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Issued every Friday morning.
-'is montln . . .
fhree months.
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FRIDAY, FEB. 23, 1900.
The state republican convention
having been called to meet at Port
land, Oregon, on April 12th, pri
mary or precinct meetings are
recoinmen ded to be held on March
21st and county conventions on
March 29th, unless different dates
are ordered by the county commit
tees. This is notice of the first
official action to the republicans of
Oregon that the time is approach
ing when the voter shall not only
have the privilege, but that it is his
duty to so consider the matters of
public and political interest as to
perform the duty with intelligent
action and to the best interests of
the general public. The state con
vention will be an important one
as it will be the first state conven
tion which shall take initiatory
action pointing to great national
and state issues. The Oregon.state
convention of 1896 was the first to
declare for an unqualified gold
standard. It was in advance on
this question of the national con
vention which followed. As Ore
gon has the privilege of holding the
first state convention before the
beginning of a presidential elec
tion it becomes important that the
action of republicans at that con
vention shall be well guarded and
thoroughly considered. If their
action is thorough and well done
it may figure largely at times in
foreshadowing the course and policy
of the platform to follow in the ap
proaching presidential election.
The state convention will nomi
nate candidates for presidential
electors, state and district officers,
except congressman, and elect four
delegates at large to the republican
national convention. The county
conventions will nominate candi
dates for the county offices, repre
sentatives to the legislatuie and
delegates to the state and district
conventions. The foundation or
beginning, Jeading up to the trans
action of this very important busi
ness, begins with the precinct or
primary meetings. This is where
we begin the important duty of
selecting the candidates, which are
to fill the office of president of the
United States, as well as every
other elective office on down. The
holding, therefore, of proper pre
cinct meetings in every precinct, so
as to obtain a good and full attend
ance of all the voters, so that good
representative men in each pre
cinct Ehall be elected delegates
to attend the county convention,
should receive the best attention
and skill of every voter in the pre
cinct to accomplish that important
end. The very best and most com
petent men of affairs in each pre
cinct should always be elected as
delegates to the county convention
to perform these important duties,
A great many business men finding
their time completely occupied de
cide they will not attend the pre
cinct meetings, concluding as they
always do, that it is of little im
portance and that others will at
tend the meeting and perform the
duty. This view, to say the least
of it, is an easy way to avoid per
forming one of the most important
duties in a republican form of
government, and leaves the work
to be done by those generally
who are the least competent. Busy
people are often competent, while
those with too much leisure on
j i .
ineir nanas are too onen very in
competent For the reason that
the foundation work in selecting
the candidates for the people to
vote for for the officers who shall
conduct the public affairs of our
nation and state, for the same
reason it follows that the very best
talent, skill and most intelligent
voter which each and every pre
cinct has, should each and all
attend these primary meetings
and make it their duty to see that
the best and most competent men of
every precinct who will give their
best attention to the public good
shall be elected as delegates to the
higher- conventions, and each
county convention should do like
wise in electing delegates to the
state convention.
An open river during the whole
year from Corvallis to the sea
means more business, belter busi
ness and more and better profits
for all those engaged in business,
because 60 much more business can
be transacted that the profits must
be increased over the present slow
and inadequate facilities f jr trans
acting business. What is known
as the west side of the Willamette
valley is practically without ade
quate railroad facilities, so poor is
the -railroad service that more pas
sengers leave on the boats at Cor
vallis in one dav than co oh the
trains in a week. A person wish
ing to eo to Salem can get there
tiaveling on the boat four or five
hours earlier than bv train. The
mail service is so poor, owiDg to
inadequate car service, that all mail
from the east side or southern part
of the state is delayed from 24 to
48 hours before it can be delivered
to points on the west side. An
open river means better river ser
vice which will briug also better
railroad facilities. The people of
the Willamette valley should with
unanimity urge through their rep
resentatives in congress ample ap
propriations to enable all improre
ments on the Willamette liver to
be made at an early date so that
the river will be open to rapid
river transportation during the
whole year. .
