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    h t &rt$on j? u b I i t a a.
What Wc Thinl.
The New NorthWesL in the, last
issue, after copying an article which
f( rinerly. appeared in the Republican,
submits to us the following interroga
tory : '
We respectfully ask pur brother if
he thinks it right , or even expedient, to
longer politically legislate to circuw
scribe wouiaa's opportunities V
Frankly, .we do. Without saying a
word concerning the platform laid down
by the lights who are now leading in
itfus great,. question, which in and of
iitself is doing an immense damage to
this movement we think the extension
of suffrage in the direction indicated
would be a decided damage to society,
and an irremediable evil to woman her
self. As to the rights of woman, we
(Ldclare .ourselves emphatically in their
favor. The right of woman to sue aud
Je sued in her. own name; to hold
pr.oerty pxempt from the liabilities,
and entirely free from the control of,
her husband ; to demand an receive
the same compensation when she per
fgrms the same labfr which a man docs,
are rights which the well .being of soci
ety and the eleyation of humanity to
the standard of civilization to which we
aspire, cannot, in our judgment, be rea
sonably denied. The laws of the land
are being, and of right should be, so
amended and remodeled as to speedily
secure these great ends. The reason of
ithis is plain. Ths influence of woman
Jiaa ever been acknowledged by all
thinking persons. From the fall of
Adam to the present time, she )ias been
.continually making her influence felt.
Our earliest recollections and fondest
remembrances are associated with the
haljpwed name of mother; and to be
pt to that influence is to be lost to all
fhat elevates and ennobles man, and is
a point in human abasement which ft w,
Tery few uien ever attain. The mem
pry of a fond sister one who has
shared our youthful sports, aud who
was ever ready to rejoice in our success,
or soothe our disappointments, is one
which the basest of men hae acknow
ledged exerted a salutary influence;
and though it may not have saved them
from the paths of vice, have greatly
retarded their downward progress. Our
t earliest impressions are the most last
ing" is a truth taught by an old adage
which no one pretends to deny. Taking
this for granted, women may tule the
world to their own liking; for if they
cannot now secure the passage of such
laws as they deem most beneficial, let
them in the nursery instill into the
minds of their willing pupils an abhor,
ence of wrong and reverence for right
which shall prompt them when they
come upon the stage of action to take
such a course as shall secure right and
justice to all. By so doing, women may
become very Queens, not only in their
own households, but in society, in the
community, and in the country at
large. Then to cut an article short
which might be ruu to a great length,
nd yet not exhaust tho sulject, we
would say to the Jadies, we welcome
you to all the pursuits in life in which
you may wish to engage; we will walk
Jiand in hand with you in the study of
the sciences ; we will stand side by
aide with you in tb.c practice of the
professions J we will lend a helping
hand in any time of need ; we will look
upo'ff7yptt asthe guidiDg jtar of our
destiny, and the wise counsellor in
times of trial; but wo ask you, as
the wjell-wisher of society, as one hav
ing tho true interests of mankind at
heart, to keep out of the degenerating
nfluenc.e of political contests- broils
into which the more elevated and re
ned even of the sterner sex enter with
f cluctanee and by so doing secure to
yourselves an iuftuencix among mankind
that can be secured in no other way,
and perform a good for mankind which
shall redound to your credit and man's
benefit throughout the endless ages of
pbe great hereafter.
Thfife can he do permanent peace in
horoan life without an utter contempt
of passing events, Ho that troubles his
Jxead with .drawipg consequences from
meft conUngeucies will never bo at
'The attractions of a neatly-arrange d
and welMuruishcd homo are such that ;
. ' j
children will always leave it with relue-1
taucei aud .turn towards it with feelings
of joy. This of itself should bo a suffi
cient inducement to parents to decorate
their homes as much as their means will
permit. It is not necessary to furnish
a home gorgeously to have it attractive.
