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    VOL. 1.
NO. 35; u
la Issued Every Saturday Afternoon at
Dallas, Folk County, Oregon.
'OFFICE Main street, between Court and
XXill streets, two doota south of the Postoffiee.
SINGLE COPIES One Tear. $2 50:
Uonths, $1 75 j Three Months, $1 00.
Eb$cription mutt 6e paid ttricttj in adwm
One square (10 lines or less), first insert'n, $3
Saeh sabseauent insertion- 1
A liberal deduction will be made to quar
terly and yearly advertisers.
Professional cards will be inserted at $12 00
7T Tfi $ t -v ' f " z r . i : . ; . . -
Transient advertisements must be paid for
4a advance to insure publication. All other
advertising hills, mast be paid quarterly.
P Legal tenders taken at their current value.
Blanks and Job Work of every description
furnished at low rates on short notice.
ill advertising bills must be paid
monthly. '
Seecher's Story
or jthc
A NewYoffc paper of October the
11th publishes this :
Rev. Henry Vard Beecher preached
,xn Sunday last, a Sermon which seems
.to have attracted a great deal of atten
tion. He took his text from Matthew
-xxit, 30. " For in the resurrection
they neither marry nor are. given in
cnarriage, but are as the Angels of
"God in Heaven." -
In Jerusalem, said Mr. Beecher,
tC.very one of the faction hud their turn
So propounding to Christ their ques
tions; they "had their enigmas and
.their dark sayings, which had no sub
-stantial truth, and here ii a specimen :
"The Sadducccs did not believe in a
resurrection. According to the land
system of the Jews, by which pro, erty
was to be kept in families, If a bro
-ther died, his widow was to be taken
by his next -brof her, polygamy being
.permissable and so there was a widow
that passed from one brother to another
o the seventh. Now," say they, in
.the other life.-whose shall she te. for
4tll seven had her ?" The answer of
the Saviour was substantially this:
'".Yon are a set of ignorant fools." It
. t i at
(was couenca in otner language man
this, Lut it came to that. Ye do err,
not knowing the power of the Scrip
.tares." You blunder, you are ignorant,
the everlasting law of nature is the law
of." God?' For in the resurrection, they
-neither marry nor are given in inarri
age. But although he likened men in
the future state to ancjels, he did not
.explain what angels were. He said that
there was a part of a man that ceases
and does not go on into the other life,
that a portion of. his powers which fit
him for this lower life will stay
pere and; fall back, and that in the
other lifa, we shall carry those-qualities
which are highest and noblest. His
J.eply therefore, is remarkable for wluit
It says, and quite as remarkable for
whatsit leaves unsaid ; for not only
Jiere in this passage, but everywhere in
the Bible, you will be struck with how
Jittle it has had to say hbout the other
state. He poured light on life and
immortality, but be certainly did not
reveal them. In the passage, "Ye do
err, '.not knowing the power of, the
Scriptures," He affirms that the Old
Testament taught that there was an
-other life after death ; and it may seem
strange, but it almost requires some
yiucb affirmations as these to persuade
jus that the Old' Tcstament did recog
nize some such doctrine. For it has
iietrer been exnlicitlv taucrht. though a
w.-- i j e c
great many times recognized, there can
enb question but what, in such early
times. 8uchra dim faith existed, though
there was not a single instance in the
jwrhole 'five books of Moses when it is
addressed to man as a motive of con
itact; all idea of reward and punish-
toent relative ' to this life. If yon do
this you shall be punished, or if you do
. that you shall be rewarded here in this
'-world nowhere in the other. People
ask. can Universalists be Christians ?
'Let 5 we ask them, bow could God
inainiain an economy that ran for 4,000
Vears. and never recognized any such
thins aa a future state ? And there is
nbthirig taught in the New Testament
that Is gpeoific as to Heaven, whether it
is a thine or a place There is no
account envpn af its trovcrnxnerj t, or of
the experience of those that are there.
A thousand quest ions, therefore, are
not answered which a thousand ox net
unnaturally inquisitive spirits now ask.
We reason now more in respect to our
om nature than the ancients did Paul
declares that" fleBh and blood shall not
inherit the kingdom of Heaven." Yet
there shall be something like this form,
yet not this form ; what it is to be. you
know as well as I do, and none of us
know anything about it. There is not
one single line of explicit statement as
to what will be our employment in the
Heavenly laud ; we do not know; it is
not stated. In f hurt, the questions
generated by our condition on earth are
answered mostly thus. We do not
understand the power of Gud, and in
regard to the power of the resurrection,
it does not 'et appear what we will be
" We see now as through a glass
darkly, but then face to face." But
this very vagueness is better calculated
to stimulate zeal and endurance, than if
it had been analyzed and made pl-iin to
ns philosophically. Wo are taught
vaguely; everything is left to the
imagination. . But, jou will say, is not
this unsatisfactory ? No; for it is
through the imagina'ion that children
are always, taught in relation to those
thing which are above them ; and we
are here as children not competent to
understand things wholly beyond the
reach of oup own experience. Therefore,
every instruction is given to uj through
the imagination. It is the truth of God
a ldresscd to our hearts and to our affec
tions, through our imaginations. It
may be siid, therefore, that Heaven is
a revelation to man's heart through Irs
imagination, and God thus teaches us
of things which we cannot underst nd
in any other way. The teachings ot
the Bible are pictorial ; so of the pic
tures nf ''Heaven and Hell; wc are not
to suppose that there is literally a lake
of fire and brimstone
You do n t believe it, nor do I.
Nor are you to suppose that Heaven is
paved with gold and silver. You do
not believe that. If people did believe
it, there would be more people anxiou
for their soul's salvation. Liuhtor
It is used as a pictorial figure ; we have
no means fif understanding the actu il
thing; we know nothing of it. It is to
us a fiction, and Action is often titn cm
nore neerly true than truth itself. If
I should try to tell my child about an
eclipse of Ue suu, and should say that
the moon, in a sportive mood, thought
it would get before thesnn and obscure
its light, he would really have snui
iJea of what an eclipse was; but if I
should explain it to him scientifically.
he would know nothing al-out it; ami
thejBiblc is full of fiction?, althongh it
hasimadc so many good men w ho wduld
be afraid to read a novel. But all that
men know of art, of riches, of court.
af crowns, of princes, all the beauty of
trees,, of gardens, all in rivers and
mountains, all that is beautiful in
nature, will be found to rcprcseut to
them the heavenly state. So men mav
take all the elements they have learned
to esteem, and make a heaven out ol
them. The true use, then, to be made
f the Scripture is, not to give a lik-ra
representation of its symbols, for it is
quite possible for the Bii.le itself to
stand in the way of understanding the
Bible; but the trun nse is, to repeat the
process of reasoning as was done in the
olden time. Therinces of earth donor
give me much admiration of heavenly
princes. Counts, I havo seen them, but
I UO not think much of them. But
while these pictures do not do me much
jood, for I am a Democratic UerniWi
can--(ahem J) a Republican Demo
crat I mean, they may do, good to
others, and may go far toward inter
preting the heavenly state, But when
we want to make for ourselves a heaven,
we nave got to pie Lure all that we
value as noblest and best. A maiden
may imagine for herself a heaven made
up of her own purity, and a matron
may also imagine her own hcavon.
Everyone may fashion for himself his
own heaven, which shall bring it clearer
to him than any .other man can make it
for him. Yousmaj be shocked at the
language when I tell you that j-qn may
make your own heaven, but you do it,
nevertheless. God makes your hearts
wiser t ha u your heads, and that is the
case with many, who otherwise would
be absolute fools Our idea of heaven
must be pictorial ; it cannot be other
wise.; We are not developed here.
v e now see as through a class
darkly," and only by and by shall we
see face to face. Take, for instance,
the lower classes of society not the
j pouter viuKs, um me vicious, me gross.
ITI . ,1 - . . t . I,
I .1 . ' . I
xuuj v-ttiiuui. uuuersianu me picture OI
a puro family; they taint it with their
own slime. In other words, the bottom
cannot understand the top, although
the top can, and does, unddrstand the
bottom. All that we can 'know of
Heaven is, that it is a place of blessed
ness, a place of rest- No great nature
ever lived but what found this world
insufficient for him ; but, on your way
heavenward, do not despond, do not
find fault; if you do, you are no "gentle
man.1 It is but for a time that you are
to be, here, and theri-you will o home.
When I go to Europe, I find fault with
the ship, with the attendants, with the
sea-sickness ; but I lie on my back, and
charge ten days to profit and loss, and
wipe it all out. When travellers find
fault at hotels, the landlord says it is
because they never lived well at home;
and there is great philosophy in this ;
for the man that lives well at home
says, why should I complain ? I am
only here for a time. I shall i soon go
home, where ! can live well ugain. So,
when the time comes, which cannot
long bo delayed, and my grey hairs
become white,aod my hand palsied, and
Lean scarcely pronounce the bededic
tion, you will say, I remember him in
the days of his power,, he is old now, he
must pas off, it is sad to see him here ;
but then you will say he is like an old
tree in November, and March is not far
off, it is but a step. It is only the out
ward part that is wasting, for, though
the outward man perish, the inner man
is renewed day after day. I am glad
thafcJ have been able to do some good;
but I am willing to lay down my task
when God requires it of me, for 1 have
this imagination of Heaven, which
makes me cheerful and indomitable in
the day of trial.
The Pacific State and Territories.
From the Resources of California.
The Pacific States and Territoric
lie, wholl or mainly, between the
It cky Mountains on the East, and the
Pacific Ocean on the west.
They, number, eight, viz. :
Three States California, Nc? da
and Oregon.
Vive Territories Alaka, Arizona
Idaho, Utah and Washington.
Montana is uot included here, be
cause it lies m lioly east of the Hocky
Mouutaitis, in the Miss mri Valley.
All of the?, except. AUska,' lie to
gether, between British Columbia on
the north, and Mexico on tha south.
They stretch alung, parallel with the
coast, in two lines or tiers That lying
next the. Pacific we cat! the Ocean, or
Coast States The other, lying along !
the. base of the Uocky Muuntatos, we
name the Mountain States.
The Coast State are four, viz :
Pulifornia, Oregon. Washington and
The Mount tiu State. arc four: Idah-,
Nevada, Utah and Arizona.
The Coast Sure occupy the follow
ing positions relative to eith other:
Alaska Northern.
Washington..- ..North Central.
Orejjun.. .Siith Centr!.
CaltiornU .Southern.
The Mountain States bac the fol
towing relative positions:
Iitahn Northern.
Nevada .....Wesiero
Utah - Katrn.
At'iioOA Southern.
The number of square miles in each
State and Territory, as nearly as they
can now be known from the latest pub
lihed official reports of the United
Slates Government Surveys, is given
in the subjoined table, arranged in
descending order:
State. OSkial Area
Al;ika ..577,:te0
California 188,981
Arizona. U3.S1
Nevada i. It 2,000
Idaho ftr2'Jl
Utah 84-176
Washington 69,t
Hound Not.
Total ...1,329,415
The largest is Ataska, the smallest
Alaska is more than twelve times as
large aa Pennsylvania or New York.
"California is more than three times as
large as all Khgland. Washington, the
smallest Pacific State, is upwards of
1U,UUU square miles larger than rlor
ida, the largest Atlautic State. Call
fornia has more than a thousand miles
of sea coast, and Alaska more than ten
ten thousand. The shore line of Cali
fornia, if stretched along the Atlantic
coast, would reach from Maine to
This table shows the population of
each State m lo0, as estimated trom
the latest Government returns :
California........................ ....600,000
Oregon.. ,...120,000
Utah ..,100,000
fcevada...'. 80.C00
Alaska 30,000"
Idaho -.. 70.000
Washington &0,000
Arisona-.....,... , ... 40,000
Tota population ................1,100,000
Average' population 140,000
Most Populous- California......... 600,000
Lease populous Arizona.............' 40,000 ;
Subscribe for the Republican,
An Appeal to Womanhood Throughout
the World.
From the Revolution..
Below we publish, by request, Mrs.
Howe'a noble appeal :
M Again, in the sight of the Christian
world, have the skill and power of two
great nations exhausted themselves in
tuutuil murder. Agiin have the sacred
questions of international justice been
committed to the "fatal mediation of
military weapons. In this day of pro
gress, in this century of light, the(
ambition of rulers has been allowed to
barter' the dear interests of doaiestic'
life, for the bloody exchanges of the
butle-field. Thus men have done;
thus men will do. Hut women need tio
longer be made a party to proceedings
which fill the globe with grief and
horror. Pespite the assumptions of
physical force, the mother has a sacred
and commanding word to say to the
sons who owe their life to her suffering.
That word should now be heard, and
answered to as never before
Arise, then, Christian women of this
day. Arise, thenChrktian women of
this day. Arise, all women who hare
hearts, whether your baptism be that
of water or tears ! Say firmly . Wis will
not hive great questions decided by
irrelevant agencies. Our husband
shall not come to u, reeking with
carnage, for caresses and applause. Our
sons shall not be , takr n from us to
unlearn all that we have been able to
teach them ef -charity, mercy and
patience. We, women of one c mntry,
will be too tender to those of. another
country, to allow our sons to be trained
to injure theirs. From the bosom of
the devastated earth, a voice goes up
with our own. it says : Disarm,
disarm! The sword of murder is not
the balance of justice- Blood d.nss uot
wipe out dishonor, nor violence viudi
cate possession. As tnea have often
forsaken the plongh and the anvil at
summons of war, let women now leave
all that may bo left of home, for a great
and earnest day of council.
Let them meet first as women, to
bewail and commemorate the dead.
Let them thcu solemnly take counsel
with each other as to the means whereby
the great human family can l.ve in
peic, man as the brother of man, each
bearing after his own kind the sacred
impress, not of Cosar.-but of God.
Jn the name of womanhood and o!
humanity, 1 earnestly ask that a gen
eral congress of women, without limit
of nationality, may be appointed and
held at some place deemed most convc
nient, and at the earliest period con
sistent with its objects, to promote the
alliance of thas differcit nationalities,
the amicable settlement of international
jue.Htions. the great and general inter
est of peace.
Julia Ward Howe.
Th; Chronicle ays Congress, at its
session, passed what is familiarly known
as the Funding Bill," the object of
which was the reduction of the rati o!
interest on the National Debt, and its
gradual payment, in pursuance of it
brovisions Secretary of the Treasury
Boutwell has announced the condition
upon which the new loan for refunding
the Nathional Det will be issued.
Three cUxss of bond are comprised
200.000,000 payable at the pleasure
of the United States, ten years after the
date of their issue, with interest at 5
per cent, per annum; $300,000,000
piyable in 15 year with 4 per ce ot.
interest, and $1 ,000,000.000 pajable
in 30 yecrs at 4 per eent. interest. The
interest is payable in oin,at the office
of the U. S. Treasury or such Sub
Treasulcr's office as may be designated.
Banks and responsible bankers will be
appointed as the negotiators of the loan.
Subscribers will be given preference as
follows: First, to those taking equal
amounts of the 5 and 4 per cents.';
2d, equal amounts of each class of
bonds; those taking the 5 per cent, only
will be considered in proportion to the"
premium they offer. Two pe cen J
Will DO requuuu us u ueumiii iruiu pei
sons at the time of subscribing. The
coin received in payment will be appli
ed to the redemption of the 520 bonds
The bonds will be issued, with coupons
attached, in denominations of S50,
$100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,
000. These bonds and their interest
are by law exempt from taxation by the
United States, or by any State, muni
cipal or otljer authority. The expedi
ency or feasibility of the Funding bill
was questioned by many financiers; it
now remajns to see if Secretary Bout
well can carry his theories iqto . practi
cal effect
Five females have arrived at Pres
oottf Arwoua, bj.thp thirty-fifth paraU
iel route.
J. H. tVlY ER,
AU,y & Co ii ns ellor-a t-La w,
Dallas, Polk County Oregon.
OFFICE In the Court Ilouse. 31-ly
J. C. GRUBBS, M. 0.,
Offers bis Services to tbc Citizens of Dallas
and Vic'citj.
' 31-tf'
P. A. Fagjca.
J. McMahos.
Independence, Polk Couuty.
All Kinds of Illackraltliliir done on Short
Notice, and to tbe f ati.factiou of Customers,
and at Ileasonabld Kates. ' yt
Special attention paid to Horse-lioelilff.
Oct. T!, 1870. . FHENCM A McMAIION.
31 ly
it i:i UMUUiti
Has been RE FITTED, and no pains is now
pred to make all who may call Comfortable
aud ilapp.
A good Stable is keptia connection with the
Ilourfe. Call and see us.
Oct. 27, 1870. JEREMIAH OALWICK.
Physician and Snrgeon,
Dallas, Ogn
Having rexnoeed practice, erill give special
attention to Obstetrics, and the treatment of
the diseases of Women and Children.
OlSce at his residence.
W. D. JKt'l'KIUM, 51. D.,
rhysiciati and Surge on,
Kol a, Oregon.
Special attention giren to Obstetrics aod
Diseases of Women. Itf
Physician and Surgeon,
iBitpendcuce, Dgn. 1
T. V. B. Embrcc.
pSr Office at residence. 14yl
Attorney and Counsellor-at -Law.
HAI.ll.M, OIti:CON,
Will practice in all the Courtrof Record and
! Inferior Court of this State.
OFFICE In Watkiods! Co's Brick, up
tairs. I
Attorney & Counsellor-At-Law,
Dallas, Oregon,
Will practice in all tbe Conrtt of the State. 1
Attorney. and Counsellor-at-Law.
Dallas, Oregon.
Special attention given to Collections and to
matters pertaining to Real taie. 1
GEO. B. CCRltgV.
" Allonieys-At-I,aiv,
. 3-tT-
lafayette, Oregon.
3 tf
a. r. RraaKtx,
c. p. raaar,
Vofary iublic
Jieal Knfate Attorney,
Ileal Estate Brokers and
Collection Agents,
Northwest Cor. of First and Washington
' Streets, 1 f "'; ' " . . if :
Special attention given to the sale of Real
Estate. Collections made in Oregon and the
Property, town lots, improved farms, stock
ranches, lands, Ac, situated in the best portions
of Oregon and W. T., for sale on reasonable
terms. ..--.--; : 3-tt
15. O. S-LOAT,
Carriage pd Ornamental
ComiaercjLa f trset,
Oppqiits Strkj's Block,
attf , 8ALEM.
' Lafayette, Oregon.
a-tf ,
Cash or Marketable Produce at
cox & e Ann AI1T,
noonc's DLocir, saxxsxJ
Goods by the Package at Reduced Rata
my ro 3tf .. , f:S ,
U ii clt: r wood, Barker 6c Co
Commercial atreet, Salem. Oregon,
ONS after tbe most approved ftjlea and
the best of workmanship, on short notice, Jutd
M : 21 -tf '- ' .
Malu at. (opposite the Court House), Dallas),
Harness, Saddles, Bridles, Whips, Collars,
Check Lines, etc., etc., of all kinds, aidjjie is
prepared to sell at the lowest liriqg.ratav '.
jCS-RE PAIRING done on short Twrtioe,
Fine Cloth Gaiters? if so. supply jour
selvesat J. H LEWIS'fi.
At . . J. H. LEWI'S.
Main street,
: Dallas, Ogn.
I f liitters, Cigars, Candies, Oysters.
and Sardines -will be -eired to recti e '
men on. the out?ide of the coonter, by a gentla
man who has an eye to "Lit" on tbe inside. -
So come along, boys ; sake no delay At
we will soon bear what you bare toaay. .
32 1 W. F.-CLING AN.;;-
. Importers and Dealers in '
rhetarest Stock and the Oldest Fax
nlture House tti Portland. '
-A !
19 tf :
Is now open and lor sale at our store, on the
Corner of Front and Mill Street, Dal
las, Oregon.
We invite tbe attention of oor patrons to
our New StocVf consisting of
Dres Goods, y '
Clothing, 1
.-.v .. Hardware.
Crocker jf
Groceries ' :
Hoot Shoest'
School Book,
In fact ererytblog found in ReUil Stores, ;
At Prices ta Suit the Times.
Country Prodnce taken in exchange for
Those baring old awoouts an requested tf
call and settle by CASH or NOTE.
We thank' the public for their liberal pat.
ronage in the past, and hope for a continuance
of the same. ;; ' . " 1 : " -i :'-?
N. A. J.D. LEE. ..
Dallas, March 1st, 1370. ltf
will give the highest market price for
wool, delivered at their factory in Polk Co.
Their Store is also open, with a general as
sortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Haidnere,
Ae.: 2-it .
Physician, Surgeon U Accouchcr,
Ilueua Vista, Polk Co., Ojrau
Will attend promptly to professional ealla, '
v i ,. jcnninc.9 tonan No. o i
'A A. M., Dallas, holds its regular com.
AmilcaHons on the Saturday prefedlog
tbe Full Mnn in each month, unless the moon
fulls on Saturday then on that day, .at ob
o eioca. ' .si
Also, on the second Friday la eeth jiaeath
at 7 o'clock, P. M , for the purpose of improve
meat of the Craft In Masonry, aad for sac
other work as tbo Master may front time ta
time ordttr. x : " ' ? - ' '
All Brethren in good standing are invited o
aHend Byorderoftbe - W. IU