Liberal Republican. (Dallas, Or.) 1872-1???, August 24, 1872, Image 3

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    Ti r 4 cmrr nun.
Money Market.
Latest New York Gold Quotations
Legal Tenders in Portland :
Bujioit.......V0 I Selling 91
Oulla Prelate aul Cara-nlssioit Market.
Corrected Weefcry, "y ttolter ami Woriley
tlerohants.'Mam Street. Dallas, Oregon.
WHEA! ertfa)63 bush.
OA r.S 40 c.
FLrtJa- 51 Mil.
Sksl 37 t 49
COR'S ME L 4c. B.
TJEAKS 6c. tb.
5JAOOX Si do. 16 lie lb.
Shoulders. 1 4. to lie.
TO UK -Dressed, fl7ets
pickled, 8c. t 10 e. lb.
ajOTTKR Firkins 10 25c lb.
R .Hi. 19 to 2c. lb.
CEGrtH 25li dot. ..
iLAD-Balie; tio-,51,
SOT MO USFrom Wagon, $1 V basbe .
ONIONS $2 $ bushel.
APPLES rm, 5c nhL
Drte.f. o .
CHEESE New Oregon. SO 25c
snd Uie Liberal tUrisuca until alter the
Preideutial Campaign u. tulwerihers for one
dollar. We Intend make our paper a red
bot readable sheet nd ortby of p i.lio support
Let the friends of free goveroin mi every ie
assist us in d luting tho present corrupt ad
lew lyiriu Our eile ruii nl enrr
...n.. ... il It i I oiit one ba'f
liferent iu hi llvowry st ro
tn M M irn n.
They will erT.-it'is i ! t tiiooll t md.
If y..u wit anything you can get it there
it jou have anvthin t fell y.u can .!! it
hre. These gentUin understand busiue
od intend to doit. Call -nd see lb. in.
For pure Drug?. Oo to Niehds A Hydv".
PjmoiU. Rv. I. l. D.ivr fivirat u
with a call .m lat M m lav. A an effect ,vc
rpi aker aud logiiim, he stands a n-,ng l-e
For chap tJrocorioi
Uo to Stile an
One of ur U io itio y .u u ju wa Icll v
oi l on l-t S -n I v even i , Hp c il e l a
young lady pursuant to an engioijnt to es
cort her to church, she was in her rooin pre
paring to Qcc nipoy bun. Oar gJ gallant
etretehes hiiaolt u; "i thftfi to aw it h.r
miiiir. i. xouu in the land of dreHinf. The
ilinnr Iilv i. ti Mit. ri:l ' th f til t ok tn
j . j ,
situation, and departs I t 'rc'i'i -h a- nc.
Wuen our U-eer awike he found the young
lady, and fw that ho ha, I leei
swg more than an hour. M : ' ' you ca 1
u the girls. k-efy "P'
Fi r Cl o io Hp wi.'h.
Mr. Kiokaid will rarry i tl e Pb-to
graphic l-u4nes H u.mI t'ie old tHiid-Frrw-rs
wai ting pi tun s Ukrn iu the lighet
tjle of lit art !. uld !! on her.
For Dry Goods. G to N. and J. D. Les.
Owing to the dampness o-'h- waafher. Ih
tkreshers have been un.ble to work, during a
great portion of the present week-, and t ie by!
have made toan lively by ibir r-?encc.
Fr cheap, substantitl
Furnituie. Go to
Al. Tibets the gentiem-tnly Agent of the
"Wert fide Stage Company .has move I to DIU
with lit tsnii'y A gold reboot and a healthy
p"ae is Let's the matter
Go toDolterV, for anything yon want to eat
or wtar.
Frank Leslie's weekly which we have re
ceived from tbe publisher, is one of the most
spicy and readable pictorials in the Unied
8utes. Tbe nomber far July bas a gxd ror.
trait of Judge Johnson, and iu bits at Grant
er superb. Subscribe tor it !
Naw Ti Swor We re pleased to learn
tbat lU.sendorf A Co. intend starting a
branch of their Hardwire and Tin bu.ine.
