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j x ioti-G azette.
Issued erery Friday morning.
One yeai. ........ ...... U 60
Ix mo.itlu...... . ,. ......... 75
dire uioothB.................i 60
FRIDAY, APR. 6, 1900.
The Puerto Rican tariff bill passed
the senate Tuesday by a vote of 40
to 31. The principal speech of the
day was madefcy Mason of Illinois
against the measure. His remarks
concerning the "fever tit war which
is upon the administration", are
highly amusing in the light of his
own lurid attitude just ' before the
declaration of war with Spain. . :
The ticket nominated , by the
democratic and populist county
convention at Albany, Wednesday,
has the merit of being fair at least.
Beginning with county judge, which
office" fell to the populists, . each
alternate officer named was given
to that party. Thus the democrats
named the sheriff, recorder,- school
superintendent and surveyor, while
the populists chose candidates for
clerk, treasurer, commissioner and
coroner, as well as county judge.
Will Benton county democrats con-
cede as much? .- - " J
If the people think it proper to
caaeethe district attorneys salary of
the second judicial district reduced
from $4000 per year they should
make a streunoua effort at the next
legislature to have it so reduced,
for the reason that those interested
in keeping the salaries of public
officers high, claim that the in
cumbent elected to an office when
the salary is at a certain figure has
some kind of a vested right in the
salary whereby it would be in bad
faith to reduce the salary during
his term; which claim exists in
imagination, but not in law; yet
the same parties , never think it
improper to raise a public salary
to take effect during the term.
The salary of the district attorney
for the second judicial district was
raised at the last session of the
legislature I4QP0 perear and
yie wr,"- - year
lSieaCM iva m otniurr was
ia-wing the term it will be
proper for ths next legislature to
reduoe the salary to at least half of
the amount and the Beveral county
conventions should so instruct their
several members at the legislature.
They should also be instructed to
reinact the free bill which existed
under Hills Code just prior to the
time when the county officers were
salaried, so that the parties employ -ing
the county officers shall pay
the fees to the officers and they turn
the same over to the county treas
urer to repay the county for the
salaries paid out to the several
officers. ,
In announcing himself as candi
date for the office of president of
the United States, Admiral Dewey
cheapens himself in the estimation
of his countrymen. His achieve
ments in Manila bay filled his meas
ure of greatness to overflowing and
his'name was inscribed on - Fame's
' proudest pinnacle. He displayed
shrewdness by holding himself
.. for months from the eager arms of
his countrymen, for since his arri
val home he has steadily lost cast
with those who are ever looking
for a new bauble. . Dewey is our
: naval hero and sober-minded peo
ple who delight to honor him for
his noble deeds and forget his short
comings, will only feel sympathy
for him in his latest display of
weakness. Let us repeat what we
said last December: "But yester
day the name of Dewey awed the
American people; aow, none so
poor to do him reverence.. No man
has stood the test of public scrutiny
like William McKinley."
Needed Tax Reform.
Cobvallis, April 3, 1900.
Union-Gazette: I have been
asked to state what tax reforms are
needed, and what might be done in
that direction by the legislature.
This article refers to the whole
state and not to any particular
The reforms needed, include a
general reduction of public expenses,
and a system which will be admin
istered, for the least expense, and
to lasuie equality and uniformity,
between the several classes of tax
payers. How to accomplish this has been,
indeed, a problem. The public ex
pense could, and ought to be re
duced in many particulars. There
is a great waste and some scandal
on account of the clerk hire abuses
which have grown up in the legis
lature. There has been an enor
public leak through the state
v .J , i
printing office., : There have been
expensive boards of commissioners,
without which the state would bo
better off.
There are a number of tax con
suming luxuries indulged in by the
state and its officials, which do not
benefit the general taxpayer, and
which beit.g so heavily burdened
as we now" are, with taxes, seems to
be 'unnecessary and extravagant.
It may be well enough, in tinges of.
universal prosperity, t indulge in
experiments, and luxuries, in keep
ing with uch times; but, in times
like the past several years
taxes have to be met with absolute
privations in other directions, and
when in many cases the property
has actually been sold to pay
taxes, .people could no longer sup
port, then it seems to me, it is high
time to inquire into the causes of
of these high taxes, and if the peo
ple are really a sovereign people,
apply a remedy. -
In many directions there have
been increases of salaries out of
proportion to the value of the ser
vices demanded or performed. The
salary act;- itself,.. while in many
respects excellent, ' operates as a
considerable loss to the taxpayers
in its present form.