Fruit Crop Benefitted.
Colonel H. E. Dosch, secretary of
of the state board of horticulture,
gives it as his opinion that the fruit
crop has been benefitted by the re
cent cold snap: '
Fruit, generally speaking, was
not far enough advanced for the
freeze to blast the buds only so
far as to prove a benefit by thinning
the buds. It also gave the fruit
a setback " which will likely
carry the blooming season past the
cold spring raios, whbh is the real
source of peril.
"Nature," said Oolonel Dosch, "in
bringing the late freeze at this time
of the year, is very kind to Oregon,
because our fruit trees have a ten
dency to 'set' too many buds which
the trees can never 'mature. "y A
thinning out process is necessary to
save the tree from breaking be
neath the weight of the fruit and
to give the remaining fruit a chance
to develop properly. This thinning
is generally accomplished by hand,
and is a laborious process. , That is
the reason I say nature is kind to
us. Besides nature does the work
thoroughly by weeding out only
the weaker buds and leaving the
hardier ones to develop. Another
advantage is the fact that the trees
by being thinned now give all their
sustenance to the remaining buds,
while in order to be thinned by
hand, the orchardist would have to
wait until the fruii had formed.
"Therefore, the freeze has proven
timely in several ways. Just when
the buds were ready to quicken,
they have been given a check by
the freeze,, which, in all probability
will carry' the blossoming season
over the cold spring rain period.
The late cold rains menance the
prospects of fruit more than almost
any otner agency. It the Iruit
weathers those storms, it is an
assured success."
Real Estate Transfers.
Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co. to
Union Trust Co, 2G0 acres in Blod-
gett valley, $1,800.
Alice Vidito and husband to E.
N. Kiger, small tract in Alsea, $34.
C. E. Nickleson to Emily C.
Pernot, 100 acres one mile south of
Corvallis, $2,500.
R. L. Gibson to J. L. Fink, 2
lots in Wells, $250.
Dumont . Lotz and wife to G. B
Schmidt, lot in Wells & McElrpy's
Add., $223.
Austin A. Elliott to Mabel R
Cutler, 104 acres on island, $400.
Martha Porter to M. Porter, 4 of
Porter donation claim, $2000.
M. Porter et al to Martha Porter,
320 acres on Greasy, $2000.
Henry Sanders to Jesse Porter,
320 acres on Greasy, $4,376.85.
A. F. Ilershner to J, H. Moore,
two lots in Corvallis, $1,600.
C. A. McCulleugh to H. P. Mc-
Cullough, tax deed, land in Sec.
26, $8.20.
H. P. McCullough to M. M.
Davis, executors, 163.83 acres, Sec,
6, $45.
Trustee Philomath parsonage U.
B. church to D. S. Stephens, lot in
Philomath, $150.
M. J. Caesar to E. P. Caldwell,
1166 acres north end of T. 10 S.. R.
6 W., $5,225.
C. A, McCullough to M. M. Davis
and E. E. Wilson, executors, sher
iffs deed to 163 acres on Greasy,
M. M. Davis and E. E. Wilson,
executors, to Geo. G. Wilson, same
Chance for Stenographers.
There is now a favorable oppor
tunity for persons thoroughly quali
fied in stenography and typewrit
ing to obtain civil service positions,
says the Oregoniao, but only those
who are thoroughly competent
stand any show. The commission
has decided, in view of the depleted
condition of its stenography and
typewriting registers, that all per-
eons who were examined last fall
Heat Rash, inflammations, itching, irritations
and cnafings, undue or offensive perspiration,
and many other sanative uses, nothing so
cooling, purifying, and refreshing as a bath
with Cuticuea Soap, followed in the severer
forms by gentle anointings with Cutiotba,
the great skin cure and purest of emollients.
