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is Mrs. Pinkham. Her
great correspondence
is under her own Super
vision. Every woman on this
continent should un
derstand that she can
write freely to Mrs.
Pinkham about her phy
sical condition because
Mrs. Pinkham is
A Woman
and because Mrs. Pink
ham never violates con
fidence and because
she knows more about
the ills of women than
any other person in this
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
has cured a million sick
women. Every neigh
borhood, almost every
family, contains women
relieved of pain by this
great medicine.
Ordinary chimney soot is an excellent
fertilizer and should be carenlly saved.
That from coal is superior to that from
wood. It contains nitrogen, and is
beneficial to all crops. It is disliked
by some insects, and is used as a pre
ventive of their attacks, for which pur
pose it may be more profitably applied
owing to the small quantity produced
prohibiting its use extensively as a fer
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet.
Tt cures painful, swollen, smarting, nerv
ous feet, and instantly takes the sting out
r.f corns and bunions. It's the greatest
comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot
Ease makes tight or new shoes feel easy.
It is a certain cure for Ingrowing Nails,
sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching
feet. We have over 30.000 testimonials.
Try it today. Sold by all druggists and
shoe stores. Bv mail for 25c. in stamps.
Trial package 'FREE. Address, Allen S.
Olmsted, I.e Roy, N. Y.
Hay differs greatly in weight and
quality. Eipe timothy hay is the
heaviest, about 400 cubic feet, well
packed, being ehtiraatetd as weighing
a ton. If cut when in blossom a ton
will take up about 480 cnbic feet.
.Mixed with clover a ton will vary from
450 to 500 cubic feet. Clover hay re
quires about 650 cubic feet to a ton.
Of pea vine hay about 800 cnbic feet
make a ton. About TOO cubic feet of
meadow hay is the estimate for a ton.
These estimates are not strictly reli
able, however, as something depends
npon how closely the hay is pressed in
the stack or mow.
Mothers will liud Sirs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for th"
Children during the teething period.
The ground cannot be made too rich
for gooseberries and currants, and any
extra attention given them the first
year will have its effect for years after,
as a good start is an advantage. Plant
.in rows four feet apart, cultivate
thoroughly, and then mnlch. Cutting
out the old wood shonld not be over
looked. It is not difficult to get large
yields of fruit when the soil is rich
and the cultivation is thoiough.
In boiling meat for soup put cold
water to it and let it come slowly to a
simmer to extract the juice. If meat
is boiled for itself alone put it into
boiling water, which causes the outer
surface to contract and the richness of
the meat is retained within.
Thick brown paper should be. laid
under carpets if the patent lining is not
to be had. It saves wear and prevents
the inroads of moths, which, however,
will seldom give trouble if salt is
sprinkled around the edges when the
carpet is laid.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
See Facsimile Wrapper Below.
Very small and aa easy
to talus as sugar.
T ISM g ft
Best Cougb 8yrup. Tastes Goo. Vm
in time, aoia or arnggisia,
Sheets, Blankets, Pillows and Other
Articles of Household Use Mentioned
in Old Legal Documents Sums Left
to Pay for Saying of Masses.
Sheets, blankets, pillows and cover
lets or counterpanes were frequeut
subjects of bequests In the middle
ages; and one Lady of quality, Knth
erlne, Lady Hastings, having borrowed
money of another, Cecilia, Marchioness
of Dorset, wills (1503) "that the said
Cecilia, in full contention of such sums
of money that I owe unto her, have my
bed of arras, litter, tester and counter
pane, which she late borrowed of me."
The costliness of the materials may be
estimated from the tradition that the
bed, with the furniture, prepared for
James 1. at Knowle, cost 7,000, the
curtains being cloth of gold. Bequests
for masses and pilgrimages abound,
and it is curious to observe to what
extent the belief in the efficacy of vi
carious performances prevailed. Thus,
in Sir Roger Beauchainp's will (1379),
we find: "Whereas I am bound to doe
service on the infidels, by devise of
my grandslre. Sir Walter Beauchamp,
to the expense of 200 marks, I will that
Boger, son to Roger, my son, shall per
form the same when he come of age."