Then there has been a constant
tendency of late years to multiply
expenst s, and to increase the
amount : of existing expenses, in
stead of reducing them. Perhaps
this is one of the consequences of
having some things better and
more convenient now than formerly.
The present county court of Ben-1
ton county seems tohave made an
earnest effort to check this growth,
but it as well as all county boards
in the ' state is to some extent
handicapped by the condition of the
It is always hard to shake off
expensive habits, and to return to
original methods of economy; but
this becomes necessary when in
debtedness has to be paid off, and
interest burdens stopped. - 1 -
To make a detailed statement of
the alterations in the tax system,
which it ie believed by the writer,
would contribute to a large reduc
tion in annual expenses to all tax
payers, and also make the burden
somewhat more equal than it now
is between them, cannot be done in
a short, letter. It would require a
long and laborous statement, which
few people would eare to read in
an article of this kind. I will men
tion, . however, that I would like to
Been a bill ia the legislature, which
would make the assessment com
mence in January and end in Sep
tember. Have but one tax roll;
the entire tax history of the county
and cities in one book; columns
used on the original roll to indi
cate delinquencies; the treasurer to.
collect all taxes, and the additions
necessary to his salary, or lees, as
the case might be, be a modification
of the salary ' or fees of the sheriff,
who now collects the taxes.- The
final enforcement of collections
should be a matter of statute, in
positive terms, and decisive in its
results, and the neglect to fulfill its
requirements should work a for
feiture of the office, for it is just in
this one particular that the great
est of the tax burdens'springs from
So far as the present system goes
its weakest point' is in the final col-
lection. There
now stands uncol-
lected on the Benton
on tne isenton county tax
rolls, since 1883, enough delinquent
taxes to pay two or three times our
county debt. And to make up for
these delinquents, we are now taxed
at double what we would be taxed
had the system been so plain and
positive in the matter of final col
lections, that this delinquency could
not exist. The legislature has tried
to Jielp the counties out, in a very
lame and insufficient manner, by
permitting the county to bid in
the property, but what good does
that do, when, as a fact, the sales
made are from other defects in the
system void.
To supply a remedy for existing
imperfections in the tax laws will
require an entire change in the tax
system. The bill I have long had
in contemplation, would result in a
roll upon which no delinquencies
could accumulate. And this evil,
at any rate, would' be removed from
the tax burdens of future years.
The roll should be cleaned up each
year. It ought to be closed in De
comber. The state levy should be
made not later than August. It
could be made then as well as six
months later. The effect of mak
ing the state levy, as now managed,
is to contribute to the invalidity of
the tax sales.
I have desired for a number of
years to get a bill into the legisla
ture, with some hope of its passage,
which would cut down expenses in
a laitre degree, make taxes more
equal and uniform between the sev
eral classes of taxpayers, and make
the matter of valid taxes more cer
tain. As long as you cannot make
a valid sale, just so long will you
have delinquent taxes, or litiga
tion over disputed sales: both of
which result in higher taxes in sue
1: . tt i i-i '
representation in the legislature, in '
The most effective skin purifying and beaa
tifylng soap, as well as purest and sweetest,
for toilet, bath, and nursery. . It strikes at
the eauM of bad complexions, ted, rough
hands, falling hair, and baby, blemishes,
viz., the clogged, irritated, inflamed. over
worked, or sluggishJOBiES.
Bold iilm. Pom Dm an Cant. Coxr., -Sola
Propi., Barton, U. 8. A. Britfch d.poti T. New.
"Mr Son, London. How to Car. ttmpli," ttm.
both branches, has been - men of
other pursuits, than such as might
enable them to comprehend this
matter, and therefore, I have not
been able to obtain necessary sup
port and 'if one cannot have support
from the home delegation it is not
likely much support will be found
to initiate and guide through the
entanglements of a legislative ses
sion a hill of so radical a departure
from existing laws as the one I
mention. In order to present and
in some manner assist in tne pas
sage of this bill, it would be nces-
sary to explain its provisions and
show their effect, and to overcome
the opposition which "would be cer
tain to be met. " I "! have been
promised support from some of
my profession in the legislature
for the bill, and it is possible that
the bill could be gotten through
and become a law, and in some de
gree the inequalities so apparent in
the present law be adjusted.
