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Issued every Friday morning;
One yew '..
Lt moiitlir
Clire"! months. . .
.$1 50
. 75
.. 50
payable in advance.
" FRIDAY, OCT. 27, 1899.
Oregon cannot but feel proud at
the recognition given her by the
present administration. The latest
favor to be shown is the. appoint
ment of Wm. P. Lord as minister to
the Argentine Republic, a post of
importance and honor, carrying
with it a salary of $10,000 per year:
EK-Govenor Lord was a few months
ago given the refusal of the Persian
mission, with a salary of $5,000.
His predecessor as minister t6 Ar
gentine, W. I. Buchanan, is a
staunch democrat and was appoint
ed by G rover Cleveland. Upon
the election of President McKinley,
Mr. Buchanan tendered his resigna
tion, but McKinlev in this as in
many other instances, forgot Bu
chanan's politics in his appreciation
of his fitness for the position and
retained him. Recently ' Mr. Bu
chanan was offered the director
generalship of the Pan-American
exposition, at a salary of $12,000
per year, which he accepted. The
president's appointment of Mr. Lord
was a wise one, and will be com
mended by all parties in this state.
He is an able jurist, shrewd diplo
mat, patriotic American and pleas
ant gentleman. !
" The School Officers Convention to
be held at the court house to-morrow,
is one of the many ventures in
a splendidly arranged plan by Su
perintendent Denman for the bet
terment of our county schools. Its
object is "to produce a concer act
ion and thus create and maintain a
common bond of interest between
the school officers, teachers, parents
and pupils." -An excellent oppor
tunity is here given for school offi
cers to show by precept their inter
est in school work, by being pres
ent at the convention.
Mines, mines, mines. Here is
the story of the troub'e in the
Transvaal in a nut shell. The diffi
culty in Venezuela grew out of En
gland's effort to extend her bound
ary so as to include the rich mining
districts, in Alaska we have a pres
ent example of the same spirit, and
England's itching palm is grasping
for the gold and diamonds of the
Transvaal. Nor will she rest while
Buch stuff as mines are made of lies
without the boundary of her wide
, It may be a relief to some of those
inconsequental people, who have giv
en themselves concern over the ex
Dense to the state of Governor Geer's
visit to the East, to learn that the
Governor paid hia own expenses,
ote rr ay also be made of the fact
that he was the only governor of all
the states who did pay his own ex
penses. . - '
Kings Valley Items.
The following items were received
last week, too late fo publication.
Miss Ida Vincent has returned
from a long stay at Monmouth.
. Jim Bush and family have moved
to Monmouth, where they will re
.side in the future. ,
llr a. QUassford's son, alter a
long illness, is getting along nicely.
. lne upper KmgH Valley school
will open the first Monday in Nov
ember with Horace Lily 1 as teacher.
Miss Agness McGhee and broth
ers, Frank and Will, of Wren, are
in Kings Valley at 'present. The
bqya are putting in their iall grain.
Miss Minnie Read, of this valley,
has gone to Airly, to work; for a
short time.
. - TO--'.' ' '- Bell La Rtje.
' Letter List.
. The . following is the list of letters
remaining in the : Corvallis postoffice
for the week ending Oct. 25, 1899 :
T5d Becker Mr W R Davis
T W McDonald J J Leabo .
Miss Mary Miller - Mrs Z MeCullough
Miss Edith Underbill Mr Hugh Wilson
B. W. JoiINSOtf, P. M.
The Jury List.
-, Circuit court meets .November 6th,
with the promise of a very light docket.
Sheriff Kickard and Clerk Watters have
drawn the following list of jurors: ,
Fairmount Precinct Geo. Beamip, J.
A. Hodges. . ... ;
Blodsrett Eli Speucer.
- .Willamette Jos. McBee, C. W. Nixon,
James Brace and John Todd.
Monroe H..M. Finley, "Wilbnr F.
Starr, M. D. Harpool.
Wren James Robinson. .
Philomath W. Bohanon, John Wyatt,
G. Boehriager. t .V "..., .
Bellfountain Joseph - Gragg, L. ,H.
Hawley. .
