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The Prune Industry.
A dispatch from Washington,
D. C, contains an acconat of
Prof. E. R. Lake's report to the
Department of Agriculture on
his return from his official jour
ney t Europe. He is -also
quoted on conditions of the prune
industry of the Northwest. We
print the following interesting
Prof. E. R. L,aka, of CorvalHs,
Oregon, left here last week for
his home. He spent the sum
mer in Germany, France and
Austria, investigating the ques
tion of prune culture under the
directiSn of the Department of
Agriculture, the object of his
visit being to secure varieties of
prunes for the Pacific Northwest
that could be grown with ' little
likelihood of injury frem tho
"The prune industry of the
Pacific Northwest," Mr. Lake
said before leaviag for 6b West,
'is tho foremost horticultural
.nterest of that part of the cun
try.. Indeed, the extent of the
industry, the aggregate of capl
tal and equipment necessary to
prepare and market the crop is
understood by but few people.
. While there has been many
acres of unprofitable orchards
destroyed during the past five
years, and more particularly the
past two, yet there are hundreds
of acres being set out at the
resent time. In fact the new
plantings of iqoo-iqoi will be
the largest since the 'boom' days
It is estimated by Mr. Lake
that the acreage of prunes in.the
above states is abont 50,000, and
this, together with the equip
meat, including evaporators,
paoking-houses, etc., is valued at
20,000,000. An "average nor
mal crop would be 75,000,000
poHhds or evaperated fruit.
Upon the basis of prices received
fr Ik crp this year, this would
yield an income f $3, 500.000,
It is evident from this that the
prase industry of the Pacific
Northwest is one of no little im
portaace to this comparatively
J . 1 t -r .
Tinaeveiopsa region, in me .mas
ter of saw varieties it i9 claimed
that th recent introductions,
providing they succeed, and fruit
with as relative an earliness as
la their native surroundings.
will be worth at least $500,000
per year to this section, in that
they will enable the growers to
. lengthen the season, f harvest
1 .
ing Dy at least 10 days, since
- these varieties appear to have all
tho desirable merits of he ones
grown at present, and ripen from
10 to 14 days earlier. -
December 26th, at the home
of Mrs. TohnsoH, the " bride'
grandmother, Miss L,ala Browa,
of Walls, and Mr. Harry Patter
son, of Red Bluff, - Calif., were
united in the bonds of holy mat
rimony, Rev. P. S. -Knijht offi
ciatinf. The. wedding was a most pleas
ing affair. As Miss Emma Mar
tin, of Portland, played a maroh,
the bride and groom appeared,
followed by tho bridesmaid, Miss
Ella Johnson, and best man, Mr.
R. Wilcox, of Red Blsff. They,
stood under an arch of ivy, dur
ing the performance of the cere
mony, after which all retired U
the dining room where a most
luxurious dinner was served.
Th bride was dressed la
white, while the bridesmaid were
white over blse. The hall and
table were beautifully decorated
with ivy and "Hewers Many
valuable presents were presented.
Those present were the bride's
mother, Mrs. E., Brown, her
brother, Onis Brown, Laura
Oauthorn, J Smith, Mr and Mrs
A Flickinger, Mr and Mrs L,
Fliekinger, Mr "and lira C Davis,
Thelta Rickard, Jamie Newton,
Mary Newtea and Ella Hite.
Miss. Brown is a well known
aad highly esteemed young- lady.
Mr. Patterson is a prominent!
culture and influence both in
society and business.
After a short visit in Portland,
tho happy oonpla will depart foi
Red Bluff, their future heme.
All join in wishing hem the
pleasures of a leng and happy
life. .
Value of a College.
The proposition of the M.
South, CorvalHs conference to es-1
tablish a college in - this city is a
matter of great importance to the
ptople of Roseburg. It is under
stood that what is probably the
best natural site fur such a school
in Oregon can bd secured almost in
the city limits for little more than
$5,000, aad this amount the people
of this city will b asked to raise.