The Earl of Hereford (1361) directs:
"A chaplain of good condition be sent
to Jerusalem principally for my lady
my mother, my lord my father, and for
us; and that the chaplain be charged to
say masses, by the way, at all times
that he can conveniently for the souls;
and that a good and loyal man be sent
to Canterbury, and to offer there xl s.
silver for us; and another such man
to Pomfret to offer at the tomb of
Thomas, late Earl of Lancaster, xl s."
When Le Balafre, Quentin Durward's
uncle, hears of the mishap that has be
fallen his family, he bites off. a few
inches of his gold chain, and sends
them to a monk with this message:
"Tell my gossip that my brother and
sister, and some others of my house,
are all dead and gone; and I pray him
to have masses for their souls as far
as the value of these links will carry
him, and to do on trust what
else may be necessary to free them
from purgatory. And, hark ye! as they
were just-living people, and free from
all heresy, it may be that they are well
nigh out of limbo already, so that a
little matter may have them free of the
fetlocks; and in that case, look ye, ye
will say 1 desire to take out the bal
ance of the gold in curses upon a gen
eration called the Ogilvies of Augus
shire in what way soever the church
may best come at them."
This is the Spirit In which masses
were commonly ordered. The testa
tor's main object was to get what he
thought money's worth for his money.
Thus Sir Thomas Littleton (the author
of the "Treatise on Tenures," ren
dered famous by Coke's commentary)
leaves a sum of money for masses "for
the souls of my feder and moder, and
for the soul of William Burley, my; and for the soul of Sir
Philip Chaturn, and for all souls that I
am most burden to pray for." The av
erage cost of masses may be collected
from a clause in the will of Joan, Lady
Cobham, in 1369:
"I will that vil thousand masses be
said for my soul by the canons of Tun
brugge and Tanfugge, and the four or
ders of friars in London, viz., the friar
preachers, minors, Augustines and Car
melites, who for so doing shall have
xxxix ill s. iv d." This Is rather less
than three half-pence per mass.
The Earl of Salisbury, the son of
Henry II. by the fair Rosamond, be
queaths for the building of a monastery
(inter alia) "a thousand sheep, three
hundred muttons, forty-eight oxen and
fifteen bulls." The Earl of Warwick,
in 1369, leaves: "To every church with
in each of my manors the best beast
which should there be found, in satis
faction of my tithes forgotten and not
paid; and I desire that my executors
make full satisfaction to every man
that I have in any sort wronged." The
object of bequests to the church, or for
pious uses, was not exclusively super
stitious, for wills were seldom set
aside or evaded when the priesthood
had a direct Interest in upholding them.
Bequests for the erection of statues
and monuments are of frequent occur
rence, and the directions are sometimes
both curious and minute, as in the will
of Isabel, Countess of Warwick, in
1439: "Also I will that my statue be
made all naked, with my hair cast
backward, accoiding to the design and
model which Thomas Porchabon has
for that purpose, with Mary Magdalen
laying her hand across, and St John
the Evangelist on the right side and
St. Anthony on the left; at my feet a
scutcheon, impaling my arms with
those of the earl, my husband, support
ed by two griffins, but on the sides
thereof the statues of poor men and
women in their poor array with their
beads in their hands."
Guichard, Earl of Huntingdon, wills
that his heart be taken out of his body
and preserved with spices, to be de
posited in the Church of Engle. The
preservation of the nobler members, es
pecially the heart, was frequently en
Joined. Law Times.
'.'ire us Balloon Man Fays It Is Gentle
and Not Kxtra Hazardous.
