Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, February 05, 1901, Image 2

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One of the fundamental prin
ciples and obligations which the
people of a community take upon
themselves in the formation of
county governments is that all
will contribute equal portions of
taxes, according to the assessed
value of the property of each,
forming a general fund, which
shall be used in the payment of
the running expenses and public
improvements ot the whole cotm
ty. Out of this fund the bridges
and free ferries in the north end
of a county are paid for, which
are used for the benefit of the
people of the north end, and the
people of the south end derive
but little benefit therefrom. The
bridges and free ferries in the
south end are also paid for out
of the same fund, and they are
seldom used by the people of the
north end. It is expected when
the improvement is made that
the citizen of the south end will
receive nearly all of the benefit
threfrom. In like manner the
public improvements in the east
and west ends of the - coun
ties are made and maintained.
Except in Benton county, this
fundamental and equitable prin
ciple Is continually violated
The bridges and crossings all
over Benton county are made
free to all her citizens, except as
to tne people ot Oorvallis pre
cinct Thus far they have been
required to pay toll across the
river at Corvallis, when thev
have ever since the organization
ot the county government freely
and gladly paid one half the
taxes required to make all the
bridges and ferries in the county
r a- ii i .
e 10 an ner citizens, it is
time that we understand how
long shall continue the viola'
tion of this solemn and equitable
compact between the citizens of
a county who are entitled to the
ame equal sights and justice;
which should be so fairly admin
istered that all can enjoy the
same privileges. The habit of
contending that a rank injustice
should continue because, it once
existed, shows qualities not
always found in a large and gen
erous .condition of mind. We
trust that these wrengs will soon
oe remedied. .
Two years ago the legislature
passed a law reapportioning this
state. Under this apportion
ment Benton county was given
one senator and one representa
tive. A bill has been introduced
in the present legislature which
provides a representative' for
Benton and a joint senator be
tween Linn and Benton. ' This
scheme woald certainly be un
just to this county.1 If the con
stitution will permit, each coun
ty, no matter how small should
have at least one senator and one'
representative," the balance of
representation to be divided be
tween the larger counties. This
would be a wholesome restraint I
in preventing the large counties
irom entering into unholy alli
ances or consenting to divide up
already small counties. Tf T.inn
could get the representation of
Benton, sne would no doubt cut
off and annex to Linn as many
pieces from Benton as she de
sired. Benton would soon be
wiped off the map.
- A large portion of the people
of Oorvallis precinct seldom use
many Of the bridges over the
streams in the distant oreHurt
of the county, although some of
them cross the Willamette river
at Corvallis every day and many
of them cros3 frequently," con
stantly paying toll for the triv-
ilege. Is it equitable or just to
me people ot Corvallis precinct
to eause them to pay ferriage
forever, when they have freely
paid palt of the cost of making
all other crossings in the county
free? -
It requires . no experience to dye
who ruinam j&aaeiegs uyes sim
ply boiliDg your goods in the dye is
till that's necessary. Sold by Gra
ham & Wells.
Ltx ftn
-uaress delivered re-
hsCA.. 4.1. .
fess, Dr. James Withycomba, of
the 0 A C, made tjie -'following
encouraging prophecy 'regarding
Oregon and her future: -
The activity of our people and
their wonderfal achievements ac
complished along commercial
and industrial lines at the close
of the nineteenth century, will
pale . into insignificance when
compared with the future. The
intensity ot effort to develop the
natural resources of the state
will surpass the dreams of the
most sanguine. New markets
will be sought and captured; our
fertile lands will be transformed
into highly cultivated fawns,
yielding returns that would
seem incredible to the average
farmer of today, these rural
homes will be peopled by a con
tented, thrifty and intelligent 1
population; primeval forests will
awakea to the ring of the axe,
the song of the saw and the
whistle of' Hie log train: this
lumber, unexcelled for many
purposes, will be floated on the
high seas, in unparalleled quan-
ties, to every market in the civ
ilized world; the stored-up ener
gy in our immense coal deposits
will be utilized; fafltories and
foundries will spring up en
every hand, giving remunerative
employ ment'to our skilled arti
sans, and mountains will give up
their countless millions of the
precious white and yellow metals
to contribute to the pleasure and
luxury of our people. With
these splendid achievements wiil
come phenomenal development
along all lines tr agricultural
pursuits, prominent among
which will be the- dairying in
dustry. -
Mrs. George Eglin. who died
at her home in this city; of
pleure-pneumonia, , had ' only
been confined to her bed about
ten - days although : her health
had been poer for several years.
