Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, October 30, 1900, Image 4

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That ordinary treatment
fails to relieve painful
They know Lydia Em Pink'
ham's Vegetable Com
pound will and does and
has, more than any other
medicinem .
Every woman knows
about Mrsm Plnkham's
Every woman knows
some woman Mrsm Pink
ham has cured.
But nine women out of
ten put off getting this re
liable remedy until their
health is nearly wrecked
by experiments or neg
lect! Then they write to Mrsm
Pinkham and she cures
them, but of course it
takes longer to do som
Don't dalay getting help if
you are sick.
She has helped a million
women. Why not you ?
Comfort in the Old Pgalma.
Tl.e Psalms are the spiritual center
of the Old Testament. They overflow
with the richness of heart experience
characteristics not of one age but of
universal mankind. We find in them
today as gtent comfort aa did the saints
of Old Testament times.
EASE. A powder. At this season your feet fee
swollen, nervous and uncomfortable. It
you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try
Allen's Foot-Ease. Itrestsand comforts;
makes walking easy. Cures swollen and
FWeating feet, blisters and callous spots.
Believes corns and bunions of all pain and
is a certain cure for Chilblains, Sweating,
Damp or Frosted Feet. We have over 30.
OuO testimonials. Don't get footsore get
Foot-Ease. Trv it today. Sold by all
druggists and shoe stores for 25c. Trial
package Frke. Address, Allen S. Olm
sted, Le Hoy, X. Y.
It is said that the population of. the
world increases 10 per cent every 10
This signature is on every box of the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets
the remedy that cores a cola In one day
A project is on foot to connect the
railways of Greece with those of Tur
key, so as to connect Athens with Eu
rope by rail.
Lighten the Ills or Humanity.
By preventing disease, killing and expelling
Us germs Cascarets Candy Cathartic relieve
life's miseries. Use them regularly 1 Drug
gists, 10c, 25c, 5oc.
So useful are toads in gardens that
they are sold in France by the dozens
for stock gardens to free them from in
jurious insects.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money
if it fails to cure. E. V. Grove's sig
nature is on each box. 25c.
A Sew Treatment.
Another mode of treating the drink
habit is said to be in successful opera
tion in Paris where three physicians
Drs. Bapelier, Thehanet and Broca
announce that thej have discovered a
new serum. Of 57 cases treated, 83
were cured and 15 were improved, only
10 failing to show improvement. The
serum is obtained from hoises that
have been dosed with alcohol until
their systems are drenched with the
poison. When administered to pa
tients' the serum revives natural repug
nance to alcohol, which continued use
has broken down.
How strange it is that a severe mas
ter has more faithful servants than a
lenient one.
Eczema is caused by an acid humor in
the blood coming in contact with the
skin and producing trreat redness and in
flammation ; little pustular eruptions form
sad discharge a tbin, sticlty fluid, wcicn
dries and scales off ; sometimes the skin is
hard, dry and fissured. Eczema in any
form is a tormenting, stubborn disease,
and the itching and burning at times are
almost unbearable ; the acid burning
humor seems to ooze out and set the skin
on fire. Salves, washes nor other exter
nal applications do any real good, for as
long as the poison remains in the blood
it will keep the skin irritated.
"For three years I
bad Tetter on my
Lands, which caused
them to swell to twice
their natural size. Part
of the time the disease
was in the form cf run
ning sores, very pain
ful, and causing me
much discomfort. Four
doctors said the Tetter
bad progressed too far
to le cured, and they
Could d i nothing for
me 1 1 only three
bottles of 3. S. S. and
was completely cured.
This was fifteen years
Bp-o. and I have never
Since feen any sign of my old trouble. Mrs.
Xm. B. Jackson, 1414 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo.
S. S. S. neutralizes this acid poison,
cools the blood and restores it to a healthy,
natural state, and the rough, unhealthy
kiu becomes soft, smooth and clear.
cures Tetter, Bry-
I sipelas, Psoriasis, Salt
Rheum and all skin
I diseases due to a pois
oned condition of the
blood. Send for our book and write us
about your case. Our physicians have
made these diseases a life study, and can
help you by their advice ; we make no
charge for this service. All correspondence
is conducted in strictest confidence.
