Liberal Republican. (Dallas, Or.) 1872-1???, September 14, 1872, Image 4

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Th pu miner of "rocnt-ncks is tn.uii
winter by .specie, payment ; hence tli-
f.rmnr Inirim corn Inr f'ni'l nml rursn.
Qod for hard tia)ep. Industry is para
liied and sff agnation reiris supretm
otcr a bankrupt people. Havinsr mas
1 tiered the l'ieanw and KuKliixc-'
Stutli , Carolina with Federal bayonet?
failed to pet up a war with If ay ti, shot
Ool Grosvenor in Chieojro under mi!
itay orders, butchered inoflVnive Tor
en tin, eided with Ilessiin (iernm.
airainst Lafayette; pacrificid Cuba
cnpiuruu nit? uravt? insii rem ins, it.!.
. . I. .. t t i i i . .
all we fnu :h t for in the Al;ib;iu.
treatv "vte sre at twice with all ra
ttons." Our trade destroyed, our fl i
dih'rnrr(J, (UT "f eoplo disappointed
aid with a debased franchise. Dunn
this year we have only lost two bun
area minion or property una two tnous
t 1 1 l j i it
ati nr lions oreuir in i.nuairo. w
have Oflly suffered the suspension ofHlfeils yc d
emand for iinli
.i rr t:... 1 ...
jpe-ow in units oi
ard the infamous steal of tbrpo elects
rial votes in Utah. Let us resign our
9rlvn?ji Let us have in the
North anil war in Ihe Houh. .Let u-
tenicniber tiio immortal words of out
dear friend Kii )Villiam. viz : An
othor victory dear Aururu ; piai-
God from whom all h ! il,, tl w.
J-t Vseles (ilra fit and 11 . Coil. Fi.-I
eijo,V tbeirVoist 'urkey and fba u p iu-'
With our hand to the treasury ani m
co. I mi iln wtiuki. IJii'ir cia t!id
save America? Down with the Mon
rclV t 'tis lime to abdicate, and t'
Jbr f 0 ''ter Washington.
Dl.nt Dy.namV
According to the .evidence publisher;
in the Congressional (?'. ex-Scnan:
lljoge tetis-fied before the invesliui'iin!.
committee that Senior m eroy clr
; him his election cost 830.000. Now
would it not be wll to put J'otnero
Jiims-elf on the stand, and let him tel
' jthfre, when ai'd how he dii-borsed tbi
$30,000? The Kansas Senator i; on,
pf the finest specimens of I! idicatim the
poultry ever produced, and is probabh
pjore deeply versed iti 'God and mor
ality" than any other man in ihe party
except SiiDpu Cameron. Having pur
chased a seat id the Seni'e at a re
matkable low price, considerinj; the
arooutn tf revenue it yields him, he
ousrht to take an honest pride in ex
plainipg the modos operendi of tbis
barpain. Let j'oneroy pocket bis
oiodffty, veil his 1 lushes, ami dipby
the iftachinery of triumph to an ad
miring worl'
A Model Lavykk. Squire Jihr.
fOti yaj a model lawyer, as the follow
ing anecdote will show :
Jones once rush'd inn the Spore's
office ji a great passion, and sa d.
That infernal scnut.drel of a cbl.b r.
Snntji. has t-ued me for five dollars 1
.owe him for a pair of boot !"
'Thcn v'U fiwe him five dollars ?"
'To be sure I do, but he has guue and
Buedme sued !
'Then why don't you pay him, il
you owe him ?"
l Because he'e surd me, and when a
tnan docs that I II never tiv him '.ill
It" costs him n.ore than he xet.
want yoa to make it cost hint all you
Jqt it will cost you something
MI don't care for that. What do
ypu charge to begin with '("
k Ten dollars or moic if there is
much trouble"
All riht ! There is your X. Now,
go afiead.
No sooner Wf s his client gone than
Squire Johnson stepped across to Ins
neighbor rmith, and oifered lo pay ti t
I ! -t 1 .. .
run, on me conuuton mat tbc suit
should be withdrawn. The shoemaker
reeded ell he wanted was his pay.
The lawyer retained the other five for
his own fee, and as the case was n,,t
troubb some he made no fulher leuiuud
upon his client.
Ten lays after Jones came to see
tow his case was getting along.
AH Tifjtl." $aid this lawy'TJ " J on
won't have any trouble abo'it thai I
T put it o fc'mith so strong that he was
glad o withdraw the suit altogether."
' paoiial !M tried the cxulMng Joms.
'You have done it up brown! You
shall have all my business hereafter."
