Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, April 02, 1901, Image 4

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Are 2400
Disorders incident to the human frame,
of which a majority are caused or pro
moted by impure blood.
The remedy is simple.
Take Hood's Sarsaparilla.
That this medicine radically and
effectively purifies the blood is known
to every druggist, known to hundreds
of thousands of people who themselves
or by their friends have experienced
Us curative powers.
The worst cases of scrofula, the
most agonizing sufferings from salt
rheum and other virulent blood dis
eases, are conquered by it, while
those cured of boils, pimples, dys
peptic and bilious symptoms and that
tired feeling arc numbered by millions.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Will do yon good. Begin to take It today.
As It Seemed to Her.
Mr. Clubman I never was a Jury
man but once, and then the jury was
out all night.
Mrs. Clubman How you must have
enjoyed it! Boston Courier.
Miopm tho Cough and
Work Off thm Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets cure a cold in
one day. iNo cure, No Fay. Price 25 cents.
Supremely Restful.
"I wonder if there's any lazier occu
pation than fishing."
"Well, yes looking at people fish
ing." Brooklyn Life.
There are a great many remedies
but there is one CtRK for a
poor complexion; that is Garfield
Tea. which cures by purifying the
blood, thus removing the cause.
A Reminiscence.
"One time," remarked Wragson
Tatters, "I got Into a soft snap."
"Did yer, honest?" inquired Perry
Patetick, "what was it?"
"A poor ole watchdog dat hadn't no
teeth left." Philadelphia Press.
hows inis;
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any
cue of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Tiopt., Toledo, O.
We the undersigned, have known F.J. Cheney
for the past 16 years, and believe him perfectly
honorable in all business transactions and fin
ancial able to carry out any obligations made
by their firm.
Wist & Truai,
Wholesalo Druggists, Toledo, O.
Waldino, Kinnan Si Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is tr.ken.nt:rnally, acting
flireclly on the blood and mucous surfaces ot
the system. Pri ;e 76c per bottle. Sold by ali
drugrists. Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pills r- tl best.
Glad of It.
Mamma Why are you so quiet,
Robbie (aged six) I was dess
thinkin' how glad I am Christmas
doesn't come in the summertime.
Mamma Why?
Robbie 'Cause I wear such teeny
weeny short socks In the summer
Of Particular Interest to Threshermen and
Russell & Co., of Portland, Ore., the
largest dealers in machinery on the
Pacific Coast, have jnst issued at con
siderable expense a neat and very com
plete account book for up-to-date
thresheimen, etc The books are tor
free distribution, and all people who
want them should write immediately
to Russell & Co., Portland, Ore.
Choice of Letters.
"I think I shall adopt letters as a
profession," observed the party with
the bulging brow.
"Typewriting or sign painting?" in
quired the sardonic person. Balti
more American.
When vou take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic,
because the formula is plainly printed on every
bottle showing that it is simply Iron and Qui
aUne in a tasteless form. No Cure, No Pay. 60c.
Kitchen Necessities.
"Cook, do we need any necessities
for the kitchen?"
"Yea'm. I'd like a Roman chair, one
of them Venishun lanterns an' some
more pillars fer th cozy corner." In
dianapolis Journal.
i Scrofula is but a modified form of Blood
Poison and Consumption. The parent
who is tainted by either will see in the
cniia the same disease
manifesting itself in
the form of swollen
elands of the neck and
throat, catarrh, weak li
eyes, offensive sores
and abscesses and of
tentimes white swell
ing sure signs of
Scrofula. There mav
be no external signs for 7 fjfcr.J
a long time, for the disease develops slowly
in some cases, but the poison is in the
blood and will break out at the first favor
able opportunity. S. S. S. cures this wast
ing, destructive disease by first purifying
and building up the blood and stimulating
and invigorating the whole system.
J. M. Seals, ns Public Square, Nashville, Tenn
ay : Ten years ago my daughter fell and cut
her forehead. Prom this wound the gland on
the side of her face became swollen and bunted.