X he conference will then erect suit
able buildings at once, . aud estab
lish a School with complete college
ourrioulum, and with competent
teachers in every department. The
conference voted to expend $25,000,
and this amount will be raised as
fast as it can be collected within the
church.- High school?, and especi
ally those of college rank, are very
mportant factors m the growth of
cities now-a-days.' Parents uni
versally recognize the necessity of
educating their children, and pre
fer to reside in towns where the
school facilities are such that they
may have the highest educational
advantages without being absebt
from the home circle. A college
once located would induce many
people to locate here for the sake
of educating their families, and it
would Keep thousands of dollars of
Koseburg money at home that is
now spent for board and tuition . of
our young people in the college
towns of the state. Thus it would
be a financial benefit to the town,
aside from its elevating tendency
upon all grades of society .Review.
. ' :V
Real Estate Transfers.
American Trust Co to las E
Davis, 200 acres near Blodgett;
con, 700. ,
J. W. Hays to L V Flint, 60
acres ol , land near Monroe? con,
J F Wilson to Prior Wilson.
interest ia parcel f land on
Mary's river; oon, $3,200.
United States ta Laura B Ver
non, patent to 63 acres of land in
Alsea valley. " ' -
If you are looking for bargains in
Stock, Grain and , Fruit Farms
I have them . Come and see me or write for
my list. HSiniT AKBLBE,
Beat Xstate Agent,
Philomath. Benton County. Oregon.
Box 59.
Something New.
Just published by the Southern Pacific
Company is a pamphlet upon the re
sources of Western Oregon, which in
cludes an excellent map of the state,
and contains information on climate.
lands, education, etc., existing indus
tries Bnd their capabilities.
. Attention is also directed to such new
Gelds for energy or capital as promise
fair return.
This publication fills a need long ex
perienced by Oregoniang, in replying to
inquiries of Eastern friends.
Copies may be had of local agent of
the Southern Pacific Company, or from
C. II. Mabkham, - -G.
P. A., Portland, Oregon.
Alsea honey at Zierolf's.
Oar Annual Reduction Sale
of Winter Merchandise will
begin on JSatnrDay, December
29th. Every article in our
extensive stock will be sold
at sweeping reductions. Our
winter stock must be closed
out at once. Price is not the
consideration. 'Everything
must move.
Lowest prices in stand lamps,
banquet lamps, banging lamps and
nighl lamps; get our prices, we will
8uifyou. Zierolf.
letter List,
For week ending December 22, 1900.
Parsons calling for tbese letter will
please state jiate oa which they were
advertised. They will be charged at the
rate of one cent each.
B W Jenfcs, L A Fleming, J H Hall,
Mrs Ida J Harris, -Philip Smith, K J
Taylor, J C WeBton (2), Wm Whitehorn.
B. W. Johnson, F. M.
lakes the Hair grow. Clears
the Complexion. Softens and
'whitens the Hands. Preserves
and beautifies the skin of In
fante and Children.
or Abnhitdr port, ddloMrmdlaiea. mvMxtfr
fflectim, Cvticuba Soap i aot only the moat cfncsciotis
oftkiapnriflmsnd besntiflan, but th. porft awl BMeV
tot totot, bMhi .nit baby latin.
Sold waiywhTm, BritUh del
1 HMW BBBTtltOlldO&a
Sown, u. o. a.
The Light of the World
Our Savior in Art
Cest nearly $1CO,000 te produce. Con
tains nearly 100 full-page engravings of
oar Savior and Eia Ttjother by the world's
gieatest painters. True copies of the
greatest Masterpieces in the art galleries
of Europe. Every picture is as beauti
ful as a sunrise over the hilltops. Con
tains description of the paintings, biog
raphy of the painters, the names and lo-
! cations of the galleries in Europe where
the originals may be seen. Also contains
a Child's Department, including a Child's
Story of the Christ and His Mother,
beautifully written, to fit each picture.
This wenderjnl book matchless ia its
parity aod beauty, appeals to every
mother's heart, and in every Christian
home where there are children the book
sells Itself. Christian men and women
are making money rapidly taking orders.