Soap Creek N. II. Calloway, John
Smith, John Hecker, C. C. Calloway,
Corvallis W. C. Corbett. John Kick
ard, John Bier, P. Avery, Joseph Yates,
John Benson, August nodes; Caleb
Davis, N. B. Avery. -
F. L. Miller
For Ladies and Gentlemen. Onr
umbrella stock represents the best
values the market offers. All made
: to our order, by the best workmen.
; Best Paragon frames and steel rods.
Handles are in Princess style and
natural crooks in boxwood, Congo
and Olive bulbs, also in Horn, Pearl
and Ivory, with silver or gold trim
mings for 75c to $5 00 eacn. .
Ladies' Neckwear
See the latest arrivals. The Dewev,
50c, all silk. Fancy bows, 25c. S
Still they come ! ' Novelties and va
rieties to please the most critical
buyer. All silk La Tosca net, plain
Russian net, -fish net, and plain
Brussels net with Chenille spots in
black, white and colors from 16 to
25c per. yard; also assorted colors in
sewing silk veiling at 25c per yard.
Yours truly,
The Military Department of the Institution
, To foe Qreatly Improved. .
The military department at "the OAC
will be a more prominent feature of our
agricultural college this year than ever
before.' This is not only due to the par
ticular circumstances that 'have made our
history during the past two years, and to
the fact that many of those whose mili
tary training was received at our college
played an important part in the drama
of battles beyond the sea, but also to the
fact that the battalion is larger this year
than common during' the first term, and
the boys who receive their drill an hour
each day, daring the. school year can
now see and understand the value of a
military training. It is by an act passed
by our national legislators that the mili
tary department of our agricultural col
lege is maintained, and Uucle Sam real
izes full well that the money he expends
each year in training his boys to shoulder
and shoot a musket, is judiciously ex
pended. It trains them to walk with a
military bearing, with an aspect more of
that becoming a man, it trains them to
command and obey, it makes them
hearty and healthful, in truth it makes
men of them, and the more men we have
in our country, the stronger and better
will our nation be.
Commandant Frank Edwards has or
ganized the-cadet battalion into three
companies and a band, and drill is prac
ticed each day in the spacious armory.
There are already 170 men in the bat
talion, 10 more than were enrolled dur
ing the first term of last year. There
are also 11 men of the volunteers who
are excused from drill, pending orders
from the department at Washington to
given grades in drill without further in
struction, making a total of 21 more than
during the entire first three months of
the last school year.
The officers of the battalion for the
coming year areas follows: First lieuten
ant and adjutant, C. A, Saunders ; ser
geant major, W. R. Dilley; color ser
geant, Archie Kruse ; color corporals,
Fred Stump and W. J. Morrison.
Company A" Captain, R. T. Bur
gess; 1st lieutentant, Fred Walters ; 2nd
lieutenant, 'Arthur Frazier.
Company "B" Captain, J. G. Elgin;
1st lieutenant, Harry Buxton; 2nd lieu
tenant, A. J. Bier, x
Company "C" Captain, Jas. McCaust
land ; 1st lieutenant, E. B. Aldrich : 2nd
lieutenant, II. E. Penland.
The boys appear regular at their drills
in the armory and when the weather per
mits dress parades are held on the cam
pus drill grounds. As usual there are
awkward squads this year, and many a
poor fellow has . been reminded of the
factHhat a soldier's life is not the softest
snap on earth. When he has to stand
for half an hour with his heels together
and his back as rigid as a poker, with
hia eyes -straight to the front, and his
hands hanging down below the pockets
where they love te rest so well, the raw
plebe. at the OAC can taen talk of the
horrors of war with the best of them;
but then it makes a roan of him, he
knows it and all are satisfied.
The boys marched in-procession and
escortod the body of Dolph Witzel to
the depot on Teusday last and they will
appear in uniform and as a military or
ganization, at the memorial services to
be held in honor of . the late Captain
Geary at "the opera house next Sunday
afternoon. .
Mrs. William Mackay, a former Cbr
vallisite, now a mining lady from the
Kilitass district in Washington, is in
the city in the. interest of her mines.
Mrs. Mackay made handsome profits
from interests she invested in British
Columbia mines and she has since be
came a quarter owner in one of the
undeveloped mines of Kilitass county,
Washington. Mrs"; Mackay is endeavor
ing to dispose of stock in the mines to
interested Corvallis people. That it
would be a paying investment present
indications seem to prove conclusively.