Gome of the best doctors here and elsewhere
attended her without any benefit. We decided
to try a. S. S., and a few bottles cured her en
tirely." makes new and pure
blood to nourish and
strengthen the body,
and is a positive and
safe cure for Scrofula.
It overcomes all forms of blood poison,
whether inherited or acquired, and no
remedy so thoroughly and effectively
cleanses the blood. If you have any
blood trouble, or your child has inherited
some blood taint, take S. S. S. and get
the blood in good condition and prevent
the disease doing further damage.
Send for our free book and write our
physicians about your case. "We make no
charge whatever for medical advice.
bUKtS nntrtt ALL tlSt rAILo I
Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Use I
in time. Ho)q by druggists.
E traits to W hich an American Pros
pector Was Reduced in Mexico.
Living in Mexico is often a disas
trous experience to the foreigner who is
not acquainted with localities and cus
toms. In the case of John Bascon and
his companion, an Englishman named
Martin Hayes, their experience was
such, but it is also interesting. In con
versation with Mr. Bascon that gentle
man stated the following to an Enter
prise reporter:
Not long ago I came up from Guate
mala with an Englishman named Mas
tln Hayes, and we had three burros
laden with goods. We prospected all
along the line to Tonelado, and stopped
for one week with an Indian at Tehu-
antepec. While there we learned that
in the district up to Tonelado there was
plenty of gold, as another Englishman
had passed through there with $8,000,
which he had panned out at a certain
point somewhere in the region of -San
Pablo, in Oaxaca. We traced the gold
along the streams for sixty miles, and
reached as far as San Miguel. We
were very hungry by this time, having
run short of provisions, and, going
across the mountains, were told that
we should be careful, as banditti were
numerous. Soon after two men met us
not far from San Miguel, and the both
had rifles. They ordered us to halt,
but I pulled a revolver and took their
guns away from them and marched
them on In front of us. When we ar
rived at San Miguel one of them enter
ed a complaint before the jese politico
charging us with, holding them up, but
the jese knew the men too well to list
en to their story, and the result is one
of them Is still in Jail at that place.
When we left San Miguel we secur
ed a mozo to guide u to where the
Englishman referred to found his gold,
but when we got there the mozo would
not stay, as It was known the English
man had returned and died there. We
found his skeleton, with the legs and
arms eaten off, and the mozo, being
fearful he would see the ghost of the
dead, left us to ourselves. We went
across a river and camped in the ad
jacent woods. Along the stream we
prospected for gold, and in two weeks
we found gold which went about 25
cents to the pan. We remained there
about six months, and all that time we
lived on monkey meat and green ba
nanas, and both, too, without salt. Just
think of it! Nothing but monkeys, and
occasionally a fowl or two, and not a
tortilla or common hot cake. Well, sir,
my partner, Martin Hayes of London,
England, died four months after from
the privations suffered during that
time, and I don't suppose his wife or
family ever heard of It But we got
some gold, all right, and monkey meat
would have been all right for me, if we
only had some salt Chihuahua En
That Was Why a Detroit Han Got Out
a Warrant for a Neighbor.
After the applicant for a warrant had
been admonished two or three times to
stick to the text he, was induced to pre
sent his grievances in a connected man
ner. "What I'm claiming, judge, Is that
the main thing we've got to guard
against In this country is one-man pow
er. We've got It in the nation, we've
got it In New York, we've got it in
Philadelphia and Pennsylvania and it
looks to me very much as though we
had It in Detroit Do you believe In it
"Certainly not but what has that to
do with the case?"
"I'm coming to that I only wanted
to get a general expression of principle
from you. Xou are right judge; en
tirely right What is wrong in nation
al, state or municipal government is
wrong to the end of the logical se
quence, is It not?"
"Yes, If I take your meaning."
"Oh, you've got my meaning, judge.