ICJ Klvx. Our thank aro due to
lion. J. II. Slater for five volumes ol
the testimony taken by th.i Joint Se
lect Comtuittee of Congress to enquire
" into the doings of the Ku KIux in the
South, including tl.eir report on the
" game. Hon. James li. VJeck submit
Ud tbq mipority report, which, from a
hasty examination, seems to agree with
the sworn testimtny, while the majori
ty report seems like a gross perversion
ohr cxageration of tbo facts.
-ti -..,
To vote for Grant is to endorse his
, TiplatioDS of the Constitution and his
-Muanderipg of te peoplef' oaoney to
! fieet bis re-election.
1. We recognize the equality of all
men tit foie the law, and hold that it is
'ho duty of the pvei'nnient in if?
dealings with the people to im-tu out
jual atnl xai-t justn-i to all,of whatever
nationality. raee,eoIor or iicrsuusiun. re-
droits or political.
2. Ve plci;:t. ourselve.4 to maintain
die union of the Siatis. iMoaio-ipation
uid enf:unchist'inent, and to upjoe any
et'pen; nr ti the niuHuns Milled by
the lit lb, 1-Jlh and 15ih aiiientliiuTiis.
Wo deinaud the iitiiiu.lUte a id
ibsoluto removal of all disabilit ies im-
I .. I . I III
poscu on aeeiiuni oi me reneir.on
wihieh was fully kuhdued mvcii yvr
iro, believing ihar universal aiuiiet
will result in a coinp'ett? aeilieatiun ot
ull sections of the country
4. Jjocal -eii-fiovernmciit with im
a t . at .
partial sullYajjje will ihe rights
uf all citizens more secuielv than ar y
cennalized power. The public welfirt
retpiiies this supremacy ot the civil
over t It c military power, and freedom
nt rer-on under the moleetn.n of l he
v duaU Ihe larsfht liberties consistent
with public order ; for States, sc fov
erumciit. and fr the naiion, a return
to the metboils of peace and the con
stitutional limitation of power.
5 'Hie civil seiA ice t f ihe Govorn
uieuf has become a mere instrument ol
partisan tyranny, id peiS'iial ambi
liuli. and air o'ojiet of selli-bne-s. It
is a and a lepioath upon free
inti' ulii'iis, and bnalbea demiaUza-
1 A'
lion uatiei 'ti- to ine i ri i iiiii of ai
lt ul .bean (.io Miinenl. We fhile
fiie regard a II oH'tiub reioiin i' the
civil seivueas one of ihe most pie-sin
neeesifis ot the j ibat Imtnsiy
capaei y ami li'lclity eotiii'ti!c the on
ly valid ci.iim to ulihu employment ;
that the olJ'es ol tin- L'oVi rnmenl eeasi
in be a ilia tir id o ili i r.i r v favorli-in
and pulloi.-age : i i ihat a public -talioii
may ngain bie-'ine u j u.-t ot hotmi.
Mini it is m.pelali veiy ifijuiied that no
President sbuM be a eauuijute lot it
election, G. Wedimanda system (f ftdtra1
taxation which shall not unnecessarily
inietfeie with the industries of Un
people, and which shall provide the
no ans necessary to pay lh expenses ol
the government economically adminis
tered, pensions, ihe itittrcst on the
public debt and i modi rate reiluctiou
annually of the pineipic tbeieof. And
recognizing that there. -tie in our midsi
honest but irr c ncilable dinuretice o'
opinion wiin regtru io me resiieciive
s .
ystcms of protection and free trace
we remit the discns-ion of the su' jet t
to the people in tlnir Congressional
Districts atid to the bciioii of ( on-
grcss tlureon, wholly free fioui Kxccu-
live contiol or dictutior.
7. The publ c credit must be saeredlx
maintained, and we denounce repudia
tion in every form.
8. A speedy return tt specie pay
ments i.-: d inainled alike by the highest
consoler ition of coinu.eiciul molality
and honct government
ib We reiio tnb.T with gratitude tin
heroism and aerifiee td the solliets
and sail rs i.f ihe Ilepubl C, and no act
fours sh dl ever difr.-.ct Iroin ibeii
jusl ly.c li ned f iim, ir i hu full lecoid.
of tln ir pitrioti-m.
10. We are oi .posed to forth r grant
ofla.idt' railroid or eoritoration-. 'I lu
publ C doiiiaiu shall be held sacred to
ac'Ual -t ltlei.-'.
11. We hold that if is the duty ol
ihe Government in its intercourse witb
foreign nations to cultivate tln ir friend
ship by treating tbm on fair and eU ii
terms, trgnding it alike dishonoranb'
to deiuamJ whit is not light or to sub
mit tow hat is w mng.