Recent news from Kititass tells of a
large smelter to be built near the new
mines. This news is most significant
and indicates that there is something up
there , . -
WANTED. . . ( '
Twenty tons of cast iron; old stoves;
any castings : also your patronage. Bring
your plowshares and have them ground,
you will save money. " All work guaran
teed. " FfiANKLIN iROJt WOKKB.
Wants Supplied
It will be time well spent if you will call and ex
amine the New Goods that daily arrive at our
store. ' The difficult part with us is, not what to
announce, but how to do justice to all lines.
We want to show you our Men's
and Boys' stylish clothing for Fall
. and Winter wear. We offer perfect
fitting clothing, thoroughly and hon
estly tailored and made of the best
and most attractive fabrics at
prices that cannot be duplicated
in the valley. ,v Special attention is
called to the following lines :
Men's .Oregon All-Wool Suits
Brown mixtures, gray mixtures and
black, for $8.80. .
Fancy Stripes
. We have just received another in
voice of those fancy stripes 3'ou see
. so many wearing. They range from
$18 to $25. . .
F. L. Miller.
Make Me A Country-Jake.
The following poem from the pen of
Dennis H. Stovall, appeared in last
Sunday's Orcgonian and ': is being re
printed generously by the press of the
state. It is in this particular style that
Mr. Stovall excells and the one to which
he must look for recognition : ,
Recollections bright of those olden times
Haunt today my memory's wake,' ' 3
Of the old' homestead in the firs and
pines, V '
Where meadow larks sing and the ivy
twines,'.'.. . "
Where I used to sport near the colum-
- bines, : ,
When I was a conntry-jake. yy
Oh carry me, carry me back today, .
Just for my memory's sake ;
Back to the meadow where I used-to
- play, : - v - ' -Back'
' where the wheat and cat-tails
Where sunbeams frisk in that merry old
Where I was a country-jake. :.;
Oh I want to hie hither just for a day,
' My soul to those old scenes take ;
To sniff the sweet scent of the new-mown
.,- hay, ;,"- "' -v.. , ...
To lounge in the shade at the heat of
To dive ia the swimming hole over the
Oh, make me a Tcountry-jake. . !.
Golden are the memories of that long ago
More golden than riches make; " ':
Where the bull-frog sobbed ' so solemn
and slow,
And the wood-owl hooted so sad and
' . low, -
Crickets were merry, no cares did Ii
know, - ;
For I was a country-jake. ;
To those good old scenes I long to be nigh
Scenes that fond memories 'wake,
In the sweet fragrant grass ' 1 want to
. lie, , - - ! - "
To gaze up lazily at the blue sky, f
And watch the buzzards as they circle
and fly, '
While I am a country-jake.
It is but a memory closed with a sigh.
As I from a reverie" 'wake, ' .
A fancy, as my mind to old scenes
fly, ' ' ; . ' :-
I hope 'twill be more when age hovers
I hope that to please my tired Boul and I
My angelic robes in that sweet-by-and-by
Will be "togs" of a country-jake,
Road Subscription.
To all parties who have subscribed
money to pay for improving the county
road south of Corvallis, will please pay
the same to the First National . Bank
of Corvallis, to be placed to my
credit." E. Woodward,
Judge County.
Here are some of the terrible things
which, according to an exchange, are
likely to befall a delinquent: Last week
a delinquent subscriber said that he
would pay np Saturday if he - lived.
He's dead. Another, "I'll see you to-
rmorrow.' 18 s blind, still another
one said :.. "I hope to pay you this week
or go to the devil." He's gone. There
are hundreds who ought to take warning
by these procrastinators and pay up their
subscriptions now.
Musical Instruction Vocal and Instrn
mental. 1
Modern methods,- experienced teach
ing, careful and accurate. Low rates
for this grade of work. See descriptivo
circulars. Further particulars by mail
or at Trask's book store.
W.- Fbancis Gates.
For Rent.
A good nine roomed house, inquire of
Transactions in Benton County reality
for week ending October 21.
Lillie J. King & hns to Lazarus King,
deed, 2 Lots, Corvallis. $300.00.
. Elias Keeney et al, to Homer Keeney",
deed. 22 acres near Albany, $1.00.