On the contrary, a cottage neatly fur
nished, and well arranged in rll its into
rior, with gravel walks, flower beds and
other exterior ornaments arranged with
taste, . will ofteutimes have more attracs
tions about it than the most costly
mansion, with no exhibition of taste and
culture in its general contour. How
often does the anxious mother sigh that
home has no attractions to a wayward j
son. How often do we hear the father
remark that his children would rather
be any other place than home. This is
easily accouuted for in many instances,
if not iu all. Childreu and young per
sous have an iuhcrcutlove for the beau
til ul, the picturesque, the grand. The
gratification of the .senses in their prim
itive state is the great desideratum with
the former, and the gratification of the
same senses in a more improved condi
tion should be the great study of the lat
ter; and that parent who cau gratify this
desire, and gradually lead on from this j 'peusive to lr. .. t, an exeeih nt ma
... . A. . 1 terial, and very durable. At the lower
i"her eujoytueuts is the one who
will be moat successiul iu rearing itis t
family, and preparing them for useful j
uess and honor. The child who, reared
iu a home where taste aud judgment is
exhibited in its general outlines, will
have a tinge of eelf respect in its man
ner that will not be found, nor cannot
be instilled into the son who is raised
amid the dearth which is often exhibited
around many homes in our land which
might, but for lack of care on the part
of the proprietors, be beautiful and en
ticing. It is time and money well ex
pended to decorate the home. Let the
son see that, as far as lies in the power
of the parenfs, they are endeavoring to
make him happy. Let the daughter !
1 1 .1 t !
see in her surroundings, plain though
' . . I
they may be, that parental affection 1 j
doing its utmost to make her life a '
pleasure, and she will be far less anxi
ous to leave the home cirele. Combine
. I . . I t 1! .M .1 . - .
me ouiwaruuecorauons wmi mc grare :
which attract and elevate, and there is
a bond of union which will never .1 c ?
readHy severed, and a heartfelt affection
, . , x, , ,
wnicn, inougn years may pasts, ami
long distance intervene, will never be
There is, perhaps, no class of pcr.-ons
who are compelled to expend as much
money for implements to work with as
the farmer; aud we are confident there
is no class of workmen so careless with
their tool. Were the carpenter to take
no better care of his tools, he would
soon be left without custom and be
ought to want. In riding through
the country, it is no uncommon sight to
see Headers, lleapers, Mowers, Har
rows, and other machines left out in
the boating storms of our rainy winters.
The result is, when Spring opens, tlmse
machines which would have been in
prime condition, and ready for service,
have to be taken to the shop for repairs,
and in many instances are worthless.
This necessitates the purchase of a new
one, and is that much iimney lost to the
farmer. Machines which, with proper
care, would last a number of years, wilj
hardly run the second season, through
want of a little care in housing. The
result is, that hundreds of dollars go
from our county yearly, to pay for agri
cultural implements, which might just
as well bo saved, with a little care. It
is no wonder the farmer complains of
hard times ; such negligence on the
part of any other tradesman would ruin
him- Can the farmer expect to be cul
pable, and not suffer ? Every farmer
should have tho best of machinery; and
when he gets it, he should have a safe
place to keep it from the heat of sum
mer and the storms of winter. This will
enable him to savo a vast amount of
ready money which now goes to the
manufacturer, living, in the majority of
cases, in a distant town. This it is
which draius our country aud keeps us
The Plaindealer reports Oakland
considerably excited over the discovery
of a quartz ledge on Callapooia Creek,
which prospects very rich,,
For the benefit of those of our read"
ers who may not understand in its iuU
nutia the work leinjj performed at tit
falls of the Willamette, and what tho
canal is expected to bo when complet
ed, we cull, ihe foil witi from an article
in the Oregon City Enterprise of 8ept.
1st, giving . description of the work :
"The canal is to be ,'j (JUO ' IVct in
le igth, 50 feet in width, and at the
lower end will he 40 I et deep. Then
will be live locks, each lilO feet in
length.and -10 feet wide. One of these
is a uiiiiid lock, mar the site of thy old
null, intended : to :u.-trd against floods,
and pn vent the high water from over
flowing the walls of il e canal below.