'A Christian man or woman can in this
community soon make $1,000 taking or
ders for Christmas presents. Mrs. Waits,
oar agent in Massachusetts, has sold
over $3,000 worth of the books in a very
short time. Mrs. Sackstt, our agent ia
New York, has sold over $1,500 worth of
books in a very short time. The book is
printed on velvet-finished paper, beauti
fully bound in Cardinal Bed and geld,
and adorned with Golden . Roses and
Lilies. It is, without doubt, the most
beautiful book f this century. Write
for terms quickly and get the manure
of that territory. You can woik on
salary or commission, and , when you
prove yonr success we will promote you
to the positional Manager and Corres
pondent, at a permanent salary, to devote
your time to attending to agents and the
correspondence. Wanted also a State
Manager to have eharga of office in Lead
ing City of the State and manage all t'fie
business of the State. Send for terms.
Address ,
" CorcsraH Building,' Opposite
t V. S. Treasury, Washington, D. C.
Prunes at Retail.
Fine lot of first-class prunes at retail
at the following prices: Italians, 6c per
poond: Silver prunes, 8Kc; Petite
prunes, 33c. ; For sale by
D. C. Rose,
SotttHertt California.
Notable among the pleasures afforded
bv the Shasta Route is the winter trip to
Southern California and Arizona. Re
newed acquaintance with this section
will ever develop fresh points of interest
and added industries, in its proline vege
tation aod among its nnmberless resorts
of mountain, shore, vallev and plain.
The twe daily Shasta trains from Port
land to (Jautornia nave been recently
eouipped with the most approved pat
tern of standard and tourist sleeping
cars; but the low rates of fare will still
continue in effect. .
Illustrated gnides to the winter resorts
of California and Arizona may be had on
application to .
C. H. MarehaM, G. P. A.,
. Portland, Oregon
Notice for Publication.
Urttbd Statu Land Omes,
Oreoan CitT. Ore on. Not. 1st. 1900.
Notice Is hereby given that in compliance with the
provisions of the set of Congress of June 8, 1S78,
entitled "An act for the sals of timber lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Hevada, and Wash
ington Territory," as extended to all the Public
Land States by act of Angost 4, 1893.
Of Salem, cetmtv et Marios, state of Oregon.
hai this day filed to this office his sworn statement
Ho. 6315, for tne pnrcnaseoi me ort oi cecuon
Xo. 14, in Township No. 18 tt range No. 7 West, and
will offer proof to show that the land sought is
more valuable for its timber or stooe than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish his claim to
said land before the register and receiver of this office
at Oregon City, Oregon, on Tuesday, the 29th day
Jnnnarv. 1001. Be names as witnesses: Devillo M.
Wilson, Rebert A. Wilson, and E. V. Spencer, all of
salem, uarien county, Oregon, ana jsen v. spencer
nf AIbm Pntan CountT. Orcsron.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the aboye-
d escribed lands are requested to nie tneir cuums in
this office on or before said 29th day of January,
1981. - CHA8- B. MOORK8,
f - Notice for Publication.
- Unitkd Statks Land Office,
Oregon City, Oregon, Dec 10, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance with the
S revisions of an act of Congress of June 3, 1873, en
tled "An act for the sale of timber lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washing
ton Territory," as extended to all the Public Land
States by act of August 4, 1892,
Of Fall City, county of Polk, State of Oregon, has
this day filed inthis office his sworn statement No.
5333. for the purchase of the N. N. W. 1-4, N.
V. S. 1-4 of Section No. 34. in Township No. 12 S,
Range Ko 7 W.. and will offer proof to show that
the land sought is irore valuable for its timber or
stone than fur agricultural purposes, and to estab
lish his claim to said laud bofore the Register and
Receiver of this office at Oregon City, Oregon, on
Friday, the 8th day of Mavch, 1901. He names as
witnesses; Michael Flynn, Freeman Robinson,
Peter Miller and Alvin Robinson, all of Falls City,
An v and all persons claiming adversely the above
described lands are requested to fiJe-their claims in
this office on or before said 8th day of March 1901.