1 Mortgage satisfied on reality
1 Chattlc Mortgages, satisfied
1 " " "
i it ,
1 " ''
1 Chattle Filed
I 1
Men's Tine All-Wool Checks
In dark and lights checks, for $9.90.
Young Men's Suits
From 18 to 20 years in fine double-
breasted blue serge silk faced, also
' sacks and cutaways from $5 to $12.50
Boy's Suits
' From 8 to 13 years in all the late pat
terns. The Mrs. Jane Hopkins make
from $3 to $8. . '
Little Men's ' i
. - ' . i
Children's. Vestee Suits, and in tact
we have everything the little men
- could wish. Our stock would do
credit to a much larger city. Our
prices are from $1.50 to $6.
Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor and Manhood.
Cure Impotency, Night Emissions and
wasting- diseases, all effects of self-
abuse, or excess ana indis
cretion. A nerve tonic and
blood builder. Brings the
pink glow to pale cheeks and
restores the fire of youth.
By mail 50c per box, 6 boxes
or S2.50: with a written guaran
tee to cure or refund the money
Send for circular. Address,
Clinton & Jackson Sts., CHICAGO, ILL.
: For sale by Allen & -Woodward's drug
gists, Corvallis, Oregon . j
Administrator's Notice
of Final
In the County Court of Benton County. State of
Ia the matter of Titie Estate ) ' '
of i
John W. Lawrence, Deceased. J .
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned ad
ministrator with the will annexed of the estate of
John W. Lawrence, deceased, has filed with the
clerk of said court his final account of said estate
and that said court has fixed the first Monday, the
6th day of November, 1890, at the hour of 2 o'clock
p. m. of saiddsy at the curt house in Corvallis, in
said Benton county as the time and place for hear
ing objections to said'.final account and for a final
settlement thereof.
Sated October 4, 1899. t - ;
Adm'r, with the Will annexed, of the Estate of
John VV. Lawrence, Deceased. ,
vsDepsia Cure.
- 0 i
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
V.I.. J Jl ..
j xtaburo ill btieiigiJiiGiiiug auu iwuu
j structing the exhausted digestive or-
j gans. j.iiST.neiaiiesbuiaixvereua.igesir
ant and tonic. No othei preparation
can arjDroach it in efficiency. It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
SickHeadache.Gastralgia, Cramps, and
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Prepared by E. C. DeWltt A Co. Cb'cago.
Graham & Wells.
. "Kodol Dyspepsia ", Cure cured me
of a severe case of indigestion ; can strong
ly recommend it to all dyspeptics." Di
gests what you eat without aid from the
stomach, and cures dyspepsia. - Gra
ham & Wells. '."-' "
Dilley The Fixer
is now prepared to do all kinds of bi
cycle repairing, enameling, varnishing,
etc. Besides being a champion "fixer'
of the Willamette valley, he carries a full
line of bicycle sundries and supplies.
His shop is the headquaretrs for wheel
men. Pay him a visit.
There's always a hope while there's
One Minute Cough Cure. ,"An attack
of pneumonia left my lungs in bad shape
and I was near the first stages of ' con
sumption. One Minute Cough Cure
completely cured me," writes Helen Mc
Henry, Bismark, North Dakota. Gives
instant relief. Graham & Wells. .
Physician Surgeon
Office over Allen & Wood ward's dragstare
Office Hours I ? B a. m.
) 1 to 4 p.m.
De Witt's little Early Risers porma
nently cure chronic constipation, bilious
ness, nervousness and worn-out feeling
cleanse and regulate the entire system.
Small, pleasant, never gripe or sicken
famous little pills. Graham & Wells.
" The smallpox scare resulted in mak
ing public Friday an affidavit by. health
officer, Pierce to the effect that there
are but two individual cases of small
pox in or near Salem, and both are do-
iBg well ind are practically safe,, and
that there is but one suspect, and he is
almost past the period of danger.
Notice of Administrator.
Notice Is hereby ariven that ttm undersigned
has been duly appointed by the Honorable
County Court of Benton County, Oregon, Execu
tor with the vipll annexed of the estate of Tol
bert Carter, deceased. All Persons ha ving
claims against the said estate are hereby noti
fied to present the same to me duly verified as
required by law at my heme two miles east of
Wells, Or. -
Executor of the Estate of Tolbert Carter, de
Dated this 14th day of Oct 1899.
