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Oneyeai $1 50
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FRIDAY, FEB. 9, 1900.
The following , leader from last
Wednesday's Oregonian, shows that
its editor, when not galled and
fretted, may pronounce a sober
judgment. He has taken as his
text, "President McKinley," and
gives us a calm and dignified
estimate of the man. To him,
McKinley's great goodness of heart
is an evidence of weakness, while
millions of his countrymen com
mend, this as a virtue in the presi
dent and say, "His life is gentle
and the elements so mixed in hiui,
as to give assurance of a man."
That McKinley has erred, no one
will question, but it was Lincoln
who said, "A man who never makes
mistakes never accomplishes any
thing," and the Oregonian's editor
very generously admits that the
president has hastened to rectify
all mistakes "and in the main his
course has been correct and lauda
Why should a quality which
"haa enabled the . president to
adapt himself with felicitious celer
ity to every change in our national
situation" cause the people of the
United States humiliation? Rather
let us rejoice that we hav? a chief
executive to whom the voice of the
people is the voice of God, and who
has the intelligence to discern his
mistakes and the manhood to
remedy them. The article in ques
tion is as follows :
"The republican state league
takes pride in the record of the
McKinley administration, and well
it may. The mistakes of the presi-
- dent are so many and so plain that
he who runs may read, but he has
been the head of an administra
tion that mil live as one of the
most noteworthy in American . an-
.nals, and in the main; his course
has been correct, and laudable.
The president's lack of courage and
decision as a leader is measurably
counterbalanced by his almost
miraculous discernment in inter
preting public opinion as a follower.
His most grievous offenses have
sprung from an excess of amiability.
Kind and generous to a fault, Presi
dent McKinley has lacked firmnesB
to withstand appeals for unworthy
aspirants for office, and he has
hesitated injthe Philippines when
hie should have gone boldly for
ward. Many, perhaps most, of his
mistakes he has faithfully sought
to rectify, and a no small portion of
his effort has been expended in en
deavors to atone for blunders so ex
ecrable that, though they may be
forgiven, can never be forgotten or
"The political shrewdness which
President McKinley has manifested
in a. degree truly wonderful has
enabled him to command most ad
mirable selections in his advisers.
He has laid the best brains of the
country under tribute for counsel
and assistance. His Paris com-1
missioners and his Philippine com
missioners have attested - their
worth in the high character of the
work they have left behind. The
peace commission was wise and
firm, enough to compel the president
himself to modify his original in
structions to take. Manila only
from Spain, so as to include the
whole Philippine archipelago, and
the Philippine commission haa per
formed a remarkable service that
would have been impossible for
any men except just such as went
there, as Schurman and Worces
ter did,' opposed to "imperialism,"
but honest enongh to see and de
clare the truth aa they found it.
"So with the cabinet. Every
change has strengthened it. Time
has emphatically approved the
elimination of Sherman, and Secre
tary Hay is busy adding one
triumph of diplomacy to another.
Secretary Gage has loyally and
efficiently served the cause of the
gold standard and currency reform.
The change from Alger to Boot
was late, but abundantly justified
in its results. Secretary Wilson
- has done much in a practical way
to advance the condition and en
large the markets of our farmers,
and Pension Commissioner Evans
has proved to be the right man in
the right place. No better appoint
ments could be made than those of
Rufus Choate at London, Andrew
D. White at Berlin, and Horace
Porter at Paris. We were as ably
represented as any power at
The ' Hague. In the war with
Spain our best military coun
Bel was promptly availed of in
General Schofield, our best naval
authority, Captain Mahan, was
promptly ordered home from Rome,
and the best-equipped : working
student, Professor J. B. Moore, was
taken from Columbia university
was put-to work at Washington
and subsequently- at Paris. With
all the handicaps af.Algerism,. our
generals managed somehow to avoid
a single reverse, and if the admirals
are quarreling it is" never" over re
sponsibility for .defeat, but, always
for the honor of victories, f-co .