.. The above are the only reasons
why I. have permitted my name to
bn used for the legislative nomina
tion. J, H. Wilson.
Life of Hep-Poles.
All hop-growers realize the ti.no.
laber and money expended in fre
quent renewing of poles. The wish
is frequently expressed that some
preparation could be discovered to
save this triple expenditure. . Such
a discovery has been made in. Car
bolineum Avenarius. .'-" - -
This is an oily compound for the
preservation of wood. It can ; be
easily applied to green or dry wood
and. will preserve either, without
deterioration, for an indefinite per
iod. Discovered in Germany over
25 years ago, it is successfully used
today all over the world for rail
road - sleepers,: pavements, bridges,
ship . timbers and hundreds of other
purposes. Absolutely effectual in
preserving material under such se
vere usage as this, its protective
value for hop poles, exposed simply
to air and soil, can be readily per
ceived. A single treatment will in
sure them from decay ,dry rot and
vermin (the latter injurious to vine
and pole alike) for ten years and
render sharpening unnecessary for
at least five. This can be safely
guaranteed from successful results
obtained in treating telegraph poles,
in varying climates, subjected to
almost identical exposure. In these
cases Oarbolineum Avenarius, has
always stood the test.
When such facts as these are
presented to the hop grower, argu
ments in favor of using the preven
tative would seem little needed.
Additionally the cost of the article
is light and it can be cheaply ap
plied by any person. This is done
with the brush or, better still, by
dipping the poles into the .liquid.
Purchasers should notice carefully
that the full name "Carbolineum
Avenarius" appears on the package
as spurious imitations are offered
by unscrupulous persons under the
name Carbolineum and other sim
ilar titles, calculated to deceive the
unwary.-- These are as worthless as
the genuine article is valuable. For
further information apply to
. . Huston & Bogtje,
- . Corvallis, Or.
Work of Oregon Statt on.
The following extract is made from the
report of the Secretary of Agriculture
upon the work of the agricultural experi
ment station during the past year:
"The work of the Oregon station dur
ing the past year has included field ex,
periments with wheat,- oats, potatoes,
grasses and forage plants; feeding experi
ments with sheep and dairy cows ; horti
cultural investigations, especially with
peaches, apples and other orchard fruit;
eatomological investigations, and chem
ical studies, especially sugar beets, soils
prunes, cherries, strawberries ' and the
native clovers. . ;
"The income of the station during the
past fiscal year was as follows : . ' -1
United States appropration $15,00000
Farm products 1,83167
Total.. ..$16.831 67
"The Oregontation has givtn increas
ed attention to the work in connection
with farmers institutes, by which it has
been brought into closer touch with the
farmers of the state, Efforts are being
made to extend the work of the station
along the line of animal husbandry.
Magoon Strawberry Plants--
- Parties wisbinjrifagoon . strawberry
plants will do well to call on me, 1; "
-.; j-J. J. Uabdek.T
"1115 Ninth Sjt., CorvalfisOregoff. i I
The Seasons greeting
It is with a feeling of satisfaction and confidence that we an
nounce our Spring message. After
have secured the choicest stock of -v
Pry Gocfds,
Ladies' i and Gent's Furnishings
Shoes and Hats
We have ever been able;-to show onr patrons. The styles were
never more attractive and prices more reasonable. That we have
been successful in our efforts to please, we believe will be your ver
diet wnen you see s f ;
Our JVew Spring Stock
which is now arranged for inspection, and we will be pleased to re
ceive a call whether you wish tobuy or not. We want you to feel
at home in our store. What ever
Men's Outfitters, may furnish you-
particular, or money back. : Trusting that this early spring an
nouncement may receive your consideration and that when thinking
of spring purchases, we may be'first in your mind. '
Fine Goods
TB Y . . .
FINE h!'.
For Sale or Exchange.
On hundred and eighteen lots, in half and whnla
blocks, in the original town of Newport, that health
ful and beautiful summer resort, in Lincoln county,
Oregon; some business lots; residence lots near the
principal churches, school , house, and other resi
dences; also residence lots commanding beautiful
views of ocean and bay. .:.