In ordinary staires of water this lock
will be left open, then-fore boats will
not be delayed in passing through
The other tour locks have each a lift ot
ten feet; the total fall, from low water
to low water below the lalls, be'n. forty
feet. The canal above the tails will
vary from GO to 100 feet in width, and
will have a heavy stone wall for protec
tion against floods aud the current.
Helow the falls the canal has a width
of 50 feet, aud is carried across a deep
uulch, -00 feet in length, by a tilling of
loo.-e rock, with an outer stone wall.
The Walls, both of the locks' and canal,
will be composed of heavy masonry, of
basaltic rock, found on the site, alare
quantity of which is already prepared,
the pieces weighing fioin one V) two
tons. This rock, though very hard and j
. .. , ,
ei.tl of the canal the e
ur is to he 10 feet s
thititih tli'ssidul rtiek. which is
being dres t us f.-.st as it i. b!a-tedatt.
The following articles of incrpora
tion of the above named company were
tiled iu the County Clerk's Oiiiee yes
terday :
We the undersigned, 'lieu Holla
day, W. Xi. Ilalsey, aud (Jcorgo Y.
W idler, do by these present associate
ourselves together a a private corpora
tion tinder the general incorporation
laws of the iSato of Oregjn, with the
fallowing articles :
Article I. -The iiimecf this corpo
ration all be Tl.e Willamette T hi-
pt,rtatioti Company.' and it shall he
known ami calle d by snea name, and j
its duration shall he fifty years,
. , , - - ,
Artte-e I tie entej t-ne, business, '
11M.Mlit oeeuputi..,, in which thi.
cm tioratiou t roioses tt en -aue. is that!
uf runtimg" a une of st atiih.ats at:d j
other river vcvili on tti' WilLim-tie
river fi. Ui ' month to the Waters
tht.r,.(,r t;ir a, ju nnd
ea all S
n inhutarics lr.Mii their m .uths re-
peet;vclv up the same, fir a
ntvj- i
pi'1' he I'urp-se -o purchase
hold and u-e all necessary steamboats
flat hi ats. oar boats, Mu all-boa's, or
other water craft ; also tu purchase,
hold and use ail real estate, pirtages
basin, canals, h eks, or franchises ne
ees.-ary or convenient to be had or u-ed
iu carrying on the business of this cor
potatioti ; and to do a general transpor
tation business by steamboats and other
water craft on and along said rivers
aforesaid, iu transporting freight atid
j a-sengets. And for sueh purpose to
purchise, hold, use, construct or fuiM
all necessary or conven cut railroads,
'canals, locks, over or across any por
tage on the lino of said rivers between
the termini atoiesaid.
Attiele '.). The principal office of
this corporation shall bo iu the city of
Article 4. The capital stock of this
corporation shall he SL'00,000. 1
Article .r). The amount of each
sl,:ire nf such eneitnl stock shall be
S100, ami there shall be L',000 shares "
We have as yet received nothing
definite from the election in California.
Hie City of Siieraui'Mito is reported to
have given Hooih 1.000 majority, hut
this is but rumor. The Uepublicans
seem sanguine of success, and heavy
betting is being indulged in. A great
amount of scratching of tickets is re
ported in San Francisco. It will be
several days before the entire returns
will be received so that we will kuow
the final result.
THIi I. T. CO.
The Willametto Valley Transport a
tion Company have purchased ' the en
tire interest of the P. T. Co., and the
transportation of the Willamette Valley
passes info the control of lien Holladay
The Bulletin gives assurance that the
tarifl on freight and passage will not be
changed, but that everything will run
on in the old channel. We hope this
may prove true, as the interests of the
people demand cheap transportation,
and uo country can thrive without it.
The Withoit Springs of Clackamas
County have recently changed hands
for $lb000. Those" springs are fast
assuming a front rauk among our Pa-
J cifio watering-places.
Stale llczn.
Gleanings from Statu Exchange'.
lifllwift I I llt.tl IAIl ll'tfl nl'lll ft-. -.
tured whie assist, g it." netting a
thrashing machine near Mumtuouth j
one 'iay last week. i
The Dew'icratic Era repots; a daily :
arrival of fifty tons of fielluai the i
railroad tie pot.