"The quality of extreme mobility,
who.se display has humiliated us
more than once, has enabled the
president to adapt himself with
felicitous celerity to every change
in our national situation. With
steadfast republican loyalty he be
rated Cleveland in 1891 for strik
ing down one of the sacred metalS
of the constitution, but-today, he
will speak as good a word as any
body or the gold standard. He
stood for years in thd public mind
as the incarnation' of only one idea
high protection and his speeches
show that if he has such things as
convictions at all, he must have
worshiped protection as second only
to deity itself. But now he is
enabled to write his messages to
congress without reference to pro
tection, and unreservedly askB con
gress to enact free . trade ' . with
Puerto - Rico. He seems : to have
unlearned completely all his old
ideas about home market, and to
have been taken . possession of by
the wider conception Of the markets
of the world. Through his , amia
bility of temper, extreme suscepti
bility of purpose and singular dis
cernment in taking counsel, Presi
dent McKinley has been enabled-to
steer his course in the main tsd cor-;
rectly that those who opposed -his
general policies as distinct from
his weaknesses and shortcomings)
have .been obliged to put them
selves in the most discreditable and
impossible situations. " On the
necessity of the gold standard
and on our plain course of duty in
the Philippines, the main points of
controversy between the adminis
tration and its antagonists, the
opposition has no standing what?
ever. .
Republican Club Resolutions.
The . following resolutions were
adopted by the Republican League
of Oregon at its session in Portland:"
So long as either of. the .great'
political parties advocates the free
coinage of silver, -"the financial
question is the paramount question
before the American people, The
republican clubs of the state of
Oregon, inJconvention assembled,
reaffirm their loyalty: to the sold
standard and their opposition to the
free coinage of silver. We believe
the best and most stable dollar in
the world should be issued " by .leg
islation to the laborer as the fruit
of his toil, and to the farmer as the
price of his crop. .We are in. -sympathy
with the efforts of the repub
lican senators and represenatives in
congress to , enact legislation for
this purpose. . -. - ' . ,; . ..
We heartily indoree the Phil
ippine policy of the present; admin
istration. , These islands have been
won with American blood and
purchased by American treasure;
they . should remain a permanent
part of our national domain. We
cannot neglect. our duty to give
them a stable government - nor can
we afford to throw away the great
opportunity . they giye . us for the
development of our Oriental trade.
The republican party Tvais formed
for the purpose of fighting, free lab
or. Throughout its whole history.
it has been the champion of the
people, and of the American labore r"
in particular. We are opposed to
the monopolization of commerce and
industry by trusts, and are in favor
of all judicious legislation looking
tc the curtailment of their power.
It is the sense of the republican
clubs of Oregon, that the constitu-1
tion of the United States should be
amended in relation to the., manner
of choosing members of the .United
States senate, and that they should
be elected by a straight vote of the
people, Further.resolved, that our
senators and representatives . in
congress be requested to work and
vote for any measure that will
bring about this proposed reform."
We extend our sympathies to the
families of the Oregon volunteers
who lost their lives in the Phil
ippines, and we request the secre
tary of war to make provision Jot
the removal of thi remains of
these dead, heroes to the end that
they may repose in Oregon soiL
Whereas, the war . department
has failed to comply with the re
quest of our governor for the return
to the state of Oregon for - burial,
our soldier boys who gave i' their
lives for their country. .. . . : s '
Therefore, be it resolved that we
commend the course taken . fry oqr
governor, and demand that our
dead heroes be returned to their
families and friends in our state','
and that the governor be requested
to convey this resolution ' to Presi?
dent McKinley, with the request
that he comply with the same.
For Sanative Uses.4
- Its remartable, emollient, cleansing, and
Hied from Cuticuha, the
great ekln core, warrant the
use of Cuticura Soap, in
the form of baths forannoy
lne Irritations, inflamma
tions, and chaflngs, for too
free or offensive perspir
ation, and also in the form of
, and Ufi II-
SSer-irtUeptio purposes which read y
iist themselves to women, and especially
SnSaiers The use of Cuticura Ointment ,
wito CuRA Soap will suggest itself in
the severer cases. -
. n I Dm) f TT1J1T1 V
TJncle Sam has ten and one-half
million men available for military
duty; 5 Is it auy wonder that tho
powers of Europe stand at atten
tion when his name is mentioned?