One-man power is wrong when it gets
beyond the Individual, or the family,
say. Now, Judge, we have one of these
obnoxious bosses up in our block. Yes,
sir, precisely the sort of fellow we've
been condemning. He tells us all how
to raise our children, makes them keep
quiet when he wants them to, dictates
to the women about the garbage, raises
ned if a dog barks, protests if anyone
wakes him up by getting home late,
tells the mall man his business, cen
sures all who have any doctor but his,
tells us when to trim our trees, and
rushes to the fire marshal when any of
us want to make some slight improve
ments. "Now he knows better than you do
how I feel on this one-man power busi
ness and when he rushed over before
breakfast to tell me that the snow was
not properly cleaned from my walk, I
Just turned loose and kicked him half
the length of the block. He'll be out
tomorrow and I want to get a warrant
for him as a one-man nuisance before
he can get at me for assault and bat
tery." Detroit Free Press.
Where He Was Weak.
Mr. Jowders looked gloomily at the
letter to which he had just painfully
affixed his signature, and then cast a
dubious glance at his wife.
"Do you want to Just run this over
before I send it to son James?" he in
quired; and when Mrs. Jowders shook
her head, he hastily folded the sheet
which bore the marks of hours of
toll, and thrust it into an envelope,
which he sealed with trembling expedi
tion, and then leaned back in his chair
with an air of relief.
"I was afeard you'd want to read it
and then most likely 'twould be all to
do over again, mother, like the last
one," he said. "But I'm glad James
wrote he didn't mind a word misspelled
here an' there. There's some things I
can do, but I never could seem to get a
good purchase on the system of spell
ing, someway.
"As I view it," continued Mr. Jow
ders, "there's some words you can spell
by the looks, and some you can spell by
the sound; them I. can most gen'lly
manage. But when you come to spell
ing by judgment and main stren'the,
my chances are about as slim as they
make 'em."
A young man is considered eligible
these days who would have lacked 50
per cent of being In that list twenty
years ago.
A man dislikes, attention until it Is
about to be taken away from him.
Tattura fit flffl
Sr. Prinzlne of German 4au1ama
that marriage prolongs life. This gives
some smart bachelor an opportunity
to rise and remark that mairiim
makes life seem long to a man. Bos
ton uiodc.
Passing of Yellowstone Park.
Tt ,H tV,m l
.. . minius, ic gradually ue
climng. This brinps to mind the face, that
decline is the law of the world. Health is
the most precious possession in the world,
and too great care cannot be given to it.
In the spring, you should renew vour
strength, revitalize your blood and nerves
with the best of all medicines, Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters. It also cures stomach
disorders. Try it
man. tKia naV ... 3 ii ,
Late Realization.
"I now realize." said tha a
they loaded him into the wagon,
bound for the butcher's, "I now realize
that overeating tends to shorten life."
luuianapous tress.
Tables Turned.
"The first time I trlcH tn onv.
cigarette it .made me awfully sick."
iuu are setting even now.
"I don't see how." .
"WhV now thpV mnVfl avanrtiAl Ala.
sick when you smoke them. The
Th Evidence Is Furnished by the Sec
retary of the Board of Trade of
Wellsburs;, New York, and
Cannot Be Doubted.
The popular secretary of the. Wells
burg, N. Y., board of trade is Mr. W.
J. Dalton, and his statement to a re
porter regarding one of the most im
portant events of his life carries with it
the greatest weight It is unusual for a
person to be afflicted from childhood
with rheumatism Dut it is even
wonderful that there is a remedy so
exactly suited to the tratment of this
stubborn disease that one hundred
doses were sufficient to eradicate
it in a case of twenty years' stand
ing. The proof that such a remedy
is within the reach of ail rheumatic
sufferers is found in Mr. Dalton's own
words. He says:
'I had been troubled with rheuma
tism all my life, even when a boy.
It attacked me in the legs, arms and
shoulders. The pain in the latter
was particularly severe. I, of course,
took medicine for It, but did not
obtain permanent relief. One day
about three years ago while reading
a newspaper, I saw an advertisement
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People and determined to give them
a trial. I had taken but three boxes
of the pills when the trouble, which
had been my affliction from child
hood, entirely disappeared. .