The Oorvallis Gazette estimated tin;
loss by the talc fire iu that ciiy at about
A man named Lake, a teamster, was
kill- d between Uoseburg and t 'recei;t
City, by bein run ovt r iy his lu.uied
Wagon; s-o says ti e Sentinel.
Rather rieh We t ke the f i'lo vie
from the Kuene (t'narl; Jack i'v-(t
picked up a, "piece of li..ek 00 the l)x
celsior dump at H -lo uili the other d;iv,
which wv igin d ahoul four pounds, ai.d
eouciuded to p.-uiol it op aol try to
4et eooool, ..,)! ( jur a uf ,s'c,.Ve i
tittttous lie kept ba:-'i- asv,.y at I
the tnortar till the iu. k w.is a- itii" ; s
flour, and then put in the tptiek-iU t-r
iie sent f ie amalgam to I'.-rtl iml. and
M. A. Kin-found it to bt; woith forty
k W.is US fine ; s j
one dollars and sevenrv five cents. Il.-j
ought to get a tol"ia' ly juee pair of
. x 11
siceVc buttons out ot that. j
The Kugeno Journal snys; La-t
Tuesday ami Velnesday weet Ve ry hot
ua)s me tne rtnometer ranging trom v
1 . .1 .1 -..
ninety to 100 degrees in the shade. 1
On Wednesday in the cooUt pl .ee!
iu. ii enum in: noui'i, me in at was over
ninety degiets, nod in the sh.-de.
w here the wind ' o'li i m stt .ke, it was
one li uncli eel atid live. ll eotitiU'.ie
A j-ersoa e. dling hioise'f 'M 'x
Iroti, :ltcr itive-ting al-eaf c'fl.i(jU iu
Ileal Lstale, clothing, gii eeries &v., in
talent, left without paying his bills
A milk-man of 'alem lias made ten
hundred atid seventy-five consecutive
trips. Mrs. J. 1. I'r .-t e-'Uics out
openly in opp isittoti to woman sulTr.t
as we glean liotn the Stattsuai.
From the Portland I ai!h s we cull :i
follows: The steamer John I.. Steph n j
00 h -r upward trip ) ''vr- r - 1 v- rv
strong bead wind- fr 'tu t'r -- tit ',t !
to the Cojuml la tiver far. '1 he e 11
tracts for clearing- ami grulleng f(.rt I
additmnal mile of tb' Nothe n Pa. ',!-.- !
Utdtoal were ! t la-t w k - fid if in j
I5tv r N a vig.it e n and .M.snu'a-?iring j
Com: -any h is j h t the r.!,!r;:t" or 1
fleering and excavating the i to j
connect tin- Tu'a?iu tir nil )-negi j
la?;e, to Cd Ih dg s. , f Oreron t'v.l
The eotit rai ' or i ;o f Wi v. a k ori thf
canal in xt Monday. i he h ,u " of M r.
J. . Jlarris 01, on Al l r afreet bctvw en !
Pltth and Sixth, wu entf-r. d calls V
! I day tten liitig a is s;p;.o, I by
Ciiinatio ti and tol l. i d of ao.-.tit l0
trth d" bl-iukets and other articles
Th- I'itt tii.iu's e. 'i hraiion in Portland
oil M omisy w as a eoiitpi. te sit--i ss The
fire department of tfilf -rent towns of
th- State wt re represented.
The St'tfftwtn s 1 C-f on.-ih!e for
this : A little elitl l four seats of age ?
was introduee 1 .if H e Medieai S ociety s
meeting yesterday, an 1 its head wh'ch
has beco ne emlirged f iami s. ne eaus, j
measured. The f oil .ving ate the. e
act figure.-: (Jiieiimfeieiiee t Wiiity seven i
and a bait inches; from car to ear, sev- j
eiifecn atid a half iuehe-, and from ihe
back part of the head to the eyehro vs ;
seventeen inches. It Woiihl l e really a !
beautiful chiiel were ii not lor this de-
C A IT A N K Y. X V'ri M A P K KT A X J T II K
,TKH. This building. J ie. n.iti n lor
the erection of which have ( en com
menced, is to hav a ti' n ag'- on I iist
1 . . 1 . .1 - i , 1 11 .