"Coming down from the clouds in a
parachute is like a dream," said a cir
cus balloon artist. "Ever dream of fall
ing from a high place? iou come
down, alight quietly, and awake, and
you're not hurt. Well, that's the paa
chute drop over again. No. there is
no danger. A parachute can be guided
readily on the down trip, but you can't
steer a balloon. To guide a parachute
out of harm's way a practical hand
can tilt it one way or the other, spill
out air, and thus work it to where you
want to land, or to avoid water, trees,
chimneys, or church spires. Circus as
censions are generally made in the
evening. When the sun goes down the
wind goes down. The balloon then
shoots into the air and the parachute
drops back on the circus lot, or not far
away. A balloon is made of 4-cent
muslin, and weighs about 600 pounds.
A parachute is made of 8-cent niusiin.
"There is much more danger la com
ing down In a balloon. When It strike
the earth it's like a big ball, and
bounds up again, taking you with it.
Not long ago in McKeesport, Pa., I
came down In a balloon because the
parachute would not let go. 1 nearly
came down in a big stack of a blast
furnace, but the hot air drove the bal
loon away. After that I never intrust
parachute would not let go. I nearly
ed the parachute arrangements to any
one, but attended to it myself.
"The rope that secures the parachute
is cut with a knife. The aeronaut
drops fully 100 feet before that para
chute begins to fill. It must fill, if
you're up high enough. There are sev
eral hundred parachute men in the
business, and the accidents are less 1
ratio than railroad casualties. Our
business is new at that. After awhile
the ratio will be less. A man can't
shake out a parachute, if It don't open.
A man in the air Is simply powerless.
Invariably the fall Is head first. When
the parachute begins to fill the descent
is less rapid, and finally when the par
chute has gradually filled it bulges
out with a pop. Then the aeronaut
climbs on to his trapeze and guides the
parachute to a safe landing. In seven
cases out of ten, yon can land back on
the lot where you started from. The
first performers must have had nerve
to make the drop. Now, it is a regular
business, not considered hazardous at
all. The hardest work is to bring back
the balloon with a wagon. Sometimes
it tears in the trees, or wherever It
may land when not in open."
Cherrapunji, In Assam, northeast of
Calcutta, has the reputation of being
the wettest place on earth, the average
annual rainfall . being 493.15 Inches,
while it has the record of one month In
which 147.17 Inches fell.
An English authority on dentistry,
quoted In the British Medical Journal,
condemns in strong language unwar
ranted teeth extraction. He states that
"teeth drawing is not dentistry, and
the supply of artificial dentures should
no more be regarded as the chief aim
of dentistry than the supplying of
wooden legs is' looked upon as the Ideal
of surgery."
The experience of France and Spain
has proved conclusively that American
vines are the only remedy for the phyl
loxera. But the German agrarian war
upon American agricultural products
has been carried to the point where the
Alsatian Government prefers phyllox
era and has excluded American vines.
Perhaps the Germans will use Ameri
can vines themselves, while permitting
the phylloxera to ravage the vineyards
of a conquered province.
The public library building In Chi
cago is protected against the invasion
of fire from the outside by means of a
so-called "water curtain." At the top
of the building Is a system of tubes
through which water, supplied from a
tank, can be used to flow over the out
side walls. Recently the efficiency of
the water curtain was tested by the
occurrence of a fire in a large spice mill
adjoiniug the library building. The
water being turned on, the outer walls
were Immediately covered with a liquid
sheet which, as the temperature was
low, became eventually a sheet of Ice.
In a recent address before the Wis
consin Academy of Sciences, Prof. O.
D. Marsh presented some generally un
known facts about Lake Winnebago.
All lakes, he said, are temporary fea
tures of topography, since their outlets
are continually deepening and their in
lets are gradually filling their bottoms
with sand. Lake Winnebago is re
markable for Its shallowness. Although
twenty-eight miles long and ten or
twelve broad. It Is only twenty-five feet
deep. But its lack of depth is an ad
vantage from the fisherman's point of
view. It contains an enormous number
of fish, and few lakes in existence can
compare with it for productiveness in
that respect. Shallow lakes are better
than deep ones for fish, because of the
greater quantity of vegetation covering
their bottoms. Vegetation cannot flour
ish in deep water.
