11.00. D Lock Box 115.
W. H. SBIITB & CO., Biiffala, N.Y., Prep's
BUBfcS ,WHfBf 111 flxf UIIVL
t vougn eyrup. Tastes Uood. Use
m nme. sold By amgetsts.
typ--- or Catalogues
fggggjgrj GRATES
Kffli : and '
-oBffi Address
William and Mary Hovrltt, the Widely
; . Known Writers.
It Is said that the best footmatea of
the nineteenth ' century were William
and Mary Howitt, the writers of so
many charming bits of literature. They
began to walk on their wedding day,
and kept on walking during nearly six
ty years of married life.
In 1824, when walking was far from
fashionable, this sturdy Quaker pair
walked 500 miles among the Scotch
mountains, carrying necessary luggage
on their strong young backs. They
climbed Ben Lomond, waded streams,
crawled over bogs, scrambled through
bracken, and slid down sheer denies In
the course of this wild tramp. Doubt
less the peasants fancied they were
In the fifty-first year of their married
life, when Mrs. Howitt was over 70 and
her husband almost 80, they started
out one summer morning to climb an
Alp of the Tyrol. From the village of
Taufers-they climbed a road too steep
for vehicles, walking steadily for five
At dusk they came to a farmer's
;halet; there they were cordially invit
ed to supper, and there for two nights
they slept on the sweet, fresh hay in the
barn, and employed the days In twice
climbing to the mountain top.
An excursion which had been planned
for William Howitt's birthday, after he
had passed his eightieth year, was re
luctantly abandoned because of the
rain. A year or two later his wife
"Father and I have just come in from
a pleasant walk right into the country,
amongst picturesque houses and such
ancient orchards and parklike fields
scattered over with grand old Spanish
Mr. Howitt died in 1879, aged 84
years. For a few years more his faith
ful footmate took quiet strolls and
gathered the flowers her husband loved.
And when she had lived to see eighty
nine years she gently fell asleep.
Youth's Companion.
- . i! .
Kentucky Man Walks Ten Miles With
out Being; Aware of It.
Mack Sublette, a well-known young
man, "boards at the Dean house, In Ver
sailles, Ky. His father. Arthur Sub
lette .lives five miles south of Versailles,
on McCowan's ferry turnpike. When
Sublette started to his room, between
11 and 12 o'clock the other night, he re
marked to a frieqd:
"My sister is very sick, and I ought to
have gone home to-night I'll drive out
He went to sleep at once. At 1 o'clock
In the morning a policeman met Sub
lette walking hurriedly toward McCow
an's ferry road. He hailed him and re
ceived no reply. About 2 o'clock Sub
lette walked into his father's bouse and
to his sister's bedside, inquired how she
was, conversed with his stepmother
some minutes, and before the family
was aware of it he left the house. He
walked back to Versailles and returned
to bed at the hotel.
When Sublette awoke at 6 o'clock the
next morning he was footsore and ex
hausted, but knew nothing of his noc
turnal jaunt until, according to his plan,'
he drove to his father's, and they ques
tioned him about hurrying on! in the
Sublette ridiculed the idea of having
been there until the family's evidence
was supported by that of his room
mate, who missed him, the testimony
of Policeman Albert Curtis, who met
him In the street, and his own blistered
feet and exhausted body.
. Stormy Inauguration Days.
Presidents have in many cases been
loath to depart from traditional cus
toms or to disappoint the throng gather
ed for the inauguration ceremony, and In
some cases have seriously endangered
their health by Insisting upon taking
the oath of office in the open air, regard
less of the state of the weather. It was
such an adherence to precedent that
brought on the cold which resulted in
the death of William Henry Harrison.
President Lincoln had the most incle
ment of Inauguration days, as did also
General Grant. President Benjamin
Harrison waa almost hidden from the
crowd by an umbrella when he took the
oath of office, ' and the natal day of
President Cleveland's second term was
characterized by the appearance, of a
full-fledged blizzard. Presidents Hayes
and McKinley were indeed the only
chief executives who in recent years
have been smiled upon by sunny skies.
Conkey's Home Journal.
Where Women Propose.
There are some curious, customs con
nected with marriage In the Torres
Straits Archipelago. . It is almost uni
versally the . - woman who proposes.
Having found a young man to her lik
ing, the girl makes a string armlet and
gives it to his sister, who - acts as a
go-between. - A meeting Is arranged In
the bush, and a harmless conversation
takes place, during which, however,
the following questions and replies, in
some form or other, will probably be
made: He: "Do you like me proper?"
She: "Yes, I like you with my heart
and eye. You are my man I like you
altogether." The wedding day' is fixed
then and there for no distant date.
Conkey's Home Journal. ,
. Unlucky.
'My wife has an impediment in her
speech," said the man with the gray
'Lucky man," said the man with the
brown chin whiskers. -
'Don't you believe it. She has just
as much to say on certain occasions as
any woman would have and it takes
her twice as long to get through." In
dianapolis Press.
- Performing a Sacred Duty.
Hogan Oi found the mon thot hit me
wid the brick as Oi was passin' the
alley. 'Twas Garrigan. . . - '
Grogan Are yez goln' to git -even?
"OI am not. 'Twas all a mistake. Th'
mon was only doin' his jooty. He
fought Oi was th' cop in plain clothes."
Indianapolis Press.
If you don't believe that heat gen
erates motion, observe a barefoot boy
when he happens to step on a live coaL
The less some men know the more
they teU. : :
Nature' made a mistake in creating
men who live for themselves alone.