Virm fractional blnckfl' oniith rtf aiA nM..(4i,a
State Agricultural College; all completely tiled,
streets thrown up and graded; beautiful, convenient
and healthful for residence. ,
Large dwelling, barn and outhouses, centrally
located on roomy - and commodious grounds, in
Corrallls; will exchange for farm near Corvallis. t
- Twenty acres highly improved, all tile drained,
and in good state of cultivation; excellent roomy
buildings; about one-fourth mile from Agricultural
College. " t :
Large and roomy bouse and stable and lot in Cor
vallis, good residence, two blocks, from the Con r
ELOUBe; mi,", loiimg gruujiu.. . ... -.. .-
Eight nice residence lots, thoroughly tile drained,
in WUkins Addition to Corv allis. : -
One let and hotel, The Vincent Hcuse, on Froni
street, in Corvallis, centrally located. s
- Seventy-three acres, 6 in orchard, 18 In wheat,
balance in grubs, timber and pasture; situate west,
adjoining the Odd Fellows Cemetery, near Corvallis.
' Will exchange the ' town , property named for
suitable farm or acreage property; or wiil exchange
the acreage property described. for town property or
other farms or acreage; or wiil sell anv or all of
said property on reasonable terms and time at rea
sonable rates and prices.
-.. ' M.S. WOODCOCK, '
Corvallis, Oregon.
Examination ol " Applicants . for
County Certificatss .v .
Notice is hereby given t hat for the
purpose of making an examiuatiua of all
persons who may offer themselves s
candidates for teachers of the school 3 of
this county, the county school superior
tendent thereof will hold a public exam
ination at Corvallis, on Wednefida,
April 11, 1900, begining at 9 o'clock a. ni.
The program which will bo follcfed
during the examination is as follows :',
Wednesday Penmanship, history, -orthography,
reading. .
Thursday Written Arithmetic, thuoiy
of teaching, grammar, school law. y
Fi i lay Geography, mental aj ilh
metn physiology,' ciyil governiuint"
"Tho foregoing for county papers .
Commencing, at the same time; i'ate
and at the same place, and continui ng
until Thursday, April 12, at 4 o'clock : !
Wednesday Penmanship, orthoga
phy, reading.
Thursday Art of questioning;, theory
of teaching, methods.
The foregoing for primary certificates.
Dated this 30th day of March, 1900.
G. W. Desman, :
- Sup't Schools Bentou Co.
Dyspepsia Cure.
Digests what you eat;
Nature In strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
eans. If is the latest discovered dlc-Mfc-
ant and tonic. No other preparation!
can approach it In efficiency. It ln-
stantly relieves and permanently curesS
UTBDepsia, xnaigesuon, ieartDurD,i
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nause,
ill other results of imperfect digestfoTr
, Prtprd by . C. PelV'tt Co. Cblcagf' j
rraham flla j V
mm H . f f w
months of labor in buying, we
- ; . .
you may need, we as Ladies' and
shall and must be . right in every
a Specialty.
- '
Paper fs
For your home in the loveliest
effects for parlors, - and cottage
- papers in hundreds of pretty
..patterns and effects of - color,
: we -will display for your choice
when you want your home
decorated. No order is too
large for us or too insignificant
to be given our most careful
attention. . 1 .
J, A Mann & Co,
Magnolia Laundry.
- We respectfully solicit your patronage.
Our agent will call at any address for
laundry on Mondays, and Tuesdays, and
deliver on Saturdays. Strict attention
,'iven family washing. All work guaran
teed first-class. Give us a trial .
Tbabk & Settlemiek,
For Sale.
2G0 acre stock farm adjoining an un
limited outrange on the west, and good
schools, churches and the Belknap settle
ment on the east. Also 130 acre farm,
iood cultivating land. Address
M. S. Woodcock,
Administrator, Corvallis, Oregon.
Horses' clothes.
Never before in its history has Corvallis
had a harness shop so thoroughly equip
ped with furnishings for horses as ia my
establishment I not only have the
argest stock eyer shown in this vicinity,
but the best. In double and single har
ness, saddles, robes, whips, etc.,- you
can't do better in the state. We carry
an excellent line of leather and shoe
findings, and are prepared to do mend
ing and repairing on short notice. You
can't visit onr establishment without
wanting to buy something. ? Call aud
see. J. M. Cameron.