Best Cough tejri;p. Tastes Good. Use
in time, sow 07 aroo: :sis.
3a X
"Unite! in Marriaue" Fetter than
"the Holy Bond.4 of Matrimony."
We read with interest that certain
young and hopeful persons are to be
"united ir the holy bonds of taaari
mouy," and this not altogether novel
announcement suggests the influence
of the tnnrriagtf ceremony upon the use
of language. Trains start at 12 o'clock,
and then somebody is said to be mar
ried at that hour, but, as a rule, though
it may be 12 when the cars start, it is
"high noon" when the clergyman
makes his declaration tir ami about the
waiting couple. Nobody has yet ox
plained what makes the noon high."
but the fact is accepted as an .incident
f the occasion. Just so, while now
aud then some people arc married," it
is expected of them either that they
shall be "1111110(1 In marriage" or in the
"holy bonds of matrimony" or else be
"jojued in wedlock." Aud weddings
are not alone iu their stilted phraseol
ogy. Take funerals.
Generally we are told that the "sol
emn burial service" of the Kpiscopal
church was used. This is always a re
lief. Friends might have selected the
humorous service of some other church
or have had service for baptisms of in
fants, and, when it is made clear that
they had a solemn and a burial service
at a funeral you realize that they have,
done the proper thing by the one who
has "passed away."
That phrase recalls the story they tell
of the late aud much-estcOnied Judge
Pardee, of the Supreme Court and of
Hartford. Some lawyer, speaking of
in expected witness, said he had passed
away. "Died, sir," said the judge. "In
this court people die, not pass away."
Similarly, meetings are "holdeu" and
wills are "proven," and people who use !
those terms seem to think that addi- j
tional weight is given thereby to the
statements they have to make. The
fact is that the simplest language Is
the clearest and the strougest. Hart
ford Couraut.
Untdo.-s All C.thera in This Particular
Form of Decoration.
Of all the cities of the world the rich
est iu monuments is probably Berlin,
even now, and if there is another city
which can boast of more mouuments
than Berlin's sixty-three it is destined
to be distanced by the German capital
within a few years. For wheu the
Avenue of Victory shall have been
adorned with all the statues iu contem
plation aud when the monuments to
Bismarck, You Moltke and the Emper
or Frederick shall have been completed,
the "Athens by the Spree," as the Ber
liners lots to call their city,- will pos
sess not far from 100 monuments to de-
eased worthies. As might be expect
d, the names on some of the monu
ments would have fallen into oblivion
jut for them. A few of the really great
men have two monuments apiece, and
one of them, Frederick the Great, is
tonored with three monuments in dif
ferent parts of the city.
It Is worthy of note that the scientist
Helmholtz though recently dead, has
already had two statues erected in his
honor, one in front of the university,
:he other on the Potsdam bridge. In
view of the military traditions of Prus
sia, it Is rather surprising that of the
completed monuments thirty-two are
of civilians aud only twenty-nine of
military men. The remaining two are
of women. Queen Louise and Empress
Augusta. Schiller was the first civil
ian to obtain a monument. An inter
esting statue !s that of .lahn, the father
of turning and turnvereins. The figure
stands or a mound, the stone of which
were sent from all parts of Germany,
aid even from America.
Among the others to whom Berlin
has erected monuments are Goethe, Lu
ther, the two Humboldts, Lessing, the
scientists Siemens, Gauss and Roent
gen (the discoverer of the X-rays), and
the poets Chamlsso. Uhlaud and Koer
ner. New York World.
The New Chief Justice of the Ohio Cir
cuit Courts.
Judge Silas Marion Douglass, the
new Chief Justice of the Circuit Courts
of Ohio, has been a lawyer but seven
teen years and has attained to his pres
ent eminence upon stepping stones laid
by his own efforts. A farmer boy until
he was 21, he began at that age to
teach in country schools, paying for his
college education with the money thus
earned. In 1883 he was graduated
from the Cincinnati Law School, and
in the same year he opened an office
in Mansfield, Ohio. He was elected
Mayor, then City Solicitor, and then
Circuit Judge. The new Chief Justi- e
is a native of Richland County, aud ic
47 years old.
Not Ashamed to Own It.