M this town. That's Tight we are gla I to see
business men among us who di nt miuce
business with their politic.
What AL Graham knows about raising
vegetables is not isui in book form yet
Hi potatoes and bee. s now for ate al fetu
how lLat Le is a fuceets. -
Uncle El. Dclashiuuit will please accept
our thanks for a barkei of nice apples. We di
tributed tbein among our widow aul orphan.
ud tbe Wjaia the office. Ibey all joiu iu
tbaiikmg the generoua dinr.
Are you williug, it necessary, to deny your
aelf suiue little indulgence tu accomplish a good
purpose . Ten t thirty cuU m day, aecording
tn your age, will procure the payment of $1,
afo $j,w yur death? If so. secures
polky vl insurances n your life, the Conti
ueotal. t W Carey Ag n will call on you
: Thanks to IrieuU rakeua lor a supp'j of
ice fipi plums. Only it is leap year, we
would propose to some young lady, so we
might have. "female woman to carry our
presents home.
II you desire rosy eheeks and complexion
fair and free frta Pirn r les. Ulotcties and
Keaptiobs, pa ' fy your blood 1 t.kmg Dr
PUroe Golden Medical Discovery. It bas no
eqaal for this purp'is. .
. . . . .
wonn rt.v s new Lack is iiid. As it
Ironworker Smith cannot he bcaltn in this
tate. IlrowQ has done tbe painting.
UU Fair begins on the 30tb f Septemb er
- Thanks to E. M. Wiit Eq. fir pMrunuie
of the Oregon State Fair. It reflects credit on
all concerned.
And now comes Eola with a club of fifteen.
That's r'uht frijo h, i- u t ken th bill
rolling, and we will make it hot for the gift
taket. The able article of Juiim catne too late for
this issue. It will ai)e!ir ntt wek.
All persons indebted to Q. B. STILE 3 are
requested to call and settle up aa soon s pass he has closed his old books He has sold
one half of his business to Mr. Phil Merriem.
The new firm of Stiles & Merriam will carry
on the business at the old stand. It takes
money to carry on business 5 and X ask tluee
wno owe ine to coins o -it."
1 5-If. 0. B Stilei.
Alt Over The Stale.
A miner at A'lHtiro. Biker county,
the other day picked up a nugget of
fi!d weighini; forty fivu ouo'cs. 5everl
of tfuch hav hftjti found there, tut
they are not pkutifdFlA gravel stoucV.
A yreat uimy hep are teitij;
dr v-ti !oHtd the Jiln Day.
The e,thir sy- : It
is rip ri.l that Pavid IK'iiry. ore of
ih tiiiiuci Mu iv y men f tlm Viiliev,
is n'j'rt'd t hive killed hy th
I lulu il- eh r l t v.tii l i a d
SiM liiN-: Whll.r ill COiTe (f it bund
of JWexieiu caiile."'
So iir pulling i in opera'ioti on the
Will iiiiftti! at U wts Uir, a f vr
tiiilts ht-l.iw C-rvdllM. A ('orvallis
;ier fys h it i hr mius aire tl t
elin f o'l-t icles to it iviit o i, as there
is w.rcr enough. 0
How lih-wr.utii.pno, a Cayue Chiif
at Utjuiilla rt'strvaiioii. if iMt t'e
richest, is out? of th richt titeu in
Ut.atihi county, lies own;. "J.UUU
h. nsfs, 0 10. head of. cattle, ha a mm1
f.rin au l fl.oUd tah lie oflVrs to
ruu hi ftoMtcd hor-t? aiiu-t any that tniy he brought to th
Ajrency up to November next, in a Ma
in tie dash fur 1,0 JO or m ire.
Ihvil S't'tunoii ban a farm n
UoweM," 1'iairie which yielded him
firtv-tive bu-heli o wheat to the
Inilians in Oehoco Vulley are con
ticitiiii tli white settkr horses.
.Sol li:rs will chase the Indians to ti e
Willowa Valley, ly tnir c-Jt of II rand
11'MnIe, ill l;u:ou county, in in en
takeu otesiin ol dv al.t white- nil
i out on - hundred h'Hiie.-fend- lotaltd.