CoTienmi Soap ii beyond all doubt the most effective
ekin purifying end b"'iinKjP'Mwe,1'5
and .weeti U for toilet, tain and nur.ery. fkld throuBh
mt the world. Pot-tub Druo jd CmtK. Corp., bol
lTOlBoMorl. -llow to Have Bcoatiful Bkin." free.
in these branches and failed to
attain an eligible average, may be
re examined in the spring, pro
vided they, file a new application
for the examination in which they
failed, at least ten days prior to
the date on which the examination
is held. An examination will be
held in Portland April 9, and all
who desire to put in application
for examination should write to the
department at Washington for ap
plication blanks,, etc., at once, in
order that they may be filed with
the commission in time. As clerkB
in the departmental service are ap
pointed according to the apportion
ment of the yarious states, and the
Western states have never taken
up their full apportionment, a
favorable opportunity is now given
to Oregon stenographers and type
writers to obtain positions.. At the
same time, April t, the . regular
semi annual examination will be
held covering about 50 different
classes of positions from skilled
mechanics and scientists.
Notice is hereby given that the county
court will receive sealed bids up to one
o'clock p. m., Wednesday, March 7, 1900,
to furnish 40 cords of old growth body
red fir, four feet long, and 50 cords of
grub oak wood, four feet long and not
less than 3 inches in diameter, to be
delivered at the court house in Corvallis,
Oregon, between June 1st and August
1st, 1900, the same to be paid for in
county orders. The court reserves the
right 'to reject any and all bids.
Dataci this 17th day of Pebruary, 1900,
Virgil E. Wattebs,
County Clerk.
Dyspepsia Cure.
Digests what you eat. .
It artificially di seats trie food and aids
Nature In strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans, it, is tne latest discovered digest
ant and tonic No other, preparation
can approach It In efficiency. It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, indigestion, ueartDurn,
SickHeadache, Gastralgl a, Cramps, and
m otner results oi imperiect digestion:
Prepared by E. C. DeWitt A Co. Cijlcago.
Graham & Wells.
For Sale.
The Commercial res tain ant in this
city. Enquire of Sam Wosa.
Geo. Barbe, Mendota, . Vt, says, "I
never used anything as good as Kodol
Dyspepsia Cnre. One dose relieved me,
a few bottles cured me." It digests
what you eat and always cures dyspepsia.
Graham & Wells.
Road Supervisors.
The county court of Benton county,
Oregon, having abolished all road dis
tricts in the county, and having made
each voting precinct a separate road
district, (except in Monroe precinct,
which is divided into two road districts
by a line running east and west between
Bee. 14 and 23, X 14 S, JR. 5 W,) now
desires that the residents of the various
precincts of this county, inform the
county court on or before the February
term thereof, by petition or otherwise,
whom they desire appointed as supervi
sor of their respective districts for the six
months ending June 33, 1900.
Virgil E. Wattebs,
For Sale.
We have now on hand the finest and
most complete stock of finish lumber and
the best grade of flooring, rustic, etc.,
ever seen in Corvallis. Also cedar posts
ia any quantity. We have a good fair
grade of cedar shingles which we are
offering for $1.40 per thousand.
Corvallis Sawmill Company.
Bids Wanted.
Notice is hereby given that bids will
be received up to the 26th day of Feb
ruary, 1900, at 6 o'clock p. m. at the
office of J. K. Weatherford, Albany, Ore
gon for the building and constructing,
according to the plans'and specifications,
a bowling alley for the Oregon Agricul
tural College in the Armory building, at
Corvallis, Oregon.
This the 17th day of February, 1900.
J. K. Weatherford,
Notice for Publication.
Land Omci at Oregon Cmr, Oregon,
February 9, 1909.
Notice is hereby (riven that the following- namf.il
settler has filed notice of her intention to make final
proof in support of jher claim, and that said proof
will be made before the County Clerk of Bf nton
County, ; at Conallis, Oregon, on April 3, 1900,
viz: " . -
She, names the f ollowine witnesses to Drove her
continuous residence upon and cultiration of, said
lnd. viz: Ira I). Pittman. Elvarow Mulkev. Join
Gredie, and Bradley Mulkey, all of Elodjrett, Oregon.
Money to Loan.