Judge Ed Jared, in his recent experi
ence as a census enumerator in Mur
freesboro, had to get a "culluil lady's"
census, and the following dialogue wa
called off:
"How old are you, Mary?"
"Oh! Lordy, mister, 1 dunno."
"Were you born in Tennessee?"
"No, s. I was bawn in Salem."
"Where vvas your father born?"
"He bawn dar, too."
"Where was your mother born?"
"She bawn in Eagleville."
"Can you read?"
"Yee, sah."
"Yes, sah."
"Speak English ?"
"No, sah." Murfreesboro yeTrs-B.lJr
Baggage smashers are to be found oh
every trunk line.
Store of Arrow Hearts D.'ecov
ere.l in Counecticui.
Among the collections of Indian relic;
;wned in Connecticut piobabiy tue fin-
st, with one exception, is owned bj
Herbert Sothmayd, who lives in tht
own of Durham. A large part of then
were found by Mr. Southmayd himself
as he is, a confirmed relic hunter ant
knows many of the caves and camp
ing grounds used by the tribes of tin
State. White flint, black flint, lost
juartz, red and "yellow jasper, lime
stone and glass stone were the stones
used in the manufacture of 3,000 ar
row heads, varying from the size of i
thumb nail to those nearly as large ai
a hand. His axes include the tine
,'dged, highly pol.shed tool to the rough
unfinished specimens. He has thirty
af these, one of which weighs sever
pounds, while the smallest turns tin
scales at sixteen ounces.
Of his eleven pestles the longes.
measures fourteen and a half inches ir.
length. Gouges used by the Indian?
iu working out the inside of logs
which they had first charred, In making
their canoes, number twenty. There
are ten tine specimens of adze and
twelve chisels. Of his three pipes tht
one he values most highly is short
stemmed, perfect bowled and was
found a few miles from his home. II
looks much like a common clay pipe
of today excepting the color, which is
that of red clay. The breast-plates are
notched around the edges, a notch fot
each battle the wearer was engaged iu.
On one of them can be counted sixty
five notches, denoting either a chieftaii
or one much given to lighting.
There are three war club heads and
a dozen hide scrapers used in cleaning
the hides from which their clothing
and tents were made. Among the mosl
Interesting specimens to the ordinary
man and which cause a peculiar sen
sation as their use is explained are the
three scalping kiiives. A string ol
wampum was taken from a skeleton
found in Portland. A red clay kettle
is absolutely perfect. A bone orna
ment found in a cave is considered val
uable, as but few of them are In exis
tence. The drills used for making the
holes for the leather thougs In theii
moccasins and skin canoes show greal
skill and patience, as they had nothing
but stones with which they taperec
these from about the size of a penci!
down to a sharp point. Of these he has
Brass arrowheads and a quiver divide
honors with the two iron tomahawks
During a rainstorm two years ago Wal
ter Lane sought shelter under a shelv
ing rock at North Guilford, and while
stirring the ground up to ascertair
what depth had been made by the de
cay of leaves he was surprised to fine
an arrowhead. Renewed effort brought
out thirty-five of them. Returning
next day with spade and-sieve, he dug
3ut 1,200 specimens aud from evidences
found it was doubtless a spot where
they were made and laid away againsl
the time of need. More than 2,000 have
been taken from that spot.
How They Pat Out Fires in Korea.
A tire in Korea is considered of slighi
jonsequence, unless a whole streei
should happen to be threatened. Thert
Is very little in a Korean house that car
burn, except sliding doors and win
lows, and a few articles of furniture
and clothing.
Generally the unlucky owner whose
house catches fire endeavors to pull 11
down: that is. after. he has carried intt
the street whatever property he cares
to save. When several houses at onct
are in danger the King sends out a
hundred or so soldiers, who calmly
view the bonfire, and offer help, if nec
essary. There Is no water to work
with, so these helpers generally bring
along with them a ship's anchor, fas
tened to a long, thick rope; this anchot
they fix to the burning beam, then it is
'a long pull, a strong pull, and a pull all
Sometimes the sparks, driven by the
wind, fly across the road; then tht
Koreans climb up on their roofs, and
stand in rows upon the upper edges ol
the structure. You will wonder what
the object of this strange proceeding
may be. Now the men quickly strir.
off their coats and the women follow
suit with their large cloaks. These thej
wave rapidly together, in order tc
create a strong counter breeze to th
one blowing.