I'iie valley i a very fi.te one, and has
liitlterto bceu iu p isc.ssiuu of tl.e
At a meeting in Kaftcrn Oron,
on the U-titii ot seho l tx oil ! bil
lot bore the ii .vt if lioti, " I don't want
no sk 'til by a d im site, i'm aInnt
uiau " It i yr.itjfvin to reerJ that
his kind were it. the minority.
Th-re is man in St. J 'm-vil!e who
is afll clod wilh angina jiecforis. He
w II live it the toSks atop u-king him
whit ails him.
A heatlun Chineai robl.el a Mc
Minnviilian of S3 J u l'orlUi last
Gorge Hurrow. wa killed by fill
in from a roof of a house in Umatilla
last week j
A Washington county widower sent
8350 to Scotland to pay tho expenses of
a Sccttish lass, whom hr desired to
marry, to this count iy. She arrived
in due time, hut upon beiug introduced
to her adorer the wished to be ex
cused. Col W, C. Chapmm wa at La
Gr-tnde the other diy making arrange
ments for the survey of tho Porllaud,
Dil es and Salt Lake Railroad line.
A fes'ive artist t Amity e; roe to
irrief list week : tj?'ise wish to
a' am to Grut Harvard D grce :
Lover id Darlings.
The Yaquina is thronged wilh hca'th
U. S. Grant, (not thi Long llranch
I m fur) was ft ,ed SJ5 in Portland
last week for bein drunk aul disor
derly. Ilenton Cotiti'y boasts of tiirl nine
teen yejrs of hj. that his helped in
her lather harvest held this season and
done a man's work .
(J has. Marsh a waiter at the Sr.
Charles, in Portland got outside some
Grant tangle-foot on Sunday last, and
went for Mr Jacobs his employer with
i dirk. He got free board hoi lodging
at the expense of Muhnoiua'i county
for 30 da) a.
The Oregon Spiritaliats intend aim
ing a College.
Crandall of tho S'aleimari intends
taking out a patent fur tits lying ma
chine. Albany bonM of the prettiest girls
io Oregon, so says Mart lirowu.
Will ams intends coming to Ore
gon to work for the electiou of Mitchcl
to the U. S.Seuatc.
Hkmemukr. Grant is tho on'y pres
t lout tU it ever at.teu;;te 1 1 pcrpetmte
himself in p wcr through his army of
appointees; the only president that
ever demanded the repeal ol the law crea
tin": the Treasury Department; theoril)
Pres'deut that ever demanded tho re
peal of tha Tenure of Odice Acts, so
that his power could be increased.
Tho present administration has cre
ated nine additional life offices iu this
government ; United States Judges
The filth resolution of the Phila
delphia Platform declares in favor of
life tenures of office. Oiu yjj up;irt
Radical TRicKkur. It is not gen.
erally known that Grant id czpeoding
five hundred thousand dollars of the
peoples money, to enable and encourage
lirick Pome roy and few other eugar
ed over devils, to meet at Louisville,
Kentuckey, in September, aud put
out, what the GrantitCa call a straight
Democratic ticket.
What ever is done at Louisville,
will be the wor'i of Grant and his
Satelites, and in that they see the only
gliuimerin ray of hope. Let tit tin he
HsrutcJ ecery Di'moceul repidUit- tin
tin 1 1 co I ni'tue. Wo know whereof we
Netve Su-aunry.
Hi-ton. A'li'ist 17. G "eel
here this nt'tern-Mi! aud left
y arrived
for New
Vork this evening
It is stated that at j meeting of al
and DvMui.Tifs hir'. to-liy it wm r--Solved
to ak 'J i ir.'s I'riueis A I un
to Im c-uij a can lid te for G ver mr
id M iaehusetis. A ich gram n the
subject is sai l to hivu been dl-p itched
tu Geio-va.