The application of the turbine prin
ciple to the motor machinery of ships
has achieved another triumph In the
case of the British torpedo boat de
stroyer, Viper. At a recent meeting of
engineers at the Royal Institution In
London some Interesting facts concern
ing the surprising speed of the Viper
were discussed. On her second prelim
inary trial in February she attained a
speed of 35.5 knots, equal to nearly
forty-one statute miles per hour. This
is as great a speed as that of many
express trains, and if it conld be devel
oped in a great passenger ship and
maintained continuously would cnt
down the time needed for crossing the
Atlantic to about three days. When
running either slowly or at top speed
the Viper experiences little vibration,
and it is anticipated that she will even
tually surpass her own record.
Preferred Speech.
The spirit of love and kindliness to
all, which pervaded every word and
deed of Phillips Brooks, did not hinder
his keen appreciation of others' fail
ings and short-comings, or his own.
"Why in the world doesn't Brown
write his autobiography, and have It
published?" said one of the bishop's
friends, referring to an Incessant talker
and most egotistical man, who had
been wasting an hour of the bishop's
most precious time by a rehearsal of
some unimportant happenings.
"Why, he'd rather tell it of course,"
said the bishop; and then like a flash
came regret for the quickly spoken
truth, and be turned on his friend with
a half-humorous, half-distressed face.
"What do you mean by asking me
such a question as that when I'm off
my guard?" he demanded, reproach
fully. Youth's Companion.
For some reason the man who has no
money to buy food is never seized with
a desire to acquire fame by breaking
all records for fasting.
When a real tough man falls in love,
one of the funniest things is the man
ner In which he gives np poker to de
light la a game of Old Maid.
Two Soldiers in the Philippines Use the
Bones to Bee Who Is to Buffer.
"I was In the Philippines about three
months ago," said the Chicago agent of
a well-known tea house, "and saw the
queerest throw of dice I ever saw in my
life. Two soldiers had been court-martialed
for getting drunk and assaulting
their superior officer about the gravest
offense a subordinate can commit. Be
ing after dark, the officer didn't know
which one it was. Neither did they, nor
much of anything else that happened
about that time. But the court insisted
that for the sake of discipline one of
them must be punished. It was hard
lines. For they were really not bad
young fellows and everybody was sorry
for them. Each was willing to take
the penalty and let the other one off.
But that wouldn't do, so it was finally
agreed that they should throw the dice
for it
"The first one that took them shook
them hard and turned them out Five
and twol The second man followed
suit His were five and two. Then the
first poured out a six and five. Six and
five came out for the other. You should
have just heard the shouts and bets.
Then the first one threw again. Two
and three! And two and three showed
np for the second soldier. This was
getting interesting. 'Aces!' said the
first 'Aces!' cried the second. The ex
citement was tremendous. Everybody
crowded Into the room anxious to get
a sight at the miraculous performances.
"They all held their breaths. The sol
dier whose throw it was gave the bones
an extra shake. Out tumbled four and
three. The second one pounded and
shook enough to have worn the spots
off of 'em. No use. Three and four I
'The Devil's in 'em.' 'I can't get used
to that game!' 'They're loaded all
around,' exclaimed the crowd."
Here the tea agent paused and rose
to go away.
"But how did they come out finally?"
everybody asked, wrought up to intens
est curiosity."
"Oh, out of the box, I s'pose, like
they did before," calmly explained the
agent "You see, the steamer for Hono
lulu was whistling for the last time and
I had to come away before the thing
was settled. They may be at It yet for
all I know." Chicago Chronicle.