One can almost imagine the Koreans
to be strange birds, flapping their wings
preparatory to taking their flight Into
the upper regions. While these 5dd
proceedings are going on, prayers ar
offered to the spirit of the fire, as well
as to that of the wind.
A Gentle Suggestion.
The neighbors on both side had come
over in Simpson's front yard, and were
making remarks about passers-by and
carrying on a desultory conversation.
"The cause of the present hard
times," suddenly said Simpson loudly,
"is caused by women knocking men out
of employment in shops, factories,
stores, etc. When you stop and con
sider the thing, one can't help but won
der why they should be big enough
fools to do this."
"Probably it's because they becomt
tired waiting for men to do something,"
gently suggested Mrs. Simpson.
The shoe must have fit Simpson, foi
Mr. Banks slyly nudged his wife and
Simpson was silent for an unusually
long time. Indianapolis Sun.
A Hypnotic Cure.
A New Haven clergyman seriouslj
proposes to cure boys of the cigarettt
habit by hypnotism. He has been a
deep student of psychological problems
and has conducted a number of experi
ments in the laboratories of Yale Uni
versity. He took one boy who was
weak-minded from excessive smoking
and put him under hypnotic influence.
Then a strong lecture on the evils ol
the boy's habit followed. It Is claimed
that the subject Is permanently cured.
Mushroom Crop.
The annual crop of mushrooms In
France is valued at $2,000,000, and ther
are sixty wholesale firms in Paris deal
ing exclusively in them. In the De
partment of the Seine, it appears, there
are some 3,000 caves In which mush
rooms are grown, and about 300 person
are employed in their culture.
The average man likes to point to th
good traits in bis children as a heritage
from himself.
Fellow Student of the Chinese Emperor
Visit. San Francisco.
Leung Kal Tin. a fellow-student of
Emperor Kwang Hsu of China, is In
San Francisco. Even to see the Em
peror Is a rare privilege, denied the
great majority of the almond-eyed. The
fortunate Celestial who rubs elbows
with his majesty is singularly honored
by his countrymen. But he who breaks
through the sacred inner circle and
lives in dsily communication with the
Emperor ijf China is almost a divinity
to the h&li a thousand million less for
tunate subjects.
Such a dignitary is Leung Kal Tin.
who owea the proud privilege of hll
personal communication with the Em
peror Kwang Hsu to the fact that he
is a pupil of Kang Yu Wei, greatest of
Chinese scholars and reformers. It was
Kang Yu Wei who first started the re
form bee buzzing in the royal bonnet.
The young Emperor finally lent a list
ening ear to the teachings of Kang Yu
Wei. He became a pupil of that great
teacher. This naturally made the Em
peror eager to meet the most brilliant
scholars of Kang Yu Wei. Among the
young men brought Into the royal pres
ence were Leung Chi Tso and Leung
Kal Tin. Leung Kal Tin was the young
er brother, but equally clever for his
years, and an ardent reformer.
When jealousy made It imparatlv
that the young Emperor have less fre
quent counsels with Kang Yu Wei It
was decided to confine their Intercourse
to letters and to have these missives
carried to and fro by some trusted
friend of reform. Leung Kal Tin was
one of those who bravely offered his
services for this delicate and danger
ous task.
When the Emperor saw that his re
formers had endangered his own safe
ty and that of his advisers, and that
matters were nearing a crisis, he sent
a secret message to Kwang Yu Wei, In
forming him of the peril that was
threatening all reformers. He bade
them fly at once.
Six of the most promising advocates
of reform were butchered at the insti
gation of the Empress Dowager before
they could make their escape, but Kang
Yu Wei, Leung Kal Tin, Leung Chi
Tso, and several others managed to es
Leung Kal Tin came to the Pacific
coast to carry the doctrine of reform
to every city and village where his
brother Chinese congregate. In San
Francisco there are an especially large
number of progressive Chinese, who
believe that the light of modern civili
zation should penetrate the gloom of
China. Their battle cry Is: "Give back
the throne to the young Emperor
Kwang Hsu." They would have the
Empress Dowager divested of every
vestige of power.
Leung Kai Tin. though still In his
twenties, is a man of marvelous ability.
He is a scholar, not only learned in the
musty philosophy of the Orient, but
well versed In the history of other na
tions and what has made their success.
He is an eloquent speaker, and his lec
tures to his countrymen In the United
States have stirred them greatly.
Four Thousand in a Bunch on Bach
Side of the Head.
Whoever thinks the male the supe
rior animal finds no rest for the sole
sf his foot in the contemplation of what
we, in the sublimity of our self-con-selt,
call "the lower animals." In our
general ignorance of the housefly we
:lo not know just how foolish and no
account the male is, but we may rea
sonably infer that he is as markedly
Jeficient as usual, seeing that his eyes
ire so close together that they touch
sach other. That's always a bad sign,
if you see anybody with eyes close to
gether you are entitled to think little
of his intelligence.
The fly has two sorts of eyes, the big
compound one, 4,000 in a bunch on
each side of the head, for knocking
about in daylight, and there are simple
eyes on the top of the head for use in
a poor light, sewing aud fine print. Be
fore going into ecstasies of admiration
over the creature that has 4,000 eyes on
each side of its head it might be well
to remember that they are not of much
account. In case of old flies kept over
winter the compound eyes cave In and
get broken, yet the fly seems to get
along and find food. One kind gentle
man varnished over the simple eyes
and plucked off the wings of some
flies. He found that he might hold a
candle close enough to burn the com
pound eye.s of the fly before It had a
suspicion that anything out of the com
mon was going on. In daylight he took
a knitting needle and brought It up In
front of the fly close enough to touch
his antennae before It dodged. If the
knitting needle was brought up on one
side Mr. Fly picked up his sticking
plasters quite lively. Alnslee's Maga
zine. Electroplating the Dead.
Dr. Variot of Paris has discovered a
process for embalming bodies which it
Is thought will prove a great success.
He not only embalms but metallizes
the bodies by the Ruolt process, just
as it is done with a fork or a spoon. In
this manner they can be preserved in
definitely, and In such perfection that
the most Imperceptible wrinkles and
lines are reproduced, and the embalmed
body has the appearance of a metal
statue. The process Is as follows:
After a bath In pure carbolic acid, and
being strongly rubbed with nitrate of
silver, the body is submerged in a gal-vano-plastic
(?) bath, after which a
slight layer of nitrite is applied to It
Lisbon O Dia.
Gentle Sarcasm on Athletics.
With reference to the deification of
the athlete at public schools, the Ox
ford Magazine has the following: "It
appears that a few days back the vice
chancellor received the following let
ter from a gentleman: 'How much
would I have to pay for the education
of my son In jrour university? Let me
know if I shall have to pay more In
case my son, besides rowing, should
wish to learn to read and write.' " SL
James' Gazette.
Big Cotton Plants for Texas.
The largest cotton ginning plants in
the world Is now under construction at
Corsica, Texas, and the next largest
is being constructed at Bryan, Texas.
A third Is being put In at Mexia, Texas.
No one is so bold that he is not afraid
of a dentist
Baked Tomatoes.
To bake tomatoes, -wash and dry
forge ronnd ones, and remove a thin
slice from the top of each. Scoop out
the inside o. each, leaving a good wall.
Chop this pulp fine, add to it a table
spoon ml of melted butter, a table
spoonful of onion juice, a teaspoonfnl
of chopped parsley and a tablespoonful
of finely rolled bread crumbs to every
six tomatoes. Salt and pepper to
taste. Return to tbe tomnto shell?,
and put on the slices that were re
moved from the top, place a tiny piece
of butter on each, and bake about 20
MUitary Automobiles.
The advantages presented by automo-
' biles have a great fascination for all mili
! tary men. Large sums have been offered
i for the best automobile. In war, as iu
j everything, it pays to use the best weap-
ons." The best shield with which to pro
tect the stomach is Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters. It cures constipation, indigestion
and dyspepsia, and prevents malaria.
In the African elephant both sexes
have ivory tusks while in the Asiatic
they are generally lestricted to the
Stops the Cough and
Works Off the Cold.
Laxative Bronio-Qninine Tablets cure
a cold in one day. No cure, No Pay.
Price 25 cents.
Two million residents of Boston
availed themselves of the public baths
during the last summer.