In sums of $1,500 and upwards, at six
E. E. Wilson.
Our new Spring Stock of SHOES have com
menced to arrive from the East. We bought a much
larger stork than heretofore, and will sell with a less per
cent profit than most people would think of selling at.
We want your trade and will sell you better goods for
the same money than any other merchant in Benton
county. Ask to see the
Imperial Ladies' Fine Shoes and
District No 76 School Shoes.
They are cheap and they are up-to-date. Every pair
guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor and Manhood.
Cure Impotency, Night Emissions and
wasting diseases, all effects of self-
abuse, or excess ana indis
cretion. A nerve tonic and
blood builder. Brings the
'pink glow to pale cheeks and
restores the fire or. youtn.
t?w Rn riAT-Vimr. ft boxes
1 vww f 1
tee to cure or refund tlie money.
Send for circular. Address,
Clinton & Jackson Sts., CHIOAGO, ILL
For tale by Allen & Woodward's drug
gists, Corvallis. Oregon.
In the
A book of over 400 pages with nearly
300 beautiful illustrations of trocps
in action and scenes in the Fhilippina
Islands, published by
The Hicks-Judd Publishing Co.
of San Francisco, the only publishers
in the United States whs sent rep
resentatives to Manilla especially to
compile a history of the war. As
many as 23 writers were engaged in
the work in Manila, many of whom
were with the troops in their various
engagements andjthey were permitted
to use official records to verify their
Maps of Battlefields
made by an official map-maker in the
8th Army Corps enables the reader
to follow closely the. movements of
Description of the Philippines
giving statistical and other informa
tion as to climatic conditions, re
sources, etc., and an accuont of the
- trip to Manilla, taking the reader to
Honolulu and - through Japan and
China, are interesting features of the
The Oregon Special Edition
contains a complete history of the
2d Oregon Volunteer regiment in
the Philippine campaign, and also
the name, postoffice address and oc
cupation of every member of the
regiment, together with lists of killed
and wounded,' deaths by disease,
promotions, discharges, etc., and also
cuts of each company and officers of
the regiment. It ia vouched for cs
. officially correct by a certificate from
the Colonel.
Advance Sale over 6000 Vols.
in Manila shows the faith of soldiers
in the publication. It is sold by sub
scription only and returning soldiers
have been employed almost exclu
sively and thus far have found iu
this very lucrative employment. A
few more agents wanted in this State.
Address The Hicks-Judd Publishing
Company, 21 First St-, San Fran
cisco. "I had dyspepsia for years, no medi
cine was so effective as Kodol Dyspep ei
Core. It gave immediate relief. Two
bottles produced marvelous results.
"writes L. H. Warren, Albany, Wis.
It digests what you eat and can not fail
to cure. Graham & Wells.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Office In Zlerolf building.
All the News
While it is News
Edited with an
Eye to Facts
And their Value
To Osir Readers
Subscription price
$1.50 per year
Copyrights Ac
Anyoaa sending a sketch and description ma;
quickly aaoartain oar opinion free whether an.
Invention Ii probably patentable. Oommnntea
ttonsstriotly confidential. Handbook on Patent
ont free. OldeBt asenor for securing patents.
Patent taken through Munn & Co. receive
tpcciaX notict, without charge, in the
Scientific fimmm.
A handsomelT illustrated weekly. Tuvest cir
culation of any aclentino journal. Terms, $3 a
year j four months, SI. Sold by all newsdealers.
fiiUNN&Co.38""8 New York
Branch Office, GX F St, Washington. D. C
Afford to miss the Great
Bargains in Rockers, Bed
Lounges, Single Lounges,"
Couches, Chiffonier Dress
ers Bedroom Suits, Char
ter ' Oak Stoves and
Ranges, Etc., now being
offered by
ID. Mann & Co,
For Sate or Exchange.
One hundred and eighteen lots, in half and whole
blocks, in the original town ni Newport, that health
ful and beautiful summer resort, in Lincoln countv.