What Concen trationW ill Accomplish
"Many persons, seeing me so much
engaged in active life," said Edward
Bulwer-Lytton, "and as much above
the world as if I had never been a stu
dent, have said to me, 'When do you
j get time to write all your books? How
. on earth do you contrive to do so much
work?' I shall surprise you by the
answer I made. It was this: T con
trive to do so much work by never do
ing too much at a time.'
"Now, since I began really and earn
estly to study, which was not till I bad
left the college, and was actually In the
world, I may perhaps say that I have
gone through as large a course of gen
eral reading as most men of my time.
! I have traveled much and I have seen
1 much; I have mixed much in politics,
j and besides all this, I have published
I somewhere about sixty volumes. And
yet what time do yon thing, as a gen
i eral rule, I have devoted to study, to
j reading and writing? Not more than
: three hours a day. But then, during
! these three hours I have given my
whole attention to what I was about
and lost not a moment"
Every great man has become great
every successful man has succeeded, In
proportion as he has confined his pow
ers to one particular channel. Pushing
to the Front
Polite Hate.
The other night at the Albisu, a va
riety theater, one performer made a
display of flags. When the Stars and
Stripes appeared someone hissed, and
' the galleries and part of the body of
! the house joined in. Whatever prompt
1 ed the demonstration, it ceased in
I stantly when several Americans seated
' In the orchestra rose to leave the
house. They passed out amid silence
I as respectful and deferential as though
' in their persons they represented the
highest authority. Some of the audi
ence clearly hated the flag, but they
wished those present who loved It to
understand that no personal affront
was Intended, and they conveyed that
wish as clearly as an audience could.
Santiago, Cuba, letter.
Good Civic Work of Women.
The Town Improvement Association
of Momtcialr, N. J., is composed en
tirely of women. Its annual report
showed the association's work last
year was very successful little crime
In town, many needed public Improve
ments made and a balance in the asso
ciation's treasury.
Bogus Curios of All Kinds.
It Is said of old curiosity shops in
general that nearly half the objects
offered are spurious, expressly manu
factured for-sale. The ingenuity of the
forger of antiques is remarkable. Fur
niture, china, prints, bronzes, armor.
Ivory and tapestry all are Imitated
Shot Dead by a Dead Man.
After the battle of Spion Kop a Brit
ish soldier was found dead with his
the trlsrerer of his rifle. A
DOer WDu Hlieiiiyieu w tunc uic uue
out of his bands was shot dead by a
slip of the dead man's finger.
Travelers in Arctio Regions.
Notwithstanding the difficulties and
dangers attending a trip from 1,200 to
1,400 miles over snow and ice In the
most inclement season of the year, no
less than 700 people left Dawson for
Nome between Dec. 4, 1899, and March
L 1900.
Vine Disease in Spain and France.
The phylloxera destroyed 450,000
acres of vineyards In Spain in 1899.
Vines in Spain or France are not worth
cultivating unless they are grafted with
the American vine, which renders them
proof against the insect
Some one says that the greatest thing
in the world Is love, but any woman
who has gone through family squab
bles with a husband will tell yon It Is
People who never look forward to the
future seldom manage to get ahead,
For the third of a century the
standard for strength and purity. It
makes the hot bread, hot biscuit,
cake and other pastry light, sweet
and excellent in every quality.
No other baking powder is
"just as good as Royal," either in
strength, purity or wholesomeness.
PARIS IN 1900.
For the benefit of those who intend .
visiting Paris during the exposition, I
the Rio Grande Western railway has
gotten out an attractive folder illustra-;
tive and descriptive of the main features '
of the exposition. It contains some
valuable hints for intending visitors '
and descriptive articles upon Place de
La Concorde, Arc de Triumphs, the
Madeleine, the Column, of July, the
Trocadero, Hotel de Ville, Column
Yendome, the Louvre, the Grand opera
house, the Bourse and the tomb of Na
poleon, in addition to a bird's eye view
of the exposition grounds. The folder,
or pamphlet, is gotten out in handy
form, and is written in a pleasant and
attractive style. It, in fact, gives in
little space everything one going to the
exposition wonld like to know before
starting on his journey.