A Distressing; Condition in Which Many
American People Are Involved The
Only Way to Alleviate It.
From the Mountaineer, Walhalla, N. Dakota.
The remorse of a guilty stomach is
what a veiy large majority of the peo
ple of this nation are suffering with to
day. It is a well kuown fact that dys
pepsia is a characteristic American dis
ease and it is frequently stated that
"we are a nation of dyspeptics."
It is a distressing ailment and be
cause of its many forms is difficult to
treat. Sometimes it is the result of
improper modes of eating, improper
food or mental worry and exhaustion;
then again it may be sort of a depressed
condition of the body and treatment
should be directed to the restoration of
the nealth, without special attention to
the stomach. In other instances, the
disease is evidently the result of in
flammation of the stomach.
Anyone of these conditions produce
a lack of vitality in the system, by
causing the blood to loee its life sus
taining elements. The blood is the
vital element in our lives and should
be carefully nurtured. Restore the blood
to its proper condition, dyspepsia will
vanish and perfect health follow.
For example, in the county of Pem
bina, North Dakota, a few miles from
Walhalla, resides Mr. Ernest Snider;
a man of sterling integrity, whose
veracity cannot be doubted. He was
formerly a resident of Landsdowne,
Ont.. but removed to the West and is
now a posperuus farmer.
For three years he as been unable to
do his work because he was ill with
dyspepsia. "I became, Beriously ill
about three years ago," he says, and
consulted a doctor who gave me some
medicine for indigestion. I continued
to grow worse aud eeveral physicians
were called at intervals who gave me
I temporary relief, but the disease re
i turned with all its accustomed severity.
"The distress after eating made me
j dread meal time. At times I became
j so dizzy as tobe unable to stand. I had
; sour stomach, heartburn, palpitation
of heait, and weak nerves. The doc
tors disagreed as to the nature of my
disease, but all agreed that the stomach
was affected. I suffered intensely an j
life was a misery.
"I tried several well-known reme
dies, but was not benefited.
"I read in tne newspapers articles
regarding the wonderful curative pow
ers of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People, and finally alter some
urging on the part of a friend, I con
cluded to try tbe pills. I purchased
six boxes. This was five months ago.
"I had not taken all of the first box
before I felt much relief, I continued
taking the pills, and after using four
boxes I was cured. I have none of
those distressing symptoms now and
am completely restored to health, and
can do as much work as any of the
laborers on my farm. I owe my restor-
atiu to health
to Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Pale People and galdly give
imy testimonial, hoping it may prove
' beneficial to some persons similarly
i affected."
I 0 By restoring to the blood the requis
ite constituents of life, Dr. Williams'
Pink PiJIs for Pale People renew the
i nerve force and enables the stomach to
' promptly and properly assimilate the
I -food, thus speedily and permanently
' curing the dyspeptic. These pills are
i a specific for all diseases having their
origin in impoverished blood or disor
i dered nerves. They contain every ele
; ment requisite to general nutrition, to
; restore strength to the weak, good
; health to the ailing. Physicians pre
.scribe them, druggists recommend
j them and everywhere the people use
j them.
He If I should try to kiss you, Miss
I Mande, would you call for help?
She No; you'd have to help your
; self. Smart Set.
"I aufTered the torture of the damned
with protruding piles brought on by constipa
tion with which I was afflicted for twenty
years. I ran across your CASCARETS in tbe
town or Newell. Ia, and never found anything
to equal tbem. To-day I am entirely tree from
piles and feel like a new man."
C H. Ksetz, till Jones St., Sioux City, la
Pleasant.' Palatable. Potent. Taste Good. Do
Sood, N.v.r Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. JSC. we.
SUritas tUmtif Cop J, fkls. Mlrl. tt. Ill
WTft BAP Sold and cnaranteed bj all drng-
I UD AI glsta to Cf KB Tobacco Habit.
attV candv
A Queer Order.
"The tnnniest thing I saw doling
the war," said the colonel, "happened
in my regiment. One of the captains
had been a railroad conductor before
the war. He was a good disciplinar
ian and kept his men well drilled.