12.. For ihe promotion and success
of tbe-e vital pi iitciplvs and the sup
port of the candidates nominated by
f bis (!otiventioi., wa invite and cordially
welcome the co-op ration of all patriotic
citizen, without regard to previous po
iticul alBliitioiH.
The standard remedy for Couch, In.
lluenza, ?ore Thrnat, Vlinnjilii
CniiKh. C roup, 1-Iver ComplaJnt,
llruiichltin. nietiHiij; of the
Lung, and every aflerilmi of the
Throat, l.tinf and Cheit, luclud
luff C'oiivutnptlnn.
nifctara Hasm does not dry tip
a Cough, but loosens it, cleanses
ihe l.uos. allas irritation, thus
removing the r a use of the com
plaint. Vuiie genuine tuilegs sign
ed I. nu n s, prepared by Hlrf-ll
W. KOIVMi- Ai ON, Host on.
Hold by It Ii D 1 1 1 N C TO X, IIOS
TliTTIilt & CO., an Francisco,
by deaJerg generally. IC-ly
Valuable Hints.
A regular habit ol body is. absolutely essei .
ial to physical huallh an I uleun.toss of intel
lect. Nor in this till. Beauty of person cannot
co-exist wi'h h'.i unnatural coiiJiiiMi ot' the
bowels. A free p.iHt-ugu ot tho refuse iiiutur ol
tlto ityrtt'Ui through Iheso intiurul wu-tt (.ijHf.i.-
is i.tiuti.tary to t ho pu'iry -i iho boly ut tbv
lu e in-i'fee of il.c Hal of n t-iiy through ii r
ne yd re, is ucccst-my to ll. Lmllh of its inbub
indietion is the primary mini) of to tst of
to diMMaes of tbo tlicLariitig orgaiii, aim
one of its most u iu iton iif uiie is coi stipuiioii
'Hits ct iiij.luinl bvsiks L ing tluiigeious ia il--
eclf, bas inui.y diugrt t ablo toiiciniiaii-
MU b an an uniili'usaat hriuit), a saliow ckO'
Cidiiaaiiu.itiii 1. bile, b iuui i lniic
iiuuilaoiiis li.-s of uiijiu-.ry ami dcbi'iiy
llorit Hi r'ti sjti inuch Uititrs rt-iuovo uli tbesi
oviislj' ntiioviii tlivir inuutdiulc euuno in
(lie liiusiivo .iriiu, an 1 ruaiaiiu tbo ucliua
if llic mil fiinc.-. Tbo CDiiibiiiatiuii f r.ijcr
lies in tbis celebrate t na i r ill i i a o u of lis
itiiel iiRilts. ii is noi mjroiy a Miai UauC, or
loiiie, or uit aaiibiili iui auut.or a, or a
l.U ul i!i I uimt, ( Hll.i.i tic, Lut uil cura
live cleiiieiit juiltciously blea to I i u ) i j .Tjf
iul itHurumc. it Ukus uetivity uud vi" t
;o tie iliiit untl viicrvattd fctoioaeb, re
litvts tli uiiiuuutary canal of obuiructi im.
. ....... ......... i . i : i i..
UUH gllfa iciiiciu iliC uiiuiuiiiiia vii.iiu lino i
gently ttiuiulaus
.Leers Hits i ir.'s.
nth u vaiiciy of
llv lil, lit I. liter, ana
bvcnic viituv. it
i to
these tbaracti-ristic virtue that it owm it,
i rttiirous a hl J uiiilicii.c Kiir ti c
Uai pi'oVt:l III A l It l u Liiiiuleb us il ia el-
lic.toiviaj.aa' titU the
tteukt-r six a. with the uruiMur.
llo.-iciutd .- .uiittcli i i er ur. fol I in bil
( i-, oi.lj liiu tr i to ni.ik oli-a in t'ue (;bi-
unit cl'ravr J on the labvl i the tvt U yvi.ui
i trr. Uiwarc t-f C'oum i rlc n-
Mil' t I.U.AM ftfOKK. Sl.i:.M. 1 1 A
III i )UI 1 li't-" t' t 'l l-iev, lalliU ll.ll.ll
o. . t""-'i-. t.'t iinr .t wcii ie tiici ti.itu
I jin m '. l-. lihti llit iti a tali. Hijlii)
I i.ic ula lor ill
i a i n n i i o bi,
1'i-r ir? er Iii and Ilrau'lfj Inetlie It. ilr 'In l'rt tnt Ilk t-' .tiling
I ul and I urnln t;iay.