Oregon; some business lots: residence lots near the
principal churches, sciiooi house, and other resi
dences; also residence lots commanding beautiful
views of ocean and bay.
Five fractional blocks, south of and near the
State Agricultural College; all completely tiled,
streets thrown up and graded; beautiful, convenient
and healthful for residence.
' Large dwelling, bam and outhouses, centrally
located on roomy and commodious grounds, iu
Corvallis; will exchange for farm near Corvallis.
Twenty acres highly improved, all tile drained,
and in -good state of cultivation; excellent roomy
Imiidings; about one-fourth mile from Agricultural
Large and roomy house and stable and lot in Cor
valiis. good residence, two blocks from the Cour
House; high, rolling ground.
Kinlit nice residence lots, thoroughly tile drained,
in Wilkins Addition to Corvallis.
One lot and hotel, The Vincent House, on Front
street, in Corvallis, centrally located.
Sevtmty.three acres, 6 iu orchard, IS in wheat,
balance in grubs, timber and pasture; situate west,
adjoining the Odd Fellows Cemetery, near Corvallis.
WU1 exchange the 'town property named for
suitable farm or acreage property; or will exchange
the acreage property described, for town property or
other farms or acreage; or will sell any or all of
Baid property on reasonable terms and time at rea
sonable rates and prices.
Corvallis, Oregon.
"After doctors failed to cure me of
pneumonia I used One Miuute Cough
Cure and tnree bottles of it cured me,
It is also the best remedy on earth for
whooping cough. It cured my grand
children of the worst caies." writ. s .Ino.
Berry, Loganton, Pa, It is the -mly
harmless remedy that gives immeu ite
results. Cures-coughs, cold3, croup acd
throat and lung troubles. It prevents
consumption. Children always like it.
Mothers endorse it. Graham & Wells.
Notary. Titles. Conveyancing.
Practice in all State and Federal Court.
Office in First NationalBauk Building.
Notice to Creditors.
NVtice is hereby given that the undersigned
has been duly appointed by the County Curt
of the State of Oregon, for Benton C.unty,
administrator of Susun Gibson, deceased. All
persons having claims against said estate are
required to present the same to me properly
verified, as by law required, at the law office o"f
J- H. Gibson, Corvallis, fcenton County, Oregon
within six months from date hereof. '
Dated this 8tb day oi February, 1900.
Ad'm'rot the Estate of Suun Gibson, Dcc'd.
Persons desiring to locate on timber
claims tributary to the C. & E. Ii. R.
would do well to call on or correspond
with the undersigned. There is a num
ber of first-class timber claims to be taken
up under the timber or homestead acts.
Gates, Marion Co., Or. Locator.
The modern and most effective cure
for constipation and all liver troubles
the famous little pills known as DeWitt's
Little Early Risers. Graham & Wells.
Hilley The Fixer
is now prepared to do all kinds of bi
cycle repairing, enameling, -varnishing,
etc. Besides being a champion "fixer'
of the Willamette valley, he carries a full
line of bicycle sundries and supplies.
His shop is the headquaretrs for wheel
men. Pay him a visit.
Size doesn't indicate quality. Beware
of counterfeit and worthless salve
offered for DeWitt's Witch Haze! Salve.
De Wit's is the only oiiginal and infallible
cure for piles and all skin diseases.
Graham & Wells.
Baled hay. Enquire at Howell's old
G. H. Appleton. Justice of Peace,
Crarlnburg, N. J., says, "DeWitt's Little
Early Risers are the best pills made for
constipation. . We use no others.'
Quickly euro all bowel and liver troubles
Graham & Wells.
For Sale.
-The E 6 of Sec 25, Tp 10 S, 6 W,
containing 3G0 acres; price, $1,300.
Terms, $800 cash; balance, mortgage.
Apply at this office.
John Dirr, Poseyvill, Ind., says, "I
sever used anything as good as One
Minute Cough Cure. Ws are never
without it,." Quickly breaks up coughs
and colds. - Cures all throat and lung
troubles. Its use will prevent consump
tion. Pleasant to take. Giaham &
Wells. '
Prof. W. A. Gicn, teacher of piano,
organ, guiMr and theory of 'mnsic.