One day he had a equad of men out
marching them by dank, when he
turned to speak to a friend. When be
looked again his squad, marching like
veterans, were in the act of 'butting'
into a high board fence. In the emer
gency he fogrot for a moment that he
was a soldiex and became again a rail
road conductor. Running forward to
wards the squad he shrieked at the top
of bis voice: 'Down brakesl Down
brakes 1' He was one ot the best sol
diers, just the same, and led his men
into many a hot fight."
I The Beat Prescription for Malaria
Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove's
Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply
iron and quinine in a tasteless form.
No Cure, No Pay. Price 50o.
Skagway printers have formed a un
ion with 17 members, the first in
There is more Catarrh in this section of the
country than all other diseases put together,
and until the last few years was supposed to be
incurable. For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly failing to cure
with local treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science has proven catarrh to be a constitu
tional disease, and therefore requires constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, man
ufactured by F. J. Cheney Co., Toledo, Ohio,
ia the only constitutional cure on the market.
It is taken internally in doses from 10 drops to
a teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer
one hundred dollars for any case it fails to
cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Ad
dress, F. J. CH ENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Inhaling the fumes
camphor will often enre
of burning
a cold in the
Piso's Core is the best medicine we ever
used for all affections of the throat and
lungs. Wm. O. Ehdsley, Vaubureu, Iud.,
Feb. 10, 1900.
Truth is very compact, but a lie
must have plenty of room or it will
smother. f
When you take Grove's Tasteless Chill
Tonic because the formula is plainly
printed on every bottle showing that it
is simply Iron and Quinine in a taste
less form. No Cure, No Pay. 50c.
An oil identical with that of bitter
almonds is extracted from coal tar.
Some of the finest and most produc
tive lands, either for general farming
or stock raising, to be had in Oregon.
Washington or Idaho, are to be fonnd
along the lines of the Oregon Railroad
& Navigation Company. Before decid
ing upon a location you will do well to
call upon any agent of the O. R. & N.
Co. for full information. Maps, cir
culars and descriptive pamphlets, will
be furnished free by calling on or writ
ing to nearest O. R.& N. ticket agent,
or bv addressing
General Passenger Agent,
Portland, Oregon.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for their
children during the teething period.
No more presumptnous philosophy
was ever palmed off on unthinking man
than the philosophy of agnosticism.
No philosophy ever so insulted the re
ligion of Jesus Christ. No one ever
faced so squarely against God's word.
From first to last all of God's dealings
with man have been that he might
know. This is the sole object of the
wbole plan of revelation. This is the
meaning of every symbol, figure and
ceremony that man might know God
and man's own future.
Sudden and Severe
attacks of
mWmr many of us.
rnm til
but however
and deeply,
soothes and
the nerves
and brings
a sure cure.
Good Advice to the
Man Who Drinks...
Take the Keetey
Cures Drunkenness and all Drug Habits.
Send for printed matter that tells all about it to
314 Sixth Street, PORTLAND, OR.
JOHN POOLE. Portland, Oregon.
can give yon the best bargains in general
machinery, engines, boilers, tanks, pumps,
plows, belts and windmills. The new
steel I X L windmill, sold by him, is unequalled.
. M.
(The Famous German Wood Preserver)
....Permanently Destroys....
gfOne application is all that is required. It lasts for years. If
your dealer cannot supply you, write for circulars and information to the
following distributing; agents: Perfection Pile Preserving Co., Seattle,
Waslu? Fisher, Thorsen & Co., Portland, Oregon.; Whittier, Cohurn &
Co., San Francisco, Cal.
Write us. Send for our Kew IUkWtxtted Catalogue.
This root of many evils
Glandular tumors, abscesses, pimples
and other cutaneous eruptions, sore
ears, inflamed eyelids, rickets, dyspep
sia, catarrh, readiness to catch cold
and inability to get rid of it easily, pale
ness, nervousness and other ailments
including the consumptive tendency
Can be completely and permanently
removed, no matter how young or old
the sufferer.
' Hood's Sarsaparilla was given the daughter
of Silas Vernooy, Wawarsing, N. Y., who had
broken out with scrofula sores all over her
face and head. The first bottle helped hei
and when she bad taken six the sores were all
healed and her face was smooth. He writes
that she has never shown any sign of tha
scrofula returning.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Promises to cure and keeps the
promise. Ask your druggist for tt
today and accept no substitute.