Deceased was born at Dallas,
Oregon, March 20, 1867, and
was married to George F. Eglin
in Albany, October .20, 1884.
Her maiden name was Cynthia
Ellen Mounts.; The immediate
survivors ara the husband and
four children; the mother, Mrs.
Mary Hite; a brother, Lee Hite,
and a sister, Mrs. Hadley; the
latter three are all of Lnn
Mrs. Eglin : was a kind and
loving wife and mother, and
aside from her husband and
motherless little ones, leaves
many sincere friends who will
mourn her early death. - '
The fnneral services took place
at the Baptist church and were
conducted by Rev. Mark Noble.
The remains were interred in
Crystal Lake cemetery,
Examination of Teachers for State
Notice is hereby given that for the pur
poseot making an examination of all
persons who . may offer themselves as
candidates for teachers of the schooled
this county and state, the same being
applicants for state papers, the countv
school superintendent thereof will hold a
public .examination at Corvallis, bei-
ning at 9 a. m. Wednesday, February 13,
iui, and continuing for three davs.
The program is as follows: ' "
Wednesday Penmanship, ,.0mDO8i-i
tion, history, spelling, algebra, reading.
lftiirsday Written arithmetic. thrr
of teaching," grammar, book-keeping,
English literature, civil government. ?V
Friday Physiology, geoeranbv. men
tal arithmetic, school law," physical .
q . . - . I
"ay xxjiany, plane geometerv. I
general history, physics, psycholozy
. .
Dated this 5th dayol February, 1001.
G. W. Dekman,
County School Superintendent.
Pianos and Organs tor Sale.
Call at residence in Wilkins Addition
and eee samples of high grade pianos
and organs just unboxed. Can give bar
gains on goods of the highest merit as
they are shipped direct from the factory
thns saving middle men's profits and
giving the benefit of this economy to
patrons. All invited to inspect goods. ,
A r-.-. u. ......
jrv Desions
' CaRVRHUrra JtV
AsTOflt seadlitff a .Vntnh Mi aimi.
liamt affmo -rnr anm... u
Sciennnc fltsericait
oolaUon of any laiwiUflo iotunal!
; f oar moniiu. $L
Tormi n
& Co.B,B-M,ew York
Branch Offloe. at t Bt, Wsahlogtoo. fc C.
Shave vUh CrnoiiSA Siiavin.i flrur, an,
before cleans!. ho feo ruli on. a lH of Ci"n.
CUBA Ointment, Ihe (reatukliiciire. WaalttHf
wi tliCirricuHA Toilet Boa ami Hut W-itkh.
Thi4 aiiuilo, i.iexiiemiive treatment will muka
having a pleasuro mid oouifort to ihuat) Kill)
lender. ioibjueU, easily Irritated akin.
8o!4thTmrlHntfftirnrM. Pom !, 4wi 0. Ooar..
SolePiei. Uution. " All About Uu aaia," Int.
Jhe Light of the World
- - " or f
Our Savior in Art.
Cost nearly $100,000 to produce. Con
tains nearly 100 full-page engravings ot
our Savior and Hia Mother by the world's
gieateat painters. True copies ot the
greatest Masterpieces in the art galleries
of En rope. Every picture is as beauti
ful as a sunrise over the hilltops.- Con
tains description of the paintings, biog
raphy of the painters, the nanus and lo
cations of the galleries in Europe where
the originals may be seen. Also contaius
a Child's Department, including a Child's
Story of the Christ and Hia Mother,
beautifully written, to fit each picture.