- Register,
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can cover Benton County
' horoughly by placing
your advertisement in the
They get Proper Display, Proper-Position
and Proper Treatment.
come to think over it,
1 you can .easily under
stand why so many prom
nent advertisers place ads
in this paper. -
That's the Secret.
Notice for Pabllcatlon.
- , U. S. Lakd Officb
' Orxgo Cm, O&kgox, Nov. 19, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance with the
provisions of the act of . Congress of June 3, 1678,
entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands in tho
States of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washing
ton Territory," as extended to all the tbUc Land
States by act of August 4, lS92f
Of Fall Citv, county of Folk, State of Oregon, has
this dav filed inthis office her sworn statement No.
6324, for the purcha 3 of lot 3, S. 4, N. W. and N.
E. J, 8. W. of SecticnNo. 2 in TowrbMp No. i3 S
Hange No. 7 West, and will offer proof to show that
the land sought is more valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to establish
her eliini to said land before the Register and Re
ceiver of this office at Orero i Citv. Oreeon. on
Thursday, tbe 14th day of February. 1901. She
names as witnesses: Freeman W. Robinson, Lettie
M. Robinson, Michael Flynn and Albert N. Robin
son, all of Fall City, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the above
described lands are requested to file their claims in
this office on or before said 14th day of Feb., 1901.
Referee's Sale.
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance to a de
cree and order of sale heretofore made and entei ed
by the circuit court of . the state of Oregon, for the
county of Benton, on the 9th day of November A. D.
ItiOO, in a suit in equity for a partition of real
property wherein J. H. Gibson and Edith Gibson
were plaintiffs, and MayM. Gibson and Homer Gib
sen, a minor, were defendants, in which suit it was
ordered, adjudged and decreed that the follow
ing described real property, to-wit: Lots one, two,
three, four, five, six, Beven, eight, nTe and ten
in Block No. one, and Lots one. two, t iree, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven" and twelve
in Block No. 6, all the above described premises
situate in th Town of Wells, Benton county, state
of Oregon, Also the south half of the following de
scribed premises; Beginning ?.&0 chains north of
the quarter section corner in the center of section
17, township 10 south range 4 west of the Will. Men,
thence north 16,29 chains, thence went 18.57 chains,
thence south 2 degrees west 10.29 chains, thence
east 18.97 chains to the place of beginning, contain
ing in the whole tract 30.50 acres, in Benton county,
state of Oregon. Also, all of the following de
scribed premises to-wiu A part of claim No Co
Not No 1763 described as follows: Beginning at the
southeast corner of Joseph Chamberlain's Donation
Land Claim in township 10 south range 4 west of
the Will. Mer., thence north 33.25 chains to a big
rock, thence east 37.77 chains to a stake 30 feet
west of the center of the railroad ti&ck, tbence
south 2 degrees west 26.50 chains, thence west
16.23 chains, thence souh 12. CO chains, thence
west 21.54 chains to the pTace of beginning, con
taining 124.99 acres, situate in Polk county, Oregon.
Also, the following described premises, to-wit:
Beginning 34.43 chains east of the northwest cor
ner of section 5, township 10 south range 4 west of
the Will. Mer., thence east 8.57 chains, ihence south
13.00 chains, thence west 7 degrees south 8.02
chains to a stake 30 feet east of the center of the
railroad track, thence north 2degrees east 14.00
chains to the place ot beginning, containing 11.45
acres, situate in Polk county, Oregon, be sold by
me, the unuenrigned, a referee appointed by said
court, in the manner prescribed by law for the sale of
real property under execution; I, Punderson Avery,
a referee appointed by said circuit court, in the
above entitled suit to sell said leal property, will
on Monday, the 7th day of January, 1901, at the
hour of 2 o'clock p. m. of said day, at the front
door of tbe county court house in Coryallis, Benlun
county, Oregon, sell at public auction to the high
est bidder for cash in hand, all of tbe real property
above described and all the right, title and interest
of the above named plaintiffs and defendants there
in. Said sale to be made subject to the confirmation
of said trourt. -
Dated December 6, 1900.