"About a year later I had another
attack of rheumatism which was
brought on by working in a damp
place. I remembered well what Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People
had done for me, so I immediately
purchased some. Strangely enough,
just three boxes again cured me, and
I have been entirely free from rheu
matism ever since. I have told a num
ber of people about Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People, and they
have taken them with most bene
ficial results."
(Signed) W. J. DALTON.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People are sold by all dealers, or
will be sent postpaid on receipt of
price,- 50 cents a box, or six boxes for
12.50, by Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Schenectady, New York. Be sure
you get the genuine; substitutes never
cured anybody. Look for the full
name on every package.
Jarring Mrs. Von B.
Mrs. Von Blumer My children have
been to school now two terms and
have made scarcely any progress.
Mrs. Witherby How sad! And it's
such a good school, too! Detroit
Free PreBS.
The Bast Prescription for Malaria
Chills and Fevor is a bottle of Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic. It is simply iron and quinine in
a tasteless form. No Core, Mo Pay. Price 60c.
Officer of Gas Company But don't
you know we can't afford to give you
good gas at any such price as that?
Consumer What are you giving us
now, hot air? Chicago Tribune.
The remarkable success of Garfield
Tea, the great HEKBcnreior Con
stipation and Sick Headache, is
due to its healthful action on
all the digestiTa organs.
Entitled to Half Rates.
Beggar Please give a poor old
blind man a dime!
Citizen Why, you can see out of
one eye.
"Well, then give me a nickel."
Chicago News.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
, Bears the
Signature of
:, Strange Obstinacy,
"It's funny how things work," re
maked the fluent man. "I have tried
everything for insomnia without the
least relief. And the other evening
I merely mentioned a few of the ex
pedients I had tried, and every man
in the room was fast asleep before
I had got half through." Boston
f Two Big Pains j
seem to be the heritage of the
human family everywhere, viz:
but there is one sure and
prompt cure for both, to:
1 St Jacobs Oil I
Regard Peruna as Their Shield
Mrs. Bel va A. Lockwood Lata Candidate for
the Presidency.
Mrs. Belva A Lockwood, late candi
date for the Presidency.
Mrs. Belva A. Lockwood, the emi
nent barrister, of Washington, D. C;
is the only woman who has ever
been a candidate for the presidency
of the United States. She is the best
known woman in America. As the
pioneer of her sex in the legal pro
fession she has gathered fame and
fortune. In a letter to the Peruna
Medicine Company she says:
" have used your Peruna both
for myself and my mother, Mrs.
Hannah J. Bennett, now Jn her
88th year, and I find It an inval
uable remedy for cold, catarrh,
hay fever and kindred diseases;
also a good tonic for feeble and
old people, or those run down,
and with .nerves unstrung."
Yours truly,
Belva A. Lockwood.
Peruna cures catarrh by removing
the cause, inflamed mucous mem
branes. Dr. Hartman, the compounder of
Peruna, once said, in a lecture to
women: "A great number of women
consult me every year. I often have
occasion : to say to these patients:
'I fear you have catarrh, madam.'
Becoming Personal.
Mr. Saphed Aw do you believe
thawt monkeys talk, Miss- Smawt?
Miss Smart I know they talkI
have heard them. Ohio State Jour
nal. - Be Beautiful 1
A elear, clean complexion is the foundation
of all beauty. Casoarets Candy Cathartic make
and keep the-skin of, and velvetv. All drug
gists 10c, 25c, 50C. eiveiy. -
To be Expected.
"You fellows," complained the king
of beasts, "don't seem to be properly
Impressed when I start to describe
my adventures."
"Ah!" replied the diplomatic hyena,
"your stories are wonaerful, but then
we know you are a lion." Philadel
phia Press.
Take-Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
flruggists refund the money if It fails to cure.
E. IrSTJrove's signature is on each box. 25c.
'' 1 I The Secret of It.
Ann. Eliza There goes Mary Ma
loney. She's ih' stylishest dressed
girl Of any of us.
Maria Jane An' small wonder. Her
missus is th' same size 's her, 'n em
ploys th' best moddist in th' city
Philadelphia Bulletin.