ami rseeonu s ret ts e. en ot uo ieei
and ed' "J00 feet on A sheet, ami wilt
have.; three stories, of line bold bout and
finish, of brick and iron. 'Ihe fust Mor.
will 'e devoted to the putp-a-e ot a
market, to be filled bv 'J st.-.ds. Miuaily
proportioned, with aspl a Uttn lioois.
n , 1, , , , .0 i .-I. . . r
matiiie taohs, etc., nil of the tmest
, m i ;. , .1. .,t,i
order Ihe celling in fl.e maikef
will be feet iu te cie::r. Out;-:de
there will be p-'s.iges o-f OM leef bv
on both sides of the buil ling, lor teams
to back into the stalls, and walks cover
ed with awnings, The center aisle. -0 ft.
wide, will pass directly through the
market, from east to wist, ami north to
south, with openings at each hail, so as
to present one contitun us row of mar
ble tables, 200 feet in extent on both
sides, between Corinthian columns and
divided by arches, to support the flor
of the theater above. '1 he theater will
have a balcony, both up First and Sec
ond streets of uniform appearance
The main entrance upon First street,
through large door-ways on either side
of tho market entrance, winding up an
easy step to tho cafe floor, thence down
into the theater, a spacious room OOx
140 feet m size, wit.i ceiling Do feet
in height. There will be. five places of
egress fiom the theater, the tlree be
sides the entrances mentioned, being one
on A street, one on ti e Muith side.
tluwn tt the ih?vulk ;inI rcathv.tj , atid
one out upon iSecoinl street Tho cafo
occupiCH part of throe stenios in
First Htreet the ceilinj; hoir. 20 loot
tor the fit st story, 18 feet fer the hee.s
gikI story, and 10 feet for the third
story. Tm building will eost 85,000
or more when completed. Qreyonian.
h. t v o i j
Dallas, Oregon.
Si-M.tI .otci.tiou given to Sales or Purchase of
Keui Estate-, Collccti-m of Claims, tic.
Aent, Union Mutual Life Insurance Co.
For Male.
raiKV AUIIKS OF LAND, with goo. Iouo
; aii't Uaru, all fenecl nnl under Im"
jiriiv.-ne'iit, titti.itud in the Town of Dallas,
l'uik County, an t:xtra.rdiiiary onpurluuiijr.
rpvo nuxDhi'i) and foktv six
Aires' of l.iii'i "tu Mile North of Kola,
l'uik County, fr' l 11 u-o, (food Douhle I5nrn,
an ! other U:.il.iu-:-. A 11 1r1.h r fein-c, with Cue
)i--!nir.. and in liiph htyte of cultivation.
Salem, tii-ir the two Central School
lluii'H. The Hou.ie contiiioH htlit Jvootus,
II I'i;itir' d. with Il;trd rinih, llurn, Wood
n,.,,,,. tt(la Uu t, nci,'ut.ti tu uiak it
in IV-'.
I Lor, . ncluse i with l.uar 1 l enee, good Jlouse,
. . 7 . nr v 7
t'ur'otr'l, ive., Miuattd on L J'lcr butt Creek, 7
mL: fmiu
arrt! under lenee, Cd aere under the
i 1 in ; j." oa iiou-ic, t;rn, niul line urcuara,
I . s
situated I i tni!. wot A " luMas
7 - m il-.- in: lir i-n.iu .I'l-.u, Sa uorcn jjrainc
l.ii.ti, joo.l Ilii.--, Jltij ii. ir .tf I, Ac.
rrr:nii:i; li t X!;i:i:i am - ix rv acuks
in iii ft- ur. i: r U'i.ee, '2Li ueren
. 11 , ' 1 v it ..'' 1 i h.ua, ilh luuj'x.T for
!;-'-, j; ' i'i -1 . - 1 . 1 . hvin w.iltr nar all the
y .f, 1 .a;.d. . iiiiles . utu-rtv-?l o! Si.iieon'is
jjn i-t-, l.ig Lin ki in.ute.
