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ShefilK rnlilepttbitrau.
j - ForPrcsWcnt,
-.foxVIcePk-caU -lit.
" ' alfcit.vra iirohx.
GEORGE R. IICLl.of Lin cooaty.
11.4:11. OATK,f Wasco county.
Which has toolonq wided them,
forgetting that they have been
enemies in the joyppx conscious
ness that they are and must
iiencefortq remain uret1iernv
horace ureeley.
Grant as President
: The Liberal Republican it no re
specter of person. It bowl no suppliant
knee to any man, to matter with what
brief authority he m-y be clothed, pro
vided that he over-steps the bound
of his office. Jt helteyes with Hums tbt.
" the rank is but the guinea's stamp"
aod if'Prcsideot Grant or any other
high ,ffieiaj comuiits acts against the
public Whose servant he is, he becomes
liable ta criticism W- are led to make
the above declaration from hearing the
murmurs ''of dissatisfaction that meet
q fraii) a low t iin skiana 1 .radicals, in
this community, who have read our
strictures on the uncopstituiional actions
of ihi Il!iqii dta uy.
"When we assumed the editorial
charge of .this paper wo entered into a
solemn bond with our conscience to
Work for the right as God gave us the
abiliry to sec it, and with this brief ex
planation, we again avow our intention
to hew the log to the line, let the chips
wherever they may.
'"" It is not with U. S. Grant as an
individual or os a military man we
fctve to do in the present campaign
Vut it 19 With him as the chief mag
istrate of our nation;and in all candor we
aslc our readers if his whplc udmitiistra
tioa has not bean an unmitigated fail'
lire and a disappointment to his
friends and the public, lie promised
at the ouet to bury the past and deal
with the. present only, but hardly had
liis oath of office fallen ''from his lips
ere he violated hU fcolcmn obligation
. and commenced canvassing for his re
election. Stepl y Mep he ha gone
onward in his working for pelf, until
to day thousand of the h?st and nio-t
patriotie men in the nation, in view of
his corruption and uo-ftatcsmanlike
actions, turn from him with loathing
and' disgust. He was loud in his
pledges of , an immediate settlement
of the Alabama claims, but more than
three years have gone by since these
protestations, were made and they arc
farthex from a just settlement, as far as
the American nation is concerned, than
trer. ' It is true that a joint high com-
, friction was appointed to arbitrate all our
difficulties, but owing to; the sheer ig
norance of the pot boose politicians to
whom Grant delegated the American
interests we were out-generaled and to
dy we stand before the enlightened
world dishonored aod disgraced.
"&uch sheer incompetency as wa. shewn
in the foregoing, would of itself be suf
eient to condemn any statesman, but we
propose' to pet forth more fully in subso
1 Itjuent issues of the Liberal Republican
,why erery true lover of his country
in tft support honest Greetey in prefer
nce to knavish and incompetent
The fiat has gone forth, our tddcwalk
Vpoliticiatis intend having a convention
at Louisville, Polk co. Every hack
and Vuggy in town is hired for the oc
ca6ion,nd Hotter wheelbarrow , ha
been charltoed to convey Crandalt to the
teeoe. Wou Wing Bros. ; crackers
aird cheese suJStr,
Attention Guod Templar.
''In fact the timu Ins come when
th Amerieitn people need, and thou
a nds are making the imperative de
mand, that our officials shall be sober
nen. The noble Hjstem ei our Amer
ican govertnent U not in need of
liuukards to administer the whole-
om principle?. Iet every ballot be
labelled with the motto ' no more
drunkard to make laws, or administer
them in thi Republic." It ii a noto
rious fact that drunken President and
lingresincn are hut tool; i the hands
of political gaipbler. ail i oaiumt be
relied upon Ve hope hat the people
will rally, and support men in every
station tor office, lioui President d-iwn.
who are of nb"r habits with unfiled
moral record.."