I, do not believe Piso's Cure for Con
sumption has an equal for coughs and
colds, John P. Boykb, Trinity Springs,
Ind., Feb. 15. 1900.
Rather Unkind.
Gusher My wife has promised to
wait for me at the gate of heaven if
she is the first to go.
Flasher Tut tut You shouldn't
he so revengeful as to make her wait
through eternity simply because she
made you wait while she fixed up
sometimes. Life.
If yon haven't a reirnlar. healthy movement of the
bowels every day, you're sick, or will be. Keep your
bowels open, and be well. Force, In the shape of
violent physic or plU poison, is dangerous. The
rimoothest. easiest, most perfect way of keeping the
scwals elear and clean Is to take
Kjl2?a5iv.PalStallle' PotP'- Taste Good. Do Good,
never Sicken, Weaken, or Gripe. 10c, "0c Write
forf ree sample, and booklet on health. Address
tnttat Inrij Caapsay, Cklnga, Hgatnsl, Sr lark. Stts
Bee Line Buggies
$65.00 AND UP.
HENNEY, $90.00 and up.
Iron corners on bodies of all our Henner and
Bee Line Buggies. Bend for Catalog,
First and Taylor Sts. Portland, Oregon.
Northwest POULTRY News
If yoateep poultry send 10c for S mos.
trial to the 6r. F.nclnr. Monthly
?".'. p"?, "r. Tells whew
to get best poultry In N.W. Sample free.
U 1 fl'Ji V i'lWlG
7fr9ll CANDY
Against Coughs, Colds, Grip and
ThpV will ffflnAMlllv Mknlv TW, ... T
, ouw.H.. . v-f . J , vu, uv, I
never had catarrh. My nose is per
fectly clear, and my breath is not bad.
I am not troubled with coughing or
spitting, or any other disagreeable
symptom of catarrn.' 'But, my dear
madam, you may have catarrh all the
same. Catarrh is not always located
in me head. You
may have catarrh of
the lungs, or stom
ach, or liver, or kid
neys and especially
you may have catarrh
of the pelvic organs."
The doctor went on
to say: "I have been
preaching this doc- Mrs. T. J. Ballard,
trine fo' the last forty Eureka .,ePinK.
voara. W I Ark .cured of a se-
, om a vere cae 01 catarrn
vast multitude of by Pa ana.
women who have never heard it yet
Catarrh may attack any organ of the
body. Women are especially liable to
catarrh of the pelvic organs. There
are one hundred cases of catarrh of
the pelvic organs to one of catarrh
of the head. Most people think, be
cause they have not catarrh of the
head, they have not catarrh- at all.
This is a great mistake, and is the
cause of many cases of sickness and
Mrs. T. Pelton, 562 St. Anthony ave
nue, St Paul, Minn., writes: "Peruna
has done wonders
for me. It has
cured my headache
and palpitation of
the heart; has
built np my whole
system. I cheer
fully recommend
Peruna to all' suf
ferers afflicted with
catarrh. My moth
er is nuver without
Pernna. When
one is tired and
generally out of
it V 1-
Mrs. T. Pelton.
owiifl, ii i erujis in
taken it immediately removes that
tired feeling."
factory results from the use of Peru
an, write at once to Dr. Hartman,
giving a full statement of your case
and he will be pleased to give you his
valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President' of
the Hartman Sanitarium, Colum
bus, Ohio. . -
Accommodating Old Man.'
He I asked you father's consent
by telephone .
She What was his answer?
He He said: "I don't know who
you are, but it's all right," Harvard
Lampton. .
In the Affirmative.
The body of tne latest mysterious
disappearance having been found at
the bottom of a creek, we pause long
enough to ask whether the mysterious
disappearance ought not to stop dis-appearing.-Philadelphia
CI TO Permanentlr CnreA Vn m.
T II O attar t 'lay'" nof Dr. Kliaa's Great Hem
. . . ,, li mi uoiue ana treat.