; Sotlce of Final Settlement.
v Notice is hereby given that the undersigned as
administrator of the estate of Susan Gibson, de
ceased, has filed his final account in said .estate in
the county court of tbe state of Oregon, for Benton
county, ana JMonaay, tne .n aay oi auuurj, jwa,
at the hour of 2 p. nt. of said day, at the eounty
Muirt. mnm in the court house in Corvallis. BentOD
county, Oregon, is the time and place set for hear
ing objections, if any, to said final account and the
settlement tnereqi. , - . '
Dated this 6th day of December, 1900.
" Adm'r of the Estate Susan Gibson, DecU
Notice of
Sale of Real
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of aB order
of sale and license from th county court of Clack
amas county, state ot Oregon, made and issued at
the December term thereof, to-wit: on the 3rd day
of Dec., 1900, licensiiig me to sell certain real estate,
I will on Saturday, the 26th day of January, 1901,
at the hour of one o'clock p. m. of midday, at the
v.rt hnriw rinnr in the citv of Corvallis. in Benton
county, Oregon, sell at public auction to tho high
est bidder, for caih in hand, the following described
real property, to-wit: Lot No. 3 in Block No. 7 in
Dixon's Addition to the city of Corvallis, in Benton
eountv- state of Oregon, said rep.1 property here
inbefore described being the property of Leo F.Cook,
Thomas O. Cook and Hazel Cook, minors who are
under the guardianship of the undersigned.
ifateo fecemoer zi, iwy. - -
Guardian of Said Miners.
Try this Office for, Job Work.
Executrix' motiee to Creditors.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has
Ik en duly comtirmed and appointed sole executrix of
the last will and testament of L. G. Kline, deceased,
by the County Court of the State of Oregon for
Benton county for probate. All persons having
claims against f .id estate are tequTred to present the
name, duly veriEed, to me at mv lesidence in Conal
lis, Oregon, or at the law office if K. Colgate in
Corvallis, Oregon, within six months from the date
of the first publication of this notice.
Dated at Corvallis, Or. this 2nd day of Nov., 1900.
Paulina Kline,
Administrator's Notice.
NoLice is hereby given that the undersigned has
been appointed administrator of the estates of Ran
som A. Belknap and Mahala Belknap, deceased, and
all creditors of said estates are required to present
tneir ctaims as per law require, witn proper voucn
ers, to eaid undersigned at his residence near Mon
roe, Benton county, within six months from this
date. '
Corvailis, Or., October 31, 1900. -W.
C. Belknap.
A din. Estates of Ransom A. Belknap and Mahala
ueixnap, aeceaseo.
Administrator's Notice.
Notice it herebj given that the trnderaigred has
been appointed administrator of the estate of
Arthur Johnson, deceased, and all creditors of said
estate are required to present their claims duly
verified as by law required, with the proper vouch
ers, to said undersigned at bis residence near Wells,
Benton county, or to Yates, Tates & Gibson at
their offices, Corvallis, Oregon, withia six months
from this date.
Corvallis, Or., October 11, 1900. "
n adm Estate Arthur Johnson, Deod
Notice for Publication.
United States Lans OnrrcB,
v - Oregon City, Oretron, Nor. 19, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance with
the provisions of the act of Congress of June 3rd,
1873,. entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands in
the states of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Wash
ington Territory," as extended to all the Public Land
States by act of August 4, 1892,
Of Fall City, county of Polk, State of Oregon, has
this day filed in this office her sworn -statement No,
5323, for the purchase of the H. E. quarter of Sec
tion 14 in Township No. 13 3 , -Range No. 7 West,
and will offer proof to show that the land sought is
more valuable for its timber or stone than for acri-
' cultural purposes, and to establish her claim to said
iana oeiore tne negister ana Receiver oi tme omce at
Oregon City, Oregon, on Thursday, the 14th day of
February, 1901. She names of witnesses: Michael
Flynn, Freeman W. Robinson, Bridget Flynn and
Albert N. Robinson, all of Fall City, Oregon,
Any and all persons claiming adversely the above
described lands are requested to file their claims in
this office oh or before said 14th day of February,
190L -
- - ' Estray.