This wonderful book, matchless in its
purity and beauty, appeals to every
mother's heart, and in evciy Christian
home where there are children the book
sells itself. Christian men and women
are making money rapidly taking orders.
A Christian man or woman can is this
community soon make $1,000 taking or
ders for Christinas presents. Mrs. Waite,
our agent in Massachusetts, has sold
over $3,000 worth of the books in a very
short time. Mrs. Sackett, our agent in
New York, haesold over $1,500 worth of
books in a very short time.' The book is
printed on velvet-finished paper, beauti
fully bound in Cardinal Bed and geld,
and adorned with Golden Roees and
Lilies. It is, without doubt, the most
beautiful book of this century.; Write
for terms quickly and get the manage
of that territory. You can work on
salary or commission, and when you
prove your success we will promote you
to the position of Manager and Corres
pondent, at a permanent salary, to devote
your time to attending to agents and the
correspondence. Wanted also a State
Manager to bav charge of office in Lead
ing City of the State and manage all the
business of the State. Send for terms.
Address - - .
. . Corcoran Building, Opposite .
. V. S. Treasury, Washington, D. C
Good farm for sale 4 miles southwest of
Corvallis ; Marys river is south boundary
line. A fraction over 90 acres ; 50 acres
m cultivation ; 8 acres in hay, 12)4 acres
in fall wheat; rest plowed ready to sew
in spring. Good 2-story house 6 rooms,
1 pantry, 2 clothes closets, ' woodshed,
barn, straw shed, smoke house, young
orchard bearing, good well of water right
at door, 1 plow, 1 cultivator, 3 horses
and harness, 1 light rig, 1 new farm
wagon, 4 milch cows, some poultry: all
tor $3,600. Well known as the Frank
Davis farni. . ' Mas Lydia Taylok.
notice of Administrator's Sale of
Reaf Property.
Id the miter of the Estate
James . Abraham. Deceased.
Notice is hereby siren that Tinrsnnnt tn &n anI..
ot the county court of thoet&te of Oregon foriiult
nonisa county made ana entered on the 30th dav of
November, 1900, I will from and after the 7th 'day
of March, 1901, proceed to sell at private cale
the following described real property of said estate,
and all the right, title and interest which the said
Jan Abraham had therein-at the time of hia de
cease, towit: m . ...
Beginning at the ouarter section corner between
fractional sections 2 and 3, township 11 south, range
4 west Willamette Meridian, running thence south
48 decrees east 14.90 chains, thence south 65 de
grees 60 minutes west 5:82 chains, th; : ;e south 20
degrees 10 minutes east- 17 M) 4hn.ina '. nth. .nnrtV
batik of the Willamette river, thence following said
north bank of the Willamette river with the me
anders thereof in a southwesterly course to the
southeast corner of lot 1 in fractional section S in
said township, 'thence north 37 minutes east 28.80
-chains to the place of beginn'ng, containing 20.40
acres; also the northeast quarter of the southeast
quarter ana jot numner l ol fractional section 3,
tOWnshiD 11 SOUth. I-Blura 4 VPrt 1.1 hm Wil....l.
Meridian, containing 68. 45 acres, saVe and excepting
... uwewiui. vwuoi w sne muam
V vauey a uoagt Kaiiroart containing about 6
wjrtw,, an siiuatea ut nettles conntv. ureimn! also
the ea-t half of the following described real Drotwr-
ty: The Korth half of the southwest quarter, and
lots 3 and 4 in section S, township 11 south, range
- -wu.uiuj5 iu.w kic hi jMfiiu-u county
The tern s of said sale are as follows: Ihe. entire
purcnase price is to De paia in casn.
j - w; f mTRimt
Adm'r .de bonis non. with thewitl annexed ef the
estate oi james ADranam, deceased, Portland, Or.
Something- New.
Just published by the Southern Tacifiu
Company is a pamphlet upon the re
sources of Western Oregon, -which in
cludes an excellent map of, the state,
and contains .; information on climate,
lands,:; education, etc., existing indus
tries vtiA their capabilities.