ISS. Be. B. 11. KlHl, Ltd.,31 ArchSt., Philadelphia, Pa
In the New South.
: A federal gunboat has been ordered
to Memphis for the special delectation
of. the old Johnny rebs during their
approaching annual reunion. How
"things has changed" since 1861-5!
Louisville Times. .
Too True.
Nodd How do you like" your
country home?
Todd It's a great place. The
only drawback is that I can't sell it.
Harper's Bazaar.
For Catalogues
A guaranteed Care for Catarrh and
Consumption. 11.00. D Lock Box 145.
W. H. SMITH a CO. Buffalo, I.V., Prop's
MASSNtlsaj ewa
The "Russell" Compound
Is here to stay. It is the Most Economical
and Powerful Engine built
Write us for full particulars.
Buy from the manufacturer. Price in full rolls
2 feet wide. ISO feet long 11.64
" ' " 2.47
4 H mm M " a on
'5 a ' ' 11 M M
4.M 1
All Kinds of Wire and Iron Work.
140 Front St., Portland, Oregon.
v:: ...... if j GRATES
JpMEfgp'' Byfg " Address .
a mTMr Von i i
Sjfr losow what I I
JF Jr you're planting I I
f f when you plant
f f Ferry's Seeds. If yon
I I buy cheap seeds you cant I 1
1 I be sure. Take no chances 1 J
V Y Swt Ferry's. Dealers every- I
where sell them. Write
for 1901 Seed Annnal J
mailed free. jr
D.M. FERRY ft CO., jFjJr
Detroit, HWg&r
, ft
How Tracks Were Constructed and
Trains Ban Sixty Years Asro.
Irving D. Cook, who lives near South
Byron, recently repaired a barn on the
old Cook homestead that was built
many years ago. In taking out a gran
ary, some timbers found In Its construc
tion were recognized by Mr. Cook as a
part of the first old New York Central
Railroad roadbed that was built to By
ron, which was for a time the terminus,
about sixty years ago. These white
oak sticks were 3 by 4 Inches, as sound
as when first used, and were what the
first strap rail was nailed or spiked on.
The imprint of the two-Inch iron strap
la plainly seen. Mr. Cook's recollection
ot the early railroading Is very clear,
aa the road crosses his farm.
He says ties were first laid, and on
these were placed long stringers, which
were of any kind of timber .that could
be obtained from farmers near. by.
These stringers were hewn on the upper
side, and on the under side were
notched where they crossed each tie.
On these stringers and running in the
same direction white oak scantlings
were fastened.' When the ends of the
strips of Iron met, a short piece was
placed so that the ends of the rail, if
they might be called that, would not In
dent the wood.
There were no section bosses In those
days, and handcars were unknown.
The first repair gang consisted of three
men, who carried a few spikes, a chisel,
an auger, a hand saw, etc. in a handled
basket The few heavy tools, like a crow
bar, adze and shovel,' were carried on
the men's shoulders. The men worked
as they pleased, and during the hot
summer days It was no uncommon
thing for the gang to spend hours in
the shade of Mr. Cook's sugar bush, ad
joining the track. Trains were infre
quent, and a roadmaster's pony was. un
known. ,
Among the locomotives first used
for freight and passenger service were
the Louis Brooks, .Whittlesey. Asa
Sprague and No. 4, the last being
known as' the Iron Engine, because no
wood was used in its construction ex
cept in the cab. These engines had only
one drive-wheel on each side. The first
Fourth of July after the road was con
structed and in running order was ob
served by the railroad company by fir
ing a cannon from the rear platform of
the last car on approaching stations.
lhe passenger cars were short and
much like the body of a stage coach.
Some of these passenger cars had an
upper story, and1 from this upper deck
Mr. Cook saw Martin Van Buren climb
down to shake hands with a crowd
when, be was running for the presi
dency. The conductor was then called
a collector, and passed, along on the out
side of the cars on a running board that
extended the entire length of the car.