William Jennings Bryan is
urging his party to head Oregon
democrats off before they can de
clare for expansion. The Oregons
acquired territory so rapidly in the
Philippines that they were called
"The Greyhounds," and the colonel
will find that the people of this
state are not to- be headed off in
this direction. T ,
That revision of the Ciayton
Bulwer treaty which England was
willing a year ago to agree to, and
which permitted the United States
to exercise complete control over
the .Nicaragua canal enterprise is
likely to be adopted soon. Canada
stood iri . the way of its acceptance
then, but this opposition will hard
ly be maintained now, or be heeded
by England if it is maintained.
It is to England's Interest to have
the Nicaragua canal built, and the
only way in which it ever stands a
chance to be built is by getting its
control into American hands, aa it
is proposed by the-bill now before
congress- It is sale to preaici mat
the convention of 1850, which has
blocked the way to the construe
tion of ' the canal ever since, will
soon be revised' in the particular
which"; the United. States favors.
Work on the waterway is decidedly
likely to 'begin before the present
year ends. St,1 Louis Globe-Demo
crat." ' " . '
Teachers' Examination.
Notice is hereby given that the county
superintendent of Benton .county, Ore
gon, will , hold the regular examination
of applicants for state papers at Cor
vallie, in his office, on February 14, 15,
16 and 17, as follows :
. Commencing Wednesday, February
14, at 9 o'clock a m, "and continuing until
Saturday, February 17, aff 4 o'clock p m.
: Wednesday Spelling, history, algebra,
penmanship, reading, school law,
Thursday Written Arithmetic, theory
of teaching, grammar, bookkeeping, civil
government, physics. . .
. Fridays-Physiology, geography, men
tal arithmetic, ,. composition, physical
Saturday Botany, plaue geometery,
general history, psychology, English
literature. . "
Dated this 1st day of February, 1900.
.'. . '- ""' .; George W.' Denman, '
-. County School Superintendent.
Road Supervisors.
.' The county court of Benton county,
Oregon, having abolished all road dis
tricts in the county, and having made
each voting precinct a separate road
district, " (except . in Monroe precinct,
which is divided into, two road districts
by aline running east and west between
Sec. 14 and 23, T 14 S, R 5 W.) now
desires that the residents of the various
precincts of this coumty, inform the
county court on or before the February
term thereof, by petition or otherwise,
whom they desire appointed as supervi
sor of their respective districts for the six
months ending June 30, 1900.
- .; .; ; - . Virgil E. Waiters,
Clerk. -
Laundry Agency.
1 have secured the agency for the Mag
nolia Steam Laundry, of Albany, and
respectfully solicit your patronage. All
packages called for and delivered.
Arrangements 1 have' lieen made to ship
to the laundry en Wednesdays and re
turned ' Fridays. - Orders left with my
self at office ' will receive prompt atten
tion. Office with Trask & Settlemeier,
v , Bobt. PomEroy, Agent.
.... For Sale.
44.33 acres, known as the Felger Mill
property, one mile west of Philomath, ia
Benton county. Good residence, out
buildings and orchard. Fine place for
flouring mill. $1500 will take it. $250
cash balance on ten years if desired at
8 per cent interest. This is a bargain.
"Enquire of Geo. F. Eglin, Corvallie,
Or., or F. M. Johnson. Booms 13 and 14
herlock Bi " "-. land. Or. .
": For Sale.
260 acre stock farm adjoining an un
limited outrange on the west, and good
schools, churches and the Belknap settle
ment on the east. Also 130 acre farm,
good cultivating land. Address
M. S. AVooncocx,
...Administrator, Corvallis, Oregon.
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Imperial Ladies' Fine Shoes and
District No 76 School Shoes.
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all other results of Imperfect di gestion.
' Prepared by E. C. DeWUt ACo. Chicago.
Graham & Wells.