Attention is also directed to such new
fields for energy or capital- as pioinise
fair return. , - v
This publication fills a need long ex
perienced by Oregoniane. in replyinglo
inquiries of Eastern frrends.
Copies may be had of local -agent of
the Southern Pacific Company, or from
C. II. Mabkiiau, :
. : G. P. A., Portland, Oregon.'
For Jet.
Will rent .200 acres of laad west of
Monroe and take part payment of rent
in work and improvements' on -the place.
Address M. S. Woodcock,
... Administrator,
Corvallis, Oregon.-... : .
It is well to remember that you
can cover Benton County
horougiily by placing
your ndvcTtiscmcut in the
They get Proper Display, Proper Position
and Proper Treatment.
come to think over it,
you can easily under
stand why so many prom
nent advertisers place ads
in this paper.
That's the Secret.
Notice tor Pobltcaties.
U. E. LAm Orncn
Oregos City, Oism, Hot.' 19, IflOO.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance with The
arOTisiotis of the act of Congress of June 8, 1378
entitled "An act for the tale of timber lands is tho
States of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washing
ton Territory," as extendi d to all the Public tand
States by act of August 4, 1892, , ' . -.
Of Fall Citr, county of Polk, State of Oregon, has
this dav Sled in this office her swolh statement No
5324, for the purchase of lot 3, a A, N. W. U and N
K. i, S. W. U of SectisnNo. 2 in Township No. i3 fcr
llange No. 7 West, and will offer proof to show th.".t
the land sought is more valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to establish
her eKim to said land before the Kegistei and Re
ceiver of this office at Oregon City, Oregon, en
Thursday, the 14th day of Fobrnary. 1901. She
names as witnesses: Freeman W. Robinson, Lettle
M. Robinson, Michael Flynn and Albert N. Robin
son, all of Fall City, Oregon. '
Any and all nersens nlaimlno- ulr.rt.1r f v. .hn.J i
described lands are requested t file their claims la
this office on r before said 14th day of Feb., 1901.
Rstieo for lHiMleatiea.
Ctrrrn nun Lure Onto,
Orege Oity, Orsron, Ker. 19, 1O0&
notice Is hereby given that in compliance with
the provisions of the act of Congress of June 3rd,
1878, entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands in
the states of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Wash
ington Territory." as extended to all the Public Land
stages oy act oi August 4, 1892,
Of Fall Cut. countv of Polk. Ktala of (Imin h.
this day filed ht this office her sworn statement No.
6323, for the purchase of the N. E. quarter of Sec
tion 14 in Township No. 18 S , Range No. 1 West,
and will of er proof to show that the land sought la
more valuable for its timber or stone than for agri-
vuibuiai purijuseB, ana to esiaousn ner Claim to said
land before the Register and Receiver of this office at
Oregon City, Oregon, en Thursday, the 14th day of
February, 1901. She names of witnesses: Michael
Flynn, Fieeman W. Robinson, Bridget Flynn and
muci . a,. nvuuuKin, an oi rail uny, uregoil.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the above
described lands are requested to Hie their claims in
mis omce on or oelore said 14th day of February,
- - ' Register.
Notice for Publication.
Uifrrtt States Lakb Omct,
Oreean Citv. Ontaan .-Nnw l.. iom
Netiee is hereby given that ia compliance with the
provisions ot the act of Congress of June S, 1878
entitlesl "An act far the sale ef timber lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Wash
,BtS Territory," as extended to all the Publie
w states oy act oi August 4, 1891. -.
Of Halem.- eonntv of Hnn.n ..... r,
b" this day filed In . this office his swern statement
No. 6315, tor the purchase of the 6W& of Section
V, i . . F . " ""is ". 7 west, and
will offer proof to show that the land ought is
moe valuable for its timber or steae than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish his cla'm to
said land before thai egister and receiver ef this office
n vnii uregon, on Tuesday, the 29th day
January, 1901. He names as witnesses: Devillo M.