For copies of the Paris exposition
folder and other advertising matter
descriptive of the Bocky mountains'
famous scenery, tributary to the Rio
Grande Western railway and its con
nections, write
J. D. MANSFIELD, Gen'l Agent,
253 Washington St., Portland, Ore.
Worth Remembering.
The man whom yon dislike is one of
the men God loves. Boston Congre
gationalism ,.
State or Ohio, City of Toledo, j
Lucas County. (
Frank j. Chkney makes oath that he is the
senior psrter of the firm of F. J. Cheney & Co.,
doing business in the Citv of Toledo, Comity
and State aforesaid, and that said firm will pair
the sum ol ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each
and every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in mv
presence, this 6th day of December, A. D. 1886.
-rri A. W. GLEASON,
C , 1 Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts
directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Farmers will take extra pains when
seeding a crop, but their greatest loss
is in not harvesting at the proper time.
The longer a crop remains on the
ground after it is ready or matured the
more woody fiber or indigestible ma
terial it will contain.
Green corn and lima beans deterior
ate more quickly than any other vege
tables; they should be spread ont sing
ly on the cool cellar floor as quickly as
possible after they come from the mar
FOR $50.00...
Would be too cheap to be good,
but we have Top Buggies for
for $65 Cash that we guaran
tee for one year from date of
purchase. They have good
strong wheels, guaranteed hick
ory spokes, tires 5-J 6 thick,
round edge and projecting
over the felloe, to protect same.
We have others at $70, $75,
$80, $85 and up.
Road Wagons at $40 and up.
Mitchell Farm Spring Wagons
and Harness.
Buy reliable goods of a reliable concern
is good oolicy.
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Oregon,
can give you the best bargains in general
machinery, engines, boilers, tanks, pumps,
plows, belts and windmills. The new
steel I X L windmill, sold by him, is un
equalled. Itching.
This form, as well as Blind, Bleeding or Protruding
Piles are eared by Dr.Bosanko'
Stops Itching sad bleeding. Absorbs tumors, spca
Jar at druggists or rat by mall. Treatise tree. Writs
oie about your esse, DR. BOSANKO, Pa'laia.Ps.
y Pure
Many low priced, imitation baking powders are
upon the market. These are made with slum,
and care should be taken toavoid them, as alum
is a poison, never to be taken in the food.
They Are No Longer Friends.
Fay That Miss Suapp is just hate
ful, isn't she?
May Yes. You were prseent yes
terday when she told me I was ''the
homliest girl in our set," weren't yon?
"Yes; and I gave her a piece of my
mind about it afterward."
"That was kind of you, dear, but I
hope you weren't too severe."
"Well, I told her how sensitive you
must be about it." Catholic Standard
and Times.
The Book of Books.
The Bookl the Book I credentialed
by Divinity, its authority approved by
history, crutch of a lame race, solace
for the world's sorrow, staff to the dy
ing, hope for the hopeless with reck
less hand touch not the Bookl touch
not the Bookl This is the voice of the
millions of strong, devont men every
where and of the beautiful Christian
womanhood in every land wherein,
though all beside should fail, the sacred
mothers of Israel will hold fast to the
Book and teach their sons and daugh
ters to believe it. Luther Lafiin Mills.
Carters Ink Is Used Exclusively
by the schools of New York, Boston and
many other places, and they won't use any
The Laundry Bill.
The laundry bill doesn't come ont in
the wash. Chicago Democrat.
Piso's Cure cannot be too highly spoken
of as a cough cure. J. W. O'Brien, 322
Third Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 6,
Streaky or mottled butter may be
due to the salt or the working of the
' butter. In the finest quality of butter
the salt is so evenly diffused that, as
appears under the microscope, every
grain is surrounded by a film of cleai
and transparent brine, which shews the
necessity of avoiding the overworking
of the butter before the salt is added.