- A small bay pony, with w hile stripe on
face, and left hind foot white; mane and
tail cropped, has been at my place for
some time. - Owner may have same by
claiming property and paying for this
notice. M. u. Hart.
Corvallis, Or., Dec. 7, 1900. -
Notice lor Publication.
Land Office at Oregon Cnr, Oregon,
December 15. 1900.
Notice Is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that, said proof
wiu oe mane oeiore toe uounty uierit ox ronton
uounty, at urvams, uregon, on .teoruary 4tn.
1901, viz: -
Father of Parson C. Gleason, deceased,
H. E. No. 11,650 for the NE1 Section 20, T 13 S, R
He names the following 'witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land. Viz.: T A Lemaster and W H Parish, of Ina
vaie, Benjamin F. Ireland and Geo W Armstrong, of
r eru, uregon.
--CHAS. B. MOORES, Register.
YEARLY to Christian !
man or woman to look
after our growing business' ia this J
and adjoining Counties ; to act as '
Manager and Correspondent, work j
can be done at home. Enclose J
self addressed, stamped envelope 1
for particulars to H. A. Sherman, 1
General Manager, Corcoran Build- i
ing, opposite United States Treas- -
Washington, V. (J. j
Get your Job Work done here
' ' VIA .
Southern Pacifle Company.
Trains leave Corvallis for Portland
aad way stations at 1:20 p. m.
Lv Portland -8:30 a m
Lv Albany 12:30 p m
Ar Ashland 12:33 am
Ar Sacramento 5 .00 p m
S :30 p m
10 50 p m
11:39 am
4:35 a in
9.30 a m
Ar San Francisco-7:45 p m
Ar Ogden 5 :45 p m
Ar Denver -9:00 a ra
Ar Kansas City 7 :26 ajn
.11:45 a ra
7 :25 a m
9:30a m
Ar umcngo y7 :oa a m
Ar Los Angeles 1 :20 pm
Ar El Paso 6:00 p m
7 :00 a m
6 :00p m
6:30 am
9 !55 a tn
4:00 am
Ar f ort worm e:30 a m
Ar City of Mexico 9 :55 a tn
Ar Houston 4 :0Q a m
Ar New Orleans.. 6 :25 a m
Ar Washington 6:42 a m
Ar New York.. 12:43 p m
65p mj
6:42 a m
12:43 p m
both trains. Chair cars Sacramento to
Ogden and El Paso, and Tourist cars to
Chicago, St Louis, New Orleans and
Connecting at San Francisco with sev
eral steamship lines for Honolulu, Japan,
urnua, rnuippines, Ueutral and South
America. -
See F. E. FARMER, agent a Corvallis
station, or address
C, H. MARKHAM." G. P. A.,
Portland, Or.
Dentistry of every description done in first
' class manner, and satisfaction guar
Office over Zierolf 'b grocery store, oppos?'
the post office, CorvalHs. Oregon.
Physician Surgeon
Rooms 14 in Bank Building.
12 a. m.
Office Hours
p. m.
Residence: Cornet College and 8th Stt-.
Telephone at oflice as! residence.
Corva!lis, - - - - Oregon.
Practice in all State ancTFederal Court.
Office iutFirst National Bank Building.
Physician Surgeon
W. H. McBrayw aad Old Crow VfMf.
kys, Fin Wines, Liquor an 4 Cigars.'
33- HZ,. 33IfSrS01T,
Corvallis, Ore"on.
Office In WblUhorn Block
Corvallis, Oregon
Corvallis, Oregon.
Does a general and conservative banking
For Rent.
Will rent 200 acres of land . west of
Monroe and take part payment of rent
in work and improvements on the place.
Address . . . M. S. Woodcock,
1 Administrator,"
Uorvallis, Oregon.
Persons deeiriog to locate on timber
claims tributary to the C. & E. R. R.
would do well to call on or correspond
with the nndersigned... There is a num
ber oi first-class timber claims to be taken
up undrr the timber or homestead acts.
Gates, Marion Co., Or. - Locator.
Music Lessons.