Wilson, Robert A. Wilson, and E. V. Spencer, all of
lalui U.nnn 11 11 ,n
""nvj, viegon, anu Ben v. spencer
of Alsia, Eenton County, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the above-
rrewriBea tanas are requested to Die their claims in
tnia omce on or eeiore said zth day of January,
11. i UHAS. B. UOOKKK.
Re gister .
Notice for Publication.
Uhd States Land Ornca, '
Oregon City, Oregon, Deo. 10, 1000.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance with the
provisions of an act of Congress of June 3, 1878, en
titled "An act for the sale ef Umber lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washing
ton Territory," as extended to all the Public Land
States by act of August 4, 1892,
Of Fall City, county of Tollt, State of Oregcn, has
this day filed inthis office hie sworn talement No.
6333. for the purchase of the N. N. W.-1-4, N.
N. . 1-4 of Section No. 84 in Tnwnrhin Ku 1? e
Range No. 7 W.. aid will offer proof to show that
the land sought is irore valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultur.1 porroses, and to estab
lish his claim to said land befe.e the Register and
Receiver ef this office at Oregon City, Oregon, on
Inday, the 8th day of March, 1901. He names as
witnesses: Michael Fryun, Freeman Robinson,
Peter Miller and Alvin Kobinson, all ot Falls City.
Oregon. "
Any and all persons claiming adversely the above
described lands are requested to file their claims in
this office on or before said 8th dav of March 1901.
;a iiooREs,
(Register, 1
Persons desiring to locate on timber
claims tributary to tho C. & E. E. R.
would do well to call on or correspond
with the undersigned. There is a num
ber o( first-class timber claims to betaken
np tinder the timber or homestead acts.
"W. lil CLARK,
Grates, Marion Co.. Or. Loeator.
Hotlce of Final Settlement.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned execu
tor of the estate of Martha J. Rice, deceased has
filed his final account in said estate in the County
Court of the State ef Oregon, for Benton County,
sitting in probate, and Saturday, the 9th Day ef
February, 1991, at 10 o'clock a. m.,. at the Court
House m Corvallis, Oregon, is the time and phee
fixed by the Court for hearing objections, if any. to
final ..ww...... 1 .1 . . i " . . . -
-wwmv am wic sebuement tnereoi.
Dated January 11, 190L
CHAaua B. Rick,
Notice ef -
Sale of Real
Notice is hereby eiven that hv xirtnA of
of sale and license from the county court of Clack
amas county, state ol Oregon, made and issued at
the December term thereof , to-wit: on the 3rd day
of Dec., 1900, licensing me to sell certain real estate,
I will on Saturday, the 20th day of January. 191,
at the hour of one o'clock p. m. of said day, at tho
court house door in the city of Corvallis, in Benton
county, Oregon, sell at public auction to the high
est bidder, for cash in hand, the following described
real property, to-wit: Lot No. 8 in Block No. 7 in
Dixon's Addition to the city of Corvallis, in Benton
tounty, state of Oregon, said real property here
inbefore described beinc thn nrnnnptv nf ln P rvwilr
Thomas O. Cook and Hazel Cook, minors who are
under the guardianship of the undersigned.
Guardian of Said Minors.
Notice for Publication.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice ef his intention
to make filial nroof in aunnort of hia nlAim nA
that said proof tv-ill be made before the County
Clerk of Benton County, at Corvallis, Oregon,
on February: 20, 1901, tIz: 4
H. E. No. 1T.P53 for ihe Tata 1. o. 'anrl 9 op
tion 6 X. 13SR. 6W. He names the follow
ing witnesses to prove his continuous residence
upon and cultivation oi said laud, viz: Tames
franklin, John Franklin, Mablon W. VVorth
lngton end Fisvncia M. . RmnM, ah nt vhtir--
math, Oregon. ... CHAS. B. MOORES,
-- --. - -' - ; Register.
j . Notice for Publlcatlott.
i' ; Land Offick at Okbsor Cm, Ossooit,
December 15, 1900.