- NOTICE. ' ;
. '.Persons desiring Jto locate on timber
claims tributary to the C. & E. R. K.
would do well to call on or correspond
with the undersigned. There is a num
ber of first-class timber claims to be taken
up under the timber or homestead acta.
Gates, Marion Co., Or. Locator.
Otto Korb, Grand Chancellor, K. P.,
Boonville, Ind., says, "DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve sooths the. most delecate
skin and Jjeals the most stubborn ulcer
with certain and good results." Cures
piles and ekin diseases. Don't buy an
imitation. Graham & Wells. .
Restore Vitality, Lett Vtnr aod Maaiftti.
Cure Impotencjr, Hight Emissions and
wasting diseases, all effects of self-
abuse, or excess and indis
cretion: A nerve tonlo and
blood builder. Brings the
ink glow to pale cheeks and
restores the fire of youth..
v mail 50c nerbox, 6 boxes
.50: with a -written sruaran-
tee to core or refund, the money.
Send for circular. Address,
Otlnton Jackson St., CHICAGO, ILU
Fer sale by Allen & Woodward's drag
gists, Corvallis. Oregon.
Call for Warrants.
Notice is hereby given that I have
money to pay city warrants up to and
including No. 2570, endorsed June 16,
1898. Interest on same will, stop on
same after this date.
.Corvallis, Oregonv March 16, 1900.
Wm. McLagan, V
City Treasurer .
H. .. Clark, Chauncey, Ga., says De-
Witts Witcli Hazel Salve cured him of
piles that had afflicted him for twenty
years. It is also a speedy cure for skin
diseases. Beware of dangerous counter
leita. Graham & Wells. -r
Fruit Growers' Notice.
Notice is hereby given that there will
be a meeting of the fruit growers of the
district including Polk and Benton
counties, for the purpose of organizing
the district and electing a president,
vice president, treasurer, jsecretary and
five trustees, who are to act In conjunc
tion with the fruitgrowers of the Pacific
Northwest. The meeting will be held at
H. G. Campbell's office at Dallas, Friday,
the 0th day ol April, 1900, at 10 a. m.
Your presence is requested.
II. S. Botz,
Director of the District
G. H. Appleton. Justice of Peace,
Clarkiburg, N. J., Bays, "DeWitt's Little
Early Bisers are the best pills made for
constipation. We . use no others.'
Quickly cure all bowel and liver troubles
Graham & Welis.
We have now on display for your
inspection the choicest spring fa
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cure the finest tailor made gar
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tion of these cloths and styles",
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Gives choice of two faverita rentes, via
the Union Pacific Fast Mail Line, or
the Rio Grande Scenic Lines.
Look at the Time . . '
ii days to Salt Lake I
t days to Denver
3j days to Chicago
44 days to New York
Free Reclining Chair Cars, Upholstared
' Tsurist Sleeping Cars, aud PnllaaN
Palace Sleepers, operated Oa all
--.trains.";'-'- '
For further information, applyte'
GEO. P. BGLI5T, Agent, Corvallis, Or.
C. O. TRULY, Vf. R. COMAN, -
Trav, Pass. Agt
Gta'l AjeHt
124 Third St., PortUnd, Or.
for 2
Iff ''ml m lli '
Salt Lake, Denver,
Ft Worth, Omaha
Kansas Citv, St.
8 p. in.
Fast -Mail
6:45 p.m.
Louis, Chieag
and East.
Walla Walla. Lew
iston, Spokane,
Minneapolis, St.
Paul, Duluth, Mil
waukee, Chicago,
and East.
8 a. m.
3:45 p.m.
Ocean Steamshias-
AU sailing dates
subject to change.
For fcSau Francisco,
Sail Dec. 3, 8, 13,
18, U3, 28, & every
5 days.
8 p. m.
4 p. m.
Columbia River
v Steamer.
To Astoria & way
landing. Ex. Sun.
4 p. IB.
6. p. tn.
10 p. m.
Willamette RIw.
6 a. m.
4:30 p. m.
Oiegon City, New
berg, Salem, and
Ex. Sun.
7 a. mi
T uesdav
Willamette and Yam
hill Rivers.