Nshvilhf August 17. Andrew
Jo!i:ion sp'i'ne hi ie to ubout lln t
i!ion.-iiid people. His spei-e'i wa
iii ui ii 5y against the policy of plactut
military men iu civil othe.n and iu fi-
or oT auifie-fy Spfakui of ainnelv
he aked auniesty lor hiiu-elf. It is
in fe i red fro:i tni lint he desires a
o'.niin ilion i- r Con 'rcvtn in Vjx l!i r
Sta'e at, I re
Sjoin.G-Id, Mi., Aiirut 18
The f"inado wbit h sw-pi lioin l!-!
hn: Me.idow to W.ilbi '.iham, on Si
utday uiiruit;g, lovi re I eveiyihmg in
i hi ! distance, live ttoles, tbe c urse
I'Ceio u irttiWfst S'ouc walls and
ot r fences were in every di
recti u A strip from five to til't.-en
lel iu width was cut clem through a
forest id' lare trees. S;Veral buil I
ings were blowu i.owti, tut no dwelling
i'tnoiig ibtiu.
Salt Like. Au-tit. 19. Iter. Nor
man McLcod will lecture io Ki-tcrii
Cities th coining winter in brhali
of Muti-Mormuu Utth, in oppostiou to
Tom I' Hcli.
The charge against Moore, cx Pot
masier of Oden, of robbing the iii ol
ol 810.000, was dismissed today at the
preliminary eximiuaticn, there being
no sustaining evidence whatever.
Han Fraucico, August 19 An
other delay occurred to-day iu the
Australian mail steamer line. The
Olympia, which was t have flirted
yesterday morning, but was postponed
until to day, sailed at oi-e o'clock p
tu ; but about five o'clock p.m. was
seeu steaming back into port. It is
stated that the steamer, which has
been lying idle in port lor the last two
years, has peculiarly constructed steam
condensers, and the engineers, whj
were freshly put on board, did not un
staud them, and finding they could uot
make the machinery work to suit them
returned. These repeated deLvs and
disappointment to passengers will se
rious y interfere with the success!' 1
establishment of the line.
Partus mi ling at San Iiouis 01 ispo
aud other Count.cs down tho coast re
port that the sprtiigs are nsinjr rapidly,
and are now lunnini: fully twice us
much water as they did at this same
time last year This is looked upon
as an inlallible sign of an early ruitij
Stockton, August 19. -A fellow
named John Kcl'ey attempted a rape
this afternoon mi a little djH. njjed six
years, daughter of Williams Hum,
lie beciiiue al irmed at the screa ns ot
he child and fled, but was arrested this
evening, aud recogn.ted, an i is uow
e I
in j all.
The wuter in the San .Toaotiin river
t.. 1 1 : . r . . i . . .
i Iannis isi. ana ir 14 thought that
the navigation will close in about three
weeks Va-t ijuantities ,,f ruin will
have t. remain ou the ranches uutil
me winter rise in the river.
London, August Pj. Dispatches
i . : l . . .
just rcceiveu via uuhliu Convey hittet
news Irotii UeUast. Uiotitiir still ,r,tt
on. Persons were kided in the sttct ts
this morning. Peacefully disposed
Citixens ol Delf-st are irreailv iliti-.
lied with the want of viiror evined bv
the authorities in suppressing the riot.
uniu.ns with bistobi ii tl,..;. l..k.
.. .
wtjlke.1 througii the eity, and whole
1 wrvw . "IC p w me noteri. j
London, An;i!t 19. 4 p. in. Ad
vices from Uclla-t state that shots coti
tinue to be exchanged in the wtrectn.
though it is not known that the rioter
have concenetrated in larjrc nuinh.-i
at any point. A te'eram from Tnr
uan, Ulitcr Co., on the Helfast and
Ulster railway, says that &erioua dis
turhancea have occured then?, and tiV
authorities cal'ed the military to aid
London, Auguj-t 10. 5 p. m. A
later te'eirram says the city is about to
brt placed under martini law. The Paine
fle;rani states the military are now
charin the rioters iu the ccuter of
the town.