In the first working every particle of
the milk should be gotten rid of, but
enough clear, water should be left to
, dissolve every grain of salt in 12 hours
j before the next working. If this is
done there will be little danger of
streakiness in the butter, bnt to get the
best results the salt shonld be very
finely ground.
To make sealing wax for fruit cans,
take eight ounces of rosin, two onnces
gam shellac and a half ounce of bees
wax. Melt all together. This will
' make a quantity, and may be melted
i for use when wanted.
If You Arc Awake to Your Own Chances Read This and Then Write
Us for Full Information and Prospectus.
California is destined to be the greatest oil field of the vorld. Already vast riches have been
amassed there in petroleum, and great fortunes are sure to be made in that section this year.
We own a quarter section of land, 160 seres, in the heart of the famous Kern County Oil D is
trict. The oil is there and all we have to do is to drill a well and tap it.
For development purposes we will sell 25,000 shares of Treasury Stock at fl per share. Peo
ple who buy this stock will see it increase in value fast and they will make money fast. Fullest
investigation invited. Our property has been examined and reported on as unquestionably
valuable by M. M. Ogden, Field Expert, Producers' Oil Exchange, 8an Francisco, Cal.,and by C
W. Fox, for fifteen years expert for the Standard Oil Company. Onr deeds and abstracts are
now deposited in the Merchants' National Bank, Portland, Or. Our officers are without salaries.
612 Chamber of Commerce, Portland, Oregon.
I H. C. KCKENBERGEB, Pres. R. L. DURHAM, Vice-Pres. H. C. STRATTON, Secy.
BOARD OF DIRECTORS: (To any and all of whom we refer you.) J. Frank Watson,
1 President Merchants' National Bank, Portland, Or.; R. L Durham, Vice-President Merchants'
National Bank, Portland, Or. ; H. C. Breeden, of H. C. Breeden & Co., Portland, Or. ; H. C. Ecken
berger, Com. Agent Michigan Central Railway; Charles V. Cooper, Contracting Freight Agent,
Union Pacific Railway.
EfF Write us today. You will be glad you did so. If you have any means at all you ows
j it to yourself to investigate this opportunity for investment.
Always has a McCORMICK,
Call on the Agent, or address A. H. Boy-
I lan, General Agent, 321 Hawthorne Ave.,
i Portland, Or., for Catalogue.
A postal addressed to P. O. Box 41, Portland.
Oregon, will bring you a handsome Ko-Nut
! Cook Book. Ko-Nut is the latest lard substi
i tuts; and purer, cheaper and more economical.
For Sale by all Grocers.
i Building or remodeling residences and
stores. We carry a complete line of Mantels,
j Grates and Tiling, Tile Flooring, Tile Waln
I scoting, Andirons, Fenders, Screens, Electric,
i Gas and Combination Chandeliers, and all sup-
lies pertaining to Electric and Gas Lighting.
re also carry all kinds of Batteries, Bells and
; inHif.tnm. Phatonanhs cheerfullv sent on
i application. FRANK H OL.COM B CO.
j S4B Washington St., Portland, Or. j
Vto Bono Publico.
The Issue of Collier's Weekly for
May 26th is strongly tinotnred with a
political flavor which makes it an ad
mirable preliminary to the two conven
tions at Philadelphia and Kansas City.
The special article by Senator Frye, of
Maine, is a clarified summary of legis
lation for which the Fifty-sixth con
cress is responsible. Senator Frye's
position, as president of the senate gives
this article an ex cathreda tone that is
most convincing. No other man in the
United States is qualified to prepare so
moderate and unbiased a synopsis of
the winter's legislation. The idea of
political activity is further carried ont
by Henry Loomis Nelson in his judicial
article on the issue of imperialism.