1't.r t'Hita ti!ar. t'tuiuire of R. II. Tyeoa,
Hkjm bi n OtH' K.
SALKM, - - - IIHLtiOX.
All w!x rvjiiiro Surgical Operations on the
rv-, r tu-aiiutu!, sire naiicl tj he Liia a
ti aa:
Tioe n'iu ? 1 n t ve I't.riin'ii'r t Wntfit
viO u a . r. !;uir. 1 t j. iv J. r 1 r at um.-iiI.
H". is rtuijoj jfr-'.ii -t wit;-. ;i tie iui;rn
;! I iii,i" i I eill- i:! i, ill i Jil luakv
ii -t' u.-a la.aijii' 1 ! ( i . rv e .t v n.er,-..
!::! if 1 Kit.
'SaeJaetiU'ers. an t VI tiotesalc and Itc
i.iii ttv.it ea s iu
I it iti it tin?,
Comtr.crcial ftreet. Salem, Crei-on,
i javi: o hand Tin: laiu;i:st
I 1 .. k ..r
iloIiasidN, nut!
T f-t-Hji.t in M iri'.t, '..anfy.
Ail kin -Is .f I's.n-i-.- I'infijPU, C-.tfias ?..!
t.e-k't! m i te tu -!utr on yh.rt tntiee ttie.l at
l i a-"iia vi'e r:i',v.
i Ai:Mi:Ti:ii l i: ncorK.
j .! tn. Man-u g :. Is7u. 4 tf
.3. E2. Ei5l;iiBgrfoii, .TI. II.,
U., -yt.l.ls.,-.l h:melf in I'-.n Ian t. Orcij.ei.
Hu .'., N.t. ' 4 II aa' ' i:.iO-linc!. Firrt
sin-i t. t!iM- di 'ts trail l,aM A TUl-'nV I!.ok,
V;n i' l l' I'l IV !"J CiHi.-liiil'.l llallv,' HK't will
ue.tt .1,.. sim's -it the ain c-iiautt-'l i.ratis
h . . 1 i 1 ' e 1
Ail KiM't: ti-'iis- em tin Kv iiTi-1 I'ar male in
i tl,.- i...t . -ivntiiie ae-l eanful miiimor.
I ,iii''"t having nil Ihe lm'iiuty anil
m e it v I'f'thi natuoil eyf, i:is-( rt' l.
Itih if l'r liis pr-ifes-si ami ntnitilin; to L. C
l.iin'. M. !.. lVof". uf Surpt-rv. niul Kilvrin
; 1;, tltU . M. 1 , l'r .I. ..f Amtioiny, University
.! th.- la i !i e. un I t hi sm'ct'.-s in treating
lii'i Kt" tu over I..Mh ea.sot" tre-a te;f l y tiini in
S in Fi'aecisi'o ; n!s.. to Levi Este., lsq.,
I' rtl.oi't. Wm. II. Tilton, Ksij., Vanniuver,
.1 ilei Ah'Moelar. Ks . Oouperille, W. T., a n.t
many tln r. on this irth Ca.-t. 1T5-0U
In a-!i :itts. to !)9 I)istrihutet by the
AL tiopolltan a-li Prize I'n.
s i-:vi:v ui:iii:i imH!s a ntr.n.
I f'nh (Jilt
a t '
h UlU.s earh, ..
10. raid
50 Elegant Uosewoo.l Piano, each $3?0 o$r'i)
75 .MeloUeona " 75 to 100
."50 Sewing Machine?, - 00 to 1C
50!) (lohl Watches 75 to MOO
Cash Prir.es, Silverware- etc. valueil $1,200,000.
A chaiKo to (lrw any of the uhove Prizes
for 2 'c. Tiektta eleseribin Pii.es aro arJf.l
in Knve!',os ami well mixed. On receipt of
25e. a Stlel Tirkrf i drawn without choice,
mid senit hy mail to any address. The prize
tunned upon it will 1 3 delivered to tbo ticket
holder on piiytnoiit of Our IhiUnr. Prues aro
itninediatflv sent to any uddresd by express or
rot urn mail.