Special work iu voice culture. Latest
aad best methods. Call at Graham &
Wells for terms, etc.
F. ii. Thirkield, Health Inspector of
Chicago, says, "Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
cannot be recommended too highly. It
cured me. of severe dyspepsia." It di
gests what you eat and cures indigestion,
heartburn and all forms of dyspepsia.
Graham & Wells. -
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice lis hereby given that the undersigned
as. executor ef the estate of K. C. Gibson,
deceased, has filed his final account in said
estate . iu " the county court of the state of
Oregon lor nentcn comity, ana Monday, tne 5tn
day of February, A. L. 1900, at the hour of 10
o'ciocjc a. m. at tne county court room in me
court house in Corvallis, Benton County, Ore
gon, is the time and nlace set for heamier ob
jections, if any, to said final account and the
settlement thereof. '
Sated this 4th day ol January. 1900.
Executor ;ef the Estate of R. C. Gibson, De
W. S. Philpot, of Albany, Ga., says,
"DeWitt's Little Early Risers did me
more good than any pills I ever took."
The famous little pills for constipation
billiousness and liver and towel troubles
Graham & Wells.
Residence Wanted .
The undersigned will be in Corvallis
about the middle of February for the
purpose of purchasing a residence prop
erty. Any person having city property
they desire to exchange for a No. 1 stock
and fruit ranch will find it to their inter
est to rend me a list of their property.
M. T. Whitney,
Chit wood, Ore
J. I. Zcavery, Loganton, Pa., writes.
"I am willing to take my oath that I was
cured f pneumonia entirely by the use
of One Minute Cough Cure after doctors
failed. It also cured my children of
v hooping cough . '' Quickly relieves and
cures coughs, colds, croup, grippe and
thtoat and lung troubles. Children all
like it. Mothers endorse it Graham &
Southern Pacific Oompanv.
7:09 P. M.
LeT. Portland Arrlr.
Lear. Albany Arrir.
Arrrre 8. Fr&aelsoo Lefcva
8:04 a M.
4:H A. AL
12:1 P. M.
7:45 A. M
7:0 e. II
5:0 P. M.
:05P. M.
6:40 A. M.
8:15 P. M.
70 A. M.
8:15 P.M.
4:15 P.M.
7:55 A.M.
Ogden Arrive
Denver Leave
Omaha Arrive
Chicago Leave
1:10 P.M.
6:45 P. M,
8:60 A. M
6:30 P. M
Los Angeles Ar.
:25 A. M
KIPaso Arrive 1 2 :S5 P.M.
Ft. Worth Arrive 8:40 A. M
N.OrleansArrive 1 8:40 P. M
Dining Oars,
Observation Cars.
Pullman First-Class and Tourist cars
attached to all through trains.
Through Tourist Cars to Chlcazo with.
out change.
Retebnrj Mail Daily.
8:36 A. M. I lun
Arrir. I 4:3 P. M
Arrive) 12: P. U
Lear T:St A. II
It.-li P. M. Ltar.
:? r. Si. Actit.
VmteUt Sifblaa.
Coryallis Mail, Daily Except Sunday.
7:36 A. HI f Ls.ro
11:55 P. U. UAtrfre
6:5 P.
1:66 r. M
At Albany and C.rTallis c.nnect with tralas ef the
Corvallis & Eastern Kailway.
Iadependenca Pass. Daily Except Sun.
4:5 P. M.
7:3 P. M.
6:3t P. M.
Lmt. P.rtland Arrive
Arrir. ll.ManviHe Leave
Arrrre Independence Leave
t:X A. S.
f:iA. M.
4. A. U.
steamship lines for HAWAII, JAPAN,
Maaager. O. F.&P. A.
- Portland. Or.
For through tickets and rates call on
A. 8. Pence, S. L. Hays,
Depot Ag'f, City Ticket Ag't,
Corvallis. Or. Corvallis, Or.