Lessons given on the piano' and organ
in a manner that trains tbe ear, mind
and hands and -saves years of needless
drudgery. M. A. Goodnougr.
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and" all Eastern Points
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the Rio Grakde Scenic Lines.
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4 days to New York
Free Reclining Chair Care, Upholstered
Ttmrist Slplnr Can, aad FCUatBfl
Palace Sleepers, operated all
trains. .
For farther Informatl, appfrt
GEO. P. EGLtST, Agent, Corvallis, Or.
0. 0. TERRY, VT. R. COMAN,
Tr&Vi Pass. Agt. Geo'l Agent.
124 Third St, Portland, Or.
Corvallis & Eastern Railroad.
1 liUC MKU.
2 For Yaquina:
Train leaves Albany 12:45 p. m.
" " Corvallis 1:50 p. m.
" arrives Yaqnina 6:45 p. m.
1 Retunaiiig: m
Leaves Yaquina. . . . 6:10 a. m.
Leaves Corvallis... . 11:30 a. m.
Arrives Albany .... 12:15 p. m.
3 For Detiolt:
Leaves Albany 7:00 a, m.
Arriyes Detroit .... 11:20 1. m.
4 Returning:
Leaves Detroit 12:10 p. ro.
Arrives Albany.... 6:45 p. tn.
- One and two connect at Albary
and Corvallis with Southern Pacific
trains, giving direct service to and
from Newport 1 and adjacent
Trains for the mountains arrive
at noon, giving ample time to
raeb ramping grounds on the
Breiterbu6h and Santiatn river the
6ame dav.
Edwin Stone,
H. L. Walden, Manager.
T. F, & P. A.
II. H. Ceonise, Agent, Corvallis.
Salt Lake, Denver,
Ft Worth, Omaha
KanssB City, St.
Louis, Ohieage
aod Bast
9 p. m.
7:00 p.m.
Walla Walla. Lew
istsn, Spo k a ne,
Minneapolis, S t
Panl. Dolnth. Mil
waukee, Cbicago,
and East
6:00 p.m.
8:40 a. m.
Ccsan S!
All sailing dates
subject to change.
For BaB Franeiseo,
Bail Dec. S, 8, 13,
13, S3, 28, & every
6 davB.
8 p. 01,
4 p. m.
Es. Bud.
8. p. m.
Sato rd ay,
1 p. m.
Colombia River
Eteatcer. -
To Astoria & way
landing. 4 p. ra.
WilMft ftim.
Oregon Cily, New
Iwrg, Salem, khA
4:S0p. m.
6 a. m.
Ex. Sun.
7 . m.
S atnrday
WlRamans eni lm
hill Rivers.
Oregon flty, Day
ton & "Way-land's.
3tS8 pK.
d y aod
St. m.
T nesday,
T harsd'y
Satn rd'y
V.illa ette River.
Portland to Cerval
lis & Way-land's.
4 :30 p. a.
W edne&
d a y aad
3-35 a. m.
Snaka Rivsr.
Riparia to Lewtg'n.
re :80 a, ra
Local AgeDt.
Jerseys for Sale.
For Rale One of the finest Jersey
bulls, full blood, born last Jnly,
solid color, gentle and 'kind, will
register in the A. J. C. C. -
Ote very fine full-blood Jersey
bnll solid color, prominently mark
ed, gentle and kind, born June 18,
1899. His rnDlher- tested 6i per
cent, butter fat. Will register In
the P. C. C C.
Two nice full-blood Jersey heif
ers, solid color, well marked, abont
15 months old, gentle and kind,
registen-d m the A. J. C. C. Par
ties wanting fine rrg'stered Jersey
stock will mies a rare chance if they
fail to investigate this opportunity
to get fine Jerseys.
M.S. Woodcock,
Corvallis, Ore.
' lit ey The Fixer
is now j:epared to do all kinds of bi
cycle repairing, enameling, varnishing,'
etc. Besides being a chempicn "fixer
of the Willamette valley, he farriea a fall
line of bicycle sundries and supplies.
Sis shop is the beadquaretrs for wheel
men. Pay him a vi&itj
citizen f Red Bluff, a man of