You will know whaty'nir pmo is heforo you
pay tor it. -lily prize rjrchntitfmt for annther of
thf muntj value. No blanks. Our patrons cau
depend tin (air dealing.
ltKFKitKxees : The following lately drew
Valuable Pre,,- iotd kindly permitted us to
publish them: Andrew .!. P.nrns, Chicago,
SlO.ecO: MicsCh.ia Walker, llaltituore, Piano,
SrM'ii ; Jdiu-s M. M .tihewa. l.-tr.it, 5,000 ;
luh 11 T. Anderson. Sav.ooeih. S5.000 : James
Sii.ouons. Ibton, $iotooo.
1 I itKss (li"iMns :Tlo Hrm is reliable.
t , 1 Ti Un ur, In-e. 2S. leerve their uo
eess A'. '. H r.ilil, Jan. I. Just and houor
able A7m:, lee tl.
Send for Circular, l.iherat inducements to
Agents. Stithstaction guantntee t. Kvery pack
age d L'01 Sealed Kiiveloj.es contain ovk CacH
:t r. Seven tickets for $. 17 for $2 50 for
5 ; 200 for 15. Address,
PARKER, BOND & Co,, 40 Broad St, N. Y.
1 3. W. HOB ART.
North-East Corner of
Main aud Mill Streets, Dallas.
Will Manufacture aud keep CONSTANTLY
ON 1IAN'1 a large Astortaieut of
CoueiBtftig of all tbe
house: equipment-
Usually kept in a
Ail of which will be made ot
PAIRING doue to order ou tb tliyrtesf
notice. ;
Call and exatnire our Wrk before purchase
inf el.-ewhere.
4l-tf GEO. W. HOB ART & CO".
Molhcrx, I've Found It I
a remedy that will CURE jour children
by rt moving the CAUSE, aud at last I can say
"Eureka." IKY IT.
This is a pleasant antacid, and in large dose,
laxative; in email d se. au astringent medi
cine; exceedingly useful in all bowel affections,
especially of children. It is a safe, certain
and effectual remedy for Cholic, Diarrheca.
Cholera Morbus. Summer Complaint, Griping
Pain, four Stomach. Costivenees, Wind 011 ihe
Stomach, Crying and J-rttting of Children. Jn
Teething, there is nothing that equals it. It
softens the Gums, and render Teething easy.
It is no humbug medicine, got up to svil,
but a really valuable preparation, having been
in use for several years it recommends itf-etf,
Io not give your children the "soothing
syrups," tor they etupify without doing any
permanent good.
Prepared by
For Sale by Druggists. The trade supplit-d
on reas limbic terms. Hundreds of Teatimo
ni.! ean be given it ne(e.x.1rv.
arg,ain ! I?:u -iun ! !
i ii Ntw Stock tf tJoods, I would call tho
siyotioti of the Public t. my Old Stand at the
!li-k More. I have a full stock of
Groceries. Dry Gooc's, Itoots and Shoes.
.;n I evrryttiing found in a flrsNclass Variety
-tore- My obi cu.st.ttncrs will find it to their
denture to renew their patronage, aud new
iu ttii! be cordially eb:uiucd.
All kind' of Produce taken at the highest
liark-t TaU s.
LtuLM, Aug. :,, 1S71. W. C. DROWN.
22 om
11. n. WADE,
One or More for Kvery Man Iu
Cheaper and Better than ever before.
anil WAGONS on hand tit one time to s ;bvt
from, embracing all of tho bist kin I , with
latest Improvements for 1S71.
TIME GIVEN until after IIirvet when
wanted, and a WRITTEN GUARANTEE;
civen with each and EVERY ARTICLE,
"on Buckskin," if desirad.
No "played out" CALIFORNIA MA
CHINES to palm off on Orcgonians if
AGENTS Employed by mo.
Come and nee mo and my MACHINE
and kuow what you are buying.
Iron and Steel,
Wagon and Buggy Timbers
Prices no Man can Beat.
;r. M. Y4D