A wi-il I'fffrrvcd llrnd of Hair, in a prjoii
of mi. MI p. nt etiei? tw-jojak ri fiiifiisri.t. rl
t iiin v, .! allli ;ii'l Iwnuiy. It may tinly
i-iitN'.t W i.iiiiiii i 'riwtiiiijf (ilury. w!.ili ifiiii
it re t iii-eiijiii.'li; to il . I . . I i -f. mid luruir
Ft w it:uis: arc iu'r" ili.ijutin than ihin, Iri
iy, l::iih, nnr.HiM'd Ilai", ri'h b-d u.-l r a'
f.'.uo-.l uiih I' lfstlrujl'. V a barl t r at I
on Ju l itti.l 5ikr n to'w man. 'I'lii i -hat
LYONS UAfllAlltON i!l .! nU
Ofliiii.-. 'Il.c liiirm bull iirr in Ww'il l.tiil
Hair, ijl y furl1, buxufi tot Trn-!-: m.d
I'iian Head, if lo-lirt t t.le and iffvil
tj'M'l by lil 1 I ' j I l r til I UlU'i Lt jicr.
iV .l
1840 W 18 70 I
tri M
c si o la s: ii .
illO'V.TO CURE IT. Z f
At t'li rorti-n n"(iii?,nt of th Diribi', wbi'-b
alwe v j H-rfltn nn at(!(k of thi Cbol-ra. lnV
i f ponful of Piin Kilb-r'n S'ltran l in
tcr, (hot. if coiiffni.-nt.) and thn lnb- frcly
the on irh nn l towf) with tlw I'.in Killer
li-ar. Sl,..u'. the di.rbf or.rimn in
rpf.'i tlf . crory ? n .rfifi-t n nii u'eri un
til tbc p tiif l i relieved, f n nmnie cnt ?,
twroormoio tt!ipoonlul ruty be j,'icn at a
H e Piiin KiJ'rr. r m-dv, bn no rqiitl.
Iricaje or t h'-Itrii. Snmm. r tn'biin!!. l
t t-p?i t. Dym ntery. Ambmu it con- in ' tie nicbt
fiikimr it inter inillr. and l.thiii ib it
freely. Ii. action is lik ninic, h n t xict mil
ly applied in old Sore. Ilurti". H:hl. nd
Sprain!. For Sick llfadnrtto and Tooihaeln
don't fail tu try iu In is a Fain hu t-
I'ireciiotiti ncornpnny mch bottl,
Tb Fuin Killer isso'ldby all dealer in Med
ici peg.
Frioos, 25 Oints, 50 centsand 5t rcr bottle
Midsuinmcr 3Ialadics.
Tin hot mdnr rnys that ripen the harvest pen
erafe many tlitro.iiiti(i di.-ieii?c. If tbe liver
be Nt all prcdi.pood t irreguliritie, thi is
the enon in which biliotu ntracks may be en
licipa'cd. A weal rtomach, too. i weakest in
tho summer months, and tb Ions of vitality
throwjb the pnren by excefMvo perpiralion is
Co jre it, that a whob-jn-me tonic, combining
al-o ibe proj.ertio.1 of a diffu-ivo etimnlot and
gentl exhilarant. it iu umny ctife nvcrary to
h viltb, nd under no c:rcuuietaic! fhoitld b?
tliijcncl with by tho sickly and dilapidated.
Of all the nrna rut 'nuts inttmdod thus til refresh
u4tuin, and lortify tho hmnnn fr.unc , there is
tnuio ibat will compiro with II'teltira Colc
I ruled Stntniich ltttcr. They have h;j
wi iichcd in tho but ii nee of cxperlenco and not
found wiint'tng ; hnvo been reenminendod from
ihe first up a s rent intilicul hpecific, rot at a
bovepure. and in Kpito of inii refted nppiciiinn
rm innumerable q unit r.i, Maud, alter u twenty
jeitrf trial, at lh head of all proprietary med
icines intended for tbo prevention of all ordi
nary complain li of thu stomach, the liver, the
bowel, and the nrves. In tbo unhonlthy din
trictd bordering th preat river of CnUb't'nia.
Iloetetter's Stomach Itinera my bo elapsed at
the cUndard one for every fpecios of interiDtt
Umt and remittent fever. The- penplo who in
habit thou dixtrictfi, ptae tho uioit implicit
confidt;iicJ in the preparation a cunfldencu thai
ta increased every year by iho results of its op
An bitters, o called, of tbo most pernicious
character, are uprising up liko fungi on every
side, tbe public is hereby Ijrewarned ngninsttbr
dramshop frauds. Ak tor Hostettcr's Hitters,
see that, the laoel etc., ar j correct, and rem cm
i .i. ...i . .... .. . . 9 ...