The putting of names on engines was
discontinued twenty-five or thirty years
ago, the last to run on the western divi
son being the Dean Richmond, which
was No. 147; the Azariah Boody, James
Whitney, James H. Kelley and Gen. H
H. Baxter. Rochester Democrat and
The! Hearr Sister. :
Come in, Sister Mandy don't stan' dar
-' by dedo'
De fiddle des a-gwine, en de white san'
on de So'!
De sister in de center she weigh two
hnndered poua ,
En de prize is fer de deacon dat'U swing
uat sister rouu I ,.
Don't you heah de music?
- Come en jine de ring!
Ain't dis halleluia?
Swing yo' pa'tners swing!
Heah come Deacon Williams he'll win
out, I be boun'!
But, oh! dat heavy sister done Hinged
Brer Williams down:
Still she standin' lonesome fines' gal in
En de prize is fer de deacon dat'U swing
' , dat sister roun I
Don't you heah de music?
Come en jine de ring!
Ain't dis halleluia?
Swing yo' pa'tners swing!
Bless God, none kin swing her! What
you gwine ter do?
Dai's de prize a-lookin' Turn de chimbly-
sheli at you I
Br"er Williams he is missin', but he'll git
dar, 1 be boun J
He gone ter git a derrick fer ter swiug
dat sister roun j
Don't you heah de music?
Come en jine de ring!
Ain't dis halleluia?
Swing yo' pa'tners swing!
Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly.
Reforms in German Langiuige.
The Allgemeiner Deutscher Sprach-
verein Is a German association to en
courage the simplification and purity
of the German language. One of Its
alms Is to make both spoken and writ
ten German simpler, not only by using
shorter and less involved sentences,
but by the elimination of the use of
foreign words in the social, business
and .scientific worlds. 1 he .headquart
ers of. the association are In Berlin and
there are branches In Milan and many
parts of. Austria as well as in London.
Lighting a Lamp with a Snowball.
When a small piece of potassium, the
size of half a grain of corn, is dropped
Into a tumblerful of water, 'some of the
oxygen of the water leaves its hydro
gen, owing to the intense heat which
the chemical action produces, and com
bines .. with the metallic potassium,
causing a violet bluish flame. When
the piece of potassium is placed on the
wick of a coal-oil or alcohol lamp, the
flame produced by touching the potas
sium with a bit of snow, ice or water.
will light the lamp.
Age at Which They Marrieil.
'Royal personages almost invariably
marry young. " Queen Victoria was not
21 at the time of her marriage; the
Prince of Wales was rather less than
22 when he 'married the beautiful Alex
andra. The King of Italy was 24 when
he married his seventeen-year old bride.
The King of the Belgians was first mar
ried at the agt of 18, and the Emperor
of Germany was 22 when he married
the Empress, who Is a few months his
senior. ' -
Plenty of Koom in Montana,
' There are about 30,000,000 acres of
unoccupied public land yet remaining
In Montana. w '. -
The dull man bores you and tile -sharp
one skins yon, - I
Vihy a Woman
lm Ablo to Hmlp Stole Woman
Whan Dootorm Fall.
How gladly would men fly to wo-'
man's aid did they but understand
woman's feelings, trials, sensibilities,
and peculiar organic disturbances.; "
Those things are known only to
women, and the aid a man would give ,
is not at his command.
To treat a case properly it is neces
sary to know all about it, and full
information, m&n-v timea. cannot be .
given by a woman to her family phy
sician. She cannot bring berseli to
tell everything, and the physician ia
Mas. a. E. Chafpha.
at a constant disadvantage. This ia
why, for the past twenty-five years.
thousands of women have been con- '
naing meir irouDies w us, ana our
advice has brought happiness and
health to countless women in the U.S.
Mrs.' Chappell, of Grant Park, 111.
whose portrait we publish, advises all .
suflering women to use Lydia E. Pink
ham's . Vegetable Compound, as ' it
cured her of inflammation of the ovaries
and womb ; she, therefore, speaks from
knowledge,' and her' experience ought
tmHvAnf.iAratfYinfldfTi AilrA,, Mm
Pinkham'a Laboratory, Lynn, Mass,
Would Not Submit.