Mr. Nelson is qualified by his ripe ex
perience to handle the delicate subject
of territorial expansion in a way that
must bring true light to every con
scientious American.
Placing the Blaine.
She looked at him scornfully, even
"Would you Tet a woman stand
while yon occupy a seat?" she asked.
"Madam," he replied, "do not blame
me. The fault lies primarily with
your own sex."
"How so?" she demanded.
"I did not receive proper home train
ing." he answered. Chicago Post.
The Color Line.
"I'm not prejudiced, as a general
rule," said Mr. Poindexter, looking fix
edly at his wife, as she entered the
room, "but the color line is drawn in
this house from now on."
"Why, what do you mean?" she
"Bleached hair doesn't go."' he re
plied, violently. Philadelphia North
Full House.
"Yes, he started a hotel and he's
made a hit, too. You know the old
established place across the street ad
vertised itself as 'a hotel with all the
comforts of home.' "
"Well, he advertised his place as 'a
! hotel without the discomforts of
home.' " Philadelphia Press.
Revolution in Water Travel.
Experiments have proven that vessels,
fitted with propellers which imitate th
fish's fin, develop a remarkable propelling
power. It will cause a revolution in watei
travel. Men gradually learn that Nature's
ways are best. One cause of the remarkable
success of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters
springs from the fact that it is a harmless.
I natural medicine, made of Nature's most
; strengthening herbs. 1 1 is a sure cure for
constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia, bili-
uusucas ui wcaa muiieya.
"Katie," said her mother, with some
sternness, "put that book away. You
j are too yonng to read romances. Be
, sides, this is Sunday. If yon want
something to read, take your Bible."
j At the end of half an hour Katie's
i silence became oppressive.
"What are you doing, Katie?"
"I'm reading the beautiful romance
of Ester in the Bible. That's' what
I'm doing." Chicago Tribune.
The Musical Linn.
Said the lion: "On music I dote,
But something is wrong with my throat.
When I practice a scale,
The listeners quail,
And flee at the very first note!"
Oliver Herford, in St. Nicholas.
Miss Wonder Why do yon always
ask Miss Singer to play her own ac
companiments? Miss Gabby Why, she always plays
loud enough to drown her own voice.
Baltimore American.
The horseless carriage goes; bnt the
newsless paper doesn't.
Straight Road
To Health
Isjby the way of purifying the blood. Germs
and impurities in the blood cause disease
and siokness. Expelling these impurities
removes the disease. Hood's Sarsaparilla
does this and it does more. It makes the
blood rich by increasing and vitalizing the
red globules and giving it power to trans
mit to the organs, nerves and muscles the
nutriment contained in digested food.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is the Best Medicine Money Can Buy.
U Save So Per Cent
If you use the New Columbian Fire Grate in
vour bouse. With an ordinary grate 80 pei
cent of the heat goes np the chimney, but the
New Columbian Grate makes a white name, no
smoke, and all the heat goes into the room.
Entirely new and absolute perfection. For
Shotograph and full description send to THK
OH! BARRETT CO., 91 First street,
Portland, Oregon.
Can find quick and permanent relief
for serious and strength destroying
troubles in
Moore's Revealed Remedy
Thousands have used it and thousands
now praise it. It cures permanently. SI
per bottle at your druggist's.
r saps wis
If BICKF0ID. Washlngtsn, D. C
II ceiva nulck renlles. B. 5th 1
they will re-
B. 5th N. H. Vols. Staff
20th Corps. Prosecuting claims since 1878.
Cm Big CI for unnatural
lt"-SM.1" ' IT.
irritations or ulcerations
of m neons membranes.
Painless, and net Mtrin-
iTHEcVUlOHasniOB. poisonous.
or sent in slain wrapper.
Sreular seat on request.
K. F. K. V.
So. 241800.
yHMS jrrltinf; to advertisers picas
ef""-W Prtiaau Cn IAstIm