The Oregon Land and Investment com
pany, offers to ' lease to responsible
parties, for a term of years, two farms
near. Airlie, one of 1160 acres and one
of 320 acres. The company will also sell
to the lessees, if desired, all stock the
places will . carry, also teams, grain, etc.
Immediate possession given. Write to
the undersigned at Kings Valley or
Forest Grove, Or., or call and see him at
the place after Jan. 10th, 1900.
.'. "'...;:. E..P. Cadwell,
In the
A book of over 400 pages with nearly
300 beautiful i'.lustratiens of troops
- in actiou and scenes in the Philippine
Islands, published by
The Hicks-Judd Publishing Co.
of San Francisco, the only publishers
in the United States who sent" rep-
resentatives to Manilla especially to
compile a history of the war. As
many as 23 writers were engaged in
the work in Manila, many of whom
were with the troops in their various
engagements ondjthey were permitted
to use official records to verify their
Maps of Battlefields
made by an official map-maker in the
8th JArmy Corps enables the reader
to follow. closely the movements of
troops. .""
Description of the Philippines
giving statistical and other informa
tion as to climatic conditions, . re
sources, etc., and an accuont of the
trip to Manilla, taking the reader to
Honolulu and through Japan and
, China, are interesting features of the
The Oregon Special Edition
contains a complete history of the
2d Oregon Volunteer regiment in
the. Philippine campaign, and also
the name, postofOce address and oc
' cupation of every member of the
. regiment, together with lists of killed
and wounded, deaths by disease,
promotions, discharges, etc., and also
cuts of each company and officers of
the regiment. It is vouched for as
officially correct by a certificate from
the Colonel.
Advance Sale over 6000 Vols.
in Manila shows the faith of soldiers
in the publication. It is sold by sub-
. " scription only and returning soldiers
have been employed almost exclu
sively and thus far have "found' iu
this very lucrative employment. A
few more agents wanted in this State,
Address The Hicks-Judd Publishing
Company, 21 First St., San Fran-
: cisco.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice la hereby given that the undersigned
-has been duly appointed by the County Court
of the State of Oregon, for Benton County,
administrator of Susan Gibson, deceased. All
persons having claims against said estate are
required to present the same to me properly
verified, aa by law required, at the law office of
J. H. Gibson, Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon,
within six months from date hereof.
Dated this 8th day ol February. 1900.
Ad'm'r ol the Estate of Susan Gibson, Dec'd.
For Sale.
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f V Job Press "5
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ior $a.ou; wim a written guaran
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oena ior circular. Address, v
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For Sale or Exchange.
One hundred and eighteen lots, in half and whole
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ful and beautiful summer resort, in Lincoln county,
Oregon; some business lots: residence lots near the
principal churches, school house, and other resi
dences; also residence lots commanding beautiful
views of ocean and bay. . .
Fire fractional blocks, south of and near the
State Agricultural College; all completely tiled,
streets thrown up and graded; beautiful, convenient
and healthful for residence.
Large dwelling, barn and outhouses, centrally
located on roomy and commodious grounds, in
Corvallis; will exchange for farm near Corvallis.
Twenty acres highly Improved, all tile drained,
and in good state of cultivation; excellent, roomy
buildings; about one-fourth mile from Agricultural
College. - . -
Large and roomy house and stable and let in Cor
vallis, good residence, two blocks from tl.e Cour
House; high, roiling ground, j.
Eight nice residence lots, thoroughly tile drained,
in Wilkins Addition to Corvallis.
One lot and hotel, The Vincent House, on Front
street, in Corvallis, centrally located.
Seventy-three acres, S in orchard, IS in wheat,
balance in grubs, timber and pasture; situate west,
adjoining the odd Fellows Cemetery, near Corvallis.
Will exchange the 'town property named for
suitable farm or acreage property; or will exchange
the acreage property described,for town property or
other farms or acreage; or will sell any or all of
said property on reasonable terms and time at rea
sonable rates and prices. -
Corvallis, Oregon.
Notary Titles. - Conveyancing.
Practice in all State and Federal Court.
Offico in Fir&t National Bank Building.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Office in Zierolf bnllding.
Xotice of Removal.