7M.- M
fr -
that the genuine artic le is ocTcr Bold io bulk,
ia bottle
uer vu
tut ia
There is no sich Word as Fail.
lixtract of Cubeb
S J E K.I) y cum:
Tor -ill . I di of tlnj (.AII).U. KlfNKV8 ami
Uionmiiy OitO N3, either in the M.itu r l'eiuale
rnqaenily perl" r inin i; a pi-rtort Cure in the
iliil sparu ul ilirefur t'oin I . i ' : aa l iiIw.ivh
in It'rn linio than any otlicr prepcraliuii In
1 1 v in-e t
cum-: us and impaiii a
There i n nee 1 of uunlhicinent ar ch in!f f
ilu-t In it n'ir i-l form 1 pasi, it is n-
lirelv ta-tvU-H. hikI riiu-i?) uen!eHsai)t Hn-
ati'iii 0. tin pnl iciit. aii'l exp'.nrj It i
ii. w inkii"tlilil tiv tin iiix.-it lt-ariic-'l in tli
l'r ffi-sfi-'ii iluit in all M-r;t 1 noife! fulu-hf
oil Ci iilv aro ihe only hf.t 11 -iin-'lici llnit
i i n bo rcliel upon with any ccri.tiuty ul ui
ot Si.
NHV.ilt FAIL?.
MAM-rcT in- M.y bv TAR IW'T t Co.,
278 mi l 2l (iriiivtich aa l 1 00 Warnn
New Ycrk tiulJ by Lirugiaa all owi
l-' M -'rlU
nfANTKI). A:v:."T ?Hi) to S.'jO p-i
lupoid, in ii It inul i iii. ill, to i 1. 1 r. Ho
llo i.uine iniprovti I M A R.i 11 A !.!. S K W 1 . i
AI tiC II 1 . li l it ix in.ichuie. will Milch, lii-m.
IV.II. tii'k. bra'nl, liiiul, rord, oni.l. iiixl tjiu-
r.'idi r in a niot nipoi ior in.iinivr. l'i ii-, nl
$15, fully li.viiifd mid warntnird lor five yar
W'v wiil pay t 1,1)00 fr any marliiiie. hib prit-
r low, that will a troiirf r. tiniu l uuiitiil
r ni'.rc t-l.tclii- i-c.itn lliao u iri. It iuak ) lln
i;i.ATltJ LOCK STITCH. Kvcry .tcoii.i
!.lfr!i c.ill b3 cut. illid rllil ihu tl"ll lilllllil l'i
oili-i np.irt wiiliout n-.irin it. U'c pa Agi-tn
flna : tJ:u .tr ni- nib. and -xpi-nr-. t r m
ii'iiiirioii lrm who h iwii-u tli il uiuouiit can
In: IlltOv. Vtt tllcuUr Mild tvlllil, M-p:y lo oi
adov, , .MARSHALL A CU .
102 Nt.Mii ire t. New 'rk.
CAPTION". lio not be iiii.M-il u
thi-r paiiii-i Irattlui through ihe fjuntr
pa uiin oil wxrihU'e v;iiir(a luuibiin. uu
iltr tht .iiiiu n. nu c r otki-r it-. Ours is Hit.
1 1 1 v t'l.u.iiu 4iil re iMy cLejp maiLii.c in.m
rnui vrMu:p.i t?i. vrt;i:T.An r i f
.1. nt. ra.lve n tlie hi-t t tnrii r of :iic fetrl I
and b'bilii.ttc t. ,A a't.tiu and f o '
the ed and Luigai I it baa i:o amonp
iloiu. h :.. A r-tn lr f..r the nervou.
nfoikiii-'. I t w'.i b w-iit.u ure ftf-'u!!v ub
ert. it i enpt-r" t-j n ettry oibvr ti.nulanl
In all iiini'r.., tr-'-ort!, ii iuj ernte or frigid. i
j r-i a a f p ; i in every h iei of diord-r
which iitob i to ;i- ill., bodily trvt.;th atn
fi'iHi dt. tha ;.t oial j'iiit.
RIUSTAfia Llrll?flEfJT.
lull MAN AND !IK.Vr,
I'rol n'-lv ft w urMi-Vt 1 nc f r Im I rn et-
tet.jiU'f t :ilr. nh'c n.-nc litit lrn i"r imi
virnll li iti.' ii ill in lln -. lrlr il I MI-.X'-
CAN .Ml ST NO I.I MM KMT. i'lnl..h.
A hi t. Il .r.'i-- an. i. Mm . ic Anim il., art mli I . iini l.-t t, nu.l it . .fr. in
ihitt no f.iiiii'r -;ii ait -t -iiirt- icnn wilhout
. in- t i ;d ni'illii-i t Itinjf lie r j ary. It l-c
i- ni- t inatter of imj'. ri.tuce Ihcti to pcrurt
i lit lie-t.
Over t'-rrt lmn lr.-d livery taldc in th citi
of N Y .rk l .n ri -iij tlm vi.xirix
v 1st . t imm nt. in all tf which it give imi
c -1 . i I iti.faction.
CAUTHiN. The genuine ii wrarp-5 in
flnc gtci-1 plate -nfrr.tvng wi h 0. W
Wctbr ck. t'lnmi't.' rrd tictfo irail
giac1 acrojg the fa c of ech wrapper.
I ho whol bfara tho pioprietorg piiva'e
Umtrd &a't-g Revanne '"tamp nnd-notthe
common stamp at used by druggits.
4G 53 Park Fine New York.
Tbe originator of this wonderful medi-ine
clHim-i to h.ivo di)iovvrt)d mid combined wi:h
httrmont m rc ot XnfHi e atotit uoiei ena .'t-di.
cif jii-njit ( than wa? ever before t'otubinud in
one iiiediciiie. Thu evidence of tliin fact i
found in the VHriety of inoet ldtirlHt diMcasef
whiih if bait li'iti found to conquer, lu the
euro of , um hiti, Screi l 'oufLn, and the early
-tlayeti of ViiUHtj)lioH, it Initt aiOoiinlivd llu
m jilu nl f.iculty, and huiiilrod of the hcxt phy
ficinns pr niouiice it the yreatrnt medial ili't
cmtiy (tit aye. White u euies the severest
Cough, it struiii;then tho system and purifien
tho Ry itg freat and thnrnugh blond
fHirifyiny prttfr(ic it cures all Ifumota In m the
worst acniftiLt to a omnui n IUtch 1'implt or
IJtuption. .Venutial I i-fiitf, Miuerul poisons,
.-ypliiliiic and Venerinl, ami their ot
I'ect! are eradieatod and vigorous htnlth and a
Hound cititufiiju et-tublirditd. Krypilt, Salt
ilhtiDit, ,S(dl Head, Fecer Smct, iVcu-'y or
Hough Siin, in short all thu numerous diheases
caused by bud biuud v cor queie I by tbi
powerful, purifying -and invigorating medicine.
Kor'.iff Vnmptnbtt." tilii-H Diiordtit ami
I.tbiiual Const tjiatiun, it l.ut nlMid lit.
dreds uf perfect and peruiainrnt, cure where
oilier mediciiiQ bad failed.
Tho proprietor offeis $100 reward for a modi
cine that will equal it iu the cure of the dUeaee
for which it is recoinuieuded. Beware f counter
ieitt and worthier imitation. S o that my Oor
ernment Stamp, whieh is a p$ittvJgnaraitUe oj
fjenuintHett, is upon the outside wrapper. This
medicine is Sold ln D rttftr lint ti tin t niPs -
M Jk Ik
; Parod by It V. P1KRCE M. D., sole
proprietor, at bis chemioal Laboratory, 133,
Sav utrect, Cuffttl? .Y, Juac H 13 ?ttt
The Importance of a Practical Education
Was naer mora Apparent thia N Jv !
L tbrtt ai weirrow in U'tmiwrity we roW m ire
ortclica', atid that il n repaired f men t'nit
ehey fdm-ate tht-msel ven praelifaHv )ducatB .
iht'iilMelveit in the bent manner potteihle tuiueet I
ihe ik-maiid t the tiniei.
yVhen A'silaui, Kinjf f Fparta. wn afked
what thiiigH be thought mimf proper lor boyn to
iHHm, he replied: Tli.e thuta which tht-y
khoiild prat tice whn they become men."
Deliver ail thing in number and weight,
Hnd put all in writing thai thou gi vest out r re
reiveitt in," ii a precept of univerfal application :
nod there is axpeeia! iiecetfity for it Btrict ob
s, rv unce in all huninetnj transaetioni. Younx
men Ihe tutu re welfare of thin ttat b..k to
YoU ! Are YOU prepared tu moet it n deinaud ?
to u Bet the
I)i:TIAns of TllE AGE !
Tbe most thorough, and comprehcoiro
'ever iutrudueed by tny
von n i: u i a l
li U S 1 X E S S CO L L E G E
by tucao of
The Course it to arranged and Taught as
ua.ble the Ma Iciitt Ij lu.t-tor il lu tbe
bburteal J iuiu pMjsiblo'
Eacb Student, after through the
become an actual
where, in the ppaea of a fw WEEK:4, he ob
uius ibtj capei ieLti'w of a OllDlMAUY L1FE
i .jit..
fitted up with th ; Lel of iuetruuleuU, aodis in
complete- rum.ii.'i order.
For FULL I N FuR d ATION. fend for COL
l.Et.E FA I' Kit, Ahlr.:-
Fwrtland, tireon.
V. S. SI is V i 25,
Ho. 130, Fir.t Street,
IM1ITI.I, - - - - OUKU N
WhiVjil anI Ilcta'.l I)e.ibr ia
DRY i.T.o;ii fLIirillM!.
UOOtX AM) mi:, T C L'AI-
Hiheit Ch Price p-I for all i" I- of
. Ooiintr,y .Produ m .
Eteautifiil Woman!
to the Complexion ;the I'resihncsa of
IIoti's Maoolia Ralh or " tbe
.In-died appearao:e caused hj lev. fAtiui and
excitement. It makes tbe lady of forty appear
but twenty, and so natural and perfect that m
person can detect its npplic.uion. By its nee
the rotighet skin ii m i le tlv pure ra
d:t-nt teKinre f youtbfil b i Mi, It r moves
relnelif, Idotchea at 1 pim"!i It contains
noihUif that will injure the skin the least.
M acnoi.ia Balm is used hy all fashionabls
ladies in New York. London and Pari.. It eosts
nly ? cents per Hottle, and is sold by all
I'ruggirt and I'trfumers
Xcv Hoods I cw la'ootls!!
We respectfully call tbe attention of the
Public to our Wcl,l Selected titock of
L.adiea' Dress Ciooda,
Ladles' and Misnes Hata,
Gouts rurnbhlti"; Cood.,
Gloves, Gaiters. Ctc.
School Iliioks,
Stationery, Ac.
In fact Eyerythlrtjf Pound la a First
Class itetall Store
Wo can assure oar Patrons that we will be
up with the times.
Come and Examine our Stook before pur
chasing elsewhere.
Country Produce taken ia exchange f r
N. A. J. D. LKE.
Dallas, April 22, 1871. M'
For the vert best phot egrapha go to Brad
ley A. Ruloffson'e Oallerv without STAIRS
Montgoiterjr. street, San FrAnei?c.
xo Tut: VDtiiAv:
Washing ami Ironing, Ac, tlone by. Mrs.
i.uiiictt 'ii liit noiiie and on rt-jifonabl
tcruid. A'l oiikrs left at tbo boufe, Suuih went
pari of D.illnK. will bt imtuefliit.t1 attended to.
'I 1 GA i BIT '
il IIantlrcd.s cf T!io::rav.?1 ; .C;
" BeurtfiHtlmonjrtotlH-lr Woai'fr- f;
lulCuiativo ii-Tecu. i!-.
AfiCY DRI M K.eff
3:alj tf Peer Ilnr-, Wtilaker. ' Pref
t?plrltanndlicri:i;a t.iqauraCuct;rvd,siiceJ
, cJUwcctcucdti sj t:.i to6te. call3dTon.
13,"" AppetiZw"," t.cs-.ortn,," c., ttiat lead
l .j t' on I) !rr.a'.:cnacs; ad ruia, bet are
air.) Mellci;ic,r.:sJj from t'.ic Native Koots sol
lie:" a of Ca.ifort.ia, free I ritui ul! Atiolit'tla
:i::t:i:i.n:i:s. Thca:-j t ie li It l.AT UL.OOI
Pi::i:'ii::c a-.i i i.ifk cii vixu puis.
CI PI.E '- ptrf.ct I".c:ioutvT a;;tllrivlsoritcr of
t . : f yU r.', car: ri::s car&'.! po'.cocous matter al
tzIt. Ju;; t .3 Liotd to r.'iy condition. K
p.T30 i t i 1 1 ".'.2 t'.;cr(? TA tcrs tccordta to Circe
ti ) jt-it r;:.:r.:.- Ion.; u ir.!!.
I'n? Iua.::i.:i:ttory mi I Chronic K!iea nu.l tiont, I); pf;)-.ia. twr lad'.
Uttu:i. IJ'.!1::, I! t".:i'it I fi.t u:id latsr.