F. L. Miller
Ladies' Shoes
" We handle the celebrated "IMPER
IAL," the best shoe made. We
- have them in the Common AVealth .
or Glazed Kid, hand turned B, CD,
& E, lasts, from $3 to $4. Fine Don
gola Welt, C, D, & E, lasts, for $3.
Box Calf, the best shoe in town, for
$3. The same shoes in McKay, for
$2.50. Every pair is guaranteed,
they give satisfaction, and we have
a good assortment
Ladies' Hose
Heavy black ribbed wool hose, per
pair 25, 35, 40 and 50c.
Linen Handkerchiefs
We have justopen ed a large 'stock
of linen and lawn handkerchiefs for
Ladies, all handsomely trimmed
. with lace or embroidery, and all ex
tra good values, from .05c to $1 00
each.' , ,
Youra truly,
" F. L. Miller.
Notice for Publication.
Labd O0 at Oregon City, Oregon,
; October 2. 1899.
Notice is hereby given that-the following-named
settier has filed notice of his Intention to make final
prool in support of his claim, and that said proof
will ha vnnAa hfiwa .kA n . - - m., . . . ' .
. V.Y'- vuii.y uer oi ronton
vuuui,;, a. vurviuiig, uregon, on November 11, 1899.
on H E No. 10513, for (he SE1-4 of SW1-4, 81-2 of
SE1-4, NE1-4 of SE1-4, section 26, township 13
south, range- 8 west. . He names the following
witnesses to prove his contiuuo-is residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz: Virgil H. Laudingham,
and Al Landingham, of Dusty, Oregon, Ilenry Starr
vrcgou, j uines Liemaster, of Dusty, Ore
gon. CHAS. B. MOORE S, Register.
For wounds, burns, scalds, sores, skin
diseases and all irritating . eruptions,
nothing so soothing and healing as , De-
Witt's Witch Hazel ; Salve. Mrs. Em
ma Belles, matron, Englewood Nursey,
Chicago, says of it : "When all else
fails in healing our babies, it cures.'
Graham & Wells.
v For Sale or Exchange.
One hundred and eighteen lots, in half and whole
blocks, in the original town of Newport, that health
ful and beautiful summer resort, in Lincoln county,
Oregon; some business lots; residence lots near the
principal churches, school house, and other resi
dences; also residence lots commanding beautiful
views of ocean and. bar.
" Five fractional blocks, south of and near- the
State Agricultural College; all completely tiled,
streets thrown up and graded; beautiful, convenient
and healthful for residence. ,
Large dwelling, barn and outhouses, centrally
located on roomy and commodious grounds, in
Corvallis; will exchange for farm near Corvallis.
Twenty acres highly improved, all tile drained,
and in good state of cultivation; excellent roomy
buildings; about one-fourth mile from Agricultural
Large and roomy house and stable and lot in Cor
vallis, good residence, two blocks from the Cou I
House; high, rolling ground. '
" Eight nice residence Iota, thoroughly tile drained,
in Wilkins Addition to Corvallis.
One lot and hotel, The Vincent House, on Front
oireei, in uorraius, centrally located.
Seventy-three acres, 6 in orchard, 18 in wheat,
balauce in grubs, timber and pasture; situate west,
adjoining the Odd Fellows Cemetery, near Corvallis.
Will exchange the ' town property named for
suitable farm or -acreage property; or will exchange
the acreage property described.for town property or
other farms or acreage; or will sell any or all of
said property on reasonable terms and time at rea
sonable rates and prices.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Administrator's Notice
of Final
In the County Court of Benton County, State ef
uregon. .
In the matter of the Estate ")
. of t
Malinda P. Mnlkev. Dec'd. S
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned ad
ministrator of said estate has filed with the Clerk of
said court his final account of said estate and that
said court has fixed the first Monday, the 6th day of
j.iov., iisw, at tne nour ox lu o dock a. m. oi saiu aay,
at the court lie use in Corvallis in said - Benton
county, as the time and place for hearing objections
to said final account and for a final settlement
Dated October 5, 1899.
Adm'r of the Estate of MaMnda P. Mulkey, Dec d
For Sale.