With Rheumatism, Sciatica, Neuralgia or
Backache. "5 Dropa" Will Relieve
All Pain and Cure You.
SWANSON'S "8 DROPS" is quick and
positive. It prevents and absolutely cuies dis
ease. It kills the germs. It acts with marvel
ous effect on the stomach, liver and kidneys;
purines the blood, strengthens the nerves, a'nd
F laces the entire system in a healthy condition,
t is the cheapest aud best medicine in the
I world, 300 doses for $1. It is for you who are
crippled and helpless; bed ridden and hopt--less.
Here is Life and Hope; a positive cure,
j '5 DKOPs" is for man, woman and child;
the best remedy on earth to have in the house,
ready for everv sudden sickness or pain. HUT
A KOJTLE TOIMI. It gives instantaneous
relief and is absolutelv the only certain cure
I for RHKCMATISM in all it,' forms. It is
also used with unfailing effect in Sciatica,
Kackache, Neuralgia, NervoueneHji,
Sleepleasness, Nervous and Neuralgic
Headaches, Nervous Dyspepsia, and
I nervous affections of every description,
I Asthma. Hay Fevnr, Catarrh, Croup,
Broucbltis, 'Heart Weakness, Toothache,
Earache, La Grippe, Malaria, Creeping
, Numbness, and kindred diseases.
"I wish to lift my voice in behalf of your
I "5 DROPS, " the only medicine that has
given me any relief from my dreadfnl maladv,
! RHKUMATISM. I have used one bottle,
and have bad but one attack since I com
menced it. I have been a great sufferer from
RHEUMATISM for twenty long years. Every
winter ana spring 1 would think would be my
last. Thanks to you and your "5 DROPS"
for the good it has done me. I would not be
without it. You can use this as you please.
Send them to me.
Tnomas T. Readdick, Kingsland, Ga."
"1 do not know how to express how wonder
ful I think votir "5 DROPS" is. I was suf
fering intensely with EDRALGIA, and
j inougnt lor a montn 1:1 hi. 1 wouiu nave 10 uie.
jue uay a caueu 10 see ine anu uiuugni
an advertisement ofyour Swanson's -5
DKOPS " I resolved to try it and sent for a
botlie. I have not had an attack of suffering
since I took the first dose. I believe It has
saved my life. This statement is positively
true. I shall always take pleasure in recom
mending vour "5 DROPS" for the cure ol
NBURAL.GIA. Yours very truly,
L. R. Smith, El Dorado Springs, Mo.
SWANSON'S "5 DROPS" is sola by lis
and agents. In some places the Druggists are
our agents. If the remedy is not obtainable in
your town, order of us direct. Ijirgesize bottle,
3U0 doses, 11.00, sent prepaid by express or mail.
or tor me nexi au aays, 10 euaDie
all who are suffering, to at least
have an opportunity to try the most
wonderful of all remedies, we will
send SAMPLE FREE upon re
ceiDt of 4c. to Day Dostaee. Agents
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164 Lake S rest, Chicago.
Gin, Brandy, Rum
12 lull quarts. 9.00. Per gallon, 2.50. XXX
Orrers for f2-".0 and upward delivered free to
nenrest Kail road or Steamer Lauding. Blank
Cases aud Kegs.
Established 30 Years.
You can't make a mistake if yon get a
Mitchell, Iiemis & Staver Co.
ONE FOR A DOSE. Cure Stele Headache and Dys
pepsia, P. .'move Plmples.Purtfy the Blood. Afd Diges
tion, Prevent Bfltbvsaasm. DonotGrlpeorSlcken. To
convince you, will mall samp efree;fullbox.23c. DR.
BOSANKO CO.. PklUdalpUa, fm. Sold by Druggist.
A guaranteed Cure for Catarrh and
Consumption, fl.00. D Lock Box 145.
W. I. SMITH & CO., Buffalo, II. Y, Pi op's.
Have made Dropsy and its com
plications a specialty for twenty
years with the most wonderful
success. Have cured man; toons-
and Aa aao .
Box H, Atlanta, Ga.
N. P. N. 0.
So. 4310OO.
HEN writing tc advertisers pleas
mention this paper.
I jtchelU
wi 1 1 urn"