Oregon City, Day
ton & Way-land'g
S:30 p.m
W ednes
day and
S aturday
A a ' m
Wilia Ette River.
Portland to Corval
lis & Way-land's
4:30 p.m.
W ednes
d a y and
T uesday,
1 .20 a.
Snake River.
Riparia to Lewis'n
Leave .
L ewiston
8 :30 a. m
- City Ticket Agent.
Local Agent. - . "
Bids for Wood.
Sealed proposals for famishing wood
for the State Agricultural College, Cor
vallis, Oregon, will be recaived by the
undersigned up to 3.00 p. m., Si turday,
Apri 7, 1900.- '.
. - . 1
Two hundred and. fifty-cords of body
fir wood, cut from live trees, four feet
long, well seasoned. Propssals for lots
of not less than 50 cord will b3 on3i.i-
ered. ' Woo'.i to be delivered on or before
S eptember 15, 1900 at option of bidder.
To be ricked on the College grounds as
directed by the purchasing aent of the
'college.' No payments : will be made
before September 10, 1900. The - risht
to reject any and all bids reserved. Each
bid sealed, endorsed "Bid for wood" and
directed to . ' ;.
- John D. Daly, Secy. Board Regents.
Corvallis, Oregor:,.March 24, 1900. ,
No family can afford to be without
One Minute Cough Cure. It will stop a
cough and cure a cold quicker than any
other medicine," writes C. W. Williams,
Sterling Run, Pa. It cures bronchitiB
and all throat and lung troubles and
prevents consumption. Pleasant and
harmless. Graham and Wells. '
Prize-Winning Black Minorcas.
Eggs from best pen, headed by the
first prize winner of the state poultry
show at Albany. Per setting, $1.50; 2nd
pen, (1.00; reduction at the 'yards, or
unpacked. ..Yards ni-ar the Catholic cem
etery. . B.R.Thompson,
' Coivallis, Or
W. H. Shipman, ' Beardsley, Minn.,
under oath, says he suffered from dys
pepsia for twenty-five years. Doctors
and dieting gave but little relief. Finally
he used Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and how
eats what he likes and as much as he
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digests what you eat. Graham & Wells.
. Wanted: ; ; '
Old cast iron of any kind. Farmers,
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half more for your iron than any junk
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Bring your old iron and get your money.
: The Foundry, Corvallis, Or.
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your jewelry need repairing? If so,
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. Corvallis S a iruiu Company .
Prof. W. A. Ginn, teacher of piano,
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Special work in voice culture. Latest
and best methods. Call at Graham &
Wells for terms, etc. .
Fer Sale.
The E U of Soc 25, Tp 30 S, R6W,
containing SG0 acres; price, $1,309.
Terms, $800 cash; balance, mortgage.
Apply at this office.
"I think DeWitt's Little Early Risers
are the best pills in the world,'' says W,
E. Lake, Happy Creek, Va. They re
move all obstructions of the bowels and
liver, act quickly and never gripe. Gra
ham & Wells.
Dilley Too Fixer
is now prepared to do all kinds of bi
cycle repairing, enameliug, varnishing,
etc. Besides being a champion "fixer'
of the Willamette valley, he carries a full
line of bicycle sundries and supplies.
His shop is the headquaretrs for wheel
men. " Pay him a visit.
J. I. Carson, Prothonotary, Washing
ton, Pa., say a,", "I have found. Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure an excellent remedy in
case of stomach, trouble, and have de
rived great benefit from its use."- it ' di
gests hat yon eat and cannot fail to
cure. iGraham & Wells.- ' i
; ' DR. J AS. A.JH- RPER
CfHre in Wli.trlioru Blo.-k
Corvallis, ' Oregon
Physician Surgeon, r
Oflice over Allen& Woodward'sdrniitare '
Office Hours I42
12 a. m.
p.m. .
Residence: Corner 5th and Adani, Wrt
of Catholic chnrili.
Telephone at office and residence.
Corva'Iis, .- - - Oregon.
lliLi 1JUDU1 JL
W. H. McBrayer aad Old Crew WtU
kys, FineWittcs, Llq-aors ana Cigva.
: Corvallis, Oregon,
Does a general aud conservative Vuiklag
Physician Surgeon
C. B. Cacth'obw. 1 E. H. Tatlok.
Dentistry of every description done fft'lrsi
Class manner, and satisfaction-- guar
anteed. -
Office over Zierolf 's grocery store, ftfpag't j
the post office, Corvallis. Oregoa.