The above, which we clip from the
list number.1' of the f7o Tenphr
meets our hearty approval. Since the
lamentable nation of President
L ncolf, we have beeV cursed bj tut
executive whose leading characteristic,
has been an overweening appetite for
strong driok. Id Heaveo'n na,qie, we
call upon the good aid temperate cit
izens in this community to stand by
the Do,Me t-entimept contained in the
last issue of the Temperance organ.
Remember that to vote for Horace
Greeley it an endorsement of the above
noble extract. Good Templars, exem
plars of Polk County, your choice
must be for Greeley (or the above ex
extract from your Organ means U. S
Grant, our preseM besotted Executive.
A chaue has come over the spirit of
the dreams of sumj of our prominent
Radicals within the last fewdys. As
regular as Monday's mail came, it
their wont to eagerly. rsp tha Vay
Bo'ik and gloat over its advocacy ol a
third nomination. In al e and thor
oughfare they would button hole dissat
isfied Democrat, pat thei on the
bat ksundtcll themtheouly way tod 'Au
to stick to jrinciple and discard Horace
Greeley; at the same time reading
from the Day Honk extracts calling on
Democrats to stand linn. On Monday
last, as was their wont lh y rushed for
the paper but when it w i opened an 1
the names of Greeley if llrowu were
displayed, the look of blank a-toiiili
meut that lit up their Celo-tI il coun'c
nances could le better imagined than
Jescribed. Carry the new ;o Hiram!
T'lcre U uti cfTjrt uo.v. being u.a !e
tu hhow lhat Wilson the present candi
date for Vice Pi evident did not make
that infainou speech against fort-igners
and intimating that he was and is
not a Know Nothing. That's rather
cheeky! Wilou nor any one of his
most intimate friends ever denied that
he Wilson, was one of the founders
and defenders of what is known as
the American or Kuow-Nothing jy.
tem ss to -foreigners. The Huston
TroreUr, in a lengthy article gives
Wilson's own language, vhieh proves
beiond controversy that Wilson w.i
and is a Know Nothing, but const tm-s
t'e objec; uf ihe organizttion diff -ren
from some other; it makn Wils.m
say, " if I comprehend the American
movement it simply pnpose to correcf
al ue and corruptions to modify and
improve the naturalization laws, and to
create a public sentiment thit shill
tend to make, the distinct raoos and
nationalities in America one homogene
ous people." This flimsy excuse is too
thin, everybody koows what Know
Nothingisro is, and he admits that iu
was one. That's enough tor the people to
know, they will repudiate him in Nov
ember. Of course it was nut Wil
son of Salem, Massachusetts, who made
that offensive speech; Oh no! it was some
other Wilson, of some other State, and
some other Salem
General Dix identifies the Grer hy
move with the Tammany Ring." Ore
fonittn. Yes sir, and Gen. Hanks, Gen
Hooker, Schutz, Sumner, Trumbull
and a host of other, forming the brains
of ih Republican party, identify the
Grant movement with the Tammany
Ring, and all other corrupt rings, in
cluding the llolladay, Williams, and
Mitchell ring. . ; 1
The Oregon tan th inks the German
vote will pjenerally bn for Grant and Wil
son; certainly according to the logic
of tho editor of that paper, it is reason
able to suppose, that the foreign vote
taill iraiinral I gnniiitrf llirt fitlihr ttliil '
i p i e ir v .i -
defender of Know-Nothiogwni in
America. '
And uowveonn-s the report of the !
snap of i he party lusli ringing like a
yuii shot in the ears of the Republican
members of the Legislature to convene
next month. The Oiejnhtn warns
members to be prepared to conform
to 44 party usages." go into caucus
on the Senatorial question and then
stick by the nominee whoever he
may be, whether the people's choice or
not, no nutter how much bribery and
corruption s used to carry the caucus.
Stick by the no.uinee j we h i 1 sec
when the L-jislature meets! whe'her
or not, the representatives fresh from
the people are t be driven into lien
laday's corral ami there iust meted
to vote either for .'Gen. II. Wi liams
Mi'chell the paid uttoroey of. llolladay,
or for some one the people want. j
Already wo hear it wliisp red tha'
(Iollad iy is about to prepare hcadiuart
ers at Satem.for legislative operations,
which is iu tended to be the general ren
deavous for members ; tho scru.iniiing
eye of the public will qqt be slow to
The next Legislature should paw a
law requiring llolladay to Jeuce hU
road for the protection of th,e pub ic,
as the Legislature of all other States
havedoQe, and fix a limit beyo..d which
the King cannot go in Us taT'ffs upou
tho people. j j
Another Utcinuoud. Yi f-'el do
Hiolislied. The d Ion lilthi a,'
t icked us through the J'al m Shit4
win. It is fo In g ; sinoj tho
Dallas, whit U it' hi received
any public mnij tint our c tuscieiice
will not p rmit ut to pa him by si.
leotly. Wo tli-rdne say, splurge
aziin young Jesse! p 'ople tmy yei
'ippoe you are not such an egregious
jick'Si a $iAr action show you! to
P. S. It i reported that o'd Jes
Applega'o die only A pl-'ito th it-
IS poisCa.-eil i-f 'j0'i j' lg
u.viu :ie am i v
- i
supports Grceh-y & lr wu
llurrali for Greeley !
General Grant takes a sensiHe vaca
tion trout the mixed crowed of spuns"
that garhercd at Long Ri uu li, h) wcl
a fi 'iin I ho p dt iei iu- ;if Washiniun.
by ii-'ing to jiid tl.ri'O week Willi
hi hieml l'ol io. oi (ho l.ittc.s is
Ijod in the St Liwienee r vr. I'uli
tu it own entirely mj of the in st
eharming of the Thuusaud Isles, ha.
erected extensive though siinpV
Summer iiaitrs I lure, ha a bieam
y.icht lo do hi bidding, and errerailii
hi friends there by the dvz.u at a
tunc. Jtt tleli ii.
Wo venture the assertion,
within ninety das Pullman will
a fat office, and Grant will own a big
intercut in Pullman's Inland iu the S'.
The Stitenwn aays, Horace tnikis
a speech;" very wed! that's moie
than Grant eati d .
OltGAMZK - Now that thi- harvest i
pretty u-ar y ovtr. w wri'd si ot to
!iib ral U-pu'il'CiiiH and Deiu crU ih
necessity of no immeaiate a I thorough
ormiziriou in every preeiot in this
county. Let every man whu U lired of
war, ot fraud, of corruption, of national
rascality, rally j in support of Greeley,
and Oregon will be ours by j 1.500
majority. Rally ! Rally! ! Rally I! !
We would sogk'tsai to the friends of
reform to make a thorough aod com
plete ora'nisttion in eva.ry precinct io
the county. j
Out run Grekl.t. 0core Corn
ejys EiH. of Salt Creek one of ih'
most intelligent Rpub!ican in thin
county, come out for Greeley. In
his own expressive laniiijrel,The coun
try wants no more m.Jitary heroes to
dirace it, it want utiles men to upholi
its dis-oitv. "
J. AV McGrew of I'erryda'e is out
for Greeley. Oae by one, the honeat
and intelligent Republicans come out
for Horace.
And yet another Lewis Rob
inson of Monmouth precinct oannot
swallow the nepotist. Ho supports
Greeley heartily.
J. V. Conner of lluena
life lony: republican, supports
C. Shubert tf Perry dale,
Vista a
gitpport.s the Liberal candidate.
I O yes ! : fhere is ouly one Greeley
. ' J
pan in this coanty. "
c:oiiit iimiml;nci.
The man. the nopotist. the gift
taker, the silent smoker, the guz7le
the selfish Hiram who n fused to pay
the uxpriss charges 8150 on Hull
Pup, that was sent to him d. ubtlesH
by an office seekir, silently stod
by and saw the aforesaid pup lifted
ijuitely from the Kxnr. ss uffice by the
"colored man and brother,'' and then
utter i u deal if dickering with that
brother, sueoeded in joking him down
from $1)5 the price et upon te pup,
to $-JtU di moiistrutes clearly t
my in ud that he i unfit to be the
Pi evident of a great people.
Kven that, nigger as soon as he
clipped his res oi ihat pup he
saw in it tin stock of a fine doj, but
ilits! our Hiram fai'ed to -ee until it
was tolo him. It is said upon auih"ri
ty that it Hiram i versed in one thing
uttove another, it is that of fine horses,
sea side cottage and a good article of
vh'sky, cigars and tull pups1. Now 1
put this question to his friends, if Hi
ram is luMtsketi in the stock of that
pup (with all his skill in the business),
and a nigger conies along and dupes
hiiu, shoulders the pup and leaves, by
wht process of reaMtomg do you arrive
at the fact that he llirnut is a states
man, snd a diplomat iit when he in
uloru uslv fails t (he di"rre.ttit vf ti e
country and the clicr n of ihe vdx ;;
people, in the sell! Hunt of the A'a-
aWui chi ow Answer this And 1
leavt the $ Id L V.
The ?e,niiiit
Froifi a had tha ill ei
J t y with a prominent iu lu'i'-r of tie
ij od fempler org iniz itiii,, I 'mm K !a
we w regl;id lo en ih.t the u.vinl'i rsot
;'nt body are eiro-srly r irkio.' tw I he
elevation of II ii ace Grehy to the pes
i I "icy "A i are gl nl to learn llu
l .r il will p'.t a ouieiu to H e ouit ry
I ht is co llinu illy beinir raisid b t
the orgnijiz .tiou is but : Radical elec
tioneering machine. 'Ibis act mi i.
their prt how ver tle mt disapjuili.i
u in the leist. fur We knew that m oi
.it iking sudi d clr.itiyi.f us the uo mix is
uf th;r otder are constantly t'iiuuciu
ling, would Ii ire in hcsii iuy in up
or'.iog by iheir billots a life lmg ii tu
Ier like Gieely in ipjosition to a in
bibber bke Grant It i Hue tlmi
'here may be a IV w fanatics who nil
hypocritically slaver o er Grant'. bein.
a whiskey gnzz'er by saying "we utvei
saw Graut drink," ycl ttic, .-tiixl and
li' iie-t u. en, the huiehii endiets. win
inuinly tomjose the idir w i ii vnte li
Gmley fioin pr.tio p'e. T il o-e wi o
earp u! the nrgaiiiz ttiin and say they
will not i'u vote, we say. wail until
l he 5 h of November.
The OrfffiHiian ti ids it u- cess ry ttt
firu'iah prove ofpreci dent lor absontei
im on the part ot' tho e entiv, iu or
der to ezeose Grunt Of cours
when the President urcs the Am. r
can CuiijjrcsH t ailjiiiiru preiu iturely
so that Uj ean hirry away to the
scenes ol aport and rovelry at Lonj.
Ilralich and I'llllinao'.s Iland; some ex
cu-e mu t be offered. In the nine man
ner, Morrill of Vermont exeu-ed Grant's
tyrannical peitidy in iho Sin Duiniou
tiu-in s ail on the score of iiiorauce.
pleuded mm for preside ui!
Make a note of this; Graut is the
only man that ever declared, that re
publicanism could only be perpetuated
in this oouutry. by the one term prin
ciple for president, and then atul'ified
hiinelf by accepting a second nomina
tion. Coaauruinat patriotism!
Anl nw c ones the Sf'tteman of the
20 of Aur. with a long leader on the
Senatorial question reiterating the ke)
note of the Oijoniun. it says :
It seem tube concded.b) all st least,
who have ipkeu on tin Senatorial
ijuestiou, noon to be tried iu the L-fi lature,
that the thit member" ot the
itepiibhciti majority will u con
lerenee or emu h for ih.? purpusn of
deti rminiut! the w ill of ihe nu j rii
of the tieople and ttiat, that biMiij; d--'irmined,
the choice if iho m.jority
should be made unanimous
Conceded by all,whiiii ? ihe Oregnninn
of course, that being the only paper
that has made any such infamou
suggestion. Honest men can now bs
gin to see how llolladay and his hire
lings arc cautiously stretching
net to catch unsuspecting members of the
Tho Henill according to Senitor
Kclley is entirely confident that Gree
ley will be electe I. Oretnnittn.
Just so, and that i tho opinion of
every well posted man throughout the
lOIt IX A M DltUftl N is I H CCTOU Y
PnbUshed by L. Bamuel,
General ifvci tiniurf Ayt. 9-'J Front st
Ackerman-s Dollar Store
No. Otl
First st
am of Fnsy Guu, Ty. CrockerT. etc.. etc.
Asmr ll.iu, t'lrft t. Uet Oak k liue. Ef
rryiliine neat H I4i.iir rll.w lritrii tor.
Agenu lor Miil'it. TnM. ami Co' celebrated
tvin. ninkemaii, Taylor i'i'n Pcti'ml Rooki
Jat I'ttblithed, n jnll li.t uf Leyttl Jlunk for
Thl Stole
B iriiiaii. tin iiiy it i nil, ininro r ! Clothinjr
. -ir. Fr'iiO IV i'iff ii tr
CJlin is. U. jjLifi-ett,
flookseller A: St.ilionrr,
JV. 79 Frot.t and .Vo. 5 Wakitfftim ttreet.
BtCK, WILLIAM .-UN, 129 Front treat.
Importer and Deakr iu
of every kcrifition.
FUbinjc Taekle.Fancj Goods, Eta-!iitBirl tigt
Bsket. rrKuet im,nd bbj carriages
A -! fo tke "0Hf..rntS Piwilr W-rki." Uk
fur the "Whrtlflr a Wilm Sewing mmr,Un:"
ft crk. Ji-lin A. 12 rt.Drrtiflal Watcb
t,k--r A JtVr. f .-rk 'IfiM (or the Trsite
a ritcHntM A Keiuharr. Frv. s. t-t. (ink A lM
I iw'iisof Mvm ltaiiii'. Kiichei I' !!.
ii:itie-H. A . . w. ri r irm a iayiorsl.
rfi. nM'.i Fun.ifuif II u-t in Portland.
i 'i . ' ' 1 . ' . ' i.
W , i.lKlt liUU,
" 9 Fnift rt.
0n.v llcn U ti, i. A i . k. hi .t hM St.
M r
lil'inrv. ,
-ui .4 r U- I .o . . -1.1 i. it
I .M tl Oil.- A i.'n oi U'lti- A fail PrwttK't-
eilf, .1 It m'nli.A Unn ";,'l'iV-. Mar
t-. A S .1.11. rv II tr l . !' Frnrit .
4 u it ,v .. . lo r r .ii
V l'i.T- i.iMtUUi. ll;4i, r
11 M. .t IO..II1I
uruir-Uili f;.iiil.
1 k l.aa.-lujtuH a ''' if Fr .ui M. KcaJ Kn
Ac i! I, lu-.i.i v i.u. cl. ii ii'ii ci-mel.
N I Al. .(Ult, 0. irvV..Tia,ra C..
r 1 0 1 Fr-'lit rlre t
I ; . I I s. c.
U. W ar l A Co.
Hi 1-fi.lO Ml'rl,
Ui'iciti :r"i i- f.i.r,iiii f the Sl-ile or r -rrito.
1 1. n . i. ihMi ii i. . . in Oi. Xir.rn.
i ii I.- ci..-U iu a. I" . ii i-tirv nn.i cai
i .1, r. r in l'! f.. :t r-r.i
ll' A II 1.1. tu
i i . j . I .. In
I nr. '
I . I V -, l 4" . J !.. I . Hi ..i
j -i"ii Mi r !! aui .lo'irs m ls.(iM.-ti- I'miiv,-.
l.Mt ry !i,ii.lci-ur, Fir.o it .-"u'm m f
ll I'.lll.l-lt l'r. .mi I lUf.l l.ll Ml' tlllllll
Ili-lr X -.lirrl n.r, hirl A V H.ll jf I
lK;ilvr A M-aiiuf. Cl.tiiiu Kuril: ..n..
r.-Ui.o. lr . Im i.ii.-I. iti, r. , 2. ! uaiV
1 ill A s.-J. 75 ml 17 Firt m. iK-fU-rs ii
un.w.s in v .vn) it i;
The larci-t .Miiji'ic II- u.-e on I be C.-asit.
G. I. hPR.SS. Manager.
MO 1.15 AfiUM'Y FOH t"iU
Howe" Reiving: .flncliiiic.
?fr Agents wantcd.-QKlJ.
HOKivy it Miiniin'. tiiixim niul draiiTii ii.
-.' Uir. l...l i.r Kir-I nii'I XI..MI (i.
iiiiuii I . !.- rni iii;f i l r Mini
l.-a't-r io lt'.f Kuril- i2oiiji. .Milliiit-rr.
H olw. I II . t'li.ii r ywv Vtfisr, n. : vr.
Fir.-t a M irr i".n fi. "t.itiV S'i.-t. .,u-"iiv
n. i.rn h.vii. h. t;. A (,'.. toy r-itrt M i i u
lif'! Awi il.-'; r- in .l-irv, W'.Ofhitu
ni-lmM U. I... V rr-mi i-:.. wli .Us.i.o .unle1
in f'M-.ri. l .rii. Vsru MnlvriiiU, Ac
odie, lMirl. A Jo , y7 Front 51., wh-iivsU'
iriil ri in ltu is 1 i tit?, oil. II n .!
ncl'f, look s'ltrh. Coin-
iwoi-iii c'lm-.-n '-'l 1 K Triv.-r II- il
nur.-tn . MuiMiu-r. .... liift 17 Fun i.
Intno"tr For inirr II-i.lii!
uteruitii ual 11 o . cor r r.ui a M irriB u i
M. Kuilrlnh. Pr. Frre Rn4iitends strainers.
I. obo. J.A Co.. si Front ft , whoUsale and
i retmit del'r FineCloibing. Furn'r Good.
aison Iioree Rektaaraot. priate rno lor
rawiJies, car 1st fiae sis. Q. Voos Pr.
tff artin. K and Co. dealers In ITii
1 qnor. O. 8. N. Cw'a Bloeb, aa
g r A 6-iimeer. UfPronl st.,
gawd r?ti? rna(wtinner.
dealers In Wine and Ll-
aad Saa Pran
iiKfr, l ui. o.. v-a" First n. atcbiuakrr
ivl 'd Joww'er. oflftrs to fbe DnhMc a fine
am"rtm'n of Wnths. Clocks and Jewelry.
00. 1 k t o.. Front o"r U. st. dralcrs in
ftpftr. r tT'"ti Wlfieii .d ,'rtO'rv
oitirui. J., iiriwie, tru, oimm. Ii.Im
Sfu kt . Ilwrjwoiwl l.umKer, a., lortlatvd.
Ori'idioal U"itrl corner Fir Morrison
(.'ri'ft iSnnth a Conk Proprietors.
mri-h, WtitkiiipaCoriii'H. Real Rla'e Agts
J!l f'f.nt s, w, 1 I r t H'n.Vin 't-n.
.. V. lo.u.
w-nl A fl-i., HU Front ,trHt
Hi... J li From Mitel, wtuiii.i.j dul
i-r in Tiowsrt Nntto'es
Uit lot r. 1'iui lo.i turt meet tuipl roi Oor
liti wu. dt ii curving parlor ornainents. ac.
Uili r. G. O. Ki-mI l-iiit ami Money Broker
91 Front triot. oro?ind.
Hofei.hiiutu. I. S 4 Co., ToSaix'onistai. ui-porti-r
o Foreign and Otunostic Liquors. .
ucs 11- ue. Front st On Fircl Class Prin
ciples. ThvimuH Ryan Proprietor.
JL t'il'les. Thviiuna Ryan Proprietor.
berlock.S CI Front a 62 First st. dealer
in 1 1 urnes A Saddlery a Saddlery ware.
Lj iuion, a., wit rroiu i.,
dealer in Doors.Sasb
iTiioi'l Itlitid. VVj,,,w nml Flute Glass.
iiisiieiuit-r, II. lo riiKtst. mp'tfr of 1'iaiios
tOrnan, Sheet Mnsto. Musical Instruments.
S IONI. it. 1.., No. 107 lrout street.
WhI Innakar and Mntiutanturinjr Jeweler, in
appointed Agent fur Valtbmn. Klgin, K. How
ard ACo. CI) 11s. E Jacot nd California Watcba
a lao tor nil the production and imports of the
California JiWlr Company, Smh Frnncico.
Send for circular. Watcbei repaired in the very
b 8t manner. W A It RANT Kt to give atifiio'u
O kyduiore.b: G., Ui la t. lirujHsi, Apotbt
H3 eary. Perfumery tad Toilet arUelao,
nU HI-'-t-:H Ua Fr,rt Street.
Snow Uooti, 73 First U Fictures. Iran
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r mitb, Pol., BrokeT, 80 Front t.T5aler t
13 Iegal Tnrfert Out. Bonds and Gold Past
S"mFth A Ilnvis 71 Front st. wholenale, Draft
Paioln, Oil, Window Glass, ete.
Terrr Bros. 178 Pirrt street, manufac t'ra
and dealerti in Furniture, Bedding Ac.
flllie Olol U in Ur, 115 Front st, Clotttug
f. Fn'ng good Boots. Shoes. Harris a Praga
riftle. II. H. 142144 Front utreet. Dealer ta
1 Wagons an Agricultural fmplemnt.
fllyne E. l. n w c r. 1st Oak st. dealer la
1 fife Brandieo. Wines. Kng. ai a rorrer.
rVfer J- A147 Frmt st. wbolesala dealer ui
j Itmter. Kg'.'S. Cheese, tinrd. Paeon tr.
Uf i Iimum A Mers & CVatral B.Wk le'rv,i
t . CoinmisKion Merchants de Y io nr'de
U, ii..v A 'ecb'iiuer,Att.roe aaiu Owt
itor in Bankruptcy. Office 0. F, Tm'l
J. .11 B UK X C1T,
Justrce o f the Peace,
ton.ey, and other fettal papers drawn aol
acknowledged, oa abort aolke. Offlee it, taw
Court House. . l'1
Will eouainvuce the academic year Muuda
Sept. 2d 1972, wtlb a fuM eeeps of teachers at
follows :
F- II. GRUBBS, pKi!rciraL. Mas. L. A.
GRUBBS, PRKCicrTKKsa, Sltaa. M. E. S31ITU
Rates of tuition a fuiiiws.
Academic Tks't t8 Oft
liMACIIfcH f 00
1'lOllAKT UlT $1 09
Extra Stl tin
Frkii Pi k Tzhh.
Mtmc .. ,
2 50
2 50
$12 (
&; (Do.
IIAINITS HEADERS, with extra bearyjdrapera
And many other improvement excluataelj
ouu owx.
iVu.i.U. lLubtMnl.VlipH.-r,lluck?ye,pragua-nx.
iior, Nw York, Estvriy. Eu;u, Eagle, and
PACIFIC . , . .
Now perfect In pmportioa and iUK all
boiled io oil, and fully warranted'
and Macbiutry iu the State, at tbe lowest
p iible prices, and time KiT,m when deird.
tieuu mher. we put m man's not in the Itataks
cither in Salrn, Fortland r San Frncle.
v itttcm N tnH
Salem. Juoe 1, 1811. 14 mJ
IB rie colore
hats. ;
HAltDWARE, &e. &c.
South of Portland For tala eheap for eash.
Tbe highest market prica paid . for all sorts
of country produce. My motto . Cktapar tbaa
tbaabeapast. W C Biawa i