Notice Is herebv- nven that th fr.lini n 1
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, an. that said proof
will be made before, the County Clerk of Bnton
?u.nt'' at Cor.allis, Oregon, February 4th,
-iWla TIZ! j
Father of Parson C. Oleason. deceased.
H. E. NO. U.dfiO fOP th. HF1 Rnntlnn 9A Vltfl t,
He names the
following witnesses to Drove hia
continuous residence
T A Lcmaster and W H Parish, of Ina
vale, Benjamin F. Ireland and Geo W Armstrong, of
u7Kn ana cultivation of said
, CHAS. B. MOOBKS, Register.
YEARLY to Cirlstian
man or wommi to lrnir
after our growing businees in this
and adjoining Counties; to act as
Manager and Correspondent, work
can be done at .borne. Enclose
sen aacree? ea, stamped envelope
for particulars to H. A. Sherman,
General Manaetr. Corcoran Build
ing, opposite United States Treas-
l nry, Washington, D. C. -
. ' . VIA . '
Southern Pacific Companv.
Trains leave Corvallis for Portland
and way stations at 1:20 p. m.
Lv Portland 8 : a ni
Ly Albany 12:30 p m
Ar Ashland 12:33 a m
Ar Sacranento -5.00 p m
Ar San Francisco- 7:45 p m
S :30 p m
10:50 p m
11:30 am
4 :35 a m
9.30 a w
ArOgden 5:45 pm
Ar Denver 9 :00 a ni
Ar Kansaa City .7:25 a m
Ar Chicago 7 :55 a m
11 :45 a in
7 :25 a m
Ar Los Angeles---! :20 pm
Ar El Paso 6:90 p m
Ar Fort Worth 6 :30 a m
Ar Oily of Mexico 9 :55 a m
Ar Houston ...4 :08 a m
Ar Nw Orleans-. 6 :25 a m
Ar Waihington 6 :42 a m
Ar New York 12 :43 p m
7:00 am
6:00 p m
6:30 am
9:65 am
4:00 am
6:25 p m
6:43 am
12:43 p m
both trains. Chair cars Sacramento to
Ogden and El Paso, and Tourist cars to
Chicago, St Louis, New Orleans and
Connecting at an Francisco with sev
eral steamship lines for Honolulu, Japan,
China, Philippines, Central and South
See F. K FARMER, agent a Corvallis
ftationt or address
. C. H. MARKHAM. G. P. A.,
Portland, Or.
Dentistry of very description done In firs.
class manner, and satisfaction guar
Office over Zlerolf 's grocery store, opiosfi
. me post omce, uorvams, uregon. ,
Osteopathist .
Specialties Diseases ef women and
children ; also deformities and all chron
ic and nervous diseases.
Occidental Hotel Alonday, WedneV
day and Friday, 1 :30 to 5 :30 p. m. .
Physician 8f Surgeon
- Rooms 14 in Bank Building.
Office Hours i.r2a.m.
.. i A HI 1 l. 1U.
Residence: Comer College and 8th Su.
Telephone at office and residence;
Corva'lis, - - - Oregon.
Office Corser3rd and Monroe st reets
Hours 9 to 12; 2 to 5; 7 to 8; Sun
day 9 to 10.
Residence Corner 3rd and Harrison
streets, Corvallis, Oregon.
Physician 8? Surgeon
Veterinary , Surgeon
Residence in Block 30, Job's Addition.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Orders may be left at Graham & Wer
thara's drugstore.
Titles. Cosvetancing
Practk in -all State and Federal Court.
Office", iiFirBt National Bank Building
Bryson Woodson
Corvallis, Orcon.
Office in Fostoffice Bulldlne.
OflM la Wbltfkora Block
Corvallis, Oregon.
Tte m. general and conservative bankinf
- - ' If yvuaxe locking for bargains in
Stock, Grain and fruit farms
I have (htm. Cime and Eee me or write for
aiylist, HENRY AM BI, EH,
Real Estate Agent,
rhilomatli, Benton Ccuctv. Oreron.