Johnny Doesn't Uncle Henry : Jlkt
plum pudding?
Mamma Yes; but the doctor won"!
let him eat it.
Johnny If I was as big as him, I'd
like to see any doctor keep me from
eating it Puck.
Too Much Imagination.
The gentleman whose claim to a
whole Florida island, based upon a
Spanish grant, has been adversely
considered by the supreme court, may
be consoled by the fact that there
are numerous people who have found
sad defects in their titles to Spanish
icmiy, ifnuciyaiiy, ouwever, in iue
matter of castles in Spain. Baltimore
"Yes," said ie author, "when : 1
get started writing a novel l do lose
considerable sleep over it.
"Oh! welL" exclaimed the critic
who had a neat way of disguising aa
bitter dose of sarcasm under the
sugar-coating of apparent flattery,.
gain." Standard.
This signature is on every dot 01 tne genuine
LOiaurE lm uuiu-y UUllliC '"'
uia remeay was cures m coia lai aaay
What he had Heard. . . tl.
Tommy I'm glad I don't live out in
North Dakota.
Arthur Why? s
Tommy--I have ..heard that, thej .
1 .1 1 1 . i : . ' . 1 ' -
UH.VH LurmiiiE IIILf'll I I1HM IIIII. I UHm.
Bomervuie journal:-
Even There! ..
"Mipa TTfnao-AA tViir i4t,'4- liava tliA
f resales at Vassar College, do they?.".
"Don't they, though? They made
me buy pound after pound of almond
hiittercnns and stand and watch them.
.1. 1 1 v, .u . 1 ni.; riii.
HtALU 0 bUolN too UULLtUL
A r 1 T 1 O XT ! .
Amour the Institutions Identified with the
growth and deYelopment of Sun Francisco.
Heald'a Business College holds a conspicuous
place. Both as a business enterprise and an
educational Institution, it has been ever since.
lb wiBnuunuvU) uraiij luiij jvaio au, ex
tremely popular and emtneutly successful. It
is in the class of those solid and substantial in
stitutions in which a city takes pride. Citizens
point to it as one of the old reliable and -thoroughly
progressive establishments, an Institu
tion with a definite purpose and an unques- ,
tioned status. ,
In connection with commercial education
the name of Heald's Is a household word, on the
Pacific Coast and throughout the country at'
large. -.In its own field of effort it is as widely
known as Stanford or Berkeley, for It enrolls
students 'from the four quarters of the globe.
In 1899 every county In California but four had
students in Heald's Business College. The four
not represented were Del Norte Lassen, Orange
and Ventura. The register of the college shows '
that In 1900 students were enrolled from the
following States and Trrltorles outside of Cul
ifornla; in many cases there were several rep
resentatives from each: Nevada. Iowa, Wasa
ington, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, Utah, Idaho,
Arizona, Ktfnsas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Now
Jersey, Vermont. Virginia and New Mexico. In
1900 students came directly to the school from
Mexico, Canada, Japan, the Hawaiian Islands,
Yukon Territory, Siberia and Central America.
Enrollments were also made from England and
Its large body of alumni constitute a mnxt
formidable promoting force, and the steady
growth of the college can be attributed lwrge.y
to the commndlng voice of these thousands of
graduates, who know whereof they speak.
For full Information write to the college for -the
80-pa sre catalogue and coiiege Journals.
Address E. P. Heald, President, 24 Post
street, San Francisco, CaL
His Philosophy.
She I wish I could be as contented
as you.- ' "--. '
He Oh! I ain't contented only I
don't think it's worth while po worry
about it." Puck.
rv a-.f-.x
'vi. v i in i :
.v.,.' ' U a. -a r -m
Tare No Substitutes. Free Catalooucs
Showimq rut-l Limc or GASmSNTa and Hats.
A.J. TOWER, Co. Boston . Wms.
M. P. M. D.
a. 13 1 VOX,
WHBW writinr t ad v artisan Bla,
aaatipn Uxla pa-par. '