Tiik Buckets Spirit. Th
Cleveland l'laindeltr says: Thertj are
t leaH 2'tbOi) Gciman liepttblicana in
Juyah )a co?inty who will vote against
Grant; and Ohio is about as safe for
Greeley as Niw York, which will give
him a largo uiajority.
One thousand llepub ican in Lucas
conuty, will vote for Horace Greeley.
There are said to be only eleven
Republicans iti )bcrl;u, Ohio, who
suj port Urant,
i -. .
In every tow ship u Warren coun
ty, Ohio, thj e i uu itauized Greele)
alid llrowu ;lub.
Sut.OKSTivK Fact and Figures.
W.ieo Mr. Lincoln first becauie Pnts
ido it there were thij'y-ouo Rrp ibli
ciun iu ihe United States Senate. Ol
theS't Seiialois six arc dead, thirteen
ire tor Grant aud ten arc fur Greeley.
Tally Au.ain. William J. Fowler,
po itical -di tor of the Knches'er Ex
, a Grmt orgsn, his withdrawi
iroiii piper, mid announcis hi
ourjiose t'i sujip irt Greeley and Urowu.
iSsr. MmiK (i n. Milo S lla-cull. ol
liiduiu i. one of ihe G rant elecfoi s oi state in 1 Hi'.), has written a letter
di-ci .riu' fo- (iite'ev, iu wi.iih In
says; Mr. Gree I regard a tiiuth
bi ittr iinii fr this cri-is ilim Gen
t ! rant, aul he is certiiuly ruuuing on
t much better plaifnu.
1'lie Salem, (Wash tjtoit county.
.".'vv Vok) pies. ( ha.
i hangeJ from Grant to neeley.
IK) L.T 13 It, "4V o it r I. i; Y V CO.
llra Jut itMtivtd an iuuicbs t-X o.
Ilouta and Ka.,
Hats and i'a'e,
i Clathinj, Crockery and (ilatuvar. .
Hard ware, Groceries, PruvUloua.Ar.
l)HIsi (.M)I)S. JA A.MI'l.i:. I--ANCY,
At DltV OtHIDM of all kinds,
vVhlch they will sell cheap, Come aud
try their prices
Tb highest price paid for all kiads ccuntiy
fottr, Wertley e Co.
J-.,-u. ,
The standsrd remely for Cnus-he, In.
fluenza ?ore throat. tVhoop n
CNiiiffh, rup. l.lver Compla nT,
llroiichltif, lllvcdliig of tha
Lungs, and every wReetl-ui t the
Throat. I.uuga and Cheat. Iim ,ud
IttS Co'siiniptlon.
Wletr llataam doe a imf dry up
a Cough, but loosens It. cleanses
the luos;s. Milaa Irritation, thus
removing the rause ul' the com
plaint. V me i;uutiie iiniesa alcu
eit I. HUriX. Irepirclbi HU1I1
V. POM' 1.13 o.. 'llnaton.
Hold hy ItHDDf tfUTii.V HOS
TI'JT I'lilt etc CO . Fiauclsco,
and by dealers gen .'rally. 10-ly
NliW IA1.T
T.Sfc II ttfl sst
pructical painters
Imvn loiviteil in fl-Jj
hir buoniB 11 XL
ias. They know
in it. (livo thcin
uifideut thuy can
Bnowa k Rkiwoluh
t c;l and they fl
asiatiif you.
A Treatise on thi lUir pj iI'mUjI by R P
Hall k Co. Nashu.i, N. II. .proprietors of
J fil I' i Vegetable Sicilian Hair Jteneictr, coo-
ii v i.ianvi,
whioh should h
tMns raluAblj iuf ir n itio i a' ut thj hair,
road by all. 3 ui to publiu-
. I Vs for a eepy.
VM L L 1 U DA V I HStX ,
Office, N,. oi iront Street,
EAST PORTLAND in the m .-t desirable 1
cahien. cnitin? of LOTS, HALF RLOOKS
and BLOCKS, HOUSE. andSTuRES; alo,
IMPROVED FARMS, and ralnabl,
uneultivatud LANDS, locatd in ALL parts ol
the bTATK for SALK.