Ladies' Overshoes, small size, 10 cents.
Men's Sporting Boots, large, $3.00.
Ladies' Fine Shoes, 50c on the $1.00.
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subject to change. p'
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To Astoria & way- Sunday
Willamette Rlfer.
. 4:30 p.m.
Oregon City, .New- Except
berg, Salem, and Sunday
Willamette and Yam- xo p.m.
hill Rivers.
Oregon City, Day- day and
ton & Way-land'B. Friday.
Willamette River. 4.30 p.m.
Portland to Corval- W ednes
lis & Wav-land's. day and
' Friday. '
Snake River. Le?ve
Biparia to Lewis'n. Daily '
8:3 0aTm
8 p. m.
3:45 p.m.
8 p. m,
Ex. Sun.
8. p. m.J
10 p. m.
6 a. m.
Ex. Sun.
7 a. m.
S aturday
6 a. m.
T uesday,
T hursd'y
Leave '
1 .20 a.
City Ticket Agent.
. Local Agent.
Corvallis & Eastern Railroad.
2 For Yaquina:
lram leaves Albany
12:45 p.
" " Corvallis
1:55 p.
7:25 p.
" arrives Yaquina
Leaven Yaquina....
Leaves Co'vallis. . . .
Arrives Albany ....
6:00 a. m
11:6V a. ra.
12:15 p. m.
For Detroit:
Leaves Albany 7:00 a,
Arrives Detroit .... 11:30 a,
Leaves Detroit 12:20 p. ra
Arrives Ainany .... :4o p. m.
One and two connect at Albany
and Corvallis with Southern Pacific
trains, giving direct service to and
rom Newport and adiacent
v N r
i rams lor the mountains arrive
at noon, giving ample time to
reach camping grounds on the
Breitenbush and Santiam river
same day.
Edwin Stone,
H. L. Walden, Manager.
T. F. & P. A. -.
H. Cronise, Agent, Corvallis.
& R. FARRA, M. .D.
Of ,ce corner Second and TefferiOB,
over Graham & Wells' drugstore.
Residence ou Third itrett in frrt ei
Office kouro 8 to 9 a. m., and x to s ad
to .1 p. ra. All oalls attended promptly
No better made.
Custom fit
$3.50 SHOE
For men.
For sale only by .
. Offlo Ik Wbltehvra Btark
Corvellis, Oregon
Physician & Surgeon
Office over Allen & Wood ward's drugs tare
Office Hour. I to 12 a. m.
J I to 4 p. m .
Residence: Cornei Bth and Adams, west
of Catholic church.
Telephone at office and residence.
W. H. McBraytr aad OM Craw WW
fcys, Ffare Wines, LJtrooj an4 Cfgfem.
Corvallis, Oregon,
Does a general and Aonservatrva Wakiag
Physician Surjeca
C. B. Caothobh. I B. H. Tatlok.
Dentistry of every deseriptloa don la flret
an teed miciKn ftuur-
CROWH AMD BRIDGE voir 1 urnniTv
Onion Laundry Go.,
All white labar work guaranteed.
Basket leaves oa Tuesdays aad arrives
Sattu-days. J. D. MANN, Areat,
Secea-Haud Stare.
PUP) ffiORT)
Montana, Utah, Colorado
and all Eastern Points
Gives choice of two favorite routes, vi
me uuion i-acinc Fast Mail Liae, or
the Rio Grande Scenic Llue.
Look at the Time . .
i days to Salt Lake
days to Denver
1 days to Chicago
Y days to New York
Free Recliaing Chair Cars, Uphelsterei
ieurist bleeping Cars, .A Pallataa
Palace Sleepers, operated aa all
trains. -.-. . ' :
For farther infoixuatioa. aonlvi
GEO. F. EGLIJf. Aeeat. Corv.lH.. ft-
C. O. TERRY. vr. rnu4
Trav. Fass. Agt Gen'l Agent.
i: Third St., Portland, Or.