Qrigdu) (short) ise)
Montana, tTtah, Colorado
and all Eastern Points
Gives choice of two favorite routes, via
the Union Pacific Fast Mail Litre, or
the Rio GraBde Scenie Line.
Look at the Time . .
I days to Salt Lake -i
days to Denver
3 days to Chicago
454 days to New York
Prea Recliaing Chair Cars. Upholstered
Tarist Slwpift Cars, ana PnUaOsa
Palac Sleepers, operated aft all
For further informs tioa, apptyto
GEO. 5. EGLI5J, Ajreut, Corvallis, Or.
Trav. Pass. Agt. Gen'l Arnt
144 Third St, Portland, Or.
Corvallis & Eastern Railroad.
2 For Yaquina:
Train leaves Albany 12:45 p. m.
" Oorvallis 1 :50 p. m.
" arrives Yaquina 6:45 p. m.
1 Reluming:
Leaven Yaquina.... 6:10a.m.
Leaves Corvallis. . . . 11:30 a. m.
Arrives Albany .... 12:15 p. m.
3 For Detioit:
Leaves Albany 7:M) a. m.
Arriyes Detioit .... 11:20 i. m.
4 Returning: .
Ieaves Detroit ..... 12:10 p. ro.
Arrives Albany .... 5:45 p. m.
One and tvro connect at Albany
and Corvallis with Southern Pacific
trains, giving direct service to And
from Newport - and adjacent
Trains for the mountains arrive
at noon, giving ample time to
reach ramping grounds on the
Breitenbush and Santiam river the
same day.
Edwin Stone,
H. L. YValden, Manager.
T. F. & P. A.
II. JI. Cronise, Agent, Corvallis.
Abbtvk '
Salt Luke, Denver,
Ft AVorth, Omaha
Kansas City, St.
Iionis, Chieage
.and East.
9 p. m.-
7:00 p.m.
Walla Walla. Lew
iston. S p o k a ne,
Minneapolis, S t.
Paul, Dulnth, Mil
waukee, Chicago,
and East.
Fiver Spokane
Flyer '
8.40 a. in.
6:U0 p.m.
Gcesn Stesir.&blcs-
All sailing dates
subject to change.
For San Franeiseo,
Sail Dec. 3, 8, 13,
18. 23, 28, & every
5 days.
I p. m.
4 p.m.
Ex. San.
8. p. m.
1 p.- m.
Goltmhia River
To Astoria & way
landing. 4 p. a.
WilUnrctte Rim.
Oiegon City, Kew
ti sr, Ralem, and
6 ft. ro.
Ex. Sun.
4 :80 p. ro.
7 a. m ;
S aturdav
Willamette end Yam
I Bivers.
OiPRon City, Day
ton A Way-land's,
3:30 p.m.
W erlaes
day and
6 a. in.
T nesday,
Willa ctte River.
Portlrnd to Corval
lis & War-land's.
4:30 p.m.
W ednea
d a y and
3' 3d a. m.
Snake River.
Riparia to Lewis'n.
Lev is ton
8:30 a. ra
Local Agent.
Jerseys fcr Sale.
For Sale One of the finest Jrgey
bull?, full blood, born last Jnlv.
olid color, gentle and kind, will
register in the A. J. C. C.
0l8 very fine full-blood Jersey
bull solid color, prominently mark
ed, gentle and kind, bom .Inne IS,
1899. His mother tested 6$ per
cent, butter fat. Will register In
the P. p. C. C.
. Two nice full-blood Jersey heif
ers, solid color, well nia'rked, abont
15 months old, -gentle and kind,
registers! in the A. J. C. C. Par
ties warning fine irg:Ftered Jersey
stock will nites a rre chance if they
fail to invvftigate this opportunity
to get fine Jerseys.
. M.S. Woodcock,
- .Corvallis, Ore.
Music Lessens.
Leescns given on the piano and organ
in a manner that trains the far,' mind,
and hands and ravrs years of tcrdleef
drudgery. . M. A. Goodkoigh.
Box 59 : . . - .
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