REAL ESTATE and other Property
purchase 1 fur in this CITY
and throughout the STATES and TERRI
TORIES, wth s;reat rare an I on the most
LECTED. And a tii.rml FINANCIAL and
ArtEVTS of tht OKPICE. in all t
CITIES and TOWNS In th i-TATK. will
- f dei.criptioii! of FARM PHOPEHTY
u t forw rl t'.u 4,n j t tin : ad drvss.
BS0 Hi TWl 1saa
Mai his own PiysIcIaiL
1 MLI.-S it OiNTMHVi" t..,.t-.l
nijini!-ijl.1 j ir ka tucuuit iftit tltc-ac vIu
!;!; lu 'li Itifo.
Id w- drr 1i rier t' ' tiVi "n nnrsrl,,
w ti v i.i-l h iiw 'I i':c M.ti k."
in of an LVyitfirtii rm ! of .i uTi-rii. with
ti.r l.''-r If i i lr c-ntit. K"-rv f rt n
ume IIijIj T's i'iUisnn-1 OiTVtKT w 11
hate i lot ti-c iiik r. ; uoui- u.v i;v.ui.,..a
wiiboi.t it.
K. Y. Cscutr!. Co , &e Tr?rie!ni i.
s Mi.!cu L.i&', V-iL.
TO 15 tl LEMIS
ur. uxpnnsioNED rkspkctfi'Li
r-t!lhe firnlioii .f Mcrhaiiior :nd Rtiil
vr t.iihe f t ilni thry hnvv r-fiM-l their Mi
n the I 1 1 1 Lurk i.iniu'c n I tir- nr prrpir(
f.ifiin i-h lii:iV.t r m tho I .wi,( I'ASH PRICK'
nn.l in -ji:oi?it y and inlify tt mif. Il.ivm
h ttrr fw.-iliti" th sry m!nr Mi'.J in tbe coui
ty fvr the Ui.iulai lure of a
site man quality
( LUMUKH. it ruir irtntio at an ear!j
lj to add to the M.ll aa A No. I
.)! Tl Ill'It AMI PLANRlt,
After whi-b time we will be prepared to fur
tiiih lumber dressrd aud uiutc'.cl
An esrallerel MOUNTAIN ROAD lesds di
rert to the Mill. A liWral bare l pa'ronsf
W& SEW1 N G- Ififk
Every year increases the popularity
of th'n valuablo Hair Preparation;
which L due to merit alone. We caa
assure our old patrons that it is kept
fully up to its hish standard; mid it
is the only reliable and perfected pre
aration for restoring Gr.AY on Faded
IIaiii to its youthful color, making it
soft, lustrous, and silken. The scalp,
by its use, becomes white and clean.
It removes all eruptions and dandruli;
and, by its tonic properties, prevent
the hair from falling out, ns ft etimi
lates and nourishes thfl hair-gland.
By its use, tho hair grows thicker and
stronger. In baldness, it restores tho
capillary glands to their normal vigor,
and will create a new growth, except
in extreme old age. It is the moat
economical IIaib Duessinc ever used
n it requires fewer applications, and
gives the hair a si il en did, glossy ap
pearance. A. A. llayes, M.D., State
Assayxfr of Massachusetts, Rays, "Thw
constituents aro pure, and carcfullr "
selected for excellent Quality ; and I
consider it the Best Preparation
for its intended purposes."
Sold by all DrugjUl$. nul Dtjlcrt In Jfcdlctnu.
Trice One Dclkx.
Buckingham's Dye
As our IJeuewcr in many cases re
quires too loni; a time, and too much
care, to restore gray or laded Whisk
ers, vc have prepared this dye, in on
preparation; which will quickly and
effectually accomplish this result. It
is easily applied, and produces a color
which will neither rub nor wali off.