. ;:i.t::'ii: F.-veir, I)...?.-j-tn cf tlia Itlood,
I. ". v.: , K. t , r.;i I lIK Lu-r, t iesj UU
tcro I zt: h-:z i 1 1 - t. i-'".C5. tsfu. BttcU Dia
c:ic- trj c.. :m"! 1 V. tinted Wood, wlt'.c'i
It i?r::t fr .::::! ly t:.-.'aii"vrac::t cf tua
L vs ::::'.-. a o:r indigestion.
i. . Pa:. t 1 t ttu'rtio-iioers, Com!iS.
u.j f ftc r:i;r.t. I;.;,Lor.r Hructat.o ;a cf
tac ft U :t ; i l fo Ilouth n.llor.4 At-
Ijc:;i, I't'.i.t: t. a i' i t .- Ilia.-t, Ia2a:n;utt::i of
-,,! i.y -.p-i! i i 1 i." r i-'io .8 cf tic iiidneya.aait 4 vt'.cr : ir.i t .'ii.s, trj tlio cu
t;r. :jaf Dy;: ;ti.i.
'fit y i -vi z - t'io Stomactt and stimatate tlie
lrj.i il vers, id l .nv,.;,v:,!":i rca-lertticaicf u
t-Ti.V.1. d ii c:i;i., V.s t.ioo4 f all
;m:t,iriti.ft. a ; I i.upai U i ucw l.i'rf a.i J v.or l
the tvYV.e svstc n.
lOUSUl t II-KAC,rrartions.TettcP,
SaUr.lieu.::.ll.o:c:n.-s. Sk. 1 ii.i;.It5. PuiluJ;.
:v,'.f iratiolji, Iti.:s-V"fi m. 5aM.!Ica J. T-ore
! y:s. I.':y..I;i i. Jeart. Pise )tcrattor.a cf
;ha . IPi ouru a .4 1' n.atti of tlie Sk a, (
v,:,.i:cv.r iia.aj or i.r -:r , KtcriUy dug up
a:..;c.i::l :4 cut of la h; it.-ia 1 1 a t-licr ttSva If
t ;; .? of t!K9" I5:t4c:s. Ore tot1J t
e . v. ;:t rouviuca Uo r.t-fct Ucreiutoua of I .x
c.u efu'fl.
( I rt..5c the. V't nfM B!M mrtieneTcr yon I'nt
!ti Ps; ..wnilinff tlircagU the eWin laPlia-plc-,
I rnptl.-r.n tr S re ; t iraiif.- tt w'.nn you
C,. it obtrt:cted nn.t Iu-;ifii In the c.i.f;
etc an.' il it is f ut, and your f.;cli:ic wl't
tt-Tl y.tit -trl-?n. Kecr t'. 3 Idoud'pure aad t:.e
Uv-aU t ot t r;-?f.!J wit! f -.(itf-v. .
VIS, TA PK n I J-l'.cr WOIOIS. 1 nrt-ia U
t ,e ? . :n f ' winy ttiia2i arj cT-ctuaVr
d'Stryect nn 1 r twts;I. For f ;'.S ui. a -tioiu-. r. -4
car. fully Hie circular arao.l each lvtUi.
J. WALRF'!, ri.ijirt-.tor. H. n. McDOK.M.D &
CO.. n.-iT-;!ts a:td C Aije;t. F s j Frr.ncUc.
Ci .r.i I Z: An Zl C-m-ue cs Street. Kew. Yo:tu
cold rv "L vi-"'-rs ,vn nnALEIZ3.
For a few cents you can buy
of your Grocer or Druggist a
I nckac of SEA ?I0SS FARINE,
mado from puro Irish Hoss, or
Carrageen, bicTi will mako
nixtccn quarts of ilaiic Hange,
and a like quantify', of Pud
ding?, Custards, Creams, Char
lotte liusse, &c. It is tho
ekeapest, healthiest, "and most
delicious food in tho world. It
makes a mplendid Dessert, and
has no equal as a light and
delicate food for Invalids and
A Glorious Jtango ! I
Plantation Bitters,
jTliii wonderful vesrefaMa
rc:orati'o H tlio Ptacct-::ti-chnrof
tho Ccc'rla ani dci:i2i
f:itcl. n lo;iis :isil cordial
lor tlic accl :;ml lanafnUI, it
Ins no cqusl niro:3T Ktora
arliicH. Ai n rcnacdy for fho
nervoui wc.i5" whicli
.voinen nrc cspccl.illy su
Jcct, it I fiwscrscdlng every
other stimulant. In nil Cll
roales, liojrical, temperate,
or frigid it ct t a specific
in every species of disorder
which undermines the bodily
strength breaks down the
animal spirits. For sale by
nil Dror"'- v v
Hi' 0" &k
p.i : msm. .-, I-5?
oir nr.: