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VOL. 2.
NO. 86
he Drt30u $cubliran
Is Issued Every Saturday Morning, at
Dallas, Folk County, Oregon.
OFFICE Mill street, opposito tbo Court
SINGLE COPIES-One Year, $2 00. Six
Months, $1 23 .Three Months, $1 00
For Clubs of tea or raoro $2 per annum.
Subscription mut be paid strictly in advance
One square (10 lines orless), first insert'n, $3 00
Each subsequent insertion 1 00
A liberal deduction will be made to quar
terly and yearly adfertisers.
Professional cards will be inserted at $12 00
per annum.
Transient advertisements must be paid fr
in advance to insure publication. AH other
advertising bills must be paid quarterly.
Legal tenders taken at their current value.
Blanks and Job Work of every description
furnished at low rates on short notice.
A. Splendid Chance.
We will send the Dallas RurrBUCAV and
Dkmre9t's Monthly, which is itself $3 for one
year, to any person who pays us l
Demorkst's Monthly stands unrivalled as a
Family Magazine. Its choice Literature, its
superior Music, its large amount of valuable
informat on on miscellaneous subjects, its
practical and reliable information in regard to
the fashivns, and artistic illustration, give it a
just claim to its well-earuel title, "The Model
.Magazine of America."
Jt'i'isiosi of Ji a racier.
From the New Jersey Mechanic.
It is but a truism to say that there
.can be no success in life without deci
sion of character. In spitt; t IV
Quincy's protest, we believe that John
.Foster, in his celebrated essay. iii n t
exuberate the ituportanco of that
quality, though we admit it is not
fctiictly a moral power, and that the
.tuost inexorable dcci.o'ion is u tieh more
closely connected with physical diil- r
ences of temperatuetit than with anv
superiority of mind Decision of mit.d,
like vigor of body, is a ;itt of (5oi
It cannot be created by human eflort.
It can only be cultivated It has I con
truly said that, as resolution, or strength
of will is a primary power in man,
there is no higher power that can give
birth to it, lor this higher power would
necessarily involve the existence of the
lower that was to be produced. But
every man has the germ of this quality,
which can be cultivated by favorable
circumstances and motives presented to
the mind ; and by method and order in
ihe prosecutions of his duties or task1,
he may by habit greatly augment his
will-power, and beget a frame of mind
bo nearly resembling resolution that it
would be dfficult to distinguish between
the two. Here, as elewhere, 44 the
.statures of the perfect man," is attained
by a slow gradation of travail study,
effort and patience. The whole armor
can n not be put on at once. The first
victory will render the succeeding ones
asier, uatij the very combat will be
desired for the luxury of certain con
quest. " The angel of martyrdom, is
brother to the angel of victory."
But, whether inborn or acquired,
decision is a quality vitally important
to him who would get on in the world.
Even brains are secondary in impor
tance to will. A vacillating man, no
matter what his abilities, is invariably
pushed aside in the race of life by the
man of determined will It is he who
resolves to succeed, and who at every
fresh rebuff begins resoulutcly again,
that reaches the goal. The shores of
fortune are covered with the stranded
wrecks of brilliant ability, but who have
wanted courage, faith and decision, and
have therefore perished in sight of more
resolute but less capable adventurers who
.succeeded in making port. Hundreds
jof men go to their graves in obscurity,
3vho have been obscure only because
they lack the pluck to make the first
effort; and who, could they have only
resolved to begin, would have astonish
ed the world by their achievements and
successes. The fact is as Sydney Smith
well said : " That in order to do any
thing in this world that is worth doing
we must not stand shivering on the
bank, and thinking of the cold and
the danger, but jump in and scramble
through as well as we can. It will not
do to be perpetually calculating and
adjusting nice chances; it did all very
well before the flood, when a man could
consult his friends upon an iutended
publication for a hundred and fifty
years, and then live to see its success
tor six or seven centuries afterwards;
but at present a man waits, and doubts,
and hesitates, nnd consults his brotlici,
and his uncles and his first cousins, and
his particular frierds till one day he
finds that he is sixty five years of
age. That he had lot so much time
in consulting first cousins and particu
lar friends, that he has no more time to
follow their advice." The world was
not mae for slaw, squeamish, fastidi
ous men, but for those that act instan
taneously and with power. Obstacles
and perplexities every man must meet,
and he must either promptly conquer
them, or thy will conquer him. It is
rarely that the comparative good and
evil of different modes of action are
equally balanced ; and he who would
do anything to the purpose in this
world, should perceive the tlightist
inequation of the beam with an eagle's
The Times Charges.
The New York Times in a recent ar
tide concerning the urea t frauds in the
city government of New York, does not
claim to be partizan in its eharges, but
nan.es A. Oakev Hall; Ilieh .nl Ji. Con
nolly, Mr. M.Tweed.and iVt r Svveenev,
an isaysifanv Uepub cancan t.e provi-n
to be in the rinu' ii name- him too l.,
feiring to the fnu lueit imU it fir ud-. ;
sas: A Demo ra if iii.tid t . -Ii
tne bills, a Democratic .Maur p; io- d,
them, a Deinoeratic A-uiit'.i ( ( '..mo. Sy s j
app untee) audaed tin. in, a Democratic j
Controller sigtn-d the wnirains and ,i
Democratic Chamberlain paid (Ii in
Dut if Halt ami Cuii..ii were
sl;nkcd at the iii!iOM of ti e i i i'o.tr
of Supervisor (wh.ch they e a;
could not proven') they ow
to he, wh) have ilirv m er lu
ceiled lli-' frauds siuce the 1 Id
went out of exisienee ' Why !)
Hot publish t be : C ti ' h
as th- .'aw icq u; Why ha
fil-ed to publish ill in .-ir.e , or e
10 any person t look at ib.-iu '
man of Ct nitii n s n- e n im
'n t Jiey
; e n i j
i V e, -i - j
j. j
d : In I
t in i
eo ;
1 i
was r- e t'i-i' tii v -it u .1 !!; j.oi ii
under tlo o! I IJ'ii i oi Supes o
nnd ui!e'i(b-d !o co i'hmo' if umier tlo
new- Have (hev e ;itinocd ir rn i u
te.ey Continuing et even now Tn
same tnen role the 'ity n ,w tb it vu-i 'i
it then. Some of t em have be n ci
vated to still more re-poos. Me po-itiou.
Have they all suddenly In-come h'one.f
e say-
no ; and in
rouei u-ioii
we put to Mayor flail and to t'o low
IJoar.J of Suj ervi-o ne -im; i q'-c-n n
which we have already a-ked thie
times without getting any n spoi se :
Did or did not the Board of Su pern
ors, of which the Mayor I'le-idcnt,
approve and pas. in the forepart of l.t.-t
month, a bill of one McKetiny, of the
Twenty. first Ward, for SiS.OOO, pur
porting to he for carpenter work in the
Farine Court, which work any one of a
hundred carpenters in this City would
be irlud to do for S7U0."
A BitAVt: Woman On !a-t Sunday
eveniiie a Mrs. DefTenhaeker, residing
in Siuslavv valley, left home, with a
child about one year old, to meet h r
husband who had early in the day
cone to the house of a neighbor. The
road lays through thick brush, and she
had proceeded about a quarter of a
mile when attention wa.-i attracted to
the singular action of a youn do;
which accompanied her. She .stopped
to admire and wonder at hb clownish
gymnastics. II cr wonder, however,
was soon changed tr con-tcrnatiou, for
on looking up she discovered in a tree
at a distance of about forty feet from
the ground, a lare cougar in the atti
tude of springing upon her. She real
ized her dangerous condition, and knew
the safety of herself and child depended
on her coolness. She fixed her ejes
upon the monster and retreated until
flic reached a Geld near the residence
of Mr. Barlow, where she shouted un
til Mr. A. J Barlow put iu his appear
ance. On learning the .state ol affairs
he procured a gun and speedily P"t '
end to the "ineccf'which measured 9 ft.
in length. Emjene Guard.
Posing a Ikdaio(iuk. " Sally
Jones, have you done that sum 1 tci
" Nothir ; I can't do it,"
'Can't doit! I am ashamed of you.
Why at your ago I could do any sum
set me. I hate the word can't ! for
there is no sum that can't be done I
tell you."
41 t think, thir, that I know a thum
you can't thifer out."
" Ha ! well, Sally, let's hear it."
'It ith tith thir; If or.e apple
cauthed the ruin of the whole human
rath.how many such will it take to make
a barrel of thider, thir T
" Miss Sally Jonesi, you may return
to your parsing lesson;" Yeth thir." I,
A Desperate and Important Political
Struggle In North Carolina.
A Washington dispatch to the New
York I'imt's say :
"The political situation in North
Carolina is becoming very interesting,
from the alleged fact that that State is
the battle ground of the Ku Klux in
the trial of their scheme to overturn
the prescut State Constitutions of the
Southern States. The issue, however,
which presents itself publicly is be
tween the Democratic and Republican
parties direct, and the result of the
ehction of delegates to the Constitu
tional Convention will decide which
party shall hold supremacy in the
State for a series of years The Dem
ocrats boldly avow t heir purpose, in the
event of the Convention being called,
to be the expulsion of all the present
Judges, and the substitution f Dem
oeraf in their places, elected by the
Legislature,- with a life-tenure. All
the judicial officers, down to Justices
of the Peace ate to receive the same
treatment, and the machinery for Tarn
many tattles in vote-counting will be
made o:nplete by the Justices being
riven the eon'ro! of elections. The
! -lections of tl. kigat s to the Convention
i-t. take pi ice Anu-t , I
'1 he l!un
lif:o,i wih'iil V 'feu !V tVo tllltOS Ot
e ..'I-! o '(re. tbeex .- 'n (?t.riti
W ioti il V i4 S, lifi ;
. ' i b i kiiv w iv ;
w..u!d not b
but l!.e itepuldt-
! eacs v; ' ni.sk'- a i.vvi-rlul V, .rt toe'eet
r, ,i ... .-.!.
t I ! I i 1 l ily ot tne Ueiri: Ite-, m winch
(- ihc 'ooven!i 'ti will b - di-sulved
ujiliout ai tion; a-.d Mteci s in t.lit at
eon-- i M fp i n, ir tiii recur aecouais
1 I ! t
: i;. Mil
v e
v-v.;, the fbui-i r.its shod hi et
i i"f, ((OVeruor t!:tideil Woliid
iy i'e-if. arid the Pr sidenr
have to tbiM-ic vvtacit w,h ?he
o r U Co ll t, td Votld
that ' o e j n m .'it f f, ( oo! i,ri
.,:or r
.1 I 1 . . . :
liiti.ti ! tfe
I vvi J z S iu
be heart u tl
iilit i; o 1 1 1,:-.
h ill r lew
o Ku Kinx
i a . s, i j
i ie'.-U. .ilo Wii.
mi i.M- iorou-lv in
1 c :i;j..;uu. I to
; s-;'.n, i t to Mi i ; i e.
iif pi!bt"sri ('oil
ate ndiUk' more
t h i io tec
Mate 1 lo-
' u cun en!- ; trou'f;..iir tin'
coot .-: ha a nation. d s 'u,
Itch r: re. :e .a deb a
u ivinx
m ot w.il I'lii'iiiM ! them to t'h in -' fiout
rl.r ubv!it the wh I.; S.uth."
How al Disiacfd ihc I'aniily.
A trave'er in the Si ife of 1 iiiuois. ss uie
yt ir- ago, eauir to a I.aj cabin on the
; rairies, ;it Cairo, and there halted. He
went into the lottise of hs. It wa a
wretched atfii ir, an empty packing box
! r a table, while two or three old
chairs and disabled tools graced the rc
ce. tioo room the dark walls of which
were iur; her ornamented by a display of j
oirty tin-ware and a broken delf article
r two.
The woiinn was crying in one corner,
ami the man with tears in his eyes and
a pip.- in his month, sat on a stool,
with his dirty ,n nis re-ting on his knees,
and hi sorrowful -looking head snp--porti
d by the pa'ms ol hi hands. No
i .
woro irreeteil the inter o
ell," said he, "you seem to be in
awful trouh e here ; what, up'"
""i ait- ui'i ii.ii.ijti, iieiguoui,
sai 1 the. woman, " ami we aint
patience to see folks now.
"That is all tight," said the visitor,
not much taken aback by thi.i polite
rebuff; k but can't I be of any service
to you in all this trouble'"
"Wvll we have lost, our gal; our
Sal is gone and left us," s:rid the man in
tones (f despair.
" Ah ; do you know what induced
her to leave you?" remarked the new
" Well, can't say, stranger, as how
she's fo far lost as to be induced, but
t lien "he's gone and disgraced us," re
marked the afflicted father.
" Yes, neighbor, and not as I should
say it as is her mother, but there warn't
a pootier gal iu the Wr est than my Sal ;
she's gone and brought ruin on us and
her own head, now," followed the
stricken mother.
" Who has she gone with ?" asked
the visitor.
" Well, there's the trouble. The gal
could have done well, and might have
married Martin Kehoe, a capital shoe
maker, who, although bo's got but one
eye, plays the flute in a lively manner,
and earns a good living Then look
what a home and what a life she has
deserted She was hero surrounded
by all the luxury in the country,"
"Yes, nnd who knows what poor Sal
will have 'o eat or drink, or wear, now,"
"And who is the fellow that has
taken hor from you. to lead her into
such misery ?" quoth the stranger.
" Why, n him, she's gone off and
:ot married to a critter called an editor,
as lives in the village, ti e devil only
knows how thej tiro to cam a living'
l(,A'I'. i, CAsliAIl'V.
Another of those sad calamities
which we have so frequently been called
upon to record, involving the sacrifice
of human life to the restless flow of the
great cataract, has transpired the pre
sent week. Two more men have been
swept over the FaUs of Niagara, mak
ing in all five persons who have in this
way perished during the present sum
mer. No living person saw the terrible
event, or witnessed the agonized strug
gle which they doubtless m..de agiiu-t
the fate which had overtaken them, but
the circumstantial evidence is such as
to leave no question but that they lost
their lives in the manner stated
Alexander Lancilot, a Fiench Cana
dian, has for some time resided with
his wife und three children on Navy
Island, where, doubtless, he has been
visited at his home by more than one to
whose eyes this record may come. Last
Wednesday morning he crossed in his
boat to Chippewa for the purpo-e of
getting supplies. At the usual time lie
did not return, and the distress of his
family grew greater and greater when j
hour alter hour pa-sd without bringing
anv tidings of him. At Chip: ewa. too, J
others were fcen in mouniini; for when
the news reached them that Lancilot
had not rrturncd to Navy Island, it
was made known that he Marted away
from th- hore at twelve o'clock la-t
Wednesday night, accompanied in his
bo it by a u:ui named IM ward Hogar-du-,
belonging to that village. The
rou'e they were obliged to take lies but
a little way above the rapid. Some
mischance, the breaking of an oar, or
some such fatrl visitation, mu-t have
set tiicin at the meiev of the current,
whi' h irresi-tibL- bore the haples boat
ti th.
raj. Ms
a.'.d the e itar let's Iril.k,
nvi-r which it
ifHtlc'l. The
and its occu: ants were
fiiendt of the l st m n
t I'i.iii
,11 II
mi ft i in;
o suspense
until esteri!av. when al! dubt a to
the trole;tl . ecurrt-nce W is set aside by
fh li.M'ivetv below the falls of fra
ii eiits of their boif. and a fb'Ur sack,
ttirli thev er ktiowo to h te h id
vvitii them. N ither sf the bodies had
i. en rec ere at the time of our infor
(uiti' ti Mr- 1. mi iiof was iidir. nod of
the di-coverv i f tl.t' eVith i.ec of her
hti-'"itd's d'ath. and her rief upon
icecivin the s id intelligence was be
yon.l the power o! pen to pourtrny.
Whether or not the o.her victim
I lo
Hindus, wis a m .in o
fimily we have
not learned. llJ'i! Kxprcs.t
1)5'. ATII Ili.l'OUi: DISIIOSOK.
Twenty-filth Street. V , was in a
fever ot exeit inetit yisterd iv, owin to
b. birth of a naiulul ruiinr. wliteh
ar,t.rwar-J proved too true. A crowd
a-sembicd at No '1'Z'l in the above-
mimed street, and looked long and ear
nestly at the closed windows id" the
house. A terrible tragedy bad occurred
there one of the last, and perhaps the
worst, of the Orange riot.
Mr Kuward .T, i. Caffncy, a go.ntl
man of courage, soldi ess and dt. termi
nation, beloved by everyone who en
joyed his acquaintance, a wit and
h umorist of n com toon order, was ;1
member of company 11. 1Mb regime. t,
National Ginnl On Wednesday, the
morning of the riot, his young wife
locked him iu his room and prevented
him from reporting at the regimental
headquarters. Believing that there
W)tild be no difficulty between the
military and the people, he laughed at
his wife, made no attempt to break out,
and lav down and slept until evening,
lie got very much excited when he
heard the news of the riot and the loss
of life ; he could not be appeased, lie
brooded over the matter, and developed
ait the symptoms of melancholy mad
ness This continued until yesterday,
when it had a terrible termination.
Having heard that his absence from
his post in the regiment was commented
on by his comrades, he grew very much
worse, and about noon, while sitting at.
the dinner table, suddenly produced a
razor, which he had concealed on his
person, and drew it across his throat.
An alarm was given immediately, and
Dr. Kdward Bradley, of West Twenty
fourth Street, rushed to the scene. Two
other physicians afterward arrived, but
their efforts were useless. The gentle
man expired iu the arms of his friend,
Mr. W. H. Stephens, who opportunely
arrived. Mr. (Jaffney received the con
solation of religion from two pastors of
his church while he was yet conscious
His death has caused a profound sensa
tion, not only in the 9th regiment, but.
in the entire National Guard. AT. V.
What reason have you to suppose
that beer was make in the ark? The
knimaroo was seen to .go in with hops,
and the bear was always bruin.
I'OItTLAM) - - - - OHUCOX.
General News Agent
For Oregon and Adjacent Tcrrritories.
Alo SI'JiCIAL COLLKCTOR of all kindg
AGENT for the Dallas Republican.
iVol.-ii'v Fiafillc,
J. C. GRU003, M. D.,
OrTcra h'u Service to the Citizens of Dallas
and Vicinity.
OFFICE at NICHOLS' Drug Store.
34 -tf
W. I). JUFFItlivS, M. I.,
2'Iiyician anil Surgeon,
Iola. Oregon.
Special attention given to Obstetrics and
f Women
. a. CU2tL,
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law,
Will jr9Ptifo in all the Cmuts of RecorJ and
Inferiir Curts f tui Htate.
OFFICEIii Watkiuds i Co' Brick, up
itairf. 1
i c. i; 1,1,5 VAX,
Attorney h Coun3ollor-At-Law,
Dallas, Oregon.
Will practice in aU tbc Court of the Ftate. 1
Attorney -ind Counsellor-at-Law.
Dallas. Oregon.
?pfial Mtetoi'in rivtiu to ColWtiona ftfid to
maiur." pri.iinin: t Ileal K.tate. 1
Uc:al ECfefaic Acnlw
and Real Estita Auctioneers,
POUTI.AXD - - - - - Oltl.COX.I
YA33; A!4D C A3 Ft ! A3 E S M 0 ?
Main Street. Dallas.
Sorond door north of tlu Drug Store
The un dom 1 wilics t t inf-'rm tin: PuMi
that he i rvartd to do any kind of work in
hi lino on the h"rtt st unlic, and in the lu-t
( t v 1 . Thankful to hii" old cn.toi:i;r and
friend fr f irmer patronage, ho respectfully
,nH.,iii a continuance of the same.
C'o;iiati!(cc on Railroads
Hare dcri lt that as noon ns the Orcpon
(Vrifrnl H;ilrad (West Side) i t omj leted into
IN !k Cunty. thoy will i!?u order to all crui
trartor and woikmcn on the lino to purchase
ail th-ir
Groceries aid Provision',
Clothing. Boots and Shoes,
L&dt3' Dros Goods,
Hardware, Tinware,
Or anjthin.tr thev may happen t want of ?f.
M. EI!"m. at Laeiede. formerly known as ClufTi
Store. Meanwhile, all farmers, or anyone ele,
will find it to their interest to call and make
tt cir se'eotiorin. All are aware that I am sell
i jjood- chtprr than aUthody in Voile Co.
I Imiv more Produce than any two stores in the
County. So bring uloiifr y ur Flutter if it is
soft, and if it 13 soU!, ail the better.
Yours truly, M. M. ELT.TS.
20-3 m
mn, door m
STIiniST, I) A I.T.AM.
1 have constantly on hand and for Sale
nml IJnlaxctl.
All of the Best Material and Manufacture,
Blank Book Manufacturer,
fT?Tr ' ,,avSr MtlHfhel a First Class
isooKixmiery in talem, is now
prepared to do all manner of
work known to the trado.
Magazines. Newspapers and Music Bonnd
in any desired 8tyle.
Old Books Re-Bound.
BLANK B00K8 of every description, with
or without Printed Headings, Manufactured to
Order. '
BLANKS of erery kind Ruled and Printed
to Order.
In Griswold'i Block. 23-6m
Dallas, Polk County. Oregon.
The undersi?ne1, having RE-FITTED the
above HOTEL, now inform)! the Public that
he is prepared to Accommodate ail who may
favor hiru with a call, in as good style as can
he found in nny Hotel in the Country. Give
me acall, and you shall not leave disappointed.
12-tf W. F. KENNEDY, Proprietor.
Inform the PubUs that they are now ready to
d all kinds of work in tbeir line.
CARRIAGES, WAGONS, &c. liuilt or Re-
paired with JVeatriepa and Dispatch.
WAGONS constantly on band for Sale.
ULACKSMITIIING done by an experienced
One door south of Livtry Stahlc Dallas, Ogn,
Main t. (opposite the Cour House), Dallas,
Ilarnep. Saddles, Bridles, Whips, Collars,
Check Linen, etc., etc, of all kind?, which he is
prepared to sell at the lowest lirmg rates.
rCrBEI'AIRING done on short notiee.
S7."5 E V 11 tt V XV ELK!
We want Smart and Energetic Ajrrntu to
intrdnon fiiir frnlfli" und "?nllv i1,.ira
! luliivpiilion... in ererr Vilin-ie. Totrn and f'ifu
ltht l'..rf,!.
I!?i.oj)r;i?nlih to every Household;
Th y are highly ap r ved of, endorsed and
adopted 1V I'hixi.i'itt att l iJirinet,
and ar now a OKI. AT FA V Oil ITU with
t Ik in.
Ittrj I'aiufl v.lll Piirchasc One
or more of them. S tVin that Iheir merits
are nppan-nt at a (l.A.CK.
and all who keep FANCY SUSHI'S, will fnd
our exr. Met t rtu'Je- SI2L h 1 7.7.' 1 11 A I'UU
LY, give? per feet ? fi.'.i tion and netting
to all l"a1crs and Aer.t?.
t" all who dep're enr!jir! in an Honorable,
l'jifdnhle find Vrojinhlc Jiusiue, at iLe fame
time dt.ir.jr pood lo tKcir eon panions in life.
Sample $2 I'O. sent free hv mail on receipt of
IT, VXHli i'LACIS, New York.
J. II. KINC All) ban opened a
New Photcfjraphic Gallery
In Dalla?, where he will he pleased to wait on
Customers in his line of Business at all hours
of the day.
C IiiJs2rc:: iciurcs
Taken without grumbling, at the same priee as
Adults. Satisfaetion guaranteed. Trice to
suit the tiu;ojt.
Rooms at Lafollctt's Old Stand, Main Street,
Dallas, Polk County, Oregon, April 27th, 1S71 .
v. &. & iii vu n,
No. 13C, First Street,
Who!e?ale and Retail Pealer in
LADIES' DllESS G 001)5,
Highest Cash Triee paid for all kinds of
Country IPi'oclviee.
Raj? Carpet Weaving:.
4 1
V. 8ff Carpet?, and wishing them
Woven, ean be neeomiuodated hy calling on
tho undersigned. Orders left at the Store of
R. Howe Bros, will he promptly attended to.
Bed sic a ds.
A Variety of CHAIRS for Parlor juid
Kitchen use. "
Of my own make.
Shop near Waymirc?s Jlill
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my goods, and bettor pleased when you buy.
NEW WORK put u? to Order, and RE
PAIRING done at the lowest eiwb. priee.
4-tf WM. C. WILLS, Valla: