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u bit r an.
A Republican State
.the State of Oregon ti
Convention for
1 be held at the
.city of Portland at 11 A. M. of Wednes
day UietJOttVday of IIarcb, 1872, for
the 'purpose of nominating a candidate
for Member of Congress, six delegates
to the National Republican Convention
to be held at Philadelphia,' Juno 5th,
1872, three Presidential Klecfors, and
for,the transaction of such other business
aamay be thought proper.
Tbe several counties ilj'bc entitled
tb delegates iu the Conycuticu as fol-
lows ;
Lnno. 13
Linm.. ........ .17
Marion.....:.... .'.'..'.....24
MultJnumahlU ....24
Tillamook......?... ......2
Umtijilla .......... ...... 5
Uuion 5
SauibUL. V..12
Coos ... ..... .......... i
Curry;:.. 3
Columbia. .,.,... 2
Douglas l.'l
Jackson,.. .10
The State Central Committee recoo
mends that .the several couDties hold
jbeir. f primary election on Saturday,
Mareti 2d, and their county conventions
for gelectioo qf delegates to the State
.Convention, ou Saturday March 9th
1872. ": '
' : " T. B. "QDKNEAT,
Chairman State Central Committee,
p. P. Crandall, Secretary
Salem, Feb 1. 1872.
Diversity of Industrie.
No fact is more plaiuly taught, both
by history and observation, than that
to insure a prominent growth to any
community, a diversity of industries
must be established, jfn a purely ag
ricultural district, childhood and the
winter months of robust manhood is
wasted in comparative idleness. There
is nothing to excite geuiusor to prenrpt
to exercise the inventive powers of mau.
Hence arises the necessity of nianufac
faring the varied articles Deeded in a
country, as well as those that niaj be
shipped with profit to other land-. The
max! nf that ' time is money," is well
demonstrated where a diversity of in
dustries is .combined. Fur in such in
stftdeos agriculture finds ready market
for its products, even those of a perish
able nature that would not bear foreign
transportation. The skilled mechanic
Ifihds continuous employment, and by
both mental and muscular force tend
,'to the welfare and prosperity of the
community. Inducements are held out
to the ingenious to invent and improve
npiachtoery, to facilitate the business
both of agricultnre and manufacture.
'The capitalist is icduced to invest as
there must necessarily be a rapid in
crease ?n the value of property, and
the investments be correspondingly re
munerative. The laborer is stimulated
by the prospect of ample payment for
-his toils and puts forth greater ener
gies. 1 his," and this only, will secure
to v community or a country a perma
nent prosperity, i
Another Victim.
Sad, sad, are though which
come over us, as we read in a late paper
of -the downfall of one who, with the
proper direction of his extraordinary
powers, might have inscribed his name
high Among the great and good of our
nation. . , One of Illinois' favored ions,
he was the admired of all admirers at
one time in the garden State. Loved
and' respected by all who knew him, he
rqseom , the ranks of the people to
he highest position which could be
given by the citizens of a State. Well
we remember the acclamations which
greeted him as he rose upon the stand
to return lhanks to the voters of Illi-
....... - -
noisor haying elected him, to the re
spdnsiblpOsUiW of Governor.- Com
fotyr ard upon the stand he 6aid :
illow " citizens, many, will say it
piakes no difference in their feelings to
l)e elected to an office, however high.
"Vith me it is different. I do feel proud
to think that I have tp confidence of
my fellow citizens to a sufficient extent
to'receive their support aqd bo elevated
?to thoc.high, position I now occupy."
j"Wcll would it have been for him had
that pride directed him into paths which
would hve sustained him in the respect
and support of his constituents. Rut,
alas t for the power of the tempter. He
; yielded to the esire for strong drink,
and now he is an outcast. The olco
proud man has sunk below the- level of
the brute. The man who onco held
pwajy to an extent that is scldpm, if i
cier, excelled, over the minds of his
constituents, has sunk so low that none
ever mention hs name but in tones of
commiseration or contempt. Rich
ard Yates, the ,onoe petted son of a
proud State, has sunk into oblivion and
is fast drifting to an -ignominious grave,
by yielding to tho iuilucnce of intoxi
cating drinks. What a lesson js to be
drawn from this, by those who are now
tempted with the destroyer, young
man, if you would retain the confidence
of your associates, live a life of honor
and die respected by mankind shun the
fascinations of the intoxicating bowl,
for if you do not, you may rest certain
in the belief that you will finally lose
all tha.t is worth living for and die de
spised and neglected by your fellows
The prosperity of our county, and of
the Statej depends upon the intelligence
of the people. To insure a permanence
to our institutions, we must be educated.
Not merely in the alphabet of the arts
and sciences, but thoroughly educated
To insure this we need an efficietit com
mon school law. This is something
which each voter should bear in miud
in voting for their candidates for the
Legislature, and not vote for a man'who
is not thoroughly and clearly in favor
of a law which shall insure to our
Children all the benefits of good .schools.
The present law is of no effect j we
want a law which provides for the
sustenance of a school at least six
months in the ycer, and which may bo
free to all classes. This is a matter
which should interest all, irrespective
of party. Thorough, practical and ef
ficient should the law be, and the office-seek
cr who will not pledge himself
to this, let his party alliance be what it
may, should not be supported. The ad
vantages of a thorough system of free
schools have been too often enumerated
through our columns, and are too yvell
known, to now require enumeration.
We think the subject is too well under
stood to need much comment. All that
is necessary, is to call the attention of
the intelligent voters of our St.ite and
county to their duty in tie f nni.-is in
this matter, ami we h ive too nint h on
(ideuce iu the mass of our population to
doubt that tbnv will do t
The PreKt'iit Yea
The present year is one whirh will
be fraught with more than ;idiu.-iry in
terest, j'spreially in the political circles
Our State election (nines n in June.
This will be a matter of great impor
tance to bc State. A '.'ongressman is
to be elected, and it behooves us to see
to it that wc have one " mil attend
to our interests, and not go to Wash
ington merely for the honors and emol
uments of the office. We al-o have
Legislators to elect, and the people
should be up and doing, in order to
send men to tlie Legislature who will
woik for the best interests of the State,
and not work merely for plunder and
piy. The gigantic swindles perpetrated
during the last two years, by the. party
in power in our State,is enough to rouse
to energy the most indifFcrent, aud spur
to action the most dilatory. Let the
true lovers of our Sta'p, of all political
parties, unite in their efforts, in their
respective organizations, for the pur
pose of putting men in office, both
county and State, who will to the best
of their ability work for the best inter
ests of the people. We have such men
and they arc well known. They do not.
push themselves forward, but etapd
ready, at tho call of their friends, to
come forward and do the work.
In November, comes the Presidential
election. Ths, of course, does not come
right homo to us as bur State campaign,
yet it is of no less importance. It is
not our purpose now to enter into any
discussion of tho relative claims of tho
two contending parties, but to merely
spur all up to their duty as citizens of a
great Republic, whose welfare and pros
perity and peace depends iion tho vig
ilance and energy of its true friends
To the intelligent voters of our country
must wc look for its restoration, and
upon their action muet the destiny of
the country rest. I
Democratic friend came into tho 11 k
PUBLICAN office last Wednesday, when
the following dialogue ensued :
" Will you publish the appointments
of tho primary aud County Conven
tions ?"
Certainly, with pleasure."
" Well, the primary meetings aro to
take place on the '22d and the County
Convention on the 20d Qt tliis month.
We have given notice through, the
Mercury , but wc waited Hit nothe given
in a paper mat somebody reads I
We wish our Democratic friends to
bear in wind the tiuio.
Editor Republican.
1 saw in one of rour valuable papers
some time ago, an allusion to the subject i
of "irrigation. " You requested persons
having a practical knowledge of the
subject to communicate the same to
the JIkpuuucax. 1 have been liv
iug in Dregon the last eighteen years,
on the same farm, situated on upper
Salt Greek, under ti pur of the Coast
Hange of mountains, with a beautiful
brooklet running through the center of
my pl-e ; consequently a fine opportu
nity for irrigation, which I have prac
ticed for sixteen years upon a vegetable
garden with largely increased yields.
Where irrigation i. practiced it, draws
heavily upon the strength of the soil,
as the yield is 'frequently from two to
four fold in ordinary seasons; conse
quently fertilizers should bo used yearly,
or at least every two years, if you wish
to reap an abundant crop. Some veg
etables in ordinary seasons' Require but
little if any other moi-turc than that
supplied by natural causes. Melons,
squashes, .tomatoes, onions and beans,
especially soup beans,-require but, little
if any extra moisture in consequence of
prolonging their rit cuing till too late in
the fall; tho result of which will he
injury by frost before maturity. Po
tatoes, . turnips, pamiips, carrots, cab
bage, cucumber, lettuce, sheUots, snap
beans and corn, are wonderfully bene
fited by a judicious system of irrigation.
Corn should not bo watered iu the lat
ter part of the summer if you want it to
ripen uefore frost. Snap beans can be
kept very nice and tender, growing till
the frost nips the vines in autumn.
Cabbage and cucumbers require more
moisture than any other vegetables of
which 1 have spoken. Judgment is
required in the application of water to
vegetables a well as in other things.
You can apj-ly too much, thereby d vaif
iug and injuring the luxuriance of
plants. The be.-t plan is to divide, the
tre.'U!, letting but little run iu one
channel, and running it three of four
rows apart, letting it seep through than
run over the surface. Last season,
being a dry one in Oregon and favor-
ahle fjr the ule ot vegonblrs.I resolved
to keep a memorandum of the sales
from my vegetable ganbu which, in all,
amounted to about from one acre
of land, besides what was n-rd by uv
t own family of ten persons, which must
have been very near another hundred.
Tho-e having facilities for it riy U"o wi.l
fin 1 it wid pay. ;. M. 10!SOX.
Titv .;ain Our.iu-ighbor of the
Metctttt, m-ikts a frytiti' effort in his
i.wr i-u.; to uuiuliilate us, by throwifo'
' blank cartridges," aimed for witticism,
but wl.ieh really 'jo to prove what we
hive .-aid before. True to hi ins'incts,
as well as the se i re training and dis
cipline to whieit he is mlj(cted. he i.-
unable to make a quotation even fiom a
home paper, and make it correctly
Ifow can he be expected to make one
from a paper as far t tJ as Arlan;-as and
Tennessee '? We do not " know ;
Itrd," bro. Merrnnj, never heard of
him, or knew of him, save what we saw
in your last issue. For proof, please
refer to file of the HkIMih.kwn.
Should this prove so, you will admit
that your " pearls" are but cheap paste
this time, at least. Try again, neigh
bor, perh aps, to ue your own expression,
we may not ' get awny with you" so
easily next time. We do iike a for
midable rival, so don't bo backward,
but brush up and at it again.
PuoTE'vrin.Thc New York 7YZ
fxine says : That the overthrow of our
Protective system 'would be immedi-
ately followed by enormous importa
tions of foreign manufactures and their
sales at low prices ; that this would
causo a glut in our markets and a stop
page through bankruptcy, of many, if
not most, of, our manufacturing estab
lishments; that this would be followed
in turn by a general advance of prices
on the part of the foreign producers
and exporters who have thuj obtained
control of our markets all this would
be a simple repetition of what we have
repeatedly experienced, but e'specially
after our last war with threat Britain,
when it was avowed in the British Par
liament, by Henry Brougham, that it
had been deemed good policy thus to
sacrifice a few millions of pounds stcr
ling in order to strangle in the cradle
those young and rising foreign manufac
tures from which a. formidable competi
tion w as apprehended.
The New York BWJthus flippantly
refers to tho advent in this city of the
Hoyal Embassy from Japan : 4 When
they reached thelJoldenCity they were
arrayed in the masterpieces of the Yo
kohama slop-shops. Trousers and coats
of-antique cut and hats of hoary ago,
such as tho confiding sailor gladly pur
chases iq foreigu ports and fancies that
he thereby clothes himselt in fashionable
and attfagtive style, wore worn by the
male members of tho Embassy ; while
the,princ'8S was wonderful in the tilt
ing hoops and preposterous bouuetof a
by gone ago."
County Convention to-monow.
Stale Items.
Gleanings from Stato Exchanger.!
A foundry will be built at Hillsboro
A new school house is to bo built at
A commodious hotel is to bo erected
at Cornelius.
A religious revival is reported at
Py the mail, Monday wc received
nine JJed Jtock J).ypa ui.
The Courts of Kugene are busy with
eases of 44 petit larceny."
The Idaho, on her last rip, brought
up 2f7 sacks of mail matter.
The la'e Leap-Year party is reported
to have been a gorgeous affair.
A farmer near Corvallis lost nineteen
sheep on one night, killed by dogs.
Keports from different parts of the
State s;iy the floods have subsided.
Tho Albany J)cmocntt learns that
the loss of stock iu Ochoco has been
very light.
j Kx. ov. A. C. (Jibbs, has received
his commijision as U. S. Jhstriet At
torney. The Gttzette learns that imports"
are coming into enton Co. Accessions
to Democracy.
The Era tates that some gentlemen
intend building a plank road from East
Portland to Sandy river.
Messrs Klkins have about completed
their splendid flouring mill at Lebauou,
ou the Suutiam river.
The work on the new Agricultural
woiks in Salem will be resumed as soon
as the weather will permit.
One Chinaman was killed and two
others badly injured by a bank caving
on them, near ICugene last week.
Last 1 hue sday a young man named
Stetson ss.is injured, by a tree falling
on him, in the Cauyou near Portland.
The I'.ucne City Journal says :
J. M. Smith, of the City Hotel, left
a few days ao Without settling up hi-
earthly affairs.
That Corpse that Mitchell bought "
in Portland, turns! out tit be some other
body thin Johnny Clark's. The ques
tion is, who.-e body is, it '!
Ahorse belonging to John Poiiiih
erty, of Hast Portland, backed himself
and dray 1-ud ir-mi the dock into the
river list Thursday. Los SSUU
The Siitfmin gives an account of
"orne " naughty " boys who have been
di.-turbing religious meetings iu Salem
They ure to be brought before the
Fourteen persons united with the
Cumberland Presbyterian Church at
Lebanon, during the protracted meet
ing carried on by Uev. A AY. Sweeney,
iat week.
Tout Abany jail is decidedly unf'-rt-unate.
Three more culprits " went
through" it one night 'a-t wik They
couldn't appreciate such nice accommo
dations. U Ilooo has sold his interest in
the IFcji iSVoV and is going f.i San Fran
cisco, to practice hi p.ruesii:i as art
ist. The West Side will be continued
by Messrs. liandly k Snyder.
J. Hoppy, has tifen cnt to the Pen
itentiary from PortUnd for five ytars.
for committing a rape on a little gii)
eleven years of age. Pity he could not
have been sent for a lifetime.
Charles Pond, who has been run
ning as conductor of a construction
train on the O. & C. Railroad, has been
appointed IJoadmaster fur that portion
of the road lying south of Kugene.
The Pakcr City Democrat of the
L'ist says : Powder Uiver Valley, while
we write, is destitute of snow ; and it the
warm weather continues a few days
longer, stock will live ou fresh grass
Mrs.-M. 31. Miller, the wife of the
great Poet, is lecturing in the valley
town., on Man Past, Present and
Future." His past is recorded ; his
present wc see, but his future what
will it bo, when women get to voting.
. The lloscburg PtaindcaUr says ; The
Mercury draws a wrong conclusion
from the fact of tho trial line run by tie
O. it C. H. B. through Looking Class.
There has been no attempt to ''bleed
the citizens of Boseburg to the tune of
fifty thousand or more " or less. They
asked for the right of way gratis, and.
it has been cheerfully given. The
devil is not so black as he is painted.
Hon. L. F. Mosher, one of the, Com
missioners to examine the Coos Bay
Wagon Boad, accompanied by Dr. Ham
ilton, A, B- Flint and Colonel Bealc,
Directors of the C. B. W. B. Co., left
Boseburg last Monday for, the purpose
of examining that section of the road cm
braced in Sackctt's coutract. If any
portion of the road is passable, it is more
than can bo, said of most roads in Dpug
las county atthis time.
William Hamilton, while cutting out
a road on a steep hillside in what is
called Lake country, west of Long
Tom, met with a serious accident a few,
days ago. He cut a limb from tho lower
side of a largo lowhiph started suddenly
and rolled over him, breaking a nqmbor
of his ribs apd mashing his lungs and
head in a terrible manner. At last ac
counts he was not expected to recover.
I A T I O IV A jb
The Importance of a Practical Education
Was never more Apparent than Koyv !
1 that as we grow. u, proeju-rity we grow more
practical, ami that it is required of men that
they educate thcise!.vc rracliJ?aHY7 educate
themselves in the beet loan ncr poauihic to meet
the demand of the time.
When Agsilauw,, Kiug of Fparta, was asked
what thing he thought most proper for boy to
learn,', he replied : Thoeo tiling 'whieh they
fchould practice when tbi-y become men."
" Deliver all things in number and weight,
and put all in writing that thou givent ont or re
ceives in," i a precipt of universal application 5
and there is a pecia! nece9tty for it strict ob
servance in all bitiTuieioj transactions. Young
men, the future welfare of thai C'oait look to
YUl) ! Are YOr prtpartd to meet ita demand ?
to meet the
The rnot thorough, and comprehensive
ever introduced by liny
o n m EUCIAL
by means of
The Course is to arranged and Taught as to
enable the MuJcijU to master it in the
Mmrttet lime possible
Each Student, after pasfin through the
becomes an actual
when, in the space ;f a f w WEEKS, he tA
tains ih t-xperuuee of an ORDINARY LIFE
litu-d up with ill- trt:jt f iuttrumc:iti, and is in
cimipK-tc rut. oil,,; order.
i2-I Portland, Oregon.
it e ti'n 1.1 c " ti c 11
Dallas. Oregon.
Sjx-cial attention gircn to Sales r Purclise of
Ileal Estate, Ctdlectm if Claims, tc.
Agent Union Mutual Lift? Insurance Co.
For Snlc.
fpI'.N ACRES OF LAND, with Ki,nd House
I and R4irn. all fenced and under good Im
liroveincnt, situated in the Town of Dallas,
I'ulk County, an extraordinary opportunity.
1 Afcof Land one Mile North of Eola,
Polk Comity, good lloue, good Double Ram,
itnd ether Betiding. All under fence, with fiue
itrchard, aud in high tate of cultivation.
Central School
'V Salem, ncr tb? two
liou-it . i n.e Ilonc cttntains hiht Rooms,
U Pl..tcrod. with lard FiniOi, Ram, Wood
llou.ie. and all conveniences lo make it
ITL cu'tivntion, ID acrvs of fall wheat, 5 aews
of meadow, good orchard, and well supplied
with water. Situated three miles south went of
Simpson's brfdge on Rig Luckiamutc. For sale
at bargain if sold soon.
on Willamette- Slough. A block of Six
Lots, rtu'ose with Eoard Fence, good House,
Ram, Ac,
.V Acres, good House, two Rams,
Orchard, Ac, situated on Upper Salt Creek, 7
m.ilcs from Dallas " -
V rei under fence, 60 acres under the
plow : good House, Barn, and fine Orchard,
situated 1 Smiles west of Dallas.
I. of land, 200 acres under fence, 25 acres
cultivated, good log barn, with lumber for
house, good orchard, living water near all the
year round. $ utiles sr.utU-west oX Simpson's
Bridge, Rig Luckiamutc,
V Pleasant Hill, about two miles from Shcr
idatj, in Polk County, containing 480 acres, all
under fence, 200 acres la cultivation, good
Ram, Orchard, and a eonvfortabje farm House.
For sale at the low, price of fifteen dollars per
Bucna Vista, Polk county. Warehouse
with capacity of 40,000 bflNhcls ; trade already
established with the interior, and connection
w.ith the Willamette Transportation Company.
Good dwelling houso, and everything ready for
occupation. A splendid cpouing for business.
For sato cheap.
Barn, with plenty of firo-wood convenient.
Situate about two miles south-west of Dallas.
Fo Particulars enquire of IL II, Tyson,
Inhabitants of the Human Body,
The cause of a great many disease. thtvt
hove been pronounced incurable by the most
eminent physicians, for the very reason that
they overlooked the cause, and as Dr. Van
Den Bergb has made the Entoza a Jife lot
study, he would inform the sick generally that
by close observation and great experiments bo
has come to the conclusion tliat there are mora
acute and chronic diseases caused by Worms,
Hydatids, Antmaleulae or other species of En.
toza. The public generally, or the profession
at large, are not aware vt the number of pa
tients who are treated by eminent physiciani
for this, that, or such a complaint, wilhout any
relief. If tjie disease had been understood, a
few doneJ of Dr. Vs Sereujn Warm fttimdy
would have immedritely cured the complaint
and have saved a great many lives.
Inhabitants of th3 Human Bodyl
What think yon, reader, of your body being
a planet, inhabited by living races, as we in
habit the earth ? Whatever may oe yoii
thoughts on the'subjeet, it is even so. Your
body may bo but a home for parasites that
crasrl over the surface, burrow, beneath the
kin. nestle in its entrails, and riot and propa
gate their kind in every corner of its frame.
The following is from tho Sao Franc moo.
Hitiletin, of January 2e;L, 1 S72 a reee&t
Carl Martins recently died in Cleveland,
Ohio, from eating meat affected with the Or
of Tunatn folium. At the Coroner's Inquest, on
Tuesday, January 2d, it was shown that threo
weeks before Christmas, Martins purchased a
carcass of pork. Some of the meat was eatti
the smneday, and some was made intnsausago,
About ten days later sonje the sausage was
eaten, and in a short time tbe whole family
were taken sick. Martins died 00 Sunday Dee.
31st, 1871. Mrs. Martins and her two children
are now very sick, and the former is not likely
to recover. The verdict was in accordance
with the facts. For further particulars, see
Cleveland, Ohio, papers of the above date. A
Coroner'e loquett brought this fact to light.
Now I would a&k how many more snch
deaths an inquest would bring to light 1
Ponder well, reader, upon this, and think ot
the thousands ti&t die every year and no cause
can be assigned for their death. Now the
quejtjon that would naturally t titer the mind
oi the reader is, what shall I do ? The ad
vice it the Doctor would be to go t some one
that is competent of treating such cumplaintst
And wb is there more compeleu than the one
that has uiade Wurin a tpecialty.
Tkma. Yesterday, Dr. Van Den Bergh
exhibited to us a rnmler of parasites which,
bad been removed lroiu persons afflicted.
There wre several difl"m!ut species, one of
whioti appears to b entirely unknown to the
iiK-dical profession. This dcw Tahenia is
haned something like an orange seed, but per
fectly tl.it, or rather like a cucumber seeL with
a tail about a quarter of .an iah to length.
Another wan a taje worm t7 rcet in, length,
and consisted of tf.GVU joints. Among medtcal
men there cxitts no littU difference of opinion
relative ta the origin of ibee Entoja, Oue
class of writers believe that these, aratiteso.
at lea.t ui.iny of theiu, eriginate in tb eniH
uteul of Htijiurtl molecules with riiaJity from
the parent body, favored ty certain states of
the vital forces of that lwdy; the states origin
ating their crganiiation and promoting their,
growth and projg;t,iot. Thqt all descriptions
of fiitojui i-re met with far more frequently
where arini.tl TmkI i. ua-J in greatest abuo.
lance i. an indisputable fact, especially where
the food is the flesh of tho "unclean beasts,"
which the Jews and Mohammedans are for-v
bidden to partake of. Hut our intention is not
to write a tlesi on this sul jpct; we only wish
to chronicle the Taut 'that Dr. J. W. Van Det
Mergh bus found a medicine a simple vegeta
ble, wbicti grows in abundance in California,
which is a dead shot to all entoza, of whatever,
description, generally accomplishing its object
in from an hour aud a hall to six hours.
JlnUHl'llff CJl.
Had wc space here, hundreds oftestimoniala
could be produced testifying to the truth of the.
assertions that have been made, but it would,
be useless, and would occupy the reader's,
The following aro sorre of the diseases that
Worms are oftcc. mistaken tor:
Dyspepsia. Chronic Affections of the Liver,
and Kidneys, Consumption, Vvhito Swelling,
Palsy, Spermatorrhoea or Local weakness,"
Nervous Debility, Epileptic Fits, Rheumatism,
Neuialgia: Diarrhoea, Incontinence of Urine
Gra Flor Albus, Diabetes, Dropsy, etc.
Dr. V. vould advise those ladies troubled
with untf Irregularities of the Uteru to, try; his,
new remedies aud get cured.
Dr. Van Den Rergh's Infallible WornSjrup,
for children. Warranted to expel the worms.
Price $1. Scut tverywhero upon receipt of
Di J. W. Van Den Bcrgh's Hair Tonic
sure cure to destroy alt auimalculae of the hair,
follicles, prevents falling out, and promotes tha.
growth of the hair. Price $1 50. Warranted.
Ily ConsultIi mid Undergoing a
The afflicted can learn if their disease is
caused by Worms or not ; at all events, Drv
van l'en ltergu can tell tbetn from what dig.-.
case they are sutiering,
Symntoms of Worms,
Alternate paleness and fluj-hing of thecou
tcnance, dull expression of the eycst drowsi-.
ness, itching of the noso, a swelled upper lip,'
tongue whitoly furred and thickly spckele4j
with red points, foetid breath, an enlarged ab
dmicn, a partial or gencra svellin or pufi-.
ness of the skin, a starting in the aieep'audj
grinding of the teeth, a sensation as if some
thing as lodged in the throat, a gradual
wasting of tho flesh, sickno-s of the stomachy
vomiting, a short and dry cough, appetite,
sometimes Voracious, at other time feeble
bowels sometimes costive, at other times loose
great ftctfulness and. irritability of temper
pains, in the stomach and bowelf, colic, flt4
oonVulaiona and palsy.
If the. Worm Syrup is not t be bad la jour,
townsend orders to the manufacturers, and it
will bo sent to anx auuress. irrv - i
Dr. J, W. Van Dcu, Berh, P. O. Box 172,
Salem, Oregon.
Letters describing the symptom will h'
promptly answered, and. persons living at a
distance will bo saved tho expense and trouble
of calling upon the Doctor.
Consultation nd KxamlnatioDt Free
of Charge
OPytQrE ROOlilS, 38 & 39x
Address, Dr. J. W. Van Dea
P. 0. BOX 172, SALEM, QREqON.