Says: Peruna has greatly helped
Hon. W. S. Roach TJ. S. senator
from North Dakota, in a letter written
from Larlmore, North Dakota, says:
U. 8. Senator Roach, of North Dakota,
"Persuaded by a friend I have
used Peruna as a tonic and am
glad to testify that It has greatly
helped me In strength, vigor, and
nppetlte. I have been advised by
friends that It is remarkably ef
ficac ous as a cure tor the almost
universal complaint of catarrh,"
glance at the history of Peruna.
Never before in the history of medi
cine has any remedy received so many
endorsements from people of national
importance, as Peruna.
The explanation of this remarkable
circumstance can only be found by a
The Soft Answer. I
Jeweler (enthusiastically) I assure'
you the watch is worth twice the'
money. It's worth 1Q guineas if it's'
worm a penny.
Customer- I should hardly say that
Jeweler (warming) You doubt my
Customer (consulting his own
watch) I mean to say it's a He on
the face of it. The thing's an hour
slow. Judy.
In 11 towns of Oregon, Wash'njton snd Idaho,
Model 50,
LISTED AT $30.00, a5.00 AND $10.00. GUARANTEED TO JANUARY 1, 1902.
.... 128 FIRST STREET. ...
Jobbers of Bicycle Sundries. Portland, Oregon.
Machinery, Implements,
Farm Supplies, Etc.
Bee Line Buggies
$65.00 AND UP.
HENNEY, $90.00 and up.
Iron corners on bodies of all our Henney and
Bee Line Bueeies. Send for Catalog
First and Taylor Sts. Portland, Oregon. ,
HonwRLiIef?siJgonr Anchor
Great Combination of Strength and Beauty.
"Ths Trs That Binds."
See Our Anchor Clamp
Yon would be surprised it yon knew
bow little it would cost you to fix up
that old fence. Better send for some
Anchor Clamps and Uprights, and n
pair of our pinchers, and make your od
wire fence look like a new one.
ANCHOR FENCE looks so- nice and
is so stronjr that farmers sometimes
think that it must be high priced. It
isn't, though.
Claxp Bbtobs Usraa. Cattle, Sheep and
Write for Prices and Catalogue.
Agents Wanted in ,
Every Town.
are sold everywhere.
1901 Seed Annual free.
run ei., ietmit,
Always Flesh.
XsA Always the Best. fjr
c z
1 ill JifliMinsssstSsial
mil 01
me in strength, vigoo and appetite.
In the first place, it should be noted
buai. vaWUlU ID VUQ UL U1C U1UBI 1 CI
alent and universal maladies known
to medical science. Nearly everybody
has catarrh in some degree or phase.
In the second place, it should be
noted that Peruna Is the only scien
tific, internal catarrh remedy yet de
vised. This explains the almost universal
use of Peruna. Everybody uses Pe
runa, high and low, rich and poor,
great and small. Peruna has fought
its way out from among the host of
catarrh remedies, and stands unique
and alone today as the catarrh rem
edy par excellence. By its well
earned merits it has attracted the at
tention of the greatest, and the busi
est, and the wisest people. It Is
equally applicable to all ages, to both
sexes, and to every climate.
Nothing in the history of medicine
has ever equalled tue growth of this
remarkable remedy. Catarrh has.
become a national disease. Peruna
has become a national remedy. Dr.
tiartman, the Inventor of Peruna, has
Ixscome the best known physician In
the United States.
All tbla la explained by the fact that
Peruna cure catarrh wherever located.
Catarrh Is liable to attack anv orfiran
ot the human body. Catarrh is not
a local disease, but a systemic dis
ease. Peruna is not a local remedy,
but a systemic remeoy. Peruna
; cures catarrh by eradicating it from
the system.
Such cures are not temporary but
, pernutaeat.
u yon do not derive prompt and
satisfactory rtswltt from the use of
Peruna. write at ones to Dr. Hart man.
giving a full statement of ronr can
and he will be plaxd to give you his
'valuable advice gratis.
1 Address Dr. Hartmun JtrtAt
the Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
. uuio.
His Points.
First boy Is that a good house dog?
Second boy No.
"Good bird dog?"
"No." . . , J
"Good for rabbits?" ' "
"Knows some tricks, perhaps?" -"No."
"What is it good for?"
"Nothln' only to take prizes at
shows." New York World.
Model 50,
' Or in fact anything in tne Marhine line.
j j ,
, wme us or aiaiofues ana xrices.
Portland and Spokane.
Clamps and Uprights.
The Old Fence. The Anchob Fence.
Hog Tight, it Nkvxr Slips after closing
The Portland Anchor Fence Co.
74a Nicolal St., PORTLAND, Oregon.
But from the manufacturer. Price in lull rolls
2 feet wide, ISO feet long.....i......t.6.'
$ ,,......, 2 47
" " " " " '.'11- 4.12
""""" . 4.93
All Kinds of Wire and Iron Work.
149 Front St., Portland. Oregon.
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Oregon,
' Foot of Morrison Street,
Can give you the best bargains in
Bnggiea, Plows, Boilers and Engines,
Windmills and Pumps and General
Machinery. See as before baying.
; Northwest POULTRY News
Ifrou keen ooultrv aend-ioi. for 1 mn.
trial to the Or. Fancier. M ooth 1 ,
8ta. B, Portia d.or. Tells whera
to get best poultry InN.W. Sample f res.
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