We wish to announce that the Palace
Meat Market will be remoyed to Kline's
building,. opposite the postoffice on next
Monday. This change has been decided
on with the hopes that we will be better
able to serve the public. The Palace
Market has done' business at the old
stand for over thirty years and it will
coutinue to Cater to its customers at its
new place with the 6ame courtesy that
has characterised it in the paBt. ; We
have added many new facilities to the
market and hope to make the Palace a
model shop. Thanking our old custom
ers for past patronage and - extending an
invitation to all to visit us opposite the
postoffice, we beg to remain - - : "
Your humble servants
Hout& Smith.
notice. ; f
Persons desiring to locate on timber
claims tributarjy' to the C. &;E. B. B.
would do well : to call on or correspond
with the undersigned. .-.'There 1a nam:
ber ol first-class timber claims to be taken
up under the timber or homestead acts.
. ..... W. L. CLARK,
Gates, Marion Co., Or, , Locator.
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. ' , Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
as executor ef the estate of Jt. C. Gibson,
deceased, has filed his final account in said
estate iu the county court of the state of
uregon ior Benton county, ana Menaay, the 5th
day of February, A. I). 1000, at the hour rf ie
o'clock a. m. at the county court room in the
court nouse in corvallis, uenton county, ure
gon, is the time and place set for hearing ob
jections, . if any, to said final account and the
settlement tnereot.
. Bated this 4th day of January. 19601
Executor f the Estate of R. C. Gibson, De
F. B. Thirkield, Health' Inspector of
Chicago, says, "Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
cannot be recommended too. highly.. It
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Graham & Wells. ,
Notice for Pnbllctiou.
Land Office at Oregon City, Orboojt,
.December 9, 18C9.
Notice is hereby given that the followlng-nwned
settler has filed notice of his iutention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof
will De niauo oeiore uie bounty cierx 01 ixnton
County, at Corvallis, Oregon, on January 24, 1900,
vis: - - .
H. K. No. 11,284. for the Si of NW1 and NJ of SWJ
of Sec. 20, T. 10 S ef R. 6 W.
He names the following witaesses to prove his
continuous reeidence upon and cultivation of, said
land, viz: Eugene M. Bodele, Frank Seabrooks and
John smitn, all 01 wells, uregon, ana lay lor J.
Miner, 01 lungs vauev, uregon.
CHAS.. B. MOORES. Register.
J. I. Beavery, Logan ton. Pa., writes,
1 am willing to take my oath that I was
cured ef pneumonia entirely by the use
of One Minute Cough Cure after doctors
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7 hooping cough." Quickly relieves and
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Southern Pacific Coinpanv.
7:00 P. II.
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8:8 P. II.
Leave Pertlaaa - Arrive 1 1:M A. M.
Arrive McUlanviMe Leave A. 11.
Arrive Indapeadeace Leave 4.6 A. It,
Direct connection at 8an Francisco with
steamship iincs for HAWAII, JAPAN,
TKAILIA. . . x .
Manager.. O, P.&P.A.'
" ; - , " Portland, Or.
For through tickets and rates call on
A.. S. Pence, ' S. L. Hays,
Depot Ag'f, City Ticket Ag't,
CorTalIi,Or.. Corvallis, Or.
Ladies' Overshoes, small size, 10 cents.
Men's Sporting Boots, large, $3.00.
Ladies' Fine Shoes, 50c on the $ 1.00.
Men's Leather Boots, No. 10 and No. 11
One-half price. -
Jackets and Mackintoshes at a reduction
. of 25 per cent. , .
Also the celebrated Levi Strauss & Co.
cotton Pants and Overalls as inferior
goods are sold elsewhere.
The White Houee.
Fast .
6:45 p. in'.
8 a. m..
. 4 p. m.
4 p. m.
4:30 p. m.
3:30 p.m.
W ednes
day and
day and
r riuay.
L ewiston
8:3 0a-m
City Ticket Agent.
Local Agen(. .
Corvallis & Eastern Railroad.
2 For Yaquina:
Train leaves Albany 12:45 p. ra.
. " Corvallis 1:55 p. m.