260 acre stock farm adjoining an un
limited outrange on the west, and good
schools, churches and the Belknap settle
ment on the east. Also 130 acre farm,
good cultivating land. Address
M. S. Woodcock,
Administrator, Corvallis, Oregon. '
"They are simpy perfect," writes Rob
ert Moore, of La Fayette, Indiana, of - De
Witt's Little Early Risers, the famous
Httle pills for constipation and all liver
ailments. Never gripe. Graham &
Specialists for Men
TriMM Tihvftlrfaiia hftVe been
coring weakness and con
tracted ailments since 1881.
They have the largest and;
best equipped medical in
stitution, and the moat ex-
tenure practice in u w. a
i SO Far uU vw 1
Unfortunate men who can
pot call should write for md-
m-w vt aw
All irtten confidential! No Charge for Consultation.
Elevator Entrance.
McKenzle Fir Wood.
A large supply of the finest quality of
McKenzie fir slabs cut in stove lengths,
on band at the Corvallis saw mill. It
must be sold. The price is $1 per load
of five loads or more.
. - E. W. Stroma.
" E. E. Turner, ' Coinpton, Mo.,' was
cured of piles by De Witt's Witch Ha
zel Salve after suffering seventeen years
and tryiHg over twenty remedies. - Phy
sicians and surgeons endorse it. Beware
of dangerous counterfeits. Graham &
Belits and Collections.
Houses to rent, rents to collect, "20
good farms and stock ranches to sell.
Thomas Eqlin & Son.
Persons desiring to locate on timber
claims tributary to the C. & E. R. R.
would do well to call on or correspond
with the undersigned. There is a num
ber of first-class timber claims to be taken
up under the timber or homestead acts.
Gates, Marion Co., Or. - Locator.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is a scientific
compound having the endorsement of
eminent ' physicians and the medical
press. It digests what you eat and posi
tively cures dyspepsia. M. A. Ketron,
Bloomingdale, Tenn., says it cured . him
of indigestion often years standing.,
Notice for Publication.
Land Officc at Oregon Citt, Or., Sept 16, 189S.
Notice is hereby iriven that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before county clerk of Benton county,
Oregon, at, Corvallis, Oregon, on Oct. J28, 1899, viz:
II. E. No. 12126. for the EH of SWJ.and WK of SEJ,
See. 10, T. 13 8., R. 7 W.j
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land, viz: Guy Seeley, August Hodos, Samuel Smith,
all of Corvallis, Oregon, and Marion Harden, of
Aisea, uregon.
CHAS. ;B. M00RES, Register.
"Best on the market .for coughs and
colds and all bronchial troubles; .for
croup it has no equal," writes Henry 'R.
Wbitford, South Canaan, Conn., of One
Minute Cough Cure. . Graham & Wells.
. .. - " . -'
Clara Keita, my wife, having left my
bed and board without provocation, all
persons are hereby, noti Bed not to trust
her on my account as-1 will not be re
sponsible for any debts that she may
create.. . W. II. Seits.
Alsea, Or., Sept 3, 1899.
The Home Supply Association of Port
land can save you $50 to $100 a year on
the goods you buy. Many f the best
men . in the county are membeis. For
prices call on or write to the agent at
Corvallis, Mr. H. G. Gue.
Piano Wanted.
; Anyone having a good upright piano
to rent will do well to call at this office.
Ctirvallis & Eastern Rai
2 For Yaquina;
' Train leaves Albany 12:50 p. m.
" " Corvallis 1:45 p. m.
arrives Yaquina 5i50 p. "m.
1 Returning:.
. Leaves Yaquina.. .. 7:U0 a.
Leave's Corvallis. . . 11:40 a.
Arrives Albany . 12:25 p.
3 For Detroit: ' ,
Leaves Albany ..... . 7:40 a.
" Arriyes Detroit 11:55 a.
4 Returning:
. Leaves Detroit ..... 12:25 p.
Arrives Albany .... 5:35 p.
6Leaves Albany .... 6:05 p.
. ro.
Ariives Corvallis. . . . 6:55 p
f5Leaves Corvallis :. . . 6:40 a, m.
Arrives Albany .... 7:25 a. ua.