Sold by all Druggists. Price Fifty
Manufactured by R. P. HALL & CO.,
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
For nil the) parposoa of a IaJtatlTw
l'crhip no one meu
rin" i (o unirersaliy re
qtiirtl by everybody as
a c in. title, nor was ever
any Ik-to re o uuirrraul
lv a l l'tel int- ie, la
every nttmtryand ainonS
all cl.i!e.-, as thm ail
but erti'-ient pitrsrative;'
rill. The obvious rc
nun i, th-tt it U a laore re
liuble and far more etfec
tuaJ rcmody than any
oUici-. l'iio; who liav
trlol it, know that it cured Uiem: tho" wli- lura
not, knw that it cure their nc'K'ibor and friend,
and all know nlnt it doc once it 1c always
Unt it nercr fails throtijrii any r.uillor nes;l-tf
its coiiitMiitiiin. We have thousand ujkiu thou
sindi or cci UfuMtcs of tiieirre:n.irkab!e cures of ll4
following co:n!l.iints, but suah cure are known
erery iic'u!i!irUool, aud vrs nodi not publish theiu.
Ad.ijitcd t- all ae ind conditions in all clim.ttos;
conUinuK neither cvlomel of any itcleteriouattru;,
they ruiT be tiken with safety by anybody. Their
sugar coatinj? precrTe them ever fresh and makee
the.n plcaut to tike, while beiiisc purely vegetable)
no hnnn can ariie from Uicir n.e in any quantity.
Thcr operate bv their powerful iiiQueuco on the)
internal ris -cca to purify the blood and stimulate it
into he ilthv a -tion remove tho obstructions of the)
stomach, bowel, lirar, ami other orjrAiis of tb
boly, rcotoi-iux their action to health, an4
by oorrec tins, wherever they exit, nuch Ucranx
aicnts a are tho t!r.t origin of disease.
Minute direction are Riven in the wrapper
the box. f r the following complaints, which those)
fill ratrfdlv cure:
ror IywrMl4 or Ylirflem, UaUjs
He, lasjrMar and &! of Aptaexiao, they
shouH ii takeu n leratelj Vi stimulate the stouv
ach an I rector its healthy tone anl action.
For tlvcr Cnapliaint and its varioue srnsa
toin, llillwaia iIiUair, slick llewlcll
Jftawaifllce) r 9risai MickamM, CstllM
Vmir and Dltlensa ferers, they should be jn
diciouilv Uvken for e:ch cae, to correct the dieaed
action or remove the obtructions which cane it.
For Dyaeatery or Illiarrkoaa, but one usiJ
do i ffnerally re.piirel.
Tor nifansatUw. Cent, Gravel. Ywlpl
station of sk lloisrt, IPaIm la sk Mtlev
Bock and LoIsm. they ahoul I be eontinuatislr
taken, a required, to chaare ibc disease! action f
the system. With such change those coin plains
Tor Iroay and PrwwelcoJI Aerolllsssr they
should be fkn in large and frequent doses to pro
du thA CiTeK't of a drastic purge.
For Mwwprfeelosi a large doe should Ins takes
as it prod -j e tho desired eSt br eymrutthv.
A a ttl'tnrr fIff. take one or two IHU0 to pro
mole dtTcitioii and relieve the stomach.
An o-vi'mol doM) stimulates the stomach ai4
bowels into heilthy action, rotores the appetite,
and invlgirat th syteui. Ilenew It I often ad
antatreon whero no serious derangement exists.
One who f rd tolerably well, often And thatadoso
of thee I'ill makes him find dori.btllr better, fmru
th"ir clemming and renovalun; cfl'cct on the diges
tive apparatus.
1U. . C. AVER CO., PrmHlmt CKtmUtM,
isOwnr.L, it ass., v, a. a
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tVZl sew ererytiing' seeded la a family, tsom
& Le&T:s2t to tbe l:tcst falrk.
rr pons jinur. wou:c,
Tbno asy otter pacbino. '
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If there is a Florence Sewing Ma
chine vidua one thousand miles of
biin FmlHmco not working well and
giving cnliro sati&facticu, if I am h
lornnd of it, it viil lo attended to
withont ox pen so of any kind to'tLa
19 New Montjemery Stn;
Grand Hotol Building, San Francisco.
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