" arrive? Yaquina 7j25 p. m.
1 Returniug:
Leaved Yaquina. . . . 6:00 a. mi.
Leaves Co vallis.... 11:30 ft. m.
Arrives Albany .... 12:15 r. ra.
3 For Detroit: : .
Leaves Albany. ; . 7:00 a. m.
Arriyes Detroit ....'11:30 a. m.
4 Returning:
Leaves Detroit . . . . .. 12:20 p. ra.
Arrives Albany .... 5:45 p. m.
One and two connect at Albany
and Corvallis with Southern Pacific
trains, giving direct service to and
pfrom Newport and . adjacent
Trains for the mountains . arrive
at noon, giving ample time to
reach ramping grounds on the
Breitenbush and Santiam river the
same day.
Edwin Stone,
H. L. Walden, - .Manager.
T.F. &p. a;
H. H. Cronise, Agent, Corvallis.
G. R. FARRA, M. D.
Office corner Second and Tefferson,
over Grafcara & Wells' drugstore. - .
Residence on Third street hi frer.t ef
Office hours 8 to o a. ., and i to s aad
7 to 8 p. bi. All calls attended promptly.
Depakt time schedules.
" " Salt Lake, Denver,
Fast .Ft "Worth, Omaha
- Mail Kansas City, St.
8 p. in. Louis, Chieaga
- and East
Walla Walla. Lew-
-c.t. iston, S p o k a ne,
Spokane MinneapoHg, St.
, :v Paul, Duluth. Mil
3, .40 p.m. wankeej Chicago,
; ' and East.
Ocean Steamshios.
All - sailing dates
8 p. in, subject to change.
For San Francisco, j
Sail Dec. 3, 8," 13, i
18. 23, 23, & every
', 5 days.
Daily Columbia River
Ex. sun: steamer. -
8. P- TO.;
Saturday, To Astoria & way
10 p. m. . landing. -
Willametta Hirer.
6 a. m. Oiegon City, New
.Ex. Sun. berg, Salem, and
' - Way-landings.
7a.m. Willamette and Yam-
SSSR hi no -
and Oregon City, Day
S aturday ton & Way-land's.
6 a. m. . Willamette River.
T nesday,
T hursd'y Portland to Corval-
and lis & Way-land's.
-Leave Snake River.
1 .20 a. - Biparia to Le wis'n.
Daily. 1
better made.
Custom fit
$3.50 SHOE
For men.
For sale' only by
'. OHo. i'a Wkitakan llvk
Corvallis, - Oregon
n . A Al -T" r-w a a
p. M. OM Intl, M. u.
Physician 8? Surgeon
Office over Allen A Wood ward's drngatare
Office Hours I m
J . 1 te 4 p. m.
Residence: Comer 6th and Adams, west
of Catholic church.
Telephone at office and residence.
W. H. McSrayer aad Old Crow Wkic
kys, Fine Wines, Liqnom an 4 Cigars.
Corvallis, Oregon,
Does a general and conservative aeaklaa
Physician Surgeon-
C. B. Cauthokx. K. R. TlTLot.
Dentistry of
anteed ler' satisfaction . guar-
Offlca over Zierolf 'a grocery store, obbs:(
ion Laundry . Go.,
All whit labor Work guaranteed.
Basket leaves on Tneadavs aa arrives
Saturdays. : J. D. MANN, Areat,
Seeoa4-Han Store. - ,
Qaieoiiy (short)
Montana, TTtan, Colorado "
and all Eastern Points '
Gives choice of two favorite rentes, via
me union racinc iast Mail Ljn, or
the Rio Grande Sceaie Ltaea.
Look at the Time . .
14 days to Salt Lakt
a 4 days to Denver -3J4
days to Chicago
AXA days to New York .
Free Recliaing Chair Cars, Upholstered
Tourist Steeping Cars, ana Pallsaaa
Palace Sleepers, operated on all
- trains. . .
For further infointatioa. aen'vto
GEO. F. EGLI5T, Agent, Corrallis, Or.
Trav. Pass. Agt Gta'l Agent
i4 Third 8t, Portlac, Qr.