; One and two connect at Albai.y
and Corvallis with Southern Pacific
trains, giving direct service to and
from Newpoot and adjacent
No. 6 runs from Albany to Cor
vallis on Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays only,
f No. 5 runs from Corvallis to
Albanp on Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays only, r ,
Trains for the mountains arrive
at noon,' giving ample time to
reach camping grounds on the
Breitenbush and Santiam fiver the
same day. ;
- - . Edwin Stone,
H. L. Walden, Manager,
T.F.&P.A. -H.
H. Cbonise, Agent, Corvallis.
Southern Pacific Company.
7:00 P. H. Leave Portland Arrive
12:10 P. M. i Leave Albany Arrive
7:45 A. Jl I Arrive S. Francisco Leave
8:00 h. H.
4:18 A. M.
7:9 P. U
5:0 P. M. I Arrive Ogden Arrive j 1:10 P. M
6:05 P. if. I Arrive Denver . Leave u:45 P. M
6:40 A. M. Arrive Omaha Arrive 8:50 A. M
-15P t I Irriv rh,rn I f.'Sl P. M
7:00 A. M. Arrive Los Angeles Ar. 9:25 A. M.
8:15 P. M. Ariive El Paso Arrive i 2:35 P. M
4:15 P. M. I Arrive Ft. Worth Arrive 8:40 A. M
7:55 A. M. Arrive K. OrleansArrive 1 8:40 P. M
DiniDff Oars.
Observation Oars.
Pullman First-Class and Tourist cars
attached to all through trains.
Through Tourist Cars to Chicago with'
out change.
Rojeburg Mail Daily.
8:36 A. M. I Leave Portland . Arrive
12:25 P. M. I Leave Albany Arrive
5:20 P. M. Arrive Koseburg " Leave
4:39 P. M
12:&9P. M
7:30 A. M
Corvallis Mail. Daily Except Sunday.
7:30 A. M I Iave Portland Arrive I 6:5v P. H
11:55 P. II. Arriy CorvaUu Leave 1:05 P. II
At Albany and Corvallis cemiect with trains et the
Independence Pass. Daily Except Sun.
4:50 p. M.
7:39 P. M.
Leave Pertland Arrive I 8: A. M.
Arriro McMinnviHe Leave 5:S) A. M.
Arrive Independence Leave j 4.59 A. M.
S:3? P. H.
Direct connection at San Francisco with
steamship lines for HAWAII, JAPAN,
Manager. G. F. & P. A.
Portland, Or.
For through tickets and rates call on -
A. S. Pence, S. L. Hays,
" Depot Ag't, City Ticket Ag't,
Corvallis. Or. Corvallis, Or,
Kext year we may expect to rea4 some
thing like the following in the daily
papers : About 10 o'clock this morning
horseless milk wagon loaded with, cow-
less milk collided with a brainless rider
on a chaiuless wheel. . The luckless
wheelman was badly injured, and. being
homeless, he was taken in a horseless
We; are Showing
Now :.; ; : . .
and would like to have your opinion on our
selections, If we have done well, and picked
out the goods yon want and bought them cheap
enough so we can sell them at prices you are
willing to pay we will get your patrenage.
We say "if ", but thereia really no "if" about
" it. There isn't the least doubt in our minds
that our new fall stock is all that it should be
in style; quality axd price. There won't be
any doubt in your mind either when you see
it. The only chance we run of losing your
trade, or that of any other shrewd buyer, is
-"' in yeur staying away. If you visit the store
you will buy sooner or later. We invite you
to come confident that the visit will be ma-'
tually profitable.
nr AiiTirm o..u
Lad es, if yea desire a transpasent, clear and fresk complexien,
V Use Dr. Bourdon's French
Arsenic Complexion Wafers.
The only reliable beautifier of the complexion, skin and farm known. In the ,
direction for which ther are intended, their effect is simply magical. The most i
astounding transformation in personal
steady use. Possessiusr the WIZARD'S
beauty of form by surely developing a
complexion, shapely contour ot loraa,
where, by nature, the reverse exists.
PULSIVE Skin marred bv FRECKLES.
DISFIGUREMENTS, are oermaaently removed and a deliciously clear and .
refined complexion assured, enhancing
extravagant expectations.
Ladies, You Can Be Beautiful, no Biatter who you are or what your,
disfigurements may be you can make yourself as handsome as any lady in th c
land by tue use ot . , .........