Union Laundry -Go.,
All white laber work guaranteed.
" Basket leaves on Tuesdays and arrives
Satariars. J. D. MANN, Afeat,
Seeoas-Haad Stare. -
G. R. FARRA, Mv. D.
Office Corner Second aad Jefferson,
over Grakam & Wells' drugstore
Residence on Third street ia fr.l of
courthouse. .
Office ksmrs 8 to 9 a. in., and lbtlu
to 3 p. m. All calls attended pranvtly
Corvallis, Ore on. ;;
Office in Zierolf bnl.-Une;.
Notary. Titles. Cosvevakcinq.
Practice in all State and Federal Court.
Office in First National '., Bunk Building.
Jerseys for Sale. ,
We have fiye jersey bulls frain two
mouths to six and eight montVss old to
sell to those who wish to improvo their
milk stock. "Also one or ' tw'a jersey
heifers and four calves of common breeds.
.. M. S.' Woodcock,
Corvallis Ore.
' W. W. Mayhew, Mertou, AVis., savp,
"I consider One .Minute Cough Cure a
most wonderful .medicine, .quick and
safe.". It is the only harmless remedy
that gives immediate results. It eures
coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis, grippe,
whooping cough, pneumonia, and all,
throat nad lung', diseases. Its early use
prevents consnnip'lion. Children always
like it and mothers endorse it. Graham
& Wells. - . . ., ,
Sotiee for Fabrication. ,. '
Land Opfick at Oreoox Citv, Oreoos,
.' - February 9, 190. .
Notice ia hereby given that the'rullowingr-nunetl
settler has filed notice ot her iutentioa to make nitul
proof ia. support of her claim, and that said proof
will be made before the County Clerk of fitnton
County, at C'prvallis, Oregon, ou April 8, 1900,
vir: .
H.E. No. 11840 for the Lot No: 2 of Sec, 26, T 11 8.,
. 7V. '
c She names the following witnesses to prove her
lontiuuous. residence' upon and cultivation of, said
and, viz: Ira t. Pittman, tlvarow Mulkcy,- John
Urediff, andBraUleyMulkey, ail of Blodjrett, Orejron. '
CU.VS B. MOOUES, Keuistcr.
Sotlce for Publication. ' 1
" Land Ckfics at RosBDi.-no. Ob., Mar. 1, 1900.
- Notice is hereby qiven that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of hiR elaim, and that said proof
will be made before Virgil . Watters, county clerk
of Benton county, Oregon, at Corvallis, Oregon, od
April IS, 1900, viz: ...
on II K. No. 7980, for the W N'.VJ,; of See. 12,
T140.BS W. .
lie names the following witnesses' to prove his
continuous residence upon aud cultivation vf said
land, viz: W. li. Hanuucrsl, William P. Shougu,
Frank E Seits and Thomas 11. Carus, all of AUea,
Benton comity, Oregon.
r- " Register.
,' . Summons. - ,
Iu the Circuit Court of the State of Orezou for
the County of Benton,
George E. Allan, Plaintiff,'. - '.
Birdie Allan, Defendant.
To Birdie Allan, Defendant:
In the name of the State of Orccon.' Yon are here
by required to appear and answer the complaint
hied ajfainKt vou in the above-entitled suit, oa or
before the 13th day of April. 1900. followimir ai
consecutive weeks publicatiou of this summons; snd
if you fail so to appearand answer said complaint, for
want thereof, the plaintiff will take a decrea
against you as prayed for in the complaint, towit:
A aocree oi tois uourt uissolvmr tne mamairs
contract horetofora made and existii.g betweea
plaintiff and defendant aud for such other and gen
eral relief as tho Court mav 'deem inst and enuit-
able. - . -' '
This Summons U served unon Vau br n),lictinr.
and published in the Usios-GArnrrBbv virtue ml .n
an order made by the Honorable 12. Weodw.nl
Judge f .the County Court of Benton County, Ore-
jtuu. auu is puouneu ,.ror a per:o ol six weeks -
prior to April 13. 1900. and tho date rtf th w
puWication is March V 1930, ,; , f
J" " J Att jrm-vs for Pluintif