Dr. Bourdon's French Arsenic Complexion Wafers. .
Used bv men -the results are eauallv
Large box ii.00 or special order of six
under plain cover en receipt of the above amount. Write for Circular, free
S 131
Emm mmi m&wi
WO ' AMI . "
. . FOB . . -"-
Willamette river Divisior
Portland and Salem,
Steamer Ruth, fer Salem, Albany, Corvallis and
way points, leaves Portland Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays at S A. U. Returning, leaves Cnr
rallis Mendays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6 A. U.
For full Information call on or address
N. EC. Adams, Agent O. K. A N Coivallis,
Oregon, :
a awc: .
W. H. HWRLBURT. ' . .
ocn'L Pah aomt
Montana, TJtan, Colorado .
and all Eastern Points ;
Gives choice of two favorite routes, via
the Union Pacific Fast Mail Lin, or
. me itio oranae ocenie x.ines.
Look at the Time . .
1 4 days to Salt Lake .
v . 2)4 days to Denver
Z days to Chicago
4 days to New York
Free Reclining Chair Cars, Upholstered
Tourist Sleeping Cars, aad Pnllmau
Palace S'eepers, operated on all
trains. . .." o ;
For further information, apply to ;
GEO. F. EGLI3T, Agent, Corvallis, Or.
C. O. TERK.Y, W. K. COMAN, ,
Trav, Pass. Agt. -" Gen'l Agent
. 124 Third St, Portland, Or.
. For Sale.
44.33.,acres, known as the Felger Mill
property, one mile west of Philomath, in
Benton county. Good residence, . out
buildings and orchard.- Fine place for
flouring mill. $1500 will take it. $250
cash, balance on ten years if desired at
8 per cent interest. This is a bargain. '
Enquire of Geo. F. Eghn, Corvallis,
Or., or F. M. JohnBoa, Booms 13 and 14
Sherlock Building, Portland, Or. .
.. .. For Sale.
The E of- Sec 25, Tp. 10 S, K 6 W,
containing -360 acres; price, tl,9P0.
Terms, $800 cash; balance, mortgage.
Apply at this office. - - ; '
; POSS and SHAKES. ;
Go to Butler for best quality.
The Coon Sawmill.
innrtnnnjuvinnnjTJinrifinnrtni nna
appearance is brought about by their'
TOUCH in prodncine and preserving ,
transparency and pellucid clearness of c
Dniuant eyes, bou ana smooiu sicin,
Even the COARSFST and MOST RE- J
a bady's loveliness beyond her most I
- .' . , !
favorable. Price small box 50 cents.
large boxes fc.oo. Sent to any address 1
Montgomery Street, San Francisco. . c
is the condition of the
-The Exchange-
In other words yon will find the store
full to overflowing with elegant new
and second-hand housefurnishing. Xo
matter what you want, whether it be hav
ing a fine shirt laundried by the Union
Laundry, Portland, or a steel range put
up in your kitchen .'.-
We Are The People. ,
THOS EGLIN. ' . - G. F. EG UN"
Do general buirinei In .
.. Real Estate and Insurance.
Office on Madison street west of First
National Bank, Corvallis, Oregon.
Corval lis, O regon ;
Does a general and conservative banking
business. : V; , "
V. B. Cauthobn. I E. H. Tatloh.
Dentistry of every description done in first
class manner, and . satisfaction guar
anteed. J -
Office over Zlerolf ' s grocery store, opposite
. the post office, Corvallis, Oregon.
W. H. McBrayer and Old Crow Whis
ky, Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Onion Laundry Go.,
All white labar work guaranteed.
. Basket leaves on Tnesdavs and arrives
Saturdays. J. D. MANN, Agent,
Second-Hand Stare.
G. R. FARRA, M. D.
OSce corner Sorni? a A T-xy
over Graham & Wells' drugstore.
Residence on Thirrl Etroot In Ar.f -(
Office honrs 8 to 9 a. m., and 1 to j and
7 to 8 p. w. All calls attended promptly.
; B. F. JONES,
Toledo, Oregon.
Will practice in all the courts of the
state. : ' -r- . . , -
Corvallis, Oregon.. .
Office iu Zlerolf bulldlnr.
. 'On. la Wbitehora Block
cab to the home for the friendless.
Corvallis, Oregon